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May 17, 2022


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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

The House 34 Horse Race!

By Scott McAdams Politics have always been important to Alaskans. Unlike much of the world, we often know our leaders personally, expect our ideas to be considered in the policy making process, and understand that our future requires our voice. As many of us evaluate candidates this election season, most of us in this small community called Alaska do so based on the personal relationships and past experiences we’ve had with those who place their names on the ballot. In my community, there is a race for State House between two men I have come to know over the past…

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Dismantling Alaska Bipartisanship

Alaska Family Action, the political arm of the Alaska Family Council, recently welcomed Governor Sean Parnell to a fundraiser. The event brought together social conservatives who seek to add their voices to those supporting the governor’s oil tax plan. With the specific goal of destroying the State Senate’s bipartisan coalition next month, the organization is banking on a new fundraising strategy and new access to personal data about voters to fuel its “Reclaiming Juneau Initiative” in November. Jim Minnery addressed the event’s roughly 25 attendees, explaining that his Alaska Family Council became frustrated by the political limitations it encountered via…

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Romney Wanted to “Take a Swing” at Obama

Not THAT Romney – one of his five sons. The one that’s named like a Palin. In an interview with North Carolina radio host Bill Lumaye on Wednesday, Mitt Romney’s son Tagg said that he wanted to “rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at” President Barack Obama during last night’s presidential debate… Interesting that the “family values” candidate’s son’s first response to hearing his dad get called on not telling the truth was rush the stage and deck the President of the United States.  Quite the model citizen. Luckily for him, the First Son wannabe thought better of assaulting the leader…

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Spouse for Senate!

Spouse is running for Senate. I know, right? It’s been pretty exciting around here I can tell you. He’s running for State Senate in “District N” a giant and beautiful swath of Alaska that stretches from South Anchorage, down Turnagain Arm to include Girdwood, and Hope, and then over to Seward, and on to Sterling and Nikiski, with all points in between. Every race is important but, I’m going to tell you why this one is the most important to me. When Ron was a little kid, living in Anderson in the Territory of Alaska – back in the days…

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Oyster Roundup – Lights, Fights, & That’s-Not-Rights

A half-dozen news bites from the week. Overheard Juicy Bits: A certain Alaska Republican Party Chairman and a certain Republican pollster were overheard at a certain eating establishment by a certain Mudflatter this week. Apparently, the former thinks Charisse Millet is “a twit” and candidate Bob Roses is a “yes man” who will do whatever he’s told. That’s what we need more of in Juneau – twits and sheep. Please feel free to vote for Patti Higgins and Bill Wielechowski. Convicted Militiaman Will Appeal: Coleman Barney, one of the three men found guilty in the summer’s Fairbanks militia trial will…

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Live Blogging the Veep Scrimmage 2012

It’s just me this time. And I’m sort of doing a stealth ninja blogging of the VP debate. Hopefully this will keep our server up and humming along happily, and not crashing from traffic. Feel free to chime in down there in the comment section, and make it a party! Buckle up, Mudflatters… It’s gaffe-prone Uncle Joe vs. the smug Punk Upstart. Let’s hope this one is better than the last. Get your popcorn, wine box, pillow, helmet, and whatever baked goods will get you through the next hour and a half. Let’s get ready to rumble! ************************************* 5:01pm –…

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Parnell Headlines Evangelical Fundraiser to Break Up Bipartisan Coalition

Governor Sean Parnell will headline a fundraiser today at 4:30pm for Alaska Family Action, the political wing of the Alaska Family Council headed by Jim Minnery. The Alaska Family Council is an activist group whose “pro family” agenda includes promoting extreme anti-choice and homophobic policies. They also advocate public funding of private religious schools, and other “matters of religious liberty.” And try to screw up elections by encouraging voter fraud. So, why is a sitting governor headlining this fundraiser? The answer is two-fold. First, it is because he aligns with everything espoused by the organization. His extreme stances on social…

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Get Skooled on the Issues

If the Tea Party has its way, you’ll be getting a call soon, because you simply have not been told the truth about the real Obama. Oh, yeah. Don’t you kid yourself. The lamestream media has been at it again, covering up, and whitewashing critical information to allow their Kenyan messiah to dismantle our liberties, use the Constitution to line the bottom of their bird cages, and turn the whole country over to their secret overlords at the United Nations. The Tea Party has been hard at work sending out blast emails. I know this because I get them. I…

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Ignorance on Ice

A few weeks ago during a power outage that lasted (for some) several days, meat and fish made round trips from powerless freezers to powered and back again. Pleas from melting vacuum-sealed salmon, halibut, moose and caribou could almost be heard across the Anchorage Bowl, “We’re melting. We need a live freezer — STAT!” This is the time of year when many Alaskans count their bags of berries, jars of salmon and packs of moose sausage. If you’re a subsistence user, there’s a feeling of accomplishment knowing you hunted or gathered to take care of your family. Going to Costco…

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Oyster Roundup!

  ~Thick and fast they came at last, and more, and more and more! Happy Saturday, you gorgeous Mudflatters. Here’s a slurpy, brunchy, half-dozen bites for your weekend palate.   Quote of the Week: On Mitt Romney’s plan to defund PBS, aka “Kill Big Bird.” “I like Big Bird… You can kill things and still like them – maybe to eat them.” ~Rick Santorum   Naked Baker Charms Anchorage Press Pick Voters So, every year, hundreds of hardy souls vote for dozens of their favorite bakeries, auto shops, pizza joints, and of course – politicians. This year’s picks were… interesting…

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