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December 5, 2016

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    The War Against Women Is On

    “What’s wrong with this generation of women?! Why aren’t they out burning their bras like we did? Why are they lying down for all these attacks on their reproductive freedoms? Don’t they understand their economic freedom is their reproductive freedom? They are the same!” I should probably set the scene before I launch into this week’s thoughts on America’s fall from grace. My neighbor had cut a rather pitiful Christmas tree and I was in attendance to witness the merriment. I’m not much of a holiday person, but I was doing what I could to assist in securing the lopsided…

  • Western Wood-Pewee, Creamer's Refuge, Fairbanks

    Bird of the Week – Western Wood-Pewee

    There are three species in this genus this small flycatchers, but only one, the Western Wood-Pewee, is commonly found in Alaska. This is a small, drab bird, but the slight crest, indistinct or missing eye ring and whitish belly and throat make it fairly easy to identify in field. At least is you are outside the range of Eastern Wood Pewees, and happily, in Alaska we are. Fairbanks is near the northerly limit of the species’ documented breeding range. They winter in Central and northern South America. Any bird that eats mosquitoes is a winner, in WC’s thinking. Which makes the…

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    Alaskan Gifts for Your Lower 48 Friends… ok, and for your Alaskan ones too

    It’s Cyber Monday – the digital version of the shopping we did before the weekend when we shopped ourselves silly on Black Friday. This list of #mustbuys are all Alaskan. From nature photographers like Carl Johnson to oyster farmers, Alaska is chock full of awesome gifts to give to your friends in and out of the 49th state. This cyber Monday, support local… your friends will thank you for it. Where Water is Gold – Carl Johnson Mudflats contributor, Carl Johnson, who has been documenting the communities that would be affected Pebble Mine for years published the gorgeous Where Water is…

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    Thanksgiving Goes into Overtime

    I’m hoping your Thanksgiving was peaceful. I know there was a lot of anxiety about it and how the holiday season is going to go. If there was a “Thanksgiving Bingo” game I would have won after hearing the term “vaginal overreach” in a conversation. We had a lot on our plates to talk about, as well as plenty of food. I’ve been trying to figure out where the Venn diagram overlaps are between our divided camps, and concentrate on them. Our similarities aren’t always obvious. Truth be told, the idea of the president-elect succeeding in his agenda could really…

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    MSNBC: Greg Palast on the Recount

    In Michigan and North Carolina the wipe-out of Black, Hispanic and young voters was massive – especially under Crosscheck. Watch my latest segment on MSNBC’s AM Joy, this Saturday morning on how the election was rigged – long before the vote even happened.



FREE MOVIE: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Nov 6, 2016

For more than a year Greg Palast and I have been working on a new movie. It’s about the potential theft of the election, you know the one that’s happening TOMORROW. Trump has been running around the country telling people that the election is going to be rigged. Well, I’m sorry to say he’s right. Well… half right. They are trying to rig the election – but NOT the Democrats. It’s Trump’s own border wall advisor – Kris Kobach, the Secretary of State of Kansas. He has a list of millions of voters names that he claims are double voters…

Photo by Redhawk at Standing Rock

I’m not being racist here, but…

Nov 6, 2016

Have you ever noticed right before someone says something racist, they say, “I’m not being racist here, but…”, and then they say something racist. You know what’s coming. A Denali tour pilot wrote something racist online and he’s feeling the brunt of many Alaskans who are tired of racism against Native Alaskans. Among other things, the pilot said “no Natives.” I realize he’s an out of stater, but part of the historical shame that magnified his comments were the “No Dogs, No Natives” signs that used to hang in too many of businesses. One of the commenters on the article…

Black Turnstone, Chevak, Alaska

Bird of the Week – Black Turnstone

Nov 5, 2016

The Black Turnstone is the drabber cousin of last week’s Ruddy Turnstone. The Black Turnstone is a North American bird, breeding only on the western shore of Alaska. It winters along the Pacific coast, as far north as Kodiak Island and as far south as Baja California. This little 9.25 inch bird is about as belligerent as a shorebird gets. WC has watched them attack a Long-tailed Jaeger, a bird four times its size, screeching defiance the whole time. Unlike other shorebirds, presented with a threat, even an innocent photographer, a Black Turnstone runs directly at the threat, in a hunched-over…


Sesame Street’s Maria Reads To You About Voting

Oct 31, 2016

Maria, aka Sonia Manzano reads the Dr. Seuss One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote at the North Carolina Democratic Party Headquarters in Raleigh. She was in Raleigh to support Hillary Clinton and to lead off a day door knocking. A couple of the kids that were in attendance were dressed in their Halloween costumes – Jacob aka Captain America makes an adorable appearance in the video a couple of times. Watch and enjoy. Maria from Sesame Street Reads to Kids at NC Democratic Party HQ from Zach Roberts on Vimeo.  


Maria from Sesame Street Speaks out for Hillary

Oct 30, 2016

It’s not very often that I geek out while covering an event. I’m a cynical guy so there’s only a handful of people that I photograph that I even try and get a selfie with. Rosario Dawson, who is one of my favorite actors and a political hero of mine, Robert Kennedy Jr. which shouldn’t need an explanation… and now Sonia Manzano who played Maria for decades on Sesame Street. Maria, um, I mean Sonia was in Raleigh, North Carolina at the North Carolina Democratic Party Headquarters speaking to a small audience of kids and their parents. In the video…


The Still Before the Electoral Storm

Oct 30, 2016

If you’re paying attention, right before a storm comes, it gets really, really still. The blue herons and kingfishers seem to be the only birds still fishing. I wonder if it’s easier for them to see their tiny silver meals through the surface of the water when it is so quiet. From the porch you can hear whales surfacing and their tails whacking near to the channel. If you wait, you’ll see the wake ripple to the beach from their antics. The air smells like summer died. I have more devil’s club in my flesh than the devil does and…


Talking with Trump Supporters: Terry From Greensboro, North Carolina

Oct 29, 2016

Here’s the second of my Trump fans interviews of many more to come. I spoke to Terry from Greensboro, North Carolina at a Mike Pence Rally earlier this week. She’s a very (and I repeat, very) expressive Donald Trump supporter who yelled out to get people to start cheering and get motivated. She tells me that she’s, “not voting a straight ticket, I’m going to vote for who I want to.” Terry, a Trump Voter from Greensboro North Carolina from Zach Roberts on Vimeo.

Ruddy Turnstone, St. Paul Island, Pribilof Islands, Alaska

Bird of the Week – Ruddy Turnstone

Oct 29, 2016

WC was in Peru earlier this month, and saw a Ruddy Turnstone there, 13° south of the equator. The bird quite possibly had flown south from Alaska. The comparatively small shorebird has a very long migration. (Actually, this bird if a bit of a puzzle. Photographed in late May, it should have been in more gaudy breeding plumage. Maybe it didn’t get the memo?) (You can see how much snappier these fellows look) Pluages issues aside, this is a tough little bird, one of the most northerly breeding species, with an epic migration. It’s holarctic, meaning it occurs in the…

Didn't want to be interviewed, but posed for this photo.

Photos: Trump Lands in Kinston, North Carolina

Oct 27, 2016

Donald Trump landed his plane in Hurricane Matthew slammed Kinston, North Carolina Wednesday night to a crowd of enthusiastic supporters that numbered in the thousands. It was a smaller audience than i was used to seeing at Trump rallies but still a surprising crowd for a 7pm rally in a town that just a week ago had been evacuated. Trump gave his stump speech of calling for Secretary Clinton to be jailed but didn’t tell the crowd that the election would be rigged.


Fact Check of a ‘Fact Check': Bill Clinton and NAFTA

Oct 27, 2016

I know it’s the last two weeks of the Presidential campaign, so truth and facts have a tendency to go by the wayside for political expediency. As a child of the 90’s, one of my earliest political memories was the advent of NAFTA. It was then I decided that I could never go into electoral politics as this was touted as an example of the two political parties working together. Supposedly liberal President Bill Clinton worked with the Republican Party, and passed the agreement that the Republican’s could have never dreamed to actually get passed and signed alone. In response to the…