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April 25, 2014

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    Why Did John McCain Choose Palin?

    Books have been written, movies have been filmed, pundits have… pundicized. But no one really knew the answer to the most asked question of the 2008 Presidential campaign. Why the f*** did John McCain choose then Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate? Well, he finally answered that question on (of all places) Late Night with Seth Meyers. Check it out. hat tip to Mediaite

  • Self portrait by George W. Bush

    GOP Elephant Art & the Bigger Picture

    The recent public exhibition of portraits painted by George W Bush, retired President of the United States, has managed to throw a lot of people into a tizzy. Critiques of his work ranged from relatively benign (it’s “simple-minded”), to strangely overwrought (“dangerous”), but every commentator seemed to assume that his paintings were art. As if it was perfectly self-evident that Bush was making art and not, well, merely painting stuff. Which got me thinking: can elephants be artists? By this, I mean not only Republican elephants, but actual elephants. Asian elephants, to be exact. For several years now, a group…

  • Northern Wheatear, Eagle Summit, Steese Highway

    Bird of the Week – Northern Wheatear

    There is a bird that winters with elephants and giraffes, and summers with us in Alaska. The Northern Wheatear has one of the longest migration routes among the passerines, the small singing birds. The species breeds on rocky slopes like the White Mountains and Brooks Range in Alaska. Once the kids are fledged, it packs up and flies to Africa – yes, southeastern Africa – for the winter. 9,000 miles, each way. The bird weighs just 25 grams. It’s a privilege to photograph them. For more bird photos, please visit Frozen Feather Images.

  • FromRussiaWithLove

    “Russia with Love”: Alaska Gas Scandal is Out-of-Country, Not Out-of-State

    “Russia with Love”: Alaska Gas Scandal is Out-of-Country, Not Out-of-State (via Desmogblog) Fri, 2014-04-18 10:28Steve Horn A legal controversy — critics would say scandal — has erupted in Alaska’s statehouse over the future of its natural gas bounty. It’s not so much an issue of the gas itself, but who gets to decide how it gets to…

  • putin-palin-view-from-russia

    Putin Snubs Alaska – Not Invasion-Worthy

    You can finally stop scanning the horizon with binoculars from your porch, Alaska. Turns out Vladimir Putin doesn’t want us. At least that’s what he’s claiming in front of the cameras. The Russian President and former KGB agent participated in an annual televised call-in show, where he answered questions from viewers on a wide range of topics. One of those callers asked Putin if he had any plans to “acquire Alaska.” Apparently Vlad does not find the 49th state invasion worthy. “What would you need Alaska for?” Putin asked, reminding viewers that even though Russia had sold off Alaska on the cheap back in…


American Dipper with a Snack

Bird of the Week – American Dipper

Apr 5, 2014

When folks think about birds that winter in Alaska during the long, dark winter, they often forget one species. The American Dipper, a bird that spends a big chunk of its life under water, stays in Alaska all winter. Dippers forage by walking and swimming in shallow, fast streams, catching fish and invertebrates. It survives by staying in the air pockets under river ice, where the temperature is a relatively mild 32 degrees. In the summer, you’ll see the bird along fast-flowing streams, doing its namesake dipping movement. The old name for Dippers was Water Ouzel, a name that calls…


Palin on Tonight Show – Actually Funny

Apr 3, 2014

Sarah Palin was featured in a skit on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He played Vladimir Putin, and she played herself. And it’s actually really funny. After all she put us through, she owes us a smile every once in a while. Enjoy!


GOP Leader Threatens Sexual Assault Council

Apr 3, 2014

Speaker of the House Mike Chenault (R-Nikiski) is throwing rape victims under the train to get the governor’s out-of-state buddy on an Alaska gasline board. You’ve got to hand it to him; the lengths to which he will go to demonstrate his lack of common decency are not half-assed. In a state where 37 percent of women report having experienced sexual violence, and where rape statistics are three times the national average, Mike Chenault proves that for those like himself, there are more important things. Like getting the governor’s Texas buddy on the gasline board. The premise of Chenault’s latest legislative…


The April 1 Election Was No Joke!

Apr 3, 2014

Yes, progressives, the light you saw heading towards you for this Municipal Election was NOT an oncoming train! We had a very successful night with a possibility (a long-shot, but a possibility nonetheless) of even better news after questioned and absentee ballots are counted. First, the current good news! East Side incumbent Assembly member Adam Trombley has been dumped for a better date – Mr. Pete Petersen! Mao Tosi’s candidacy did not do what his Republican backers wanted — he was unable to pull enough votes from Petersen to give Trombley the win. Pete currently leads Trombley by 336 votes…


UPDATE! Still NOT Made in Alaska – Phuket, We’re buying from Thailand

Apr 2, 2014

Looks like Dan is reading TheMudflats. I checked his site today and all the photos mentioned changed over to new ones. You can see for yourself at the screenshot below, taken Wednesday 4/2/2014 at about 9:50am AK Time.   —————————————— We published a story titled “NOT Made in Alaska – DC Dan Buys from New Zealand“  about 5 days ago. In the article (which is worth a read) we show that Dan Sullivan bought a photo for his site that was supposed to portray Alaska, but the photo was actually of New Zealand. Not ground breaking investigative research, but if you’re…


Bus Fares & Propaganda

Mar 31, 2014

A political brochure sent to East Anchorage voters caught the attention and ire of some veterans just days before the Anchorage Assembly race. The race in East Anchorage for Assembly has three very visible candidates: Mao Tosi, a former NFL player; Pete Petersen, a former state legislator; and Adam Trombley, the Assembly incumbent. Understandably, Petersen has the strongest name recognition. Clearly, it’s a hot race. When it comes to campaigns for office, every tactic possible will likely be used – good or bad. Introduce Political Action Committees (PACs), and the plot thickens. For the voter, it’s not easy to determine…


Anchorage Muni Voter Guide

Mar 31, 2014

The editors of The Mudflats don’t always agree, but this time we’re unanimous. What we agree upon most of all is that everyone must get out to vote tomorrow, Tuesday, April 1. Local elections are the most important, and least well attended. This one is particularly critical, so no excuses. Here’s your down and dirty voter guide. Anchorage Assembly Races East Side  Adam Trombley vs. Pete Petersen vs. Mao Tosi Trombley has rallied the troops at the Anchorage Tea Party “Day of Resistance,” spent most of his time trying to distance himself from an increasingly unpopular Mayor who hand-selected him…

Great Grey Owl

Bird of the Week – Great Grey Owl

Mar 29, 2014

The largest, but not the heaviest, owl in North America is the Great Grey, an owl of the boreal forest. Even more than other owls, a Great Grey is mostly feathers. This particular bird is an educational bird some of you may recognize. Earl – that’s right, Earl Grey – lives with WC and Mrs. WC. You mean you don’t have mice thawing in your refrigerator? At 27 inches tall, with the distinct “bow tie” around the neck, this is one of the easiest birds to identify if you are lucky enough  to see one in the field. Or in…


BP Doubles Initial Size Estimate of Lake Michigan Oil Spill

Mar 28, 2014

BP Doubles Initial Estimate of Lake Michigan Oil Spill (via Desmogblog) Thu, 2014-03-27 16:03Steve Horn Three days after spilling crude oil into Lake Michigan, BP has doubled its spill estimate to between 470 and 1228 gallons. The leak happened at its refinery in Whiting, Ind. Although some of the oil has been cleaned…


Christie is the New Palin

Mar 28, 2014

In Alaska, there have lately been many comparisons of Governor Chris Christie to Alaska ex-half-governor Sarah Palin. To wit: a close circle of micromanaged advisors from whom utter loyalty is demanded; an open abhorrence of the press when they pull outrageous stunts like asking questions; a certain tone deaf quality and tendency to double down when bad behavior is called out; wielding the power of the office in full force political payback; and a complete lack of hesitation to throw anyone and everyone under the bus to save one’s own very thin skin. And come on – the Bridges and…