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May 18, 2022


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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Latest GOP Dust-Up Plays Out in Polls

And the results are in! We didn’t have to wait long to see how the latest mix-up in the cast of GOP presidential wannabes played out in the polls. Here was our lineup: Herman Cain – Blinking and stammering his way through allegations that he sexually harassed multiple women over the years, we heard him tell a variety of stories, none of which seemed to be consistent. The thrashing and squirming ended up with his campaign manager blaming Rick Perry for leaking the information even though there was no solid evidence to back up the claim. Rick Perry – Suddenly,…

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Herman Cain’s Blinkage – An Unscientific Comparative Study

Many have commented on Herman Cain’s vigorous denial of sexual harassment allegations on Fox News the other day. As I watched the interview, something struck me. As someone who is intrigued by nonverbal communication of all sorts, I found myself mesmerized not by what Cain was saying, but by what he was doing. Blinking. I had to watch the clip a second time because I couldn’t even concentrate on the words the first time through the rapid-fire visual blink assault. Then I thought to myself, “Wow. I wonder how many times a minute he’s blinking? I bet it’s a lot….

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Arrrrgh. Begich says, “Sink the Pirate Ship!”

Saving Alaska from pirates – it’s the sort of thing I’ll bet those adventuresome souls who join the Coast Guard dream about when they sign on the dotted line. If I’m right, then it was a good day for the crew of the Coast Guard vessel Munro, based out of Kodiak. They seized a pirate fishing vessel on the high seas about 2600 miles southwest of Kodiak, that was full of 30 tons of  illegal squid, sharks, and 10 miles of drift net. High seas driftnetting  has been illegal since the 1990s because of the indiscriminate netting and deaths of…

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Parnell Smacks Down Treadwell… Battered Lt. Governor Syndrome?

It’s time for another episode of “Elephant on Elephant Violence.” Grab the popcorn Alaska progressives. In our daily slog through the muck of the state’s politics, and to take a much needed mental hiatus from frustration, let’s take our joy where we can. We hear all the time about the cycle of violence – abused children become abusers; freshman who are the victims of hazing become the senior bullies… So perhaps this syndrome extends as well to the position of Alaska Lieutenant Governor. Remember when Sarah Palin was gnashing her teeth over having to run on the ticket with Sean…

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MUDFLIX – Senator Bernie Sanders Stands Up for the Middle Class

  Welcome to Mudflix! We’ll be posting interesting videos of 10 minutes or less on a regular basis to spur interesting conversation and lively debate. Feel free to pop some corn and chime in with your buttery little fingers. And who better to launch our new feature than my Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Yes, I know I don’t live in Vermont. I live in the state of Alaska. This means, as a progressive, I also live in the state of Denial, which means I’ve adopted him whether he likes it or not. There’s also a great follow-up from Robert…

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Palin’s Remarks After Iowa Premiere (Transcript of Word Salad)

Time to get the giant Caesar-sized bowl and the double Costco bag of Crazy Croutons. Sarah Palin delivered a monstrous serving of word salad after the Iowa premiere of “The Undefeated.”  It appears that the potential presidential candidate was unconcerned with having prepared remarks of any kind, and simply let all those buzz words out of her head, in no particular order. The full transcript of the video is below. My favorite part is when she explains that we don’t need foreign countries because God gave us the oil and the gas and the coal and we can be totally…

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Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin is Coming! Preorder Now!

Well, Mudflatters, this day has been a long time coming, but I’m happy to say it’s now official. Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin, the book by Palin insider Frank Bailey, award-winning author (and Mudflats contributor) Ken Morris, and yours truly (Jeanne Devon) will at last be a reality and is now available for pre-order at! Click HERE. It’s been almost two years of ups and downs, reading tens of thousands of emails, writing, editing, and some unforeseen drama… but the end result is very much worth it. I couldn’t be happier at having had the opportunity to meet and…

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Open Thread – Moore Up North

Great taping of Moore Up North with Shannyn Moore tonight at the Taproot Cafe in Spenard. The show will air Saturday at 4pm and Sunday at 9am on KYES, Channel 5. Topics covered a wide variety of issues such as the gas line, the uprising in Wisconsin, Sean Parnell and healthcare, and who wants Sarah Palin to run for President. INTERVIEW Larry Persily– Federal Coordinator of the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects. PANEL (L-R) Thomas Dewar– Communications Director for the Alaska Public Employees Association. Janet Reiser-Chemical engineer and Vice-Chair of the Chugach Electric Board. Justin McDonald-Program Director for Alaska Integrated…

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Murkowski and Young Sworn In. Here We Go Again…

~Lisa Murkowski and husband Verne Martell when she declared her write-in candidacy. Today, Lisa Murkowski was sworn in for her second full term as U.S. Senator. She was escorted to the swearing in by Murkowski the Elder (Also known as Murkowski the Lesser). Frank the Bank who gave her the seat when he left to become the second-worst governor ever, today gave her a kiss on the cheek. Husband Verne Martell upgraded her rubber “Fill it in, Write it in” wrist band from the campaign to an engraved gold one. No word if it says “Voter intent trumps all, so oval…

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The 2010 Muddies – Vote Now!

It’s that time of the year again – the beginning of it. And it wouldn’t feel right, hanging up that new calendar without our yearly round up of the ne’er-do-wells, miscreants, and rogues of Alaska politics. Yes boys and girls, it’s time for the Muddy Awards. Now that our heads are clear after the holidays, it’s time to reflect. In past years, the first place award winner frankly hasn’t been much of a shock. I’m sure you won’t be surprised in the least when I tell you that the First Place Muddy for 2008, and 2009 went to Sarah Palin….

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