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April 24, 2014

“Russia with Love”: Alaska Gas Scandal is Out-of-Country, Not Out-of-State


“Russia with Love”: Alaska Gas Scandal is Out-of-Country, Not Out-of-State (via Desmogblog) Fri, 2014-04-18 10:28Steve Horn A legal controversy — critics would say scandal — has erupted in Alaska’s statehouse over the future of its natural gas bounty. It’s not so much an issue of the gas itself, but who gets to decide how it gets to…

Join Vic Fischer, Bella Hammond and many more in Taking Back Alaska


Please join us for a Spring Celebration to Take Back Alaska! Join Vic Fischer, Bella Hammond, Jim Whitaker, Hal & Barbara Gazaway, Jane Angvik, Chancy Croft, Jack Roderick, Barney Gottstein, David Gottstein, Malcolm & Cindy Roberts, Robin Brena, Ted & Claire Pease, Bob Lohr, Aaron Dubie, Frank Mullen, Eleanor Andrews, and Anselm Staack for a Campaign Update and Fundraising Reception at Café del Mundo 341 East Benson Boulevard, Anchorage Wednesday, April 9, 2014 – 5:00 to 7:00 P.M. It is more important than ever to get our message out! The Giveaway has pushed Alaska to the edge of the fiscal…

Anchorage: Free Dental Care For Those In Need

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    More Info at the links:   Patient Information April 11-12, 2013 Dena’ina Center, Anchorage, Alaska Alaska Mission of Mercy is a large-scale dental clinic where dental treatment is provided at no cost to individuals who cannot access and/or afford dental care. This event is completely volunteer driven and is possible because of the generous support of AKMOM partners. Who Should Come Adults and Children If you do not have enough money to pay for dental care If you do not have a regular dentist Dates Friday April 11, 2014 Saturday April 12, 2014 Time Come early!…

UPDATE! Still NOT Made in Alaska – Phuket, We’re buying from Thailand


Looks like Dan is reading TheMudflats. I checked his site today and all the photos mentioned changed over to new ones. You can see for yourself at the screenshot below, taken Wednesday 4/2/2014 at about 9:50am AK Time.   —————————————— We published a story titled “NOT Made in Alaska – DC Dan Buys from New Zealand“  about 5 days ago. In the article (which is worth a read) we show that Dan Sullivan bought a photo for his site that was supposed to portray Alaska, but the photo was actually of New Zealand. Not ground breaking investigative research, but if you’re…

DC Dan’s Embryonic Memory


US Senate hopeful Dan Sullivan (R-OH–>DC–>AK) has decided to boost his nonexistent Alaska cred by campaign-branding the most traumatic event in Anchorage history. In addition to slapping his logo on the Good Friday Quake, Dan pours on the “we remember.” Given that the quake hit our city roughly 8 months before Sullivan’s birth in Ohio, his precocious, in-utero grasp of geological phenomena like the shifting of tectonic plates must have been impressive. The actual Alaskan in the Senate race shows our visitor from Ohio/DC how it’s done: Translation: “There’s no need to explicitly remind you I was born and raised here….

Homer’s 50th Anniversary


Come celebrate Homer’s 50th Anniversary! Outdoor Barbecue, historical displays, entertaining speakers from Homer’s past will be telling stories about Homer history and legends .. Plus live entertainment and a lot of laughing! This is for everyone, And if you have an interesting tale about Homer’s past, you are also invited come share it! Doors open at 4:00, Barbecue starts around 5, story telling around 6, entertainment around 8 featuring English John and Atz Lee Kiltcher on stage… and a whole bunch more stuff! Elks Lodge, 215 Jenny Way Homer AK 99603 More info on Facebook.

NOT Made in Alaska – DC Dan Buys from New Zealand


Earlier this week Jeanne Devon documented the hilariously unfortunate copy and paste job of Dan Sullivan’s website. “Carpetbagging Republican Senate candidate Dan Sullivan (OH->DC->AK) is running against incumbent Senator Mark Begich (D-AK) this fall. When serious and professional candidates run for office, they usually hire someone to develop a website for their candidacy.” The Mudflats has now uncovered some new issues on his site. This time they’re not just from out of state, they’re from the other side of the planet. New Zealand, in fact. Most Alaskan politicos have their own stock of photography from their years in Alaska –…

Exxon Spill – 25 Years of Tears


Time has a strange affect on events in our lives. I feel I’m looking through a glass of water when I look back 25 years to this day, March 24, 1989. I’d left Seattle University and the Ballard Lochs on the M/V Westward heading north through the Inside Passage of British Columbia for the sac roe herring fishery in Sitka. No time in my life is etched as clearly as that spring. There is a certain magic about following Spring to Alaska. Per my not so scientific study, I’ve determined Spring moves at about 9 nautical miles an hour, about…

Don’t Tread On Grammar: Reader Response


So, a while ago I made this No Pebble flag using art by the inimitable Ray Troll. It’s a riff on the Gadsden flag. Someone didn’t like it too much. I got this in my e-mail.  Which, of course I forwarded to Jeanne. After some grade school corrections from Jeanne, I created this. Remember kids, fund public education.

Open Thread: Found Aurora


Just searching through my Alaska archives and came across a folder of some wonderful aurora photos from late last year. You can see the rest over at my new photo site (and get prints, if you like) at