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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Vanity Fair on Palin. Let the Skewering Begin.

I have been besieged with emails, Facebook messages, and blog comments asking for my impressions of the Vanity Fair piece that appeared today entitled “It Came from Wasilla.” Basically, the article was a whole lot of what we already knew, skillfully brought together, and topped off with some more interesting McCain staffer revelations from the campaign trail.  I would have loved to hear more about Palin’s religious intrigue, a topic that has been discussed, but has never gotten the traction in the national media as some of her other dimensions. We may be hearing more of this, now that we…

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The Shannyn Moore Show on KBYR – Live Blogging!

The sky is blue, the sun is shining… It’s a great day for …radio?   It is when it’s the best two on-air hours of the week for progressives in Alaska.  So get out that extension cord, and haul that radio out to the yard! If all goes according to plan, I’ll be live blogging the show from the KBYR studios.  You can use this thread to live blog yourselves in the comments section! Local number is 907.274.5297. The toll free number is 866 610 5297 Live Streaming HERE. Place & Time:  700am KBYR, Saturday 5-7pm Alaska time, 6-8pm Pacific, and…

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Breaking News – Three More Ethics Complaints Against Palin, and Then Some?!

Alaska Report has breaking news!  According to the site, there are three (count ’em…THREE) ethics complaints against Governor Sarah Palin coming down the pike. Mention is also made of a “long simmering embezzlement/IRS scandal” that is still being looked at by the feds. Wow. I have no more news than that, folks.  Check it out at the link above, and use this thread to… I don’t know…. speculate I guess! Have at it.

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Another One Bites the Dust.

The 2012 Republican prospects are a bit challenged these days. First, there was Bobby Jindal and his famous “What the Hell was THAT?” response to President Obama’s address to Congress back in March.  That’s the one where he ridiculed money to be used for volcano monitoring….just before a major volcanic eruption in Alaska, along with looking, in general, like a creepy version of Mr. Rogers who had no clue what he was talking about. Then, Newt Gingrich did his best to alienate women, Latinos, and anyone with an ounce of sense by calling Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor a racist….

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Mudflats Theater! I’m Ready for My Close-up Now…

This is great!  You all are in for a real treat.   OK, I’ll wait while you grab your Jiffy-Pop. (time passes, we pop corn, and settle in) This is the funniest thing to happen since the “fugus” comment. Only this time, it’s an actual 5-minute YouTube video!  The first time I saw it,  I was on a computer without sound and I watched, riveted, just reading the text.  I wasn’t getting a complete picture by any means, but by the time the thing was done I was howling with laughter and I couldn’t wait to hear it so I…

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The $65,000 Question is On Sale! Want Some?

That’s right, the Palin’s $64,000 has been price slashed! Remember a few weeks ago when government watchdog Linda Kellen Biegel sent a records request to the state?  She asked for copies of emails sent between members of the administration and right-wing radio shock jock Eddie Burke, and Anchorage Daily News gossip columnist Sheila Toomey, including emails which target Alaska resident and vocal critic of the governor, Andree McLeod. The reason for the request stems from Palin’s Chief of Staff Mike Nizich who, in an official state press release, stated: “I hope that the publicity-seekers will face a backlash from Alaskans…

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Tank & Levi’s Hollywood Caper

The unlikely Alaskan Dynamic Duo of Levi Johnston and his P.I./handler/life coach Tank Jones are on the loose in Hollywood, and they’re bonding by going shopping.  Shopping for clothes, and opportunities for Levi’s career. Tank and Levi seem to be an unlikely duo—why would a self-proclaimed “redneck” like Levi Johnston be taking style cues from Tank Jones, a size-58 suit-wearing black man who works in the law offices of Rex Butler in Anchorage? I invited them to go shopping with me in downtown L.A.’s wholesale fashion district to find out, and to see Tank work his magic on Levi for…

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Palin on GOP – They Turned Me into a Newt! Again.

To truly appreciate the latest incident between the Republican Party and Governor Sarah Palin, it’s helpful to take a moment to refresh our memories. I posted a while backabout the strange and devolving relationship between Sarah Palin and the GOP when it comes to “making dates”.  Here’s a quick recap. First Palin says she can’t speak at the GOP winter retreat because she’s got homework in Alaska, and then shows up that same night at the Alfalfa Club Dinner across town in D.C.  Then she commits to speak at the CPAC convention, confirms, and then cancels.  Now, she’s all set…

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Palin is Pallin’ Around With Plagiarists?

Todd Palin, that is.  That’s because the plagiarist is none other than the Governor, herself. Geoffrey Dunn over at Huffington Post read my transcript of Palin’s 17 minute introduction of Michael Reagan, and a little bell went off in his head.  He had a strange feeling he’d heard all this somewhere before…..(except in English)….. (insert harp music here, as things get all blurry) I realized I had read some of this before. So I tracked down the original Gingrich-Shirley article, “Republicans Need to Relearn Lessons of the Reagan Revolution” which appeared in the Union Leader, November 1, 2005, and is also online….

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I Love Myself – A Comedy in Three Acts

The dynamic duo of Phil Munger and Dennis Zaki made quick work of revealing the biggest ego in the biggest state.  Behold the behemoth, over-inflated sense of self worth of John Ziegler.  He’s the guy that made the documentary “Media Malpractice – How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted.”  You can read about my experience at the showing of the film HERE. The tag line on the dvd says “Witness the Death of Journalism.” Well, journalism ain’t dead yet.  The bloggers pull through, and gently guide Ziegler down a damaging path as he reveals the golden, magnificent, puffed-up glory that is…..HIM.  Stomach all…

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