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August 3, 2021


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Friday, July 9, 2021

Peepgate Update – McGinniss Has Had Enough of Palins’ Spying

Update on Peepgate.  It seems that Joe McGinniss is none too pleased at his former neighbor Peeper Palin. Through his attorney, McGinniss is demanding that his image be removed from the first episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, entitled “Mama Grizzly.”  The proper terminology for the female brown bear defending her cubs is really “angry sow” but I’m sure that title was rejected.

I’ll bet in respose to the letter below, Palin will sue, and demand that McGinniss take down all the photographs of them he’s posted on the internet, and all the scandalous spy reporting about how many bags they bring in the house after grocery shopping, and whether on a warm day they prefer lemonade or iced tea on their “concrete slab.”  Oh, wait.  There haven’t been any.

Edward Sabin, COO
Eileen O’Neill, President
The Learning Channel (TLC)

David Zaslav CEO
Peter Liguori, COO
Discovery Comm., LLC

Mark Burnett, President
Mark Burnett Productions

RE: “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” // Invasion of Privacy of Joe McGinniss

Dear Ms. O’Neill, Mr. Sabin, Mr. Zaslav, Mr. Ligouri and Mr. Burnett:

This law firm represents Joe McGinniss. It has come to our attention that the first episode (titled “Mamma Grizzly”) of the above referenced television show, scheduled to air on Sunday, November 14, 2010 at 9:00 PM on TLC, contains unauthorized videotaped images of Mr. McGinniss which were obtained without his knowledge or consent. In addition, you have already placed a video clip containing this image of Mr. McGinniss on your website and it has been picked up and reproduced by the Huffington Post and many other online sites.

Mr. McGinniss was not asked if any production crew could videotape him as he read a book on the secluded deck of the house he was living in at that time. He was not aware that any camera crew was in fact videotaping him. Mr. McGinniss had a reasonable expectation of privacy under those circumstances. The mere taking of the video therefore gives rise to an actionable claim for invasion of his privacy. The publication of the video on your website and in the television show constitutes an additional wrong – the unauthorized use of the likeness of Mr. McGinniss. Finally, the manner in which Ms. Palin describes Mr. McGinniss in the episode is defamatory: Mr. McGinniss has never invaded the Palins’ privacy, contrary to the many statements made by Ms. Palin and her husband, both prior to this television production, and now repeated in the episode referenced above.

DEMAND IS HEREBY MADE upon each of you that all images of Mr. McGinniss be removed from any television show produced by any of you, and removed from any website controlled or operated by any of you. If you do not do so, Mr. McGinniss will be forced to pursue all his available remedies. Please confirm in writing by November 12, 2010, to this office that you will remove these images.

Mr. McGinniss reserves all of his rights.

If you would like to discuss any of the above, contact this office.

Very truly yours,
Dennis Holahan



130 Responses to “Peepgate Update – McGinniss Has Had Enough of Palins’ Spying”
  1. Late as per usual,was off on another planet defending Keith Olberman from the devil’s children.I have written to TLC twice since hearing Quittypants was gonna have a show suggesting that Sarah might not be the girl for them. I got two standard take it under advisement replys and a nice note saying nice to hear from you. Mr Joe.I’d sue as a first step and mayby your legal team can define the ex-guv out of existence. One can only hope.

  2. InOhio says:

    How’s come everytime I see DWTS I think “DimWits”?

  3. Rob says:

    I hope Joe takes Sarah Palin to the cleaners, someone has to put a stop to this moron.

    Sarah Palin is like waste what do you do with waste, find a disposal site. GOP now have to find a way to dump her. She is not fit to run for any office. The deceit and lies and cover ups.

    Then we have to add Bristol Palin to the waste site also, she also is a phoney, DWTS she keeps getting fatter and gee it must be a baby bump. Will she name this Dancer or Prancer or , I wonder when and what Sarah Ill do with this baby?????

    Bristol and Sarah are first class Phoney and cons.

    I hope the TLC is complete failure and her book goes no where except to the waste site.

    Alaska is a beautiful place and offers much to those who live there, its hard but what place does not its up and downs. God forbid Palin is in any office.

    Love your posts of honesty and keep it up.

    More to come the next few weeks.

    I wonder Sarah said she was going to Dance in Calif. I wonder it must have been a shock when her little
    endorsements lost. Sarah Palin go home and shut the door and read how to be a REAL MOTHER. Todd you need to get a spine and be a man.

  4. Cassie Jeep says:

    Once again, SWWNBN tries the “pre-emptive strike”. Typical mean girl stuff.

    Sue her, Joe, sue her.

  5. Gimme-a-break, Sarah says:

    I posted this to another page but thought it might fit better here.

    Regarding the $P’s Alaska show — I’m not much of a TV watcher so I’ve seen only one of the episode promos for this show – the one with the bears. But just now I went to the TLC website and – holding my nose – watched about three of them.

    I have to say that this program looks absolutely disgusting. Sure Alaska is its usual gorgeous self. But the whole thing reminded me of nothing so much as a movie magazine from the 60s — the kind where they have articles that give you a glimpse into the personal life of your favorite starlet by following her around for a few days while she does mundane things like shop for clothes, play baseball with her kid brother, eat dinner with her family and squabble with siblings about whose turn it is to do dishes, as well as including a few bits about her on the set of her latest movie and how she feels about her co-stars. Stuff to make you feel closer to the starlet because “gee, she’s a real person too…”

    This whole series looks to be nothing but a big Sarah Palin commercial. “Gosh… Look how she interacts with her kids. Isn’t she just such a normal person? Isn’t she just such a good mom?” “Isn’t she brave how she ventures out there knowing they will probably run into bears?” “Isn’t she brave trekking up that mountain?” “Doesn’t she look cute in her fishing (hunting, mountain–climbing, etc) get-up?”

    Showing her in various settings where we’re supposed to see how brave and smart and “regular person” and common sensical she is — all qualities “we shure do wunt in arr next prezuhdint!”

    Alas….holding my nose while watching did not prevent me from getting nauseated….

  6. I’m not a big Palin fan. However, I’m not sure that McGiniss has a good case.

    In Dunn, the SCOTUS defined curtilage as being protected as such only if:
    “the proximity of the area claimed to be curtilage to the home, whether the area is included within an enclosure surrounding the home, the nature of the uses to which the area is put, and the steps taken by the resident to protect the area from observation by people passing by.”

    Looking at some pictures of the house in question, the deck opens up right onto a public access lake. There are no privacy screens or other steps taken by the resident to protect the area from observation or people on the public lakefront. McGiniss would enjoy zero fourth amendment protection from law enforcement. For example, if he went out on the back deck and smoked a reefer, then a federal agent could use that for probable cause as there is no reasonable expectation of privacy on the deck.

    What about non-government entities? Well, in general, you can film or photograph anything or anyone without a reasonable expectation of privacy (like the back deck); it is a good practice to get permission but it is not required. However, you generally need permission from the subject to use it in a commercial application (vice informing or educating). This is narrower than you might think. For example, if you take a picture of a celebrity and use it in a saucy tabloid article, you’re ok, even if that photo sells newspapers. If you photoshop it onto an advertisement for an ice cold carbonated beverage and say, “Drink Cola because John Doe does!” then you’re not ok. It seems to me that TLC can easily argue that their objective is to inform; they’re not selling any specific product, after all.

    Without the commercial aspect, McGiniss will have to prove some sort of false pretenses on behalf of TLC (did they lie to him, plant hidden cameras in places he had a reasonable expectation of privacy, etc). He could also try to prove defamation (libel), but that is going to be an uphill fight at best. If TLC just reports it as, “McGiniss rented this house next to the Palins; here he is on the back deck,” then there is nothing false or libelous about that. Under Alaska law, I don’t think he has any sort of case for stalking (AS 11.41.270), harassment (AS 11.61.120), or defamation (AS 21.36.070).

    In Alaska, Defamation requires:

    (a) A person may not make, publish, disseminate, or circulate, directly or indirectly, or aid, abet, or encourage the making, publishing, disseminating, or circulating of an oral or written statement or a pamphlet, circular, article, or literature that is false, or maliciously critical of or derogatory to the financial condition of a person in the insurance business or proposing to enter the insurance business and that is calculated to injure a person engaged or proposing to engage in the business of insurance.

    The AK Supreme Court upheld a limited view of defamation cases recently in Olivit vs. Juneau.

    So, sure, McGiniss can file a civil suit. I doubt he’ll get anywhere though. I’m as strong a supporter of private property rights as any, but you have no reasonable expectation of privacy on your back deck which opens up to public lands.

    • Lower48 says:

      Except when it is the neighbor that has put up the extension fence that is doing the peeping!

      From the water side – no question. No expectation of privacy in that regard…

    • InOhio says:

      (a) Palin has motive in defaming the expected book and the show participated in supporting her motivation. The show had motivation because they knew including the segment would result in far more viewers (hence higher ad fees).
      (b) The fence adds to the courtlage argument, the protection doesn’t have to be perfect, only that it is there. He can claim the original fence was part of his decision to rent and that the added height futher added to his expectation of privacy.
      (c) They were not obvious in their photography, so he was never aware that his rights were being violated until it was published
      (d) They do not have permission to air his likeness and it was not an ongoing news event.
      (e) They can’t really claim “education” as his image and the discussion of him does not educate about Alaska. If the show were Palin’s pet peeves, maybe… but the “education” intended was about Alaska. His image and the discussion of him does not represent Alaska. They have specifically said it is not a political show…
      (f) He can show that Palin’s first statements had negative effect (inciting violent threats) and so there would be an expectation of continued threats as a result of the show.

      I’d love to see him go to court. I’d even donate to a fund to help out.

  7. Winski says:

    Sit on that and spin for while Swaggie !!

  8. MO Inkslinger says:

    Did anyone watch the trailer about Scarah and Toad crawling around on some glacier and an outcropping of rock? Looks like Toad has a rope around his “Angry Sow” and is pulling her up the mountain. Snooki would have done a better job of rock hopping than the great Alaskan “Angry Sow.” Shame TLC could not have found a “real” Alaskan woman to show doing the rock climbing, fishing, etc.

    • Lower48 says:

      I wonder…

      Is that the same one she was flown by helicopter onto?

      Not all the locals (“witnesses”) signed TLC confidentiality contracts…

  9. westcoaster says:

    From outside the USA here, TLC got what they wanted here. Turmoil by the american public..thus providing MORE viewership on this new silly “sarah palin’s alaska”
    I think TLC screwed the sarah palin alaska. They got the footage out there for most americans to see 2 days ago. And they knew damn well what they were doing with showing footage of Joe next door.

    The beauty is, Americans can now see her for what she is with this new and saved footage. Peepholes and all!
    Good for you TLC!

  10. mizBonnie says:

    Yay Joe I hope you win! Only downside is the media picking it up and we have to see her ugly face again. (still)

  11. Irishgirl says:

    Sarah Palin’s backyard.

    This absolutely fascinates me. Apart from the cement slab and the newly bought table and chairs……THERE WAS NOTHING THERE.

    Where are the little sandboxes for the toddlers, the bikes, the basketball net, the footballs and the stuff that is normally strewn around the place? Do they BBQ, sunbathe or do they ever leave the house to go outside and enjoy Alaska?

    This really struck me as a house without a soul.

  12. Califpat says:

    You got that right!!!

  13. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    its flippin’ karma baby!

  14. Terpsichore says:

    I love this. The letter is very straightforward and calm, just a reminder about people’s rights and what should be done to remedy the situation, and a clear statement of what action will be taken if situation is not redressed, by a specific deadline.

    In NormalLand, McGinniss’ lawyer and Burnett’s lawyer would talk it out, and decide that it ain’t worth a lawsuit, and remove the material before it airs, and have the company do their best to get rid of any ‘copies’ that still contain the old footage to try to keep it from spreading any further.

    Since Sarah Palin does not have any say in it at this point, in NormalLand, she would let her producer and their lawyers take care of it and not issue any statement one way or the other.

    BwaaaHaaaHaa!!!!! I just made myself laugh!

  15. ibwilliamsi says:

    I sent a letter to TLC execs informing them that drilling a hole in the fence to spy on the neighbor seemed hypocritical, and suggested that they either admit that the program is political, or remove everything that isn’t to do with “Alaska”. Mrs. Palin’s thoughts on what others think of her most certainly has nothing to do with Alaska.

    • Valley_Independent says:

      Thank you. I have no faith they will take the politics out of it, nor do I have any faith that it will be representative of the Alaska I know and love, so I’ll be following Just A Thought’s suggestion and not bothering to watch. They weren’t paying any attention to the huge number of people that wrote in to protest their choice of program host, though there were lots of good ones they could have chosen that were much more familiar with the activities and far-flung places in our state than Ms. Palin. Shame on them. So much for “TLC.”

  16. JUST A THOUGHT says:

    BUY IT!!

    • giddyup says:

      I won’t be watching it either, just a thought. Just as I won’t watch DWTS again. Of course there is NOTHING on TLC that’s even worth watching, as far as I’m concerned. It’s a bunch of pathetic loosers and garbage, but I’m sure the ERWNJ’s will tune in. I’ll just wait to hear about it from those who dare to watch it for the rest of us. 😉

  17. just sayin' says:

    Had to watch the movie ‘Idiocracy ‘ again…it should be required viewing for all Americans a few weeks before any election…already seems that we are taking all the steps that will ensure that scenario will be in the nearer future than is what portrayed.

  18. Martha says:

    Although I do not agree with Peggy Noonan’s politics, I love her word-smithing, ESPECIALLY when she chastises $arah…….here is part of her recent essay…..enjoy:

    Americans Vote for Maturity
    Obama gets a rebuke, but so do Republicans who seem unqualified.

    Conservatives talked a lot about Ronald Reagan this year, but they have to take him more to heart, because his example here is a guide.

    All this seemed lost last week on Sarah Palin, who called him, on Fox, “an actor.” She was defending her form of political celebrity—reality show, “Dancing With the Stars,” etc.

    This is how she did it: “Wasn’t Ronald Reagan an actor? Wasn’t he in ‘Bedtime for Bonzo,’ Bozo, something? Ronald Reagan was an actor.”

    Excuse me, but this was ignorant even for Mrs. Palin.

    Reagan people quietly flipped their lids, but I’ll voice their consternation to make a larger point.

    Ronald Reagan was an artist who willed himself into leadership as president of a major American labor union (Screen Actors Guild, seven terms, 1947-59.)

    He led that union successfully through major upheavals (the Hollywood communist wars, labor-management struggles);

    discovered and honed his ability to speak persuasively by talking to workers on the line at General Electric for eight years;

    was elected to and completed~~~ two full terms~~ as governor of California;

    challenged and almost unseated an incumbent president of his own party;

    and went on to popularize modern conservative political philosophy without the help of a conservative infrastructure. Then he was elected president.

    The point is not “He was a great man and you are a nincompoop,” though that is true.

    The point is that Reagan’s career is a guide, not only for the tea party but for all in politics.

    He brought his fully mature, fully seasoned self into politics with him. He wasn’t in search of a life when he ran for office, and he wasn’t in search of fame; he’d already lived a life, he was already well known, he’d accomplished things in the world.

    Here is an old tradition badly in need of return:

    You have to earn your way into politics. You should go have a life, build a string of accomplishments, then enter public service. And you need actual talent: You have to be able to bring people in and along.

    You can’t just bully them, you can’t just assert and taunt, you have to be able to persuade.

    Americans don’t want, as their representatives, people who seem empty or crazy. They’ll vote no on that.

    It’s not just the message, it’s the messenger.

  19. Jerry G says:

    Let me get this straight… the Paylins were upset at someone reading a book in their presence?

  20. OtterQueen says:

    Not only that, she has her American flag hung incorrectly on the railing. It doesn’t really surprise me, she has no respect for our flag…

  21. essjay says:

    DK says: “Oh poor Joe. A known author is having his image used …..!”

    That’s what happens when people have enough honesty, confidence, and sense of self-worth not to have a sick need to have their names/photos splashed all over any screen or piece of paper it will stick to. We notice he is also both able and willing to participate in interviews with sane persons, as well as to have been interesting, fair, and loyal enough to have friends for decades. It’s called maturity and honor.

  22. G Katz says:

    If it weren’t for the Cake Boss, I’d be able to boycott TLC entirely. I cannot believe that TLC would give SP a platform for defaming this man with no proof and, in fact, evidence to the contrary. Somebody at TLC should lose their job over this.

    • Bretta says:

      It was suggested before that $P was being punked by TLC; that sounds credible to me…

      • G Katz says:

        I like that. Funny how she thinks she is such a leader because she can see Russia from where ever but she can’t deal with an unmenacing writer on the other side of the fence.

      • OtterQueen says:

        Brilliant! There is no other explanation for TLC airing the bit about her complaining about the invasion of her privacy while spying on the neighbor. I mean, really. Showing her getting all huffy and moving to the other side of the house to avoid the guy next door (obliviously reading a book), is hardly complimentary.

    • InOhio says:

      AMC is running Walking Dead… I don’t normally like zombies, but if you catch up on Hulu, its a pretty good show with a better plot than the TLC crap.

  23. DK says:

    Oh poor Joe. A known author is having his image used without his permission! That poor baby!

    • Lee323 says:

      There’s a glimmer of understanding of the legal system in your phrase “without his permission.” Congratulations. Now go research “defamation of character” and “expectation of privacy.”

  24. karen marie says:

    Sarah Palin is a creepy and unpleasant person. Her continued good health and prosperity are proof, I’m afraid, that god does not in fact exist.

  25. tigerwine says:

    A little OT, but still about SP and her Alaska: Has anyone noticed on the trailer TLC put out that showed her climbing that icy rock that she had no gloves on? Who would do that?

    And I’ve heard that some of the photographers have said that in parts of the scenes showing the bears that she was nowhere near there. Now I have 2 thoughts on this:

    1. If this is true, it’s obviously a case of editing film to suit the purpose. i.e. making Sarah look good.

    2. If this isn’t true, who would stick around close to fighting bears? Weren’t there kids in the kayak/boat?

    All this on top of the “cement pad” scene. Man, this looks like it’s going to be fun to critique!

    • jimzmum says:

      You mean Mrs. Palin wasn’t truthful? Mercy Maude!

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      But that’s not different from the other adventure/reality shows. I’ve seen scenes of places I’ve been that just aren’t that remote. One was a ten minute walk (not hike) and 10 minute boat ride ($6.00) to a lodge with nice deli sandwiches and a plethora of home made pie. Oooooh! Scary and dangerous!
      So we can’t just deride her for something that TV does all the time. But we can deride her for saying that she actually does these things! I think that other adventure/reality hosts actually do remote stuff, just not while on camera–it’s too difficult and expensive. Sarah, on the other hand, couldn’t climb a rock face with the help of an escalator. In one instance, it’s done for the convenience and bottom line of the company. In her case, it’s to imply a person that does’t exist–much like Bush’s plaid flannel shirt and chain saw (seen or heard of him using those since he left office? I thought not.)

    • But to critique it, I would have to watch it…and I just can’t bear to hear her nasty voice, look at her skanky white-trashness…..I’ll have to wait ’til somebody else does it- a REAL Alaskan..!

  26. CityKid says:

    I can’t wait for Sarah Palin to announce that she is in contention for the Republican nomination. We were talking at work today, and the consensus was that Sarah Palin has to seem like she might be a candidate – otherwise her “price points” fall through the floor. No presidential run – income stream falls off.

    On another note – I’m pushing hard for Dr. Howard Dean as Chief of Staff for Obama. Hey, what’s Obama got to loose? Besides, the press conferences that Robert Gibbs holds will be all that much more interesting if Dr. Dean is in charge!

  27. Enjay in E MT says:

    Perhaps I’m getting too cynical – but am believing we’re seeing another Palin distraction & deflection week – a slight of hand period when everyone is looking North & not looking South…. It has been a long week and can’t recall when the former Half Gov. made comments about the Corrupt B’tards – along with the Politico article and another no-so nice word (which would get me thrown into the mod-pod for sure) That by itself was very over the top for her to use that kind of language on TV – next week the “reality show debut” – but finish off this week with another …. less than flattering release (another distraction?) about Joe McGinniss

    Earlier this week, the 4 or 5 Palin-ite stories running on HuffPo….. while under the radar new “still pics” of an Alaskan TV daughter were released with “possible indications” someone will need to re-virginize again after a few months rest following DWTS. Whatever happens to the contestant does not relate to how many of us feel towards the former gov., since we disagree “politically” vs “personally.” However, since her base is Conservative Christians they may not feel too inspired by another unexpected delivery.

  28. Wasilla Joe says:

    Real presidentia of ya Sarah peeping in on your neighbors. God knows what this this woman would do if she made it to the White House. A lot of enemies to spy on and get even with, it would take her 2 years just to get from the A’s to H’s.

  29. JUST A THOUGHT says:

    Well said Lee 323 – Mad Sow Disease!

    $arah is definitely a MAD SOW!!

  30. Baker's Dozen says:

    My gosh! A peeping Todd!
    What will they do for a first episode? The rest is probably more of the same: taking pictures of Joe from their second story windows, peeping around the fence corner, sending the baby to crawl around the fence so they have to go get him, having a photographer dressed as a pizza deliverer showing up at Joe’s front door, and all the while complaining that he’s spying on them.

    That’s Sarah Peeplin’s Alaska, with Todd Palin playing Peeping Todd!
    I wonder how long it took them to trek to that wilderness location at Lake Dead Fish?

    And just wait until the lawsuit from the Easter Peeps hits! 🙂 Hey, they have that contest every year for making pictures with peeps! This is the perfect theme–Sarah and Todd peeping through the fence.
    Here’s just one of many sites

    • Irishgirl says:

      I love that….a peeping Todd! 🙂

      Tonight was suppposed to be my first real night of rest since my trip to the rally…..I woke at 4 am, turned on the computer and haven’t stopped laughing since. It is now 6.30 am and I doubt if I will get back to sleep. AKM, I’ll be sending you a bill for the dark circles under my eyes.

    • silverball says:

      thought his name was “TOAD”….am i wrong to think that…..LOL…..

  31. ayerishgrl says:

    my goodness Lee323, is there anything about the angry sow you haven’t covered? Bravo!
    I say from now on, our friend Sarah should be referred to as the Angry Sow-no more Mama Grizzly.
    NItey nite from NY everyone…

  32. Desa Jacobsson says:

    Now we REALLY can hear Reagan rolling over in his grave saying, ” Tear Down This Wall. ”

    Therefore too again also then again.

  33. Lee323 says:

    Mad Sow Disease:

    Whining that your First Amendment Rights are being denied because the press criticizes you……but you and your goons tear down Kathleen Gustafson’s sign located on private property, and have police throw out a blogger and photographer from your event on public property.

    Whining that your privacy is being invaded…..while you have TLC cameras trained on you and your family, and your daughter sow is prancing her larded arse around on DWTS in front of millions of viewers.

    Whining that your next door neighbor is peeping on your prepubescent daughter…..while you are the one flashing a photo of him minding his business all over the internet, and hauling aforementioned prepube daughter around the country to political venues crowded with dirty old men looking up your skirts.

    Whining about the harrowing travails of being victimized by the lamestream media…..while that same media has functioned as the big tit from which you suck your millions of dollars.

    Whining how outrageous it is that some folks use the word “retard” in private conversations…..while you throw out “impotent, limp, gutless, lame, corrupt bastards, crap, bullsh*t, lacking cojones, punk, idiot” to millions in the public sphere via your myriad of lamestream electronic enablers.

    Whining to Mary Hart (another media enabler) that you are perplexed that people consider you “polarizing”…..while you continually demonize the media, the Left, the POTUS, Muslims, immigrants, Americans who don’t fit your idea of “real”……

    Whining that a college kid should get the maximum penalty for guessing your password on your computer account…..while telling critics they aren’t fit to tie Joe Miller’s shoes even though he illegally accessed multiple computer accounts, tried to skew the polling to cheat his way to a leadership position in the Alaska GOP, cleared caches of all his coworkers’ data to cover his tracks, and then lied repeatedly about his actions.

    Whining that you will sue a blogger for posting a rumor of your impending divorce…….but not a whisper about suing a blogger for claiming that you are not the birth mother of your last child.

    Incurable hypocrisy, massive hubris, and not a shred of integrity…..Mad Sow Disease.

    • Irishgirl says:

      Lee, tell us how you really feel. 🙂

    • Non Sibi says:

      Whoa! Or Wow!
      All the things I thought vaguely crystallized into one post.

    • AKjah says:

      With abit of fine tuning you could fit that to music.

    • sharon says:

      Um it’s not “real” it’s rill

    • Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

      Re the computer hacking

      Palin herself claimed to have hacked into the computer of that same AK GOP leader – to check if he had in fact been using “company time” (AK gov’t) and equipment to do partisan politicking (he had). But somehow it’s was all different when she was the hackee. (It’s in Going Rogue somewhere)

    • slipstream says:

      Have you noticed that those who are quick to make accusations out of thin air — “he’s gonna spy on me!” — are often guilty of that same action? The reason that they don’t trust other people is that they themselves are untrustworthy. Honest people tend to assume that others are usually honest. Dishonest people tend to assume that others are usually up to something.

      It’s not just the Worst Governor Ever who shows this pattern — though she is a glaring example. Anybody who throws out an unwarranted accusation is actually telling you more about himself than about the person he accuses.

      • SofyaDeb says:

        The irony of building a 14 foot fence to prevent your neighbor from spying on you, then sneaking peeks around it to see what he’s doing and suggesting that you drill a hole in it so that you can spy on him completely escapes her. As illustrated in this clip that the whole world can witness. I can’t believe the producers of this show aren’t somewhere laughing their butts off!

    • LIZ says:

      That was absolute genius… thanks for the succinct and accurate overview of the pitbull who wears lipstick… spot on friend… 🙂

    • That was truly righteous..! –and well-deserved..! Thank you!

    • physicsmom says:

      Bravo Lee, Bravo! (or is it Brava?) Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Flippy Cat says:

      ZING……..!!!!! You nailed it, Lee. Love ya for it!!

  34. Valley_Independent says:

    “Angry sow” really is a much more accurate term for Sarah Palin. Mamma grizzlies are more rational and predictable. There’s actually a reason for what they do, and it has nothing to do with cold, hard, cash.

  35. Irishgirl says:

    AKM… topic, but Forty Watt found this great clip of bubbles and Ayerishgrl being interviewed after the rally on Saturday. Enjoy.

  36. Irishgirl says:

    I hope Joe takes her for every cent she has grifted over the last year.

    Hahahaha…..even my husband (whose eyes glaze over everytime I mention Palin) got a great kick out of the cement slab! 🙂

  37. pvazwindy says:

    I would love to sit at the table listening while she’s being deposed.

    • sierraseven says:

      The attorneys who have to listen to her, and the stenographer who has to try and write down her stream-of-unconsciousness testimony, should get hazard pay.

  38. tallimat says:

    We should probably contact the owner, rent the place and let K. Olbermann hang out for a while. Get D. Letterman too. Hold a couple of card games. …

    Maybe the owners of the house should give tours of the fence.
    I’m tellin ya there is tourist potiental there.

    • dreamgirl says:

      Brilliant! Or just have welfare Joe Miller and brood move in.

    • Valley_Independent says:

      Actually, the owner of the house is very nice, and, as a good neighbor, really did offer to rent the home to Mr. McGinniss because he would respect the Palin’s privacy. There were certainly other, and more lucrative, options. The Palins seem to lack the capacity to understand that just because they are obsessed with money, not every one else is. The rest of the Palin tales on the matter are bunk, also, and as has already been pointed out, the Palins, with the help of Fox “News” and TLC are the ones guilty of defamation of character and invasion of privacy.

    • Desa Jacobsson says:

      Yeah, tallimat, it could be called A Tour de Fence..or A Tour de Farce…..or Defeat Jumped O’er Defense.

      Therefore too again also then again Ding a ding ding ding

    • SofyaDeb says:

      Unfortunately, the fence blew down with the first stiff wind.

    • InOhio says:

      OMG… if you rented to place to throw parties and NOT invite the Palins, it would make the sow even more angry!

  39. dreamgirl says:

    Hey $arah and Toad… I think Joe has you in his crosshairs without the help of Dropzone. (heheehee)

  40. dreamgirl says:

    Go Joe!

    Just for fun he should sue Screechy and Toad separately fron TLC for libel, defamation of character and emotional distress in civil court for monetary damages. Karma 🙂

    • milfaygirl says:


    • sierraseven says:

      How about a class-action suit for audiological distress, on behalf of everyone who has innocently been watching TV, only to have Mrs Palin’s screeching and squalling suddenly intrude into their brain?

      Can’t we somehow get a device that detects the harmful sound frequencies she emits, and blanks them out of the ads? By the time I hit the “mute” button, I fear I’ve already lost some brain cells.

    • M Baker says:

      I completely agree. Maybe if the reward for McGinnis and her lawyer fee’s are high enough, just maybe the “mad sow” will be more carefull in the future and avoid slamming people in public. But, knowing how ignorant and a light weigh she is in the intelligence department, it wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t see the connection that occurs when you libel and slander someone in public, and the resulting consequence. I think this has been long time in coming for Sarah, and the “lamestream media” she continues to blame for “making things up”, about her, should teach Sarah she too can’t “make things up” about people.

  41. Anon says:

    She can see Joe McGinniss from her porch. 😉

  42. Seagull Junker Palin says:

    See here Sister Sarah, you have now ventured into the lawful land of the lower 48.

  43. Bretta says:

    omg the $ow Palin is the gift that keeps on giving.
    $he has no concept what a ridiculous presentation she makes.

    • prisonernumbersix says:

      “The gift that keeps on giving.” doesn’t that refer to an STD; in Sarah’s case, a Socially Transmitted Disease?

  44. Xenon says:

    I hope he crucifies the lot of them.

  45. nswfm says:

    There’s a T-shirt that goes with that letter that says:
    F you, you F’ing F.

  46. ibwilliamsi says:

    That’s my end of the week guffaw! Thank you!

  47. far from fenway fan says:

    Yooo Hoooo! You go, Joe! Show that Nit Twit you’re not gonna sit down and shut up!

  48. sauerkraut says:

    Bam! Take that you… you… momma ungrizzlie!

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