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Sensing Impending Doom, Mayor Sullivan Pulls the Sidewalk Ordinance

Yes, you can still fight City Hall! The latest news from Rosemary Shinohara at the Anchorage Daily News is that Mayor Dan Sullivan has requested a “postponement” of consideration on the new sidewalk etiquette ordinance: The administration asked that it be referred to the city’s Public Safety Commission, said Ossiander. A public hearing on the matter will still be held at today’s Assembly meeting as advertised, said Ossiander. But the hearing will remain open until the measure comes back to the Assembly later for a decision, she said. For those who need a recap… Mr. John Martin, a homeless man,…

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Oyster Roundup! Bastards Flee, Palin Flops, and Traffickers Wed

~Thick and fast they came at last and more, and more, and more… Corrupt Bastards Seek to Flee the Scene of the Crime Former Alaska Speaker of the House Pete Kott (R), and former Alaska House Rep. Vic Kohring (R) have asked for a new venue for their impending retrial. Both were successful in having their guilty conviction overturned, and getting new trials. They successfully argued that the prosecution had withheld evidence about their main witness that might have been helpful to the defense. You see, surprisingly, the oil companies had a nefarious bad guy bribing legislators. Nelson Mandela must…

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Mayor Appoints Schoolbus-Following Guy to the (School) Budget Advisory Committee

  By Linda Kellen Biegel Here at The Mudflats we did a post not long ago about an incident discussed during an Anchorage School Board Meeting. It seems that Bob Griffin, a twice-failed candidate for the school board, was pulled over by the police. Here is the explanation in the words of School Superintendent Carol Comeau at that meeting: Carol Comeau — I have no idea what he said or what he’s doing. I do know that shortly after the election he was following the bus route of one high school, middle school and elementary school and the bus driver…

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Gun-loving Tea-hadist Punches Solidarity Singer at Wisconsin Capitol

UPDATE: From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Greenbay WI man arrested for battery. Around 1 p.m. Tuesday, a group of protesters was participating in their daily singalong in the Capitol rotunda, when two men along with former state Sen. David Zien began interrupting their singing. According to Sue Trace, one of the participants in the singalong, Zien yelled “Walker for president” while two men draped Zien’s “Don’t Tread On Me” flag over the singers’ heads. The two men were Green Bay resident Henry Rahr and Shorewood, Minn., resident Eugene German. Michael Dickman, 50, said Rahr and German were bumping into him along…

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Palin Emails: Todd is a “private citizen”…except when he’s not…

I have a little bit of personal experience with this Palin email thing. However, mine were so redacted, they were no fun at all. So, like many others, I’ve enjoyed making up my own searches of the awesome 2011 Palin Email Database, courtesy of MSNBC and Crivella West. The REAL fun happens when I’m searching on one topic and stumble upon another quite accidentally. For example, I was doing a search on a lobbyist name or two and found this email from Palin’s assistant/residence manager: From : Erika Fagerstrom [erika_fagerstrom@gov.state.] Sent: Friday, April 20, 2007 1:43 PM To: Governor…

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Why Is Twice-Failed School Board Candidate Bob Griffin Following School Busses?

By Linda Kellen Biegel No, this is not a joke. Bob Griffin, Mayor Sullivan’s candidate for School Board (including personal donations from the Mayor and his wife) even had an encounter with the Anchorage Police School Resource Officers over the whole thing. From a recording of the May 23rd School Board Meeting: Don Smith: The other thing…I understand there was some kind of a school bus study being done by an independent group… Carol Comeau: Do you want me to tell you the story? Don Smith: I’m curious where it’s at now because I’ve been hearing stories that indicate the…

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Open Thread: Saturday in Fairview — The Joint is Jumpin’! (by LKB)

If you missed your invitation from about 100 different sources on Facebook or didn’t read one of the news articles or blog posts, there’s a block party going on in Fairview today! The events are listed on the flyer above. For a larger copy, just click on it. As it turns out, something that could have put a damper on the day seems to have given the party PR a much bigger reach than it would have on its own. From Bent, Alaska (one of my favorite neighborhoods!): If you’ve seen the flyers for the Fairview Block Party and you’re…

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WI GOP Sex, Lies and Ethics Violations: recall senators attempt to avoid elections.

Madison, WI. By Patrick DePula. Showing signs of sheer desperation, three GOP senators up for recall elections on July 12 have now resorted to asking the courts to stop the election citing dubious alleged “irregularities” in the filing of recall petitions.Never mind the wholesale recall petition fraud perpetrated by the Wisconsin Republican Party; substantiated with scores of affidavits and reports of dead people signing their names, felons stealing items while circulating papers, and the involvement of a shady out of state group that helped organize the republican efforts against democrats. From the Wisconsin State Journal: State Sens. Dan Kapanke, R-La Crosse;…

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Palin’s Paul Revere Gaffe – The Idiocy Tour Continues (VIDEO)

Well, Hurricane Sarah continues its ravaging rampage up the Eastern seaboard. Leaving idiocy, ignorance and alienation in its wake, it continued its relentless path of destruction as it headed for New Hampshire. First, in the nation’s capital, Sarah Palin managed to alienate the organizers of the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally in support of veterans, POWs and those missing in action. Then, she struck New Yorkers in the heart with a fork by desecrating their local customs and humiliating herself by eating pizza with silverware. And let’s not forget the “Statute [sic] of Liberty.” So where is she now?  Boston,…

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Bible Purple

By John Aronno (Alaska Commons) There’s a truck that’s been driving around town. I saw it sputtering down Northern Lights Blvd last week as I gazed out the window at the Spenard Roadhouse. The four-wheeled apocalypse barker is touting the message that a massive, worldwide earthquake is going to hit us, giving way to the Rapture, and ending with the complete obliteration of the Earth one month later. Judgment day, according to this group, will happen Saturday, May 21st, reminding us of the utmost importance of gettin’ down on Friday. There’s nothing new about End Times warnings (in fact the…

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