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November 1, 2014

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    Alaska Girls Kick Ass & Midterms Matter

    If you live in Alaska, you’ve seen that bumper sticker a hundred times if you’ve seen it once. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it when I arrived in the Great Land. As the years passed, I did things I’d never have done if I had stayed in east coast suburbia. I camped in bear country, and wolf country; I sailed in high seas in the Gulf of Alaska; traversed mountain passes with a baby on my back; almost tumbled into a gorge on a 3-wheeler; pulled up my share of halibut from the deep sea; had Thanksgiving in…

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    More Caption Winners!

    Congressman Don Young, a boat, a cigar, a shotgun… a panda. We asked you to caption this unbelievably non-photoshopped image and you didn’t disappoint.

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    Exclusive: Inside an Ebola Quarantine

    [Read Marcus DiPoala's frontline photo-essay at TheMudflats] I got back to the U.S. from covering the Ebola outbreak in Liberia on October 19. I went because very few reporters were there, and the ones that were there were only staying for a week or so. I felt that this story was too important to not be on the ground, so I bought a plane ticket and went. On the way back, I had to go through three levels of screening, and by the time I had cleared customs at JFK International Airport in Queens, NY, I thought I was done….

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    Morning Baby! Porcupine Pumpkin Feast

    It’s Hump Day. It’s less than a week until the election… Halloween is just around the corner. You’re exhausted. We know you’re ready for a mid-week productivity boost. So since science is on your side, here is an adorable porcupine that can help you. This is Teddy Bear the porcupine, to be specific, and the noises he makes will make your brain turn into candy corn.

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    Winners! Don Young Caption Contest

    Your meme magic has astounded even us, Mudflatters! When presented with this picture of longest sitting member of the House of Representatives Don Young, with a cigar, a shotgun, and rubber panda guy, you stepped up. There are but seven days until the election, and to help you keep your sanity and sense of humor, we will dole out two a day, for a total of the 14 best meme ideas. Think of it like a brief, and extremely insane political advent calendar, only instead of a chocolate treat you get Don Young. Ok, bad analogy. Here are today’s two…



Mudflats is Anchorage Press Picks Best Blog!

Oct 25, 2014

Thanks, Alaska! We’re busting our little political buttons over here because you voted us Best Blog for the 2014 Anchorage Press Picks! We are humbled, and pretty darn stoked! From The Mudflats’ hardscrabble beginnings, we’ve evolved with the help of many awesome people. Huge thanks my fellow contributing editors Shannyn Moore and Linda Kellen Biegel; photo editor and contributor Zach Roberts; and Webmaster/Art Design guru Thomas Dewar. Thanks also to “WC” who feathers our nest with his amazing feature Bird of the Week, and of course, Brian the Moose our official moosecot and hobnobber. The contributors team is large, and far-flung….


Encounters with Alaska’s Wildlife

Oct 25, 2014

By Bill Sherwonit Given my love for essays (both writing and reading them), it’s a special delight to have a collection of my pieces published this fall by Alaska Northwest Books. Animal Stories: Encounters with Alaska’s Wildlife includes thirty-four essays, written over two decades’ time. One of the joys of doing the book was to re-read scores of the essays I’ve written across the years and to find that a good number of them still “hold up” (at least as judged by me and the editors). To give a sense of the book’s scope and intent, I’ll here borrow from…

Orange-crowned Warbler, Rock Creek, Denali Highway

Bird of the Week – Orange-crowned Warbler

Oct 25, 2014

The Orange-crowned Warbler isn’t the flashiest bird in the boreal forest. The signature “orange crown” isn’t usually even visible, unless the male is defending territory. Look for the yellow undertail feathers and the short, dark eye line in an otherwise fairly drab bird. Camera geek stuff: f8, 1/200, ISO800 For more bird photos, please visit Frozen Feather Images.



Oct 24, 2014

Me: Hey, Republican! Would you like some delicious ice cream? Republican: Yes, I would. I love delicious ice cream. What kind? Me: What kind would you like? Republican: Hmmm… Do you have Rocky Road? Me: Yes! Would you like some delicious Rocky Road ice cream? Republican: Mmmmm. Yes, please. Me: Hey, did you know that Barack Obama also enjoys a nice bowl of Rocky Road ice cream? (buzzing short-circuit noise) Republican: I… I… I changed my mind and suddenly remembered that ice cream is from the devil! Me: Hmm. I think it’s a little too warm down there to make…

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NY’s Howie Hawkins – Candidate for Governor

Oct 23, 2014

A while back I had a chance to interview two candidates for Governor in New York State. We posted our interview with Democratic candidate Zephyr Teachout back in September – unfortunately she lost the primary to current Governor Andrew Cuomo. Still on the ballot though, is Howie Hawkins. He’s on the Green Party ticket, having run previously for US Senate and House. After speaking to a crowd of anti-fracking protestors outside the New York State Fair, Hawkins let loose the Democrats and the Republicans – explaining why there’s a need for a third party. He also emphasized that if Governor Cuomo wins…


Young Now Blames Fed Largesse for Suicide

Oct 22, 2014

  Alaska’s lone congressman sure dug himself into a hole yesterday, didn’t he? And you know what they say. Since you’re in there anyway, you may as well just keep digging. At first it appeared as though Young may have been repentant about telling grieving high school students who had just lost a friend and classmate to suicide that the problem was the lack of support from family and friends. Matt Shuckerow responded to a request from the Alaska Dispatch News in an email stating: “Congressman Young was very serious and forthright when discussing the issue of suicide, in part because of the…


Young Insolent to Students – Suicide, Gay Sex & more

Oct 22, 2014

Alaska’s lone congressman, Don Young, spoke to a group of students at Wasilla High School Tuesday. If that sentence alone made you wince, then congratulations. It shows you’ve been paying attention to the rapidly crazying octogenarian who represents all Alaskans in the halls of Washington D.C. Earlier this month, Young barked at his Democratic opponent after a touch on the arm, “Don’t ever touch me! The last guy who touched me wound up on the ground, dead!” This time it’s insensitive remarks about suicide, berating friends of the victim, and comparing Alaska’s newly legal same-sex marriage to bull fornication. And…


Alaska Women, Time to Decide

Oct 21, 2014

My social media feeds are stuffed with my fellow Alaskans sick to death of political ads end-to-end on their televisions, and even the staunchest pro-deforestation people are wondering if we’ll have any trees left after they’ve checked their mailboxes. I get emails from people asking, “Is that true?” about something they’ve seen or read. Here’s the kicker. Political ads, per a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, don’t have to be true. I KNOW! You have to swear on a Bible when you’re elected, but up until that point all bets are off. Did you know Mark Begich hates puppies?…


Ski Video Madness – L.E.D.’s at Alyeska

Oct 21, 2014

I’m not one usually to share skiing videos, but every once and a while I come across something like this – something so insane that everyone must see it. Filmmakers working with Phillips put together this stunning LED lit night skiing adventure at Alyeska Resort & Talvista Lodge in Girdwood and Skwentna, AK. As a filmmaker I’m not even sure how half of this is technically possible. Just watch. AFTERGLOW – Lightsuit Segment from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo.


Morning Baby! Goats Talk Back.

Oct 20, 2014

It’s Monday, and because of science, we’re setting you up for a week of killer productivity. —>PROOF Go forth and prosper.