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Book Wars. Palin v. Johnston – Who’s Got the Slam Dunk?

Oh boy.

Vanity Fair does it again. Get ready for the latest teaser extraordinaire about life in the Palin house after the 2008 election. The world’s most infamous ex-almost-son-in-law has let loose a couple interesting little nuggets of which there promise to be more in the upcoming full article entitled “Me and Mrs. Palin.”

“The Palin house was much different from what many people expect of a normal family, even before she was nominated for vice president. There wasn’t much parenting in that house. Sarah doesn’t cook, Todd doesn’t cook—the kids would do it all themselves: cook, clean, do the laundry, and get ready for school. Most of the time Bristol would help her youngest sister with her homework, and I’d barbecue chicken or steak on the grill”

“Sarah told me she had a great idea: we would keep it a secret—nobody would know that Bristol was pregnant. She told me that once Bristol had the baby she and Todd would adopt him. That way, she said, Bristol and I didn’t have to worry about anything. Sarah kept mentioning this plan. She was nagging—she wouldn’t give up. She would say, “So, are you gonna let me adopt him?” We both kept telling her we were definitely not going to let her adopt the baby. I think Sarah wanted to make Bristol look good, and she didn’t want people to know that her 17-year-old daughter was going to have a kid.”

“Sarah was sad for a while. She walked around the house pouting. I had assumed she was going to go back to her job as governor, but a week or two after she got back she started talking about how nice it would be to quit and write a book or do a show and make “triple the money.” It was, to her, “not as hard.” She would blatantly say, “I want to just take this money and quit being governor.” She started to say it frequently, but she didn’t know how to do it. When she came home from work, it seemed like she was more and more stressed out.”

It’s time to check and make sure those little fans in your computer tower are fully operational, because I believe certain segments of the internet have actually burst into flames.

The rest of the article is due out later this month.

One can imagine “Mrs. Palin” in some undisclosed location furiously unloading into a recording device for her ghost writer, adding an extra chapter in her book called “Levi Johnston is a Liar Again.” That comes right after the other chapters entitled, “Levi Johnston is a Liar,”  “Those Ethics Complaint Filers are Liars,” “That Ex-Public Safety Commissioner is a Liar,”  “Those McCain Staffers are Liars,”That Former Wasilla Mayor is a Liar,” “That Police Chief is a Liar,” “Republican Event Coordinators Everywhere are Liars,” “The Alaska State Legislature Lies,” and my personal favorite, “Those Bloggers are Liars…and Pathetic Also.

While all this is going on, Mrs. Palin is off somewhere in an undisclosed location (known not even to her own father) working on her memoir.

“Sarah’s been out of town for almost a month now,” said Chuck Heath,who is on a campaign swing through Idaho for GOP congressional candidate Vaughn Ward. “I don’t know exactly where she is, but she’s writing her book. She e-mails me quite frequently. She asks, ‘Oh, what happened on June 13, 1978?’ This is material for her book.”

Her e-mails to her dad, he said, have asked about “trivial things like maybe a basketball game, ‘How many points did I score here,’ ‘When did we go to the Boston Marathon?’ … Mainly sports.”

Hmmm. Juicy insider Palin gossip from Levi, or “I Played High School Basketball With an Injured Ankle,  and By the Way Everyone is a Liar.”  Wonder which book  is going to be the “slam dunk?”



336 Responses to “Book Wars. Palin v. Johnston – Who’s Got the Slam Dunk?”
  1. jojobo1 says:

    I don’t see how palin can sue Levi anyway,she is a very public figure and the bar is very high for her to sue .He is giving his observations that he saw and felt.

  2. wakeupak says:

    The most authentic character trait about Sarah is that she is a liar, a fibber, a stretcher of the truth, full of malarkey, teller of tall fish tales, full of it. I don’t know how long she had this problem. Seems she likes to live vicariously through her dad’s hunting, her husband’s snogo race adventures and her daughter Bristol’s real birthing experiences.
    With Labor Day around the corner, wouldn’t it be a relief to know who God really blessed with little Trig before adults came pressuring, posing, politicking and parading their precious campaign prop. Enoughwiththetrainwreck sumed it up well. Have followed my former governor for the past year plus closely.
    Followed this Babygate story as well. She is Gut-sy to invent it, MSM is weak livered to not call her out on it. Hope the teens Levi and Bristol and Mercede look in the mirror and keep ratting. Right ActiON Truth.
    Willow should be fed up by now being the kid who gets dumped on by mommie dearest-her Tell All Book may be the most 360 view of all some day.
    Levi is probably restricted in telling the whole truth. Hope his new taste for the finer things don’t further cloud his judgement in stating the higher truth. The bottom line is Labor Day Revelations. Blogs at Palingates and Palindeception along with my own discoveries convinced me that Sarah pulled the political novelty hoax of the 21st Century. Feminist progress-Viva la difference! Let’s hope other female politicians don’t follow this Northern Star.

  3. TN says:

    @ MinNj I heard a saying a long time ago. “Don’t believe everything you read, and only half of what you see”. Things are never as they seem.

    To form an educated guess about something, I always arm myself with as much information as I can. I do my best to sift through all of the bunk in order to reach the most logical conclusion. Especially when it’s something that is only a guess. At this point none of us know the truth, except the people directly involved.

  4. MinNJ says:

    Don’t believe everything you read.

  5. TN says:

    First of all, thank you Lori in La for giving us all the quotes on the VF article. I don’t think Levi has any reason to lie about the goings on in the Palin house.

    As I’m reading through the comments I noticed there are people who do not think SP is T**g’s mother. I realize that when someone get’s their head wrapped around an idea, it’s sometimes difficult to let go of that. My own logic thinks different and I think my theory makes more sense….to me. As you read this, please just keep an open mind.

    I have never felt that Bristol was nothing more than T**g’s big sister. I remember reading somewhere awhile back that when Sarah found out she was pregnant, and had the test done that determined that her baby was going to be DS she tossed with the idea of terminating the pregnancy. Ultimately, her belief’s led her to continue on. I think she hid her pregnancy by binding her midsection with tight girdles and clothing options helped with the illusion that she wasn’t carrying a baby. I’m not sure what was in her head, but I’m assuming that she may have thought if she binded herself long and tight enough it would cause her to miscarry, but it didn’t. And when she hit the end of her pregnancy, she just couldn’t find a girdle big enough to help hide it.

    As far as her catching the red-eye, or whatever, she had to have the baby in Alaska at all costs…she was probably seeing dollar signs. Doesn’t a person need to be a resident of Alaska for an entire year before they get that lovely check from the oil company each year?

    The entire family was most likely notified to meet her at the hospital…pronto. A birth is a family affair. And besides, wasn’t Levi living with them at this point? Also too, who would look after P*p*r? I’m sure Bristol needed Levi there for HER, for moral support as well, especially knowing they’d be going through the experience themselves.

    So, that’s what I’m thinking happened, as sick and twisted as it is because that’s what my logic tells me.

    Now…if we could only get Bristol to write a book…

  6. bentonf says:

    Can you just imagine if Cruella Wasilla and John “Abe Simpson” McCain had won the election?

    God help us. Seriously.

    I suspect we’d also be talking about Secretary of State Joe “the Plumb Bob” Wurzelbacher right about now, from the depths of “The Great Depression II: The Sequel.”

  7. lilly says: is discussing Sarah Palin the sharp shooter. Very interesting. It show a video of her being shown how to shoot a Rifle, and doing some rather stupid things.

    lol To think she was honored by the NRA with a lifetime membership, a gun, (I’m sure very pricey) and a huge honorarium to speak to a selected few members, no media.

    So it could be she is Couch Potato Barbie, not Caribou Barbie.

    Photos with dead Caribou does not mean she shoots Caribou of does the field dressing of same. It means she is photographed with a dead Caribou that was shot by someone. Possibly dad.

  8. lilly says:

    Looks like Sarah really doesn’t know how to shoot a caribou. She’s being shown how to shoot by an expert in Kuwait in 2007 and handles the gun impoperly.

    Over at Palingates. They are discussing the tapes. Finger on trigger the wrong time, while someone is near the muzzle. Holds the gun too high, and in general doesn’t know what is what.

    What is authentic about this woman? Fakery all the way? Caribou Barbie my foot. Hunt to eat? Couch Potato Barbie is more her style it seems. The home network, wedding shows, and taco belle takeout.

    Her dad, her husband and Levi Johnston, certainly do, but Sarah Palin? Looks like she can’t shoot her way out of a paper bag.

  9. ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck says:

    so she is on an airplane with a huge baby belly — knowingly having started to leak amniotic fluid……thinking to herself that this is just some fake contractions like she had before and the leaking stuff is not any big deal…but apparently when she finally gets home – BAM induce and produce

    btw…what happens when a 35 week pregnant woman stays in a pressurized cabin for four to five hours at a time, land, and then go back up? is this good for babies that have leaking amniotic fluid?

    so back to crazy sarah birthing story……then she has the baby induced when she finally gets to some local hospital with no NICU…… does that work exactly? having baby at 35 weeks (which is five weeks premature) and no facility to care for the baby if it had breathing problems, heart problems, or other known DS infant problems…

    just to be kind, let’s say she is induced at midnight — then only six hours to birth. and everyone shows up at 6 am to see triggers. even teenagers that are not related to the mom. just dating their daughter….okay.

    let me see – how many teenage boys want to get up and go see their girlfriend’s mother’s brand new baby at 6 am? apparently, at least one.

    and then three days later – crazy sarah is showing off the five week premature down syndrome baby at work.

    voila – as they say – that is her story and she is sticking to it.

    there must be TONS of women that bring their five week premature down syndrome babies to work……..i am just sure of it.

    give me a break. story sucked the first time she told it.

  10. InJuneau says:

    Ivyfree–I think she was induced right after she got there around midnight or 2 am. I “suppose” that with a “fifth child” ones labor might progress quickly, even after being induced?

  11. Ivyfree says:

    Wait a minute. Levi was at the hospital when Tr** was born at 6 am? Does that make sense? According to the Official Canon, Sarah broke her water, called her doctor, went to the morning session of the convention, was the lunchtime speaker, then flew from Dallas to Seattle, then from Seattle to Anchorage, and then drove to Mat-Su Regional…. arriving late at night, it would have to be midnight or so… and was induced the next day. Wasn’t she? Induction doesn’t work instantly. It would have taken a bit of time to get checked into the hospital, since Sarah wasn’t in active labor, it’s not like they’d have rushed her from the parking lot into a delivery room: they’d have done the check-in process which would have taken a minimum of 30 minutes, and probably longer. They’d have observed her for a while, wouldn’t they, before deciding to induce? And then the pitocin takes a while to work; it’s not instantaneous. I’m not seeing how Sarah could have given birth at 6 am after an induced labor, given the other stated time constraints.

  12. dzent1 says:

    I don’t know why she’d bother to fact check anything in her book when she does so well just making shit up out of whole cloth and thin air.

  13. Janet from another planet says:

    Wish Levi would spill the beans about the Matanuska Maid Dairy scam. But, he probably wasn’t paying attention to that Matanuska maid. LOL

  14. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    (fake) NEWS: Palin to sue for defamation of character. “I did NOT order from Taco Bell” no matter what Levi says.

  15. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    Levi, Any light you can shed on who built the Lake Lucille house with toad would be like totally awesome!

  16. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    Levi is probably thinkin’, “Why didn’t I get that set of truck nuts and just go huntin”….

  17. lilly says:

    The Mrs. Robinson aspect of seems to be there. And Levi isn’t THAT dumb. Is she insensitive enough to be flirtatious with her daughters intended?

    Don’t know if it was intentional on Vanity Fairs part. Most likely.

    There is a photo of Palin in a beige silk jacket, caressing Levis jaw, and Bristol standing a bit off to the side looking awkward. One of the campaign photos. Levi looks stiff, but he usually looks stiff and uncomfortable in photos when he is wearing a suit. In jeans and a loose shirt he looks at ease.

    Todd certainly could show his wife how to shoot.

    It was the only part of the article I found a bit surprising.

  18. LaLa's-mom says:

    The Palin Johnston family drama seems like it is straight from a very bad Jerry Springer episode or a really bad Lifetime made for TV movie.

    I seem to remember a McCain staffer referring to the Palins (in the context of the RNC 180K shopping spree) as the “wasilla hillbillies” ransacking high end department stores from coast to cost. Case in point why on earth would any child need a Louis Vuitton hand-bag.

    Palin is truly world class train wreck and to think she was that close to 1600 Penn Ave. Now that scares the piss out of me.

  19. SE AK Mud says:

    Does anyone else think it was weird that, when she had Trig, she flew from Texas to Anchorage and then drove to Wasilla AFTER her water broke? That is weird and totally unresponsible. Oh yeah, she was taking care of that baby. Well maybe not. I wouldn’t want to imply that she didn’t want this baby….

  20. jc in co says:

    #316, mudkitten, my friend is the most loving, nurturing woman I know.
    Her oldest daughter is in her late 20’s, her ds stepdaughter is in her early 20’s and she and her husband adopted a little boy who is now in his early teens. Her step daughter considers my friend her mom and has grown so much in every aspect since they’ve become a family. Tell your brother not to fret, there’s other women out there like my friend & won’t blink an eye when she meets his child.

  21. mommom says:

    It always seems that the pro-quitter sites are the last to comment on stories.I think that may reflect the fact that they only read a very narrow selection of news.

  22. Wurzelhexli says:

    Well, seems like the story is already dying out in the so-called MSM.
    If that is a correct observation (which would make sense, since Murdock owns most of them anyway), then $arah and Murdock win.

  23. InJuneau says:

    mudkitten–I’m sure he’ll find one who won’t run from him one of these days. Since he’s obviously man enough to stick it out and raise that kiddo, he’d be quite the catch!

  24. mudkitten says:

    Sunsweet and jc, my brother actually finds it a bit amusing when women are interested in him to wait just a little while, then mention he has custody of a special needs kid and watch how they stumble on themselves running away from him.

  25. Janet from another planet says:

    Buy stock in the company publishing Levi’s story. Everybody’s going to buy this book from the tight lipped moralists to the gossip lovers to the Palin haters to the right wing Sarah loonies. Name a segment of the population that won’t buy it. Oh, yeah lay in a supply of snacks so you don’t have to stop reading to cook. LOL This is going to prime Palin watching whether the stories are true or not.

  26. Gardenslug says:

    I remembered that Palin criticized Pres. Obama’s self-deprecating joke about his bowling game being like the Special Olympics in March. Here is what she said:
    “This was a degrading remark about our world’s most precious and unique people coming from the most powerful position in the world,” said Palin, who has a son with Down Syndrome. “I hope President Obama’s comments do not reflect how he truly feels about the special needs community.”

    Meanwhile, at home she calls the baby/grandbaby the R-word. She’s just a super hypocrite, isn’t she?

  27. I See Villages from my House says:

    Collins, Marcus and other columnists are being pretty harsh on Johnston. Picking on a peach-fuzz faced kid who is a product of the Sarah Palin brand machine. She and the McCain campaign made him, they showed him the way – she is responsible for him.

    Perhaps one day he’ll have the grace to be embarrassed at how he aired some family secrets, but he is still just a kid trying to figure out how to be an adult under very public and extraordinary circumstances. He did not make Sarah accept an offer she was in no way shape or form prepared for or worthy of and I don’t think he has an agenda – he’s just making observations that aren’t flattering.

    Nothing he says is a surprise to me and many other Alaskans. We knew her even if we didn’t know her. I can only imagine what she says and thinks about Native Alaskans, Todd’s people. . .

  28. daisydem says:

    To anyone concerned about what SP’s children may read about themselves or her and their family life in the future, can it be any worse than her children standing on stage with her as she accused President Obama of paling around with terrorists, or as her supporters should hate things from the audience and were not shushed! My children would have been all over me … “Mom, do you really believe that? Is that really true? Why don’t you stop them?”

  29. sue says:

    This too, shall pass.

  30. minnesotamud says:

    sjk from the belly…. says:
    karen in OR Says:
    September 2nd, 2009 at 8:48 PM
    It was about a year ago now that the unveiling of the Palin phreak show caused me to develop what turned out to be a rather obsessive and unhealthy relationship with my computer monitor.

    You are not alone…

    Glad I’m not the only one.

    Re: Sarah not knowing how to identify or use a gun. I was raised in a home with a father who hunted everything, we ate wild game and fish nearly daily some years, guns were in the gun case and hung on chair backs, yet I do not know how to identify or load a gun. I did get to do target shooting with my dad and accompanied my boyfriend hunting after school so I was heavily exposed to it and it was part of my life; but since I was not interested in killing animals I never learned about the guns. I am not defending Sarah, just saying that it is believable that she doesn’t know much about guns, despite her father’s influence. I’ve always thought that she simply exaggerated her prowess with guns andexperiences hunting to make her life look special.

  31. motherscansayterriblethings says:

    Lori, I know you can’t believe SP would say that about her own (grand)child, but I am here to tell you that my own mother said much, much worse to my sister. Much worse. And so, yes, it is possible.

  32. SunSweet says:

    You are absolutely right, mudkitten. I was showing my bias lol. Women do leave, too. In the late 70’s, I worked at a state institution as a teacher. The majority of the residents never saw ANY of their families. They were “put away” and forgotten. Even now days, when I take students out on their weekly community outings, we get some negative feedback from people. It really saddens me that people still have such bias.

  33. Alaskan Sisu says:

    Yes indeedy, Murdoch is finding out just what JUNK Palin has hidden in her TRUNK. I’m so grateful that Sarah was built with that divisive gene, she’s been burning bridges to nowhere her entire life. The snow has to be hitting the fan for Winky right now.

    Gooood Mornin’ pups!

  34. jc in co says:

    #306, mudkitten, I have a good friend that married a man with a ds daughter,
    the child’s mother left them when the child was 1-1/2 and rarely made contact.

  35. mudkitten says:

    SunSweet, I don’t disagree with anything you say, but I do have to add to this:

    “Same goes for the number of mother’s who were suddenly single because the dad couldn’t deal with a less than perfect child.”

    Sometimes it’s the mother who leaves because she can’t deal with a special needs kid, too. That’s what happened to my brother.

  36. mommom says:

    It would be interesting to know if Sarah and Levi were alone in the house when she asked him to “teach her to shoot”.You know ,kind of Hey,will you teach me to shoot?I have a gun under my bed.In my bedroom.Where there is a bed.That the gun is under.”Cause it’s a gun,under my bed.

    know what I mean ?

  37. Bystander says:

    “The Revenge of Levi”. Lay in a large supply of popcorn. This will be interesting.

  38. SunSweet says:

    I posted this on Gryphen’s site, too. My two cents about the “retarded child” comment attributed to SP… I have worked as a special education teacher for many years. I have seen and heard many things that people would be shocked over. Although it is politically incorrect to call someone retarded, it is still used by ignorant people and those from a certain generation. I had many parents refer to their child as “retarded”. I would gently remodel the more exceptable term “developmentally delayed or challenged”, but they persisted. It’s just ignorance – which SP definitely IS. Folks, I hate to say, it’s really not all that uncommon for a mother/father/sister/brother/grandparent to have ambivalent feelings about a special needs child. I can’t tell you the number of students I have had that lived with the grandparents because the parents could not deal with even the THOUGHT of a special needs baby. Same goes for the number of mother’s who were suddenly single because the dad couldn’t deal with a less than perfect child. Quite a few of my students were in foster care. It was a rarity to have an intact loving family. This is reality. Why would we be surprised and shocked that SP had these feelings? It happens behind closed doors more than we think. I’m NOT defending Palin, just saying what I’ve observed as a professional.

  39. aha says:

    ”Time is on my side, yes it is…”

    Well, here we are:
    It is time for Bristol to go ‘back’ to college. Is that a correspondence college?

    It is time for Trig’s government sponsored health care. However, his mother, Sarah Palin is in a non disclosed location. Is Trig with her? If not, he’s not her kid. Does anyone know a mother that would leave their child for more than a day or two, if that? She’s been gone couple weeks, right?

    Who will stand up to repudiate Levi? Bristol? Willow? Todd? Piper? Van Flea?
    Without a threat of suit Palin will have substantiated Levi’s claims.

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmm…

  40. Gardenslug says:

    Thanks, Lori, for posting the excerpts of Levi’s VF article. I think I’ll pick up a copy when it comes out in Florida. I have to see it for myself because I too cannot believe she called the baby the “R-word” and it sounds like it was a habit. Just awful. As a parent, I am disgusted by Palin’s behavior.

  41. MI~Annie says:

    Thank you so much Lori and anyone else who posted bits from the VF article, I will be picking up one when it comes out. I personally think Palin is being groomed by somebody, simply due to her silence, and if it’s Murdoch, it’s only because he believes she can make him money. Somehow I think he’s too saavy (and smarmy) a businessman to think he can actually groom her into presidential material.

    I’m picking up Micheal Wolff’s book later today, The Man Who Owns The News: Inside The Secret World of Rupert Murdoch,
    I’ve wanted it for awhile, but now I have to go buy it if he’s involved with Palin!!

  42. Downriver says:




    Please tell ’em what you think

  43. Nebraska Native says:

    All I can do is shake my head and remember the phrase “100 years from now, all new people.”

  44. Karen says:

    How nice that she has guns under her bed with all those children and grandchildren around. Maybe she has the same “what the hell” attitude about those as she did about her daughter having sex in the family home.

    Talk about a few bricks short of a load—

  45. kimosabe says:

    Dont make too much about SP not knowing which gun was under her bed. There is probably one in the bureau. And the garage. And under the kitchen sink. She just got confused. I have no doubt that she was raised on guns and hunting, we have all seen her parents living room full of dead animals and skulls. She might not do it much herself, but surely is not unfamiliar with it.

  46. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    karen in OR Says:
    September 2nd, 2009 at 8:48 PM
    It was about a year ago now that the unveiling of the Palin phreak show caused me to develop what turned out to be a rather obsessive and unhealthy relationship with my computer monitor.

    You are not alone…


  47. AlaskaGal says:

    As an Alaskan who has seen all the havoc that Palin raised, I tend to believe more of what Levi says than Palin.

    1) As far as going home mid-day. Heck, legislators and office staff were always looking for her. She was never around. It got to be a joke. Legislators wore pins saying, “Where’s Sarah.” She didn’t want to live in Juneau because the state office building was too close to the governor’s mansion. If she moved her office to Anchorage – who would know if she drove 40 miles home to Wasilla and holed up eating bon-bons and watching TV.

    2) As far as what Levi says about after the campaign. Remember, we only saw her on TV doing photo op interviews – never at the office. There were always comments about when she was going to get back to governing. And the “quitter speech” didn’t surprise us at all – in fact, I spewed my coffee when I saw it – (that was a joyful spewing, I must say.)

    3) As far as the kids pretty much raising themselves – well, we have all seen that, too. Palin trots the kids out on stage like a herd of cattle to her benefit, no matter what time it is – remember the debate — Trigg – 11:30 at night.) Who is always taking care of these kids? You’ve seen it yourself – the kids, themselves. How many times have you seen Palin holding Trigg? On the campaign trail, it was the kids doing most of the holding. If a photo op appeared, she’d grab the Trigg, get her photo taken, then pass Trigg off to someone else. Even in her “Quitter” speech. Little Piper was holding the baby; he was crying and thrashing around, and Palin didn’t even look at him – nor did ex-Dud Todd. During all the photo op interviews after the election – who was taking care of the baby. Not Palin. It was Piper. In one of Greta’s interviews, Piper was carrying the baby, had a pair of high heels on, and she was trying to go up the stairs. No one stopped her. What if she fell? Alaskans watch Palin carry the baby around like a sack of potatoes, or ignoring him while she is constantly on her Blackberry.

    If Palin was paying attention at home and being a mother, she would be taking care of Trigg herself; her daughter wouldn’t have gotten pregnant; her kids would not be missing school [see Matt Lauer’s interview when he asks Piper about school. She said it was hard to catch up because she missed so much school while on the campaign trail); her kids would not be throwing wild parties and drinking; they would not be vandalizing school property; she would not be sending Track or Bristol off to live somewhere else to cover up family secrets. A down syndrome child needs a lot of care, attention, special needs and therapy intervention at an early age. Is Trigg getting his needs met? Who is taking him to all of these appointments while Palin trots around the country?

    I am not saying, if you’re a mom you can’t have a job. I was a single mom of three children, I had a successful business and spent time with my children.

    Palin’s vindictiveness brought all of this on herself. That’s how Alaskans see Palin. Oh, yes, there are a few of those die hard Palin fans that run around with blinders on. They wouldn’t acknowledge a Palin untruth if it hit them in the face. Have you ever read Team Sarah or C4Pee [Conservatives4Palin]? These people are in la-la land.

    I say go have your day, Levi. Cash in on whatever you have to say. Palin feels that she deserves fame and fortune. Why shouldn’t you? And if it weren’t you opening your mouth, then it would be someone else from Wasilla cashing in.

    From what Levi reports was going on in the Palin household – I said this before and I’ll say it again: sounds like she has a manic depressive personality and her family should be keeping tabs on her.

    After Palin’s RNC speech, that’s when we Alaskans truly found out what Palin was really like – a phony. We sat there with our mouths dropping, dropping, dropping as each lie spewed out of her mouth. Palin was a loser then and she continues to be a loser today. Now, we just get a bag of popcorn and watch the entertainment.

  48. Levi Fan says:

    The wonderful thing about all of this is we’re about to get two books (Sarah’s and eventually Levi’s) “written” by illiterate Alaska whackjobs. Woo-hoo!

  49. jay says:

    Those who say Murdoch may cut Sarah loose, don’t work in media. Levi’s article is gold–and Palin’s book sales will skyrocket now.

    Of course she’ll have plenty of time to address/debunk Levi’s claims in her book, without making a “point” about it…which makes me wonder…

    How much more Levi will be getting paid by who, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, People, somebody? to comment on her upcoming publication. It was a wise tactical move on the kid’s part, despite the fact that I (sorry) find some of what he wrote classless and inappropriate. I get the argument he needs money, but the children REALLY should’ve been left out of it.

  50. moseyon says:

    I believe: If what Levi is saying is the truth,particually that part posted on Gypsen about[ I even hate to say this] when she came to pick up the children she said Not the retard,the other one and picked up Tripp.
    If this is true even Murdoch couldn’t support her.
    The old saying.What goes around comes around.
    It will be interesting to see what happens.

  51. nswfm CA says:

    Strangelet,lol, immaculate deception is getting pretty messed up, right about now. Some people should have left there genes on the shore, but they are now in the gene pool instead. I think the root cause of the weird is $P’s father, and now she’s looking for a new one in Murdoch.

  52. BooBooBear says:

    Levi should write his tell all book as soon as he can. I do worry for his safety with all the Palinbot Whack-A-Doodles out there who are outraged that this is all coming out in a very public way. They have stated on their two websites that they would die for her and they would kill for her. That is very scary stuff. Be safe Levi!

  53. Wurzelhexli says:

    I hope that Tank is walking around with his eyes and ears wide open! Especially after this latest interview of Levi…

  54. I have no sympathy for Sarah. She has made a mess of her life and now she has to live with it. All the lies, all the manipulations are going to come back to haunt her. Now, it seems.

    And I don’t think that Levi telling all is a good move for his son either. Like everyone has pointed out, all this stuff is going to be out there for a long time and at some point, all the kids are going to find it.

    However, from what we have heard so far, Levi at least seems to tell a more consistent story than Sarah. It seems that, even if he hasn’t made the best decision, his book will come closer to telling the truth. All we can expect from Sarah is a work of fiction. She has no clue how to tell the truth.

    I feel so sorry for those kids, no matter who is telling the truth. It’s not a healthy home when there are so many lies and parents who don’t seem to care or know how to be a parent. So sad.

  55. SecretShopperforHungryChildren says:

    I have a child with autism, which explains why I’m not a blogger, just an occasional commenter and reader. I thoroughly enjoy reading what I can when I can on Mudflats!

    Every time I get the urge to do something for myself, like work, I think about the impact it would have on my child with autism. I AM THE BEST person for him. Period. (My husband is a close second). I know my short-term sacrifices will afford him, and me, long-term gains.

    On more than one occasion I have overheard my son referred to as “retarded.” It used to bother me, but no more. I know the truth and that’s all that matters. Of course the dragon-slayer in me would never allow someone to call that to his face.

  56. SameOld: I was under the impression she was somewhat of a sharp shooter.
    This I believed because of photos with her holding a rifle.

    However, I was fascinated by his claim that she doesn’t know how to shoot a gun. Hunting is one of the very few matters in which Levi Johnston seems like a trustworthy source, and if he says she showed no familiarity with weapons, I want to know more. In fact, I think Palin should never be allowed to bring that moose stuff up again until she appears at a rifle range and gives us a demonstration.

  57. BooBooBear says:

    Let’s remember that Rex Butler feels it is important that Levi have a bodyguard, Tank Jones. He must be holding a big secret, which if told may inflict some sort of harm on Levi?

    Let’s remember also that Palin’s doctor, Kathy Baldwin johnson brought an attorney to an interview (which never was aired). Secrets, secrets, secrets all around.

  58. Professor Geezer says:

    Levi Johnston, I will be buying your book! Write on!

  59. Levi Fan says:

    Okay, Levi, can we talk? We love ya. We really do. The stories are fantastic. Keep ’em coming, ’cause they have the ring of truth. Don’t make ’em too outrageous, and don’t tell any lies than can be traced. We’ll buy the book. Honest.

    But you’ve just got to get to the gym. You’ve been putting on a few too many pounds. A couple thousand calories a day, an hour with a personal trainer twice a week and on your own two more days, plus another hour on the treadmill on those days, and you’ll be right back in the pink.

    Give us some photos in that book, and it’ll leap off the shelves. Sex on skates, bud. Trust me, it sells. Cute guys are where it’s at.

  60. GreatGranny2B says:

    @278 – Plain to see that Levi didn’t score any points with that columnist!

  61. ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck says:

    i cannot imagine any scenario where it would be acceptable to call a child retarded. just can’t think of one. NONE.

    even though i vacilate between sending out hugs for palin and despising the very air she breathes…….. i still want to know how this story plays out for the kids…..and i don’t see a happy ending any time soon.

    how can mixing mega-rich murdoch into this putrid brew of family distress and dysfunction ever going to be a safe future for the children?

    maybe a palinoscopy by right-wing media mogul scenario is just too frightening for my brain to really accept.

    makes a few tweets of word salad and weekly scathing remarks by meg seem like child’s play.

  62. SameOld says:

    Check out Gail Collin’s take oin the subject, especially the last paragraph. That I want to see!

  63. karen in OR: I had to laugh when I read your post. I took a peek at Sarah’s facebook and was sickened by some of the comments (didn’t stay there long) and now I feel more light-hearted after reading yours. Humor is the best medicine in a sick world.

  64. Snoskred says:

    Sammy said –

    OK, color me stupid, but I really, really, REALLY cannot grasp the idea that the mother of any child, let alone a special needs child, would not spend every moment possible taking care of her children.

    I would say the majority of mothers would spend every possible moment taking care of their child. They would push, fight, work hard to make sure their kids had every chance at as normal a life as possible.

    I am sure most of us here would do exactly that. But we forget – there are many different kinds of humans on the planet. Not everyone is like us, there are all kinds of people out there.

    I am just sorry that the kids are one day going to find all this stuff on the internet. Especially since it isn’t like they have normal names like John or Mary. 🙁

    It is probably too late on this thread but I think before we use their names, please consider that this stuff will stay on the internet a very long time, y’all.

  65. GreatGranny2B says:

    Strangelet @272 – Interesting coincidence! I just read the bit on the movie stuff earlier this evening. Here is the blurb from Wikipedia:

    “Rupert Murdoch has been portrayed by Barry Humphries in the 1991 mini-series Selling Hitler, Hugh Laurie in a parody of It’s a Wonderful Life in the television show A Bit of Fry & Laurie, Ben Mendelsohn in Black and White, Paul Elder in The Late Shift and by himself on The Simpsons. Kevin Kline’s character Rod McCain in Fierce Creatures is a harsh, thinly-disguised parody of Murdoch;…..

    and TADAH – the one you were referring to:
    “so too is the media tycoon character Elliot Carver (portrayed by Jonathan Pryce) in the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies.[42]”

    On his 1994 album Happiness?, Queen drummer Roger Taylor recorded Dear Mr Murdoch, a song critical of Murdoch and which referred to him as “The King of the Tits”

  66. karen in OR says:

    It was about a year ago now that the unveiling of the Palin phreak show caused me to develop what turned out to be a rather obsessive and unhealthy relationship with my computer monitor.

    I was just starting to back off a little; walking around in the daylight some, and brushing my teeth on a (more-or-less) regular basis. And now, this. I know I may go blind before this ends.

  67. not that sarah says:

    Murdoch is an exploiter. Sarah is his dream person. All of the personal drama is big dollars for him, and he knows it. Remember that he admits he goes for tabloid journalism because it makes money.

    She’s being used by him, just as she was used by McCain, and it won’t turn out well for her.

    Cut to Britney Spears having her very public nervous breakdown. Being surrounded by yes people over a period of time leads to rampant paranoia and a crazy tendency to suddenly trust a new-comer.

    Sarah will be famous and she will cash in. But she won’t ever be happy. And she will end up a laughing-stock has-been.

    If she weren’t so cruel and dangerous, I’d feel sorry for her.

  68. strangelet says:

    @GreatGranny2B: Just as an aside, you do know that the “media mogul bad guy” in the Bond flick that involved trying to start a war with China (I’m bad with film names, sorry) was basically Murdoch, yes?

  69. strangelet says:

    Well, for a self-described child-hating f-ing redneck, Levi has dropped a bomb with this article. (BTW, recall, he described himself as not wanting kids — I’d say he’s changed his mind on that one).

    If he actually does a book, it will get much more attention than Quitty’s, even if the right-wing bulk purchases inflate her sales. The reason is simple — we already know what will be in her book (unless she loses her mind and goes on a 7 mountains rant). Levi, on the other hand, has scandal to sell, and scandal is always more interesting than hagiography.

    Based on the excerpts forwarded to us by Lori and others, I find Levi to be quite credible. His anecdotes are brief, to the point, consistent, and in some cases verifiable (or falsifiable). I do think he may have had a little help with some of the quoted passages, but hey, that’s not exactly unheard of.

    I imagine the Palin camp is unsure how to respond. From a legal perspective, since she is a public figure (how much more public can you get than running for VP?), proving libel is essentially impossible, and everybody knows that. So threatening to sue would provoke a big ha ha. Rebutting the individual anecdotes is also a bit dicey. What if, say, one of the other parties (can I really not use names?) demurred?

    Movie-butter popcorn all around.

  70. SameOld says:

    Murdock has done a damned good job on GB also. That’s why his son was making all the nasty BBC comments the other day. The BBC stands in the way of his total domination of the media there and everywhere the BBC is heard.

    If Sarah is the best he can do in buying a President …. she’s just a weapon, a cog in the game. As a Manchurian candidate she is mighty stupid. Besides she can’t work. Doesn’t have the staying power to get a thing done.

    Luckily he’s an old man.

  71. Sammy says:

    This was in moderation for a very long time. I read on a later post that if the names of children are mentioned the posts never come out of moderation. So I am reposting and removing the one name that I mentioned earlier. So, lets try again because I really want someone to give an answer to my question (near the end)*

    Previously posted:
    OK, color me stupid, but I really, really, REALLY cannot grasp the idea that the mother of any child, let alone a special needs child, would not spend every moment possible taking care of her children. Especially girls, who need more mommy time during their formative years. Not the the baby doesn’t but girls are different. I would expect that the younger girls will soom begin to act out. I think all of you know what I mean.

    I really do feel sorry for all of the Palin children. Someone, call Child Protective Services.

    After 37 years in various areas as a health care professional, I know a thing or two about what it takes to take care of a child with Down’s syndrome. Parents with a Downs child don’t have much time to spend twittering, facebooking, or making appearances on right-wings radio and tv shows and in the public to make racist comments against the President. Or pretend to be writing a book.

    Children with Down syndrome need extensive (and daily) help to develop motor, language and social skills to give them the best chance of someday moving within the main stream. They need close bonding with the parents who should be be the primary care givers as opposed to the babysitter, a cousin, sister, or the old lady down the block.

    They need to be closely monitored for medical risks like infections and other serious medical issues, physical therapy to build muscle tone and coordination, play therapy and stimulation to build coordination and as they get older they may need speech and occupational therapy to build language skills, social skills and hand-eye coordination. They may also need physicial therapy.

    Who is providing all of these things for the baby? Please, does anyone know?* It certainly is not someone twittering or facebooking. Isn’t there anyone in that extended family smart enough to influence Sarah to take care of her family instead in twitting?

    What is wrong with these people?

    Oh, I just love me some republican values.

  72. MO Inkslinger says:

    If Levi keeps up the interviews, Sarah will be rewriting chapters of her book each time Levi speaks. Maybe more people in Wasilla will come forward with more information. I am sure, some of the locals have a lot of respect for Sarah’s parents and Todd’s parents and may hold their tongues because of them.

  73. fern: For what purpose you ask? To sway public opinion on important issues. Look what happened with her “death panel” editorial (which no one believes she wrote). The WH responded to it because it became a huge distraction in the debate for reform. He is a neo-con and GreatGranny2B and Lori say it best. He is selling Palin to the public so he can manipulate behind the screen.
    Moseyon from Australia posted that Murdock wanted to buy the NY Times but wasn’t successful and wouldn’t it be better if he owned the President? He is a ruthless man, he’s been called the Devil Incarnate. Now he is scary while Sarah is just a court jester with a following.

  74. strangelet says:

    118 nswfm CA Says:

    Or possibly “immaculate deception”.

  75. SecretShopperforHungryChildren says:

    Is anyone else wondering if Sarah’s blogging in her “Walmart Special” pajamas?

  76. not that sarah says:

    oh, heart breaks for those kids. Just breaks.

    And the awful part is, I can hear Sarah saying that. Look what she said about Obama and even when his kids were threatened, she didn’t stop.

    It is this which gives me tremendous pause….The Republican party has some soul searching to do. And if I could, I’d do everything to help her poor kids. To grow up like that is just so sad.

  77. zyggy says:

    I’m not saying calling your child “retarded” is good parenting, but it is very human of her to do that. She is jealous of Brist*l’, there is no denying that.

    What comes out of her mouth in public, saying there needs to be more “T’s” in the world is just plain stoopid, but she is trying to overcome her guilt for giving birth to a “retarded’ child.

    She is two faced, but we already know that, and she has many many faults.

  78. skip from Asheville NC says:

    Thanks so much Lori!!

  79. skip from Asheville NC says:

    Thanks so much Lori!!

  80. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    dlaudiaNY@2:29 – wow, you are right. I never thought of that, but it makes so much sense (due to my own family dynamic). Bristol likely realizes that, without her in that household, the babies and her other siblings may be left uncared for. What a heavy load she has.

  81. jojobo1 says:

    Ya the palin supporters are already out in force and complaing about who is taking care of the baby.Well guess whatpalin people Levi is tryingto make money to support his son by telling the truth.Too Bad So Sad

  82. ds55 says:

    Why is Bristol caring for two babies while Winky is out of town? Isn’t she supposed to be in college now?

  83. KaJo says:

    Zyggy (#213), you’re too kind. Really. And I don’t know how you are sure “she loves her little boy”, based on what you and the rest of us have seen of her interactions with the child in public.

    Lori-in-Los-Angeles, what you posted in comments #153 and #155 sounds a lot like part of the “deal with the devil” that some of us are supposing Levi had to make with the Palin’s in order to see his two baby boys…

    @ #37 A Fan From Chicago…don’t forget, most of those 700,000 (your figure) or more people on Palin’s Facebook page aren’t really her friends. Most of them are like me, just checking in every so often to see what the insane Palinbots are saying, or maybe even some of them are those David Axelrod “operatives” (cue music from Twilight Zone). 🙂

  84. alaskanwoman says:

    Caught Conan O’Brian last night who commented that Palin’s dad reported that her book is 85% done…. He points out that that would mean she was finished with it. HA-HA!!! Made me laugh last night!!! Still does today.

  85. Lee323 says:

    @ zyggy #213

    If Palin referred to her son with what is nowadays considered a somewhat pejorative term as Levi claims, it was an example of poor parental modeling in front of the older children….and all at the baby’s expense. Why would there be a need to label the child at all in casual conversation? It wasn’t a situation of discussing his Down’s Syndrome or his limitations.

    Kids have a tendency to use labels and many of the labels are just plain disrespectful and hurtful to their siblings (or other kids at school). Would it be alright to refer to the overweight child as “fatso” because (as you said) they are? Parents should be there to point out disrespect…not model it.

    Many adults have unpleasant memories of being labeled by their families while growing up: “the awkward one,” “the pretty one,” ” the lazy one,” ” the dumb one,” “the smart one,” “the fat one”…..many times these labels haunt people into adulthood. In fact, many people will say that it was not until they went to college etc and got away from their families that they discovered who they really are and could shake off the labels and reach their potential. Labels, whether positive or negative, have underlying connotations which may be destructive intrapersonally, as well as interpersonally within a social group such as a family.

    Just my 2 cents…

  86. seattlefan says:

    claudianyc: I agree with you. I feel so sorry for the kids……all of them, including Levi. I hope her baby is getting all the care he needs. Considering a book, possible speaking engagements and creating a new political facade is in the works for Ms. Palin, it is obvious where the priorities lie (and that would not be caring for her children). I don’t like to comment on the kids, but in this case I do so in their support.

    So sad……

  87. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:

    Things seem to be spiraling out of control for sarah. I don’t believe that murdoch can keep her afloat (and he can afford to lose lots of $, but seems to know when to cut his losses). sarah has too much baggage and it looks like there will be more to come. Levi, IMO, just opened the floodgates. Many more will feel vindicated by Levi’s interview and come forward and spill sarah’s beans.

    I hear what you’re saying, GreatGranny2B, but what brought murdoch to power is now chewing his a$$ – infomation – and he can’t keep it secret anymore.

    Take my opinion with a grain of salt, cause I’ve been wrong lots of times before.

  88. Kilia says:

    Murdock is treating Palin like Palin treats others (a commodity) . Hope she is enjoying it.

  89. honestyinGov says:

    As to the way that Sarah acts toward her child… you can go back and look at the first video clip that Audrey put up today where Greta was doing the interview. Little P comes into the room and there is no Motherly interaction with her son. Granted… they are in the middle of the interview but there might be a pause.. a little interaction and then He goes into the jumper. Based on what Levi is saying… this interaction backs that up.
    It really comes down to… do you believe your own eyes?

  90. GreatGranny2B says:

    OOPS! I stated that Murdoch owned the NYDN (NY Daily News) – I meant the NY Post – Sorry!

  91. Fern says:

    Watching from New Jersey –

    A commodity, sure, but for what purpose?

  92. GreatGranny2B says:

    With Rupert Murdoch figuring into this whole saga and the way more and more media connected to his empire (Fox, NYDN, WSJ, etc.) are stirring things up and bashing Obama, it behooves us to be aware of just how vile and dangerous he is.

    When you google his name, the first two that come up are these:
    Rupert Murdoch – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Who is Rupert Murdoch?

    That second one is a real eye-opener. He’s a neo-con and warmongerer and definitely has antipathy towards Obama and the Democrats. I agree with Lori that he wants to destroy America.

    One of the topics on the Wikipedia page is this link:
    List of assets owned by News Corporation
    Be sure to check that out. It is astounding how much he owns in every sector of business.

    If anyone has read any of Bill Kristol’s outrageous rants (and I firmly believe he wrote at least one of those posted on Palin’s Facebook and obviously not written by her), you’ll have a better idea of Murdoch’s leanings – Kristol’s father was very involved years back with Murdoch and Bill is definitely a Murdoch tool.

    And as previously mentioned, he has lots of connections with China, including his 3rd wife. Additionally, one of the two founders of CLSA was mentored by Murdoch.


  93. Lori in LA: Thanks for the heads up. I’ll know next time. I’m glad SilverMoon asked that question.

    pacos_gal & Basheert: well said.

  94. Leota2 says:

    I have always thought Palin a dangerous narcissist. If not for John McCain’s hubris she would have only been a danger to her family and the state of Alaska. (Sorry Alaskans and Sarah’s family.)

    I find no portion of the VF article surprising. Levi strikes me as credible and even kind hearted. He continues to give Palin a break. She’s just joking, etc. She’s not joking and neither is Murdoch. He’s trying to make this moronic, grasping, insipid woman into a political icon. An icon for knuckle dragging, ignorant, racist, uneducated people–but an icon nonetheless.
    He wants a female Glenn Beck. You know–someone people will throw themselves out of windows for . . . . Scarah.

    At first I sat widemouthed and shocked at this article. Now I just feel sick and sad for her children and all of those who will be continually duped by her. Obviously I feel worse for her family. The continually duped deserve what they will eventually get–the back of her hand.

  95. ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck says:

    was it just a few weeks ago that we giggled when William Shatner donned his coffee house persona and read palin tweets?

    and just a year ago that Tina Fey sent us to the moon with her word-by-word recitation of one of palin’s interview word salads?

    and now – no palin – promises of a new and improved palin that can walk and talk and not be foolish?

    how is that going to attract the media? just another boring talking head that doesn’t read legislation, denies they were ever involved in other relationships, and monkeys around with campaign financing.

    is that how the palin ship will sail into the sunset?

    nah. she is probably having a stroke this very second. sending her a hug.
    even crazy people need hugs.

  96. claudianyc says:

    After reading this article, I have to say that Sarah Palin appears to be an even bigger phony than I thought. And that’s saying something. I felt bad for her children before, but what emerges from this interview is even worse than I pictured. When Bristol and Levi tell Todd and Sarah that Bristol is pregnant, Levi says “Sarah let Todd give us the spiel on raising kids. Bristol said that she understood, since she’d been taking care of Piper since she was little.” Levi says that Todd and Sarah did not approve of him. I suspect that Bristol’s motivation for breaking up with Levi and staying with her family is more than financial. She knows that if she left, Piper and Tr**g would be in even more trouble than they are now. This story just gets sadder and sadder.

  97. WalterNeff: I don’t think he will cause he’s already invested much of his time and money on her. She’s a commodity to him…

  98. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Watching from NJ – if you mention a minor child’s name, it goes into moderation, never to come out!

    Well said teutonic.

    ((hugs)) to granny2B

  99. Basheert says:

    Zyggy: Can I take a fling at this one regarding your post please? I think calling your child “the retarded one” is reflective of how she views anyone who isn’t perfect and is an ugly comment to say about your own child. It isn’t something that mothers usually say about a very young baby.

    I know how you are referring to the term – it used to be PC awhile ago. And I think I understand how you are saying it, but I also believe that what we have here is a woman who is so lacking in moral character that she refers to her Down’s child in a demeaning way.

    It’s how she views her baby. It isn’t about his degree of retardation. He’s “the retarded one” and that isn’t acceptable to most of us. She is not within the medical community and she isn’t referring to his DS – she’s referring to him using a term that is viewed negatively.

    That is how she sees her child. And it’s sad and very reflective of what she is and how she views the world and herself. He isn’t “her son” – he is a demeaning term. Less than perfect. Doesn’t want to bother with him.

    Not trying to offend but I think I see why people view this comment with such extreme negativity.

  100. pacos_gal says:

    I don’t think Murdoch will cut her loose. The book contract is already signed. At the moment, as long as she is in the press, good or bad, it sells books. Look at comments of blogs that write about Palin or something to do with Palin, vs days they write of other things. Over all hits on Palin days is usually higher (not speaking of mudflats).
    That is why I don’t think Murdoch will cut her loose at this point. Will the revamping of her image work? Well, this is the first foot out of the door so we’ll see how it goes in Hong Kong.
    If he ever thinks that she won’t be worth the expenditure, then he will cut her loose, but I don’t think that point has been reached and I don’t think Levi’s article in Vanity Fair will do it.
    So far she isn’t losing him any money.

  101. teutonic13 says:

    I apologize for all the street artists I may have offended with my last post. ^^^

    There is no way that your persona(s) ethics, or moral conduct, should in any way be misconstrued or likened to the likes of Sarah Palin. You work for a living… she siphons.

  102. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Donna – If Murdoch is not turned off by Glenn Beck (actually loonier and more dangerous that Sarah), then I am afraid this will NOT turn him off at all.
    Her base is loyal, like Beck’s. They are the worst this Country has to offer, thriving on bigotry, hate and violence. And Murdoch likes that just fine.
    I have a theory that he wants to destroy America. He will destroy us from within, because he has a huge monopoly on the media, the biggest megaphone in the world, and he is one sick puppy.

  103. GreatGranny2B says:

    Thanks Lori – I don’t think we are all that special, we just try to be decent people and kind to others. My father’s parents were French-Canadian (and Catholic) immigrants who came down to work the New England mills around the turn of the century. They went through lots of discrimation that stayed with my father and he tried to bring us all up to not be prejudiced and to treat others as we would like to be treated and I guess some of it stuck.

    There are so very many good people in the world who just go along quietly day to day doing what they can to have a peaceful and useful life, and they outnumber the rotten ones. It’s because those rotten ones are so vocal and *in your face* all the time that it seems like there are more of them.

    As we are seeing with Palin’s followers, they will NEVER believe 99.9% of the truth, it will always be someone telling lies because we are jealous of her, or afraid of her. The easiest way to deal with them is to ignore them. I occasionally read some of their comments on the various blogs, but I never waste my energy responding because I know it to be futile.

  104. claudianyc says:

    I’m in NYC and I just got Vanity Fair. Lori did a great job so I’ll just add a few more bits.
    When Levi found out about the VP nomination he thought “was this woman–who at home would literally say things that did not make sense–really funning for president?”

    “After the nomination, Sarah and Todd wouldn’t go anywhere togeher unless the cameras were out…once the cameras would leave they didn’t talk to each other…I’ve never seen them sleep in the same bedroom. [I don’t know how she got pregnant.)… I know he doeesn’t snore so that’s not why he wasn’t in bed.”

    [Todd] “would often get mad that Sarah wasn’t looking after the kids.”

    Sarah’s assertions not withstanding, the Palins did keep some of the clothes.

    “But when Sarah became governor and had to move to Juneau, she tried to get Bristol to go too. Bristol tried to stay in Wasilla with Todd–who wasn’t moving–so she could see me. But Todd told Bristol she was going with Sarah. When the next school year began, her parents tried to get her to go back to Juneau, but she told them she wouldn;t do it. She told them that if they made her move there, she was going to elope and move in with me. So, instead they made her go live Sarah’s sister Heather, in Anchorage.”

    “After Tripp was born, Sarah would pay more attention to our son than she would to her own…Sarah didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to Tr**g..sarah had people coming over to do his p.t., but when whe came home from work, she’d tell Bristol she wass too tired to take care of him. She’d walk in the font door, give him a kiss, and act happy for ten seconds before hibernatin in her room until the next day started.”

  105. teutonic13 says:

    This keeps sounding worse and worse for SP-

    I don’t want to get caught up in over exaggeration regarding the sordidness of the Palin household.

    My opinion has been that Todd presents himself as a loving person, not dispassionate as SP seems to be. If he drinks, well he probably has a reason to- and I think she definitely has an affinity for it as well. Just hides it better from Levi.

    I have no idea who parented who- or who the sire and dame may be, but what is clear here is that SP not only has the potential, but may have manifested the seeds for an improper relationship with Levi.

    There seems to be a palpable rubber band of moral/ethical conscience that is stretching within Levi- where an inner conflict within him needs to be revealed or cleansed.

    I am sure allot of this has to do with fame, notoriety, money, and a sort of emancipation for Levi- but it still strikes me as true to the heart.

    He is dense perhaps, a little immature at 18, but there seems to be strength in his narrative, and he seems incapable of guile- and why should he make things up?

    I like the guy. Many people will place the “Judas” label… I look at it as a vindication of sorts, and manning up to a truth that most Americans may not want to contemplate. That the latest VP candidate, and a former state Governor, has less morals, ethics, and intelligence than the guy with the tip jar playing on the side walk. At least he has some talent.

  106. I didn’t know that the children’s name couldn’t be used. I posted with T***g’s name. Does it get bumped off automatically?

  107. WalterNeff says:

    I think you’ve all misunderestimationated Murdock. He’s going to cut her loose. There’s no upside—Glenn Beck is a better investment. She’s done.

  108. Lisabeth says:

    I find Murdoch to be a disgusting human being. Even with his money and power I don’t think Sarah will be able to stand being under his power. She will find something else she thinks she will be better at or meet someone else who will be better for her. She is a phony and an opportunist plain and simple.

    I don’t believe Levi’s story about being at The babys birth unless the mother was Bristol. It doesn’t make sense.

  109. zyggy says:

    I personally don’t think her calling her child “retarded” is all that bad of a thing to call him. He is you know. Levi said Quittypants was playing around. I think anyone with a special needs child would be a bit envious of having a normal child in the house. Seems quite natural to me for her to say something like that. I’m sure she loves her little boy, but he is needy and demands lots of attention, far more than a normal child.

    I worked with several “special need adults” and it was difficult depending on their retardation, or limitations to do lots of things.

  110. Fern says:

    @ Donna 209

    This is pretty bad timing from Murdoch’s point of view – since he appears to be trying to pass her off as a grown-up.

  111. Silvermoon says:

    Lori &; thx for the info.

  112. Her rabid zealot fans would have joined in on her screeching. I never did like her from the moment she opened her mouth especially that line about having more expierence and the pitbull with lipstick comment. All my suspicions of her being a fraud, phony, narcissistic personality disorder, money-hungry grubber, lying, two-faced racist b*tch has been confirmed.

    Thanks Lori In LA, you did a terrific job.

  113. Donna says:

    so, does this turn Murdoch off her?

  114. akbatwoman says:

    During the campaign I had heard that L and B were planning a wedding at the White House. The person who told me would have been invited. We joked about all the Valley Trash whooping it up out in the Rose Garden, she said she was definitely going if it actually happened!

  115. pacos_gal says:

    Silvermoon, usually there is a very firm rule about not discussing the kids here. Families are not a part of the political discussion and there are built in filters that keep the kids name out of the blog.
    It is unusual to find a blog entry on Mudflats having to do with “family” matters as opposed to political matters.

  116. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Silvermoon – hello and welcome. AKM is the blog owner, and discourages referring to minor children by name. Being respectful.
    Rex Butler is Levi’s mom’s attorney and now Levi’s atoorney. Tank is in office of Rex and acts as agent/bodyguard to Levi.
    Hope that helps.

  117. pacos_gal says:

    Nailinpalinnow has a new article up about Murdoch’s connections with China and Hong Kong. (he dumped his wife and married a young beauty from Hong Kong). Seems to have many business dealings within China. The deal seems to be that this speech event was tailor picked by Murdoch for Palin and that she’ll read a well rehearsed speech, written by a Murdoch approved writer and it will be a hit because the crowd is Murdoch’s chosen group for her to speak to.

    Lori, wow girl, you did a great job of presenting the article. 🙂 Thanks. I still plan on picking it up myself, but then I usually do buy Vanity Fair.

    I don’t expect any response from Palin, until given the go ahead by her new handlers (Not Meg or Van Flush) and until they get something written for her.

    One thing has become clear with the Facebook stuff and the speech in Hong Kong. Murdoch is investing a lot of time and money into her image. He is expecting a big return on this investment (he always does).

  118. Fern says:

    So, anyone else wondering if Sarah will be dis-invited to that Hong Kong gig?

  119. Silvermoon says:

    Relatively new here—why is there “moderation” on the baby’s names? Some have been spelled with asterisks as though they were foul language.

    Also who is “Rex”—tied to Levi?

  120. Basheert says:

    Going out on a limb. I suspect Levi is very supportive of Bristol. Just a feeling I have. None of his comments reflect any bad feelings or unhappiness with Bristol. In fact, he seems to sense how trapped she actually is. He also comes across as wanting to be a dad to his son.

  121. SecretShopperforHungryChildren says:

    Many thanks to Lori for being such a brave soul!

  122. wes_ben says:

    Curiouser, I’m feeling pretty bummed myself.

  123. Fern says:

    So the oldest daughter is up in Alaska looking after two children, including one with special needs, without much in the way of supports.

  124. BooBooBear says:

    So….does anyone besides me think it is highly suspect that Levi was at the delivery room at 6 am on April 18, 2008 for the birth of Trig? You are there for the birth of your girlfriend’s baby brother? I am not buying it. I believe that he is under a gag order after Todd and Sarah adopted Trig. Or hush money?

    Why would Sarah want to adopt a sixth child after she announced to the world that Levi and Bristol would be getting married soon? It does not add up.

    And why is Trig SMALLER in photos with Levi and Mercede than with Palin’s parents on the April 18, 2008 birth date???

  125. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    GreatGranny – a heart-warming story about your aunt. You and your family are loving, compassionate human beings. I guess I sometimes assume that most people are like you. Oh, would that be so.

  126. curiouser says:

    Lori in LA – Thank you. You did an awesome job. I’m grateful to know the details of Levi’s story but I’m feeling really sad.

  127. GreatGranny2B says:

    One of Levi’s statements refers to Bristol not believing her mother had an affair with Todd’s friend Brad. Some time back – and I can’t remember when or where – I read something that hinted at that and the article was about some business (snowmachines?) Todd had with a guy and they broke up the business. So maybe there really was an affair and that special baby was the result – God forgive me – I usually don’t utter vile gossip like this. I think I just feel so much frustration and disgust at this sordid mess that my good judgement has temporarily abandoned me.

    I also think as others mentioned, more people will be coming forward with their own stories. McCain’s camp certainly leaked some tales awhile back, and with the *ice* broken by someone close to home, I expect we will see more exposes.

    In my fantasy world, Levi will get a nest-egg together, then he and Bristol will finally have that wedding and settle somewhere quiet to raise both of those two little boys out of the limelight and with a sense of normalcy. Oh well, we all can dream, eh?

  128. tm68 says:

    @67- My son knows W!llow and confirms she is attending Colony High.

  129. ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck says:

    the whole story makes me cry.

  130. Basheert says:

    Sorry – comment in moderation for baby name.

    Lori, thank you. We appreciate your snipping clips for all of us. The fact that she used that word for T*** says volumes about her, her ethics and her morals.

    If she does not comment or sue, it is the equivalent to saying it is all true.

    Wow – and thank you again.

  131. Basheert says:

    Thank you Lori. We appreciate your snipping clips for all of us. The fact that she used that word for Trig says volumes about her, her ethics and her morals.

    If she does not sue, or comment, it is the equivalent to saying it is all true.


  132. Donna says:

    GreatGranny2B–what you say out of obvious sincerity is exactly the image that Palin manipulatively tried to portray out of insincerity. Bless you.

    I believe that the dominos will start falling. The story about Track has yet to be publicized. Palin’s followers never responded to her “achievements”–the exaggerations of what she did were simply an attempt to rationalize their response to the image. And that image was the “good Christian” wife (with the hunky husband) who was supposedly so focused on her beautiful family–able to hunt, fish, care for all of them, look great, and govern. The image of governing was the first to go. Now, the image of the outdoors-y woman is going. And the image of the wife and mother is falling apart. There won’t be anything left but her (fading) looks. She isn’t bright or articulate enough to sway people by her personality or do anything more than give some canned speeches–and the market for those is self-limiting. I truly believe this is it. Thankfully.

  133. tm68 says:

    @ 31
    I’ve been following the Trig conspiracy theory with interest, but extreme doubt. But, this whole “have the baby and we’ll adopt him so you don’t have to worry” puts an interesting spin on things.

    What if who Levi is talking about there is Trig? Trig has DS- and so having mom take the burden of being a teen mom to a DS baby has huge appeal. Yet, BP is stillyearning for a child . Oops, pregnant again, and THIS TIME Mom, you are NOT adopting him! And Tr!pp is born.

    @45- ROFL!

    Trig has always looked WAY older than they have claimed his is, and for a preemie to boot? Not buying the birthday of Tr!gg

  134. GreatGranny2B says:

    RE: No comments from Van Flein (sp?) – as I mentioned on another thread, if she’s under Murdoch’s thumb now, he’s probably dismissed her Alaska attorney and has one of the many he has on his staff to represent her interests. If so and the attorney is as smart as he likely is, he won’t make any statements until he does his own vetting and verifying. I don’t expect Palin has ever given anyone the full truth about anything. The McCain camp didn’t *know it all* and Murdoch probably doesn’t yet either.

    LORI in LA – After reading in the LA Times what you weren’t able to type – bless your heart – we totally understand! How awful. I had an aunt with Down’s Syndrome. She was never institutionalized and in the 50s and 60s, there was little known or help available. From the time us younger ones could walk and talk, we understand that we were all her helpers and friends, despite the differences in age and size, and she was special to everyone of us.

    The doctors attributed her living to the age of 63 to the loving care she received from all of her family. What a joy she was! Because of that special person in my life, I became involved in the Special Olympics the first year that Eunice Shriver got it going and hubby and I volunteered until just a few years ago when my own health slowed me down. Both of my adult daughters became volunteers as young teens and still volunteer with the SO. Our older daughter has worked at our local military hospital for 19 years in the special needs clinic, has had plenty of opportunities to transfer to other departments with grade increases, but won’t take a move because she loves what she does with these unique people. And to carry on the family tradition, our grandson is now an SO volunteer.

    If only Sarah and others could understand just how special these children are and how they can enrich our lives and make us better people and thankful for the full lives that the rest of us can lead. It takes so little to make them smile and respond to the love that we show them, and we get the love back 100 fold.

  135. SecretShopperforHungryChildren says:

    Let’s not forget that some of this is likely to be backed up by other sources, such as her “work ethic”, or lack thereof. I believe others will start to talk about what they know about Sarah.

    I think some near her didn’t want to be the first domino….

  136. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:

    #187 sjk from the belly of the plane Says:
    September 2nd, 2009 at 5:50 PM

    GA peach, yes. But it was a close call.

    I understand. Hard not to ‘urp regularly these days with all this ignorance running rampant and making the news hourly.

  137. nswfm CA says:

    It wasn’t hard to see that coming, given her behavior, though, Lori.

  138. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    GA peach, yes. But it was a close call.


  139. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:


    sjk from the belly of the plane Says:
    September 2nd, 2009 at 5:42 PM

    I just “regurgitated. “
    But just in your mouth, right?

  140. Fern says:

    @ Lori in LA

    Well, if it is true that Sarah is off in some undisclosed destination, and Bristol is wheeling around a double stroller, then she has, at least temporarily, gotten rid of him.

  141. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    If she sues, Levi is lying.
    If not then….

  142. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    nswfm @ #178, yes – that was it. Don’t see it, not even as a “joke.”

  143. SecretShopperforHungryChildren says:

    …or the perception of perfection.

  144. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    I just “regurgitated. “

  145. SecretShopperforHungryChildren says:


    I’m a mom, and though I would NEVER call a child of mine something awful (except “you sure are your father’s son!” 😉 I’m not at all surprised IF what she said is true.

    Try to find the video of Sarah at the Down’s breakfast/lunch in Indiana. Notice the look on her face when she sees all the older Down’s kids. Very telling. She appears mortified…..

    Sarah is ALL about image and perfection.

  146. the problem child says:

    LoriinLA, thank you for taking one for the team. It was painful for many of us, schadenfreud not withstanding.

  147. C.M. says:

    One thing that doesn’t add up is Sarah breaks airline rules, threatens the life of her unborn, and makes a 10 hour trip from Texas to Alaska after her water broke, with a stop over in Seattle, so Trig could be born in Alaska. Really? It’s too horrible to think about.

  148. SecretShopperforHungryChildren says:

    @not that sarah

    “My god.”

    You are right: God intervened.

  149. wes_ben says:

    does it begin with “R”? Somehow, that wouldn’t surprise me 🙁

  150. Fern says:

    Yikes. Not much there that we have not figured out over the past year, but it is kind of sickening to see it all together.

    Those poor kids.

  151. nswfm CA says:

    Are you talking about the part that was described in the LATimes?

    Palin, he says, paid more attention to Bristol and Levi’s baby, Tr!pp, than she did to her own baby, Tr!g, who was born with Down syndrome and became a symbol of hope for parents of special-needs children during the campaign. Says Johnston: “I couldn’t believe it when she would come over to us and sometimes say, playing around, ‘No, I don’t want the retarded baby — I want the other one’ and pick up Tr!pp. That was just her, even her kids were used to it.”

    Previous one is in moderation for names, if I think.

  152. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:

    OK, I feel a little bit crappy and disgusted about even thinking this, but we are talking about sarah. This has been pinging around in my head for awhile………so, I’m just going to throw it out here.

    Did sarah seduce (or try to seduce) Levi? We all know how she can’t stand NOT to be the center of attention. Plus, Levi’s pretty precious.

    And no, I’m not suggesting Levi as father of any of sarah’s children.

  153. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    I can’t do it. I am sorry. It concerns a name she calls her baby, and I just cannot see a mom, any mom, do that.

  154. SecretShopperforHungryChildren says:

    Since 2006 I suspected Sarah was suffering from NPD. A narcissist wouldn’t be an involved parent since parenting requires work, and work that often does not feed one’s ego. A narcissist’s ego needs CONSTANT feeding.

    Though much of this article is probably hearsay, it is consistent for someone who I firmly believe suffers from NPD.

    Carry on Lori……you have just fulfilled your public service for the month (or year). The rest of us will just have to wait, I suppose.

  155. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Levi says SP was “kidding” when she said the awful words I will not transcribe, but IMO it is something NO ONE says – no mother anyway, and I just cannot do it.
    Levi goes on about how he met Rex and Tank and how if he does not make $ as a celebrity (he wants to support his “family” he asserts) – then he will go back to being an electrician, which is says is fun too.

    The end. Do buy the magazine – more to story and pics too.

  156. WalterNeff says:

    WHAT????? Type it!!!

  157. Rob in Ca says:

    Lori…what are you talking about?

  158. nswfm CA says:

    Are you talking about the part that was described in the LATimes?

    Palin, he says, paid more attention to Bristol and Levi’s baby, Tripp, than she did to her own baby, Trig, who was born with Down syndrome and became a symbol of hope for parents of special-needs children during the campaign. Says Johnston: “I couldn’t believe it when she would come over to us and sometimes say, playing around, ‘No, I don’t want the retarded baby — I want the other one’ and pick up Tripp. That was just her, even her kids were used to it.”

  159. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    I am sorry, I do not kno if I can type the next part. It is ghastly, and the words that supposedly come out of SP’s mouth are not believable, even for Sarah.
    Really, I do NOT think even Sarah could say what Levi is accusing her of saying. I just don’t. Not possible for any human, even SP.
    Guess you will have to get the magazine to read this part.

  160. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    “The night of the election, I was at the Ford dealership in Wasilla buying a truck as a surprise for Bristol.” Levi
    He said Bristol called him to tell him McCain lost, and that the family was upset. He says he and Bristol never wanted to move to Washington – they just wanted to be left alone. He talks about the birth of Tr**p and says it was the happiest day of his life. Sad his mom could not be there (had just been busted for drug sales/had to avoid the cameras).

  161. Zyxomma says:

    Thanks, Lori. I live in NYC, so I probably could’ve gotten it, but you’ve done such a great job, I didn’t have to! Btw, anyone who’s picturing Scarah at a keyboard furiously memoiring, I don’t think so: voice activated tape recorder for the ghostwriter is probably more like it. As for Levi’s article, and (one hopes) tell-all book, it will have no effect on her cult. But the rest of us will have a giant laugh-fest.

  162. kareninTexas says:

    Typical hillbillies. I can just see them at the hotels.
    I do question the statement about him being at the hospital at 6 am on April 18. Something doesn’t add up here!

  163. not that sarah says:

    the idea of her planning a wedding in the WH makes me physically ill. My god.

  164. not that sarah says:

    “I was at the hospital when Sarah had the baby at 6 AM….”

    i always imagined it was later in the day, since she had flown all the way home from TX that day…Maybe she flew a red eye. I guess that makes sense.

  165. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Levi talks of the wedding planned at the White House (Cindy McCain’s idea and Sarah and Bristol loved the idea). But when they lost, the Palin’s did not push the wedding anymore.

  166. Duct Idaho Palin says:

    “Sarah just told us to wait and see the free clothes we were going to get, and the food whenever we wanted it.”

    That “food whenever we wanted it” part makes me feel sad!

  167. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Summarizing about when Bristol went to live with her aunt Heather in Anchorage, Levi says Bristol refused to move to Juneau with Sarah (I guess Sarah DID live in Juneau for awhile when first elected gov.) – Todd stayed at Wasilla house, and Bristol was sent to Anchorage because Todd/Sarah decided to keep her aay from Levi (yet he was good enough to be the fiance’ later on?).
    EVERY day, according to Levi, he would drive to Heather’s or Bristol would drive to Levi’s house (45 minutes) to see each other. “Heather didn’t mind,” he states.

  168. FW says:

    Lori…ok cancel that, why would Levi be at the hospital when Sarah had the baby at 6 am? Does that sound strange to anyone else…that an 18 year old boy who probably values sleep and is just your daughters boyfriend would be there for the delivery? It’s just too weird

  169. FW says:

    Lori in LA…thanks so much for posting all this…you have definitely taken one for the team. I find your most recent post most interesting, because Levi actually actually acknowledges that Sarah was pregnant.

  170. marcus2 says:

    All these comments by Levi are no surprise. But Sarah’s followers and the Fox News people are like members of a cult – on a Crystal clear day they would swear it was raining. Still, I’m glad he’s telling it like it is.

  171. Lori in Los Angeles: Thanks so much for sharing, it’s much appreciated. It sounds like the word “free” is was what excites Sarah the most. Seems like Megan has her father’s temper, the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Unfortunately, her fans don’t care about the truth or facts. To them Sarah is close to Sainthood. A real living Mother Scoundrel.

  172. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    “I was at the hospital when Sarah had the baby, a little after 6 a.m. on April 18, 2008…………” Levi

    Levi goes on to talk about how much SP changed after the campaign, after getting used to people doing so many things for her.

    “We all knew she didn’t know what to say on TV, and that when she was reading a script she was a phony. I’d be sitting with the family in front of the TV and we’d be disgusted watching her. Her family never said anything
    terrible. but they shook their heads with disappointment. And there were times where we’d sit there and pretty much laugh at the things she said.”

    yep yep, we would laugh too, Levi

  173. honestyinGov says:

    One of the people backing up Levi in the ADN piece is from TPM Cafe.
    LOTS of comments there.

  174. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Levi and Bristol were at the tatoo parlor in Wasilla when Sarah called with her “great idea” about hiding Bristol’s pregnancy and asking to adopt the baby.
    He goes into detail about how “Sarah hid her own pregnancy until a day or two before it was announced to the media., when she was seven months pregnant.” Levi
    “We saw her (Sarah) getting a little bigger, but she tried to hide it. When we asked her “You’re pregnant, aren’t you?” she denied it.” Levi

  175. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    “Coincidentally, there had been a big rumor going around Wasilla that Bristol was pregnant even before she actually was, and Sarah had recently denied it was true. When we told Sarah the news, the first thing that came out of her mouth was “I just told everyone on TV that you weren’t pregnant. So how are you pregnant now?” Then Sarah started laughing, because she didn’t believe us.” Levi

  176. trisha says:

    Those religious nuts will say that the devil is trying to attack Palin and they denounce anything said against her as, “from the Devil”. Believe me….they will.

    There won’t be much that will change their mind.

  177. honestyinGov says:

    Gryphen has the story up and he has about 2 or 3 updates added as more parts of the story come out.
    One has a reference to a comment from Meg posted in the ADN.

    “UPDATE II: This afternoon, The Associated Press reported Palin spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton saying Palin wouldn’t respond to Johnston’s article. Web pundits were quick to react, though, even before seeing the full piece.”

    I am guessing that ‘someone’ has told the Palinbots to defend her in the comment section. The article refers to 3 sites that were bashing Levi and in Sarahs defense.’ That One ‘ was one listed.

  178. rocket says:

    So where are the threats from attorney Van Fleabag?

    Palin/Van Fleabag usually go nuts with the lawsuit threats when someone even thinks about farting too loudly.

    But now with Levi and Vanity Fair?


  179. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    went to moderation for mentioning a baby name, will try again:

    Levi talks about Sarah’s convention speech and how afterward, everyone hugged her and told her “Good job,” and then he and Bristol left the champagne party because Bristol wasn’t feeling so good.
    “A lot of stuff was going through my mind. (snip) Sarah was holding Tr** close since all the cameras were on. I had a taste of what it was going to be like if she won, and I thought she MIGHT actually get elected.” Levi

    holding Tr** close because the cameras were on? yikes.

  180. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Levi talks about Sarah’s convention speech and how afterward, everyone hugged her and told her “Good job,” and then he and Bristol left the champagne party because Bristol wasn’t feeling so good.
    “A lot of stuff was going through my mind. (snip) Sarah was holding Trig close since all the cameras were on. I had a taste of what it was going to be like if she won, and I thought she MIGHT actually get elected.” Levi

    holding Trig close because the cameras were on? yikes.

  181. CO almost native says:

    I wonder if some Hollywood types are reading Vanity Fair, and thinking: make a few minor changes, and we’ll have a hit soap opera that will run for years and years…

  182. Mag the Mick says:

    Today I had lunch with one of my volunteers who is retiring. She is the elderly, ultra-right “Christian” woman I’ve had problems with before. I believe she is quite representative of Palin’s supporters. She hs a fanatical, fixed opinion of how “righteous” Sarah is, and there is nothing that will change her mind. Therefore – articles like the one in VF will have absolutely no effect on the Palin crowd, and all I can hope for is that they will remain in a definite minority.

  183. KRUSESKI says:

    That makes 2 incidents where McCainette
    flips out because someone doesn’t recognize
    “who the f$&k she is”.
    Why don’t people see that?
    She has ranking because she is her
    “daddy’s little girl”…OT…I know.

  184. Donna says:

    There will be many people who will react to things like her not actually hunting and fishing–there will be others who will react to the fact that she portrayed her marriage as something it’s not. Certainly, there will be hard core Palin-ites who will not accept any chinks in the image but I think many of what was really a small base of support will be turned off. And this will affect her marketability on T.V. and for speeches…you name it.

  185. skip from Asheville NC says:

    Lori- In the short term she will respond with great indignation and be in the spotlight but she is done as far a serious political figure once this is digested. More than this article will be coming out w/ the Ethics complaints and her PAC and ATF issues. Her supporters will be committed before too long with a delusional disorder…

    Lori- Thanks for your posts. they are a delight to read!

  186. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    I am talking a break. I have mixed feelings about gossip – not fond of it normally. I realize it is Levi talking – but me repeating. I will do it – but only because I am completely disgusted by the fraud that is Sarah, and the more the public sees her for the phony she is, the better.

  187. Donna says:

    No, no–this makes her a laughing stock. And the people who still support her will look even more ridiculous.

  188. curiouser says:

    re Meghan’s book party…apparently Bristol couldn’t go. Wondering if that’s because she was taking care of Trig.

  189. Kilia says:

    Such a disrespectful diva Meghan is!!

  190. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    skip – I do not know if Palin is done. Seems the more she is exposed as an incompetent fraud, the more her fans love her. go figure. Like AKM said, EVERYONE lies about her – EVERYONE! SP is a Saint who is being persecuted by everyone she comes in contact with.

  191. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    This part is long, but fascinating. Seems Meghan was quite the princess too:

    “The night Sarah made her speech, Willow and I were in the hair room. One of the hairdressers was working on Willow’s hair, and the other was doing mine, when Meghan McCain walked in and asked if someone could do hers. One hairdresser told her she would do her hair as soon as she was done and Meghan just lost it. “You’re going to do her hair before you do mine?” She got riled up and started dropping cuss words. (snip) “You guys are supposed to be working for MY dad,” she said. “You’re not doing my fwcking hair? Maybe you need to get some more people.”

    note: VF does NOT mis-spell that “f” word.

  192. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    This part is interesting, showing Levi was a prop fiance’ –

    “One night there was a party for Meghan McCain’s book. Track, his friend and his girlfriend went, but Sarah told me I wasn’t allowed to go. She told me she couldn’t have me going out there, because I was supposed to look good for Bristol………..(snip)……..So I hung out with Bristol……..We hung out all day and did absolutely nothing because we weren’t allowed to go anywhere until we had an event – usually around 4 p.m.” Levi

  193. skip from Asheville NC says:

    Sarah how do you like your slice of humble pie? She is done. Cooked and fried! KAPUT! Thanks for letting us see the real Palin!

  194. InJuneau says:

    GreatGranny2B–that’s right…I’d forgotten that the fathers were off campaigning in ID and that SP’s mom was off somewhere too; I wonder who IS taking care of PP?

  195. not that sarah says:

    Wow, that makes the Wasilla Hillbilllies looting Neiman Marcus coast to coast comment look tame…

    It sounds so much like I imagine her, too. also. “free clothes!” No soul.

  196. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Trisha – yes, I think YOU interpreted it correctly re the drinking/cussing and I got it wrong.

    more about giving back the clothes:
    “Sarah and the girls were pissed off about this, and they had to give most of the clothes back, but I still sa some of it around the house after the campaign.
    In Minnesota, the girls were stoked. They were getting Gucci shoes and loving it. Sarah was all smiles and giggles.” Levi

  197. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    “Sarah ordered me to smile all the time, wave, and not talk to the media or the cameras. If I had any questions, I needed to bring them up to McCain’s team.
    Sarah just told us to wait and see the free clothes we were going to get, and the food whenever we wanted it. We didn’t even have to do our own hair, she said. She just couldn’t believe the free clothes, the free roo service, the private jets, and being escorted by cops.” Levi

    He goes into detail about the designer clothes he got and says he took them home, but then the campaign asked him to give them back a few weeks after McCain/Palin lost – and he did.

  198. GreatGranny2B says:

    Dang! I only cancelled my subscription to Vanity Fair last month – too many pages of advertising…… now I’ll have to travel to the nearest big town about 30 miles away to buy one.

    Thanks Lori in LA – good to get some of the scoop ahead of time.

    I checked that link at NY Daily News – quite a scary picture of Sarah. It was incredible the hostility coming out in some of the comments and a bunch of them veered off into slamming Obama. This one comment gave me a chuckle, but also shows what is important to Sarah’s *ADORING FANS* – the almight $$$……at least he/she knew how to spell spurious and appears to have known its meaning.

    “And..,all you haters… Sarah is going on to make millions $$$ …laughing at you losers who hate her with all the venom of typical jealous slime. Why be a politician… subject to endless spurious lawsuits… when you can make millions speaking before adoring fans??”

    Todd’s father was off with Sarah’s on the political merry-go-round in Idaho. Sarah’s father mentioned that his wife was off somewhere as well. So is Todd’s mother the only grandparent around who might be helping with any of the young’ens? I feel so sad for all of those children. I hope that Track isn’t finding it too difficult with all the publicity – he’s got enough dealing with being in a war zone. Children always fare the worst in situations like this family is experiencing – let’s keep them in our prayers.

  199. Kilia says:

    Lori, thank you so much for more of the tidbits from the VF article. Much appreciated.

  200. not that sarah says:

    I think Todd is slightly abusive. And water seeks its own level. So, they get along alright, because they’re both dysfunctional and cruel people.

    These Revelations (love that!) make me SO sad for her kids…

    Heartbreaking. Poor Bristol. Honestly, I can’t even imagine how lonely that must be. If Palin really did take her baby, can you even imagine? who can she talk to? Who will she ever be able to trust? And now she’s lost Levi, too.

  201. trisha says:

    @116 Lori in Los Angeles —I see. I was interpreting that he meant, she doesn’t drink much or cuss much.

    (She goes to church four or five times a year – mostly on holidays – but Sarah doesn’t drink or cuss much.) So Todd will hide his beer…………..” Levi

  202. nswfm CA says:

    I think she’s silent because she is drugged. JMO, given her track record.

  203. Wow, they sure fight alot. Todd seems to be more of a parent than Sarah.
    I kind of feel sorry for him. He sounds like a hen-pecked husband.

  204. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    “Track and I grew up playing hockey togther and I only saw her at about 15% of his games.”
    “People would send Sarah big painted portraits of herself. Most of them went into the garage, but once she asked me to help her put one up in the house.”

    me surprised she did not have them all hanging up, troughout the house.

  205. honestyinGov says:

    With all of these new Revelations( $arah will like that… it’s in the Bible) it is obvious to everybody that ‘ whoever ‘ is paying to have her holed up somewhere and controlling her right now… they have a LOT of money. And they have obviously PAID $arah to keep her mouth shut with that money. That is the only thing that could reign these two in.

    Looking at both S & M’s track record in the past… NO WAY would they be able to keep silent. Meg was calling Levi a ‘liar and an opportunist’ even the day BEFORE he was on Tyra. It’s part of their nature… they know no other way to react and behave. They are being paid to stay silent…. and it must be really torture for both of them. Money talks though… or in this case it buys their silence.

  206. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    “Bristol thought the rumor of her mother’s having an affair with a friend of Todd’s named Brad, was ridiculous. (I could see that more than I could see Todd cheating on Sarah.) But Bristol thought that Todd was having an affair with a friend of the family. At one point, Bristol heard that Todd tried to separate his bank account from Sarah’s, and she told Sarah.” Levi

    can anyone say disfunctional?

  207. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    “When they did go on a faily vacation, to Hawaii in 2007 – the only trip I remember them taking – Bristol called me after Todd and Sarah got into a huge fight. Sarah decided to fly back to Alaska, after only three days, while Todd stayed with the kids, taking them to the beach and parasailing.” Levi

  208. not that sarah says:

    If she doesn’t threaten a lawsuit by tomorrow, I’m going to have to place bets on either massive dosage of Valium or she’s holed up w/ her good friends the Van Susterns et al (Scientologists) in an undisclosed location, where she isn’t allowed to watch TV or read (oh, that wasn’t necessary since she doesn’t read).

    Once weaned off reality TV, Palin can began her Theta Programming. Convenient, because plastic surgery is looked upon as a good thing with Scientologists, so there’s none of that pesky hypocrisy (ala Carrie Prejean). And hey, any religion will do, so long as they have the Power to elevate Her Royal Majesty.

    Couch jumping on Oprah not mandatory, but highly suggested. At any rate, Palinese through the fish eye of Scientology will open a whole new level of Crazy.

  209. curiouser says:

    Thanks bunches, Lori. I was hoping Levi would say Sarah’s favorite tv show was Desperate Housewives.

  210. Lana in Ky. says:


    You couldn’t make this stuff up.

  211. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Trisha at #116 “She is a coplete fraud.”

    YES! Say it loud and say it often.

  212. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    I a condensing here: Levi says “Sarah and Todd pretty much led separate lives” and they have a cabin about 20 yds. from his racing partner’s cabin and “Todd would go there at least twice a week, sometimes for a couple of days” and “Piper would often go along with him because she’s Todd’s little baby, and a snow-machiner herself.”

    Ok, I am confused – WHO is Todd’s little baby? I thought Trig was – ummmm.

  213. nswfm CA says:

    # 94 kareninTexas Says:
    September 2nd, 2009 at 3:08 PM

    Hmmmm, just wondering, if things were so bad between Scarah and the Toad, how can she get pregnant when they weren’t sleeping together??????
    My theory? Immaculate conception! 🙂
    Posted here some time ago:

  214. boodog: I never saw the one with her riding a dinosaur. LOL

  215. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    note to Trisha – Levi said Sarah does NOT drink. Todd has beer, but has to hide it.

  216. trisha says:

    She is a complete fraud.

  217. KRUSESKI says:

    Go, Lori, Go
    This is fantastic!!!

  218. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    “But Sarah wore the pants in the family and she was definitely the dominant parent in the house (snip) if she told Todd to do something, he’d do it.” Levi

    Oops, is this the Christain way?

  219. trisha says:

    didn’t drink……much?

    Oh, the Evangelicals gotta love that one. They don’t believe in drinking of any kind. Then again, they seemed to ignore the report that she was drinking champagne in NYC. That big mega church still wanted her to speak, and I just wonder if they won’t believe any of this about their Saint Sarah. If that’s the case, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha on them…they have been duped.

  220. ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck says:

    i find myself mesmerized by the crazy.

    those children definitely need some adult emotional support and room to figure this out for themselves.

    and last thought – todd, seriously – sleeping on the recliner?

  221. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    “There was a lot of talk of divorce in that house and thre were times when Sarah and Todd would mention it and sound pretty serious. Sarah would say something, and I don’t know how it would make Todd mad, but his anger would elevate so fast. Todd would say “All right, do you want a divorce? Is that what you want? Let’s do it! Sign the papers!” Levi

    Uh oh, I feel another pity party for Scarah in the sea. How DARE Todd treat our Sainted Queen this way!

  222. teutonic13 says:

    Not trying to pimp other peoples blogs- but this was too juicy and intriguing to allow to rest by the wayside.

    This was posted to Gryphens Blog sometime today…

    “I think I “get it” now. Sarah pressured Levi and Bristol to give up Trig to her and Todd for adoption, so that she could progress her career (at that point, she already knew she was on the short list of McCain choices). Even though they repeatedly did not consent, her arrogance led her to prepare for the deception by taking Bristol out of school and the wearing of scarves beginning in (Jan/Feb – I forget when the first date was). For Sarah it was an easy “just in case” move. It is no stretch of the imagination that Sarah felt her “power” and “influence” would win out here. The uncertainty of the situation does explain her actions, where she did not come right out and wear that empathy belly. Better to disguise, so that people could accept the “possibility” of a pregnancy.

    So she continued to pressure the kids. On the day McCain was announced (3/4), Sarah went into panic mode. She forced the situation by announcing the next day, to the Alaska press, that she and Todd were expecting. She did this solely to preserve her chances of being chosen by McCain as the VP pick. (If she had not, and her underage daughter had a baby out of wedlock, she would have been a much less attractive candidate). Think about the fight she and Bristol had in the fall of 2007 when she was banished to her Aunt’s and subsequently kept out of school for 5 months. Bristol had no say in that. Sarah was making her plans, whether Bristol liked it or not.

    There are accounts from sources who say that her announcement on 3/5 enraged Bristol. I do not believe that anything else happened other than Sarah “forcing” those kids to give that child to her for adoption. I am sure she made all sorts of promises, possibly threats, as well. One thing I do wonder, though, is whether or not they knew the child had DS at that time? If, as many speculate, Trig was born in Jan/Feb, that would of course mean that was already knowledge to them, and Sarah may have forced the situation even more (much more leverage on her part, having that knowledge). But I do believe, whatever the timeline, that she did “coerce” them into giving Trig up. The April 18th presentation date and the wild ride must have coincided with either a hospital release date for Trig or possibly, a threat from Bristol. Either way, something told them to beat feet home that day. To be sure, the pics that were on Sadie’s FB page are of a much younger Trig than the Trip presented on 4/18 – and that’s a fact.

    This makes sense on so many levels and upon examining so many of the statements and known facts. It also explains why Bristol, angry at her mother, got pregnant again immediately. Those two young people, who probably have very good, albeit naive, intentions, are living in a tightly wound world. Imagine what they would have to accept if they came forward with the whole truth? You can only imagine the choices they have to make to try and figure out the “best” life for themselves and their children. Neither have any ability to make an income.

    Well, that’s my theory. The cat is certainly out of the bag now. The dam, which had a very narrow crack in it, has now belched a huge gasp of water and the pressure will only build from here. While I feel that Sarah should be exposed for the fraud that she is, I feel bad for the rest of that family, who will most certainly end up being collateral damage.”

    Susan in MD

  223. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    “Even during the Republican convention, they slept in separate bedrooms at opposite ends of her suite.” Levi
    “If Sarah and Todd did talk – they really don’t communicate at all – they were fighting. Todd is short-fused, and if you get him fired up, he flips out.” Levi

    Oh boy, I bet Todd will soon be thrown under the bus at sea of pee – he didn’t DESERVE her, dontcha know??

  224. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    “After the nomination, Sarah and Todd wouldn’t go anywhere together unless the cameras were out……In all the time Bristol and I were together, I’ve never seen them sleep in the same bedroom. (I don’t know HOW she got pregnant).”

    That part peaked my interest – unless he is referring to Piper (doubtful), he is implying that Trig is Sarah’s. ???

  225. ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck says:

    looooorrrrriiiii – you are a saint.

  226. BodieP says:

    The downside to spilling your guts on twitter is that, hey, nobody needs to buy your book…on the other hand, I’m very curious to see what Levi has to say. Wouldn’t have pegged him as a writer…who knew?

  227. Silvermoon says:

    Great job–Lori in LA, keep it up.

    Only goes to church 4-5 times a year?? Wow!!! Such a devout Christian!

  228. Star says:

    95 Lori..Big thanks for sharing…Doing a happy dance here….hehe

  229. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    “Todd obviously didn’t need the money. The attention Sarah got helped him with his racing sponsors.” Levi, about Todd working the slope for a few days, then coming home for a month.

  230. TN says:

    Just one more thing and then I’ll try to shut up.

    You know, after awhile when children are left to raise themselves they don’t want the parent around come a certain point. I wonder if Bristol told her mother to just GO and helped her pack her bags so she didn’t have to listen to her moan and groan about how unfair the world has been to her?
    Wouldn’t it be funny in a not-so-funny-way if Bristol found life easier by caring for her special needs brother AND her own baby than being around her mother. I find it hard to believe that they have a good, healthy mother/daughter relationship.

  231. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    “(She goes to church four or five times a year – mostly on holidays – but Sarah doesn’t drink or cuss much.) So Todd will hide his beer…………..” Levi

  232. 264 Crayons says:

    Lori in Los Angeles…”She always wanted things and she wanted other people to get them for her.” OMG That sounds like me!!! LOL. I must be an SP wannabee. I just wonder why it’s taken so long for Levi to come out with this…

  233. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    “Todd was always out in the garage working on his snow machines and drinking beer…….(eighty percent of the time she is in the garage.Once winter is here, he’s out riding every other day). He’s not supposed to have beer, because Sarah doesn’t like him drinking.” Levi

  234. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:

    If she has internet access, I bet it’s taking everything her handlers have got to hold her back from publicly spewing venom.

  235. Paula says:

    The LA Times reports this part of the article (ouch):

    Palin, he says, paid more attention to Bristol and Levi’s baby, Tripp, than she did to her own baby, Trig, who was born with Down syndrome and became a symbol of hope for parents of special-needs children during the campaign. Says Johnston: “I couldn’t believe it when she would come over to us and sometimes say, playing around, ‘No, I don’t want the retarded baby — I want the other one’ and pick up Tripp. That was just her, even her kids were used to it.”

  236. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    Last nite I had the word “insert baby name” here “moderated” out of a post just askin’ if anyone had seen him…I guess “insert baby name” is out of the bag now and I HOPE he is getting the attention and therapy he deserves and isnt just a pawn in this ugly game. GO BABY T!!!! puck sarah.

  237. zggy #81: That was too funny.

    trisha and Sunsweet: Murdock has her under lock and key in his NY apartment.
    Can’t you just see them trying to restrain her?

  238. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    Silvermoon, Levi aint doin’ nuthin’ without Rex Butler’s careful vetting. IMHO!

  239. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    “Bristol was already the mom in the house, and she got tired of having to take care of her siblings. She and her mom fought a lot. “I hate her” definitely came out of Bristol’s mouth about Sarah, but that may have ust been because she as mad at her mother.” Levi

  240. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    I guess Trig is out of the bag now and I HOPE he is getting the attention and therapy he deserves and isnt just a pawn in this ugly game. GO TRIG!!!! puck sarah.

  241. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    “Throughout the years I spent with them, when Sarah got home from her office- almost never later than five, and sometimes as early as noon – she usually walked in the door and said hello, and then disappeared into her bedroom, where she would hang out. Other times, she sat on the living room couch in her two-piece paama set from WalMart (snip) watching house shows and wedding shows on TV. She always wanted things and she wanted other people to get them for her.” Levi

  242. Chris says:

    Palin calls her own son “retarded”. From LA Times Blog:

    “Palin, he says, paid more attention to Bristol and Levi’s baby, Tripp, than she did to her own baby, Trig, who was born with Down syndrome and became a symbol of hope for parents of special-needs children during the campaign. Says Johnston: “I couldn’t believe it when she would come over to us and sometimes say, playing around, ‘No, I don’t want the retarded baby — I want the other one’ and pick up Tripp. That was just her, even her kids were used to it.”

  243. kareninTexas says:

    Hmmmm, just wondering, if things were so bad between Scarah and the Toad, how can she get pregnant when they weren’t sleeping together??????

  244. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    “I’ve never seen her read a newspaper. The Frontiersman and the Anchorage Daily News were alays there in the morning, but the only one who looked at them was Todd.” -Levi
    No wonder she went blank when Katie Couric asked her about newspapers.

  245. TN says:

    @ #39 InJuneau, thank you for the scoop as you know it.
    I always try and see the positive in anyone no matter, and I thought I found something in $P.
    After all was said and done I thought ok, if she’s keeping a low profile and being with her family that’s cool and I was ready to let that be her one redeeming quality in my eyes. But no. She went and flocking blew it.

  246. Silvermoon says:

    Regards her book “tour”—one show we know she WON’T do: Rachel Maddow!

    Wouldn’t that be a howl?

    However, we must also remember that Levi has a little payback to give; so we need to be aware he could be exaggerating slightly. Let’s not assume everything he says is gospel.

  247. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Hi all – just got home and picked up a certain magazine on the way – Vanity Fair! I am a fast reader, and will post any new tidbits (not yet released) as I find them. Repeat after me: Sarah Palin is a FRAUD. Sarah Palin is a LIAR. Sarah Palin is a HOAX. Nothing new about any of that.

  248. boodog says:

    Yea, watchingfromNJ, and how about the photo of her riding the dinosaur?

  249. boodog says:

    Don’t forget the lipstick zyggy…

  250. Star says:

    Bystander ~ My thoughts exactly… Levi knows the tru story..

  251. honestyinGov: That’s what I thought of too, the song “Me and Mrs. Jones.”
    I just caught a little of The Ed show on MSNBC and they were spoofing on Sarah Palin. Ed called her a fraud and phony. I’m sure Fox News will be dissing Levi.

    What I don’t get is that she was photographed with a rifle in a bikini and another in a firing range.

  252. Irishgirl says:

    Everyone realises the bombshell that Levi has dropped.

  253. teutonic13 says:

    This was a hilarious post responding to some SP article about the VF article.

    “Hi, I’m 15 and was Sarah Palin’s neighbor down the road until my family and I moved to the liberal capital of the world, Moscow–uh, New York City. And I just wanted to say to everyone that’s so interested in Ms. Palin’s life that I know other things about her. Yep, for instance, Ms. Sarah’s eyeglasses aren’t needed–she’s got the eyes of a hawk. Also, she and her husband sleep in the spoon position. Her children actually say, “please” and “thank you” to everyone in the community. Also, while she was governor, she sometimes took a 45-minute, not a 30-minute break, to go out and buy some caribou crunchies for her staff. And finally, Mr. Palin sometimes picked up the ex-governor in a sled led by several huskies. Just write me back–I got lots more dirt to dish, and pimples on my face!”

  254. SunSweet says:

    Maybe she’s on Rupert Murdochs yacht out in the middle of no where with no access to any blackberries. Could be the only place she could be controlled and made to focus and write that damn book. You know if she could, she’d be calling up People Magazine, her lawyer, and twittering like a crazy woman.

  255. zyggy says:

    I think dressing a moose involved putting on red monkey shoes and a leather jacket. That is dressing a moose.

  256. Sammy says:

    OK, color me stupid, but I really, really, REALLY cannot grasp the idea that the mother of any child, let alone a special needs child, would not spend every moment possible taking care of her children. Especially girls, who need more mommy time during their formative years. Not the the baby doesn’t but girls are different. I would expect that the two younger girls will soom begin to act out. I think all of you know what I mean.

    I really do feel sorry for all of the Palin children. Someone, call Child Protective Services.

    After 37 years in various areas as a health care professional, I know a thing or two about what it takes to take care of a child with Down’s syndrome. Parents with a Downs child don’t have much time to spend twittering, facebooking, or making appearances on right-wings radio and tv shows and in the public to make racist comments against the President. Or pretend to be writing a book.

    Children with Down syndrome need extensive (and daily) help to develop motor, language and social skills to give them the best chance of someday moving within the main stream. They need close bonding with the parents who should be be the primary care givers as opposed to the babysitter, a cousin, sister, or the old lady down the block.

    They need to be closely monitored for medical risks like infections and other serious medical issues, physical therapy to build muscle tone and coordination, play therapy and stimulation to build coordination and as they get older they may need speech and occupational therapy to build language skills, social skills and hand-eye coordination. They may also need physicial therapy.

    Who is providing all of these things for Trig? Please, does anyone know? It certainly is not someone twittering or facebooking. Isn’t there anyone in that extended family smart enough to influence Sarah to take care of her family instead in twitting?

    What is wrong with these people?

    Oh, I just love me some republican values.

  257. trisha says:

    @78 Bingo!

  258. Star says:

    Wooo hoooo this is getting good….he he

  259. trisha says:

    If Palin doesn’t personally respond, we know that something is up.

    A few possibilities:

    1. Murdock has her bound and gagged and is holding her in an undisclosed location
    2. She is up to her eyeballs in Valium
    3. Cheney’s dungeon doesn’t have internet access.
    4. the “Birthers” have kidnapped their queen and are worshipping her “iconic image” in some remote cult compound.

  260. jc in co says:

    #68, InJuneau, ok, she must be in a straight jacket or something to have “no comment” I’m telling you, they are going crazy trying to come up with a damage control plan. If she didn’t have a breakdown already she will now.
    Truly, think about it, Levi said she was a bad mom, she was lazy, pouty, dishonest, vindictive and horror of horrors, not really outdoorsy. He also repeated that she was letting him shack up with Bristol. I can just imagine her flared nostrils and scrunchy upped face, clenching her fists. Probably calling Tahd screeching, oh yea, she’s frigid too…omg

  261. Sammy says:

    Remember the photo of Bristol holding her baby brother (???) while Levi bends over an kisses the baby brother (???)?

    Remember the look on Bristol’s and Levi’s faces as they look at the baby (???) brother?

    Now tell me truthfully, how many guys act like this? This is how they would look at their own child, not at the brother (???) of someone elses, even if they are supposed to get married.

    Not in the real reality, they don’t?

  262. teutonic13 says:

    “How They Done Did it to Me”

    By Sarah Palin

    Chapter 1 : The crafty hockey mom.

    Chapter 2 : My Very Own Sports Complex- 4 Free!

    Chapter 3 : Stickin’ It 2 Alaska….

    Chapter 4 : Ignoring My Brood- Unless in the Mood.

    Chapter 5 : Pageants, Presidents, and Peasants

    Chapter 6 : Cookies & Empty Gestures

    Chapter 7: Show Me the Money !!!!!

    Chapter 8: Don’t Let a Fetus- Beat Us !

    Chapter 9: Mirror mirror…..

  263. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:


    I have a hard time visualizing her typing away. I am sure someone is writing it. She is too lazy and stupid to write a narrative of this nature
    I’m sure you’re right. G-d, they couldn’t pay me enough. Can you imagine?

  264. C.M. says:

    At the risk of incurring the wrath of those who think the topic is off limits, I must ask, if Sarah was so willing to adopt Bristol and Levi’s baby to keep the secret within the family, doesn’t it make it quite possible that Trig (who appeared after a pregnancy Sarah’s aides weren’t even aware of, and a marathon flight from Texas to Alaska (with a layover in Seattle) AFTER Sarah’s water broke) is not really Sarah’s baby? Is that the bottom of the iceberg? Just asking.

  265. kareninTexas says:

    Woohoo! Way to go Levi! I would buy his book but not scarah’s. Pandora’s box is finally on the way to being opened. I can’t wait for more!

  266. teutonic13 says:

    GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble

    Well no wonder sarah’s been pounding her fingers to the bone on her book. I’ll bet on Levi’s veracity over sarah’s any day. I’m so glad he has Tank watching out for him. No doubt the seaofshallow is frothing today.


    I have a hard time visualizing her typing away. I am sure someone is writing it. She is too lazy and stupid to write a narrative of this nature

  267. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:

    I, too, will gather up my pennies to buy Levi’s book. I want to do my part so the kid has a bestseller.

  268. honestyinGov says:

    As to the VF article and the picture there. VF tries to be ‘ edgy ‘. They know their readers and what they think. The title…”Me and Mrs Palin”… didn’t 99% of us immediately think of the song ” Me and Mrs Jones”.
    { implied… but not said} Leave it up to the readers imagination.
    But the picture. The facial expression and the eyes looking over there….?
    The article title and the picture…. are they not implying/portraying a sort of young Dustin Hoffman to their audience…. ala ” The Graduate ”
    VF has that ‘ edge ‘. It’s not directly spelled out like a “People Magazine ” cover to the readers. VF readers like the subtlety and nuance.
    Also… before I saw the story posted here I had already posted to the Open Thread , about # 91.I noticed something very strange about somebody posting on the VF comments… named auntEdith, a Palin defender.
    ( I posted her comments there, about # 91 )
    The ditzy Edith on Archie Bunker was played by Jean ” STAPLETON”.
    I just picture Edith Bunker trying to defend or explain what $arah does.
    Isn’t that what Meg ‘ Stapleton’ does… can’t make this stuff up.

  269. InJuneau says:

    Awwww, Megaphone says, “No comment”:

  270. Cathy in Texas: No, I think she is in Russia getting some pointers from Putin on how to shut down the negative press.

  271. InJuneau says:

    tigerwine–Don’t know. All I know is what I read on Gryphen’s site that sounded like it was from a MadZoo resident in the know who said that T & W were living in Palmer and W was attending Colony High School. Make of it what you will…

  272. Cathy in Texas says:

    I am just wondering if she could be in Argentina? Hmmmmm?

  273. Nebraska Native says:

    Way to interrupt my work day again Alaska 🙂 What a cluster and how Palin the whole thing is… it must be very hard for ExGino to not respond to Levi’s allegations and characterizations of life in Wasilla, Palmer or wherever…

  274. rocket says:

    Sarah Palin is a complete fraud and the biggest hoax in US political history.

  275. Lin in AZ says:

    I can’t help but wonder how Bristol, Willow and Piper feel about the battle of words between SP and Levi. They must know what’s true and what’s not true, and they were apparently fond of Levi in the past, and he is the daddy of the baby, so it would seem to be hard to reconcile the differences.

  276. I won’t be buying SP’s book. I don’t want to be a contributor to her pocketbook. I think when the book comes out we should ban it. On the other hand, I will buy Levi’s book. Levi doesn’t seem to be sophisticated enough to lie.

  277. Maria says:

    Brace yourself for Palin’s counter barrage. You know she’s having a real mouth-frothing conniption fit.

  278. KRUSESKI says:

    YEAY…a thousand times over…
    I am a dedicated reader of this blog. Mudflats was my first “go-to-blog”, when she was first announced as VP candidate. I also love Immoral Minority and Palin’s Deceptions.
    I have gone through all this with all of you, reading every comment almost, but not posting myself recently. But I have to say something now. I have never wanted someone to go “down in flames” more than that witch. She makes me physically ill. She deserves all that is coming to her because she brought it all upon herself. I cannot wait to hear what happens in the next few days. This will blow her out of hiding for sure.
    Thank you, Levi…You apparently have been getting great advice!
    I felt happy all day at work because I knew I as going to come home and read all the commentaries on all three sites.
    Some of you guys write the funniest stuff. And there are about 5 or 6 of you that I totally look for because of your insight into this gigantic lie…the gigantic lie that is Sarah Palin.
    Thanks to you all!

  279. Kilia says:

    My money’s on Levi as well.
    Bless him for being truthful, and I will buy his book for sure!
    Hang in there, Levi….it’s going to be a real bumpy road, but you can do it, young man!

  280. Bystander says:

    Looks like Levi unleashed “Babygate” by his comments about Sarah adopting his and Bristol’s child, which could only logically refer to Trig, not Tripp.

    Take a look at the comments on the Huffpo article, the light has come on!

  281. Oops I meant to say: “hummm…how can I get rid of Levi without getting caught?”

  282. Lighthouse says:

    I somehow got caught up reading the comments about this article on the ADN website. There were lots of comments doubting Levi’s credibility because of his mother, lots of comments saying he should grow up and keep his mouth shut, and several readers who thought that the fact that the older kids were doing all the work was actually a testament to the Palin’s excellent parenting skills – they obviously raised those kids right!

    I’m all done banging my head against the wall now, and I feel much better since reading the mudflatters comments.

  283. nswfm CA says:–most-shocking-things-levi-johnston-says-sarah-palin-200929

    5. She never hunts or fishes
    “She says she goes hunting and lives off animal meat — I’ve never seen it,” says Levi. “I’ve never seen her touch a fishing pole. She had a gun in her bedroom and one day she asked me to show her how to shoot it. I asked her what kind of gun it was, and she said she didn’t know, because it was in a box under her bed.”

    WOW! She’s a vegetarian! And she has more than guns hiding under her bed!

  284. NYDem #46: Thanks for the link, yes that is a classic picture of SP and it should be captioned: “Hummm….How can I get rid of Levi?”

  285. tigerwine says:

    Visitor #43 Along the same line as SP not ever fishing, I have always thought the idea of her field dressing a moose was a little exagerated, too. She might have been present at a moose shoot, but I just can’t see her field dressing a moose all by herself, as the public has been led to believe.

    In Juneau #39 How come Todd and Willow are in Palmer and not Wasilla?

  286. true story says:

    Sarah Palin is a COMPLETE FRAUD.

    Sarah Palin is a COMPLETE FRAUD.

    Sarah Palin is a COMPLETE FRAUD.

    Sarah Palin is a COMPLETE FRAUD.

    Sarah Palin is a COMPLETE FRAUD.

    Sarah Palin is a COMPLETE FRAUD.

  287. jc in co says:

    #45 KVC, sean insanity’s or unhinged becky’s. I don’t think she likes greta anymore or they were told by rupert that they can’t hang around together anymore.

  288. aussiegal77 says:

    Oh man, my money is on Levi’s book!

    But I think he is in for a firestorm because the Palinbots will be after him with all the fury they can muster. Not to mention the twits and FB posts will be thick and fast….

    Somehow I don’t think Levi will care much =D

  289. KVC says:

    What cable news show do you think Sarah will be on first promoting her book?

  290. hrh says:

    DUCK, everyone, the meconium is about to hit the fan!

  291. ChicagoMom says:

    Watching from New Jersey:

    The majority of people out there voting were voting because of her — but they were voting for Obama! So she kinda has a point there!

  292. Visitor says:

    UPDATE: Us Magazine digs deeper into the VF article and lists its “5 biggest bombshells,” covering some of the above and adding “[Palin] never hunts or fishes” — “I’ve never seen her touch a fishing pole,” Levi writes — and “She retaliated against John McCain” after the election by belittling him. “She definitely thought she was running for president,” Levi writes.–most-shocking-things-levi-johnston-says-sarah-palin-200929

  293. BuffaloGal says:

    Thanks CAdillrye for your post @19 – Really great points. Hope you’ll continue sharing insights.

  294. boodog says:

    CAdillrye, I’m sure there are millions of reasons for teen pregnancy, yours sounds pretty right on for the Palins. So sad..

  295. An interesting excerpt from VF:

    Initially Sarah said the campaign had been a great experience, until she began to hear McCain’s people accusing her of being the reason they lost, Johnston writes. She decided to retaliate, and would say things like “I brought everything to the table” and “The majority of people were out there voting because of me!” According to Johnston, “She definitely thought she was running for president.”

    The October issue of Vanity Fair hits newsstands in New York and Los Angeles on September 2 and nationally on September 8.

  296. InJuneau says:

    TN–according to a poster at Gryphen’s blog, Bristol was spotted at the Alaska State Fair with a full double stroller, Todd and Willow are living in Palmer, and with SP out of town, Piper is prob. living with her grandparents; though, to be fair, this is all just my guess…

  297. jc in co says:

    After reading about the Vanity Fair article this morning I stated on the open thread that this was going to prove to be very big & very damaging. I believe I nailed it, the “internets” are burning up. Baby gate is re-emerging bigger than in the beginning when kos originally posted it and ended up taking it down. I knew it was big but now I agree with others, this is the iceberg. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a statement yet. It leads me to believe they are scrambling & not quite sure what type of damage control is in order. As I said earlier nobody gives a flip about her silly little Hong Kong trip. Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but do you think it was a distraction contrived by Rupert knowing the Vanity Fair article was getting ready to break?

  298. A Fan From Chicago says:

    Hard as it is to believe, Rod Blagojevich’s book is ranked #1 on Amazon in the “Non-fiction/Government” category and 17th in “Biographies/Political.” And it hasn’t even freakin’ been released yet (due September 8 though some were sold by mistake ahead of time.)

    That’s pre-orders and I don’t think they’re all from people in the U.S. Attorney’s office.

    It’s titled “The Governor,” which is stunningly creative and I guess means Sarah will have to think of something else. And from the excerpts that the publisher put out it is more of the same delusional, self-serving, made up claptrap that he was peddling earlier this year on talk shows.

    Point being, people will buy Sarah’s book. All the rednecks and birthers and teabaggers and tenthers and religious fanatics and mush-brained followers who would jump off a cliff behind her will be in line when the book stores open. All 700,000 people who signed onto to her Facebook nonsense will be there.

    Her book will sell. Just a matter of how many. But I’m guessing Levi’s will do better.

    The real fright would be listening to either of them do the book on tape. That would make my ears bleed.

  299. rvdee says:

    I doubt I’ll read either book. I believe in the folks here to properly review it for me.

    That said, I did wonder what happened on June 13, 1978; turns out Israel withdrew/reduced forces from Lebanon.

    Is this a cowinkydink?

  300. Evelyn says:

    Of course Sarah’s book will be a slam dunk. Every conservative billionaire will buy 10,000 copies and boost it immediately to the top of the best-seller list.
    How do you think idiot Ann Coulter winds up on the best seller list. The vast right wing conspiracy is not dead – and they’ve got lots of money. And don’t be surprised if it’s Cheney-Palin in 2012.

    That said – go Levi!

  301. FW says:

    Rebekkah…31…Levi never specifically says that it was Tripp Sarah wanted to adopt…think about it…why would a woman who knew she was on McCain’s shortlist at the time the Trip pregnancy was revealed, who supposedly just gave birth to a premature Special needs baby think she could carry off the charade?

  302. FW says:

    My money is on Levi. He did this interview right after the infamous Quitting is for Fighters Speech. Sarah Palin is a documented liar…time and time again, she has been fact-checked into oblivion on everything from Todd’s AIP membership and the Bridge to Nowhere to death panels ans the US Import Export Bank.

    Sarah lies as easily as most people breathe.

  303. mom_in_wasilla says:

    I think that it is interesting that this has been out for about 4 hours now and not a sound from Palin or Megan.

  304. emrysa says:

    hahahaa, I think you’ve got those chapter titles nailed!! too funny.

  305. rebekkah says:

    Just considering for a moment, that the Palins would be a normal hockey family. Why would a mother keep nagging to her teenage daughter, who is “supposed” to be getting married anyway, that she would like to adopt the grandbaby. This scenario, in this context, seems out of whack.

    All this stuff makes me feel dyslexic. Am trying to put together the reason why (if true) like Levi is quoted as saying, that Sarah nagged about keeping the baby for herself. Here she is Governor, with enough on her plate, with a “special needs child” – and requests to take the baby off her young daughter’s hands.

    Pass out the aspirins! Feel a heachache coming on.

  306. mommom says:

    Its funny that they are donating to SarahPac and the Pac is donating to Grassley,who backtracked on Palin and pissed them off,and McCain who they hate for not winning.

  307. JS in Chicago says:

    Unfortunately, Levi will not be able to compete with Sarah for book rankings on Amazon. Whoever her current ‘sponsors’ are, they will be loading up the truck with copies of the book (all headed for storage) until they get it to the top of the list, the same way they did it for other crazies like Michele Malkin, Glenn Beck, etc. That’s how the game is played these days. (Wouldn’t surprise me if some on the left do it too.) Amazing what money can buy you.

  308. Anastasia P says:

    Sarah’s book won’t be the slam dunk. It won’t even be worth buying. I could practically sit down and write it for you. In addition to “Everyone else is lying,” add “Everyone is picking on me” and “No one gets what a maverick I am” and “Wanna hear me talk about energy regardless of what the question is’ and “Now it’s time to whine some more about how unfair people have been to me.”

    That’s pretty much it — over and over and over again for chapter after chapter.

  309. TN says:

    Please say in ain’t so.

    Sarah has been out of Alaska for the past month working on her book, according to her dad. Now, what I don’t understand is, are her two smallest children with her, especially her special needs baby?

    I mean, come on! This woman has been so busy with being the governor, then so very busy traveling on the campaign trail, and then to being marginally busy (yet more stressed out) governor for a short while after, to being unemployed.

    Instead of taking the opportunity to re-connect with her family and especially with her baby, which really think about it, when has she had time to actually bond with that child? (this isn’t a complete sentence but my head’s reeling too fast to fix it, so whatever, i think you all catch my drift)

    This holier-than-thou woman needs a wake up call. It was totally smart of Bristol and Levi to tell her thanks, but no thanks on the adoption. All Sarah sees are dollar signs and nothing’s getting in her way.

    If she did bring her kids with her, then disregard all paragraphs except the one directly above this one.

  310. MissSunshine says:

    Ah sweet Schadenfreude! I just knew the Greta Van S. interviews of ExGino in the kitchen “cooking” were staged for the camera.

  311. skip from Asheville, NC says:

    Karma is sweet when it comes around!

  312. BuffaloGal says:

    When they said it would be available in NY and LA on the 2nd, I wasn’t sure if they meant all of NY or just NYC. My daughter stopped at the mall to look for it but as of lunchtime , nada.

    I keep watching the google blog search. Someone in NY or LA has got to be itching to get the details out there on their blog. It’s a golden traffic booster.

    The “sea” is churning in a big way. The term “Judas” is being used in about every third post. Folks are also somehow being motivated to give more of their hard earned cash to SarahPAC. Hello! She is a six-figure speaker on “the circuit” now and doesn’t know who the flippin’ heck you are. Spend your money on your family! She’s just not that in to you !

    I’ll admit that I’ll be reading both books. However, I’ll be looking for a free e-book version of Palin’s. I will not add one red (ha) cent to her coffers.

  313. Rob in Ca says:

    It’s sad, really. There is not anything here that we didn’t already know, or surmise. Like Oakland…with Palin there is no there there…

    She is a fraud in every aspect of her life.

  314. GA Peach a/k/a Lance the Boil aka Crust Scramble says:

    Well no wonder sarah’s been pounding her fingers to the bone on her book. I’ll bet on Levi’s veracity over sarah’s any day. I’m so glad he has Tank watching out for him. No doubt the seaofshallow is frothing today.

  315. trish in SW FL says:

    I’m saving my pennies, nickles, whatever I can.

    For Levi’s book.

  316. Mudguzzler says:

    Totally Levi fan. Here’s a yell for him:

    Pistol packer, fire cracker,
    Sis, Boom, Bah!
    Le-vi Le-vi
    Rah! Rah! Rah!

  317. Bill McCann says:

    patience has its rewards,
    dear mudflatters,
    does it not?

    sweet late summer dessert,
    served cold,
    as it should be.

  318. Reesie says:

    This story is all over the internet. This is about to explode. I’ve been patiently waiting for a year for this to become big news. I have been reading here and on other blogs for a year but decided to post a few weeks ago. AKM, Shannyn, Gryphen and all the other bloggers you are the best.

  319. phoebes-in-santa fe says:

    Okay, I’m a good Democrat and a Sarah Palin-hater – but I STILL don’t buy the idea that Trig was born to Bristol and Levi. Notice what Levi says in this excerpt – that Sarah and her husband would ADOPT the baby, not that she would claim to give birth to it. That’s an important difference there.

    Also, okay, I’m probably the only sane person in America who believes Lee Harvey Oswald got off three lucky shots with his old rifle. I just do not believe in most conspiracy theories. There would be way too many people involved in covering up a Bristol Palin-birth-of-Trig. Someone in Alaska would talk, particularly if there was money involved – as there usually is these days.

    But then, that’s just me…

  320. BigPete says:

    Family values

    Sarah’s been out of town for almost a month now. She’s not at home making sure the children do their homework? Sounds like there’s not much parenting in THAT house!

  321. nswfm CA says:

    7 ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck Says:
    September 2nd, 2009 at 11:41 AM
    I hope so for the kids sake, but am not so deluded that I think it is possible–look at what has been allowed to happen already. I think this generation of kids is lost. Maybe there is hope for the two little boys, but even the little girl’s up a creek, in my book.

  322. JS in Chicago says:

    Note to self: Stop thinking “it can’t get any weirder than this”, because I keep proving myself wrong, over and over again.

    I guess we’re about to watch the next episode of ‘As Wasilla Turns’, sponsored by (fill in the blank). What season is this now?

  323. nswfm CA says:

    7 ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck Says:
    September 2nd, 2009 at 11:41 AM
    I hope so for the kids sake, but am not so deluded that I think it is possible–look at what has been allowed to happen already. I think this generation of kids is lost. Maybe there is hope for Trig and Tripp, but even Piper’s up a creek, in my book.

  324. Irishgirl says:

    hehehe. 🙂
    Go Levi!! The internet is certainly aflame.

    Reminds me of the song…”I’ve been waiting for this moment for all of my life.” (Phil Collins song….well waiting for the last year anyway).

  325. Reesie says:

    Of course Levi’s book is going to be the “slam dunk.” Sarah Palin is a total hyprocrite. She can call him a liar if she wants but she calls everyone a liar. When has she taking responsibility for anything?

  326. GreatGranny2B says:

    An earlier poster said she thought this might be Gryphen’s smoking gone – right on the money!

    Levi Johnston’s Vanity fair article.
    Sarah told me she had a great idea: we would keep it a secret—nobody would know that Bristol was pregnant. She told me that once Bristol had the baby she and Todd would adopt him. That way, she said, Bristol and I didn’t have to worry about anything. Sarah kept mentioning this plan. She was nagging—she wouldn’t give up. She would say, “So, are you gonna let me adopt him?” We both kept telling her we were definitely not going to let her adopt the baby. I think Sarah wanted to make Bristol look good, and she didn’t want people to know that her 17-year-old daughter was going to have a kid.

    This is the smoking gun.

  327. Quarter Granite Palin says:

    Levi is too young and too dim a bulb to have the imagination to make this stuff up. I’m saving up my money Levi. Please have the book out by Christmas 😀

  328. ENOUGHwiththetrainwreck says:

    i am ready to pre-order levi’s book TODAY.

    we have been waiting a YEAR for this moment in time………anybody have the day’s stock quote on popcorn sales? i am a bit of a Pop-Secret fan myself.

    hope the palin kiddos are getting some love and attention by a normal set of grandparents or auntie/uncle…….cause the seas are kicking up some foam today.

  329. justafarmer says:

    thanks, windy!
    as for the book wars, I’m ready for the Cecil B. DeMille-like slow motion trainwreck to speed up and be over.

  330. nswfm CA says:

    I very quickly looked this am and didn’t see it, but am going to look more closely tonight and will share if I can get my hands on a copy. The NYC contingent will probably get it faster than I can, though.

  331. mattie says:

    I think everybody should buy levis book just so he sells more than she does. he he

  332. Claw Washout Palin says:

    I’ll give my bucks to, Levi J. and Mr. Dunn. I predict, Sarah’s book will be on display on the Internet, full coverage, for those who are interested in what she has to say. However, Fleabag may charge an admission.

  333. pvazwindy says:

    I thought a memoir was an account of something note-worthy.

  334. wes_ben says:

    according to VF : The October issue of Vanity Fair hits newsstands in New York and Los Angeles on September 2 and nationwide on September 8.

    Has any of our friends in NY or LA picked up the issue??

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