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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Oyster Roundup – Shuck ’em!

~Thick and fast they came at last, and more, and more, and more! Grab your metaphorical cocktail sauce and belly up to the oyster bar for some tasty news nuggets from Alaska and beyond… Bigfoot Goes to Ketchikan? Stop the presses! Mysterious shaggy grey ape-like creature almost clearly spotted through foliage and almost conclusively captured on shaky video by breathless videographer! Is it or isn’t it? You can watch the video yourself and make the call. This is the first time a Bigfoot has been spotted in Ketchikan, and only the 22nd such sighting in Alaska.  And frankly, I think…

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New Assemblyman Trombley Guilty of Lying and Being a Whippersnapper

The thing that consoles me when I write about local issues, is that our characters here in Alaska (even though many of you are from elsewhere) are so incredibly over-the-top and ridiculous that they can be appreciated in their own right, just for the entertainment value. It’s like writing a book full of short stories about some mythical crazy dysfunctional municipal government, only it’s not mythical. Today, we’ll revisit one of the larger yet lesser characters in our serial drama, and one of Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan’s henchpeople. Remember Adam Trombley, former local basketball star and up-and-coming conservative mayoral toady?…

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Local Taxidermist Reports 550 Pounds of Unstable Dynamite in Old Station Wagon

~Bucolic Trapper Creek, Alaska – in the shadow of Denali Residents of Trapper Creek Alaska (pop. 513) had a bit of a scare after 50 homes in the tiny hamlet an hour north of Wasilla were evacuated last night. The evacuations resulted because of the report of 550 pounds of unstable explosives in an old abandoned station wagon sitting on the owner’s property, near a local air strip. The vehicle had been parked there since the mid 1990s. The owner and respected local taxidermist is now being called “Gator the Detonator” by residents.  “He does good work,” said a former…

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Wisconsin Republican Party Election Fraud Exposed: Breaking.

By Patrick DePula As if the Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice “recount” isn’t a big enough mess, It appears that the Wisconsin GOP  has been engaged in widespread fraud surrounding their attempts to recall democratic senators.  Inexplicably, the Republican Party of Wisconsin had relied heavily on people they hired from out of state to collect signatures against democrats, even paying to house these folks in hotel rooms.   In all cases, they paid by the signature. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? The decision to pay out of state people when there are plenty of unemployed folks that reside in…

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Mayor Dan Sullivan — Playground Bully (by LKB)

Remember THAT kid back in grade school? Remember coming to school and sharing the excitement of how you got the remote control car you wanted for Christmas? THAT kid would talk about his brand new remote control F-15 jet…life-sized. Or, you’d very proudly reveal the balsa wood car you’d carved yourself and painted red to run in the local Pinewood Derby while THAT kid would bring out the super-slick car he claimed he made himself but was secretly made by his daddy’s engineering firm. THAT kid was the one the teachers all thought was a wonderful student when he was…

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Oyster Roundup!

~Thick and fast they came at last, and more, and more, and more! In all honesty, I probably owe you more oyster roundups than I care to count. By way of a little explanation for the scarcity of content from yours truly, Mudflats Central (aka me) has been stricken by a nasty case of pneumonia. So, as a result, I’ve been thinking of all the things I want to post, and then watching days slip past without anything actually going from my brain to my fingertips. Things appear to be on the upswing, which is good. And thanks to all…

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Once Again, the Assembly is Sullied by Dan

Back when the Anchorage Assembly Chair was Dan Sullivan, he presided over a “meeting-before-the-meeting” of the Assembly. This is a meeting they have before their regular Tuesday Assembly meeting to basically get the organizational flotsam and jetsam out of the way…present amendments, new ordinances, etc…so that time isn’t eaten up on Tuesdays with “making the sausage.” Though the “open meeting laws” in Alaska ensure that anyone can sit in on these, at this particular meeting more members of the public were present than usual. You see, the debate over the ordinance that would halt smoking in the hospitality workplaces was…

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We haven’t heard much about Palin’s Wisconsin Visit — Here’s Why

In the Palinista blogosphere, there was much hullaballoo leading up to Sarah Palin’s day-after-tax-day speech at a American’s For Prosperity (Koch Brothers) rally in Madison, Wisconsin. The April 16th event was billed by her supporters as “history in the making,” “courageous,” “this will be one for the books.” One commenter talked about needing “overpowering numbers” so that “the union boys just fold their tents and go home.” Reality? Not so much… Per the non-partisan PR Watch: THE BADGERS DROWN OUT THE MAMA GRIZZLIES The wet snow and tense atmosphere did not deter thousands of people from coming to the capitol…

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Where is the Knik Arm Bridge REALLY Going?

Remember the “Bridge to Nowhere?” Remember the project that was possibly the single biggest contributor to the tainting of the word “earmarks?” That famous title was actually a misnomer. It referred to two Alaska bridges, both funded through the same “earmark” at the time. The actual “Bridge to Nowhere” referred to the Gravina Island Bridge, which was a link from Ketchikan to the island that holds its airport. This was only accessible by ferry and small plane and when hundreds of thousands of visitors pour into Southeast Alaska during the summers, it becomes a problem. This was also the bridge…

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Say it Ain’t So, Joe! Co-Author of Leaked Palin Book Speaks Out

By Ken Morris, co-author of Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin, A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years Mudflats Friends: When I first appeared on Jeanne’s ground-breaking pages well over one year ago, I wrote about participating in the eBay auction to buy a meal with Sarah Palin to benefit a worthy veterans’ charity. A short time later, after losing that auction to what looked like a rigged bid, I then offered through Mudflats an additional $200,000 to that charity if Sarah would answer civil question over a second meal, on the record, with the likes or Jeanne, Rachel Maddow, Shannyn Moore, and Keith Olbermann. While…

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