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August 3, 2021


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Friday, July 9, 2021

Oyster Roundup

~Thick and fast they came at last, and more, and more, and more!


Neighbors and Cupcakes and Bears – Oh, my!

For the faint of heart, and the thin of stomach lining, the ADN’s Julia O’Malley got a peek at the first episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, and she watched it so you don’t have to. Between carrying on about the neighbor, and trying to shoo boys out of Willow’s room, you can get all the details about what it takes to go fishing in “bear country.”  Just to clarify what you may already be thinking – yes, all of Alaska is bear country.

They Love Him, They Love Him Not, They Love Him…

It would appear after vascillating back and forth, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has finally landed in Miller’s corner. They win either way, but a letter has gone out from John Cornyn of Texas who chairs the NRSC saying, “Both sides are beginning to lawyer up and prepare for any possible legal fights. Joe needs your help to make sure he has enough money to make it a fair contest.

Both sides have created legal defense funds.  Murkowski’s is the Palin-esque sounding “Alaska Voter Protection Fund.”  Apparently she thinks that the people to put money in the fund aren’t actually Alaskans, so she’s winging her way back to D.C. for a fundraiser.

Nothing changes

Lisa Murkowski wrote a nice letter today.  Seems she doesn’t take too kindly to the Environmental Protection Agency trying to protect the environment.  “If the president wants to start with the work the Energy Committee has already done, I would be happy to work with him. But I also believe we must first preempt the EPA from meddling in the work of Congress when it comes to setting climate policies,” sayeth the one who tells us she’ll now be free to be a moderate.  She won’t forget that Democrats put her in her seat again….. right? Riiiiight.

A Slip of the Finger…

Nineteen Alaskans were just charged in a drug trafficking bust in which money was laundered in Las Vegas. And I’m guessing that 18 of them are not real happy with the other one, who appears to be Ted Stevens’ nephew. Small state.

John Covich, 29, of Kenai has been accused in the case of selling oxycodone and money laundering, depositing more than $50,000 into the Stealth Boys Las Vegas accounts through the Soldotna Wells Fargo between April and July. Public records show Covich’s full name, age and address match those of the grandson of the late Sen. Ted Stevens, a family member Stevens has said he had visited in jail.

Investigators saw Covich and Dupuis enter a bank to make a deposit into one of the accounts. In June, Covich sent a text message to the wrong phone number, saying “Hey I got blue 30s for 40,” indicating he was trying to sell 30-milligram tablets for $40 apiece.

The person who received the text walked into the Kenai Police Department and reported the suspicious message.

Free Keith!

Within hours of hearing that MSNBC had indefinitely suspended Keith Olbermann without pay after it was discovered that he had made donations to political candidates in violation of company policy, more than 200,000 people signed a petition asking MSNBC to put him back on the air. There are a variety of ways to pass the message along. 

If you’re on Facebook, click here to share an UPDATED message.

If you’re on Twitter, click to auto-Tweet: 200,000 of us tell @MSNBC: Put Keith Olbermann back on the air. Help us reach 250,000?

Or just pass along this email to others — asking them to sign the petition here.



82 Responses to “Oyster Roundup”
  1. Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

    It seems to me the way to affect the success of the reality show is for some mudflatter to take the bullet and watch the premier and carefully annotate all the sponsors. Then rev up a campaign against those sponsors specifically taking them to task for supporting this blatent propaganda. It won’t stop the show, but it will damage her brand.

    Just a thought.

  2. JUST A THOUGHT says:





  3. jojobo1 says:

    Good luck, dreamgirl My SIL took the sanitation test and passed with flying colors so I am sure you will also

  4. Baker's Dozen says:

    They say hindsight is 20/20. George W. Bush needs hindsight glasses.

    “Being photographed flying over the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina – without landing to personally assess the damage and comfort residents – was a “huge mistake.”

    It made him look “detached and uncaring, no question about it,” he told Lauer.”

    Ya think? But what can one expect from the president that has acted in the most uncaring manner in my lifetime? Even Nixon cared about things–probably to burnish his image–but W didn’t seem to care for any reason at all. Ever. About anyone but his friends and family. Kind of. And if it didn’t involve making him money, he didn’t care anyway.

  5. dreamgirl says:

    Thanks Mudpups (exhale) I will keep y’all updated. ( apparently I have to take the food-sanitation course again (250.00, last one I took was in 1994 for a Cafe I worked for) The nickel and dime-ing for licenses in Chi-Town alone is scary.

    Cliff (with sea below): me standing on it …. Diving into what I believe in…

  6. Baker's Dozen says:

    And THIS is for the morning of your Opening Day–and every day after.

    Mornings are wonderful. They represent progress, awakening, revelation. That’s what tomorrow morning brings for you. I expect good for you!

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      Uh, yeah. Link

      Leaving links out makes me feel silly. Fortunately, it keeps me humble but doesn’t trample my dignity! 😛

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      And the Dallas Cowboys are loosing. Badly. They have 5 rushing yards. That’s less than one needs to make a quilt. Just sayin’.
      This makes up for the elections!
      I just might have to come to Chicago for a pick me up in December to celebrate!

  7. dreamgirl says:

    Since this is an open forum…. Mudpups, I need some love: Tomorrow I’m signing a 3 yr lease to open a coffee shop/mini-mart with organic and healthy goods. I have to add I am so stressed, nervous and excited.

    It pains me to mention (why I my need some extra support) I have left numerous msgs to my mom regarding my endeavor…not one phone call back, then find out 5 min. ago she’ll be in town from my SIL(apparently she’s staying with my Brother, who I adore). Soul crushing. (thud).

    I have every faith my small business will take off, with or without my mom’s support. (who is she? That’s so wrong).

    • slipstream says:

      Dreamgirl: when should I be there for coffee? Look for the mysterious man with sunglasses . . . that’ll be me. Mazel tov! Success! Moms can be so inconsiderate. Don’t let it get you down.

    • Gimme-a-break, Sarah says:

      Big motherly hugs to you, dreamgirl, and much success with your business endeavor!

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      Dreamgirl, you are loved. Adore your brother. I bet he’ll “mother” you! No matter what our age, we need mothering, and you’ll find it Someone’s there to do it for you, and you can pass it on.

      Where are you? Those of us close enough want to come get a cup of something hot (I drink chocolate. Do you have hot chocolate?) and a healthy snack.

      Yes, you can!

      • dreamgirl says:

        Oh, you just made me cry. I am going to live my beliefs:

        Opportunity and Change: I am creating my own, for me and and a small handfull of employees.

        Hope: I am .

        (nervous too also…) Thanks

        • Baker's Dozen says:

          May I loan you my virtual hankie? It has a lovely rainbow with the sun peaking (not peeping) out from behind embroidered on it.

          Nervous is OK. We just have to learn to walk though those things and not be stopped by them.

          Are you done with the hankie? Take a good blow, and then I’ll put it in my virtual wash! 🙂

      • dreamgirl says:

        In Chicago, destination: West Town, south of WickerPark. (near Chicago st. and Damen)

        Chicago mudpups, expect mid Dec. opening. (permits, buildout etc.)

        • Baker's Dozen says:

          Sadly, I’ll not be there for your opening. But December in Chicago sounds like a great time to open a store that sells hot beverages.
          I’ll be in SoCal, where weather seldom dictates a hot beverage.

          Do you deliver?

        • bubbles says:

          congratulations!!! Dreamgirl you are going to be success and when next in Chicago i will stop by enjoy a nosh. well done Mudpuppy.

    • leenie17 says:

      dreamgirl, I feel your pain but I have been where you are and come out stronger for it.

      For reasons too complex to get into here, I have had no relationship with my mother since last spring. I turned 50 last month and heard nothing from her. I was terribly betrayed by some truths I discovered last year and hurt for a long time, but I have emerged stronger, wiser and more grateful for the people in my life who truly care about me. In causing our relationship to be severed, my mother has lost far more than I have.

      You have those special people in your life who will support you in your endeavors, sympathize with your failures and celebrate your triumphs. Your mother is missing out on the opportunity to share your new adventure with you…and she is the poorer for it.

      Be strong, be happy and be a rousing success!!!

    • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

      Woohoo – that sounds absolutely divine! You are living your dream, and helping others by sharing it. You can do this, and even though mom isn’t there this moment, there are often things we don’t know happening to those we love and this might be one of those times. Cheers!

    • dowl says:

      Good luck, dreamgirl. Maybe next month there will be a mini mudpup ‘flatter meet up.
      South Side Chicago.

    • Irishgirl says:

      Good luck, dreamgirl.

    • thatcrowwoman says:

      Good on you for taking our country Forward, in a small business-healthy-coffee shop/min-mart way.

      My students refer to me as their “Library Mama,” and there’s always room for one more, so if it’ll help, consider yourself hugged.
      *wrapping wings around you in encouragement and protection and joyous pride*

      I’ll be in Chicago next summer for the NEA representative assembly, which just happens to coincide with Taste of Chicago, so will bring you real live hugs then! I look forward to a mini-mudstock with you, dreamgirl.

      “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” Henry David Thoreau

      *joining mudpups world wide in pouring strength into your foundations*

      L’Chaim! To Life!

  8. Cassie Jeep says:

    After 41 years as registered and “died in the wool” democrat, I am considering changing my registration to “Republican” so I can vote for “her majesty”, Sarah Palin for Republican candidate for President…in the primary

    Of course, I will vioe for Obama for president in the election…

    Any takers?

    • AKPetMom says:

      That didn’t work out so well in our primary when “dyed in the wool long time Dems who are registered as independents” voted for Joe Miller in order to secure a sure-fire win for Scott McAdams. I’d say stick to your principles and vote your heart and leave chess to the chessboard and out of politics. It very seldom works out well.

  9. beth says:

    Lisa and Joe remind me of a pair of totally dysfunctional individuals in a very nasty divorce case — both are fighting in the public square, with no-holds-barred ugly and incredible levels of rancor, over who gets custody of the property.

    Good thing neither is expected to act with any semblance of maturity and civility once the case is finalized. Oh, wait… beth.

  10. Tsilaer says:

    First of all, let me apologize for going off topic. I’ve been thinking about Dan Fagan and the interference with the electoral process he prompted. I’m none to fond of Lisa and Scott was my man. So what he was doing was screwing with RWNJ’s but does anyone think that maybe we need to pay attention to when the radio stations license is up for renewal. Personally, I don’t think that interfering with the electoral process is in the public interest and written commentary from the public is solicited.

    Just a random thought from a random mind.

  11. Judi says:

    Just read KO tweeted…Greetings from Exile….and then on to thank everyone…it has been nonstop phone calls emails and faxes….

    I cant watch any of that show…I already wrote them and said we would boycott the network…I mean there are lots of others that live and love Alaska who could do the job…not some phony baloney …my take

    off to read the Julia article…

    as I try to calm down from reading the gop says NO compromise on tax cuts…as if that should be a big surprise…”Cantor also made clear that if there’s going to be any compromise, it’s going to have to come from Obama, who has said he is willing to work with Republicans. Cantor, however, said that Republicans will work with Obama only if he agrees with them 100 percent.” huh??? I always was taught that a compromise meant BOTH had to give and take…silly me

    • leenie17 says:

      Cantor is also threatening to shut down the federal government or even default on US debts unless he gets his way. He’s sounding more and more like a spolied two-year-old, except, of course, that he has the potential of destroying our country with his temper tantrum!

      “It’s difficult to exaggerate just how harmful a shutdown or default would be for the United States and its economy. A “shutdown” occurs when Congress fails to appropriate money to fund the federal agencies. As a result, nearly every federal employee is sent home, including the officials who cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid checks. In other words, by threatening a shutdown, Cantor is holding the incomes of millions of American seniors hostage unless Obama complies with his petty demands.

      The consequences of a default would be even worse — indeed, if a shutdown amounts to a hostage crisis, a default is the equivalent of shooting the hostage. ”

      According to the TP story a default could trigger a worldwide financial panic, and the steps needed to avoid the default could start a new Great Depression and turn the United States into a permanent third world country.

      And WHICH party loves this country?????

      Does this sound like it’s bordering on treason to anyone else?

      • AKPetMom says:

        Could be a good thing if they shut down the funding for the two unjust wars we are fighting. Those would be federally funded people also. They probably wouldn’t be willing to engage in a hostile conflict without pay. Just sayin’.

      • Baker's Dozen says:

        Been there. Done that. Only an idiot would do it again.
        Oh, wait.

        Mebbe–just mobbed he needs to talk to Newt and see just how that panned out last time!

        From wikipedia:

        “On November 14, major portions of the federal government became inoperative. The Clinton administration later released figures detailing the costs of the shutdown, which included losses of up to $800 million in salaries paid to furloughed employees.[2] The first budget shutdown was resolved with the passage of a temporary spending bill, but the underlying disagreement between Gingrich and Clinton was not resolved, resulting in the second shutdown.

        The Republicans blamed Clinton for the shutdown, but public opinion seemed to favor the president. President Clinton’s approval rating rose to the highest it had been since his election. The Republicans’ support was further diminished two days later when Gingrich made a widely-reported complaint about being snubbed by Clinton; Tom DeLay called it “the mistake of his [Gingrich’s] life”.”

        As far as the President’s ratings go, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea. After all, when you’re the one who won’t compromise, you get the blame when the country’s stuck in the mud. The Republicans have been at this much longer than we tend to remember. And they haven’t come up with any new or better tricks! But global crisis would be a no no. Still, one can’t give in to political bullying.

  12. LoveMyDogs says:

    What, no oysters came ashore with GWB’s coloring book (of crimes/war crimes admitted to)?

  13. Moose Pucky says:

    Alaska is such a hotbed for oysters. How AKM keeps up with them is beyond my scope here in the slough. But kudos and thanks.

    Already signed the petition and told MSNBC that I want reporters willing to honor their own values.

    As for the Lisa and Joe battle, hope the attorneys enjoy their opportunity to rake in lots of bucks. Nothing quite so satisfying and fiscally responsible as elections by the attorneys. 🙁

  14. Rick says:

    I’m sorry, but Julie O’Malley wrote a puff piece on Palin’s (un)reality show.

  15. Oh, Julia, you’re the best! That was a most illuminating piece in ADN. My eyes would bleed if I’d watched that syrupy, disingenuous, and vapid program on TLC. But Julia’s right, it was a learning experience for sure – SP’s still a huckster, sham, and so confidently ignorant. Sail on oh ship of mediocrity, self promotion and aggrandizement (sp?). Sigh……………..oops, yuck!

    And Peggy Noonan – bless you for nailing the Nincompoop! Priceless and pertinent.

  16. Baker's Dozen says:

    What you need to go fishing in bear country?

    Um, you need a fishing pole, hooks and bait.

    I’ve never fished anywhere, including Alaska, that wasn’t bear country. If you live in the west, I’m not sure such a place exists–except stocked urban lakes where they charge for the fish or your Beverly HIlls koi pond.

    And if they had decent anti pollution law in Wasilla, they could have gone fishing in bear country right from their cement slab! (A problem we didn’t have from our cement slab.)

  17. Alaska Pi says:

    Yuppers, Ms Murkowski didn’t waste a second…
    Or will we see some kind of shift after the ballots are counted…?
    Don’t think so…
    Ms Murkowski’s obscurantism seems to be centered in a notion that any cost to shift the status quo is too burdensome , that with a sort of sideways approach to alternative energy we’ll slowly, magically shift without any pain… oh, Pffft!
    For any of us of a certain age, we’ve already seen this horsepunky play out.
    When the oil embargo happened in the 70s we collectively moved to legislate short and long term adjustment to rising oil prices. The call was strong then to support alternative energy projects. There was a little burst and then silence. Over the years people settled back in and got comfy with pretending that whenever the “someday” was that we needed to deal with all that arrived, we would be ready…
    One of the most obnoxious fallouts of the de-regulation frenzy since then has been to move hope for the future to a blind allegiance to the idea that market forces will save us.Market forces can be shown to stifle innovation and change as it all relies on biggest-market-share gobbeldygook.

    The burden to conform has been shifted to the consumer, to the individual now.
    No longer is corporate capitalism required to conform to societal mores, constrained within boundaries which require it’s full participation in the ups and downs of our culture.
    By accepting this upside down worldview Americans are in the process of stranding themselves as powerless pawns in an economic model run amok.

    Ms Murkowski will not help us roll the picture back up to a human ethic as opposed to a market ethic .
    I so wish Alaskans had voted their values and not their fears… cuz I think our frights will be coming home to roost…

    • Millie says:

      I cannot abide Lisa Murkowski….she is fast reaching the level of disregard I have for Sister Sarah.

    • ks sunflower says:

      I hope all the moderates who decided to vote for Lisa instead of Scott are choking on their gullibility today. What a farce. Did then think she’d really change back from a straight-line corporate Rethug? Gees, Lisa is as big a fraud in her own way as Joe Miller and Sarah Palin and the Alaskan voters who fell for her phony sales pitch are going to have to suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, so will the rest of us.

      When will Alaskans wake up and stop voting against their interests? Do they really like being screwed-over by the corporations who would destroy their environment, kill their wildlife, and rob them blind? A lesson learned, I hope: you cannot trust people who will say anything just before an election particularly if their records screams at you not to trust them.

    • fromthediagonal says:

      WOW Alaska Pi… to use a rather outdated exclamation… short and succinct! Thank you, Ing

  18. Martha says:

    Now that the full episode of Granny Grifter’s Alaska has played on the internet, for any one to watch and/or replicate….Mr. McGinniss could be in for a windfall!

    He should release his book as they go to court……………then when it’s over send her a thank you card and flowers.

  19. AuntieRuth says:

    Here is the link to the Peggy Noonan piece in which she rips Sarah for comparing herself to Reagan. Peggy calls here a nincompoop!

    • Hope says:

      I read this and think it is counterproductive. Where were all these critics 2 years ago? They wait for the election and then launch into a frenzy. She helped them with a mixed blessing. Have you ever heard the saying, “behind every sucessful man is a woman.” I would conclude that (behind one successful woman is her very bright husband.) I don’t underestimate her electability after the 2010 elections and the action of every moderate turning conservative i.e. McCain. Acting is plus in politics evidently.

      I never missed the President’s message and I find it funny that they think he was liberal (DADT and Immigration would have been pushed through) but it is obvious that many think he is a far left “liberal.” While Reagan was a gifted politic, many also see that his economic plan trickled down to a mess of an economy. Perception is everything or nothing.

  20. jimzmum says:

    I am awake, and have been for awhile. Thanks AKM, for all the news. Very interesting happenings. I think the Lisa/Joe tiff (tiff?) will have a lasting impact on all US politics. This will be very closely monitored. I am wondering if it will begin a move to standardize states’ voting practices. Right now, it seems to be such a mish-mash.

  21. TapRootRex says:

    I also liked the Julia O’Malley piece… It wasn’t anywhere near as good as the well deserved skewering of Palin in the Mudflats article: Who’s the Real Peeper? Palin v. Neighbor in New Show for TLC, but it was well written for the average ADN crowd… Julia does a nice job of getting the jabs in without appearing biased towards our psychologically damaged Quitter ex-Guv Sarah Palin…

  22. fishingmamma says:

    I thought the Julia O’Malley piece was good. She showed no love for the Palin circus. You can find it on if you don’t get the paper.

    • Enjay in E MT says:

      Via some links there is another analysis of the SP Alaska Trailer –

      snip] Sarah Palin just continues to remind me of the man who stands naked in his apartment window screaming at passersby to stop looking at him!!! [end snip

      • Excellent observations! I think of my backyard when the girls were little and there was a sand box and swing set in the corner. We tended to put the toys away at the end of the day and found we couldn’t leave out the big ball because the dog liked to play with it. After she bit it and it deflated, that kind of thing had to go in the garage.

        The other thing that doesn’t ring true about Sarah spending time in her favorite writing spot is that, if she is out there and Todd is out there, then who is taking care of Trigg?

        Plus, with the short cold (dark) days in Alaska in the winter, which starts fairly soon, she can’t spend much time out there for most of the year.

        Oh, and now that the kids are grown, I have potted plants, table and chairs all over our patio (I’ve never heard it called a cement slab). The deck that is our back porch is arranged like an outdoor room, with table and chairs in conversational groupings – and more plants, sitting and hanging. That IS one of my favorite spots for reading, but not for writing. It’s too bright outside for my laptop and that’s my preferred writing “tool”.

        • Motorhead says:

          Here is a theory about the “Cement Slab” : Sarah asked Todd to build her a deck in the yard. We all know about his “carpentry skills” as evidenced by the fence remodel job (blown down apparently now). So instead, he took the easy way out, and had “some buddies” simply set up a frame of 2×6’s and pour a plain, cold slab of concrete. “There! There’s yer deck, Sarah!”
          So, maybe she would have preferred the more romantic phrase “writing out on my deck”, but she intentionally calls this “patio” simply a Cement Slab, as a snarky way of getting back at Todd’s lazy craftsmanship.

          Just a theory, mind you. Like the time-space continuum. Or, “of course she’s qualified to be President.”

          • Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

            Substitute speculation for theory and I am with you Motorhead. Theories are something entirely different from what you portray. Never use the phrase just a
            theory, it is a conundrum only invoked by the ignorant.

        • Irishgirl says:

          I think Sarah Palin’s Alaska just might turn a lot of people off. It is so obvious that she is putting on a performance, Todd too. And the acting is horrific.

          I read Julia O’Malley’s piece. It was good. It is well worth reading the comments. Apparently, Sarah called Willow on her blackberry to come downstairs because of the boy in her room and it was cringeworthy. As one commentator put it….parenting by blackberry. Then to top it all, Sarah heads off into the wilderness….and leaves them alone to babysit.

          Another commentator recalled Sarah arriving at a function in AK, but she had failed to confirm that she would be arriving. Sarah was dressed to the nines but the kids (who were not invited) were grubby looking, and Piper was running wild all over the hotel getting in everyone’s way. Sarah was not pleased when Piper was returned to her.

          Just lovely!

    • I still won’t watch. I don’t really like reality TV, except Dancing with the Stars (can’t wait for Bristol to go home). But I think the last line was the best, something about we’ve been watching Sararh’s reality show for years but now it’s official. Says it all.

    • AKMuckraker says:

      I have it linked above, too. The subject titles in the Oyster Roundup posts will always be links back to where I found the information. Just in case people didn’t realize that!

  23. First of all, I’m amazed that I seem to be the only person awake at 2 am, which was 3 am before I turned back my clock. I like getting the extra hour of sleep, but since I’m awake, it hardly matters.

    I first heard about the thing with Keith Olberman when I was in the car listening to NPR. By the time I got home, I already had an email about it and signed straight away. I understand that he broke a rule and probably didn’t go about making the donations in the accepted way. However, suspended indefinitely without pay seems a bit of an over-reaction.

    Olberman and others are not just reporters like we used to have. They give commentary and it’s not difficult to figure out what their political views are. I just find the whole NBC policy odd. You can’t give money unless you ask permission first? Well, if they are going to give permission, then why have the policy at all? Why not just change it to a disclosure policy – if an on-air commentator donates to a political cause or candidate, they should disclose it.

    Since the story has also included the policy at Fox and that basically they don’t have one, I have to wonder if Keith did this on purpose to expose them. If Fox had the same policy then most of the people who work there would be suspended or couldn’t be hired at all. They might actually have to hire people who know something about the news or how to investigate it.

    • *waves at twain 12, who also seems to be awake*

      Oh, the other thing – about Lisa and Joe. Do they have any idea how long it will drag out before a winner is decided? And what happens in January if neither has been declared the winner? Does Lisa get to stay in the job just because she’s already there – kind of a squatters’ rights thing? Ah, the drama.

      I’m glad you are having it in Alaska and we aren’t in Washington state. I was so glad to see Patty Murray win without having to have a recount. I can’t stand Dino Rossi. Hubby thinks that he will run for governor again. Sigh. I really wish we were rid of him. But I do have to say that I was at least happy we didn’t have some tea party type running. I just disagree with his politcal views, but he’s a bit more normal than the TPers who want to abolish all manner of governmental departments.

      I’m so glad I don’t have to watch Sarah’s Alaska. I don’t think I would recognize it as the same Alaska where so many of you fine people live. And really, it does sound like a reality show falsely advertised as a sort of travel show. She can say all the stupid things she wants while the cameras are rolling, but what happened to the editing staff who should have just left all that footage on the cutting room floor. Oh, sorry, by age is showing. It’s probably digital, isn’t it? Even better – they hit delete and it really is gone forever. And that whole bit about shooing boys out of Willow’s room? Too little too late, I’m afraid. Willow already has a model for how to act with boys.

      • twain12 says:

        thanks LOL..i live in Atlantic Canada so when it comes to North America i’m pretty well the first one up (time zone wise) except for newfoundland , plus i’m an early riser

      • AK Raven says:

        sigh- Shooing boys out of Willow’s room…Maybe viewers will finally see what a disfunctional family this is.

        • Dagian says:

          No, her loyal fan club will see this as an example of fine parenting in action (I guess overlooking the blatant sneaking over and past the baby-gate to go upstairs).

          Others will see it as an example of the family’s dysfunctional dynamics that yet ANOTHER child is flouting yet ANOTHER reasonable restriction, in front of witnesses no less, but no parent is seen FOLLOWING THROUGH and checking out the bedrooms.

          Sneaking boys past the parental guard–normal if obnoxious adolescent behaviour. Being too stupid and/or lazy to check on your normal sneaky teenagers? Palin.

        • fromthediagonal says:

          … altogether now… NAAAHHH! Ain’t gonna happen!
          Those who have swallowed her appeals to their gut feelings will keep believing in the great whatever.

        • thatcrowwoman says:

          “”Get down here, I’m going to count to three,” she says in the same voice she used to keep Piper out of the batter bowl.

          “Mom, seriously?” Willow whispers into the phone.

          It’s uncomfortable. That’s good TV. But when I thought about what it would be like for a teenager whose friends are going to watch, it made me cringe.

          Willow gets over it. Soon, after taping an interview for Fox News in her private studio, Sarah and Todd hop in their truck to go climb Denali. Willow baby-sits.”

          …and who is there to shoo the boys away, then? Argghhhh!

    • CityKid says:

      I’m leaving my clock alone. GMT, or Coordinated Universal Time does not change – but then what is time What an odd concept? Turn of your TV, throw away your clocks and you will still be alive and your life will go on as before. Of course the trains won’t run on time, but very few folks (excepting East Coast snobs) use trains anymore. Commercial airlines depend on time, but time mainly serves as reference to how far they are behind schedule.

    • Kath the Scrappy says:

      Yes, I’m still up but not for long. Waving to Hi! to Pat, Washington! So grateful that Rossi the 3-time loser is gone! Why the heck would people vote for him, with his whimpering after losing last time, always looking like a weasel? Murray worked her heart out getting funds to saving Hanson Dam, the Veterans’ medical center so Vets from Idaho, Montana, Oregon, east of the mountain WASHINGTON don’t have to travel clear to Tacoma for treatment, South Park Bridge – just to name a few.

      As far as Olbermann, yes I signed the petition, I think MSNBC may be playing some sort of funny corporate games macho games, just a strong sense. Maybe KO did something outside of his contract. BUT the fact that they made it ‘so public’ and so fast just gives it the stink factor. I won’t watch Countdown again until Keith comes back.

      Thought it interesting. Chris Hays declined to do the instant Friday night show, newspaper said today that he also had contributed to Dem Candidates which makes sense. I did pop in Fri night for just a couple of segments (via the tubes) and thought it was interesting to see what they said. First, they had to have some strange guy reading their stuff but there was not a single advertisement that I saw.

      • Kat says:

        GE owns MSNBC and was a HEAVY contributor to Republicans. Even if he had asked permission, do they also have the right to deny him the right to spend his personal funds anyway he wants to? The whole thing stinks. I signed when the petition first went out.

        • Gimme-a-break, Sarah says:

          This is what I think too. I am appalled that an employer can have a say over how a person spends their personal funds. That is just so wrong, no matter to which political party a person wants to contribute.

    • dreamgirl says:

      “Why not just change it to a disclosure policy — ” Yes, MSNBC . They need to consider if they clip Olberman, then all they have left is The Racheal Maddow Show for viewers aka advertising $.

      Who is this douchebag who thought this was a smart move? Murdoch?!

  24. twain12 says:

    i signed the potion , i just had one problem , it doesn’t accept postal codes and i watch him from Canada, which i assume counts toward their rating …. i used a zip from Maine (close to us)

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