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Joe Miller: Alaska’s Craziest Catch — Help Get This On the Air!

Republican candidate for US Senate, Joe Miller, burned-up the airwaves before the primary saying that cutting-off federal funds to Alaska is his highest priority as Senator. Now, he’s trying to backtrack just a few short weeks later.

We’re not going to let that happen.

We at Mudflats are excited to see the first video spot come out of the Netroots for the 2010 election cycle. Blue America PAC and, two cutting edge Netroots political action committees, are launching a daily video campaign targeting GOP/Tea Party candidates every day from today through Election Day, November 2.

We’re especially pleased that the first video is a push-back to Joe Miller…a candidate sponsored by almost $600,000.00 of Koch Brothers-supported Tea Party Express money.

From their press release:

The videos will be posted nearly every business day, according to organizers, at 9am EST/6am PST at and, beginning Wednesday.

Target #1: Joe Miller, the GOP/Tea Party Senate nominee in Alaska, who stunned mainstream Republicans by defeating Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

The PACs’ 1st video – Joe Miller: Alaska’s Craziest Catch – presents Miller’s radical tea party as part of a parody of the hit Discovery Show The Deadliest Catch.

The script features an announcer similar to The Deadliest Catch, and a fisherman, responding to Joe Miller’s radical policy proposals, shouting distress signals:

– ANNOUNCER: From Barrow to Dutch Harbor, Joe Miller is Alaska’s Craziest Catch
– FISHERMAN: Man overboard!
– ANNOUNCER: Say goodbye to crab pots – and hello to Joe’s crackpot ideas.
– FISHERMAN: Reality overboard!
– ANNOUNCER: Like privatizing Social Security and Medicare…
– FISHERMAN: Grandma overboard!
– ANNOUNCER: And making unemployment illegal
– FISHERMAN: Women & children overboard!
– ANNOUNCER: Joe even wants to reject money for Alaska’s roads and airports.
– FISHERMAN: Alaska overboard!
– ANNOUNCER: Joe Miller. Alaska’s Craziest Catch.
– FISHERMAN: Abandon ship!

Blue America PAC – organized by leading progressive blogs Crooks and Liars, Hullabaloo, and DownWithTyranny – is raising funds to air the spot on Alaska TV.

And that’s where you come in!

Unlike the corporate money that pours into the Tea Party through various shadowy organizations, the Netroots relies on YOU to fund media buys for these important videos.

Brett Di Resta,’s co-founder, said of their debut video and its target, Joe Miller: “It’s hard to fathom that there would be an Alaskanpolitician more extreme than Sarah Palin. But after looking at his record, Joe Miller made a believer out of us. Republican primary voters hooked him, but in the general Alaskans should throw back in the water.”

Please DONATE HERE to get the ball rolling and get these commercials seen across Alaska.

Send that divorce lawyer whose held 6 different jobs in 15 years back to Fairbanks. Alaska doesn’t need another politician whose attention span is only 2.5 years long.

Please DONATE HERE to educate your neighbors about what you already know…that Joe Miller is no good for Alaska.



89 Responses to “Joe Miller: Alaska’s Craziest Catch — Help Get This On the Air!”
  1. LoveMydogs says:

    I was a-wondering (yes, I made up that word) about the Teabaggers today. It is interesting that they have turned on the GOP like slobbering off like rabid dogs to a piece of rancid meat. We need to be very careful because they could easily turn on the left when they are done devouring the right. I remember my BIL from He** sending an e-mail staying that he was going to vote out “anyone who isn’t working for me”…and we may all be dam*ed by the alternates. It seems that the desire to be anti-establishment is more important than the desire to have an effective government. We, on the left, need to learn lessons from this as we could easily fall prey to the same lunacy. i know that we think we are above it but I wouldn’t be too sure. Look at the guy in –is it NC or SC?

  2. LoveMydogs says:

    I don’t always agree with his political stances but my that young effite, Andrew Halcro has a way with words:

    “The fact is, the serious problems America faces are not going to be solved by Joe Miller and his backwoods country supporters.

    They are not going to be solved with people wearing NOBAMA tee shirts at a patriots rally or by machine gun toting gorillas at family events.

    No. The problems that America faces are going to be solved by the rational voices of moderation and compromise; that immediately excludes Mr. Miller.”

  3. Baker's Dozen says:

    Joe Miller is the first Miller I’ve ever seen (and as a teacher I’ve seen plenty) that actually goes with those old Miller beer ads where it was supposed to be 20 somethings partying after work but actually looked like a bunch of grifters who probably begged the money off the street.

    Yale doesn’t have to take anyone they don’t want to. Why in the world would they take someone like him?! And may I point out that the bar on their pass/fail system is set for world class limbo dancers.

  4. AK Raven says:

    Thank YOu!!!!

    Murkowski, at the minimum, could just say she isn’t running a write-in campaign and “may the BEST man win” Period… That would say volumes about what she thinks of Miller— and what we all think.

    • Exactly…Lisa doesn’t have to actually endorse Scott McAdams to endorse Scott McAdams!

      • OMG says:

        If she doesn’t run, she isn’t beholden to the GOP in any way. I really don’t think her ideology is nearly as right wing as the tea partiers are forcing spineless people like McCain to become. She should stand up and fight against the lunacy–what does she have to lose (because the tea partiers already made sure that she lost everything already)?

  5. Mudflatsfan says:

    Wasn’t it Palin that talked about the “whack reporters???” Every time she endorses someone, we should donate to the Dems.

    Let us call it the (Palin’s whack endorsement).

    I am started to get excited. Bwaa haaa ha

  6. BuffaloGal says:

    I think Murkowski needs to not only refuse to endorse Miller but she should speak up and denounce him. Call the radical end of the Tea Party out for what it is. Say out loud that while there are aspects of the tea party that make sense and she can get behind, there is a segment of the party that is fringe and disturbing. Backing the Dem candidate might be a sticky thing to do but she would show a lot of spine by saying why this guy and his platform are bad for Alaska. Start bringing this stuff out in to the light of day and put it in to logical context. She’d lose the backing of the fringe but I bet she’d do well with a good number of indies and moderates. Then, when it’s time, she can run again. In the meantime, even though she might not hold an office, she should show that she truly cares about Alaska, even if she’s not bringing in a govt paycheck.

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      She doesn’t need to endorse, just unendorsed!

    • beth says:

      Yuppers, BuffaloGal. Murkowsky needs to continually –lady-like and politely– point out where Miller is a screwup in his thought processes, his understanding of AK law, and his general understanding of how ‘sane’ works…where what he’s advocating is totally whacko. She doesn’t need to endorse him, but she DOES need to distance herself from his insane ideas…folks have a loooooong memory and if she doesn’t speak out against his foolishness NOW –and until election day [not *campaign* against, speak *out* against] they’ll always connect him with her/her with him.

      The *best* service/gift she could give Alaskans right now, is to educate, educate, educate them on the idiocy that is Miller — in print, over the airwaves, and in person, she needs to *protect* Alaska from being screwed by Miller as she was during the primary. Nothing ‘ugly’ involved, but she DOES need to ‘call him out’ by *factually* stating what he is so badly misrepresenting and so terribly bamboozelling unsuspecting AK voters with. She can, she should, she *must* do it…for Alaska *and* for the Nation’s sake. beth.

  7. Motorhead says:

    Hey there, AKM! Can you pass along to Flyinureye or any of these other creative folks, to get something up on “Cap’n Joe” for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, coming up on September 19th.
    It could be so funny to have a graphic of ol’ Mr CoolBeard as a pirate, with a translation of some of his campaign talk into “pirate talk.” Here is the official site for ITLAPD:

  8. mwalla says:

    That ad has a great premise, but it’s pretty terribly done– for one, the ‘Fisherman’ is completely inaudible. For two, what the hell is with that ‘Americans for America’ pac and it’s awful tagline? It makes the whole thing look like a parody of itself. I wouldn’t pay to put this on the air as is.

  9. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    In other words, the Republicans and conservatives in this state have successfully brainwashed the progressives.

    They moved to change the Primary Election to a closed Republican ballot (only Rs Us Ns can vote), while the Democratic ballot remains open (any party can vote).

    There are all kinds of folks in the U and N parties for various reasons. Many are registered in these parties so they can choose the Republican Primary Election ballot if they want to, for strategy.

    In the General Election, anyone can vote for anyone.

    Come election time, Dems and other progressives panic thinking a progressive candidate will never win, and they choose to vote in the General Election for the least worse of two conservatives. They don’t vote with their own parties in unison. They sort of forget to look at the registered party numbers themselves to see a possible outcome of success.

    The conservatives win as long as we choose to ignore the numbers, and possibilities. They win if we choose what we want to do without looking at the whole picture. They win if we never choose in unison.

    • LoveMydogs says:

      MUYS: Right you are m’dear.

    • jojobo1 says:

      Sounds like what is happening down in Florida right now.The dems do not think Meek can overcome the Tea party guy so they will vote for christ to hopefully stop the te party guy i forget his name starts with a R I believe.

      • Terpsichore says:

        What’s happening in Florida is very different. The R guy is not really a Tea Perty candidate (I wish that Florida had actully run a tea party candidate for senator, ’cause if so, the R guy would have been dropped like a hot potato, at least from the big voting base of north florida)

        Now. the gov. race is a different story. That Mr. Clean guy is a nutter yet is behind in the polls.

        What happens in Fla. ain’t gonna turn the tide. The senate seat is to replace Mel Marinez, a staunch Republican. He would have voted Party of No anyway, so if the R guy gets in, a seat is not lost. If Crist or Meek win, either helps the balance of the senate getting something done.

        Granted, I’m not crazy about the prospect of the R guy getting the senate seat – he is as entrenched as any politician with his special interests and will continue to line big corporation’s pocketbooks at the expense of average Floridians and rationalize that it’s all OK ’cause at least we don’t have an evil state income tax. All while schools are struggling to be properly funded, county libraries are having to close on days to make ends meet (days school students need to go there ’cause they can’t during the week because .. they’re in school) and I could go on and on.

        On and on … I already volunteered to the Sink organization. I think the next thing I need to do is somthing to help make sure all democrats who want to get out and vote, can.

  10. Marilyn says:

    I was just throwing the McAdams thing out there as one of Lisa’s options; I think if she just ignores Miller and does not give him her endorsement, it will speak volumes to Republicans across the State. If she runs as a write in, she stands a chance to split the Republican vote, tho, which she might not want to do. I have lots of doubt that she would actively endorse McAdams (it would be nice, but what have I been drinking this morning!!!!!)… I really think her best road to stay an active member of the Republican leadership, is to not do a write in and not endorse Miller. Just stay the heck out of it entirely; sit this one out. If either Miller or McAdams wins, and does poorly, she’s back in the race again in 2016. In the meantime, there are lots of local politics she can get involved in while she’s waiting.

    • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

      I’ve almost gone blue in the face stating that the case for Murkowski splitting the conservative vote could be quite the opposite – making Miller, not McAdams the winner.

      You have to factor in how many Undeclared and Non Partisan could go either for Murkowski, or McAdams. There are more registered voters in those two parties (256,922) than the registered Republicans (127,408) and Democrats (74,844) combined (202,252).

      The AK Independence Party (14,476) and Libertarian (9,336) total 23,812.

      It’s the Us and Ns who will tip the scales either way (assuming they all get out to vote which is kind of wishful thinking). There are also many registered Democrats who will write in Murkowski if she launches that campaign because they are afraid the Dem can’t win so choose Lisa over Miller.

      If lots of Undeclareds, Non Partisan, and registered Democrats vote for Lisa in a write-in, many of those votes are taken away from the Democratic candidate, putting him last. They are all voting against Miller technically, but also voting against McAdams by taking away overall numbers.

      If those strategies are not enough to make Lisa win, then Miller will. Statistically, write-in candidates don’t win.

      • I agree with you, Martha. You have no idea how many Conservatives I’ve spoken to recently…and I mean hard-core “Cs”…who say they are voting for McAdams because Lisa isn’t in the race. But, these folks are not “Rs”…they are Non-partisan.

        It’s not the Repubs Scott would lose, it’s the Unaffiliated voters.

        • However, I will say here that as many people I greatly respect disagree with me on this as agree. I think that this is a weird year in Alaska…in the country, even…where all bets are off.

          • leenie17 says:

            In a year when Sharron ‘Heads Littering the Desert’ Angle, Christine ‘No Personal Happy Time’ O’Donnell and Rand ‘Abolish Civil Rights’ Paul all win their primaries, I don’t think any of us can make ANY accurate predictions about what will happen in November!

          • nswfm says:

            Don’t forget Jan “Beheadings” Brewer (h/t lynnrocket’s blog).

  11. Blue_in_AK says:

    If I were Lisa, I would not run a write-in but refuse to endorse Joe Miller. She doesn’t have to actively support Scott McAdams necessarily, but her refusal to endorse Joe would send a strong message and leave her viable for a Republican run in the future if she decides to. I just can’t see her endorsing Miller, and if she does, I will lose any respect I’ve had for her.

    • Blooper says:

      I would hope that by not endorsing Miller, most Murkowski supporters would take that as an implicit endorsement of McAdams, even if she never utters his name. Either way, I really can’t wait to find out what happens tomorrow.

    • leenie17 says:

      Maybe she’ll decide that, if Miller actually wins this election (oh, the horror!), people will be so disgusted by the next election that she could beat him in a primary.

      By not endorsing either one, she still saves her Repub ‘creds’ for the next go-around but doesn’t go on record as supporting the Brawny towel man.

      For McAdams, the lack of a Murkowski endorsement for Miller is nearly as good as a direct endorsement for him.

  12. John says:

    It is only the mainstream media — who says the media is liberal — that has branded Scott as an unknown. His work on the Sitka School Board, and on the Association of Alaska School Boards, has given him some state wide recognition. More than Miller had until he ran for the Senate, that is for sure. We have two people running for the Senate. One who has never won an election until this recent primary, and another who has won several. That would be Scott.

    And now Miller is claiming that all the promises he made to win the primary are actually not part of his campaign platform. In other words, he was either lying then or he is lying now.

    • zyggy says:

      Jon, where did you read about Miller making those new claims do you have a link?

        • zyggy says:

          “Anchorage, Alaska. September 10, 2010 — Contrary to his critics’ caricatures of his position, Republican US Senate Candidate Joe Miller categorically rejects the notion that his election would result in an end to federal spending in Alaska. “Given our current deficits, we, as a nation, will clearly have to curb overall federal spending over the course of the next several years,” Miller said. “But concurrently, the federal government needs to honor the promises made at statehood, and transfer control of our land and resources to the people of Alaska. Until that process is complete, I will fight for Alaska to get necessary federal dollars; however, it is imperative that we as Alaskans not settle for a few paltry crumbs from the federal table. We must vigorously fight for the future of Alaska, and that is bound up with control of the land and resources of our great state.”

          Now he wants federal monies? Flip flop like a fish. lol he’s talkin’ Palinese ” We must vigorously fight for the future of Alaska, and that is bound up with control of the land and resources of our great state.”

          Whackadoodle Miller.

          • Baker's Dozen says:

            That’s not “federal money” that Alaska’s getting. It’s Other State’s Money. California wants theirs back because we can spend it just as badly as you do.

        • Alaska Pi says:

          We shall see what happens after Ms Murkowski makes her announcement tomorrow.
          I am voting for Scott McAdams and feel good about it.

          If he is already backpedalling under their weighty ( $$) influence, what does this say to his Alaskan backers about his incorruptability in the face of pressure?

  13. jojobo1 says:

    It is not only the senate and house seats but Governors seats also Paladino in NY beat the republican canidate so he will run against Cumo.From what I have read he owns a corporation and that aloner should tell anyone where he stands and why he say’s I’m mad as he– he wants more profits.He wants to take medicade away from the poor and from what I have read about him if your poor and fall behind there should be a debtors prison again(Not outright but hinted at)

    • leenie17 says:

      Thank goodness that Cuomo has a commanding lead in the polls because this guy is a nutjob!

      This is the wingnut who said that the unemployed and people on welfare should be placed in prisons that have been transformed into dormitories and given lessons in personal hygiene. He just sent out campaign mailers that say that something smells in Albany and have a scent inside that smells like a landfill…just what you want to get in your mailbox! He also had a daughter with an employee who was not his wife. So much for ‘family values’!

      “New York Republicans have nominated a man to sit at the top of their ticket who has a history of sending obscene and racist e-mails to his “friends.” At least one of these e-mails used the n-word. He shrugs it off and blames it on his own wacky sense of humor. This is just unbelievable.”

      I just hope that Dems here in NY don’t assume that Cuomo will win and stay home. There’s just too much to lose.

      • Zyxomma says:

        Leenie, we won’t sit on our hands. However, everyone who knows a *young* NY voter should have a conversation with him/her about the irresponsibility of staying home because of disappointment with the first half of Obama’s first term. I’ve voted in every election (primary, general, runoff) since I turned 18 in 1972, but young people have short attention spans and many, many distractions. They helped overwhelmingly to put our President into office, but all too many of them are swallowing the line that there’s no basic difference between Democrats and Republicans. There is, and it’s up to us “elders” to show them the light!

        Paladino is a nightmare. I want to wake up in early November to find we have a second Governor Cuomo.

  14. Marilyn says:

    In watching all this go on and weeping for Alaska, my home, the place I love and live, several things come to mind. Lisa Murkowski did NOT run an aggressive campaign in the primary. Had she done so, she would have beat Joe Miller hands down. Now she has a decision, and if she comes down as endorsing Miller, woe to all of us in Alaska. Let’s hope and pray she takes the high road and endorses McAdams, who AT LEAST has Alaska’s best interest at heart. If she must do anything, If she chooses to be a write in candidate, the Democrats had better GET OFF THEIR HANDS, and show up to vote, let the Republicans/Tea Party split between Miller and Murkowski. And if the Democrats WOULD SHOW UP, we have a chance with the governor and Don Young’s seat as well….slim, but a chance. Another thing, besides apathy, that the Democrats really need to do, is to READ the Alaska Statehood Act so they can counteract all the lies told by Miller about how he’s going to ‘get our land back’ and ‘turn down federal money’….sorry, Joe, its all tied together. You will NEVER get the land back and if you aren’t careful, you won’t get 90% of the royalties anymore either. After that the Democrats need to read the Alaska CONSTITUTION. Stop listening to what everyone says it says, and KNOW what it says. Its one of the best drafted doucments ever, and protects us in so many ways – but NOT if you don’t know what it says!! Since Joe Miller obviously doesn’t know what it says, and Sean Parnell DEFINITELY doesn’t know what it says, how can we counteract the things they do? BY READING IT FOR OURSELVES. You don’t have to be an attorney to interrpret your rights. I realilze on this site I’m probably preaching to the choir, but PLEASE take the time to read those documents, an informed electorate can argue successfully against ignorance and stupidity and if we ever needed to be sure of our facts, it is NOW. Joe Miller alone can’t cancel SS or unemployment, but we are seeing his crackpot ideology getting elected across the entire United States and you can bet if you get 10 or 20 of these Tea Party candidates in Congress, they will begin to be effectual. Alaska does NOT need Joe Miller, but Joe Miller needs Alaska to further his ambition and the concepts of the Tea Party. Let’s not give him that satisfaction.

    • nswfm says:

      Not just in AK, but everywhere, voters need to not sit on their hands and keep a sharp eye on the ballots and how they are counted.

      • Zyxomma says:

        Marilyn, and all other Alaskans who read the Mudflats, it’s up to you! Run off copies of your State Constitution and Statehood Act. Explain *exactly* and *precisely* how Miller’s desires for the state are in total contradiction to your founding documents. Distribute them widely, door-to-door where necessary. Mail them in bulk to people in far-flung corners of your state for distribution locally. If you want to do this and don’t have the money for photocopying, postage, etc., ask us for help!! PM your fellow Forum participants and ask for small donations to help defray the costs. I know this is a big hassle, but you seem very passionate, and I, for one, would love to help.

    • St. Elias says:

      Marilyn says:

      “You will NEVER get the land back and if you aren’t careful, you won’t get 90% of the royalties anymore either. After that the Democrats need to read the Alaska CONSTITUTION.”

      That is Bull, but come on folks. I can’t agree more with the assertion that Miller is scum. And that we won’t get the land back either, that is all true. But knock off this fictitious reference to Alaska getting 90% of federal royalties on mineral extractions on federal leases. Our Constitution??? We lost that 90% years ago. “What Congress giveth Congress can taketh away.” And they did! Did you all forget that? You people been asleep or something?

      Here are the facts: Some in Congress have suggested our share of ANWR Royalties should be down to 5%. But that isn’t going to happen either. Because the U.S. Supreme Court allowed Congress to decide each case they did in our 90%, But 5%? They don’t dare lower us below Oklahoma and Louisiana. Which is 50%. Which is also what we will be getting from the feds when the National Petroleum Reserve starts producing in 2014.

      Read on:

      *Myth: The state of Alaska will get 90 percent of any royalties from oil production in ANWR’s Coastal Plain.

      Reality: The federal government won litigation in the Supreme Court of the United States which allows congress to determine the share of revenues with the State of Alaska. Congress wants 50/50.”

      Here is what we are getting now: I know, read and weep. Sorry to pop a bubble or two. But this is historical fact. Will someone please tell Shannon Moore over on 1080 this. She is beginning to make Miller look like a genius.

      From the U.S. Dept. of Interior Bureau of Land Management:

      “Oil and gas leasing on Alaska’s Federal lands onshore is concentrated in two regions: the Cook Inlet Region on both sides of the Cook Inlet and in the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska (NPR-A). Exploration and production in the Cook Inlet Region began in the 1950’s and continues to contribute to Alaska’s economy and Alaska’s energy needs. Exploration in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska has three distinct exploration periods; the first two were government-led efforts from 1945-1952 and 1975-1981 and resulted in several discoveries but no sustainable production. The third period of exploration has followed the 1999 – 2008 lease sales in the NPR-A. This exploration has resulted in several discoveries. First production of oil and gas from the NPR-A will likely occur in 2014.
      The BLM administers the Federal oil and gas leasing program and issues permits for geophysical exploration, operation permits to drill oil and gas wells, and authorizations to construct pads and install production facilities. Oil companies pay lease bonuses and lease rentals to the BLM for the leasing of lands and pay royalties for oil and gas production. The State of Alaska receives 90% of these bonuses, rentals and royalties from the lands in the Cook Inlet Region and 50% of the bonuses, rentals, and royalties from the NPR-A.”

      Please NOTE THE 50%

  15. CanadianGuy25 says:

    Wait, when did he say he would make unemployment illegal?!? I must have missed that one. Links anyone?

  16. Polly says:

    I’ve had my credit card out all morning. Now I better get to work, to pay for the many causes to dump these Teabaggers.

  17. VillageReader says:


  18. SAM HALL says:

    The Mudflats readers get it..they get the issues..if you read comments on almost any other web should be in actuality any…you will see many do not ..Support everything that gets out
    the truths of these important elections today..keep reading the completely crediable web sites..
    ie Mudflats. Joe Miller is a wack job..just like Palin.

  19. Bear Woman says:

    For all those Social Security and Medicare receiving folks who vote for Miller, O’Donnell, Angle, etc., I hope and will work to make sure they get what they asked for if any of these folks win. If they are too stupid to understand the words these candidates have spoken while running in primaries and to see that that is their real positions, and they elect these extremists then they deserve the very actions, ideas and legislation these candidates espouse.

    It may sound mean spirited, but the only way to wake up the uninformed folks is to make them take the medicine when their candidates win.

    • Marilyn says:

      I am with you – even though I am on SS and Medicare, but NOT voting for Miller. If they want it we may as well take the whole dose as a little. Maybe they will change their minds.

  20. mo says:

    Once again, anyone who votes Republican in this election, merely because they can’t bring themselves to vote Democratic, has sided with evil.

  21. Veej says:

    I See Villages:

    Agree with your thoughtful post. We definitely have a dilemma facing us in the Nov general here in AK and in other states where tea party fanatics seem to be having their way. Heaven only knows what lies ahead. Murkowski’s announcement will at least clarify the playing field and enable folks to decide on their own personal plan of action – moderate Repubs and Dems alike. It can’t hurt to support the Netroots activities to the extent that one can. If Miller gets elected in the general I feel we’re going to have a new definition of what a long winter is.

  22. OMG says:

    We can hope that Murkowski will not run (as a write-in) and throw her support behind McAdams. She should see the danger in people like Miller, O’Donnell, Paul, and Sharon what’s her name. She should understand that her party is no longer what it was as it rapidly reshapes into the party of fear, hate and bigotry. It is the party of no ideas and religious zealots with a far right ideology that actually denies the freedoms they claim to support. She should listen to her fellow republicans whose careers have been destroyed by members of their own party. If she really believes in the GOP then she needs to fight for it to return to its more moderate Eisenhower politics. Which means she needs to fight against the fringe that has taken over, the fringe that fought against her. If she really believes in her country, she needs to take an independent stance and fight against the powers that have hijacked the GOP.

    • Millie says:

      I think her ego is too big to do what you suggest….

      • I’m actually afraid that her people have convinced her that she can win a write-in. I don’t think she can because here’s what has to happen:

        1) Her voters must be smarter than average voters…which means they must a) write her name somewhat correctly, enough to pass the Division of Elections test that she is the candidate they want, AND b) they MUST NOT FORGET TO ALSO COLOR IN THE DOT NEXT TO IT, AND…

        2) There MUST be a LARGE ENOUGH GROUP OF FOLKS TO SHOW UP TO VOTE in order to offset the ballots that will be thrown out due to folks not doing BOTH (a) and (b).

        I know I’m cynical, but I DON’T BELIEVE she can win in a three-way race…I just don’t. All that will happen is she’ll pull enough votes away from Scott McAdams so that she hands Joe Miller the win.

        • BTW, the Florida situation doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy:


          “Six weeks ahead of Nov. 2 congressional elections, Rubio leads state Governor Charlie Crist, an independent, by 40 percent to 26 percent among likely voters, the poll found. Democrat Kendrick Meek trails at 21 percent.”

          Moderate Republican running as Independent in a three-way race…*gulp*

          • thatcrowwoman says:

            Crist IS a moderate Republican, and in this oh-so-red state, he’s been a way better Governor than Jeb Bush was, in My opinion… I could live with Crist in office, but Rubio would be a nightmare.

            Jeb Bush : Marco Rubio :: Karl Rove : George W Bush. Oy, vey!

            That being said, Kendrick Meek is still my choice. I’ll continue to work for him and support him. We made some progress in that “painting a red state blue” thing in 2008… I have not abandoned Hope. I will not abandon Hope.

          • benlomond2 says:

            depends on how many dead people vote , as always… fla elections are a work of art….

  23. Julie Brown says:

    Speaking as a resident of the lower 48 (Colorado)—-how can we MAKE you secede?


  24. I See Villages From My House says:

    I have to believe that the established Republicans in our State are still capitulating on how to approach this general election. As the shock of complacency wore off in having that whack-job Miller trump Lisa Murkowski, some had it decided for them to go on and fully support Miller as a viable candidate fit to lead. This is insanity. Some are probably waiting for Lisa’s announcement on Friday, which has taken too long to be effective, in my opinion.

    What is truly indicative of the GOP’s identity crisis, is still going on to back a candidate that displayed his anti-establishment mentality by accusing them of nefarious activity during the recount. It’s disgusting that the NRSC and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are dumping Alaska’s senior Senator for a novice wingnut who has a shoddy work history and no executive experience (that even Sarah unendingly brags about.) And what stings more is that McConnell was just here, side by side with Murkowski in her backyard, giving an utterly forgettable tribute to Senator Ted Stevens.

    Sarah may be crowing about her golden touch success in Christine O’Donnell’s equally stunning and stupefying defeat of another GOP establishment congressman Mike Castle in Delaware, but this bizarre woman’s victory almost certainly hands the general election to New Castle County Executive Chris Coons (D). Why is it that the Republicans don’t plan to spend money to contest this race for O’Donnell because they do not view her as a viable candidate who can appeal to the broader electorate and still go on to back Miller?

    I take comfort in that bold progressive Ann McLane Kuster defeated Joe Lieberman’s presidential campaign co-chair Katrina Swett in New Hampshire, and that perhaps, there are more opportunities in races that Dems wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the Tea Party candidates.

    As for Alaska, I don’t know, it is such a gamble to think an unknown like Scott McAdams can overcome such a large R turnout that is sure to show in November. A lot of rural Dems (with the exception of in the SE) are Murkowski supporters and don’t see the value in having such a weakened Congressional Delegation with freshman lawmakers.

    Realize, rural and remote parts of the State do not get investment from Juneau – it wasn’t until our Delegation amassed enough seniority to bring home that invaluable and unapologetic pork. It wasn’t until I came back from college that running water was introduced to my village, and it is a luxury that is the first to go when the heating bill gets too high. Then we go back to hauling water, ice and snow for our chores and sanitary needs – something I’m sure bootstrap Alaskan conservatives argue that if we don’t like it, we should move to urban areas or go back to the old ways. Arguments that are arrogant and unrealistic. I’ll tell you what still remains from the old days, communicable diseases that aren’t found in urban Alaskan areas anymore. Welcome to Third World Alaska. An oil rich State with a budget surplus, but still experiences State sanctioned separate and unequal quality of life infrastructure.

    It is pure fantasy for Miller and fat cat contractors to think that if the State invests in massive resource extraction projects, that it would promote development for the good of all Alaska communities. If it weren’t for underfunded programs like State Revenue Sharing,, villages would suffer more-so.

    What it comes down to is this, while I’ll always prefer to chose a progressive to represent me. While Delaware Democrats may strategically benefit with having a fringe candidate to beat in November, McAdams is a long shot in a State where Parnell (Captain Zero) is going to win with minimal effort with an Administration that still is packed with Palin’s human resources. Valley and road system heavy and dismissive of the rural / native divide.

    God help the real disenfranchised and underrepresented Alaskans and Americans, which is NOT impressionable White Christians with the perceived threat of persecution that Sarah and insurgent candidates exploit make up the Tea Party demographic.

    • UgaVic says:

      Any time I hear that resource development will help Western Alaska…all I do is look at how well the CDQ program is helping Western Alaskan villages….NOT.

      Your words are so true!

  25. OMG says:

    Go get him! He’s given more than enough ammo to work against him. The hard part is to get voters to listen and understand that this man will work for his (wacked) ideology and not for their best interests.

    • ks sunflower says:

      OMG makes sense. The biggest danger is that people will vote against their own best interests – not only in Alaska, but also across the country. I am heartened by these ads, and will send what I can to help. Go McAdams and other moderate and progressive candidates!

    • jojobo1 says:

      Sorry to say I know someone in Alaska who is on unemployment but would still wote for this guy and all because he is a palin supporter asnd believes what syhe says.

      • Lacy Lady says:

        These are the people who don’t know their Ass from a hole in the ground!!!! SAD!!!!!!
        I attended a soup supper at the Dem. Hdgs. last night, and I got in a conversation with a man about the nortorious Sarah Palin. When I mentioned to him about her son–choosing to go to the military service over jail——and told him what he did—-he said for the PRANK??
        I was shocked to hear that he thought cutting the brake lines on school busses was a PRANK and not a Criminal Act!!! Think we need to educate our Democratic friends.

      • nswfm says:

        See, this stupidity of voting against one’s interests is what REALLY scares the hell out of me–that our country has deteriorated to vote for who looks good and not what is in your interest.

        jojobo1, let the guy know, $P is too busy grifting to ever give him a hand- or other job. If you get my drift.

        • dowl says:

          Read Joe Bageant’s ‘Deer Hunting With Jesus: Dispatches from American’s Class War’ (2007), if you have not already done so.

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