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June 13, 2021


Next Stop 2012? Where Will Palin Make the Announcement?

When we last left AKM and Legal Eagle, they were deep into a glass of wine, sitting at the Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin Exploit-a-Palooza to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Lights down, and first up is Sarah Palin.

“Let me ask you first Alaska, do you loooove your freedom?” Hey… didn’t I just hear that a couple hours ago at the 9/11 rally at the Wasilla Sports Complex?  Yes, I did.  These Alaskans also apparently love their freedom too.  You’d think after how much she asked she’d figure out that everyone pretty much loves their freedom.  But, whatever.

“We do love our freedom, so let’s thank a vet.”  Yup. Same speech.  Vets raise hands.  We salute you. We honor you. There’s no better place than Alaska to be on such a solemn occasion.  Moment of silence.  We will never forget. We are resolved. We are united in our resolution.  We will never let it happen again.

“As lovers of freedom and liberty, you’re in the right place tonight because we’ve got the right guy to be here and teach us and talk about what we need to know to keep our freedom and that’s going to be hearing from Glenn Beck tonight, so thank you everybody.”

“Hey, by the way, one of my favorite vets is in the house, and that would be Joe Miller.”

I suppress the urge to yell “He lies!”  I’m sitting next to Legal Eagle for this event, and I turn to my left to find that the Eagle is already looking at me knowingly.  We do not throw shoes.  We behave ourselves.

We will never forget what happened. We will never let it happen again. United in our resolve.

As they do, Palin’s words start to blend together. 9/12 project. What an honor it is to have the founder of the 9/12 project that was founded the day after 9/11 here in the house in Alaska. We were united.  He could be anywhere on the Earth today and he chose Alaska. He honored us. It’s going to be a blast. He’s my buddy.  We will never forget.

But then my ears prick up.

“I read a bunch of goofy stuff and speculation about what tonight really is all about.  And um.. I guess, evidently, I’m supposed to make some kind of big announcement here – and Glenn and I together, make some big announcement, maybe about the 2012 election or something.  These media reports, though… well I read a lot of funny, bogus, B.S., spilled, inaccurate reports about tonight’s event and so many other things that I laugh about some big 2012 announcement because hey… if there’s going to be some big national announcement, I’m going to do it where it is most worthy.  I’m going to do something big. Even bigger than Glenn Beck.  It’s going to happen on the Bob & Mark Show.”

My emphases added above so you may enjoy the fact that you read a sentence which had five adjectives all modifying the same noun.  The Bob and Mark Show?  The nation scratches its collective head.

The Bob and Mark Show is a local radio morning program here in Anchorage, on KWHL 106.5-FM.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I don’t want to spend a thousand words on Bob and/or Mark, so if you’re interested, you can check out the delightful slideshow on the station’s website.   You might want to clear the room of impressionable children. CLICK

Yes, these are the same Bob and Mark that recently were ordered to attend sensitivity training because of their disparaging comments about Alaska Natives.

I’m sure the nation is impressed with the venue the ex-half-gov will utilize to make such a serious announcement.

I’ve decided to take you through the evening in tiny bite-sized pieces so they’re easier to swallow.  More to come.



No Responses to “Next Stop 2012? Where Will Palin Make the Announcement?”
  1. SAM HALL says:

    Alaska some ..people elected Palin as governor twice..she left Alaska flat ..before her Alaskan
    official government position was over. She did not leave for the reasons Palin gave..she left
    because as the state situations demanded a person with more ability..she did not have this
    ability..before that is was quite easy in the economic situations in Alaska then to be a governor.
    I definitely believe as one of the mudflats pieces is saying…Miller ..Palin types and political.they
    people in other believe the voters are not very smart..they have a very short attention then with their over hyped retric..cutesy winks,,etc. they will be elected for in actuality
    their own fame and more fortune. People in general do not understand the consitution..period
    that is where the legal eagle is so important…he explains these situtions so accurately
    clear..that a thinking person can takes a person like the legal eagle to do this..
    for any of us. ie then a political would be..will not be able to with their spin retric fool any

  2. Kilia says:

    Ok…’s 10:42pm here in AK and I’m on my 4th vodka martini to be able to get through this sh**.

    Be that as it may..I want to say that Sarah Palin is a total idiot, intellectually; and Fox News are idiot’s, intellectually , for having her (told them so on Twitter).

  3. Everytime I see $arah, I can’t help it….she makes me think of Soapy Smith—–I have NO idea why on earth I would do that…!

  4. beth says:

    “…we’ve got the right guy to be here and teach us and talk about what we need to know to keep our freedom” — $P salad 9/12/10

    Sooooo, the veterans *give* us our freedom and Glenn is the one to teach us what we need to know to *keep* it. She said that with a straight face?

    Riiiiiiight; sure ’nuff — gotcha $arah. Perfectly clear. Perfectly logical and perfectly sane.

    Oh, by the way: You’re making as much sense as you ever did, Missy Mush-for-Brains. Nope — make that *less.* beth.

    • vyccan says:

      (Somewhat reluctant to show my ignorance by asking this, but I’ve been wondering since yesteday…) What do the veterans have to do with a 9/11 commemoration?

      • leenie17 says:

        Not a whole lot…it’s just one of those buzzwords guaranteed to get the white-hair folks in their flag-bedazzled Hoverounds all in a tizzy, gazing adoringly at Princess Wind Between Her Ears as though she was Empress of the North.

        Kinda like when the dog hears the sound of the can opener and knows that dinner is only a few turns of the gear away.

        • Chaim says:


          She certainly exploits “the veterans,” and I’ll bet some are none too happy about it. I would love to watch a disabled vet in uniform deck her with his crutch.

  5. Mudflatsfan says:

    This has been the longest 10 minutes of fame. Will someone wake me up when we start talking about real solutions? I think she will act like she is running and then be around to annoy President Obama when he is re-elected. Ride that gravy train for years to come ole Gov. If a Republican becomes President, she will be on the D-list. Hence, she should try to run. It might be entertaining.

  6. benlomond2 says:

    …. I’m just shaking my head in utter disbelief… that this “person” is actually considered Presidential material by some portion of the nation….and that the rest of us have to struggle to point out the glaring intellectual inadequecies…..
    It might be an excercise in futility, to review the “speeches” she has delivered since leaving office, remove the repeated phrases ( love your freedom, honor vets, etc), and see if there is anything left that has an actual thought to be considered….

    🙂 saw an old Playboy Cartoon strip where that was done with the KKK… after everything was crossed out, they were left with ” We….Are…. Crazy”…..

  7. SouthPaw says:

    Also too, from TP…

    “The people who are most afraid of the press are those who have something to be afraid of. Palin hates the idea of the press reporting on what she says because so much of it is baseless, ideological reruns of disproven and discredited fear mongering. She is doing an artists re-rendering of herself as a victim of big media and big government, which is polling well with large patches of the country. It is nowhere near enough people to get her elected as President, but far more than enough to fill her head with grand ideas of importance in the political landscape.

    The relationship now between Palin and the news media is completely symbiotic, they want her for crazy soundbites and ratings, she wants them as an enemy and a portable soapbox. As much as she cries about them taking everything she says out of context, her only relevance is directly inside that context.”

    • Dagian says:

      “Palin hates the idea of the press reporting on what she says because so much of it is…”

      It’s so much more fun to fill in our own comments!

      How about–“total gibberish”, “without basis in real events or people”, “made up”.

  8. SouthPaw says:

    Good one from Think Progress

    “If you can get past the revulsion of having this reality show wannabe with her finger on the button it is almost humorous to contemplate a Palin presidency. The press would not be allowed to attend press conferences. Only Fox, Wingnut Daily and News Corp. papers would have access to the administration. Cameras would only be allowed to film the first three minutes of the state of the union address.

    I can’t imagine any policy initiatives because I have never heard her mention anything policy related in the two years since Uncle Nutzi inflicted her on us. That won’t matter though because based on her track record she would quit midway through her term — leaving us with her running mate Sharron Angle.”

  9. Scorpie says:

    Am gonna answer your question in the title of this post. If she is still standing in 2011, I think she will announce her run on Reagans’ birthday 02/06.

    • ks sunflower says:

      And she will probably try to grab the Reagan Library to do it. I hope Nancy’s and Ron Jr,’s heads don’t explode at just the thought she might try that.

  10. OMG says:

    I would hope the the FEC would take a hard look at Fox News. They have a political agenda and are promoting politicians and political movements without giving equal (unbiased) time to the challengers. They have been a powerful force in the development of the Tea Party charade, of Sarah Palin and Glen Beck’s message of hate and fear. It’s time to hold their feet to the fire, perhaps with a mega billion dollar fine (since Murdoch only seems to respond to the bottom line).

    • Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

      About that “equal time” thing…

      I believe that sometime around or shortly after the Reagan years, that “equal time for each candidate” thing was scrubbed. Possibly something about those Bonzo movies would then require “equal time” for Reagan’s opponents. Dang, wish I remembered better!

      Does anyone else know?

      • Elsie says:

        Much information can be found in these two links. I don’t have time tonight to pursue an explanation here myself. Feel free to take a look for more clarification beyond these two little snips.

        The Equal Time Rule

        The Museum of Broadcast History calls the “equal time” rule “the closest thing in broadcast content regulation to the ‘golden rule’.” This provision of the 1934 Communications Act (section 315) “requires radio and television stations and cable systems which originate their own programming to treat legally qualified political candidates equally when it comes to selling or giving away air time.”

        If any licensee shall permit any person who is a legally qualified candidate for any political office to use a broadcasting station, he shall afford equal opportunities to all other such candidates for that office in the use of such broadcasting station.

        “Legally qualified” means, in part, that a person be a declared candidate. Timing of the announcement that someone is running for office is important because it triggers the equal time rule….

        The Equal Time rule should not be confused with the Fairness Doctrine.
        (end snip)

        The Fairness Doctrine:

        The fairness doctrine was a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) policy. The FCC believed that broadcast licenses (required for both radio and terrestrial TV stations) were a form of public trust and, as such, licensees should provide balanced and fair coverage of controversial issues. The policy was a casualty of Reagan Administration deregulation.

        The Fairness Doctrine should not be confused with the Equal Time Rule….
        (end snip)

      • dowl says:

        General Colin Powell’s son, Michael Powell, was the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from 2001 to 2005. It was during this time that the rules changed about equal time for opposing political views.

      • Gimme-a-break, Sarah says:

        The Fairness Doctrine was struck down in 1987 under Reagan’s administration. And since neither Palin nor Beck are actually candidates for anything right now, the Equal Time Rule doesn’t apply to the misinformation they are spewing.

    • I think Fox is a terrorist organization—between Murdoch and the Saudi prince-the Supreme Court ruling about corporations–the Chamber of Commerce—-where are the ones to look after us and our interests????

  11. AKRaven says:

    What a hick.

  12. slipstream says:

    Is Glenn Beck a veteran, or does he hate America?

  13. austintx says:

    AKM –

    Did you see any “moles” ??
    Paranoid Palin Hunts For Media ‘Moles’ At Montana Speech

    • Dagian says:

      “We’ve never had people as powerful as Beck and Palin who aren’t politicians with complete access to the entire country every day,” he says. “Who can we equate them to? Nobody,” he says. “It’s a unique phenomenon.”


  14. Baker's Dozen says:

    I’m not surprised by her non-announcement. Her cred in Alaska is falling and her popularity in the rest of the nation really relies on her Alaska cred–hockey mom, mama grizzly, governor, fisher, etc. etc. She has to keep Alaska interested. If you guys aren’t interested, she has no base for her Outside base. So, of course, she did this for free. It supports her ultimate goal or shoring up her home support.

    800 empty seats? That’s–tapping on calculator–about 20%, isn’t it? What a pathetic showing for is supposed to be two headliners in the same event.

  15. MoreWagLessBark says:

    She’ll string her followers along for as long as possible, taking their money. As soon as it’s time to announce her presidency, she’ll say she isn’t running, and blame the MSM.

  16. Seagull Junker Palin says:

    Didn’t little girl Piper call into the Bob & Mark show recently? The Sea was so proud of how she’s growing up? heh.

  17. seattlefan says:

    Lol! One of those 5 modifiers was “spilled”. Did she inadvertently imply that she indeed will be running and that the info (“report”) was “spilled” but tried to do the obligatory debunking by using B.S., bogus, funny and inaccurate? That woman is an infinite idiot.

    • physicsmom says:

      I think it was supposed to be “B.S.-filled.” Either she said it wrong or AKM didn’t hear it quite right to make the transcript. Nonetheless, it’s her usual nonsense. Didn’t both she and Beckster advertise this thing as the setting of a big announcement, thus the speculation?

  18. jc in co says:

    Just further proof that palin is a hateful bigot and admires other bigots, and sexist ones at that.

  19. Forget the impressionable children – I’m an impressionable adult, apparently – I could only get through about 13 of those photos and clicked off of it. Ugh! Sounds like Sarah’s kind of place, all right.

    So, we know there were two of you there just to see what was going on so the rest of us would be spared the pain. I wonder how many others were there for the same purpose? I can’t believe that many people like her enough to part with that much money. Or were some of them bussed in from out of state by the Koch brothers?

    • Super Bee says:

      Not only does Sarah hang out with these guys at least over the phone but so does Piper, Sarah’s youngest daughter. She calls into the show without her mom even in the room. Bizarro-world.

      • dowl says:

        During or shortly after the 2008 election, Sarah’s dad had Piper in the studio of Eddie Burke. I only heard it because I was trying (albeit at the wrong time) to catch the Shannyn Moore radio show.

        Listening to the show was hard because of the creepy attention to Piper. Why would a grandfather take his young vulnerable granddaughter to the studio of the deranged and full-on-creepy Eddie Burke. At that time I posted here on the ‘Flats because I simply did not know what else to do.

        More bizarre and unblinking training for another generation of oddly submissive christianist (CINO-obey) Heath-Palin women.

        Lord have mercy.

    • Omomma says:

      Looked at a few pics. Yep, those are her people. Thank God most of those in the photos are probably not registered to vote. The pictures should be on posters for all of her elderly worshippers to see.

  20. Millie says:

    The woman is an absolute idiot…it’s proven more and more as the days go by.

  21. SAM HALL says:

    one among many very talanted writers Mudflats..this writer has a way also of reporting accurately
    and still with people like Palin..Mayor Sullivan..Beck bring out the just there very fuuny stuff.
    the influence those people have the reporter is also writing accurate serious situations
    for voters to think smart about. Legal eagle is to explain important situations almost
    no one really understands..Mudflats pieces should be in every media outlet…their pieces simply
    should national media…they are that good and that important..what happens in Alaska
    today will affect every state in the union Republicans ..tea party ..backed by Koch brothers..
    if they get in majority think our economy is bad…you wonder about the middle class
    being wiped will be. Granted Alaska with the military bases there…the very well heeled
    cruise situations..but no way can any state stay really good is the United States of America..
    Joe Miller ..he takes over and no federal help…the guy is a loon…Remember this..Stevens knew
    one of the big reasons..Alaska is what it is today..think also First Native vote Alaskans and be sure
    and vote…Palin did nothing for your group..bought you some cookies..while you had little if any
    heat to stay warm.. there are some Republicans that are not Stevens proved for his
    state..but todays? vote for McAdams

  22. Dandy Lion says:

    So Ms Bob-and-Weave herself hints at the big announcement on the Itchy and Scratchy Show, oops, I mean the Bob and Mark Show. Methinks the daft woman doesn’t realize her time has passed. She’ll soon be down to entertaining club crowds for cheap handouts and a mouthful of praise.

  23. brig says:

    tiny small bites..or like my mom said take the medicine all at once and get it over with..Im ill already just reading this much..

  24. Bev says:

    So, Bob and Mark are like “two Howard Sterns?”…..oh my gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And that would make Palin one of their radio bunnies??? LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    If she runs, Obama better waste her in debates…and there better be no bleeding hearts out there feeling sorry for a woman who race baited at rallies.

    • Dagian says:

      Time to start transcribing their broadcasts AND making certain that her reference to them as being an appropriate forum is highlighted. Continuously.

      That’ll make the Tea Party creators? leaders? hairs curl.

    • Omomma says:

      No serious, intelligent person should ever, ever under any circumstances, pretend to “debate” Titler. She’s not worth the time. She is the puppet for others who have no conscience when it comes to unleashing the very worst in human nature in order to pump profits.

      • poolman says:

        Titler! LMAO! 😀

      • BearWoman says:

        Sadly, Titler will continue to Tweet and Facebook and run from real reporters, including her buddies on Faux who continue to set her up.

        Gosh Titler, about those small businesses you had — how come they aren’t up and running and haven’t been for many years? You mean you let your government jobs with benefits take priority?

  25. CO almost native says:

    Dang. I thought the “We will never forget…We will never let it happen again” referred to the 2008 McCain/Palin ticket.

  26. BigPete says:

    We will never forget.
    We are resolved.
    We are united in our resolution.
    We will never let it happen again.

    Holy war with Iran?
    Why not let Jesus come back when he’s good and ready? He’s not in any rush!

    Very thoughtful of Palin to stir up speculation of a possibly-maybe presidential run, because everybody else lost interest ages ago!

    • nswfm says:

      Holy war with Iran?


      This was posted late last night, but might be better here:

      This is from an email from the smartest person I know. A lawyer who has lived around the world and has worked with the elites in those counties in Europe, Asia and the US.

      “I talk to my parents every day. Both of them lived through WWII. My Dad was in Germany (which was particularly harrowing since he was a US citizen) and my Mom was in Japan. They are both frightened by the historic parallels they are seeing. Yesterday, I was thinking about how events seem to resonate but we are reluctant to conclude that terrible things can happen again. We can pretend that everything is different now or we are unable to fathom how the current state of paralysis can break. Yet history teaches the contrary over and over. No wonder people hate history.
      The politicians anesthetized the populace with debt consumption. But those days are over. People are in a struggle. Extremism is going to accelerate. Last week’s anti-Moslem fervor was a single facet of  ”scape goading” and xenophobia which is what will drive this in the name of God. We are going to hear so much about God. God and country. How many times have we heard those words leading up to war? 

      I just want to add that the power elite are very familiar with historical cycles and how to manipulate the masses. They accuse outsiders of being quacks (nswfm note: not like the protesters–Beck’s really a quack), Meanwhile what do you think the Bilderberg Group and Skull and Bones etc are busy studying? Are we expected to believe that those billionaires surrounded by zero sum strategists from the military etc are not planning how to deal with the next crisis and how to turn it to their advantage?”

      Maybe it’s time for Alaskans in the know to speak up on the record.

      • OMG says:

        I share the same fears of history repeating itself.

      • Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

        “Maybe it’s time for Alaskans in the know to speak up on the record.”

        Alternatively, maybe it’s time for the rest of to quit waiting on someone else to do what they should and get going ourselves.

        Yes, there are parallels to history – point them out! We are at the very edge of a dreadful tumble down a precipice I never would have envisioned for this country.

        We can’t afford to wait for those who’ve been intimidated into silence to break that silence. We must educate. Educate ourselves, and share what we learn.

        Because we must. Or this “grand experiment” will go down ignominiously into nothingness.

  27. Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

    THAT is what is “worthy of some “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT”???


    Alaska, what is in the water up there?!!!!

    and there endeth all coherent speech from me. Even “gobsmacked” doesn’t express the utter …. good gawd.

    • Forty Watt says:

      good gawd indeed!

    • Dagian says:

      “Alaska, what is in the water up there?!!!!”

      $arah Palin sucks it straight out of Lake Louise. You know, her ‘swimming hole’. It would explain a lot. Would it burn if we tossed in a match?

      • Zyxomma says:

        I gave virtually the same answer to someone else on the net (I think at, who asked what Sarah was drinking, what was in Alaska’s water. I said perhaps she’d ingested too much of dead Lake Lucille whilst in the “family swimmin’ hole.”

        Great minds think alike sometimes.

  28. GoI3ig says:

    Is there any question why I call her “soundbite Sarah?”

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