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September 1, 2014

Shell: The Reckoning


Like any large corporation these days, Shell is making use of social media to spin its damage control about the Kulluk grounding. Whether the company’s aren’t-we-swell message is getting traction is open to debate. More important than getting an earful on its Facebook page is the legal/legislative reckoning the company is about to face. US Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK), the United States Coast Guard, the Department of the Interior, and the US House of Representatives are all launching investigations into the matter. Phil Munger over at Progressive Alaska has a nice overview of each of these inquiries. Given the PR…

Open Letter to the Alaska Tea Party…and You


Dear Alaska Tea Party, A few years ago, Sarah Palin was asked which Founding Father was her favorite. She answered, “You know, well, all of them.” My favorite Founding Father was William Woodford. He fought alongside his friend George Washington in the French-Indian War. Afterwards, Woodford brokered a peace treaty between the Virginians and the Cherokee that was honored for over a decade. Woodford was a General, and before the Revolution started, he and Washington corresponded about the coming struggle. A letter lining out how to conduct troops was signed, “My compliments to Mrs. Woodford; and that every success may…