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September 17, 2021

Oyster Roundup! What the Shuck?

~Thick and fast they came at last, and more, and more, and more!

What the Shuck?

Forgive me for that WTS? moment… I couldn’t resist. Before we get out the oyster knife and cocktail sauce, here’s a question for you all. What’s more to your liking, a roundup post, or several shorter posts during the day on the topics I’d normally cover like this? That’s not to say that the oyster roundup would disappear, but might be less frequent. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

They Want What They Pay For

Apparently paying Bristol Palin thousands of dollars in student-raised funds to come to a college campus to speak about abstinence was untenable for the students at Washington University in St. Louis. Go figure.

The university’s Student Union Treasury earlier this week approved spending $20,000 to sponsor a panel featuring Palin. Student government sources said they were asked not to divulge Palin’s fee. But Palin has signed on for speaking engagements with Single Source Speakers, and she reportedly will command between $15,000 and $30,000 per speech.

A Facebook petition to compel the school to nix Palin’s appearance had hundreds of signatures Thursday evening. “It’s not necessarily in opposition to the ideas that are being presented,” explained Philip Thomas, the Washington U. student who initiated the petition.”People are getting so angry because of the opposition to Palin’s lack of expertise and the high cost she is charging,” especially in light of budget cuts that have adversely affected other student activities, he said.

So, the broad concept of abstinence wasn’t itself the problem – just the fact that the speaker lacked “expertise.”

Egypt Goes Dark

As unrest continues to grow, and a new day dawns in Egypt, more than 80 million people will awaken to find that they have no internet, courtesy of their government.

Confirming what a few have reported this evening: in an action unprecedented in Internet history, the Egyptian government appears to have ordered service providers to shut down all international connections to the Internet. Critical European-Asian fiber-optic routes through Egypt appear to be unaffected for now. But every Egyptian provider, every business, bank, Internet cafe, website, school, embassy, and government office that relied on the big four Egyptian ISPs for their Internet connectivity is now cut off from the rest of the world. Link Egypt, Vodafone/Raya, Telecom Egypt, Etisalat Misr, and all their customers and partners are, for the moment, off the air.

The only ISP not affected by the internet blackout? The one that hosts the stock exchange. Everyone else? You’re out of luck. Governments do have their priorities.

**Attention geeks, nerds, and tech savvy folk of all stripes! Join the cloud and help Egyptians connect despite the blockade. Click HERE.

Don Young in the, uh… Surveyor’s Mark

Alaska Dispatch reports that our old friend Yon Dung, who somehow miraculously had all investigations into his nefarious ways dropped like a hot potato, has not dodged the watchdog group CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington).

CREW’s unrelenting demand for answers about the comingling of money and influence in politics isn’t remarkable. That’s what the group does. But, dissatisfied with investigative trails that seem to have abruptly gone cold with little explanation, the group has set its sights on the people charged with scrutinizing the alleged misdeeds of politicians: the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

On Tuesday, the group announced it’s seeking details, under the Freedom of Information Act, about DOJ and FBI investigations, now closed, into Young and Rep. Jerry Lewis, a Republican from California.

After the feds spent years looking into Young’s ties to Alaska businessman Bill Allen, currently imprisoned for bribery, and — in a separate inquiry — Young’s late insertion of a $10 million earmark (benefitting a campaign donor) into a transportation bill — Young, in August 2010, learned the investigations were over and that he wouldn’t be charged.

Unsatisfied with the thinly detailed end to Young’s investigative saga, CREW is now going after any documents or records that will offer insight about what the feds were looking at and why they chose to drop the various probes into the conduct of both Young and Lewis.

And the Winner is…

A video question about legalizing drugs from a former deputy sheriff came in first place by a wide margin in YouTube’s “Your Interview with the President” competition, where users submitted and voted on questions to be posed to President Barack Obama. I had the pleasure of attending a panel discussion at Netroots Nation this year in Las Vegas which featured members of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was blown away by the encyclopedic knowledge, the compelling stories and the unassailable facts that these former law officers possessed, and how committed they were to ending what they feel is the senseless war on drugs. It takes a huge toll in facilities, finances, and human lives.

The private prison industry probably thinks its the greatest thing since sliced bread, but everyone else would be well served to read up and think with an open mind.
The first-place question was from MacKenzie Allen, the retired deputy sheriff and a currently a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) represents police, prosecutors, judges, FBI/DEA agents and others who want to legalize and regulate drugs after fighting on the front lines of the “war on drugs” and learning firsthand that prohibition only serves to worsen addiction and violence. More info at

Hot Sauce, Cold Shower

An Anchorage woman has gotten in hot water for using cold water and hot sauce to discipline her 7-year old adopted Russian son for bad behavior. An appearance on Dr. Phil in which a video of the incident was shown has resulted in charges of child abuse for Jessica Beagley, 36.

Multiple sources reported to Anchorage police that they’d seen Beagley on the nationally televised show, police said. An Anchorage detective watched video showing Beagley yelling at the boy, putting Tapatio hot sauce in the boy’s mouth, and forcing him, crying, into a cold shower, according to documents filed in court.

The disturbing video is HERE.
*As always, links to the full stories are in the titles.



110 Responses to “Oyster Roundup! What the Shuck?”
  1. I was at the Coconut Road townhall meeting says:

    Once again, please explain how the Coconut Road WEST SIDE ONLY I-75 exit would benefit the “briber”, when his property is on the EAST side?

  2. Bretta says:

    I’m so delighted the college students had the wherewithal to kick the Bristol to the curb.

    That was great news.

    She needs to know that there’s a whole world out there where certain standards must be met.

    Just because her mother gets a pass from “those people” it doesn’t mean she will get one, too, especially as she gets older.

    Bristol Palin just doesn’t represent any values I know: Xtian, moral, education, self-improvement, anything I can think of that I would want to have her present to my young, nearly-adult daughters.

    I enjoy the “oyster roundups” – part of it is because I like the poem so much – it pulls a cord that makes me smile.

    Sometimes in the past, AKM, you’ve had days of many posts and I have enjoyed those very much, as well.

    So – it is a draw – I like a bit of each.

  3. Pinwheel says:

    I’m still in Alaska @ 1127pm 1/28/11.

    A great deal of our problem is all the old white men. OK maybe they’re not all white, but 80 may just be too old. Now look at our US House & Senate. Don’t call me ageist or discriminatory, Call me a realist.

    I read today that county and state party committees can’t find prospective candidates for political office. We had races in Alaska in our latest State election uncontested. What’s that all about?

    Anyone heard about the Municipal elections coming to Anchorage in April 2011? The silence is deafing. We should be ashamed.

  4. LaniN says:

    AKM, please remove that post about Kucinich. It is part of the effort to destroy our rights to sue for injuries. If you read the post, you will find links to the truth about customers severely injured by McDonalds. There is nothing funny about third degree burns to your thighs, crotch and abdomen.

    Kucinich just released details about his jaw infection and other details, btw.
    “How many bugs are allowed in your pasta? Reading the FDA’s Food Defect Action Levels
    After a congressman sues over an olive pit, we find the FDA’s limits for junk in our own food. Brace yourself.’

    Bon appetite! And don’t expect any sympathy for e coli or jaw bone infections or other problems.

    • ks sunflower says:

      Oh, my gosh. I knew about some of this, but wow – this is truly gross-out. Guess it’s one way to get oneself to stick to a diet – just thinking about this greatly diminishes my appetite. Thanks for the information, though, because it is good to know this stuff.

  5. Kath the Scrappy says:

    Whatever is easiest for you AKM! I read it all, no matter how you deliver.

    Wouldn’t mind a new Buf story tho! We’ve heard from Brian and the Twins, but Buf sure seems quiet lately. Smooches & scrinches Buf.

  6. I like the round-up. And if there is something that doesn’t pertain to me, I can always skip down to the next one.

    I’m not techy enough to help with the internet. I understand what they are doing – sort of. I hope it works for them.

    Sounds like Young has a few problems he hadn’t counted on. Makes me giggle, and I hope if he’s guilty of anything they nail him.

    I couldn’t watch the video of the abusive mother – and I use that term loosely. Just reading it was distrubing enough. I hope that the little boy is somewhere safe and loving and protected. Seven. When I taught school, I taught seven and eight year olds. They are wonderfully fantastic at that age – full of fun and curiosity and love. To think of a child being abused is horrific. And as an adopted child, it makes me realize just how blessed I was to have loving parents.

  7. beth says:

    Since you asked (and you did!), dear AKM…

    I, too, love the Roundup — a little bit of this; a little bit of that: fried oysters, pickled oysters, raw oysters, marinated oysters… all just set out all pretty like, for us to pick and choose from to our little heart’s content.

    I particularily like when the “Troll of the Week” emails get set out for us …the canned oysters of the spread, if you will. Reason being? The cleverness of the ‘pups who invariably take something hysterical from the email(s) and encorporate it into their insight and musings on the other rounded-up items. What a joy-making hoot and light-hearted way to end the week! beth.

  8. Suchanut says:

    I love the roundup but am amenable to change. 🙂

  9. BeeJay says:

    Oysters, oysters, who’s got oysters? The Mudflats has ’em, and I’d like the roundup platter please. Does that come with geoducks on the side?

  10. Ripley in CT says:

    My $.02 = Oyster Round Up is very helpful to me because I’m not always on top of things and miss several posts because life is… well, Life! Then at the round up, if I want to know more, I’ll go find that post.

    Thanks for all you do, AKM. :0)

  11. Art says:

    Regarding the Oyster Roundup, I rather look forward to it in full in the p.m. (or the next a.m.). Snippets might not make for such an enjoyable read. But I’ll take what you round up for us any way you want to serve it. Thanks!

  12. Gimme-a-break, Sarah says:

    Whatever is easiest for you, AKM, is fine with me. 🙂

  13. Cassie Jeep says:

    I certainly look forward to the Oyster Roundup and would miss it, but I’m a HUGE proponent of having you do what makes our community easier for you to handle.

    Thanks for all that you do!

  14. Laurie says:

    There’s something for everyone in the Oyster Roundup. On the other hand, exploring a single topic is always enlightening.

  15. nswfm says:

    What the Shuck! LOL! You really have a way with words, AKM!

  16. NEO says:

    I like round-up just like it is, also to, but however you want to make it manifest via through the day or yes, all at once, will be ok with me, you betcha. WTF, I say go for it, don’t blink, just pray on it and if it is good for your mud-family and your country, make that exec. decision. I have been here for eons, so will come back no matter what the tabloids say.

  17. Califpat says:

    EatWildFish: You are so right!! Maybe she and Gino are practicing abstinence!! Yeah right!!! Unbelievable!! I look forward to the Oyster Roundups!

  18. EatWildFish says:

    I like the Round up, also too.

    Re Bristol: How will she explain that she is living in AZ with her new boyfriend, Gino? Maybe they are sleeping in separate beds, but just sayin …..

    • jojobo1 says:

      On the article I wanted to ask that but I couldn’t find a comment part, especially as he is the third BF she was with ot so it has been said.

  19. Leota2 says:

    Oysters please . . . . .

  20. Nebraska Native says:

    Look forward to the Oyster round-up! But whatever works for you 🙂 Thanks for asking our opinion.

  21. ks sunflower says:

    This is OT from those listed in the Roundup, but honestly, I couldn’t tolerate not letting everyone know about this outrage from the House GOP. Our daughter just sent the link.

    Anyone who cares about women in general or in particular should be furious with the House GOP supporting this bill.

    It is really about punishing any female who has the misfortune to be raped under guise of saving money. A pox on those who support this outrageous bill. Read the details and weep.

    • ks sunflower says:

      Please take note of this GOP-attempt to redefine rape. Please.

    • leenie17 says:

      I read the article about this earlier this evening and was disgusted that these Republicans want to set women’s rights back 50 years.

      What really shocked me was that this bill might change the designation of r@pe that occurred after the victim was drugged, since she was likely not able to ‘fight back’. There are also questions about how this would affect federal assistance to those who were violated by members of their own family or cases of statutory r@pe, since many of those cases are not ‘forced’ in the physical sense.

      I wonder how any of the people who support this bill would feel if it were their mothers, wives, sisters or daughters who were victims of any of these situations and were told that they really WEREN’T r@ped after all! I agree with Donna Crane, from NARAL Pro-Choice America, who called this proposal “unbelievably cruel and heartless.”

      • ks sunflower says:

        Thanks Paula and Leenie for reading the link. I was getting worried because we have to call or write in to get this stopped now. Leenie, thanks for pointing out the impact of this bill.

        People need to really let this sink and decide if they are going to let the GOP get away with this.

        After all, I remember how outraged folks were that Sarah Palin wanted rape victims to pay for their rape kits. This bill goes so much further to blame women and prevent them from getting help or even having law enforcement take them seriously.

        We hear all the time about elderly women raped at night – could they fight back to effectively quality for medical treatment? I doubt it.

    • TNbluedot says:

      This bill is SO wrong! I have received 2 forwards of the AFA propaganda e-mail in support of this horrendous bill and attempted a discussion with both female senders… to no avail. So frustrating. If anyone’s interested, here’s a couple of petition websites protesting this bill.

    • jojobo1 says:

      I happened to read that myself today and could not believe my eyes If someone does not beat the heck out of ya it isn’t rape or incest What a crock ONly the GOP would think of something like that.Bet ya palin would agree

    • beth says:

      This whole thing is nothing more than the Holier-Than-Thou yahoos doing everything and anything they can to insure they are “protecting innocent life” – it has nothing to do with reducing government spending or anything else…least of all, even a modicum of concern for already-born females.

      I find it absolutely incredible that anyone would seek to put restrictions on medical services for over half of our population based solely on the gender of the recipient; that they would restrict that segment of our population *only* to what *they* deem ‘appropriate’ for her, is unacceptable.

      I keep thinking back to what our Scott McAdams said: “If a woman would qualify for a broken leg service or cancer, she should qualify for coverage for abortion.” Do we say to females who qualify for governmental-paid medical care: We will pay to have your broken leg attended to, but *only if* you broke that leg between the hours of 9am and 4pm (Eastern Standard Time), and we will pay to have your cancer attended to, BUT, if it is breast cancer, we will pay for services *only if* you’ve never had breast enhancements, reductions, *or* had more than one ‘bed partner’ over the course of your lifetime. Putting specific restrictions on ANY medical service for qualified recipients is unacceptable. Period.

      What despicable, contemptible, disgusting ‘leaders’ (let alone, humans!) these oh-so-‘righteous’, are! beth.

    • AKMuckraker says:

      KS – This is the subject of the next post. Absolutely horrifying. Welcome to the priorities of your new GOP majority.

      • ks sunflower says:

        Thank you for covering this topic. Great minds think alike, eh?

        BTW, I forgot to address your question at the top of this post: as regards Oyster Roundups, whatever suits your needs or schedule works for me because I have never had even one tiny, teeny quibble with your blog since first visiting in late 2008 or early 2009 (I would remember more specifically but I think I was so dazed with McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin that time seemed immaterial.)

    • Pinwheel says:

      Yes, this is an outrage. That is not even a strong enough term. I heard about this earlier today and I made sure my lobbyists in DC know how I feel. We must get on Young, Begich & Murkowski.

      You know Leesa has already said she will vote to repeal Health Care, against the best interests of the $1.3+/-M given to her. Who in Alaska are the greatest at risk women for rape or incest. Alaska Native women. If Don Young and Lisa Murkowski give this legislation lip service, I guess we shall have no doubt about her respect for Alaska Women.

  22. DonnaInMichigan says:

    If Ms. Palin is soooo passionate about speaking out regarding abstinence, then let her do it on a volunteer basis… to jr high/high schooler’s in the urban cities of our country!

    I am not paying a HIGH tuition to a university for my child, so that money can be dispensed out to someone like Bristol Palin, who probably has a high school diploma equivalant to a GED, that her mommy bought her, and refuses to further her own education.

  23. Lacy Lady says:

    Mubarek is speaking now—-Cnn is covering this. Hopefully things will cool down. I am sure our Govt. is hopeing for a peaceful solution.

  24. OMG says:

    Love the Oyster Roundup.

    I was going to post this link on the WTF thread or the open thread but everyone seems to have moved over here and I thought you’d enjoy this take on Palin’s dis of Reagan supporter’s claim to fame :

  25. Blooper says:

    I think the Oyster Roundup should stay. It’s kind of like getting an appetizer sampler. 🙂
    And here’s a thought: How about do the roundup once a week and call it ‘Oyster Friday’ or
    something. Okay, that’s probably not going to happen but I thought I’d try. 🙂

  26. I was hoping for a civil discussion and bedlam breaks loose. This is supposed to be a family oriented place to rant and it naturally gets bogged down over “size”. Is that all people think about -large vs small? With everyone’s approval,I’ll sit this one out. Just kidding. Give ’em hell.

  27. physicsmom says:

    I like Oyster Roundup just the way it is.

    I must admit I don’t entirely understand what the protesters are protesting about in Egypt. A recent ex-pat who appeared on MSNBC said today that they are protesting for “freedom.” Freedom to do what exactly? I understand that Mubarek is an authoritarian, but he is in no way like Saddam Hussein, jailing and torturing his citizens. It’s a secular society which has many more freedoms than any of the Islamic Republics. I’m so afraid that one of the popular Muslim extremist groups will take advantage of the unrest to try and seize power. That will mean the end of freedom for all women and most men. I hear the economy is bad, as it is here. A large percentage of the youth have access to college educations, but are unable to find jobs when they graduate. That’s frustrating, but also better than here, in that percentage-wise fewer Americans have access to higher education. Can anyone explain to me what the point of the protest is? I’d really appreciate the enlightment. Thanks.

    • A Fan From Chicago says:

      From the little I was able to pay attention to earlier, it sounds like main problems are rising unemployment, rising food prices and rising poverty levels, while the government sat by. With the protests I guess we can add freedom of the press and freedom of assembly. Sounds like problems that many, many countries are experiencing. And Mubarek isn’t exactly popular.

      I’m a big fan of the Oyster Roundups, if not the actual edible oysters themselves. Not a taste i have ever enjoyed. But I like the cocktail sauce and the lemon and a couple of cold beers. I’ll have the shrimp roundup!

    • jojobo1 says:

      From what I have seen it is not about freedom primarly it is about the royal families haveing all the oil money and the people none and I for sure don’t blame them ,though their are other ways besides violence to accomplish this I would hope. Sorry to say I have to wonder who is really behind what is going on,someone satrted it for some on known reason.Does someone want to make Egypt another Iran with the religious being in control.

    • Sarafina says:

      According to NPR, the extremist Islamists are trying to catch up. This was done by secular Egyptians fed up with extreme governmental favortism to the rich (where else have I heard that?). Egypt is a very poor country, with a massively corrupt government.

      Regardless, it’s not up to us to give or withhold our blessings. Their country, their business.

      Unless you think we did a good job in Iraq?

  28. ks sunflower says:

    To better understand what’s happening in Egypt, one can look at Tunisia to understand how delicate a situation exists in both countries and how even more delicate is our involvement. I was struck by the author’s ability to pull together what’s happening in both countries and convey the complexities involved that we have to try and straddle – giving reasons why.

    I found the article on a fascinating site:

    However, the entire article is found at:

    Hope it helps give insight into the situation that cannot be found in our broadcast and cable media.

    • ks sunflower says:

      It certainly helped me understand Press Sec. Gibb’s reluctance to comment on various aspects and the administration’s cautious approach because I was anxious to see more movement. Now I am a bit more informed and understand why everyone is adopting a “wait and see” approach. We could actually make a bad situation a lot worse.

      • Pinwheel says:

        I listened to some ‘guys’ on TRMS this evening who cautioned that we (the US) do not need to make these situations about us. Quite likely, and if we keep our heads respectfully down a bit, the Egyptians may have a chance at self determination. What a concept, huh.

    • SouthPaw says:

      KS thanks for the info and link.

    • SouthPaw says:

      Wonder if $P can see Egypt from her house.

      I bet she doesn’t even know what condiment it’s part of.

  29. fawnskin mudpuppy says:

    clever you, wfa

    as for myself, i love me some oyster roundups. but i also like up to date postings.
    can i have it all? pretty please.

    • A Fan From Chicago says:

      Fawn, if you missed it, you got caught up in the street riot atmosphere at PG yesterday. I had your back and said so. Just so you know.

  30. I would like ‘breaking” commentary from AKM on significant stories as they happen – I am sure there are plenty of Tidbits out there to continue an oyster roundup of some sort – so I once again, have a dissenting opinion that manages to also agree with everybody – ha!

  31. Zyxomma says:

    I love the Oyster Roundups, and look forward to them (and not just because I committed The Walrus and the Carpenter to memory, lo, those many years ago). I thought I might find mention of this here, which I got by email a short while ago:

    New Deadline:
    Wednesday, 5PM,
    February 2, 2011

    The State must decide: Wild Alaskan Salmon or Dirty Coal

    Only you can protect your salmon!

    The deadline to submit your comments to the Alaska Department of Natural Resources to support the petition desgnating wetland and tributaries of the Chuit River as UNSUITABLE FOR COAL STRIP MINING has been extended.

    Your comments will help determine if the State of Alaska will allow coal strip mining through a salmon stream in the Chuitna watershed, near Tyonek and Beluga in Upper Cook Inlet. If the State allows mining through a salmon stream here, they can do it anywhere.

    FEBRUARY 2nd, 2011
    Please submit comments to DNR

    Learn why salmon streams and strip mines are incompatible.

    What can you do?
    Submit comments to DNR: to submit your comments to DNR. Comments due by Wednesday, 5PM, February 2, 2011.

    Already submitted comments?
    Write a letter to the editor about never mining through salmon streams (talking points can be found here).
    Anchorage Daily News: (175 word limit)
    Peninsula Clarion:
    Redoubt Reporter:
    Homer Tribune:
    Homer News:
    Juneau Empire:
    Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman:


    More Information:

    Of course, I submitted my comments, but have refrained from writing letters to the editor because all previous correspondence to the Alaska papers by me has been ignored (unpublished, anyway). PLEASE, if you’re an Alaska resident, the time to speak up is NOW. Rant over. Thanks, all.

    Health and peace.

    • Pinwheel says:

      Thanx ‘Z’:

      This is such an important ‘watershed moment’, no pun intended. I worry that the comments only go to DNR. It seems like scatter shot. Is it not time to go directly to the State House & Senate Committees. Please don’t tell me that this is just an administrative permission. Totally unacceptable. If so, we need immediate injunctions, and legislation to make these kind of decisions up to the people thru their representatives. Perhaps this is already in motion. I hope so, I can put a few words together to protect Alaska Salmon.

  32. jojobo1 says:

    I may not comment on all round ups but I love reading them also

  33. jimzmum says:

    I love the Roundups!

  34. Attagirl says:

    Oyster Roundup !!

    …the hot sauce/cold shower video was extremely disturbing. And, right there in the hallway behind Mom and son is a picture of Jesus hanging on the wall…..”suffer the little children..” takes on a whole new meaning.

    • Dagian says:

      It sure was. Why was this fruitcake featured, and permitted to go through with the whole process?

      • Wallflower says:

        Because Dr Phil is a voyeur and an emotional bully and this is his kind of thing. Just my opinion.

        • fishingmamma says:

          Dr Phil should be arrested for failure to report abuse. He has a responsibility to report abuse. If his defense turns out to be lack of abuse, he should be liable for the mother’s damages and the cost to prosecute her.

          There has been a terrible wrong here.

    • fishingmamma says:

      She seemed to think that going on the show and putting that video of her would somehow vindicate her. I think she really thought SHE was the victim and that going on the show would “prove” the child to be horrible.

      Her twisted mind had that sweet child boxed in with no alternatives, terrified of her. She kept asking why he lied to her, and he kept telling her that he was just trying to avoid her wrath. I really felt bad for him, and I hope he is cared for by someone else and that he can find peace.

      I was horrified by this story.

      One commenter in the audience told her that she kept demanding that there be “No lying in this house”, yet when she made the commitment to care for him and protect him and nurture him, SHE LIED. I wonder what damage she has done to the other four children in the house.

      • jojobo1 says:

        are the officials going to do anything about that woman. Kids lie all the time so do some of us little white lies to not hurt someones feelings.She needs to be charged with child abuse and yes they should look at the other children,though they may be to afraid to say anything The child saying he lied to avoid her wrath says it all.

    • bubbles says:

      i couldn’t watch it. i get nervous and upset. Jesus hanging the wall says it all.

      • Millie says:

        I listened to Shannon play it on her radio show today and it brought tears to my eyes….I actually turned off the radio as I couldn’t listen to it all. That poor kid….adopted from Russia two years ago (we have no clue what he went through in his earlier years….adjusting to America, learning the language and being in American schools for the first time….that negative rhetoric by the supposed Mom, etc. Where was the Dad? I think the boy should be taken away from them – but, also hate the idea of what could be in store for him becoming a foster child. Boy oh boy – he didn’t ask for this little life that he has had. Keep him in your prayers because he is going to need them! I hope the adopted mother gets what is coming to her!

        • mag the mick says:

          I just have to comment. I spent many years licensing foster homes in Anchorage and investigating complaints generated in the same homes. Although I unfortunately ran into some people who had no business caring for kids (either their own or others), I also met many dedicated, loving and responsible forster parents, some of home I’m still in touch with. It’s a tough job, often with little or no support from the system, but some Anchorage foster parents still remain on my list of the finest people I’ve ever met. Thanks for letting me say this.

    • analaskancitizen says:

      The video haunts me. This is a troubled woman who needs serious help. I don’t even want to try to imagine what the next step in discipline would be.

    • Dr. Phil should have been the one to turn her in to authorities. Anyone who works with children in the state of Washington is legally obligated to report even suspected abuse. Personally, I can’t stand Phil. He exploits people who really need long-term help. That “mother”, however, just need to be locked up and kept far away from children.

      • Bretta says:

        If he is a real medical professional (or therapist) he is mandated to report.
        I agree with the above comment that he is an emotional bully in it for the money.

        But I don’t watch him so what do I know?

    • vyccan says:

      I haven’t seen this (thank goodness), but if it was a video, who was filming it? I wonder if they shouldn’t be held accountable too?

  35. Paula says:

    I have been to LEAP presentations at ALCU functions and am a suppoerter of their cause. Luckily, their ideas are being understood and considered gradually, including rehibilitation for those who are, or will likely become, repeat offenders in the future costing many more thousands of dollars above the cost of rehabilitation. The war on drugs is a big fat joke that does nothing but cost tax payers money and waste police time. If you are unfamiliar with them, please click and LEARN!

  36. beaglemom says:

    I think the oyster roundup is fascinating: little tidbits that are sometimes full of flavor.

    I’ve never left a comment before although I have followed “Mudflats” since August 2008. I didn’t understand the name at first until I read up on the genuine muddy and watery mudflats in Alaska.

    Over the past years I’ve thought a lot about Sarah Palin and I’ve concluded that, in a certain way, she is a pathetic figure. The woman was never even qualified to be Wasilla’s mayor. She is a creation of her own ego and neo-conservative backroom politics. You can be sure that the likes of William Kristol would never include her in a serious conversation.

    And now most of the world finds her laughable. Only Sarah Palin really takes Sarah Palin seriously. The others use her for their own purposes. And the tragedy is that, because she is so caught up in herself, her children have been caught up in the wake of her disaster and she seems to not understand her role in their turmoil. They are either grifting like their parents or floundering about – not in school and not preparing for their future livelihoods. What a mess Sarah Palin and the neo-cons have created.

    I compare Sarah Palin to our former governor, Jennifer Granholm, who served the state of Michigan through 8 very difficult years with the Republicans in the legislature (controlling only the Senate during her second term) in full-blown tantrum mode throughout her tenure. Our governor soldiered on and did her best to salvage the state of Michigan despite the Legislature’s recalcitrance. And she raised her family with no publicity and no tabloid coverage. Jennifer Granholm proved that a woman can serve as a governor even in dark times and raise a family – no quitting needed.

    Well, that’s my rant. I doubt if I can be “Palin silent” for a whole month but I’ll do my best. My husband, like many men, does not even like to hear her name. I think he has been naive in assuming that she is irrelevant. I am concerned about those who have helped to create the monster that she’s become. They are nameless, wealthy and want to control the country. So I’ll be vigilant and pay attention to Palin news but do my best to keep my thoughts to myself. Unless . . . .

    • Pinwheel says:

      Welcome beaglemon:

      So good to hear some ‘in state’ report on Gov. Granholm. Talk about an Iron Lady (and I mean that in the most positive sense). Personally, I think it will be a useful Zen exercise to go thru 28 days without ‘all sarah all the time’. But like many resolutions, self discipline, restraint, we shall see what we shall see.

  37. AKjah says:

    I think the oyster roundup works. I don’t remember the comments being so over run by three or four subjects that i could not follow what was what.

    I am keeping my eyes on the escalation of the uprisings in the mid east. Should Jordan and Lebanon join in this could be a telling time for all in the immediate future.

  38. Tallahassee Lassie says:

    Being a new fan of the site, I’ll defer to the majority re the Roundup.

    Just an observation: Beagley could use a toke or two, whether it’s legal or not.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

    • vyccan says:

      A new face? Welcome! Have a great weekend yourself. I’m going for the oyster roundup too. The brief recount of several bits of news works well.

  39. Irishgirl says:

    I’m just dissenting for the sake of it. Love the oyster roundups.

    • Paula says:

      I’ll join you (glass flies across the room and smashes while I wave fists in air screaming more posts, give me more).

    • mag the mick says:

      I am in favor of the oyster roundup. Give me a dozen, right out of the waters of Galway Bay, with a pintof Guiness and a loaf of brown bread. I am sure Irishgirl would approve. But she can’t have any of my oysters.

      • Pinwheel says:

        Me, I like the ones from Prince William Sound, round of Jack, lemon and sauce optional. The roundup is terrific. Imagine what all of us would do if we had these reports throughout the day/night. MKM would never rest, never have time for the photo journalism, she wouldn’t have time to report on meetings or read those awful books.

        I’d love it but ‘we’ would need more staff, a system, bureauarcracy? No, No, No.

      • Didn’t I hear or read something recently about losing pints in bars? Enlighten this humble person,please…………………..

  40. hedgewytch says:

    I always look forward to Friday’s roundup. A quick and easy glance into the week’s goings on.

    So, what was the President’s response to the #1 question?

  41. Irishgirl says:

    I’d prefer several shorter posts, all day and everyday. An update every hour even. 🙂

  42. Alaska Pi says:

    I like the Oyster Roundup…
    even when none of the stories /ideas stirs a desire to make a comment.

    AM alarmed about using closing down of internet as a tool to shutdown dissent in Egypt though I cannot yet even articulate all the whys…

  43. bubbles says:

    Oyster Roundup is a favorite. Slip has the lemons. i’ ll bring the cocktail sauce.
    also love the idea of legalizing drugs. the war on drugs has been an unmitigated disaster. imo.

  44. Dagian says:

    “What’s more to your liking, a roundup post”

    I prefer the one big oyster roundup, personally.

  45. Wallflower says:

    I like the roundup post myself.

    I know the White House will not publicly speak out against Egypt’s repressive government but I hope that they will offer some public support to the protesters as they did after the Iran elections.

    • BigPete says:

      Freedom’s on the march

      Our silence is an absolute disgrace, but then the Egyptian Government are our “friends”- we need their support against the repressive Iranian Government. And we don’t want the hapless Palestinian Arabs in the Occupied Territories getting any ideas.

      • Wallflower says:

        I know. I was hoping we could split the difference; not call out the goverment (our great ally) but comment on the courage of the protestors. Too much to ask, I know.

        • It’s very tricky. The one thing I don’t want to see us do is repeat our mistakes of jumping into the middle of Egypt’s politics like we did in Central America. We chose the wrong side on that one and it was devastating for those countries.

  46. slipstream says:

    I’m a big fan of the oyster roundup. Got any fresh lemons?

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