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August 6, 2021


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Friday, July 9, 2021

Frank Bailey’s Memoir Leaked to Press (and a surprise)

As many of you are now discovering, there’s been a reason I haven’t been as prolific on the blog as usual over these past months.

There’s not a lot I can tell you now, but I’ve been collaborating with former Sarah Palin aide Frank Bailey, and former Wall Street Exec and award-winning novelist Ken Morris on a little project. You’ll all remember Ken Morris as the one who was offering to donate $200,000 to a veterans charity if Sarah Palin would have dinner with himself, me, Shannyn Moore, Rachel Maddow and a couple other progressives to talk about issues. As you can imagine, that never materialized.

Frank Bailey was one of the few true Palin “insiders.” He and a circle of half a dozen people were there in the Palin campaign from day one, until the end of her administration. He’s the kind of guy you’d pick to write an insider memoir, if you could choose. He was working on a book almost two years ago which was tentatively titled “Renegade – Sarah Palin’s Hatchetman.” That particular project fell through, and this one was born. One of the things that makes this project really interesting is that Frank retained tens of thousands of emails between Palin and her confidantes, which were sent to him over the years, beginning in 2005, and going through the end of his relationship with Palin in the summer of 2009.

Frank has kept pretty quiet over the last couple years, and has not granted a single interview. This is part of the reason that people may not have heard of him until now. Frank moved up the ranks from campaign volunteer, to the Director of Boards and Commissions in the Palin administration. He was also the aide who placed the infamous taped “Troopergate” phone call to the Alaska State Troopers asking why Palin’s ex-brother-in-law, Trooper Mike Wooten hadn’t been fired. Like many, Frank became increasingly disillusioned over the years and is ready to tell his story about his years in the inner circle.

It would have been nice to personally tell the news about the project to all of you, and friends ourselves, when we were ready. But as often happens in life, things tend to turn out in completely unexpected ways.  The draft manuscript has apparently been leaked to the media without the knowledge or permission of any of the authors, or the literary agents. We on this end are shocked and horrified that this has happened, but the toothpaste is out of the tube as they say. So, now there’s a little intrigue added to this story, which we certainly would not have chosen, and the consequences of which are yet to be known.

Co-author Ken Morris has added, “One thing I’d like to be very clear about is that the leak was not in any way approved, and the team will protect our rights in the material to the fullest extent of the law. We will seek all legal recourse available against those responsible and those that continue the unauthorized spread of the content.”

I’ll be able to talk much more about this in the coming days, and you can check back here for more news and information as it becomes available.



291 Responses to “Frank Bailey’s Memoir Leaked to Press (and a surprise)”
  1. mooseberries says:

    as a former valley girl…i will be buying! thank you for starting mudflats. my lunchtime is much more enjoyable

  2. Judith Smoker says:

    Can’t wait for book to come out. Will buy for all of my friends. It is about time for Americans to learn some of the real truths about Sarah Palin. Wish Rush Limbaugh would move to Alaska and marry Sarah Palin. Perfect!!

  3. spencysmomma says:

    I’m not from Alaska, I’m from down below but i was just wondering can any of you see Russia from your front window? lol I’m kidding ok I’m not but i cant wait for this book to come out will deffinatly be a good read.

  4. a brown says:

    I find the entire conversation extremely interesting as a mild follower of politics and the ability for those of us in the periphery to ascertain ones intergrity, honesty, etc from what “we know to be true.” Everyone in politics (from the candidate to all of their staffers and volunteers) certainly has “stuff.” Some worse than others. Whether one is conservative, liberal, or an extremist on either side of the political spectrum, we certainly have to vet out our “champion’s” percentage of good/bad. I am sure that SP, LM, DY (on the Alaskan front) as well as BO, JB and others on the national stage all have comparable _____Gate issues as well. It is my sincere prayer that Frank and his family are protected from all parties and their agendas. FB is a good man, father, and friend.

    • StElias says:

      I guess I have been left out of the loop. Mild follower of politics, a brown, please enlighten me as to who are those who know the “absolute truth”, I would like to get in on the know.

      “and the ability for those of us in the periphery to ascertain ones intergrity, honesty, etc from what “we know to be true.”

  5. tzem says:

    Q: What book is going to outsell the ones that Palin “wrote”?

    A: This one! By a mile!

  6. DF says:

    The hard part about re-entering this article (to read the latest comments) is seeing $P’s picture every time! What do you think, Jeanne, is it time to replace it with a beautiful Alaskan scene? Even a shot of some moose nuggets would be easier on the eyes!!!!!!

  7. Erica from Dallas says:

    The first Sarah Palin book to be published will have the best chance.
    .I do hope it is your book.
    Seeing the response all over the internet I would think you would have all the publicity you need to succeed with self-publishing..I

  8. @coolgreenpines says:

    Soooo. You are quite the good one on keeping secrets. Man oh man!

    A perfect marriage on the writing. It will be the only book on Palin I’ll ever bother reading.

  9. marcuswelbymd says:

    Sarah recently said “I’m still thinking about leading this country.” What country is she talking about? I don’t think she could feed my golden retriever for a week.

  10. marcuswelbymd says:

    Sorry, I’m typing way too fast and my grammar looks like Sarah’s. I’ve got to slow down.

  11. marcuswelbymd says:

    All I know is I’ve been hearing of books coming out that put Sarah Palin in a bad light for years and I have yet to see anything. Of course, I have the sense that there’s a whole lot of negative stuff to go on top of what most people already know (which is quite a bit – like ever time she say anything!) but who will report it all this supposed new information Other than the blogs? I don’t think any of the media have the guts to report it and that’s a real shame.

  12. Eddie in Anchorage says:

    Sorry if I missed this, but how did McGinnis get a copy of a rough draft of the book? Other than the authors and the agent, who would have had a copy of the draft? I’m assuming one of the four decided this was a way to create a buzz before the book was even ready for publication.

  13. LibertyLover says:

    Late to this information… But congratulations on the revelation of your latest endeavor… and condolences on it’s untimely pre-release. It’s too bad that someone decided to drink the wine before it’s time…I’ll bet those are some pretty sour grapes. I hope that you can get some sort of compensation and I commend Mr. Bailey for having the courage to rage against the Palin machine.

  14. Just finished my own book launch, but would GLADLY host the Anchorage launch for this book!

    I can’t wait until it hits the shelves and our quitter gov hits the road…

  15. OMG says:

    I do not condone the leaking of the manuscript but I’m beginning to think that, will all the interest and noise its release has created, publishers should be tripping over themselves to sign. I would expect a publication date to be set within a few months. And I can’t wait!

  16. Latitude 58 N says:

    Hmmm. . . not disappointing or surprising at all that the manuscript got released, whoever did it, but it won’t hurt the publication of it. Just look at the free marketing it has received so far.

    It seems very unlikely McGuinness would be complicit in this, unless with prior knowledge of the authors for a marketing ploy, and I’m just not ready to go down that road.

    Too bad more of those in the know don’t come forward with the straight skinny so those heartland hangers-on see the Idaho-born beauty pageant contestant for what she really is. Levi? Bristol?? Van Flein?? Ms. Stapleton. . . . . . . .?????

    As they say, get in, sit down, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride.

  17. I hope you’ll have autographed copies for sale here at Mudflats

  18. Rachael says:

    Just read about this on Huffpost…and when I saw your name as an author, Jeanne, I was ecstatic. You are such a great writer and will defiantly purchase this book.
    Great news…all except for the leak part.

  19. Joyce says:

    Please, let this be the book that sends here into retirement with shame. This woman is despicable beyond belief. I wish here the worst everyday; that’s how much I despise her.

  20. scout says:

    AKM, call Kent Sturgis and/or Lael Morgan at Epicenter Press:

    Cos I can’t wait to buy this book, AKM…..can’t wait…..
    So happy for you!

  21. Alex says:

    Sorry to hear about the leak… but congrats about the book. Wonderful news (even if it got out sooner than you intended)!

  22. mary wilson in TN says:

    Dear AKM: Here in Knoxville TN, the young man who “hacked” into Palin’s public e-mail account is now in jail for a year after Sarah and Bristol came here to testify that his actions caused them to be “terrified”, blah, blah.
    Mr. Bailey’s storehouse of revelations about her could possibly have helped this young man received only a minor sentence. Instead her public appearence here was so rivoting that she caused him to be a convicted felon.

    Please keep us all up to date!
    And keep up the good work!

    • Waay Out West says:

      Mary in TN
      Without being disagreeable, hacking email is mail tampering. It is a felony not a joke. Depending on how his crime was categorized, Class III or Class II felony he (the hacker) could have been sentenced to 5 years or 15 years plus a $5,000 or $10,000 fine.

      Although I am not a fan of the Palins, he (the hacker) caused himself to be a convicted felon by committing a felonious act and getting caught, you can’t blame the Palins. I doubt the ‘in person fear and terror act’ influenced the judge too much as the sentence was only a year.

      Hopefully when he gets out he will be a wiser man.

  23. Goalie in NM says:

    AKM, thrilled to hear of your collaboration on this book! I really don’t care how the news got out about this book – but take advantage of it! I do think that the mystery surrounding it will bring you more sales. I couldn’t be happier for you – and to think in just three short years look how you have blossomed!

  24. Lainey says:

    ONE QUESTION! will the “iceberg” finally drift over the likes of sarah palin? I need some good news about now…pretty please! I’m weary over the teflon life of your ex, 1/2 term, ethically challenged gov.

  25. The Rubber Room Hotel says:

    I am sorry this happened the way it did.
    I could not be happier about AKM’s involvement in this project!
    I know it will be well written and factual!
    I can promise to buy several copies!

  26. Wallflower says:

    Possible title; freely offered with no obligation or expectation of renumeration: “Disillusioned: An Insider’s View of Sarah Palin’s Inner Circle of Chaos.” Long, I know.

  27. Just Me says:

    I very much dislike all the finger pointing at Joe McGinniss. Joe is a hero in my opinion. Stop and think about it…Joe has no connection to this book, so how did he get a copy? Obviously it was someone else who had to leak it to Joe and from that point, it was fair game. Also, I believe that whoever leaked this book is absolutely brilliant because it has brought the kind of publicity to this book that money cannot buy. It has assured sales in the millions, of which I will be one.So get off Joe’s back and just congratulate our brilliant AKM and may she sit back and enjoy the $$$$ she will make off this book. Keep up the good work, AKM. We all love you – and Joe McGinness, too.

    • I am sure others have more direct information on whether or not it was McGinnis that leaked the book, but it is not unheard of for someone else to create an email account with his name. Just sayin’ – though my theory may be short lived.

      • Well that was badly written – not unheard of for someone to create an email account in someone else’s name – it should say. I do believe all the articles said it came via email. No one so far in the stories I have read said that anyone called him. At any rate, hope all goes well for all concerned and looking forward to reading a clearly written, well-documented tome.

    • We don’t yet know who started the leak. But my problem with McGinnis passing it along, if he did, is that he is an author. I would think he would have more respect for the work of other authors, whether there was a confidentiality clause or not. The ethical thing for him to do would have been to contact the authors before doing anything with that leaked manuscript.

      • Millie says:

        I don’t think we should be jumping on McGinniss at this point. I cannot imagine he would have leaked the manuscript knowing how publishing works/laws as he does.

        Look how he handled Palin with all the crap she gave him when he lived next door to her. He was professional, honest, hardworking and blended in well with the residents of the Valley from all I heard.

  28. jc in co says:

    Can’t wait to read the book AKM! Be safe, be successful. o/t freesia, r u here?

  29. Wallflower says:

    To “ditto” practically everyone; sorry about the leak–thrilled about the book. If you decide to do electronic publishing only I will break down and buy a Kindle for the occasion!

  30. DF says:

    Ouch! What more can one say, except, looking forward to the publish date!

  31. BB says:

    Is it just me or does this sound like a Palin dirty trick? Discredit two critics with one blow?

  32. benlomond2 says:

    kindle is powered up and searching,searching,searching….

  33. laingirl says:

    Congratulations, AKM! I’ll look forward to buying the book. I’ve learned so much about Alaska through your Mudflats and have grown to love it because of you and Shannyn. It’s a given that the book will be a good because you are involved. You’re a great writer.

  34. GA Peach says:

    Congratulations, AKM!

    I knew when I found your blog back in 2008, that I had found a jewel.

    Can’t wait to buy the book.

  35. BeeJay says:

    Now I need to read all the leaked bits! Or, maybe even wait for the book. Nah, gotta read something right now…

    Congrats, AKM, this sounds like the start of a wonderful second career!

  36. Suchanut says:

    This is simply marvelous news! It brings everything around full circle from the post that sort of started it all:

    Congrats to you AKM

  37. I trust AKM and the other’s know enough to stay far from anything that looks like a bus.

  38. Angela says:

    why don’t you all self publish the book? sells through amazon and publishes on demand with no up front cost, you set the price. I am sure through all the blogs and such, you can sell plenty through there without waiting for someone to publish it for you. I’m ready to read it! You can even order all you want at publishing cost and set up book signing and put them in local shops. They take care of all the barcodes, etc.. for you at no cost.!

  39. ManxMamma says:

    I can only add my congratulations AKM. Which book will I buy? Any of them, all of them. Of course. Best wishes!

  40. anjaak says:

    Making lemonade out of lemons…I find it strange that this book had no publisher yet. It sounds as if the industry was boycotting it. Sarah has done nothing to deserve this adoration. All the more reason to get the truth about her out there. I hope now that it will get snapped up & get in print. Most authors do not make it rich writing, only celebrities do. Now that this story has wheels, there is a chance for the authors to make a little money and rid us of Palin once & for all. Can we start a “Palin, Please Retire for Good” campaign?

  41. johnny says:

    The authors should recognize that the cat is out of the bag, and they should get it out as soon as possible in kindle form, that’s my opinion. Plus, I want to read it soon…..

  42. AKMuckraker says:

    Thank you all for the supportive comments! Mudflatters really are the best.

    There will be more information on all of this as soon as I’m able to discuss it.

    Just want to thank my two co-authors – Frank Bailey for having the courage to share his story, and the absolutely brilliant writer and co-author Ken Morris.

  43. PollyinAK says:

    Publishers should be jumping at the chance to publish this book!!

  44. Janet says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of the manuscript leak, Ms. Devon, but on the other hand, I’m thrilled to hear there’s going to be a book that tells what really went on up there in Alaska. I can’t wait to purchase a copy of the book.

  45. beth says:

    I don’t know about the ADN… I read over there: “…Jeanne Devon, who publishes the anti-Palin web site Mudflats,” and I’m thinking to myself? WHA? I don’t think so! The Mudflats isn’t an “anti-Palin web site” — not at all! Here’s why…

    “Anti-[prominent-figure in any genre] web sites” have articles copied verbatim from other sites and/or self-generated outrageous to fire up the site’s readers. They also have blogs that read something like this: “OMG – did u here what she say last nights? She didnt even laugh!!!111!”; to which the reply inevitably runs along the lines of something like: “Your stupid – stop telling lies. you hate her because she is speaks the truth and your to dum to know it. lol. your afraid of her and so are yor freinds. did your mother tell you to say what you psoted? go find some wheres else to spred you’re garbage. it wouldn’t surprise me – her and you are so stupied.”

    The ‘flats, on the other hand, *always* has well-researched and -documented articles. If the article happens to include a rumor, AKM tells us it’s a rumor and then gives insight on why it might (or might not) be true…all of which is well-researched and documented; if what the article contains is background, insight, and pure facts about a given subject, AKM tells us about it and gives us links to back up what is written. AMKs guest authors hold the same high standards in writing and sourcing materials used in their articles. The ‘flats also has lovely snapshots of AK, and too, then, art work and pictures appropriate to the specific article(s). The comments on the blog are…well, just read them for yourself.

    So, I’d submit this site is NOT an “anti-Palin web site” — it’s, among a zillion other things, a “Palin-exposing web site.” To my mind, there’s a *huge* difference. beth.

    –ADN page for the above quote, here:

    • Husky says:

      Beth, I had the same reaction. I’ll admit that I do read almost all of the truly “anti-Palin” blogs, and some do have an admirable level of passion, research skills. They do have a role. That said, NOBODY has the writing skill of our own AKM. Since day one, this has been the place I’ve gone to find the truth, blended at times with humor, and always with humility and grace.

      Oh-EM-Gee. I just realized I’m a fanboy.(girl) Oh well! I’m very excited about this book and will buy it in multiple formats. Harper-Collins (if I’m recalling correctly that that’s SP’s publisher) should probably start viewing SP as a loss leader and try to recoup some losses by outbidding everyone for this book.

    • mwThatOne.. says:

      well said, Beth……..hope you will send the bulk of your post here to Letters to the Editor at ADN. wonder if they WOULD print it…..

  46. Tanaga12 says:

    I don’t know anything about the publishing world, but it seems leaks are sometimes part of the process? Why would McGinniss leak the manuscript? Maybe this increases publicity and credibility to his book? Maybe the opposite is true? Maybe there is an effort to get these books out soon while the Palin controversy is still so high. She announces her candidacy and the books skyrocket, she strings it out until it’s obvious she won’t and she fades a bit. This is not so much as comment about proceeds; if you want to get information out to the masses, you need to make them hungry for it. I’d buy both books, I’d read anything written by AKM. I tell ya-I’ll be riveted to this site until all is disclosed. Be safe AKM.

    • LaniN says:

      “I don’t know anything about the publishing world, but it seems leaks are sometimes part of the process?”

      Yep. Let’s enjoy the fact that the information is getting out and interest in the book is being generated. It didn’t have a publisher. Now, there might well be competition for this book. Note that the email releasing this manuscript states that this may not be the final document. 🙂 Relax, mudpups. All is well. As for the C4Pers who might be lurking here? Things aren’t lookng good for you. Please save your pennies and buy yourselves some healthy food.

    • luckycharms says:

      Joe McGinniss sure knows something about the publishing world. Even though we may not know why this has happened, it’s been reported that he is the one who passed on a copyrighted manuscript without the permission of the authors to news outlets who are now free to regurgitate the work of others. That sounds like theft to me. He knows better. The authors of this book have said that this was not a publicity stunt and I believe them.

      If it was a publicity stunt, they’d have leaked a chapter or two, or some juicy bits to get a publisher interested. But to put a whole manuscript out there? Mr. McGinniss knows better. His is the book I’ll be checking out of the library. This one I’m buying.

      Thank you Ken Morris, AKM and Frank Bailey. This one sounds like a labor of love, where you weren’t in control of the delivery. I can’t wait to read the whole thing!

      • Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

        I can’t wait either!

        And will reserve judgement on said leak until we have all the details. There’s more to the story, I’m sure.

        Besides, who of us has never forwarded on a “good story” that came to us in an email? Remember the guy testing the taser he bought for his wife? No idea who wrote it, or it it’s even true. Or the “beaver dam” letters – that one *is* true, and can be found with a simple search online. Anyway, for now, I’m on the fence… we’ll see.

        WONDERFUL news, this book!

      • Millie says:

        We don’t have the facts as yet as to McGinniss leaking this! I am one who thinks he didn’t do it!

  47. Deennaa says:

    As an Alaskan and a person who is led by ethics, I eagerly await a permanent downfall for the media created sarah palin. On the level of who she is as a person in reality, her karma is due. She has harmed many people and like the true immature bully she is, continues to “plow through and over any/everything on her greedy path. She is toxic and has grown up into a pattern of continuing “spoiled brat” behaviors. Believing as I do that she is also mentally unbalanced, I believe this is what makes her more dangerous to everyone and I mean everyone because her ambitions are outward to the nation and beyond. But beware. All creatures who are cornered(or feel cornered) can quickly become dangerous. Like the abusive partner in relationships who attack, and often, kill the other partner for leaving the relationship. That may not be an apt comparison, but the wounded creature analogy is. Palin has already demonstrated her proclivity towards violence.

    Take care, to those who are pulling away the rocks from the snake. The poisonous ones will strike back.

    As for the books, definitely buying when and if available then recommending them. Will buy any book Joe McGinniss writes. I await all revelations of truth regarding the leak and will not believe anything until proven. Kudos to the bloggers whose aim it has been to dig deep and investigate the person of sarah palin and present the facts as they stand. The mainstream media has nothing on these bloggers and should be ashamed of their cowardly representation as journalists.

  48. Califpat says:

    We love you AKM for your great talent, intelligence, class and your witticism which we know will be scattered throughout the book!! Our excitement is due to the fact that we have been privy to your great writing and talents for years and cannot wait to see you be the one, along with your collaborators to bring to the table in a published book the antics of Teflon Grifter that noone else has have been able to make stick. I am so looking forward to this book!! Good luck and may you have your book published expediently!! This is beyond delicious!!!

  49. Elaine says:

    How on earth did this leak? Who had access?

  50. dowl says:

    AKM, Frank Bailey, and Ken Morris–thank you all for doing what is right.

    “Dr. King once said that the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice. It bends towards justice, but here is the thing: it does not bend on its own. It bends because each of us in our own ways put our hand on that arc and we bend it in the direction of justice….”


  51. Molly says:

    I’ll be proud to say I know (kinda) a Famous Co-Author!

    Congrats in advance for the book. Looks like I’ll have another one to preorder!!

    • Molly says:

      Oh, and, once again, you pajama-clad bloggers are simply up to NO GOOD, especially you ALASKAN bloggers, and the queen will NOT be happy about this!!! 🙂

  52. Dirk says:

    Piper loves to miss school and go to book signings and is actually a pro at it.
    Do you think she would help Bailey sell his books?

  53. Robert says:

    Bristol moved out of Sarah’s house.
    Todd strayed into the arms of another woman.
    Word is Willow is living with another family.
    Sarah’s lawyer Van something left Wasilla.
    Sarah’s aides jumped ship.
    Everybody is abandoning Sarah.

    I wonder if Trigg wants to go back home to his real mother?

  54. Tonya says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to ya Sarah

  55. Donny says:

    I think Sarah Palin just seen the lay of the land and the position of president does not have her name on it. This has been a terrible couple of months for that retarded family.
    Sarah, there’s always DWTS.

  56. Gimme-a-break, Sarah says:

    Delighted to hear you are working on this book, AKM! Thank you! And Mr Bailey and Mr Morris as well! Looking forward to the book! 🙂

  57. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    Snowflake Snookie’s ghostwriter just released a FB post about WI unions – as usual, it is all about HER.

    Damage control due to this BOMBSHELL re Frank Bailey methinks.
    I think (fingers crossed) that this book news is too big to be upstaged.

    Congrats AKM – I anxiously await publication – Bailey having thousands of e-mails, scarah’s OWN words, this is a BIG EFFING DEAL!!!

  58. A fan from CA says:

    This is great news. I can’t wait for the book and hope there is a tour. Mudstocks in the tour cities?

    Don’t worry about the leak, this is good PR. I find the idea that McGinnis sent it out as highly unlikely since he would know better as an author himself. Now someone making it look like him? In any case I don’t think it matters.

  59. AKjah says:

    Even when all this is over the flats and you AKM are the best for sanity and life in general.

  60. 0whole1 says:

    Not 15 minutes ago, I coulda swore I heard a brain snap.

    Sorry about the leak, but congrats, ‘Flats, on the book. Gimmee…oh, I don’t know…six. Gimmee six.


  61. slipstream says:

    Have you checked Brian’s emails? Just wondering.

  62. Beezer says:

    Just awesome AKM! Good for you and chosing collaboration, I’m wishing for a speedy publishing and just know that more people all over the world well see more of your splendid work!! Hip Hip Hooray!! Ya know I don’t post often but have followed your special talent and alot of your regular followers here in the mud and I truly enjoy all that is written. Best wishes 🙂

  63. jimzmum says:

    I think there is no reason to assume anything. Far too early. AKM has said she will share when she can, and that is good enough for me. Congratulations, AKM!

  64. ibwilliamsi says:

    It’s disappointing that this was leaked. I would have liked to have seen it come out in the Spring of 2012. Just late enough for her to get her fangs into the nomination process only to have the book finish the hatchet job she started on the Republican Party.

    • yukonbushgrma says:

      …..on the other hand, maybe it will be out early enough to expose her for what she is and keep her out of the whole darn process. (Of course, that would disappoint those Dems who want her to run just to ensure Pres O’s second term …)

  65. leenie17 says:

    Woo hoo…our AKMom is a star!!!

    I suspect that this book is causing a whole lot more angst in the Palin household than any of the others since it comes from someone on the inside who had access to many secrets and private moments. With Bailey being such an integral part of the political life of the Quitter Queen, he no doubt knows much more than anyone merely researching her could possibly know, especially since few people are willing to risk her well-known penchant for revenge by spilling what they know.

    Someone in Wasilla is having a VERY bad day!

    • Millie says:

      Plus, he retained the emails – proof galore! Would she take him to Court? Seriously doubt it. Her trademark (if approval attained?) doesn’t cover this area.

      • dreamgirl says:

        Wasn’t her hallmark talking point “transparency” while she was running for Governor? Gotta love that Karma… also,too, to Quittypants in anticipation of the LOL’s! (will need to stock up on tissues, popcorn and Pinot Noir)

  66. michigander says:

    I believe the people involved here are intelligent/professional enough to not screw themselves nor fellow authors. So….who leaked it?

    I agree that there will be no problem finding a publisher and the leak will do more good than harm in the long run.

    I hope it doesn’t cause court crap, stress to Jeannie and delay publication. I don’t care who leaked it as long as people are safe, the right people are respected and the truth comes out (o:

  67. Snoskred says:

    Hey all,

    Can I just quietly mention AKM’s donation thingy over in the sidebar?

    I’m not sure what will happen from here as far as load on the website when news of this gets out. We have a backup plan for the server which I am hoping we can put in action shortly but it isn’t cheap.

    If you find the site is down, do not forget to bookmark the old site which is here – – and I will make sure a new post goes up over there for discussion purposes if we do find the site under heavy load.

    Also you can find AKM on the Facebook and Twitter. 🙂


  68. Marnie says:

    On the one hand the leak, especially as it apparently is the entire manuscript i unfortunate on a number of levels, oooooooon the other hand –
    the timing is rather delicious.

    Hopefully the publisher’s lawyers can keep any further parts of the manuscript from being broad cast and that sales won’t be effected.

    Wouldn’t it be peachy if this hint of things to come is enough to let the air out of a couple of the tires on that bus Sarah wants to deliver her to the WH and which she uses so frequently to run over people, many of whom used to be her friends.


  69. Enjay in E MT says:

    What can I say but WOW!

    From the bits & pieces in the “leaks”…. I can’t wait to get my hands on the whole thing. As much as I love my Kindle – I want the dust jacket, cover, written words to highlight, margins for notes, and the icing on the cake would be 3 autographs. (Hint hint)

    I was thinking you were “burned out” over the 2nd book – along with holidays and “closing the store”…. Am glad you found something to keep you busy. (Tee-hee) I can’t imagine the sheer awesomeness of having access to insider un-redacted e-mails with !!

    (((( Congrats to the three of you ))))

    • Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

      from dust jacket to 3 autographs, I’m with you 100% (you just said it so dang well!)

      anybody hear the sound of …. listen closely…. >…glub… glub …. glub…<

  70. rebekkah says:

    Hope this leak doesn’t affect anything in a negative way. Can’t wait for the book.

  71. curiouser says:

    I’m thrilled that Frank Bailey has written his book. He certainly chose the very best collaborator. I can’t wait to buy a copy or two!

    It’s confusing that McGinniss would be the source of the leak. It makes more sense to me that there’s an attempt to discredit him and undermine both books. Bailey’s first-hand account will speak for itself and we know it will be well-written. I can only see it ultimately being a huge success.

  72. merrycricket says:

    I am thrilled for you AKM! I can’t wait to post my preorder. I was wondering what you had been up to since leaving the retail business. Glad to finally learn what you have been up to.

  73. AKjah says:

    This weekend i will have grits and moonshine (cant chew popcorn). Turn on the fan and let’er fly.

  74. Sourdough Mullet says:

    Wow, it’s only February, and already I’ve got my Christmas shopping all tied up. Will just need to get a bunch of big red bows to wrap all those books in!

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Frank Bailey and Jeanne Devon, for your incredible courage in light of what will surely be (and already surely has been) incredible backlash and threats from Sarah Palin & her supporters. And thank you Mr. Bailey for your foresight in keeping all those years of emails. Your book has the power to finally put this nightmare to rest.

  75. tallimat says:

    Okay. Now I understand. Like I was wondering why AKM hasn’t been around.

    Leaked? Methinks this is the best thing to happen. It may not seem like it today, or tomorrow… But come this time next year, it be like the mini snow storm we got today… A memory and for a greater cause.

    Frankly, I’m just happy such a book is getting written.
    Hugs authors. Big hugs.

  76. Jen in SF says:

    I look forward to buying your book, too. Good luck with the final stages.

  77. Zyxomma says:

    Wow. Wouldn’t want to be chez Palin this weekend. All hell is going to break loose. I picture crushed Red Bull cans, dented fridge, and a swirl of Crunchwrap Supreme papers swirling through the air.

    • Zyxomma says:

      p.s. Congratulations, Jeanne my dear! I’m so proud of you, and so very happy not only for you but for all of us, that my face is split in two from grinning. When and where is the book signing? I’d fly to Anchorage for that! This, McGiniss, and Dunn’s books are going to be the holy trinity of Palintology. No wonder you’ve had no time to finish blogging Amairikkka buy Tart.

  78. gitana says:

    Ready to buy multiple copies for self and friends. Hope the book is available really soon! Bravo!

  79. I See Villages From My House says:

    I’m sure you’ll have a bidding war with publication rights now. These things happen for a reason and this is the best possible promotion you can get before it goes to the presses.

    AKM, you’ve only given us ONE more reason why we thank the Creator for you. This book is going to knock Sarah down from her lucrative know-nothing farcical career as a politico with a servant’s heart. Even train-wreck curiosity seekers like the LIA will book her anymore. . .

    Good luck, but I trust you won’t need it.

    • LaniN says:

      Totally agree with you. From the articles I read, the agent leaked the book, which has led to a great deal of publicity. I doubt there will be any difficulty with finding a publisher now. This whole thing sounds like a (successful) publicity stunt to me.

  80. hedgewytch says:

    The Palinbots are going to be out in full damage control mode. Accussing everyone and everything of misconduct and attempts to distract from the main point of Bailey’s book – that Palin has acted in unethical, immoral, and very likely illegal actions.

    After the Shailey Tripp stuff and now this leaked book – this weekend is going to be hell in the Palin household.

  81. hedgewytch says:

    Very glad to see this was on the 5 o’clock KTUU news. Especially the part where she may have committed illegal actions.

    However, I am convinced that Parnell is culpable in these actions as well, which is why we are seeing his Administration continue to stall the release of the requested emails- perhaps attempting to get past the statue of limitations on prosecution.

    • Pinwheel says:

      Parnell’s culpability is implicit. Just look at the disaster of our last election, or elections of 2008 or 2006. Alaskans can do better if we work closely, together. Our future is political until we regain control of our own destiny (sounds like a line from a movie).

      It seems like Gov. Parnell likes his job. Wonder what his email look like.

  82. Kath the Scrappy says:

    Fantastic AKM! With your writing skills and Frank’s ‘details’ this should turn out to be a best seller. I’m definitely planning to buy a couple of copies.

    Hee, hee, even reading Andrew Halcro’s comments, he’s previewed the manuscript and is also banging the drums in favor:

    “Frank Bailey’s memoir is a must read. ”

  83. Califpat says:

    I cannot wait for the book to come out!! I adore AKM’s writing and just know that it will be excellent!!! I will be standing in line to get my copy!! Just think, we know a real life author who is on her way to stardom!! It’s about time!! Now I am going to have to tap down my instant gratification instinct and sit patiently and wait like everyone else! Darn!!

  84. Millie says:

    The Palins have FINALLY been caught and there are emails to prove it! I wouldn’t want to be walking in sister Sarah’s shoes today.

  85. Paula says:

    I have a hard time beleiving that any author would send out a comlete ms for consideration to anyone…there is generally a query and sample chapters, but never the entire pie. Inexperience? This is a real shame, that I can only assume is indeed inexperience that found itself in the hands of someone less than ethical. It’s not that hard to copy “all” and set it free. Was the book protected in any way? Once the book is set free, well, then it’s free for all. Again, this is a true shame. A shame, I fear, that will keep us all ready, but leave the authors penniless and out of control. I surely hope I am wrong.

  86. krbmjb05 says:

    Agree with the masses here….leak or not, this would be #1 on my must buy list and I would buy several copies for my family and friends! Also, I feel the “teasers” we got from the “leak” are nothing to the “details” and SEEING it in e-mail form (or KNOWING there is a back-up in e-mail form) that can NOT be refuted!

    Mr & Mrs Palin thought they would skirt the pesky lib”ruls” by using Yahoo! Well, THANK YOU Mrs. Palin. And a BIG HUG AND THANK YOU to Mr. Bailey for saving “THOUSANDS” of e-mails. Hope this is available soon….I’ve got my reading glasses ready! 🙂

  87. Leota2 says:

    I’ll buy this book even if it has been previously posted on road signs (which I hope it’s not).

  88. Maria says:

    Someone pointed out that you could go ahead and self-publish: Kindle, or perhaps Lulu, and it’d be out there for purchase ASAP. I say, go for it.

  89. hedgewytch says:

    Joe McGinniss’s book and Frank Bailey’s book are two different animals. Joe’s book will be more historical, discussing how Palin rose to such “prominance” (I think the word “infamous” is more appropriate), while Bailey’s book is an insider’s tale.

    I think they will actually compliment each other nicely.

    As a long time journalist and author, I have a hard time believing McGinniss would vindictively leak another person’s work in order to promote himself or destroy another. That is a Palin tactic.

    I don’t usually buy political books, preferring to read them once they are available in the library; these two books however, I will make an exception for. When and where do i get to pre-order my copy Jeanne?

    • bob.benner says:

      I agree. Both books should compliment each other well. I will buy both. But I’m sure Bailey’s book will be more damning to Sarah. Especially if he still has the emails. I’m sure they have already started prepping for the character assassination, but with the emails it should be fun. The only thing better would be if we could see a copy of the deposition Sarah gave in her Troopergate scandal and compare what she said under oath against the emails.

      • hedgewytch says:

        We are already seeing very pointed and vidictive attacks against Joe McGinnis about leaking this book – why would people be singling him out when it is obvious that this book was sent around to a bunch of people with no confidentiality clause and Joe just sent it on? He wasn’t the first to receive it or the last to forward it. So why him? Because to discredit Joe is to discredit the validity of what he has written.

        I smell a big fat fuzzy rat.

        • Katmai says:

          I believe I smell the exact same big fuzzy rat as yourself.

        • jojobo1 says:

          I smell that same rat discredit Joe and anythinghe may write a palin tactic.ya just don’t know who to trust now days

        • Kat says:

          I”m with you! Big fat fuzzy smelly rat indeed!

          I have to say that I’m surprised and disappointed to see the number of comments here dissing Joe. I don’t believe he’s the guilty party at all. The man has integrity! Alaska Dispatch, IMO, sometimes leaves a lot to be desired in regard to the Palins.

          I plan to buy all three books, Joe’s, Geoff’s, & now Bailey & AKM’s book. There can never be enough information out there telling the Palin story.

          Thanks so much AKM. I couldn’t have chosen a better person to collaborate with Mr. Bailey than you. You’re awesome. Thank you Frank Bailey for your courage!

        • Martha says:

          As I have said, Bailey’s agent must be a moron, or working for the Palins, not include a confidentiality clause, but that does not excuse Joe.

          Joe would know FULL WELL to contact the authors BEFORE making any of it public, REGARDLESS of the circumstance.

          Joe has been in the business far too long, not to know better than to do what he did.

          One would think he would contact them to congratulate them AND ask why there WAS no confidentiality clause, as is common practice in the industry.

          One would think Joe would have concern for his friends.

        • dreamgirl says:

          I smell a big fuzzy rat with a wafting air of rotting salmon with a hint of “Eau deToo et Also ” overtones. Not at all pleasant and very fishy-ratty-and-unethical. Hmmm….

    • tigerwine says:

      I’m with you! My book club, in the past, has read 2 books in tandem – just to compare from different prospectives. I might just suggest this on these 2 books. (Or even 3?)

  90. Gramiam says:

    Here is the AP release I found on one of my e-mail sites today.

  91. Sue Evans says:

    I’ll be buying it…. can’t wait! Nicely done, AKM.

  92. Lee says:

    I have been waiting for a book, and here it comes… Good job, and hope it sells 5 million copies.
    I will buy one. 🙂

  93. GAmom says:

    Congratulations! This is a book I will definitely read. I too had been wondering about all the “open threads” lately and I am glad to hear you are still on Palin’s tracks. So sorry about the leak, hope all will turn out OK in the end.

  94. daisydem says:

    P.S. I don’t personally think anyone is out to just “sell books'” or to jeopardize the exposure of Sarah Palin. It is not about the money or the fame, it is about truth!

  95. Katmai says:

    I don’t understand what Joe M could possibly profit for forwarding the manuscript to multiple news outlets. Nothing comes to mind. He was such a ‘quiet’ and professional neighbor to the Palins that I seriously have a hard time believing that there isn’t a whole lot more to this story. And who’s wall it would be interesting to be a fly on today….Parnell’s.

    • Susie Snowflake says:

      I agree. I know people and reputations have been hurt when people rush to judgement on some things (remember what happened to ACORN and Shirley Sherrod?). I think we should all wait on any condemnations some are wanting to make toward Joe McGinnis until this is all sorted out thoroughly.

    • Martha says:

      “Sadly it was sent to various publishers by Bailey’s agent without a request for confidentiality, which then allowed it to find its way onto the internet.”

      That is what the IM posted.

      Joe would know FULL WELL to contact the authors BEFORE making any of it public, REGARDLESS of the circumstance.

      What does Joe have to gain?

      It’s as plain as the nose on your face!

      Joe has his own book coming out and dismantling the competition by whatever means necessary, is done in business ALL the time!

      This leak has taken most, if not all of the thunder away from this collaboration and will cost DEARLY when/if it is published.

      In fact, it could prevent a publisher from even taking it on.

      Since it is on the internet it is yesterday’s news, and already “virtually ” published, and you cannot chase every reposting of it with injunctions, unless you are a billionaire.

      Injunctions are usually handled by the publishing house, who retain lawyers expert this field, and these authors have not reported that they have one.

      Bailey’s agent must be a moron, or working for the Palins.

  96. Forty Watt says:

    Sorry it’s got messy this way, AKM. But I’m thrilled about the book.The best thing is that not only are you a wonderful writer but you are known and respected for your integrity, which makes anything you do all the more valuable.

  97. Val H says:

    I appreciate that this public statement was finally made.
    Now we know it wasn’t planned as a publicity stunt.

  98. I am sorry to hear you were betrayed, but very happy to hear about this book. I am more than eager to read it. I don’t think the leak will decrease sales, in fact it may increase them. Slap a binder on that puppy and get it on the market.

  99. Cassie Jeep says:

    I want everyone’s rights fully protected.

    That said, I am still REALLY TICKLED to hear this news!

    Yay, AKM! Yay, Misters Bailey and Morris!

    Can’t wait to order it!

  100. Kimosabe says:

    Somethng is rotten in the state of Denmark. Was a publisher already committed? Why did mcguiness have it? To whose advantage is an early leak? In the end it might not matter, as anyone who publishes more than excerpts violates the copyright. And hey this advance publicity can’t be all bad. Congratulations on the book, can’t wait to read it!

  101. BinCo says:

    Congratulations AKM. I noticed a real lack of Palin posts in the past months and thought you were just burnt out from the whole thing. Little did I know!
    I don’t know the motivation of the leak but I hope the focus can be kept on the content of the book and not authors suing each other. I think it would be a distraction from the purpose of the books and diminish their importance.
    Best of luck, hope it’s published soon!

  102. Martha says:

    It seems from the report on the Alaska Dispatch, that Joe McGinniss is the culprit of the leak.

    Who else could it be?

    What a sad and truly pathetic tact, for an author of his talent longevity, to turn on his supporters and admirers.

    It doesn’t get any worse than this for a an author and diminishes everything else he has ever written.

    It is as if the Palin poison infects whatever it touches and caused Joe to commit literary suicide for $$.

    I sincerely hope this is not true, because he will be despised and shunned by ALL of his peers.

    But~~~~~~~~~who else could it be?

    • Ripley in CT says:

      Alaska Dispatch is very unreliable at times. I’d wait to see what Joe says.

    • Bretta says:

      Joe’s email that forwarded the manuscript said that it was circulating without the usual confidentiality agreement – not that that justifies him sending it on, but apparently it was already out there.

    • SME131 says:

      Bailey’s publicist sent it out for reviews without asking for confidentiality. It eventually made its way to the internet – Joe may have sent it to people but he wasn’t the one to leak it. He was simply sharing what everyone else was already sharing. Jesse at the immoral minority has a portion of the original email sent out with the manuscript on his site.

      • HappyPlace says:

        Re: “Joe may have sent it to people but he wasn’t the one to leak it.”

        Funny how every reporter writing this up is “crediting” McGinnis with being the source of distributing copyrighted material without permission. We’ll see how well the “all the cool kids are doin’ it” defense holds up. And seriously, why would another author involve himself in the underhanded distribution of someone else’s work in the first place? Simply being anti-Palin doesn’t mean you get carte blanche from basic ethics.

    • Pinwheel says:

      Are there any other reports from the East Coast of other (California) literary, publishing interests about the manuscript? I think I’d be sure of that before pointing fingers.

      Also, did the ‘other’ somehow get into this so she/they can request a cease & desist/injunction type thing to prevent publication? Just saying!

  103. Ripley in CT says:

    Oh yes, and I recall being horribly disappointed that Mr. Bailey was dropping his first book. I felt that the one person who had the goods on her was under attack and would also be silenced. Shame on me for not realizing that the poor man’s soul was probably tormented and would not be silenced until he was heard.

    Here’s to you, Mr. Bailey. And thank you for reaching out to our own AKM. Good choice.

    Oh, and how much do we LOVE that he has e-mails!?? OMG

    • seattlefan says:

      Yes, the emails! So much for all those very expensive redacted ones that have yet to be released. I am so loving this. I guess her circumventing the government email accounts finally back-fired on her. 🙂

      • jojobo1 says:

        Could this be why she tried to have her and Bristol’s names copyrighted so they could not be used in a book??????

        • seattlefan says:

          That had not occurred to me but what an interesting thought! Hmmmm…….

        • johnny says:

          That’s what I thought, that with a trademark her name couldn’t even be used in the title of a book. I wonder if there is some way to publish a title ahead of time to avoid having to use a trademarked name.

  104. ed says:

    When life gives you lemons, get ice and a blender and some alcohol and make some sort of alcoholic concoction with a lemony name, then drink it. Then find a publisher, STAT. My Kindle breathlessly awaits….

  105. Ripley in CT says:

    This is the coolest thing ever. Way to go, AKM!

  106. daisydem says:

    Another moment please: I felt and I said as much on IM that maybe this leak was intentional … I am sorry if I misspoke … I just felt that with Sarah Palin’s “noises” lately … of maybe running for President; of bashing our President and even insulting our lovely First Lady’s attempts to encourage our children to eat healthier, be nursed so as to be healtheir … that it was finally seen as time to “open fire” (a term “she” would relate to) and finally get her to shut up and sit down.

    • Pinwheel says:

      I Know I don’t want to think this leak is intentional. Conspiracies are much more fun. (That’s intended as an ironic observation.) I thought I read just this morning on IM about ‘her’ meltdown. Inquiring minds still want to know.

      Thanx, AKM

  107. boodog says:

    The book is wonderful news, AKM, and I’m so happy for you. It’s too bad about the leak and whatever story is behind it, but I have no doubt this book will be well worth the wait.

  108. michigander says:

    I came here to check after discussing with hubby after reading rumor – I am so glad it is true.

    AKM, I am so pleased and thankful to you.

    Thank you Mr. Bailey for daring to tell the truth, I am going back into the archives for past stories. I think you got hushed up for a while….?

    Patiently waiting (o:

  109. PeggnoinSoCal says:

    THANK YOU!! So glad your awesome writing talents have been put to the best possible use.

  110. honeybabe says:

    thank goodness! we have all waited so long to expose the worst governor ever. LOTS of us will buy that book, especially those of us from alaska.

  111. Lee323 says:

    An insider’s expose of Sarah Palin? Heck, I’d buy Bailey’s book instead of Dunn’s and McGinnis’s books any day of the week. I’ll bet I’m not alone….and I’ll further bet that the publishing industry knew that as well.

    • bubbles says:

      damn straight


      Frank Bailey is a good man. I worked with him for a long time. Although we don’t have the same political views, our moral compass mostly points in the same direction. To say he was a Palin fan is understatement. Frank is just that kind of guy. If he’s in your corner, he’s in your corner. He’s one of those old school kind of guys in a 20th century body. His word is his bond, he will seal a deal with a handshake. And the moment I heard the trooper story and that Frank was involved I KNEW that he did what he did out of loyalty to his boss (Palin). She flung him so far under the bus that it made my back hurt. Based upon what I know about Frank, I’m sure he was torn with the decision to write whatever it is that he has written and I also know that what he has to say will be truer than any truth that Palin could ever spit out of her mouth. I feel bad that AKM & Frank were betrayed. I believe that it will all turn out for the best in the end and like you Lee323, given the choice of any publication, I would buy Frank’s first. The only book that I would buy quicker than Frank’s would be if Meg Stapleton wrote one ’cause heaven knows that sister has got PLENTY OF DIRT on Say-rah!

  112. daisydem says:

    Please know that I am not in any way feeling frivolous this evening; in fact, I am in tears. If this is truly the beginning of the end of Sarah Palin as any kind of spokesperson/influence/celebrity on the national stage, I am so happy and vindicated. AKM, I have the highest respect for you and for Mudflats. I have learned so much about Alaska from you (not just the politics). I had no idea you were a co-author for Mr. Bailey. I know that he indicated he would be writing a book about a year and a half ago, but then he disappeared. I (and others) felt he had been threatened. I hope that all of you are safe and that you are protected by the truth. I will be happy to purchase and to support Mr. Bailey’s book and to do anything I can to support all of you. Thank you so much.

  113. pvazwindy says:

    Why would Joe Mcguinness leak this and risk his literary reputation. Something not right with this story.

    • Bretta says:

      I wonder too; I suspect that something was up at the $Palin camp so he made a preemptive move – but that’s just me, hoping for the best.

    • 1smartcanerican says:

      I feel the same way. McGuinness has a great reputation, so it sounds odd that he would leak this book – particularly since it is from the “inside” and probably has info he couldn’t access himself.

      I am looking forward to both books and while I’m excited to read some of the info now, it is too bad that the story was leaked.

      Glad you were involved in the writing AKM.

      • Laurie says:

        I should resist adding to the rumor mill, but did I read somewhere that it was his person (publicist, publisher, agent) that leaked it and not him directly?

    • johnny says:

      Something is fishy, I too respect McGuinness. I wonder who leaked the news that McGuinness forwarded the manuscripts? Anyway a house of cards can get only SO high before collapsing, and after looking at the pictures of trademark in Long Island, it’s clear that she is falling apart. One thing that annoys me is the ADN’s characterization of this blog as an “anti-Palin” blog, there is much more published here than Palin exposés, and it was in print way before McCain sicced her on the voters.

    • bubbles says:

      i know. very strange.

  114. MO inkslinger says:

    Can’t wait for the book and so proud you have had an active part in the book.

  115. Jenny says:

    Self Publish this! Don’t think you should? Read this website, his comments are compelling. Especially the time the large publishers take to get the book to market – 15 months or more!

    • tigerwine says:

      Jenny – Wonderful, informative link! Sounds like SP was smart to go with a publisher – her book sure didn’t last 3 years! (or even over one!)

  116. thatcrowwoman says:


    You are our very own Wonder Woman.

    Wow. Just…Wow!

  117. Writing from Alaska says:

    Take care of yourself – – 🙂

  118. seattlefan says:

    I can’t wait to read this book and am sorry it has been leaked. Needless to say, the book will be a blockbuster leak or no leak. Thanks for the update.

  119. BJA says:

    I’m glad this was written (and by you!) but I’m pissed that it was leaked as it was today. I would like nothing more than to buy a copy — knowing that a little bit of my money is headed your way. You’re a terrific writer and I really want you to get fair compensation for your work.

  120. ayerishgrl says:

    Nice work AKM! I can’t wait to read it!

  121. Wilson201 says:

    I look forward to buying several copies of this book :O) Leak=publicity
    Thanks AKM !!

  122. Blooper says:

    Thanks for the update AKM. I hope that this leak doesn’t push back the release date as I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. 🙂

  123. A Fan From Chicago says:

    Woud it be right for someone reading this to conclude that Joe McGuinnes is a culpret here? That would really be disappointing because I have read and admired is work over the years. AMK it seems like you put a lot of stock in Frank Bailey’s information, and the emails are a tremendous resource. Looks like so many things with The World of Sarah Palin – Down is Up and Up Is Down. You’re giving clues but we are left mostly with questions. How bout more facts and fewer hints.

    What the heck does this information mean? And how does it get us closer to our common goal?

    • HappyPlace says:

      Re: “Woud it be right for someone reading this to conclude that Joe McGuinnes is a culpret here?”

      Yes. The news outlets breaking this story have made it clear they got the manuscript from him, without the consent of the authors. It’s unethical in the extreme.

    • Millie says:

      It was indicated at first today on the air that McGinniss is who leaked it, but it just doesn’t sound like him. Why would he as a well known writer, who has done his own book on Palin (not published as yet), do something like that…knowing how the publishing business works. Just doesn’t make sense!

      • Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

        Massive troll spin in the above part of the thread. Could they be Palinbots?

        The fact is that the release of the manuscript has lit up the whole troll and non troll worlds.
        No one is publishing the whole thing because that would obviously violate copywrite. But
        within days, millions of people will want to buy this book in its entirety. So yes I thin it was very clever and astute of the publishers or agents to “leak” it.

        In my view the authors are entitled to a reward for their efforts so even if I could read the book for free now (and I have not seen any links to the entire manuscript), I would still pay for it in hardcopy.

        Take time as well and reckon that part of this whole dustup is designed specifically to try to discredit McGinniss. Who do you suppose would want to do that?

        So the game is getting a bit more rough.

        In the most sincere way possible I wish to admonish Ms. Devon, the proprietor of this blog to take care. The people you have chosen to confront have no morals and are unconstrained. And they will do anyting to maintain their status. Anything.

        • hauksdottir says:

          The manuscript has been described as a draft. We do not know how finalized a draft. Publishers have their own editors who often want changes. Even if “perfection is the enemy of the good”, they take time to get right. And, of course, printing takes time. So, even if a publisher bought it today and sent a courier with a contract and advance, it will yet be a while before publication.

          Given the leak and the publicity, it may well be out before the other two books with their reserved publication dates. A publisher who buys it will want to catch the wave. I suspect that all 3 books will ride high, and that we’ll want to purchase all 3 for their different POVs and information.

          Those thousands and thousands of emails can’t help but reveal the extreme and obsessive viciousness of the Palin clan. I’m sure that all 3 authors, and anybody else involved, knows the risks and what steps they can take to minimize them. We now know that reporters have copies of the manuscript and I would presume that those emails and the rest of the corroborating data are copied and stored off-site. Another little arson won’t stop the book, or any investigations that are opened. As Jeane said, the toothpaste is out of the tube. The Palins can only wait, like a ship caught in ice.

          We have to wait, too, however, anticipation adds to the savor. :)=

        • nswfm says:

          They are a ruthless bunch as detailed in the excerpts I’ve read, but I will still buy a hardback and ask AKM for her autograph. Congratulations on what will surely be a great read and a service to the world. I knew Palin was a liar the first time I saw her in Ohio and am glad to see someone has the email to back it up. BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO, AKM.

          • nswfm says:

            Also, too, better title than the one that fell through. And I’m sure your Mom is very proud of you. You are a world treasure. Thank you.

        • bubbles says:

          i concur as always.

  124. Lilybart says:

    They could put it up on Kindle and sell hundreds of thousands just tonight!

  125. Blue galangal says:

    I will be preordering at least one copy as soon as I can. I’m veery excited to hear this.

  126. marguita mixxe says:


    • jojobo1 says:

      AWESOME!!! is right I have read about it in the adn and wondered if something would be said on the blog.
      Good going all of you involved.

  127. JaneE says:

    McGinnis! Really? Oh boy, now that makes one ponder.

    Can’t wait for the next installment.

    • marlys says:

      Yep, yep…the true brow raiser of this development.

      We will be buying a few copies as soon as we get the chance & hope it hits print soon in a manner that respects Mr. Bailey & co-writers.

      Now Meg, you have always been so articulate…

    • JRC says:

      McGinnis leaked it? Really? What an A-hole. Why would he do it? To torpedo the book so as to not compete with his book? What an immense tool.

      • physicsmom says:

        Yeah, Joe, what’s up with that? Jeanne always had nice things to say about you. I have some other choice four letter words for you too besides “tool.”

  128. TrueBlueGirl says:


  129. Fawnskin Mudpuppy says:

    So, dear one, this is what you have been up to.
    Proud of you I am.

  130. tewise says:

    Thank you

  131. bob.benner says:

    They could sell the book at the Anchorage Dimond Costco, but I don’t think the parking lot would be big enough to hold the crowds… And that’s just the people Sarah has thrown under the bus…

  132. Irishgirl says:

    I’m sorry to hear that it was leaked without permission. I will definitely be buying it when it is finally published. It sounds fascinating.

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