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August 3, 2021


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Friday, July 9, 2021

America By Heart… Blogging the Book

I found something for you to be thankful for, right off the bat today. You can be thankful that you are smarter than me, and that you didn’t buy Sarah Palin’s newest book.

A while back I promised to blog the new book, like I did with Going Rogue.  I have to tell you though, that at the time I expected it to be a book that went something like, “I really like this quote from George Washington because he’s my favorite founding father, bla bla bla.”  Instead, we’ve got Going Rogue, the Sequel.  From what I can tell it’s not going to be a cakewalk, but I did promise, and I intend to make good.  At least it is smaller and thinner.

I purchased the book today at my local Carr’s grocery store.  I was there, just like everyone else in Anchorage, buying some last minute things for Thanksgiving dinner, and I saw it there at the checkout.  It had actually come out the day before, but I was procrastinating.  Now I had no excuse…  I quickly looked around and grabbed one, turning it upside down on the conveyor belt and hiding it under a bag of candied pecans.  I felt like I was buying Preparation H, tampons, condoms, and Monistat all at the same time.  Throw in some of that warming lubricant while we’re at it.  All I wanted to do was tell my checkout guy, “I swear it’s not for me!  OK, it is for me but I’m not going to like it!”

But knowing that it would require too much explanation and that he probably wouldn’t believe me anyway, I stayed silent and uncomfortable. It may have been my imagination, but I do believe he did a little tiny double take when he turned the book over and saw what it was.

I dashed out of the store like I’d committed a crime, and tossed the book in the back seat.  So now, here it is on my desk, and her airbrushed self, bedecked in all sorts of sparkling flag jewelry, is staring at me.

I got none of the pleasure I usually do when I open a hardcover book for the first time and hear that little sound it makes.

Here’s the dedication:

For Trig.
I’m glad you’re here.

(Read: “I’m glad I didn’t have an abortion.” That didn’t take long…)

And our first founding father quote:

“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day,
that my child may have peace.”

~Thomas Paine, Founding Father

(Somehow, I have a feeling that we are about to enter a world of neither Common Sense nor Reason. Paine would probably not approve, but if he were here, he might stick up for the fact that common sense is TWO words)

Buckle up boys and girls, this might be a bumpy ride.  I’m goin’ in…



154 Responses to “America By Heart… Blogging the Book”
  1. txindygirl says:

    I’ll bet she’s glad Trig is here. Best accessory, next to her giant crosses and flag pins, she’s ever had.

  2. dahlia97 says:

    I love this post. I could just experience with you how you felt at the checkout when you put the book on the conveyor belt. Thanks for a great laugh today. And a big thank you for summarizing her books for us.

    Do you think somewhere deep inside she knows what a fraud she is? Is that why she is so hostile to those who question her? She’s the one who needed the rope around her waist to pull her back to reality. And as far as clicking her heels three times, it wouldn’t work for her because she’s not playing the Dorothy character in this drama.

  3. Dagian says:

    I find the use of a comma after the word “and” to be superfluous and irritating.

    So, already I feel for you. I feel even more deeply for the poor ghost-writer, who wasn’t paid enough to deal with her mangling of her purported native tongue, listening to her voice and is likely weeping softly into his or her beer.

    I hope the ghost-writer was able to negotiate a three-book contract prior to losing hizzer sanity to this this piece of dreck.

    Hot chocolate with a tablespoon of peppermint schnapps?

  4. Aleshia says:

    International media are now witnessing the meltdown..check out around the 1:

  5. Hobson says:

    See, what I do with all right winger books is this. I go into Borders or Barnes and Noble. I look for Ann Coulter or Palin or Hannity or Beck or someone else on the shelves who makes my stomach churn. I pick the book up innocently as if to read the cover. Then I put it back on the shelf backwords. I have the satisfaction of believing I have retarded the sales of their books by minutes at least because people could not find them.

    People should try it. It is a curiously satisfying bit of guerrilla politics.

  6. Bretta says:

    I’m so sorry you have to take this on, AKM. Is it as full of nastiness as the opening critics have said?

    If so, that is just amazing.

    I heard her first book signing (this book) only drew about 150 people.

  7. leenie17 says:

    AKM,ya might want to warn Buf that she shouldn’t get upset if she notices the growling emanating from your throat and the smoke billowing out of your ears. It’s just the natural reaction to reading that blather and drivel!

  8. NOLA says:

    Wouldn’t she have to have some introspection to have reflections? Also, wouldn’t she have to read to have favorite passages?

  9. michigander says:

    Taking America By Fear is what she is trying to do. Also too trying to find a title that can’t be be messed with as easily as rogue/rouge.

  10. leenie17 says:

    I find it interesting and typical Palin that:

    1. The initial description of the show sounded like a National Geographic Special showcasing the natural beauty of Alaska, with appropriate (and minimal) narration by Palin. Instead it turned out to be the ‘Sarah Palin Screeching, Snarking and Sniping Hour and Political Infomercial’.

    2. The initial description of the second book sounded like a collection of quotes and writings of famous Americans who have inspired her, with comments by Palin, presumably explaining HOW they have inspired ber. Instead, it became the ‘Sarah Palin Bitchfest, The Sequel’.

    Both projects could have been worthwhile ideas that might have actually had some genuine value to the general public. Instead they became all about ME, ME, MEEEEE!!!

    Do we see a pattern here???

  11. leenie17 says:

    I find it interesting and typical Palin that:

    1. The initial description of her Alaskan reality show sounded like a National Geographic special showcasing the natural beauty of Alaska, with a little bit of Palin narration. It turned out to be the ‘Sarah Palin Screeching, Snarking and Sniping Hour and Political Informercial’.

    2. The initial description of the second book sounded like a collection of quotes and writings from famous Americans who have inspired her, with appropriate comments by Palin, presumably to explain HOW they inspired her. It turned out to be ‘Sarah Palin Bitchfest, The Sequel’.

    Both projects seemed at first glance to be worthwhile ideas that might actually have had some value to the general public. Instead they are all about ME, ME, MEEEEEEE!!!

    Do we see a pattern here???

  12. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    The heart is just another symbol the Twit has tried to hijack. Yes, Sarah, we duly take note of how you and your type take these iconic symbols and try to wrap yourselves up in them. We have the bible, the flag, the heart, the grizzly, the special needs child, the military, the polar bear, the constitution – the list goes on. The reason you do this is crystal clear – you have no ideas, no heart, no meaningful symbols of your own, and never will. You are bereft of all that is good, all that is love, and so try to steal the sun back from the Raven to envelope the earth in darkness once again.

    We are warriors for the light, and we oppose you. We stand strong and firm. You will never have the sun, nor will you truly ever find peace on the path which you have chosen.

  13. Xenon says:

    “America by Tart”

  14. n djinn says:

    I always thought that hardcover books were around $40 when they came out. I saw her’s yesterday at a steaming pile of $13.99. I am sure she doesn’t care, but real writers would feel like poo if they came out at 50% off (hardcover list at Amazon is $25.99, selling for 12.99 and free shipping)

    • NOLA says:

      Yep… just looked at and they’re doing it too
      $25.99 List price
      $12.99 Online Price
      (You Save 50%)

      Keep the price low and the mindless drones can afford to buy it.

      • ibwilliamsi says:

        She’ll buy half of them herself just to pump up the numbers again. Then Sarah Pac will write it off as a business expense.

  15. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    And so the The Northern Overexposure tour continues. Are you guys sick of her yet? We know how you feel. Alaska, the real Alaska, feels your pain.

    • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

      Yet, it’s a good thing she overexposes herself – as there isn’t much to see except a vengeful, shrill person. I’ve heard more people talk about how whiny she is after seeing the first episode than anything else she’s done yet. Viva la screech, Sarah! Keep it up!

  16. I was kind of hoping that everyone would just ignore Sarah Palin on Thanksgiving Day – that would have given me a little extra peace and therefore something to feel thankful for.

    Yet, I must confess – I could have ignored this and in this way found some peace, but you drew me in and caused me to read when there are much better things that I could spend my limited time reading about than Sarah Palin and her book.

    Somehow, that’s just how it works with Sarah Palin.

    She always draws us in.

    And that’s why she beats the odds and grows in strength when she should have been done for the day after she stepped onto the stage with John McCain – because she draws us in, even though we know better.

    • Bill, good points. I think it’s the shockingly outrageous tone and tenor of her whole persona. While she was governor she was fairly innocuous to start out, though it quickly became clear that she had lied pretty vigorously during the campaigning, especially to us in Southeast about not moving the capital.

      The history books and commentators will have a field day in the future when the phenomenon is thoroughly and hopefully objectively examined. For those of us who are accustomed to civil discourse, the nastiness and ignorance she displayed was shocking, frightening, and perhaps somewhat titillating just in its outrageousness. I still shake my head over it all.

  17. Millie says:

    I got such a kick out of your description of purchasing Palin’s book at Carr’s. Thank you so much for doing so and keeping the rest of us sane and from adding to her numbers.

  18. Andrea says:

    Thank you for having such a wonderful place to visit. Thank you for your courage. Thank you!

  19. MimiC says:

    At my Borders, the display was: Palin, Bush, and Kardashians. Fitting, no?

    • Irishgirl says:

      I loved this pic. I tried to post it here,but it kept getting caught in the spam filter. Someone else posted it on another blog on their twitpic. It the photo of Palin’s book beside Taibbi’s book. Someone had a sense of humour in the bookstore ( I would normally say shop…but what the heck).

  20. slipstream says:

    AKM, you are braver than I am. I wouldn’t touch that book. I’d gouge out my eyeballs with a rusty fork first.

  21. yukonark says:

    Was holding it together until you added “warming lubricant” – then I lost it.
    You are a good soul, AKM – Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  22. OMG says:

    Palin may take shots at Michelle Obama in her book and on the airwaves, but some, like Roland Martin, come to the First Lady’s defense. He has written an excellent piece that needs wide circulation about how Palin’s attack on Mrs. Obama’s campaign for healthy children goes against military leader’s recommendations (who happen to agree with Mrs. Obama). So Mrs. Palin, you gonna take on them too? Or as Martin puts it, Palin…put a fork in it.

  23. Dorian M says:

    Alternate title for Sarah’s new book:

    “Mein Bumf”.

    Bumf: “…Its source is usually taken to be the much older bum-fodder. The sense was the one that you give, of useless or tedious printed information or documents — material whose only conceivable use was to be torn up, hung up on a nail in the privy and used as toilet paper….”

    (from World Wide Words:

  24. ibwilliamsi says:

    Today I’m thankful that you are sharing your reading of the book and I don’t have to do it for myself, because I couldn’t make it past the cover. I’m quite certain that Sarah has never read “Common Sense, The Rights of Man”. If she did, she didn’t understand it.

  25. Gimme-a-break, Sarah says:

    I admire your bravery, AKM. Please remember to deep breathe when things get rough, and that both meditation and exercise are good for relieving stress.

    And Happy Thanksgiving everybody! 🙂 I am truly thankful that I found The Mudflats!

  26. TapRoot Tony says:

    Since Sarah Palin’s books are written by ghostwriters with Sarah’s “future political ambitions” in mind, I don’t see much benefit in suffering through the fantasy recollections and “ideas” of our Quitter Queen(although I do admire you’re willingness to suffer for others). I’m actually more interested in descriptions by others of the days before Sarah was ever thrown into the National spotlight as I think that’s where the “real” Sarah Palin can still be found. Especially her small town mayor days. I am looking forward to the Joe McGinniss “unauthorized” biography of her. The Palin’s have done everything in their power to smear McGinniss, from claiming he is writing a “hit piece” on her to accusing him of being a sexual predator who is only interested in lurking on his porch in hopes of catching a glimpse of Sarah’s kids. The Palin’s real fear is that ugly truths about the REAL Sarah Palin will be found out and revealed. Since the Palin’s couldn’t run Joe out of Wasilla or prevent him from “snooping” around talking to others about her past, they tried the next best thing. Something Sarah knows how to do better than anyone. Character assassination based on lies. When it comes to the truth, Sarah Palin is a hater.

  27. Aleshia says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Mudpups! Everyday I wake up, I am thankful that President Obama and his wonderful family are in the Whitehouse. It’s been a bad week for Palin, and now the North Korea gaffe..that made headlines on UK SkyNews..Faux like sister station..and even they were ridiculing her. The tide is beginning to turn..everyone is seeing the Empress has no clothes. Going to sit back and enjoy the popcorn…

  28. aussiegal77 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Mudpups! I hope everyone has a wonderful day with family, friends and loved ones =D

  29. OMG says:

    AKM be very careful in your task…too much Palin has been known to cause hysterical outbursts and fits of frustrated anger. Take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

    • scout says:

      Yes, what OMG says, AKM, following each dose of this vile-agra please be advised: if you experience an ire-reaction lasting more than 4 hours, call a friend.

  30. Southernmuse says:

    please let us know how to get a case of your favorite booze to your house–it’s the very least we can do if you’re going to take another one for the team. Maybe this latest insight into Mrs. Palin’s thoughts will get folks all fired up again. She won’t go away unless we tell her to.

  31. NOLA says:

    Not sure if this was mentioned in a previous thread, so apologies if so. Looks like the ‘early’ crowd at a BN book-signing was roughly 150 with plenty of tickets available! I had a Nelson Muntz “HAHA” moment.

    They try to put a positive spin on it… “Despite the enthusiasm of this morning’s crowd (roughly 150 people), tickets are still available.”

    My heart goes out to you, AKM, for willingly traipsing through that pile of poop, I hope it doesn’t make you too crazed. Remember, you are 1 MILLION times the woman she is, you have integrity and intelligence. So, have a drink and don’t get lost in the mess of that work of fiction. (and when you get to the part where she trashes Michelle O, please make sure you don’t have any projectiles nearby, would hate for you to ruin anything you value by throwing it at the wall!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Pups! Hope you all have a wonderful day, filled with love and good food. And a very Happy Birthday to Bubbles!

  32. Ripley in CT says:

    “I felt like I was buying Preparation H, tampons, condoms, and Monistat all at the same time. Throw in some of that warming lubricant while we’re at it. ”

    LMAO! Add “wart remover” and “Fleet Enema” to that list! OMG…hysterical because it’s so true.

    Thank you for taking one for the team. I envy your fortitude! Get the Maalox ready, my friend.

  33. Keaaukane says:

    I would like to throw out an idea that I lack the skill to execute on. I think a $arah Palin video mash up of the “Phineas and Ferb” song “Charmed Life” (Emperor Doofenshmartz) has a lot of potential. I toss this out for anybody to run with.

    If you don’t know Phineas and Ferb: 1) You don’t have a small child in your house, and 2) You’re missing out. It’s a funny show.

  34. g says:

    Geez, a flag pin AND a flag bracelet?

  35. TrueBlueGirl says:

    Thanks for reading this; I just can’t. Too down-the-hole crazy. I worry about the after image of those horrid, toxic phrases…

  36. frsbdg says:

    Better you than me, Jeanne. You deserve a medal for your sacrifices.

  37. GreatGrey says:

    Ya know AKM,

    Carrs has those self service checkout scanners.

    And if you don’t use your Carrs card, no one will ever know.

  38. Cassie Jeep says:

    God be with you AKM! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  39. Irishgirl says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it.

  40. OMG says:

    And a fun take on Palin’s latest gaffe by the WSJ (Whoa, isn’t that a Murdoch enterprise?):

    • Evelyn says:

      Maybe she can see Korea from her house, just doesn’t know which one. None of her boneheaded statements surprise me at this point. If you check out Doonebury’s “Say What” on Slate, he’s posted a quote from her book – funny, tho I don’t think she gets it.

      Happy Thanksgiving all

    • Hope says:

      Happy Thanksgiving.

      Said reality that we are seeing. Maybe now that she is attacking her own party, they will see what we have been seeing. Oh, probably not. Nice to hope though!!!

    • GAmom says:

      I hope this latest little “gaffe” will do much harm to Palin. Her ignorance, silliness, and meanness have been all on display this week at the same time she is claiming she can beat Pres. Obama in 2012 (bad timing? karma?). Her ridicule is simply glaring and is hard to miss. If I were a Republican or a Fox personality I would just stay away from her. I am hoping with her book tour and the next 6 installments of her show, the whole country will finally reach some serious Palin’s fatigue (let’s hope!).

    • Thank you…that was wonderful!

    • jojobo1 says:

      I read some of the bots comments on her statement and her own claiming no one said anything about the 57 states gaffe by president Obama. Well he actually knew there are only 50 states while palin did not know North Korea and South Korea were different and the South was our friend not the north.Also the Republicans never let up on the 57 states and neither did palin so again she lies. Someone from Alaska had asked me if I couldn’t say at least one good thing about palin and I was at a loss about what to say.It could have been she is pretty but their are many many women that are beautiful and much prettier than she is.Think back to Liz Taylor,Debbie Renyolds ect.

  41. I See Villages From My House says:

    My whole professional career I’ve have to be a cipher, as Sarah Palin once was, in order to appear bipartisan and shakin things up to gettin things done.

    People have asked me, as an Alaskan, if there is anything at all I like about Sarah Palin.

    Sigh. I can’t believe we live in a world where we have to have an opinion on such a know-nothing horrible woman.

    On the one hand, it is kind of funny to see how uncomfortable it is for American’s nestled in their little burg somewhere to have this train-wreck of a woman come onto their turf and stomp for a further unqualified whack-job or advocate some crazy or insulting issue that smacks the face of capitalism, free-market and separation of church and State matters. “Who asked you!” “Go home and stay home,” “Mind your own business!” is what a lot of you think. And I shake my head and say, “Hey, you’ve all stuck your nose in our (Alaskan) business from day one.” So how do you like this?

    Not that I am a proponent of industrial development, resource extraction and the like, but I like having locals make those kinds of decisions (and by that, I don’t even mean the State of Alaska, they are horribly racist and don’t invest in Rural and Remote parts of Alaska whatsoever, I’ll take the Feds over the State any day.)
    But when most of our backyard is considered common property as Public Lands, well, your letters, donations and representatives in Congress have put our right to fish and hunt or other Subsistence activities on the block and it is intimidating for small native groups to go up against such a sophisticated and monied process when most of us are less than a person per square just trying to live off the land as our forefathers did.

    On the other hand, I don’t like her in our State or on your turf either. She shouldn’t be a household name. She shouldn’t have influence. She is stupid, mean and dangerous. I never fell for her, I never voted for her and wouldn’t wish her on anyone.

    So back to the question, am I thankful for anything when it comes to Sarah Palin? I am a cipher no longer. That woman’s brought out the raging Progressive Liberal out of me. Though I remain anonymous in all my online postings, I’ve gone out on a limb in my Facebook postings in wearing my values on my sleeve. I think sometimes it makes a difference.

    Guilty pleasure: I’m thankful that her show’s viewership lost 40% in the second showing of the series, that Bristol lost in DWTS, that she and Willow were tagged for their poor behavior (a reflection of their parenting) and that only about 150 people showed up at her first book signing. Schadenfreude, that’s something I don’t like her bringing out of me – she brings out the worst in her supporters and detractors alike.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    • leenie17 says:

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone like Scott McAdams serving as governor of Alaska?

      Someone who respected ALL the different cultural, religious and economic groups who reside in the state?

      Someone whose first priority was Alaskans and not his own quest for wealth and power?

      Someone who cared about the future of our natural resources and thought about how best to utilize AND preserve them for future generations?

      Someone who thought about the ramifications of developing industries that could cause permanent damage to an irreplaceable environment, and carefully weighed the positives and negatives of such development?

      Ahhh…wouldn’t it be loverly???

    • Thank you for that! I am all for subsistence hunting and fishing, and I also admire the strength it takes to live in Alaska….

  42. Molly says:

    — I felt like I was buying Preparation H, tampons, condoms, and Monistat all at the same time. Throw in some of that warming lubricant while we’re at it. All I wanted to do was tell my checkout guy, “I swear it’s not for me! OK, it is for me but I’m not going to like it!”

    For next time, how about a chirpy declaration of “Opposition research!”

    Looking forward (sorta) to your next installment.

  43. OMG says:

    Happy Thanksgiving all…I hope you enjoy this little cartoon:

  44. Ben in SF says:

    I think we should all donate one bag of stuffing mix for use as bread crumbs to find your way back.

  45. Renee says:

    Does the book list the actual author, or ghost writer? I haven’t heard anything about who actually wrote this one and was wondering if that shadowy Dutch connection SarahPAC started paying in July was involved, or is it RAM’s “masterpiece”?

  46. Anne says:

    I know you’re commited to reviewing the book for journalistic review but I would propose that no one buy her books, that they boycott her shows and speeches, they don’t contribute a cent to her never ending grifting, and they stop giving her the attention she craves. That may be the only way she gets the wake up call that we’re just not that into her.

    • Hope says:

      I was hoping the media would say, no more buzz for your books unless you do an interview. That will never happen. Just tired of her jabs. Does she actually have a plan or is it to just to insult a good portion of people?

  47. TX SMR says:

    Remember the book-naming thread way back when? Can we get a re-release of that one?

    Let’s try to come up with a subtitle for this one. I think someone put forth “The hating haters and the people who hate me” for the last one. I think this book could be called the same thing.

    Or “Pride & Prejudice: An Autobiography”

    Anyone got suggestions?

    • Elsie says:

      “Here’s a Big Middle Finger to the Hating Haters and the People Who Hate Me”…

      • Hope says:

        Wow. That was unbelievable. I about fell off my seat. Way to keep up the good role model bit. Why is this happening? Anyone? This behavior is unbelievable. I miss the old days when people corrected public figures.

    • DudleysPa says:

      America (My Part)
      Family, Faith, Flag and any other stuff that gets applause.

    • frsbdg says:

      Just call it “America by Hate.”

      That’s really all Palin and her army of flying monkeys have. And there’s nothing they hate more than the black man in the white house.

      But she has made a terrible miscalculation here, and is well on the way to overexposure. Two million viewers tune out from “Alaska’s Sarah Palin,” Brisket is a last-place finisher on DWTS and shows her true colors to a national audience (who give her the middle finger), only 150 people show up for her book signing in Phoenix, etc. People are getting sick and tired of this grifter. Her extended 15 minutes of fame are rapidly coming to an end.

    • Progressive in VA says:

      I’m sticking with “The Sour Grapes of Wrath”

    • Progressive in VA says:

      How about “Pride and Prejudice II: The Wrath and Con.” Autobiography would imply that she actually wrote the thing.

      • prisonernumbersix says:

        Possibly it means that she had someone automatically write it for her. No one in their right mind would consider that she actually wrote anything.

    • ‘America By Hate’ – $arah Palin

  48. Leota2 says:

    I will be thinking of you AKM. And after I’ve stuffed my face with cornish hens today, I shall toast you with champagne. . . . . You are a hero. I couldn’t touch the book. Although a few friends of mine went to a book store and put many copies of Sarah’s book in the horror and fantasy sections.

  49. benlomond2 says:

    ..I’d have thrown the dang thing in the trunk…people can SEE into the back seat !!! course, I’d probably leave it in there instead of bringing it into the house….. Do you have a canary with a cage that needs to be lined??? There must be SOME sort of good use for it when you’re recovered from reading it…

  50. LaniN says:

    Oh Krap. I’m trying to be nice. I coordinate volunteer services throughout the state. And then this screechy woman let’s loose????

  51. dee says:

    Good post, Kathy. It did the same thing for me. After hearing her speech at the Republican Convention, I knew I didn’t care for her snarky, winky speech, but I needed to know more. So I found this haven we all call The Mudflats and I’ve been coming here every day .
    So, thanks , grizzled momma.

  52. DF says:

    AKM, I couldn’t be more pleased that you’re willing to tackle this little project. I’m not sure it’s wise to read it after or before a big meal such as Thanksgiving! I will say that I’m glad that I walked into our local Costco BEFORE having lunch. There, in the doorway, was a pile of this woman’s books! I was floored to say the least. I spent 10 minutes reviewing the long lines of carts at the cash register and not one of her books was in sight. But, they may have hidden it under their Preparation H!

    • tigerwine says:

      Good one!

    • GAmom says:

      Same thing here. I was at Cotsco yesterday, and the huge piles of Sarah’s books seemed to be untouched.

    • ks sunflower says:

      The Costco I visited in our area (we have two the KS side of the metro area) had a small table of Sarah’s latest literary crime. Only one book was missing. Let’s see – two days out, only one book gone and reports of approximately 150 at her Phoenix book signing on Tuesday. Hey, I am beginning to like this trend.

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Regardless of how many or few things you feel grateful for this year, at least you can acknowledge one huge blessing: Sarah is not our VP. That singular realization always makes me feel better.

    • vyccan says:

      ‘But, they may have hidden it under their Preparation H!’


    • Bretta says:

      A few months ago at Costco I spent some monkey-wrench gang time turning over and burying all of the $P books. It was fun.

      Someone walked up to me and asked if I worked there – I assumed she needed help, so I said no. Later on I had a twinge of conscience that perhaps she saw what I was doing and attempted to call me out. Oh, well, sometimes, my lack of understanding of another’s meaning is a blessing.

      If I see her books/calendars at the grocery store, I usually turn them over or put them on the least convenient shelves. It’s my contribution to a random act of goodness in the world.

  53. linda says:

    So different…our President wrote about HOPE she writes about HATE. I bought the presidents “of thee I sing” letters to my daughters and that is more powerful than anything she could ever say or write. Put your money on this and put a copy in every child’s hand even the Palins children they need it!

    Happy Thanksgiving all!

    • merrycricket says:

      Imagine Sarah finding that tucked away in Willow’s room. She would implode!

    • Don’t you feel sorrow for the Palin kids? I do….they never had a chance, did they????

      • Bretta says:

        I spent the day with my wonderful daughters who are the exact same ages as BP & WP. There is a universe of difference between my girls and the $Palins. I am ever so grateful mine turned out so well, and yes, I really feel sorrow for the $Palin kids. I just don’t see any way out of their rotten upbringing unless there is some way they finally hear and see something to believe other than their parents.

    • Bretta says:

      I adore our President Obama and his lovely family and I am so grateful and thankful for them. If people get the government they deserve, then we have been truly blessed.

  54. kathy67 says:

    I’m thankful to Sarah Palin for only one thing, looking for info about her led me to discover the Mudflats and all the other great Alaskan bloggers. So Thank You Sarah for leading me to the Mudflats; The Immoral Minority; Shannon; Celtic Diva; and so many others.

    • Elsie says:

      Good observation, kathy67….me, too, and also.

      • zyxomma says:

        Yes, Elsie and Kathy67, we’ve found a brilliant community here. I spend too much time on the Forum, but only because I enjoy it so! So I suppose, on this day of giving thanks that I can spare one teensy iota of gratitude for $P for helping me find my way here.

  55. Paula says:

    Why is her face so crooked? Somebody bump the airbrush dude?

    • Bretta says:

      That’s what mudpups asked the first time AKM pasted up the cover – several months ago, when the publicity first sent it out – but I cannot recall the guesses why.

      Maybe the plastic surgery went wrong but I think the consensus was it was the airbrusher’s fault when trying to get rid of the crossed eyes.

      Looks to me like $he’s stabbing herself in the heart – was probably trying to give the USA her middle finger..

  56. Paula says:

    “I sat next to her once. Thought she was beautiful,” Barbara Bush said of Palin. “And she’s very happy in Alaska, and I hope she’ll stay there.”


    • benlomond2 says:

      …Spoken like a true blue blood…..

    • Martha says:

      “I sat next to her once. Thought she was beautiful,” Barbara Bush said of Palin. “And she’s very happy in Alaska, and I hope she’ll stay there.”………because Jeb Bush will be the next republican POTUS.

      Then, it will be more than a hat trick, there will truly be a trifu(kta

      Barbra Bush has her own reasons for saying what she did, NONE of them concern the interests of the American people.

      If she EVER truly cared, George would never have become POTUS.

      A mother knows her own son and Barbra CERTAINLY knew that Georgie was never fit for the job.

      One thing I know that Barbra never foresaw;

      was the day she had to explain on national TV that she NEVER showed Georgie, a fetus of his unborn sibling in a JAR!!

      If you are a mother , just imagine THAT, just imagine!

      • bubbles says:

        Martha, i thought the same thing. really America needs to keep the GOP at bay. we can’t afford an idiot in the White House again. i sort of wish there was a law against family members running for POTUS in the same generation. there should be say fifty years between one Bush, etc, as president and another of the same family.

  57. Diane says:

    I just saw the flag bracelet.
    Did she wear the flag before she was tapped to be VP? Does she wear it when there is no camera?

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

  58. Paula says:

    My review: Another big middle finger to America from the Palins. Oh, the joy. Praise Jesus.

  59. tigerwine says:

    Can’t wait! With all the publicity, I though it was supposed to be about faith, family and her love of country. However, all that’s been talked about is her bashing folks, as in the first book. It will be interested to see your take on it, AKM.

    • dahlia97 says:

      And I thought her tv program was supposed to be about the beauty of Alaska and the life of its people, but the only image I have taken away from it is the one of her clubbing fish. I guess it promotes, for her followers, the image of a hearty ‘real American’ out in the wild…like the icon of an American frontiers(wo)man, living off the land. Sorry, I just see her enjoying the kill.

  60. Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

    AKM – tie a rope around your waist so you can find your way back! Just in case, y’know?

  61. GoI3ig says:

    How do you do it. I guess it’s not as bad as listening to her speak. In brighter news, another criminal was convicted yesterday. So long Tom DeLay. Another of the GOP’s finest.

    • DF says:

      I don’t mean to downplay DeLay — but, this argument usually ends up No-Win! Politics is a slippery slope and brings down some of the best, in all parties. 🙂

    • Sarafina says:

      While I wholeheartedly agree with the Hammer going down, I have some concerns about the appeals process. Even Ken Lay’s conviction was reversed (posthumously, but still).

    • MikeNZ says:

      One day people will realise just what sick puppies you all are.
      The attacks on Palin and her family (especially the children) have been viscious, wicked and cruel.
      If the God she claims exists I hope He/It/She gives it back to each one of you per thought/speech/letter/email/twitter that you uttered.

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