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May 27, 2022


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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Board of Game Denies Wolf Protection

The Board of Game has voted not to stop hunting and trapping of wolves that reside in the area surrounding the perimeter of Denali Park. These “golden wolves” are the most seen, most photographed and most valuable in the state. But the Board of Game in their infinite wisdom, voted unanimously to reject a petition filed by multiple wildlife groups. These groups were requesting the return of the “buffer zone” east of the park boundary where many wolves from the Granite pack would stray over park boundary lines into land where trapping and hunting were permitted. After the zone was…

Board of Game Trapped the Golden Goose

…and by “goose,” I mean wolf. For many years, I owned a gift shop in downtown Anchorage. There was nothing more fun than talking to sparkly-eyed tourists who’d just been on their bucket list adventure of a lifetime – a trip to Denali Park. I got to hear about the scenery, the back breaking 12-hour bus ride that they wouldn’t have missed for the world, and most of all, the wildlife – bears, moose, foxes, and most of all – wolves. Those who got to see a wolf, out in the wild, were changed. Sure they liked the bears and…

The Comeuppance of a Gopher Choker – Corey Rossi Busted for Illegal Bear Hunting

Corey Rossi, director of the Alaska Division of Wildlife Conservation, who has just resigned in scandal after being snared (as it were) engaging in the illegal hunting of bears. Mudflatters may remember past coverage of Corey Rossi, referred to by others as “the gopher choker.” Rossi began his ignominious political career by being friends with Chuck and Sally Heath, parents of then-Governor Sarah Palin. And really, what else do you need?  In those days, being BFFs with the Palins was like being dealt a royal flush. Palin high school pal and former real estate agent Franci Havermeister was given the…