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January 21, 2018

Photos: Gov. Mike Pence In North Carolina

Amongst the hurricane of controversies surrounding GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump, his running mate is an eye in the storm. Focusing mainly on Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal Pence gave a speech in Greensboro, North Carolina, Monday night. Many of the signs being waved at this Trump/Pence rally were bright pink ones that read “Women for Trump.” In fact at this rally a cursory count showed an even number of women and men, once the event began. That didn’t stop the audience from yelling the usual phrases, though – “lock her up” was chanted more than once. I’ll have video interviews from the…

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Mothers of the Movement Join Hillary in Raleigh

Sunday in Raleigh, North Carolina Hillary Clinton was joined by the ‘Mothers of the Movement’ – mothers who have lost children and family members to gun violence and police killings. In front of a crowd of thousands at St. Augustine’s University, a historically black college Hillary and the mothers called upon everyone to vote and vote early. The five Mothers did not discuss their sons outside of mentioning their names. Secretary Clinton called for better police and citizen relationships, while not offering specific programs or ideas to further this. A dozen or so members of Moms Demand Action were also in…

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The Wall Comes to Virginia: Protests at Trump’s Regent University Rally

On Saturday in Virginia Beach, Virginia I spoke with Susan Mariner outside of Donald Trump’s Regent University rally. She was joined with several other women clad in white brick painted jump suits that had some interesting words on them then. Watch the video below to find out just why she’s wearing “Disgusting Animal” on her chest.  

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Battle for Survival Doesn’t Stop at Home for Veterans

Some weeks are spent spinning wheels, reading documents and APOC reports, listening to terrible talk radio recordings, trying to make sense of candidates who just don’t add up. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out the hinky nature of a South Anchorage Senate candidate, Natasha von Imhof. Why is the governor’s office being so super secret about the tax settlement with her business and why was it announced the day after the primary? Why does her story keep changing? I have a table full of flowcharts, and none of it makes a lick of sense. I first…

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Bird of the Week – Short-billed Dowitcher

Short-billed Dowitcher, Yakutat Forelands

WC overlooked the Short-billed Dowitcher when posting its close cousin, the Long-billed Dowitcher, back in August 2015. It can be pretty tough to tell a Long-billed from a Short-billed. Location helps: if you are on the coast, it’s more likely a Short-billed; if you are further from the ocean, it’s more likely a Long-billed. Bill length and coloration vary a lot. The calls are different, but both Dowitchers spend most of their time in a frenzied feeding, their bills probed full length in the mud, like a busy sewing machine. Dowtichers are not well-studied. Even their name is a puzzle….

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LIVE BLOG: The FINAL (Ever?) Presidential Debate

So here we go. The final debate of this insane election year. All times are Eastern. 9:03: Apologies, we’re watching on Fox, as that’s who’s moderating. 9:05  – Chris Wallace is live in Las Vegas… because what better city to decide our democracy. Hillary’s rocking a white pantsuit and Trump is shockingly wearing a suit. 9:06 – Question is on supreme court and the constitution. This should be fun. Hillary: SCOTUS needs to stand up for the people, women and against Citizen’s United. Not reverse marriage equality… Supreme court should represent all of us. She asks the Senate to confirm…

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Trump Made SNL Relevant Again

I’ve actually started watching Saturday Night Live again. That’s a statement I didn’t think I’d say ever again. Thanks to the very timely death of the Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and Steven Colbert being bought out to move to his desperately unfunny standard late night show and several lame imitations (Samantha Bee, namely) there is a huge gap for politically orientated comedy shows. Now of course we have John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight which is a blessing – but honestly it’s already come to be a news program that is funny – not a comedy show that talks about politics….

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John Brown’s Body

This week in 1859, John Brown and his small band of abolitionists took the arsenal in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Howard Zinn explained his importance: “John Brown, more than any other white American, devoted his life, and finally sacrificed it, on behalf of freedom for the slave. His plan, impossible and courageous, was to seize the arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia with a band of black and white abolitionists and set off a revolt of slaves throughout the South. The plan failed. Some of his men, including two of his own sons, were killed. John Brown was wounded, captured, sentenced…

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What took you so damn long?

We all have different breaking points. I realize mine may be very different than yours, and Sens. Lisa Murkowski’s and Dan Sullivan’s, when it comes to our tolerance levels of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Both Murkowski and Sullivan recently came out condemning Trump after a tape came to light with the candidate bragging about sexual assault. He was quite proud of grabbing women in their genitalia and thought it was funny they wouldn’t do anything about it. Not all U.S. senators share the disdain of Trump’s statement. Alabama’s Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions thought the language used by Trump was…

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Bird of the Week – Dunlin

Dunlin, Old Chevak, Yukon Delta

The Dunlin is larger than most sandpipers but at 8.5 inches, still pretty small. It’s understandable if you don’t recognize it. Dunlin has two very different plumages. In the winter it’s a drab grey bird. In the summer, in breeding plumage, it’s a striking rusty-backed, black-bellied fellow. During courtship season, on the edge of western and northern Alaska, it can be hard to sleep for the incessant courtship song, a rolling harsh trill that sounds something like jrrre jrrre jrrreijijiji jrrr jrrr jrrr. Dunlin males are extremely enthusiastic about their courtship song. WC has used the alarm display of Dunlin on…

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