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November 25, 2017

Palin Goes to Hong Kong to Share Her Wealth of Knowledge About Geo-Politics.

Well, this is one for the books. Sarah Palin, in her first commercial speaking engagement after abdicating the governorship of Alaska, will visit Hong Kong to speak (for an undisclosed sum) to the CLSA Investors Forum at an annual conference of global investment managers.


Previous speakers have been Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Alan Greenspan, and the group claims:

“Our keynote speakers are notable luminaries who often address topics that go beyond traditional finance such as geopolitics,” company spokeswoman Simone Wheeler said in a statement.

“We just felt it would be a fabulous opportunity for CLSA clients to hear from Mrs. Palin,” Wheeler said, adding that CLSA approached Palin with the offer.

Her discussion on geo-politics is sure to be fascinating considering her vast foreign policy experience and her extensive world travel. This will be her third trip out of the country, and her first to Asia. Twice she has visited American servicemen and women on bases overseas. And she’s had a passport for 2 whole years. And then there’s that Russia thing…

If any of you are in an office betting pool about if she’ll show up or not, remember this. This is the first time she’s actually being paid to speak, so that will considerably alter the normal 50-50 odds of her blowing it off and claiming that she never said yes. Remember that when placing your wager.

This engagement will be hosted by brokerage and investment group CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets.

Now, I’m no financial whiz, but I’ll share with you the first and only piece of advice about your investments that I may ever have. If your money is with these people, who decided to invest their money in paying Sarah Palin to fly to Hong Kong and speak about geo-politics? Get your money back NOW. All of it.



243 Responses to “Palin Goes to Hong Kong to Share Her Wealth of Knowledge About Geo-Politics.”
  1. Chris in Chicago says:

    It might be time to organize a boycott of all advertisers on any Murdoch business. There are far too many qualified people who could make such a speech. Why her? And even if Murdoch has had nothing to do with her selection as a speaker (probably doubtful), his Fox holdings have done significant, potentially irreversible damage to political discourse in these so called United States. I say hit him where it hurts- in his balance sheet!

  2. Upper West Sider says:

    Alas, Rupert Murdoch, although Australian born, is now an American citizen. He had to become one in order to own TV stations.

  3. Colibrimoon says:

    I hope Joe Scarborough does run for president. I can’t wait to see him cut to shreds. He spouts so much bu*&sh^t on his show, I can’t stand to watch him. Yeah, Joe Scarborough, come on down…

  4. kiksadi50 says:

    what in heavens name does palin know about geo-politics? joe scarborough is being mentioned as a serious candidate for president & palin is being paid thousands to speak as an expert at an international conference on a topic she has no experience with, let alone understanding of. what is going on in this country? the republicans are winning folks. obammas’ approval ratings are dropping quicker than palins did & yet she is the keynote at an important international conference & obamma is being vilified for spending trillions & not accomplishing tangible progress. the dems have got to pull together or else we are going to be seriously screwed when its time for obamma to run again. wake up & smell the chaos dems.

  5. Colette says:

    “We just felt it would be a fabulous opportunity for CLSA clients to hear from Mrs. Palin,” Wheeler said.

    They keep saying that. “People want to hear Palin speak”.

    I have a question: Why??? We already know she can’t speak, or speaks gobbledygook. So what is it exactly the clients want?

  6. beth says:

    I seriously wonder if Ms. Word Salad Quitty Pants knows Murdoch is NOT an American? I wonder if it bothers her at all that she’s been bought and paid for by a foreigner.

    (I also have to wonder if any of these “God-fearin’ Evangels” and/or “God-fearin’ Conservatives” have any clue that their news outlet of choice, their source of all that’s absolutely ‘true’, the place they turn to to get the ‘facts’!, good ol’ Faux News, is owned and totally controlled by someone NOT a US citizen.

    One would think these ‘America First-ers’ would be raising holy hell that American politics and issues were being meddled in, shaped by, and dictated from someone of a foreign nationality.

    I guess the “conservative” part of Murdoch’s agenda is the magnet for them, though. Hey!, I know a couple of “conservatives” in Canada and Scotland, too; maybe they could also dictate ‘information’ and ‘truth’ (along-side Murdoch) to/at our citizens… Nah – that’s a no-go; those conservatives are “foreign”…)

  7. Colibrimoon says:

    Sarah Palin coupled with a prepared speech is very dynamic, especially when she is in front of an adoring audience. Remember, she was at her best at the RNC and all those stump speeches where she regurgitated the same speech over and over. Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune wrote about Sarah repeating the same old facts even after many bloggers (AKM for one) had proven her to be a liar.

    So far the events where she was/is scheduled to speak all state that the press is not allowed. I wonder if Sarah is only going to speak at closed/invitation only events? Isn’t this how George W. was prepped before he became president?

    I do believe that there are people behind the scenes that are preparing her for a larger role in the USA and yes, Dick Cheney comes to mind. Sarah is a willing puppet, she is hungry for fame, power and fortune. I worry that this is just the beginning of something that will be larger than any of us can imagine.

  8. Lee323 says:

    Yeppers. I suspect those investment bankers at CLSA are on the edge of their seats to hear Palin’s latest pearls of wisdom since her understanding of Wall Street and the bailout is so stupendously….clueless.

    Palin explaining the Wall Street bailout to Ms. Couric on Sept. 25, 2008:

    Palin: “But ultimately, what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the health care reform that is needed to help shore up the economy– Helping the — Oh, it’s got to be about job creation too. Shoring up our economy and putting it back on the right track. So health care reform and reducing taxes and reining in spending has got to accompany tax reductions and tax relief for Americas.

    And trade we’ve got to see trade as opportunity, not as a competitive scary thing. But 1 in 5 jobs being created in the trade sector today. We’ve got to look at that as more opportunity. All those things under the umbrella of job creation.”

  9. the norwegian blue says:

    @ Buffalo Gal 216
    That “Borat” comparison rings true — as much as I love my buddies in the IB world, they are insanely competitive, deeply snarky, and do love a good prank at anyone’s expense, especially one so high on herself as SP. It’s huntin’ season for Miss Deer-in-the-Headlights Sept 21.

  10. scout says:

    $arah Vain & Simple

    Chpt. 666 Graduating from Atilla the Hun Charm School
    thanks Rupert for this educationing, winkers

    Chpt. 667 How To Be A Ho
    $$ What happens in Hong Kong stays in Hong Kong $$
    ~ bring cash ~ lots of $1.00s ~
    bind my peep-toes ~ 1/2 price in September

  11. Alaskan Sisu says:

    Bible Spice has taken a time out and will re-emerge into society as “The Super Hoax”.

    She’s been busy working on her Super Hoax costume all this time!

  12. Ratfish says:

    Here’s what I sent to CLSA

    Like many Alaskans I was shocked to learn that you will be using corporate (read investor) money to bring Sarah Palin to Hong Kong to speak at the CLSA Investors Forum.

    Last time she tried to speak about global economic issues (on the fungibility of hydrocarbons with respect to a gas pipeline- using remarks lifted from an economic consultant’s presentation) a number of articles were written.

    Based upon the above, I think your investors would appreciate your view on what you think she might have to say of value that was not completely written by a ghost writer.

    I will also be contacting my legislators to make sure that the Alaska Permanent Fund divests itself of any holdings in companies for whom you provide a lead role so that Alaskans are not forced to contribute to such extravagant wastes of money.

  13. mo says:

    They wanted Michael Jackson, but alas, he passed. And Britney didn’t think it would be much fun.

  14. mommom says:

    A respected investment bank picks a controversial keynote speaker

    Former US Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who is viewed with equal fervor as an ignorant fool or the voice of the common man by those who either loathe or love her, is coming to Hong Kong to seek international street cred.

    Palin, who suddenly quit her job on July 26 as Alaska’s governor, is scheduled to give her first major international overseas address as the keynote speaker at the 16th annual CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets Investors forum from September 21 to 25. The decision to bring in Palin as keynote speaker has been met with incredulity from many among the business community in Hong Kong, asking if it might not be a hoax.

    Asked if the email announcing Palin’s appearance might indeed be a hoax, Simone Wheeler, head of communications for the investment bank, responded: “No, not a joke at all. The CLSA Investors’ Forum has traditionally been a platform for firsts into Asia: Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Alan Greenspan. As an independent investment house, we aim to provide speakers of note.”

    Palin was roundly mocked during the presidential campaign as US Sen. John McCain’s running mate for saying she was experienced in foreign relations because she could see Russia from her northern outpost across the Bering Strait.

    For that remark, US Sen. Chuck Hagel, a Republican and presumably an ally in last year’s election, said “She doesn’t have any foreign policy credentials. You get a passport for the first time in your life last year? I mean, I don’t know what you can say. You can’t say anything.” Hagel said the campaign should “be just honest about it and stop the nonsense about, ‘I look out my window and I see Russia and so therefore I know something about Russia. That kind of thing is insulting to the American people.”

    Palin is a galvanic speaker whose first appearance on a national stage in the United States at the Republican National Convention in September 2008 catapulted her into the spotlight. Unscripted, however, she has been a disaster. Her first major interview with the national press with CBS News’ anchor Katie Couric was such a catastrophe that the McCain campaign largely kept her away from reporters from until the end of the campaign. Indeed, the CLSA speech will be off-limits to the press although, Wheeler said, there might be an opportunity for a press conference.

    “Honestly? This isn’t a hoax?” asked the managing director of a Hong Kong business chain. “It’s entertaining perhaps, in a road accident sort of way! Now I’ve seen everything.”

    Palin has never been noted to have much expertise in economics or finance. Said an independent investor: “Sarah Palin is a real expert on money-making. I wonder if it will be her (to arrive in Hong Kong) or Tina Fey,” a reference to a devastating send-up of Palin by the comedienne Fey on Saturday Night Live, an American comedy show.

    Several reasons have been given for the arch-conservative self-described hockey mom’s precipitous departure from Alaskan politics, ranging from scandal fatigue to much more likely a desire to play on a bigger stage than the isolated northernmost US state in preparation for a run at the US Presidency in 2012 Her trip to Hong Kong is an obvious first attempt to begin to build foreign policy and international credentials.

    Nonetheless, her selection as speaker for the CLSA convention had Hong Kong’s investment community scratching their heads although one independent broker said the selection was “a good idea. It will guarantee a wide attendance.”

    Another investor, however, called it “typical of CLSA’s decline since the death of Gary Coull,” CLSA’s co-founder, who died in 2006. “Or it might be a way of way of ingratiating with Beijing by making America look ridiculous,” he fumed.

    CLSA has become a powerhouse in Asia for its offbeat approach to investing, for instance publishing a whimsical annual feng-shui prediction report on the regional markets over the coming year. Annual forums have included mid-week parties with ageing pop stars and sessions with such political stars as Clinton, Gore and Greenspan.

    However, it was the quality of research that made CLSA what it is. Founded by two former journalists Coull and Jim Walker it has consistently been ranked first in Bloomberg’s most accurate Asian research poll and the Thomson Extel Asia Pacific Survey, among others.


  15. june says:

    from hong kong newpaper:

    Is a comeback on the cards for HK-bound Palin?

    Tuesday, September 01, 2009

    Sarah Palin, the gaffe-prone “hockey mom” who tried and failed to become second-in-charge of the most powerful nation on earth, will make her first speech outside of North America in Hong Kong later this month.

    The fact that she will do so in front of an audience of influential investment bankers and financial market heavyweights is fueling rumors she could be preparing the ground for a political comeback in 2012.

    After all, the 45-year-old mother of five recently resigned as governor of Alaska and, well, you need a whole load of cash to fund a race to the White House. CLSA, her host at its annual investor forum between September 21 and 25, has billed the former US vice presidential candidate as its keynote speaker.

    However, it hasn’t said what she is going to speak about. Perhaps we could we make a suggestion: she could weigh in on the raging debate over whether photoshopping her face on various bikini bodies appeals to voters.

    But unless you are invited to attend, you are unlikely to find out, because the media are not welcome.

    CLSA spokeswoman Simone Wheeler said: “We just felt it would be a fabulous opportunity for CLSA clients to hear from her.”

    Famously lampooned for her lack of knowledge about foreign affairs, Palin, we hope, can find her way here without any hiccups.

  16. aha says:

    I meant ”…the liars are UN-willing to perpetuate the actions…”

  17. aha says:

    What I find funny is ”reports” of Bristol sighting but still noone has the kahunas to get a picture? What’s wrong with people?

    And, how is it Todd is off ”sloping” and Palin travelling when they are the Proud parents of a special needs baby? This in itself answers the question of fraudulent parentage.

    The lie is easy to float but generally the liars are willing to perpetuate the actions necessary to keep it afloat and overtime become lax, exposing themselves were anyone looking.

    Is anyone looking?

  18. GreatGranny2B says:

    @#216 & #221 – Still laughing! I had just copied that statement and was about to post it here! I think Susan should have done a wee bit more homework herself, eh?

  19. trisha says:

    I almost forgot……………………for the troops, also too.

  20. trisha says:

    I absolutely believe that Palin has been bought. She sold out for the cold hard cash and now is owned by, most likely, Murdock. She is an empty vessel and the perfect puppet for him to manipulate.

    She will do and say whatever her new masters want……for the cash. That’s about how deep her Christian values and ethics flow.

    Show me the money……for Jesus, of course.

  21. trisha says:

    @216 BuffaloGal, thanks for the link. Interesting. However, the trolls are out in full force defending Sarah as “qualified” to be a speaker at this event. I would suggest that any of you (who have better details than I about the current State of Alaska’s economy), might post a some real facts. Here is an example of a post.

    Susan says,
    As Governor of Alaska, she hosted many international commerce conferences (Hong Kong, I believe was one of the attendees this past winter.) She, working across the border with Canada, brought together enviromentalists and the oil industry to create the largest, private-funded infrastructure project in United States history: the Alaska Pipeline. As Chief Executive of Alaska, she oversaw the management of billions of state dollars (Alaska has been able to weather the current economy because of her foresight and careful planning.)

    Of course, you would know all of this if you’d conducted just a few minutes of research. For future reference, don’t rely on Saturday Night Live as a credible news source.

  22. lilly says:

    Thank god much of her stupidity is all on tape, If he manages to groom her enough.

    It’s a bit like the comedy Born Yesterday.

  23. lilly says:

    I’m convinced Murdock has her in his grasp. So far he has the pit bull with lipstick on a leash.

    Can only hope she bites him.

  24. zyggy says:

    Murdoch must be pushing this, I wonder if he’s a member or maybe a board member and “talked” them into listening to the freakshow quitter.

  25. If i is really a joke they will blame the French.

  26. How does this help Alaska?

  27. sauerkraut says:

    My apologies if someone has already posted this, but here’s a paragraph of the wiki entry:

    Unlike most of its competitors, CLSA is a research-driven agency broker.[3] It’s known for its annual investor forums (particularly the calibre of its keynote speakers and the star acts at its parties), as well as its unique reports, the hallmarks of which are colourful and sometimes irreverent “cartoon” covers. …

    Note the use of “cartoon” in the same sentence as “star acts.” Perhaps that’s what CLSA is looking for: a cartoonish star cover act.

  28. BuffaloGal says:

    Well this is an interesting piece. Not sure what to make of it but, could it be that Palin truly IS getting punk’d on this gig ?

  29. KaJo says:

    You’ve got the wrong event, tlgeiger62.

    Palin is scheduled to speak at the “16th CLSA Investors’ Forum, Hong Kong
    21-25 September, 2009”.

  30. tlgeiger62 says:

    The forum is being held Sept. 14-15 — hope she writes her own speech. Should be a doozy.

  31. GreatGranny2B says:

    YEA! I’ll contribute to a travel fund!

  32. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    Better still, since I just bought a DVD of one of the presenters (The Ascent of Money, by Niall Ferguson) and recently read Traders, Guns and Money, by another presenter, Satyajit Das (a good Aussie boy) – I’ll go myself!

  33. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    Folks keep saying this event is closed to the media. Not so.

    Let’s send our award-winning media star, Shannyn Moore!

  34. GreatGranny2B says:

    Still no reply from my e-mail to CLSA (not that I expected one!).
    I sent one off to KO at Countdown, with a number of links.
    Somehow, we MUST keep getting everything out that we can.
    It’s obvious that Murdoch is dangerous – he has too much money and too much power, and if he’s also involved with some of the religious fanatics, then that’s even worse.

    Did you see my posting on the Open Thread with comments from some of her adorers? Speech like that is inciting problems internationally!

  35. Lee323 says:

    The Murdoch theory is making more and more sense.

    Too many things fit with this debacle….his presence in Alaska; his involvement with CLSA;

    Considering how Palin’s politics have been so destructive and divisive in America……I shudder to think of her spreading her foulness GEO-politically.

    I doubt whether the grunts at CLSA even had a say about her invitation to speak. They thought it was a hoax and were offended. They should be.

    Mudpups, we’ve got to continue to expose this Manchurian candidate. She’s a menace with her ignorance and nasty biases. We can do it.

  36. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    Watching from New Jersey, there was another report of Bristol at the fair that said she had the twin stroller with the two babies.

  37. GreatGranny2B – I copied this from immoral minority website:
    Anonymous said…
    “Well, my kids saw Bristol at the fair. I hear Willow is at CHS and that she’s living with Todd, who’s moved out?? And Palin is in NY. All rumor of course, but there it is- that’s what’s come across my desk…
    I wonder if Palin has the 2 little kids with her..”

    I guess when Sarah said “Leave my kids alone,” she took her own advice. I am truely sorry for the family if this is true.

    8:22 PM

  38. nswfm CA says:

    Wasn’t the fall out with J Regan due to the “If I Did It” book by OJ Simpson?

  39. GreatGranny2B says:

    I am in total agreement with all of you who think Murdoch is grooming Sarah for his puppet-president, and it is something to worry about. He is a very powerful man.

    I can’t stop thinking about the Palin children. Where are they and who’s taking care of them? Sarah apparently has a tidy bank account (book advance, etc.) so Todd may not have to be off on a boat or at the slope. What about that youngest child with special needs? Is he getting the constant care and therapy he needs? Sarah’s father is off campaigning in Idaho and mentioned that his wife was off somewhere, so who is minding the home front? Bristol must have her hands full with her own infant, let alone minding the other young ones. One of the magazines (Star?) talked of Willow’s partying and drinking. Do they have some help, housekeeper, nanny, watchdog?

    What a selfish person she is, and obviously such a joke around the world.

  40. Claw Washout Palin says:

    Palin have to go where ever they tell her to go. She is bought. Her speech will be written and certain Investors will be allowed to ask questions that have been picked in advance. Just like, Bush. She will woo them, flirt with them and entertain. Eventually, win them over and collect the money. She is in a business- money making arrangement. Plus, she needs to add more flavorable resource, to her book. At present, the last chapter reads that she quit because of ethic complaints, media, bloggers… makes her sound weak. Now she can say, that she quit becaues of her high profile obligations to important Investors in, Hong Kong; her having to deal with Wall Street; the Health Care Reform Bill, etc.

    Murdock is spending money to clean up her name and reputation; to hide all her skeletons. She is being rebuit. It’s not being done for free.

  41. too much insanity #199 – There was a settlement (an undisclosed amount).

  42. beth #198 – Does that mean she’ll be having a “meltdown”? LOL

  43. moseyon – Thanks for your info. I think you are right about Murdock’s handling of Sarah for his own personal gain. It’s downright scary and I hope he fails. Sarah’s tantrums won’t be tolerated by him and I wonder how long before she rebels.

  44. too much insanity says:

    Does anyone remember what the Rupert Murdoch and Judith Regan fall out was about?
    She was going to pull the plug on him or something. I think he bought her off.

  45. beth says:

    Word Salad Sarah won’t back out of this speaking engagement, I’m betting. Not only will it give her an opportunity to be seen ‘in public’ again, it’ll look very good on her resume that she was specifically selected to speak before a bunch of ‘movers and shakers’.

    That she’s being paid to do it, is just icing on her cake. You betcha…she has EVERY confidence in the world that this’ll be a breeze. Also, too.

    All she has to do is get up, dive into her speech, wink a bit, whine her voice every so often, speak some more, wink some more, conclude her speech, and sit down. Easy-peasy.

    The way she probably has it figured, it’s going to be all about her body language. How she visually presents her speech [hence the planned winks noted in her text/copy for delivery at crucial moments…] will be the key to her smashing success. Her audience will be falling all over themselves to shake her hand when she’s done. Possibly after giving her a standing ovation. Too, also.

    Her actual words (delivered in good old American) won’t matter, she probably figures, because as everyone knows, all people in Hong Kong only speak HongKongese!

    Yeah, Word Salad Sarah will be there. You betcha.

    [NOTE: Unless, of course, someone lets her in on the ‘secret’ they’ve been keeping from her; unless someone spills the beans about the language(s) of Hong Kong. As soon as she gets wind, though, of the fact that the audience will be more learned in the English language than she is, —which, admittedly, isn’t hard to be— and as soon as she realizes that her audience will actually be able to hear how inarticulate, incurious, and intellectually immature she is, she’ll be frantically searching for a quitty-pants ‘way out’…payment and resume be damned.]

  46. moseyon says:

    Sorry about double post wrong button

  47. moseyon says:

    We in Australia had a lady running on a ticket One Nation Party.
    She was very much like Sarah Palin[ only her voice was worse]
    All the men rednecks [ Yes we have them down under] loved her ,she was a good looking lady with a great figure. He and his newspaper distroyed her.
    I see a parallel only this time I reckon he is going to use her Sarah I mean.
    If you want to read about it just go to your search engine type Rupert Murdock + Pauline

    In Australia we had a lady very much like Sarah.
    She was starting her own party called The One Nation Party
    Pauline Hanson was her name she was a good looking lady,had a great figure.{Her voice was worse than Sarahs.}
    All the old fellows and their ladies loved her.
    I see a parallel. Only this time he is going to use Sarah not destroy her like he did Pauline.If you go to your search engine and type in Rupert Murdoch+Pauline Hanson in Australia . Thats if you are interested

  48. Lee323 says:

    Whoa!!! I’m calling my broker tomorrow.

    Any stocks in CLSA (Clowns Leveraging Sarah’s Arse) are sure losers.

    Sell. Sell. Sell.

  49. eug in stl says:

    Hey Mudpups looking forward to meeting you’ll!

  50. BooBooBear says:

    Oh yes…..this is getting good….it will be “Spectator Sport” to watch this unfold! And someone should let Sarah’s fans over at that other site that Hong Kong is not in Japan!

  51. A fan from CA – I went to the Asia Times Online and copied a paragraph:
    Outside of the United States, the young governor of Alaska has become a figure of ridicule – someone who did not own a passport until last year and who quaintly believes that her state’s proximity to Russia gives her insights on foreign policy. How, my European friends ask, was it possible for such an an ignorant bumpkin to become a candidate for America’s second-highest office? They don’t understand America.

  52. Desa Jacobsson says:

    Dim PaLing Soup,
    Kwi Ting Duck with Sum Dum Noodle,
    Now Go Peas,
    Wing Ki Tea

  53. The comic writer Al Franken once wrote of Murdoch: “There’s one important thing you should know about Murdoch. He’s evil. I defer to the … Columbia Journalism Review: ‘Murdoch uses his diverse holdings … to promote his own financial interests at the expense of real news gathering, legal and regulatory rules, and journalistic ethics. He wields his media as instruments of influence with politicians who can aid him, and savages his competitors in his news columns. If ever someone demonstrated the dangers of mass power being concentrated in few hands, it would be Murdoch.'”

    Lacy Lady – moseyon’s theory is that Rupert Murdock is behind this.

  54. strangelet says:

    @Watching from New Jersey: Well, if you’re right, this should at least be entertaining.

  55. Lacy Lady says:

    I would be interested in knowing who got Sarah this gig?

  56. A fan from CA says:

    Went looking for something on this from the Asia Times Online. They had articles mentioning her from last fall that had the same low opinion of her as we do in the USA.

    One interesting theme I began to see in reading the site is that some Asian investors want to keep more money at home rather than going to the US. The US is considered “safe”. Maybe having Quitypants “represent” the USA will scare some Asian investors into keeping more money in Asia.

    In my note earlier today to CLSA I’d focused on telling them that SP does not represent the USA. We think she is a joke, but she’s our joke. Outside our borders I really don’t want her representing the USA.

  57. Koon Chan
    August 31, 2009 11:37 AM
    Please do not play such joke on people in Hong Kong… she’s not in the league of Clinton, Al Gore, nor Greenspan. Besides, people in Hong Kong do not like elected officials abusing their power. So please don’t worry much about her reputation of fallen through her commitments, she is definitely not that welcomed here in Hong Kong


    I copied and pasted one of the comments I found on Business Week website.

  58. strangelet – I don’t think Sarah knows how ruthless he is.

  59. strangelet says:

    @Watching: Throw Rupert under the bus? It is to laugh.

  60. moseyon – Murdock seems like a ruthless type of man who is used to getting his way. I wonder how long Sarah Puppet will let him pull her strings? If she thinks she can use him now and throw him under the bus later, I think she is in for a rude awakening. From what I’ve read, she turned on everyone who helped her from running for mayor to Governor.

  61. nswfm CA says:

    We need to print out or save screenshots. We should have learned by now with Palin’s kids’/friends myspace accounts being cleaned out.

  62. Vaughn says:

    Just went to the ADN article and they have wiped out the comments.

  63. txindygirl #171 – I don’t think so. Her disastrous interviews are on video for posterity. Way too much drama coming from her and her family. And don’t forget her resignation speech, she a quitter. With her history, how can anyone take her seriously except her fans?

  64. lynnrockets says:

    There once was a gal off to Hong Kong
    Most people knew her as a ding dong
    She started to laugh
    As she said in a gaffe,
    I hope that they let me play ping pong.

    Ok, this time I’m really off to bed.

  65. strangelet says:

    You knew something like this was gonna happen. There’s a continuing solid demand for speakers with name recognition, for all manner of conferences and shmoozefests around the world. If Palin can have someone develop a half dozen good stock speeches, she should be able to make a pretty good killing on the rubber foie gras circuit.

    It also makes sense for her to start somewhere like Hong Kong — in the US, right now, the only folks that really want to listen to her want her to talk crazy; and in Europe, she is (I hear, I haven’t been there) a laughingstock.

    In Asia, I suspect she’ll have novelty value. Also, you might note that the other speakers — while certainly boasting rather more substantial intellectual credentials — are somewhat controversial. I think the CL guys may be hoping for something zingy.

    I bet they don’t get it, though. I predict a thoroughly non-political look at the global energy markets. And I assume that someone will remind her that Hong Kong is now part of the PRC.

  66. moseyon #171- Your theory is very plausible. I like how you think.

  67. LisanTx says:

    moseyon and nswfm CA–I thought that Murdoch arranged the gig for Palin but I didn’t realize he went that far back with the group. I guess he’s got connections worldwide. I think he is grooming her for the big leagues. He’ll hire great speechwriters for her and get whatever she needs to appear smarter and more credible. I believe that he will hire attorneys, “communicate” with the Alaska Personnel Board, whatever it takes for her string of problems to go away.

    I agree with moseyon that he’s got his puppet. I hope her personality disorders prevent this from working. It would be fun to see her deal with him in about 6 months or however long it takes before she thinks she knows more than him.

  68. moseyon says:

    Murdoch mother is still alive and a 100.
    This is true Rupert came back for her hundredth birthday party.

  69. nswfm CA says:

    You may be on to something again.

    Too much more damage? That’s her real middle name!

    Dick and his daughter are also nothing but damage.

    How old is Murdoch and does he have any severe medical conditions? Cheney can’t die soon enough as far as I’m concerned, and may he be tortured for the info of where he’s hidden his cockroaches throughout the federal govt.

  70. lynnrockets says:

    G’night, folks. The comments were great as usual, but it’s off to the arms of morpheous for me.

  71. moseyon says:

    Be wary of Muddoch, we in Australia are only small fish .
    He then went to England aquired his net work there.
    Then moved on to the USA became a citizen.
    Power of the Press and he aquired it in USA.
    I won’t bore you any more.

  72. Bea says:

    Seen in the comments on CNN’s story:

    “Ding Dong to Hong Kong”

    and another favorite came from palingates’ comments:

    “Dim Wit goes for Dim Sum”


  73. txindygirl says:

    thanks for the info moseyon @168. i suspected this speech was a setup a la the newt plan for sarah’s big comeback.

    i also cant help but think some of the insiders agreed because there is no downside. they certainly dont expect any real insight from her. but she has great potential to be fun sideshow entertainment for the actual participants.

    hope she shows up.

    are there really voters out there for whom this will be a game changer? forget the groupies. i mean the huge % who dont take her seriously.

  74. moseyon says:

    nswfm: I also have a theory why she resigned and was so beathless doing it.
    I reckon she was contacted by Murdoch, told to resign before she done too much more damage. She rang Uncle Dick [chaney] and he told her go for it.
    If you notice Fox News is also involved in this.
    Murdoch has his puppet. His biggest dream was to purchase The New York Times he couldn’t do that.
    Why not a bigger Fish The President of the USA.

  75. lynnrockets says:

    @ mommom # 165

    Perhaps Paris could stay at the Vatican Hilton.

  76. nswfm CA says:

    Moseyon, I think you might be on to something. But if there are people in the audience with any critical thinking skills, they’ll talk. And they are supposed to be research driven. Let’s hope they reseach more than her face photoshopped onto p0rn.

  77. moseyon says:

    Jim Walker will be best remembered for creating CLSA.
    Born in Scotland ,raised in Australia.
    He started his career with Rupert Murdoch.
    That was taken from his obituary.
    Murdoch and CLSA go back a long way.
    Sarah I believe is his latest project or pojectile she will be launched on America from this conference.
    If she is great the world will hear about it.
    If she fails only the bloggers will know
    What do you think of my theory.

  78. Karen says:

    “Our keynote speakers are notable luminaries who often address topics that go beyond traditional finance such as geopolitics,” company spokeswoman Simone Wheeler said in a statement.”

    That is hysterical!!….first of all, thanks to her tendency to bail on jobs before she has completed them, describing Sarah Palin as a “luminary” at anything is a real stretch (unless, I suppose, the luminous reference is to the glowing embers of whatever job she just quit).

    Second, Palin’s bizarre speaking style will undoubtedly go beyond traditional finance, down the bunny trail and over the skittle rainbow, all the way to the ozone layer if her manic resignation speech in July was any clue. Hopefully her audience there will experience the same verbal diarrhea we have to hear, including topics such as snow!!!!machines, downs’ syndrome, abstinence, mean ol’ bloggers, pregnant teenagers, Jesus, and cookin’ with moose meat also too. Why shouldn’t they suffer the same way we do?

  79. sauerkraut says:

    Did I miss the pool for guessing when Staplemouth starts making noise about CLSA having never confirmed Sarah Palin’s appearance in Hong Kong?

  80. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    New and Improved! Cardboard sarah!

    She may be shallow but she will deliver your message for $100K …..

    She may not actuallly show up to deliver your message but she still wants the $100K.

    She’s not quitting…we dont know where she is, but she will deliver the message by not delivering the message, and then she will be posting on Fakebook and just ask meg or her father or _____(name any kid-relative-People mag-hallucination).

  81. AF says:

    I hope you won’t take this kind of personal attack, but I’ve never before thought of The Mudflats as being THE place to go for financial investment information. I was clearly wrong, though, since THAT is very sound advice!

  82. mommom says:

    I sent this

    will be checking with my 401K advisor in the morning I will make sure that no money is invested with a company that would use such poor judgement in spending investors hard won dollars to pay Sarah Palin to speak about matters of global concern to them.
    Your poor judgement can only be matched by Mrs Palins, it is difficult to imagine you could hire someone who is so uniquely unqualified on any subject.She does not believe in global warming,believes dinosaurs walked the earth 6000 years ago,and that the age of the earth is a little over 6000 years old.She has quit every position of responsibility she has ever held,and is poorly educated. She is a divisive figure of hate . Putting her in the company of Al Gore and Bill Clinton is like having Paris Hilton speak to the Vatican

  83. the problem child says:

    hey zyggy, missed you in the treehouse, try again?

  84. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:

    I guess I just need to get over being shocked by stupidity.

  85. Cathy in Texas says:

    What are the folks at CLSA thinking? I just sent an email expressing disapointment and concern. I also added that no future investments with their firm would be considered by my husband who is active in the market.
    I would be curious to find out what script she will be given to deliver at the forum and how she delivers it. Will she wink? Will she Obama bash? Who knows. Nevertheless, my disgust for this woman speaking with any degree of authenticity and authority, outweighs my need for another Palin episode of idocracy. I hope they are overloaded with emails.

  86. zyggy says:

    lol @ 158 k8kz, hilarious. It is Asia, so they are sort of close.

  87. K8KZ says:

    I know we should stay away from the ‘team’ site, but I can’t resist a little entertainment now and then and so far I have not blown my cover. Tonight prooved to be worth a good chuckle. It seems Sarah’a fans are as geographically challenged as she is; I copied this from a blog announcing her upcoming trip to CHINA.

    This is from the Associated Press: HONG KONG – Former U.S. vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, once questioned about her lack of foreign policy experience, will make her first trip to Asia in September.

  88. lynnrockets says:

    SHE better be careful. They eat pitbulls in China.

  89. EatWildFish says:

    The uber-conservative “It Girl” will sashay across the stage and read a divisively perky speech prepared by whomever writes her Facebook ‘policy’ rantings.

    As usual – no media and no questions allowed.

  90. tamara says:

    I think that little Exxon meeting down in Texas last May is showing results. My bet is their best speech writer is working hard on a two sillable words blah-blah for her. I also bet she will attend, too much dinero.

    On the menu : Dim Wit with So Ya Becha sauce

  91. Paula says:

    Okay, forgive me, I cannot help but wonder – is she gving free lap dances with that speach? That would explain a lot!

  92. Leota2 says:

    This is truly Manchurian Candidate stuff. Since the woman cannot speak english I figure the last few weeks Murdoch has had a chip implanted in her skull. Now she can even afford speech writers too. Does anyone really think SP knows anything about finance? Just ask her a few questions someone–I dare you . . . . .

  93. debinOH says:

    I went to read some of the comments on ADN as suggested. Usually there is a large picture of Sarah or one of the main headlines is about her. Since there wasn’t I wasn’t sure which tab to click – News or Entertainment. Unfortunately they still have her under news/politics. Someone needs to set them straight.

  94. HistoryGoddess says:

    @111 Paula
    Thanks for the link to e-mail CLSA. Here’s what I wrote for the comment:
    “Serious businesses and investment companies don’t listen to someone like Sarah Palin. She has no knowledge, nor any curiosity to learn. She has an inability to complete jobs and her small “gift” seems to be to take partial pieces of information, twist them into something that will incite fear in the uneducated, and then run away to her facebook page.

    I will be contacting my broker in the morning to make sure I have no holdings that are in any way associated with your group.

    Oh, and since she has a bad habit of not showing up for speaking engagements, if you really think that Mrs. Palin has wisdom to share with your group, you should get her commitment in writing.”

  95. tizzielish says:

    It is VERY hard for me to believe the investors who will attend this conference actually want to listen to Palin talk about anything. I have the impression that heavy duty investors expect expertise, intelligence, coherence, etc. All Palin has is lots of attitude and a hot bod.

  96. tizzielish says:

    I wonder if the people who are paying Palin to speak in Hong Kong invited her whole family to accompany her? I wonder if the conference organizers wanted to pay airfares and hotel costs for all her children. . . In the real world, when a grown up is invited to do a contract job, the grown ups kids are not given free trips, free hotels. . . remember how she used to bilk the Alaskan taxpayers anytime she got invited to participate in an event and she just felt like bringing her kids for a free trip?

    In the capitalist economy, Palin would have to pony up for the kids, pay her parental obligations. .. unless she negotaites freebies for the kids in her contracts.

  97. trisha says:

    120 starrigavan Says:
    So the woman who calls the US president a socialist is going to Hong Kong for her first paid speaking engagement? Hong Kong? Under the control of communist China? Where the one child policy forces women to have abortions? It seems the lady’s ethics are for sale.


    Good points. I would post that at HuffPo too.

    Palin is all about the cash….ethics, optional.

  98. zyggy says:

    As long as her speech writers make it simple and she doesn’t hgave to answers questions afterwards, she’ll do fine. She’s not being invited for her smarts, she’s being invited for her looks. They are going to drool over her. And what in the he!! is she doing palling around with communists?

  99. the norwegian blue says:

    There seems to be a whiff of misunderstanding on this thread about who her audience will be. She is not speaking so much to our Chinese friends, rather CLSA is a global investment bank founded 20 years ago by a Aussie and a Canadian. The boys in that room will be more your limey banker hoorah-types out in Honkers for a few years’ Asia experience before they are moved back to London or on to Dubai. This has little or nothing to do with any political component of mainland China.

  100. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    Alaskan Sisu Says:
    August 31st, 2009 at 2:42 PM
    Heads up mudpuppies! The Anchorage Daily News has a couple stories on Quittypants and the forum is hilarious…it’s time to add your humor to the mix! This latest Chinese maneuver has the comics coming out of the woodwork, also too.
    Why do we liberals always go for the juggler?

    (mopping up tears here)

  101. Trini says:

    So, after Hong Kong, will she next jet over to the country of Africa to tell them all that she knows of geo-politics?

  102. Blooper says:

    After having let this news sink in, the more that this speech makes sense given the context in which it will be given. While I have not seen any polling done on ex-gino’s popularity overseas I have a feeling that her image is not quite as tarnished in the far east as it is here. Who better to pitch a conservative, business friendly economic policy than a celebrity ‘politician’. This type of ‘corporate’ audience will no doubt be more receptive to the kind of message she could spew out.

    While this seems like an outright perplexing (and stupid) choice at first, I’m sure the organizers are rubbing their hands together with glee knowing that their chosen speaker will bring much needed buzz to this event (even if much of it will be negative). It seems as if they are selling their forum’s soul for a little notoriety.

    I think she would do best however to not answer any impromptu questions. I’m sure she will take questions from the actors in the audience reading pre-scripted questions.

  103. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    KaJo, I believe it is the same “reporter”…

  104. GreatGranny2B says:

    Still laughing at the comments at ADN – I quit after 14 pages – my sides hurt! Where were all her supporters? Very few were in her favor. I noticed someone took a dig at Andree McLeod about not getting a job from Sarah – just can’t accept that people might have other reasons for watching Palin.

    Just received a *message read* receipt from Simone Wheeler at CLSA.
    —-was read on Tue, 1 Sep 2009 07:49:31 +0800
    So I guess she is in Hong Kong and starting her day. I hope she checks out the links that were included in the message. If I hear anything else, I’ll keep you all posted.

    @#121 KAT – You are right Kat, it is a scary mess! I’ve started reading Jeff Sharlet’s book on them, called “The Family, The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power”. It’s available in paperback at most book stores for around $15 and I highly recommend it! Jeff has appeared on Rachel Maddow’s show a number of times.

  105. Mother Who Thinks says:

    I think the Chinese government promised her a Panda Hunt! She’s gonna skin it out and have it mounted for the White House.

  106. nswfm CA says:

    Maybe her handlers will use drugs like MJ’s doctors to keep her quiet.

    #127, I would have said Oct and April in the Bay Area are the best parts of the year. The Oakland Hills fire was so devestatingly destructive, I couldn’t even look at up at that for years.

  107. KaJo says:

    @ #119, debinOH, the Palin Mafia has managed to make sure there’s no media to ask questions, and I doubt they’ll let anyone in the audience ask her any questions either.

    @ #105, sjk, you had a link to a Politico article by Mike Allen in your comment @ 2:05 PM. Isn’t that the reporter Sarah Palin supposedly called at 10:45 PM from that NYC restaurant the first week of August?

    And did you notice that every single bit of “information” in the article by Mike Allen was supplied by Palin and/or her “aides”? Reason enough to not believe a word of that article…

  108. trisha says:

    Seriously, how many people think that Palin will be able to keep her mouth shut about policy and politics at home when she visits Asia. Most likely, she will slam President Obama. She is so stupid, she will speak to these internationals like she speaks to Fox news.

    Can anyone say, damage control?

  109. Lee323 says:

    106 Paula Says:
    August 31st, 2009 at 2:06 PM
    “Email clsa here and assure them if the think Palin can speak about economics, you wouldn’t trust them with 10 cents of your money.”

    Thanks Paula. I did just that.

    Someone is trying to embarrass the United States…..and I’m angry. I’m also an investor and will be looking into this CLSA group. None of my money will be going there. By inviting Palin, this group is meddling in OUR politics, IMO.

  110. phoebe says:


    The irony is I love the Santa Ana winds in September in Northern California, but I also know the destruction they cause.

  111. trisha says:

    So Palin is now palling around with communists. Interesting.

    As one person said on another post—-Palin better watch out for all those youth in Asia. Bwahhahahaha!!!

  112. phoebe says:

    #113 Lee

    I suspect you are spot on!!!!!!!

  113. trisha says:

    Does Geo-politics mean that you think that Afganistan is a neighboring country to the USA?

  114. WakeUpAmerica says:

    Dear Sarah,
    You’re speaking on geopolitics? Bwaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Oh dear, sorry. Wiping tears from my eyes. No, ROFLMAO…..

  115. Kat says:

    Has anyone checked the theology behind this group? Or in their top people? $carah’s Dominionist group’s (C Street House) vision is take over the government, financial markets, business in general worldwide. See Leah’s theopalinism blog for all the background information. This is truly scary. Sounds like she has their full force behind her and they’ve made serious inroads with their infiltration.

  116. Alaskan Sisu says:

    Heads up mudpuppies! The Anchorage Daily News has a couple stories on Quittypants and the forum is hilarious…it’s time to add your humor to the mix! This latest Chinese maneuver has the comics coming out of the woodwork, also too.

  117. debinOH says:

    First question Sarah asked when getting invited: “Do you know what geo-economics are?”

  118. C.Rock says:

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Geopolitics is the art and practice of using political power over a given territory. Traditionally, the term has applied primarily to the impact of geography on politics, but its usage has evolved over the past century to encompass a wider connotation.

    In academic circles, the study of Geopolitics involves the analysis of geography, history and social science with reference to spatial politics and patterns at various scales (ranging from the level of the state to international). geoeconomics)

    Mrs. Palin HA HA HA HA HA HA HA PLEASE wake me up from this nightmare.

  119. Janet in Texas says:

    “Da Bimbo Does Hong Kong” ! Oh lordy, the visuals. Where’s the trash can?

  120. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    Sarah Palin Records Demo For Radio Show:

  121. nswfm CA says:

    #96 Lynnrockets has a song about THAT, also, too. Check the Fun Stuff list. It’s more than fun stuff, and deserves more credit for the writing and thought behind it, although I usually get a few lols every day. I appreciate the creativity, I guess.

  122. starrigavan says:

    So the woman who calls the US president a socialist is going to Hong Kong for her first paid speaking engagement? Hong Kong? Under the control of communist China? Where the one child policy forces women to have abortions? It seems the lady’s ethics are for sale.

  123. debinOH says:

    In regards to #43 – Actually I remember thinking that they didn’t give anywhere near 10% on their 2007 taxes (weren’t they released during the election?). I remember thinking that the fundamentalists would probably not be to happy seeing that. That’s if they even bothered looking for anything about her other than what Faux News told them.

  124. Lee323 says:

    If the CLSA Investors Forum has asked Palin to throw out her pearls of wisdom for their annual conference, it’s no effing wonder that the global financial market is in shambles.

    I suspect some entity is really trying hard to humiliate America (and probably Obama) by having the yahoo from Wasilla speak about geo-politics (or anything else besides her fish-picking hairdo.)

  125. curiouser says:

    sjk – Ha! love the well-placed $.

  126. UK Lady says:

    😆 Ratfish @ 95

    Thanks for the link to the asian article. Linked to it and left a nice little comment. Go there pups and you can mark the comments up or down. Mine starts with ‘thanks but no thanks.

  127. sjk from the belly of the plane says:


    commitment. its a bit$h!

  128. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    They wont understand a word she says, and neither will she.

  129. curiouser says:

    sjk – from your politico link:

    “Palin has made no commitments so far, and Washington Speakers Bureau will start responding to the invitations this week. ”


  130. InJuneau says:

    sjk from the belly of the plane–he’s been around a while. He’s the one who negotiated the book deal.

  131. Paula says:

    Email clsa here and assure them if the think Palin can speak about economics, you wouldn’t trust them with 10 cents of your money.

  132. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    new lawyer?

    lawyer, Robert Barnett, has built of offers for network and cable

    pundit gigs, documentaries and business opportunities.

    Read more:

  133. Claw Washout Palin says:

    This is an article from Huffington Post. CNN doesn’t believe that the Evangelicals are the ones that we should fear but this Pastor. I say, both.

  134. nswfm CA says:

    Oh, but they do Lynnrockets. They do.

  135. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:

    Talk about comic relief. I have laughed my a$$ off all day long thinking about this.

    . Women should wear conservative business suits or dresses with a high neckline.
    . Women should wear flat shoes or shoes with very low heels.
    . Bright colours should be avoided.

    Guess she’ll have to leave those Naughty Monkeys home.

  136. lynnrockets says:

    I hope that SHE doesn’t try to impress her audience with a memorized recital of the old, “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees… Look at these!!!” poem.

  137. curiouser says:

    The Washington Speakers Bureau hasn’t included her in their speakers list yet.

  138. Aussie Blue Sky says:

    I can understand why a bunch of curious Chinese investment bankers might want to have a failed American politician climb into her hooker outfit and entertain them. I hear “cigarette girl” was booked elsewhere that night.

  139. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    She will read speeches and never answer a question. Try 30 minutes on ANY Sunday news show, UNSCRIPTED. It’ll never happen…And now she is PALLING AROUND WITH KATIE COURIC’S COMPANY!

  140. Enjay in E.MT says:

    Am thinking they might actually be hiring her for ‘half time entertainment” from the actual speakers…..

  141. trisha says:

    I am sure her new booking agency will provide the speech writer. It’s in their best interest to make her look good.

  142. curiouser says:

    I hope she doesn’t forget to pack her “mother’s little helper”.

  143. Ratfish says:

    As a sample of her knowledge, check out her comments on the fungibility of hydrocarbons with respect to a gas pipeline- stolen from an economic consultant’s presentation. Google Palin and fungible and you will get links like:

    In case anyone wants to contact the investment company sponsoring her trip their contact is:

    Let them know what your opinion of their investment is.

    And if anyone wants to see the reaction in Hong Kong go to:

  144. nswfm CA says:

    82 She is a like Toxic Tonka Truck and the repubs will give it to the CLSA as a repositioned Toxic Asset. Like she could talk about constrained resources. She did illegal sh!t and got away with it. See building a sports complex on a property you don’t own. What a great thing for an investor to hear about. The list goes on.

    84 Phoebe

    Thank you, this time I’m far away from that, just worried about my friends, trying to stay distracted by thinking of AK instead of CA. On a happy note, there are whitecaps on the Pacific, which I hope means cool air coming from the ocean. There was condensate on the ground when I got up this morning, so I hope the humidity changes inland, too.
    Thank goodness for Canadian Superscoopers. They should just park one at LAX. (Things would be different if I were running things, doncha know. 😉 )

  145. trisha says:

    Palin on geo-politics.

    Well Charlie, I am in favor of Gee-Oh-Politics since I use that term on a regular basis, also too. As in this sentence………………

    Gee…Oh….am I supposed to know the answer to these questions about politics.

  146. boodog says:

    I would like to see a guilty ruling by the IRS and/or any of the various entities that are looking into $P’s records before the speech, it would add so much more ‘feeling’ to her speech…

    by the way, Samper, if you forget my adonis, i will have to go for the juggler…

  147. UK Lady says:

    So is megamouth under the Palin bus now? – interesting.

  148. samper says:

    My money is on the probability that she chokes and bails.

    Even SHE can’t think she is qualified for this.

    What if they ask her a QUESTION??? ABOUT FINANCIAL ISSUES?

    Her big deal is that she is so poor at budgeting that she had to beg the public to pay her legal bills! And travel expenses!

    A wise financier would say “Gee, I can’t afford the legal bills, so I guess I will have to let the FACTS defend my “innocence” because I AM “innocent”. Innocent people don’t need attorneys, so I will save that money!”

  149. lizzy says:

    had to laugh out loud… must be a joke…

  150. trisha says:

    From Politico:

    Palin has signed with Washington Speakers Bureau, which represents everyone from George and Laura Bush to Bob Woodward and Katie Couric to Alan Greenspan, Colin Powell and Rudy Giuliani.

    More than 950 requests for speeches have poured in for Palin, and over 120 candidates for office have asked her to appear, including folks running for Senate, House and state Legislature, aides said.

    Palin will be doing both paid speeches, which are expected to go for six figures apiece, and unpaid speeches for political and charitable causes, including Christian organizations, groups that support families with special-needs children and military families.

    Palin has made no commitments so far, and Washington Speakers Bureau will start responding to the invitations this week.
    Sounds like her booking agency will be handling her speaking engagments, not Meg. Should be interesting. She won’t be able to blame miscommunication. It also says that she has made no commitments yet but they would be responding to offers this week. I wonder who handled the Asia speaking deal.

    Read more:

  151. InJuneau says:

    boodog–Well, THAT explains it! 😉

  152. boodog says:

    I always go for the juggler…that is why I am banned from Ringling Bros…

  153. GlobalVillage says:

    This would have to have been organised through Murdoch and his Chinese connections wouldn’t it?

  154. justafarmer says:

    empish that was too funny!

    honesty, I posted a response over at ADN before I saw you post here. I wrote:

    iceangel49 says: “The attitudes of most of the posters on the Palin topic are why conservatives will never accept liberalism. You folks don’t just critize or comment, you go for the juggler!”

    hahahahaa! “juggler”….thanks for the laugh!
    if there’s a juggler, then this must be a circus show and $P is the top clown.

  155. phoebe says:


    Just saw the pictures on Huff. Oh my God, it happens every years. Such devastation & seems really early this year. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    So very sad.

  156. honestyinGov says:

    # 80 Empish Says:
    August 31st, 2009 at 1:15 PM

    Love some of the comments over at ADN. One gal accuses liberals of “going for the juggler.” Must be a Wasilla high graduate.
    It could be true Empish. The Juggler and the Clowns are usually ‘ paling around ‘ together at the Circus. If they were standing together… you might mistake one for the other.

  157. C.Rock says:

    re-branding of the Palin product can begin to introduce their new, improved Sarah to the world. She will be professionally packaged and marketed by experts

    LOL you make her sound like a Recall toy Tonka Truck that had lead poison and now they have produced a new and improved Truck.

  158. phoebe says:

    #74 Gizmo

    Yes, I’m sure she can if she uses her binoculars…..unlike Russia…no need for binoculars.

  159. Empish says:

    Love some of the comments over at ADN. One gal accuses liberals of “going for the juggler.” Must be a Wasilla high graduate.

  160. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    I thought the headline said King Kong.

    Nevermind. Drill baby drill….

  161. lilly says:

    If she does go, she’ll be charming.

    Its a walk in the park, with a prepared speach.

    They will fall all over her.

    And shopping in Hong Kong. They will roll out the red carpet.

  162. nswfm CA says:

    # 60, the reason I went to NY was the trip to China, so thanks. One of my fellow travelers was filmed saying the “they live better here than my house in NJ” incidentally.

    My life in CA has been pretty interesting, too, but right now, I can only think of natural disasters I’ve survived. And that I live in heaven if the Santa Ana winds aren’t blowing.

  163. Bystander says:

    Sarah was invited after two other experts in international economics, Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse backed out due to schedule conflicts.

  164. Chris in Chicago says:

    Well, lets see it took 6 years for her to get a 4 year degree in journalism- I’m going to guess that a deep understanding of finance and economics and their attendant emphasis on facts and data probably isn’t her strong suit. So, she is probably incapable of writing something on this subject. Somewhere within the Republican party there may be a speech writer who can gin something up, but I am going to guess that many of the Asian finance managers attending the conference who took deep losses as a result of the sub-prime fiasco would be offended at a tutoring of right-wing American philosophy. So this really leads to the possibility of some hack writing the speech, which will be necessarily full of vague generalities and devoid of reason. Yes, there may be a populist shot at Obama, but outside shooting wolves from helicopters that is the only shot she can take because, lets face it, every other kind of opinion requires specific knowledge of a subject, something she has thus far proven incapable of doing. No, the real opportunity here is a feckless photo op at The Peak, or in front of a kindergarten dance class on the mainland. The echo chamber that is Fox News, et al will gush on about her trip, and the rest of the chattering class will give it more attention than it justifies; this trip will not change the world.

    And meanwhile more Americans, people of all political stripes who can form reasoned opinions based upon their own intellect, will lose their jobs, their houses, their savings due to Republican ideals of how free a free market should be. When will the question of is she news worthy be seriously debated?

  165. She’s been bought and sold by her “handlers”. I hope she enjoys being a puppet. She won’t be thanking the troops in this speech.

  166. gizmo says:

    I wonder if she can see Hong Kong from her house in Wassila?

  167. SouthPaw says:

    # 32 Bystander Says:
    August 31st, 2009 at 11:53 AM
    Is CLSA the acronym for “China Loves Stupid Americans”, as one wag has suggested? This is beyond parody.


    Asian men love sexy American women. No matter what comes out of her mouth it won’t matter, they haven’t come to listen but to oggle. I betcha she wears her red Naughty Monkey shoes too.

    Lynnrockts hit the nail on the head w/ this one.*

    *(love you blog LR, you never cease to amaze me how you come up with those awesome lyrics!)

  168. Molly says:

    Meanwhile, over at ADN…..

    DesaJacobsson wrote on 08/31/2009 01:04:37 PM:
    Asian Market Daily Newspaper Headline: Dum Ding Ling speaks today.


  169. MinNJ says:

    Molly I think you have this down. I hope that you don’t need a job because they might come lookin’ fer ya’.

  170. too much insanity says:

    autumnhaiku **

    How popular are soap operas in Hong Kong? There must be entrepreneurs in the television and film business that can make a fortune with a mini series on her.
    I can’t see how they are taking her that serious. I see fortunes being made in China. Think of the money we can borrow.

  171. TwoBlueJays says:

    Interesting note about CLSA, from their Wikipedia article: “Unlike most of its competitors, CLSA is a research-driven agency broker.[3] It’s known for its annual investor forums (particularly the calibre of its keynote speakers and the star acts at its parties)…”

    “The calibre of its keynote speakers and the star acts at its parties”. Well, that explains it! I think poor old Simone Wheeler has gotten the two groups confused and has accidentally put Palin at the Smart Kids table.

  172. maryb #51 – I totally agree with you and BuffaloGal #53. The fact that she is allowing herself to be “handled” is scary too.

  173. Bonsai-Jay says:

    People!, People! Slow down!… I’m sure she is going to be the entertainment, not a speaker.
    I can see it now….
    Fancy pagent walking and her Jethro Tull catalog on the flute.

    Yeah, thats it…gotta be.

  174. FW says:

    Check out the article on Here’s an excerpt:

    ‘Another investor, however, called it “typical of CLSA’s decline since the death of Gary Coull,” CLSA’s co-founder, who died in 2006. “Or it might be a way of way of ingratiating with Beijing by making America look ridiculous,” he fumed.

    CLSA has become a powerhouse in Asia for its offbeat approach to investing, for instance publishing a whimsical annual feng-shui prediction report on the regional markets over the coming year. Annual forums have included mid-week parties with ageing pop stars and sessions with such political stars as Clinton, Gore and Greenspan.’

    It said “AGEING POP STARS”…there you have it…that’s why Sarah was invited. Now we can all accuse her of pallin around with COMMUNISTS. She does realize that she is being used? Probably not, this is Sarah Palin we’re talking about!

  175. GreatGranny2B says:

    That website also has an article and it appears many people involved are not thrilled with Sarah being the speaker and even asked if it was a hoax.

    If by some method, she does manage to get elected as President in 2012, we will know that there are either a lot more idiots around than we suspected, or that the election results were tampered with. And as President, she would undoubtedly be a puppet, with someone like Cheney manipulating her strings. She certainly has neither the intellect or experience to handle the job on her own.

    Someone mentioned that maybe we shouldn’t write to CLSA. I understand what she means and that if we sent letters that were too negative, it might come across as sour grapes and be totally ignored. However, if we do our letters in a professional manner with real basic facts about pertinent issues (such as the Medicare problem) and links to back up what we say, and leave out personal problems she has, then maybe (hopefully) someone will read them and do the research.

    I am seeing more and more articles on various blogs and also starting to appear in on-line news editions, of the increasing involvement of religious groups in just about every aspect of the political arena. Theopalinism site has some excellent articles to read. I hope Rachel Maddow will follow up on the connections between Palin’s Wasilla Church and the C-Street Family group that she has been reporting on.

    Whatever happened to separation of church and state?
    Why do so many of these ultra-religious types think that their beliefs are the only ones and our entire country must go that way?
    Does Sarah realize that the major religion in Hong Kong is Buddhist?

  176. Bonnie says:

    Glad I have no money to invest. Hope I remember that groups name when I win the lottery. 🙂

  177. Molly says:

    It has got to be a joke. It has to be. Otherwise, I’m going to have to predict that Megletongue will let this slide without comment until days before the event, and then, when a reporter asks her specifically about it, she will state that “this is the first we’ve heard of this speech” and “we never agreed” to an appearance. Then she’ll say, “Sarah is so sorry she couldn’t make it” and then “Sarah tried to come but she had other more important commitments” and then “Yes, we were invited, and we were waiting to see if Sarah could make it” and then “Yes, we might have implied she was coming but she can’t now so sorry” and then “Get out of my face you frickin’ reporters I can’t help it my boss is insane”. Well, I can hope.

  178. Just_a_Mote says:

    Is she going to talk about the little pockets of ‘real’ Hong Kong after she educates her captive audience about Geo-Politics? Will she be speaking at an event in the country of Africa next? Will she explain that being a ‘notable luminary’ is really just about how skilled you are at picking an eye shadow shade? Amazing!

  179. Karen says:

    And people worry about China being irritated now. Just wait until they see this person passing herself off as someone who knows something about anything! They’ll call their loans in from sheer fear that she represents the present politicians in office.

  180. MinNJ says:

    nswfm ca Your life seems to have been so interesting. China, New York; I’m always interested to see what comes next. Thank you for your insights.

  181. phoebe says:

    Thanks AKM…now that’s good sound financial advise. First I’d like to know how much she is being paid & then I’ll bet whether or not she shows up. I wonder if the rest of the family is going.

  182. mary b says:

    After reading Geoffrey Dunn’s article about her, it scares the living hell out of me!

  183. MinNJ says:

    Yes, mary b, she thinks that she’s smarter than Obama. Isn’t that just…something? OMG.

  184. karen in OR says:

    “We just felt it would be a FABULOUS opportunity for CLSA clients to hear from Mrs. Palin,” Wheeler said, adding that CLSA approached Palin with the offer.


    Is this blatant sarcasm? (I wish).

    Somethings’ SO not right. At least they addressed her by her proper title, MRS.

  185. A Fan From Chicago says:

    I’m guessing this is one of three things: a real attempt to give her some gravitas and position her for something; a simple way to make fast money; or a really good joke.

    Assuming it’s not the latter, (though that’s my hope) I would expect that someone is writing a quite substantive speech for her that she should be able to deliver if she can get though the big economic-y words without stumbling.

    It’s closed to the press but I’m sure word will get out pretty quickly about what she said and how she said it. I’ll be curious if part of it is a slam on the President’s economic policies. That will be a signal of something. And of course will violate the pretty well accepted rule that you don’t knock a sitting President while on foreign soil but I don’t think her posse much cares.

  186. nswfm CA says:

    They will use her for propaganda like showing her a village in Mainland China, where they say here’s what a typical villager lives in, shows her a palace and film her when she says “Wow, I want to be a Chinese villager; they live better than I do in Wasilla!” Then, when she’s sitting in the audience waiting to speak, they’ll photograph her, as she listens to what they say is their “Leader” even though he wasn’t in the room. Then she’ll promote BAYWATCH!

    When I was in China, similar things happened, plus a whole lot more.

    Icy, please put your super powers to use to stop this! Lori in LA is right–she’s danger to the world. (Shoulda been impeached.)

  187. BuffaloGal says:

    My take on it is :

    She is currently being “handled” and like, seriously so. The “up at the top” people know they’ve got a money maker and they’re whipping her in to shape. They told her she has a mission from on high, they reminded her that she’s chosen, got her to STFU by telling her it’s her cross. For all her faults, Sarah’s able to learn and recite a speech. She’s going to have it down pat. She’s going to be dressed to the hilt. She’s going to be pumped and ready. And, for the life of her, she’s not going to truly understand the complexity of one dang thing that’s going to come out of her mouth but dAYham if it’s not going to sound and look good.

    She’ll take no questions and, if she does, she’ll answer the questions in her head and not the ones that are asked. The first commandment will be “DO NOT Stray From Talking Points! Don’t even think of it !” She’ll shake hands, she’ll be charming, she’ll be sexy and the string pullers of this scary extreme theocracy wantin’ machine will be patting themselves on their backs.

    Now, that said – I’m a believer in “side doors” to get things accomplished. We might not get a press conference ( which is probably a good thing because we can’t have her running off at the mouth and representing the U.S. out of her own head and thoughts) but , I found a side door that’s really interesting and, if I can connect, something even better could come out of it. Fingers crossed!

  188. MinNJ says:

    Ralph Reed, or someone of his ilk.

  189. KVC says:

    Can you say “out of her league”? Here are the other keynote speakers:

    Joining Palin, are more than 40 keynote and specialist speakers including Niall Ferguson, Harvard professor and author of the bestseller The Ascent of Money; Robert Fisk, Middle east correspondent for The Independent and one of the few Western journalists to have interviewed Osama bin Laden; Sir Ken Robinson author of The Element: How finding your passion changes everything; Satyajit Das author of Traders, Guns and Money; David Roche, economic and political analyst; and Marc Faber, investment contrarian and author of Tomorrow’s Gold.

  190. mary b says:

    She’ll go. It’s probably for BIG Bucks and she’s trying to look ‘Presidential’. They probably also were told by Bill “the bloody” Kristol and Rich “sparkles” Lowry that she is so super, duper smart and conservative and all of that!
    I’m sure their won’t be ANY question and answer period. If she doesn’t have a speech written for her, than this could be our dream come true! Exposed to non-Americans for her true self!
    But even if some brilliant economist wrote her a speech, I bet she’ll still try to get some digs in on President Obama.
    She really does think that she’s smarter than he is.

  191. MinNJ says:

    # 30 Summer Says:
    August 31st, 2009 at 11:48 AM
    Palin’s speech will probably be fine but she will not have written it. She probably is already practicing her delivery. She lacks the intellect and experience to analyze issues in any great depth. Palin is being groomed and manipulated by someone who has a brain and knows how to pander to her need of adoration and the spotlight. I wonder who it is that’s telling her what to believe today.

    My money is on Cheney.


    Or a Rovian Christianist…who was that Georgia guy, I can see his face but can’t think of his name, Reed? He’ll go wherever the money is, and he can write this cr0p.

  192. Eyes Wide Open in Pgh PA says:

    Put that lady on an Asian Gameshow!

  193. Irishgirl says:


  194. honestyinGov says:

    Will Van Fleabag be making a statement as to the authenticity of the report.
    Because they said HE approves and is the final word.

    And since we know $arah is not posting the FaceBook messages… how soon will ‘ someone ‘ be putting something up on her Official webpage.
    A couple of days… a week..? Once it is there… no backing out. No excuses.

    I would like to see the same Loons in attendance like she had at Lake Lucille.
    The last time it went so well. Probably use some ‘ local ‘ Loons over there.

  195. lilyf says:

    Trisha, that’s the scary part, isn’t it? She could have a Karl Rove figure behind her who is slowly turning into the next George Bush, a stupid idiot who couldn’t even comb his own hair but who was our prez for 8 years. Scares the hell out of me.

  196. lilyf says:

    Is it just me or has FOX news stopped reporting on Mrs. Palin? I check their site every time there is a tidbit about the “governor”, but they have not had anything on their site. Anyone else noticed this?

  197. trisha says:

    # 30 Summer Says:
    August 31st, 2009 at 11:48 AM
    Palin’s speech will probably be fine but she will not have written it. She probably is already practicing her delivery. She lacks the intellect and experience to analyze issues in any great depth. Palin is being groomed and manipulated by someone who has a brain and knows how to pander to her need of adoration and the spotlight. I wonder who it is that’s telling her what to believe today.

    My money is on Cheney.

  198. lilyf says:

    I’m sure Sarah’s investment insights will include a reminder that God will make you richer if you give ten percent of your wealth away to those ugly poor people that can’t afford health care.

  199. MinNJ says:

    I was referring to Hong Kong and their former Bristish colony status. I don’t like to type long comments as a rule, but sometimes I should explain what I’m saying. (rolling eyes at myself)

  200. trisha says:

    She will read the speech that her ghostwriter puts in front of her. That’s all she can contribute.

    Let me get this straight…. people are willing to pay a quitter to hear her speak when it won’t actually be her insights, experience, thoughts…nada? She will just be reading what someone else wrote for her?

    OMG, am I living a bad dream? Is this what we have become?

    Sad….very sad.

  201. justafarmer says:

    Of course, someone else will write the speech.
    My bet will be on how many unfamiliar words she’ll mangle (dozens).
    And, how soon it takes before she gets all mavericky and veers off-script (10 seconds).

  202. pdx mb says:

    @ #28 GreatGranny2B Says:

    Anyone want to write to CLSA and let them know their thoughts on Palin…
    That’s the great thing about the internet. I went to their site and sent them a message, basically that Palin is an ignorant joke and if I had the kind of money their clients have, I would seriously be questioning their credibility and judgment.

    Snark can be so satisfying sometimes. Wonder if I’ll get a reply… (o:

  203. nswfm CA says:

    Welcome back, Icy!

  204. SouthernMiss says:

    *****shaking my head, walking away muttering*****

  205. MinNJ says:

    Donna: The artist formerly known as first dude…too funny!

    Scary. Someone is writing her right-wing Christianist speech as we type. “Your money will be lifted to the heavens…China is so beautiful, and everyone speaks such good English!” Such insanity is boggling, truly boggling.

  206. kareninTexas says:

    This is totally disgusting.

  207. honestyinGov says:

    ” considering her vast foreign policy experience ” ……..?

    I don’t think ordering Chinese Take-Out or the Drive thru at Taco Bell qualifies as ” foreign “.
    Was this on her resume..? They MUST be grading on a curve.

  208. possum says:

    OMG! Can you imagine trying to translate her word salads?

  209. Bystander says:

    Is CLSA the acronym for “China Loves Stupid Americans”, as one wag has suggested? This is beyond parody.

  210. Vaughn says:

    The article said the topic of the forum had not been confirmed yet. Maybe it will be something that her speechwriter can write
    a very informed speech on and after Sarah delivers it the whole world will know that she knows nothing about the topic that
    she just gave a speech on.
    What does she know except drill baby drill and pro-life.
    This forum may be closed to the media but you can bet that the topic of her speech will get out to the media.

    Can’t wait.

  211. Summer says:

    Palin’s speech will probably be fine but she will not have written it. She probably is already practicing her delivery. She lacks the intellect and experience to analyze issues in any great depth. Palin is being groomed and manipulated by someone who has a brain and knows how to pander to her need of adoration and the spotlight. I wonder who it is that’s telling her what to believe today.

  212. Pat says:

    This should be the beginning of the “re-make” of Sarah Palin. I would imagine she has been through a six to eight week intensive course teaching public speaking and presentation. She will have a professionally written speech to deliver that she has practiced and talking points that have been rehearsed for all public interaction. There is an important opportunity for Sarah to be re-branded by professionals into a package that can make money for both Palin and her handlers. By starting overseas, in a “closed to the public” arena, those behind the re-branding of the Palin product can begin to introduce their new, improved Sarah to the world. She will be professionally packaged and marketed by experts.

  213. GreatGranny2B says:

    Anyone want to write to CLSA and let them know their thoughts on Palin, maybe add some links that show her at her *best*? Don’t forget to add a disclaimer that you aren’t responsible for any statements she makes. >’-‘<

  214. Curtis E. Mayle says:

    “My first thoughts were who she was being paid to, er, blow over there. That’s about all her mouth is capable of doing well.”

    Now, now, Gindy. You don’t really think that’s what they meant when they referred to her as a “blowhard” … did you?

  215. John says:

    Even investment capitalists like a good comedian on occasion.

  216. autumnhaiku says:

    Hey AKM…as a native HongKongnese, I couldn’t let this one pass. Am now pondering (with immense pain) whether the Mayans might have actually foreseen the coming of Palin. No wonder their dire warnings for 2012. Really, really wish she’d stuck to ogling Russians from her porch. Love to all, Icy.

  217. BigPete says:

    Who is writing the speech?

    Palin has always been reasonably adept at delivering speeches; if there’s an agreement that she won’t be giving interviews, she’ll be able to collect her fee without too much embarrassment.

  218. rebekkah says:

    How can a woman who displayed odd behavior at her quitting speeches be prepared to address this global conference in front of many high-level muck-a-mucks? I guess the rumors of her breakdown aren’t true, since anyone undergoing a nervous or mental breakdown could not possibly be up to the challenge of that.

    So, she is in hiding waiting for the highest bidder to pay for her global musings. So, it is all about the money. Wonder how her donors feel about not showing up at the conference last week (Alaska Family thingy) – it appears her old “causes” have been thrown under the bus.

  219. Visitor says:

    It appears the Powers That Be are trying hard to legitimize this fraud.

  220. Gindy51 says:

    My first thoughts were who she was being paid to, er, blow over there. That’s about all her mouth is capable of doing well.

  221. Ivy Freeborn says:

    She’s being paid an undislosed amount only because it’s already been disclosed that Bill Clinton got 250K. She won’t let it be known she pulls in less.

  222. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    This is not funny to me. It is an issue of national security to have her representing the U.S. as some kind of financial wizard. Our financial system is in a precarious position in the world. If the Chinese want to push for a way to discredit our dollar and monetary policy, this is it. Remember when she said on National TV that Putin “rears his head” into our airspace? I cannot find evidence that the Russians are invading our airspace into Alaska – I imagine there were diplomatic efforts needed to clean up that mess. If permission is needed from our State Dept., I pray they say “no” to allowing this bimbo to spew her hate and word salad over there.

  223. Closet Mudpup says:

    Maybe she’ll enlighten them on the geopolitics of Africa. She seems to have that down pretty well.

  224. WakeUpAmerica says:

    The last paragraph is flipping hilarious. Good one, AKM!!

  225. Enjay in E.MT says:

    Better check with my financial adviser —

  226. Greytdog Δ says:

    Snoskred, what do you think will happen? <>

  227. lexky says:

    the world is full of suckers

  228. Greytdog Δ says:

    I’m sitting here trying to imagine how some of Hong Kong’s and SEAsia’s best & brightest are going to take to Word Salad Sarah. I don’t see it happening. I think we’ll see some very polite behavior and a “WTF?” question mark over their heads. . . and don’t even get me started on the Euro/Central Asian members. . .oy! I can’t wait to see if she’ll ask for Chop Suey to be on the menu. . .wish they’d serve a traditional Chinese feast, complete with the chicken head for the most honored guest. But it won’t happen. Hong Kong is the most metropolitan of metropoli.

  229. zyggy says:

    she’ll go, no doubtm money would be too good to pass up, and if she said no, her chances of ever being invited to speak anywhere besides in her bathroom would be over.

  230. 1smartcanerican says:

    What if her handlers actually present a “normal, intelligent” Sarah Palin at this event? She can read a speech well, and if told how to dress and handle the cultural issues (and listens to her handlers), she may actually seem accomplished! As long as there is no question period or news interviews, she could conceivably sound rational. That is a truly scary scenario.

    I pray that someone inside will report back on her presentation – and that she goes mavericky and is the SP we know so well!

  231. pvazwindy says:

    Here we are facing economic instability worldwide, and we send Palin out to fix it. God help us.

  232. Donna says:

    and, of course, the Artist Formerly Known as the First Dude and all the kidlets will have to be flown there as well.

  233. Blooper says:

    My prediction? She’ll show, but only because the speaking agreement has a clause saying she won’t see a penny if she cancels.

    She’ll blow off speaking engagements left and right if there is no cash involved, but all the rules are changed if it means a threat to her bottom line.

  234. Bea says:

    I REALLY hope she somehow starts ranting about “communism” and/or “forced abortion.”

  235. LurkingSeamstressPDX says:

    Oft said but true…too funny!!

  236. nswfm CA says:

    AKM, the last three lines are the best advice. EVER!

  237. craigtamy says:

    This has to be the WTF of the year!! Wow, I can’t wait to hear the pearls of wisdom she has for these investors.

  238. pvazwindy says:

    I hope that the U.S. sends a statement to the CLSA, stating that whatever spews from her mouth, is not U.S. policy, on financial matters. Listen to her at your own risk. This news is just so unbelievable. Is she being pranked again?

  239. chuck tatum says:

    Has Magnum Stapletongue approved this appearance?

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