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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Beanied Congressman Don Young Addresses Interior Secretery Salazar

Dear Rest of Nation, You may have many things – cheap airline tickets, world-class museums and symphonies, outlet stores, the vineyards and orchards, good public transportation, five star restaurants, and fabulous architecture. But we have things too, like the best salmon in the world, soaring mountain vistas, drive up coffee stands, downtown moose… And, I feel confident in saying that you do not have a Congressman who wears a propeller beanie while questioning the Secretary of the Interior. And we do. Here is Don Young, “Congressman for All Alaska,”  at a Natural Resources hearing in our nation’s capital. He addresses…

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Crude Awakening – Intro and Discussion for Your Reading Pleasure

I had great fun hosting Firedoglake’s book salon yesterday. Authors Amanda Coyne and Tony Hopfinger were there to answer questions about their new book/stocking stuffer Crude Awakening – Money, Mavericks and Mayhem in Alaska.  For those of you who weren’t able to make it, below is my introduction with a link to the conversation at Firedoglake at the bottom. Enjoy! ************************* “Only in Alaska.” We hear that said up here in the Last Frontier all the time. In the case of the rise of Sarah Palin, the fall of Bill Allen and the larger-than-life legacy of Ted Stevens, it is…

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Corrupt Bastard Doesn’t Like Being Corrupt Bastard – Sues

Just when you thought it was over… Convicted Corrupt Bastard Vic Kohring, doesn’t much like being called a corrupt bastard. So, he’s is suing fellow corrupt Bastard Bill Allen, federal informant and former CEO of oil services company VECO for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and damage to his business and personal reputations. He has also named CH2M Hill, the company that purchased VECO in the suit. Vic Kohring, as you may recall, is the former Republican legislator from Wasilla who pleaded guilty during his October 21 retrial for accepting bribes to keep oil taxes low in Alaska. The…

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Blinky on the Warpath – Cain Goes Ballistic on Perry Campaign

It’s been a busy week for Herman “Blinky” Cain. All that dodging and deflecting, all the blinking and stuttering, doing interviews and trying to keep stories straight… grueling work, that. And now he’s added a new activity to his already busy calendar – blaming. No, he’s not blaming the women he sexually harassed (although he may just be saving that one for another day), he’s blaming Rick Perry. What better way to start your Thursday morning than with a little elephant-on-elephant violence? That, and a cup of coffee, and you’re all set. Cain is not just accusing Rick Perry –…

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We Won! Alaska Takes Two of the Top Ten Most Bizarre Political Ads (video)

Are we really surprised that Alaska is overrepresented in anything having to do with bizarre politics? No, we are not. Inspired by the very strange Herman Cain ad, in which his campaign manager, as a finale, takes a nice deep drag off a half-smoked cigarette, followed by a cutaway to an extreme closeup of Herman Cain staring in to the camera and taking a full ten seconds to finally and veeery sloooowwwly smile, the Washington Post has posted the top ten most bizarre political ads of all time. Guess who won the top spot? Anyone living in Alaska at the…

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After Three Years, the State Requests Another Extension for the Palin Email Release

~The Alaska Department of Law hard at work on the Palin emails Remember when our former governor was nominated to be the VP candidate? And we were all like, “What? Really? You’ve got to be kidding me!”  I know. It seems like a lifetime ago. Back then, in days of yore, people in the Lower 48 didn’t even know how to pronounce her name. “Is it Pallin?” they asked. “Who is this woman? We know nothing about her!” And so journalists started doing what journalists are paid to do. They investigated, and they asked (utilizing public records requests) to see…

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Oyster Roundup – Rats, Scented Candles, Pebble Mine and more…

~Thick and fast they came at last, and more, and more, and more… A half-dozen slurpable stories for your consumption. All titles are links. Eat up!  Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Jobs Funeral Yes, apparently the most hateful, vicious, mean-spirited group of “religious” wingnuts, who made famous the “God Hates Fags” slogan, will be picketing the funeral of Steve Jobs. Why? Because he “served self, not God” and “encouraged his neighbors to sin.” How do we know they will be doing this? (Wait for it) Because they tweeted it from an iPhone. Yes, really. No worries about Westboro appreciating this…

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The Swindling of Our Wounded Warriors — A Request for Assistance *UPDATED*

By Linda Kellen Biegel Those of you who live in Anchorage may have heard about a fundraiser put on by Arkansas transplant politico and drag performer Caleb Pritt for an organization called “Homes for Our Troops.” The money was supposed to be designated towards a home for Latseen Benson and his family. Latseen lost both of his legs in a roadside bomb explosion in Iraq and required a more adaptive home to successfully complete everyday tasks. Homes for Our Troops was (is) in the process of building him one. It was still a few thousand dollars from completion when Caleb…

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Mystery of Orange Arctic Goo Solved! Again! Sort of.

[photo from NOAA] Those of you who have been breathlessly awaiting reports on the orange goo that washed up on the shores of the northwestern eskimo village of Kivalina, Alaska will be interested to hear the latest report, and that the mystery is closer to being solved. I deliberately didn’t say you’ll be “happy” to hear the report, because frankly, the latest scenario is creepier than the last one. At first, no one had any idea what the stuff was. All they knew was that nobody ever had seen anything like it in Kivalina or anywhere else. All they knew…

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Mayor Sullivan’s Appointees Don’t Want to Let the School District Spend Their Own Money

On August 3rd, there was a regular meeting of the Municipality Budget Advisory Commission. (You remember, this is the commission that used to be two — the Budget Advisory Commission and the School Budget Advisory Commission. However, when the word “school” made people think twice about the appointment of one of the Mayor’s LGBT-hating wing-nutter friends, he just combined the commissions.) Anyway, this was the first meeting with two of their newest mayoral appointees: — The most-recently-appointed Amy Demboski, who has worked most of her career in dental offices, was appointed by Sean Parnell to The Commission on Judicial Conduct,…

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