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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Open Thread – What to Do? A Poll! – UPDATED

There’s always been discussion here at The Mudflats about how to deal with off-topic posts.  It’s a conundrum.  Lots of off-topic posts have excellent commentary, exciting links, and humor.  Nobody wants to give all that up.  But, they can also interrupt the flow of a conversation, and cause some mental whiplash for readers who like to follow a discussion about a topic. We’ve tried a variety of organizational methods seeking the perfect solution, and of course, we have come to the distinct conclusion that there is no perfect answer. (Why is that always the answer??) We’ve had regular open threads, we’ve…

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A Party’s a Party, No Matter How Small.

Oh, don’t we love the drive by cleverness of flyinureye?   I always do a little happy dance when my inbox has a special treat from the Mudflats Graphics Department. Apparently the only one who thinks Palin and her magic branding iron can turn this shrinking elephant into something other than….a shrinking elephant, is Rush Limbaugh. Discussing the Republican listening tour conducted by Former Governors Jeb Bush (FL) and Mitt Romney (MA), and House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said yesterday that they are “embarrassed” by Sarah Palin. Alaskan progressives, perhaps, have never actually identified with Jeb…

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Palin’s Approval Rating Crashes. When Does the Burning Start?

After the last six weeks of watching the Palin train cars derail one by one, in what can only be described as agonizing political slow motion, we’ve been waiting with curiosity to see what would happen when the latest Hays Research poll came out.  The last poll numbers we had showed Palin’s approval rating at 59.8% (sum of very favorable and favorable ratings) and her approval index (very favorable minus very unfavorable) at +14. Bear in mind that at one point, before people started paying attention, her approval rating hovered a hair under 80% and her approval index was an…

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Rural Update from Ann Strongheart in Nunam Iqua

What a year it has been so far! First, we have our brave, courageous, and selfless Elder Nick Tucker of Emmonak. Nick’s letter brought to light the crisis of not only Emmonak but also many Bush villages. Then, wonderful Mudpups, bloggers and generous people across the nation and around the world stepped in to help get Dennis Zaki to Emmonak. About that time, I found The Mudflats blog and the magnanimous Mudpups who wanted to help. The disastrous lack of a salmon run on the Yukon and across Alaska led to a crisis of tremendous proportions. Then an early freeze…

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Election Night With the Croft Campaign.

Well, by the time I got there, the Croft crowd at the Anchor Pub wasn’t very happy.  I wouldn’t say it was somber, but there was definite disappointment in the air.  Eric Croft made a nice speech, and thanked all the appropriate people, and there was food, and good company.  But, the spectre of Dan Sullivan loomed large and hung heavy in the room. Everyone was kind of shaking their heads.  They know what’s ahead for the next three years.  Sullivan held his nose, talked like a centrist, and now has gotten elected.  It will be interesting when people get…

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Election Night in Anchorage. To Be Updated Throughout the Evening.

Election results: 10 precincts reporting out of 119 Croft:  640             Sullivan: 676 13 precincts reporting out of 119 Croft:  899            Sullivan:  937 21 precincts reporting out of 119 Croft:  2047  (48%)      Sullivan:  2218  (52%) 57 precincts reporting out of 119 CROFT:7360      42.8% SULLIVAN:9817  57.2% Number of Precincts reporting: 87/119            Time:    9:07pm    CROFT:12759      42.6% SULLIVAN:17188  57.4% Number of Precincts reporting: 97/119            Time:    9:21pm CROFT:14832      43.6% SULLIVAN:19225  56.4% CROFT:17000      43.3% SULLIVAN:22283  56.7% Number of Precincts reporting: 106/119           …

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I Voted and Brian Approved.

I voted on my way home from work today.  And for those of you who haven’t done it yet, you’ve got two hours left.  I asked the poll worker how the turnout was today.  He said, “Well….fair.  It’s picking up a little now, though.”  There was one person in a booth, and about 4 or 5 that came in with me.  So I wasn’t bowled over by a huge voter turnout.  But in my neck of the woods, that may be a good thing for Mr. Croft. I have to say it was a pretty simple ballot. And I always…

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Celebrating Mixed Messages.

So….. Abstinence didn’t work for Bristol Palin. And…..she doesn’t think it works for anyone else. But….she’s now a teen spokesperson for an abstinence organization. And…Candie’s, the organization who runs this abstinence foundation, has ads like this.

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Palin Helps to Rebrand the GOP!

Get ready folks.  A bunch of conservative presidential wannabees is coming to a town near you for a warm fuzzy “listening tour.”  I can see them all now, with their elbows on the table, and their little chins cupped in their hands, heads tilted to the side and gazing into the eyes of whatever few Republicans are left in the rapidly shrinking party.  Watching the death throes of the party has been morbidly fascinating.  I guess they figured out that after 8 years of doing whatever they wanted, and the subsequent careening down the slippery slope of wingnuttery, most people weren’t…

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Ethics Complaints Against Sarah Palin – A Drama in an Undisclosed Number of Acts.

Well ethics complaints seem to be the theme of the day.  In an article on Politico, the number of ethics complaints against the Palin administration (12 or 13 that we know of) was described as “unusual”.  I don’t think many would dispute that. This means one of two things. 1)  The number of ethics complaints is a function of a whole lot of politically motivated people who have decided to create a string of bogus ethics complaints for the sole reason of taking down the governor because they hate her and they’re just bad bad people. 2)  The number of ethics…

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