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May 19, 2022


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Monday, March 21, 2022

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Friday, January 28, 2022


Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Mudflats’ Top 13 of 2013

Since it’s two millennia plus a baker’s dozen on the calendar, we thought that it seemed appropriate to give a nod to the top 13 Mudflats stories of 2013. We noticed that six of the top 13 posts are about a certain former half governor who used to steer Alaska’s ship of state.  We’re not quite sure what to make of this. We’re not ones to pat ourselves on the back, but that option is less horrifying to us than thinking that Sarah Palin is still all that important. We prefer instead to believe that she has simply morphed, devolved…

Open Thread – Brian Reads!

So, what does Brian, the official moosecot of The Mudflats read?  All of it. Everything they put in front of him. And this week, Mudflatter ThatCrowWoman put in front of him a copy of the July/August issue of Sierra Club Magazine. Inside is a nice little nod to The Mudflats! Coming shortly, another one of those pesky “nail gun attacks” on you know who.

Open Thread – Maddow & Mudflats

Landing from The Rachel Maddow Show on Vimeo.   I may be the last person to actually see this awesome clip from Rachel Maddow’s blog. Yes, I’m running a little behind but, better late than never. Here you can see Rachel & crew’s plane coming in for a landing in Anchorage. They discover the mudflats, and Maddow’s producer Bill Wolff gives us a nice plug! What a pleasure it was getting to meet Rachel Maddow again, and also meeting for the first time her amazing crew. Those are some hard working people, believe you me. We’re all hopeful that they’ll…