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May 18, 2022


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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Alaska’s Relationship of Convenience with EPA

Ever had a boss so hard to read you didn’t know if you were going to be fired or promoted? Mixed messages on a daily basis? It’s horrible. How are you supposed know what to do? A relationship in which you don’t know if you’ll be hit or hugged is much worse. “Can’t you just be a jerk all the time? It would make things so much easier.” It’s the back and forth, the uncertainty that make these situations unbearable. That’s why I feel bad for the folks at the Environmental Protection Agency. Oh, before you start calling me a…

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In My Alaska Garden: Eating the Harvest

Being sick for almost 5 weeks sucks. Thank goodness my family helped me with the hoop house. This week, I finally gave up and went to the doc for my antibiotic treatment. I’ve been on 3 days and while the cough hasn’t stopped and I still feel drained from that, I’m feeling a little better overall. Of course, it’s just in time to take care of Morrigan, who seems to have gotten a much lighter version…probably because she had her booster for Whooping Cough last year. Dang…I’m sounding like my grandma… The good news about this is I didn’t feel…

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In My Alaska Garden: Harvest!

Though a little later than expected, we are finally seeing the (literal) fruits of our labor in the hoop house! I’ve been sick for the last three weeks and haven’t felt much like writing or anything else. I wanted to at least get the pictures out to you of what’s been happening in the hoop house. I have a lot more near-future writing about what I’ve learned and the changes we want to make for next year. Let me know how everything is going in your garden!

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In My Alaska Garden: Eating Locally

There is no getting around it…Southcentral Alaska’s flora of both the edible and decorative variety is late this summer. My lilacs, though lovely this year, were about three weeks to a month later than usual. Many other folks made the same comment about the famous Anchorage downtown lilacs as well as the beautiful blooming apple and crabapple trees. Today, I received an interesting report. My friends went to their favorite Salmonberry-picking spot this weekend, the same time they do every year. (I cannot reveal the location upon threat of murder.) They were dismayed to discover that the plants are just…

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In My Alaska Garden: Hoop House Heaven

With some health challenges and the really rainy weather, I was glad this week that the hoop house is at the point in the summer where it doesn’t require too much constant care. I can leave one door open now day and night because the evening temps aren’t below 55 (even with one door open, the interior stays about 5 to 10 degrees above the outside.) It’s been a very slow process due to our chilly summer, but finally this week I’m starting to see some real plant explosion! This is good, because I need something to counterbalance the disappointing…

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The Time to Toss Pebble is Now. Really.

Here in Alaska, the proposed Pebble Mine project is not a partisan issue. It’s an issue of fish vs. cyanide, Alaskans vs. multinational corporations, Native culture vs. the bottom line, sustainable jobs vs. instant gratification, and food security vs. greed. It’s a battle between holding on to the best of our state, and the last great wild salmon run in the world, and letting it all slip away to line the pockets of the already wealthy multinational mining conglomerates. We have a lot at stake. And right now, we can actually help to influence how this all turns out. What…

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Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls…

  By Diane McEachern Bethel, Alaska – A few weeks ago mystery man 1 posted flyers stating Taco Bell was opening a store in Bethel and job applications could be had at a number belonging to mystery man 2.  The flyers were faked and the intention was part of an emerging, less than kind, vendetta.  The flyers did not cause much of a stir in Bethel and were largely ignored.  Except by national media.  And Taco Bell, who seized upon the opportunity for some national publicity. Such was the germination of the Taco Bell event that descended upon Bethel Sunday. …

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All Hail the Glorious Frankenfish!

There are times when people who have no idea what they’re talking about can really be infuriating. Then, there are other times when their overblown level of ill-placed self-confidence, and the astronomic scale of their own ignorance combines in such a way that it actually turns into comic relief. Case in point – the latest boil on the behind of the internet, The Northern Right blog (which is so thin on intelligent commentary you can actually see through it) has given a platform to one Mr. Alex Gimarc. Mr. Gimarc is not effusing about the usual right wing talking points…

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In My Alaska Garden — Trial and Error

I attended Pride on Saturday and saw the gorgeous Oriental Poppies above. I saw them on the walk from the car near the Parkstrip. They are the huge poppies and they are on my list for the future in my yard. We’ve been working outside all weekend and while I left to go grocery shopping, I learned what it means to be grateful for the help you get even though it may not be exactly what you want. My husband weeded the perennial garden below: Gone are all of the weeds, the encroaching grass, and the Campanula Glomerata (which should…

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