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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Boots on the Ground in Fairbanks – Sarah Palin’s Quitspeech

I was very pleased to have some great “boots on the ground” in Fairbanks for Sarah Palin’s big Quitspeech at Quitfest on Quittyday.  Thank you to Mudflatter Alaska Don who did a fabulous job reporting! There are also more pictures coming to entertain you later from other Mudflats “photobloggers.”  Truly this was a day and a speech that will live in infamy. ********************* July 26th, 2009. Abdication Day. The sun rose north by northeast of Fairbanks today at 4:30 AM, having set in the north by northwest last night shortly after 11:30 PM. It was mostly clear, with billowing dark…

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Palin’s Farewell Address – Full Transcript

Sunday July 26, at 3pm Alaska time, Governor Sarah Palin stepped down from her position as governor.  This is the transcript of her farewell address. Yup, I took one for the team. It took three hours, but I made it. I’d been meaning to transcribe her rambling crazy “I’m not quitting, I’m just leading in another direction” lakeside babble-fest, but I never seemed to get around to it. And as crazy and rambling as that one was, I think this one is even better. Boots on the ground from Fairbanks coming soon! *************************** What an absolutely beautiful day it is,…

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Sarah Palin – On to a “Higher Calling”

    It’s Quittin’ Time here in Alaska.  Yes, according to our almost former executive-in-chief, we’re yesterdays news.  Tossed like an old banana peel on the compost pile of past political ambition.  Cast off like an old peep-toe pump with a broken heel.  Jilted.  So, why are we so happy? It’s kind of like being dumped by someone who was really bad for you anyway.  Sure there are some hurt feelings.  Didn’t we measure up?  Weren’t we worth fighting for?  “It’s not you, it’s me?”  What does the Lower 48 have that we don’t?  Is it the money?  But, you said you…

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Alaska Fund BUST. The Governor’s (Il)Legal Defense Fund.

[Read this story at The Huffington Post and Buzz it Up!] The Alaska Fund Trust, the most hubristically-named piece of legal defense fundraising in the state of Alaska, has felt the sunshine of scrutiny, and it isn’t holding up too well.  It seems as though the Associated Press got its mits on some interesting information involving an ethics complaint against the governor’s office that was dismissed as frivolous by the administration. After the investigation into the legality of the fund itself was completed, appearances seem to indicate that it was, indeed, a valid complaint that uncovered some unsavory legal fund…

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Palin Hands Alaska to the Dems?

Is it true?  She said she was doing the best thing for Alaska when she quit, and by gum, she just might be right! The soon-to-be official resignation of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) could hand Democrats a legitimate pickup opportunity, according to a recent poll in the Last Frontier obtained by the Fix. The survey, which was conducted by Global Strategy Group, showed Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell (R) at 41 percent to former state Sen. Ethan Berkowitz‘s (D) 40 percent — a statistical dead heat. Democrats held the Alaska governorship from 1994 until 2002 as Gov. Tony Knowles (D)…

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And the Twit Goes On.

Cartoon by Tom Tomorrow 7 days and counting.  One week from today, Sarah Palin will join the ranks of national political celebrities and finally leave our poor little state alone.  Then, she’ll be everyone’s problem – bursting through cracked doors with abandon, electrifying the base, talking to Fox News at will, raking in gobs of money, and … opening a new Twitter account. That’s right, soon-to-be-ex-governor Sarah Palin herself has told us, through her communications medium of choice, Twitter, that she can’t wait until July 26 when she steps down from her position as governor, so she can stop being…

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A Nugget from Nome

Don’t hold back now, Nome.  Tell us how you really feel… [h/t Alaska Pi]

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The Accidental Secessionist – An Alaskan Fable.

And the leaks continue.  CBS has released a series of emails between Palin and McCain staffers that happened during the campaign.  The date?  Joe the Plumber minus three hours.  On October 15, Palin saw a CNN story with a subtitle “The Palins and the Fringe” that detailed her connections with the Alaskan Independence Party, a statewide political party that advocates for Alaskans to take a vote about whether they want to secede from the union.  Todd Palin had been a member of the party from 1995 – 2002.  The Governor herself had delivered opening remarks via videotape to their convention…

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Rubber-Necking the Republican Smack Down.

I am not a rubber-necker.  Let me start off by saying that.  When there’s a bad accident on the side of the road, and the thing holding up traffic turns out to be the fact that everyone is slowing down to stare at the wreckage…I am not one of those people. That said, there are times when it’s just unavoidable because….blam….there it is.  Right in front of your car.  Such is the case with the strange and captivating multi-car pile-up involving various conservative Republican factions in the past few days.  My attention has been tugged, now and then, in the direction of this slow and seemingly…

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The Fish Story Gets Fishier… (UPDATED)

For those of you keeping up with the ‘fish story’ coming out of Emmonak, check out Kyle Hopkins’ Village blog.   Here is my ‘reduced’ version of how I imagine the scene in the governor’s spokeswoman’s office.  But do read the whole thing HERE. Read as a monologue, with Kyle Hopkins providing the voice on the phone. ******************************************** (Sitting alone in office, the spokeswoman claps her hands together, rubbing them vigorously) The news is good!  It’s so good they won’t dare report it!  Haha!  That CNN reporter will have egg on his face now.  : ) (spins around on swiveling office…

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