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May 16, 2022


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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Broken Promises – YOU Can Help Tell the Story of the Yukon (VIDEO)

~Filmmaker Dennis Zaki & the Mudflats Moose at the top of the world – Barrow, Alaska. next to the famous whale bone arch. Mudflatters may remember our friend and filmmaker Dennis Zaki.  We, and other progressive Alaskan blogs raised money to help send Dennis to the Yukon River village of Emmonak. Dennis flew to Emmonak to record a story. It was a story of how the Native people of the area were suffering a very difficult winter. Record cold temperatures froze the Yukon early, keeping scheduled shipments of fuel from reaching their destination. The resulting soaring prices in heating oil…

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Voices from the Flats – Brad Friedman

The article below, by Brad Friedman should be required reading for every legislator and every voter in the state of Alaska. As we march closer to the end of the Alaska senate race, there are still many questions that need to be answered.  The most important thing that can come from this election is not simply coming to a determination about who won this particular race. We have an opportunity to take back our elections from a system and a process that is inherently flawed, has been proven unreliable, has been shown to be vulnerable, and yet is still entrusted…

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Why Joe Miller Has a Point

Something  in Alaska stinks. Again. Not just an ordinary low tide smell. Not like something you’d blame on the dog. It smells like an infection. For me to plug my nose, I’d have to overlook some curious facts. I’ve written another piece like this. It was after the last election. I said it the three elections before that. In the words of baseball great Yogi Berra, it’s Déjà vu all over again! I’m writing and talking about the same thing, in what has become an even-year ritual: Alaska doesn’t count votes properly and hasn’t for years.  Alaska still uses the…

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Speed Hump Day – Hump of the Week!

~Speed hump at 13th and F St…. You’re our ‘Speed Hump of the Week!’ Wednesday.  It’s not just “Hump Day” any more.  Now it’s Speed Hump Day. We here in Anchorage have been a bit preoccupied with speed humps lately.  Why? You might think it’s because they help keep people safe in residential areas when people drive too fast near homes, pets, and children.  You might think it’s because we’ve got a lot of money that the state has set aside so that Anchorage can have speed humps in areas they are needed. Unfortunately the reason we’ve all got speed…

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Gov. Sean Parnell Inherits Flaming Pants from Palin & Denies Children Health Care

Governor Sean Parnell, who has framed himself as an advocate for women and children, last week vetoed a bipartisan bill passed by the Alaska Legislature that would have provided health care for 1300 Alaskan children and prenatal care to more than 200 pregnant Alaskan women. These, most vulnerable Alaskans are those that fall between 175% and 200% of the federally recognized poverty level. Those that fall below that level are already covered by the state program, called Denali KidCare. What made the governor decide to veto the bill? He just discovered, he said, that some of the money allocated would…

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Right Condemns “Day of Service.” (No, I’m Not Kidding)

It’s easy to feel sad today, but it’s good to feel as though sadness is being used to create something helpful and worthwhile.  This is why, back in April, President Obama declared that 9/11 would be a Day of Service to honor the spirit of those that came together to help each other, and many who lost their own lives in service to others eight years ago today.  The idea came from Jay Winuk, whose brother, a corporate lawyer and former volunteer fireman, saw buildings burning and dropped everything to help people out of the tower.  His remains were found…

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Joe Wilson, Meet Rob Miller.

Well, we all know what unfortunate moment will be most remembered from the President’s speech on health care last night;  a heckle from another ill-mannered, sophomoric, Republican who is far more interested in disruption than discussion.  This time it’s Joe Wilson from … wait for it … South Carolina.  It’s been a rough couple months for the thinking folks of South Carolina.  Believe me, Alaskans can sympathize. Up until today, Joe Wilson was just another anonymous Southern Republican troglodyte Congressman, unknown to all but the poor people of South Carolina and the most serious horse race junkies. Today, he’s the hyena…

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President Obama Addresses Congress on Health Care Reform.

Looking to watch the President’s Health Care address to the Joint Session of Congress today? Head out to Democratic Party Headquarters at 2602 Fairbanks St. between Fireweed and Northern Lights. The speech starts at 4pm Alaska time. There will also be a conference call with the President’s campaign manager David Plouffe that everyone can listen to after the address. If you can’t be there, you can watch live at Either way, don’t miss this one. You can live blog it here, and I’ll put up a video when it becomes available.

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Politicizing the Anchorage School District

Now that the Town Hall meetings in Anchorage are over, and Senator Mark Begich has left the state for Washington D.C., what’s a poor bored wingnut to do? Well, after drumming their fingers for 24 hours, waiting for new marching orders, they’re off and running again. Trying to get everyone health care is bad enough, but behold the latest ‘moral outrage’ that President Obama is inflicting on the poor innocent children according to the conservatives.  On Tuesday, September 8th, that man is going to be on the TeeVee, in schools across the nation telling the children that education is important…

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Health Insurance Reform Now! Anchorage Event.

There are just days remaining before Congress returns to Washington D.C. to tackle health insurance reform.  Thousands of events are being scheduled across the country to show local support for health insurance reform.  Anchorage’s Event is sure to be a good one. If you’re tired of Teabaggers speaking for you, and framing this debate, come make your presence known and hear from local leaders who will discuss the need for reform. Click HERE to RSVP or just grab your family and friends and show up. Health care reform is the issue of our day.  Show up and be a voice…

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