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Wisconsin Capitol Stormed – Occupied by Protesters (Updates)

“In 30 minutes, 18 state senators undid 50 years of civil rights in Wisconsin,” Democratic Sen. Mark Miller said in a statement. “Their disrespect for the people of Wisconsin and their rights is an outrage that will never be forgotten.”

MADISON, WI. Thousands of angry citizens stormed the Wisconsin State Capitol this evening when the Republican Senate, after removing fiscal items from the original bill, passed legislation that will strip public unions of most of their collective bargaining rights and require employees to pay 8% more toward their health insurance and and a greater share of their pensions.    Earlier today State Senator  and majority leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau), appeared on Fox news admitting that the end game had always been to marginalize labor unions in order to defeat Obama in 2012.  Hey Scott, since when is it the job of the state senate to help a presidential candidate win?  And just last week Scott Walker was adamantly explaining that collective bargaining was a fiscal issue. But suddenly it isn’t, or it was…

Hundreds of cars circled the capitol honking their horns in support while the crowd grew seemingly by the minute.  Teamsters in their trucks were handing out American Flags, and obviously had some sort of train whistle installed in one of their vehicles.  Gone was the relatively easy going attitude of the crowd that had become a hallmark over the last several weeks. It had been replaced by anger, outrage and utter disbelief.

While walking around the Capitol, I ran into an old friend who told me that GOP senators were now holed up in the Inn on the Park across the square.  So we walked over there, and sure enough the camera around my neck caught their attention when we walked into the bar.  We tweeted and facebooked the info and within minutes, protesting firefighters showed up who were quite angry. Ultimately, the republicans fled from the bar to their rooms.

Heading back to the capitol we noticed the doors were wide open allowing easy entry to the building.  As we are making our way to the rotunda it becomes obvious that there are no police in sight. We reach the press office where I’m able to obtain today’s pass. It is clear that this is one of the biggest crowds to occupy the building yet.  There are constant reminders over  the PA system that “the capitol is closed, please leave”. No one is paying the messages any mind.  It is now clear that all the police have retreated to the second and third floors.  One semi-official estimate is that there are 8,000 people gathered under the dome, while thousands more march outside.  The crowd is a mix of teachers, union members, college students, and every day folks who have finally had it.

At about 10:30 pm, I enter the press office and find Tim Donovan, spokesperson for the Department of Administration and Capitol Police giving an impromptu press conference. Mr. Donovan states that “there will be a large number, a significantly larger amount, of law enforcement at the capitol.”  Another reporter asks if he was informed ahead of time about the surprise vote. He answers “yes, I was told at about 5-ish and we tried to have more law enforcement on hand, obviously not enough”. Finally, I ask “Have you been in touch with the National Guard today?” Mr. Donovan responds with “Yes, the National Guard provides emergency law enforcement assistance, and in that capacity, yes, we have had discussions with them, but as far as being on alert goes, that’s a question for the governor”.   He then exits.

Back in the rotunda, things are getting louder, drums are beating, and the police are trying to deny access to the second floor.  Loud chants of “Let us up” reverberate through the building, and people start handing supplies up to the folks on the stairs behind the police officers.  At one point the crowd learns that stairs on the other side of the building are unguarded, and there is a rush up them, to the second floor.  It appears as if some of the occupiers are now digging in for the night.

Folks, that’s what happened this evening.  The crowd peacefully took control of the Wisconsin State Capitol by overwhelming the police.  This seems to be without recent precedent in American politics.  The vote will now go to the assembly tomorrow(today) at 11:00 am.  There’s much talk about a general strike and plenty of rumors taking on lives of their own.

Democrats expect to challenge the legality of the vote on many fronts including whether the meeting was noticed properly. Widespread protests are expected at the capitol and around the state today.

It is clear that this ideological war against the middle class is just beginning.  Ground zero is Wisconsin, and this fight is coming to a town near you.

I’ll have more updates tomorrow, but for now, good night.

Patrick DePula
For the Mudflats
3:30am Central.

10:00 am (Central Time) Madison Chief of Police Noble Wray and Rev. Jesse Jackson refused entry into the capitol. Some press being refused as well. No one allowed near protesters inside. Channel 3 News and WSJ pushed back down hallway away from protesters. Wisconsin Uber Alles.

10:26   State Troopers are removing people systematically from the Assembly chamber area, backing the press away

10:29  Rep. Joe Parisi – D, said he was denied entry and that Capitol is closed to everyone. 8 reporters waiting outside.  People being dragged from assembly antechamber.  Singing we shall overcome and chanting that this is shameful.

10:53 – 1000 high school students and walk out… march to the capitol from East High School

Crowd is getting larger and angrier outside entrance.  Media entrance is mobbed.

Riot gear is finally on police.

10:57 – Drilling windows shut at the capitol


GO MAYOR DAVE! Mayor of Madison Dave Cieslewicz leading wildcat strike of public workers, marching with them to Capitol now.

Rep. Parisi introduces Jesse Jackson. Standing ovation from dems. Casual applause from republicans: GOP ironically object to him leading a prayer. God, Inc is their thing, of course. Not that benevolent dude.

For updates from the ground in Madison, follow Patrick DePula on Facebook, or follow @Mudflats on Twitter.



215 Responses to “Wisconsin Capitol Stormed – Occupied by Protesters (Updates)”
  1. ks sunflower says:

    So many people at risk, so I will limit my comments: hope all readers of mudflats escape harm.

    Have not heard how big the tsunamis are expected to be when they hit AK and points south, but take care.

    Adrenaline fading, cannot stay awake much longer but am trying to see how HI fares because we have a niece and daughter’s friends in HI and more friends in Taiwan and other areas to be hit Ah – first news coming in about first waves hitting Taiwan – much smaller than feared but could get larger later. Can only hope that it doesn’t and that the worst is over.

    Protective Blessings to all in harm’s way and to all the families of friends connected to them.

    • A Fan in CA says:

      Everyone should be safe. There is lots of warning and plenty of time to get to high ground. The warning systems are very good so everyone is just going to have a sleepless night.

    • Like everywhere else there will be plenty of gawkers who have never seen a tsunami and will carelessly put their own and rescue worker’s lives in danger for the thrill of it all. If a tsunami ever got to NW IOWAY I would probably stand around and watch it, too.

  2. A Fan in CA says:

    I think they expect the waves about 7:30 here in CA. Expect around 3 feet now. Best to get 50 above mean sea level and stay away from creeks and rivers since the waves travel inland for miles on a “lazy” creek.

  3. Turning in after a day of concern for Wisconsin, Michigan, Libya, and Japan, and well aware that there are so many more places to be remembered. Glad I can find my center. Prayer helps. Tomorrow is another day.
    Take care, all.

  4. LaniN says:

    The tsunami warning has been extended to the West Coast from Alaska to California. ETA 8 am.

  5. My friend’s son, daughter in law and two grandchildren are living in Japan – they say there are frequent air horn tests in their area for possible warnings. I hope all is well with them.

    • A Fan in CA says:

      People are well trained in Japan in what to do. I am sure many people at the coast immediately went to high ground. Here on the West Coast of the US we also know to get to high ground in case of a big earthquake. Don’t wait for a warning, just go. I’ve been in all the major urban earthquakes in CA in my life time. The biggest was 6.9 and I can’t imagine 8.8. It was 240 miles from Tokyo. That’s almost like a quake in LA being felt strongly in SF. Just can’t imagine.


  6. ks sunflower says:

    Hate to use this tragedy to make a point about us – but the GOP/TP want to dismantle federal emergency relief agencies. Can you possibly imagine if a tsunami or earthquake like this hit us? We would not be prepared. Hell, we don’t even train our people for disasters like this. At least Japan does an excellent job on preparing people though they probably didn’t expect this to have happened to farmland areas. No one had any real warning there unless they were watching TV.

    • slipstream says:

      Under the Clinton administration, FEMA was a pretty effective agency. Oh, and the budget was balanced — no, more than balanced. The federal budget had more income than expenses, thereby reducing the national deficit.

      [One would think that Republicans would stand up and cheer for effective government, balanced budget, and reducing the national debt — hah!]

      The George W. Bush administration systematically dismantled FEMA, including appointing that dolt “Brownie” (with experience in horse racing) as head of FEMA. Oh, and Bush spent much more than the federal income, creating a deficit budget and monsterous new levels of debt.

      [One would think Republicans would disapprove of an ineffective government and increased debt — hah!]

      We need to get back to an effective FEMA.

  7. North of the Range says:

    I believe that someday, far in the future, it will become apparent that the cumulative divisiveness of recent years, and the results we are seeing now, had some off-shore hands behind it. (Homegrown power-grabbers, too, of course, but not acting alone.)

    It doesn’t make sense to me that even the uber-wealthy Americans could not see the damage to the American soul and American future that is happening at this time. It doesn’t make sense that they could not see that there are disadvantages to themselves when the nation engages in such self-destructive politics. It doesn’t make sense that the rational Republican establishment has been hamstrung as quickly as it has. It doesn’t fully make sense. The destructive atmosphere damages far more than the target of the moment. It is a corrosive, pervasive, and weakening influence on the broader American social fabric. Who is that good for? The “400”? Or others who might actually benefit more?

    What we are seeing only makes sense to me as a long term strategy, conceived some time ago, to damage an otherwise strong nation from within, since the US could not be genuinely weakened at this time by outside force. Only from division within. And this I see as the saddest irony, that the right-wing people who consider themselves patriots are leading the charge to weaken America’s political framework and destroy its legacy to the world. And they are too blinded by their passions to figure this out.

    Yes, FTM. But perhaps also, follow the GSB– geopolitical strategic benefit. It’s the same principle–who benefits?

  8. ks sunflower says:

    If anyone is out there on mudflats right now, turn on CNN – OMG, the devastation in Japan! Tsunamis are going to affect huge areas — am watching entire farm communities being washed away by the huge earthquake and ensuring tsunami — OMG, the suffering – it’s overwhelming!

    • ks sunflower says:

      meant washed away by the ensuing tsunami – not the earthquake. Was writing while I watched it happen. Will not sleep tonight – I cannot come to terms with the amount of damage and suffering – –

  9. A Fan in CA says:

    8.8 quake in Japan. Tsuanami warning! Head for the hills if you’re on the West coast.

    Sorry for OT.

  10. Bob.Benner says:

    8.8 Quake off coast of Japan, 10 to 20 foot Tsunamis expected…

  11. Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

    Many fine and cogent comments here. Rather remarkable in a way because the mudflats can be a little fickle with respect to sustaining issues that have gravitas. We all want this community to be welcoming and generous. Yet some things require ire to be self-sustaining.

    How to say it and give it real meaning? I don’t know. We are confronted with a set of people who have apparently allied themselves to their corporate clients so intimately that they will risk anything to further the agenda of capturing all wealth for the very few. I think we can be sure that every one of those operatives believes they will ascend to the airy ranks of the ultra rich eventually.

    As I stated in an earlier thread, the same tactics and policies will not suffice to reverse the dictatorial grasp for power that is taking place. It will require hard resistance. It is all well and good to argue that the rule of law should prevail and I would agree with that if it pertained here. Unfortunately it does not. The people perpetrating this power grab have no respect for, and are not in the least contrained by the rule of law. They have sure that they can act illegally and get away with it.

    Now is the time to resist. If we can turn the tide by peaceful but aggressive means it will avoid much turmoil in the future. If we do not turn the tide now, at some point the oppression and servitude will become sufficiently unbearable to bring about bloodshed. Look to history. You cannot appease tyrants.

    • dowl says:

      ‘Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will Find out just what people will submit to and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue till they have resisted either with words or blows or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.’

      Frederick Douglass, August 4, 1857
      Canandaigua, NY speech on the 23rd anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the British West Indies

      • bubbles says:

        a stunning speech Dowl. thanks.

        ……………………………………………………………………….i was there you know.(smile)

  12. ivan says:


  13. Gimme-a-break, Sarah says:

    Thank you, Patrick for sharing this with us and for all your hard work!

  14. AC says:

    Patrick – A huge “Thank You” for all your hard work on this. Our Country appears to be at a tipping point and your efforts to report on this attack on the middle class of America is crucial.

  15. What really makes me the most upset with Dems is the amount of abuse rethugs can heap on them before they decide to throw some back.This is really a war for America and rethugs led trump-their “NUKULAR” option and Dems so far haven’t gotten past the old straw and soybean pea-shooter we had as kids. What has to happen to make Dems fight back?

  16. Judi says:

    Plan on going to Madison from west ny tomorrow….

    Have to go if I can…for all of our democracy and freedom….

    Bubbles…omg…Michigan…can it get worse than that????

    Patrick thank you for all…maybe I will get a chance to see you in Madison….we are trying to connect with UU church there for housing…

    Joe Hill…..Where working men defend their rights,
    it’s there you’ll find Joe Hill,
    it’s there you’ll find Joe Hill!

    Heard he is in Madison Wisconsin!!!!!!!.

  17. barbara says:

    thank you, for representing in the capitol and for sharing on the mudflats. riveting account, i’ll be looking for more.

  18. Irishgirl says:

    Stay calm.

  19. Patrick DePula says:

    I’m so angry right now.

    I’ll recap the day, add some new material, and well, I really feel like venting.

    Thanks everyone for the too-kind comments.


    • bubbles says:

      yes. stay calm my new friend. the battle has just begun. have a nice soak and some warm food. relax. tomorrow is another day.

    • scout says:

      And when you finish telling us, dear Patrick, sleep well. The whole world keeps watch while you rest. Strength. Peace. We fight on.

      I stand by you:

    • soundingsilence (aka InExile SC version) says:

      Thank you Patrick ~ for helping lead the fight, and for sharing current news. We need to know what is happening, and personally, I’m also worried about family and friends who are located in Madison, some who work right on the Capitol Square. Your running updates, here & on fb, mean a lot to me. Thank you, stay safe, and imagine.

    • jimzmum says:

      Patrick, you are the age of one of Himself’s and my children. Take a breath. Be with your family. Eat. Love. Sleep.

      Tomorrow will bring a bit of understanding. Bless you.

  20. bubbles says:

    Watch Out Michigan!! they are gunning for you next:
    ***************************************************************The shame Governor Snyder and his fellow Republicans are heaping on this great land is staggeringly breath-taking. The fact that Snyder’s bill will essentially obliterate democracy in Michigan while at the same time putting an already suffering citizenry into the poor house doesn’t seem to bother him one whit; in fact, he says “I hope we all look back and say: ‘This was a defining moment.’” Yes, it is a defining moment, Governor Synder. It is the moment Republicans drove their corporate tankers right through hard-working, devastated Americans and stole their liberties along with their food and shelter.

  21. scout says:

    From Senator Al Franken:

    “We were all shocked by what happened in Wisconsin Wednesday night.

    Eighteen Republican state senators broke faith with the people who elected them. They broke their word. They may have even broken the law.

    They wanted to bust public sector unions — the last line of defense for the rights of teachers, police officers, firefighters, nurses, and other public servants — so badly that they were willing to cheat the system.

    Let’s be clear: They did this in the hopes that, with the bill passed, the crowds would dissipate and we’d let this go.

    But they were wrong. We’re not going to let this go. We’re going to help the people of Wisconsin fight this bill — and the illegal power grab it took to pass it — every step of the way. We’re going to help them hold accountable the elected officials who sold out workers and subverted democracy.

    And, most of all, we’re going to make sure that this is the end — not the beginning — of the right wing’s attempt to destroy the middle class. It took a power-hungry, corporate-backed governor and 18 senators with no respect for the law or the struggle of working families to bring this issue to national attention. But the fight to stand up for the middle class against corporations and the politicians they own has always been a national fight.

    It’s up to us to make sure we win that fight for the working families whose voices — whose livelihoods — are at stake.

    Thank you. And please stay tuned”


  22. A Fan in CA says:

    Great article from a local Fox (who da thunk) station about what has happened in MI. Even this Fox station is saying that they have ended democracy.

    This is shocking.

  23. Irishgirl says:

    OT, this is not political and as there isn’t an open thread, I hope this is ok if I share this here.

    I was at my local shopping centre yesterday, and a young man handed me a flyer advertising an art exhibition by local students. It just so happened that this was the same college of Further Education that I had attended as a mature student about eight years ago.

    So today I decided to go see. The art was fantastic and about one third of the way through the exhibition, I realised there was a theme going on. There were lots of references to maggie and milly and molly and may. I asked about it and I was told they were given a poem to interpret. I had never heard of it, but I came home and looked it up.

    e.e. cummings – maggie and milly and molly and may

    maggie and milly and molly and may
    went down to the beach(to play one day)

    and maggie discovered a shell that sang
    so sweetly she couldn’t remember her troubles,and

    milly befriended a stranded star
    whose rays five languid fingers were;

    and molly was chased by a horrible thing
    which raced sideways while blowing bubbles:and

    may came home with a smooth round stone
    as small as a world and as large as alone.

    For whatever we lose(like a you or a me)
    it’s always ourselves we find in the sea

    • slipstream says:

      Those horrible things which race sideways are really scary! Especially with the bubbles!

      (no offense, bubbles)

    • Laurie says:

      It’s always nice to have a bit of relief in the midst of a discouraging day like today. Thanks for sharing and for the reminder that we can find healing (and ourselves) in nature.

    • jimzmum says:

      Oh gosh, Irishgirl. You have posted a poem that brings memories quicker than I can process! I read this to our three children when they were smallish and we were at our shore house in NJ. Granted, the youngest was not yet three and the two big ones were 13 and 11, but the big ones brought the little one into understanding, and we had a wonderful time with that poem.

      I did want to say that that is a fine marching poem if you are around puddles. The Grandgirlies do not live close to the sea, but we can be assured of puddles.

  24. A Fan in CA says:

    The take over has started in MI with the new “Emergency Managers”. Looks like the Pontiac Police Department has been dissolved.|head

  25. fishingmamma says:

    The Wisconson 14 had a good message last night: Take your anger to the ballot box.

  26. Blue Idaho says:

    They have stripped some collective barganing rights in Idaho too this week. I think the entire nation of teachers should all strike. this is bs.

    • You realize that these decisions rethugs are making put the lies to their we take care of children because we are christian and are the party of family values. They will replace union teachers with uncertified political hacks and pay them more so they get deeper in debt. Education will go down as if it had its legs cut off.

  27. Sue says:

    It brought me to tears last night when this happened. There was no warning, two hours from the time it was posted to the time it was voted on hadn’t even elapsed.

    I am a public sector employee and it just sickens me. We are good people who work hard and do not deserve to be treated like this.

    They are nothing more than cowards. After the vote the Republicans who voted for this atrocity made their getaway on a Madison Metro bus. That’s right folks, the jackasses who voted to strip collective bargaining from public sector workers in Wisconsin hopped on a bus that was driven by a union employee. And like any good public sector employee they did their job, even though it must have made them sick to their stomach to drive these weasels to an undisclosed location where their vehicles were parked.

    Here’s the article:

    Or you can go directly to the YouTube video, it’s quite loud at times:

    • bubbles says:

      the jackasses who voted to strip collective bargaining from public sector workers in Wisconsin hopped on a bus that was driven by a union employee. And like any good public sector employee they did their job, even though it must have made them sick to their stomach to drive these weasels to an undisclosed location where their vehicles were parked.
      irony at it’s worst.

  28. Cassie Jeep says:

    OT–but I have to share this.

    Somehow, hubby must have gotten on someone’s bad side and they got us on NewsMax lists.

    The phone just rang and the caller identified himself as making calls for a poll sponsored by Dick Morris on who would be the best choice to beat (President) Obama in 2012.

    I laughed hysterically and said “Oh that’s funny…who is this really?”

    He insisted he was who he said he was so I told him he truly had a wrong number since we would be stumping and registering voters for PRESIDENT Obama as we had in the past so he could trounce ANYONE the Republicans choose to run.

    I needed a good laugh today after witnessing the totally disdainful Wisconsin Republicans. Who knew that a Republican would give the the opportunity to howl?

  29. Millie says:

    Alaska watch out! Rick Rydell radio show promoted same action for Alaska as Wisconsin this morning. He is a firm Repub..callers responded to him in like manner. This thing is going to move countrywide and I think will assure President Obama of being re-elected. I worry that the demonstrations could move into physical violence or deaths (as they did back in the 30’s).

    Word is the Republicans are hiding out in Madison.

    • fishingmamma says:

      Rachel Maddow last night said there are similar bill pending in almost all of the northern states, Alaska included.

      • Moose Pucky says:

        Good old Alaska. We just gave the feds back a million bucks because we are so wealthy we don’t need those darn federal dollars to help folks have a health care security net. So let’s chip away a little more at their security net because we have to give $500 million more tax breaks to oil companies–just because.

  30. APEA/AFT says:

    This rings hauntingly familiar to what’s going on here in Alaska: Deplete your budget via huge corporate giveaways (the proposed Big Oil Bailout in our case), then plead poverty and set what’s left of the middle class against each other to fight over the crumbs.

  31. Irishgirl says:

    Lots of students there from high schools. Go Patrick!!!!!

  32. Irishgirl says:

    Why are we here today. They are stealing our state and we are going to take it back!

  33. Rep. Parisi introduces Jesse Jackson. Standing ovation from dems. Casual applause from republicans: GOP ironically object to him leading a prayer. God, Inc is their thing, of course. Not that benevolent dude.

  34. Irishgirl says:

    Damn, I have to make the dinner. They are now chanting “we are winning.”

  35. Irishgirl says:

    Next election, you can not sit this one out.

    They are booing Ron Johnson? I don’t know who he is. Apparently, he cannot be contacted to voice displeasure. That is not democracy.

    • A Fan in CA says:

      Isn’t he the new US Senator who defeated Russ Fiengold?

    • jojobo1 says:

      He is the newly elected senator from Wisconsin a business owner who owns or did till he ran for the senate a plastics place in norther Wisconsin.He barely beat Feingold as Walker barely beat his opponent

  36. Irishgirl says:

    Cutting from education and giving to coorperations. The GOP are spreading the wealth.

  37. Irishgirl says:

    Wow, they are SCREAMING, kill the bill.

    It is deafening.
    On Wisconites!!!!!!!

  38. scout says:

    Credit when it is due:

    A HUGE shout out to the one Republican of conscience, Senator Dale Schultz. Thank you, sir.

    • thatcrowwoman says:

      Absolutely…that took some integrity, eh?

    • leenie17 says:

      Wow…a Republican who actually represents his constituents and not just his corporate supporters. AND is the lone voice of reason and courage in a sea of corruption and hypocrisy. If we had more Republicans like him in state and federal legislatures, our country would not be in quite the mess it’s in right now.

      Voting that way could not have been easy and I’m sure the pressure on him must have been darn near unbearable.

  39. Unbelievable here right now..I can’t believe that this is my beloved state…

  40. friend me on facebook for live updates…

  41. scout says:

    “Scott Walker, Reagan’s self-appointed heir”
    “The real story of Wisconsin is the Republican right’s long war to refashion American society without unions”

    • Mo says:

      Thanks for the link. Curious that the best reporting comes from the Guardian, isn’t it. US media are a bunch of sellouts to corporate interests.

    • Marilyn says:

      WI never did want them. I was about 10 when a Speed Queen factory came to our town in south central, I was at my great uncles house that was next door to the factory, when the night b/4 it was to open someone bombed it, blowing windows out of the house I was in. It was explained to me then that the state didn’t want a union factory in town. The union was coming with the factory. Good wages came with it too. After that, we got electricity, refrigerator and running water. No more horses or horse and wagons on the road, everyone had a car. Terrible thing it was for the people -or- maybe it was bad for the rich who no longer could shove their superiority down the throats of the surfs.

  42. scout says:

    Republicans = skanky hoodlums that take from the poor to give to the rich.

    We didn’t pick this fight but we WILL finish it.

    ON Wisconsin!

  43. Laurie says:

    They have opened the doors at the Wisconsin capital and the people are flooding in. The Assembly is suppose to vote on the bill around 10:00. The will of the people will be ringing in their ears.

  44. Zyxomma says:

    This is excellent reporting, Patrick. Thank you.

    There’s no open thread yet, so I’m posting this here. A victory for some of Alaska’s wolves:

    Dear [Zyxomma],

    Good news from Alaska. Unimak Island’s wolves won’t face an unjustified slaughter.

    Thanks in part to more than 65,000 messages from Defenders supporters like you, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided to take no action in response to Alaska’s proposal to kill half the wolves on Unimak Island.

    This is a big win for science-based wolf management — and opens the door to a greater understanding into the underlying causes of caribou decline on the island.

    Read Defenders’ statement on the decision.

    Thank you for using your voice to speak out for Alaska’s wolves. You helped make a difference in this win!


    Jamie Rappaport Clark
    Executive Vice President
    Defenders of Wildlife

  45. Cassie Jeep says:

    Thanks, Patrick. It is good for us to have an up close and personal view of these infuriating actions.

    For those of you who would like to get a “feel” for the mood there via another medium, here is the live stream link being streamed by “non-professional media” the UpTake.

    They are streaming 24-7 and running around the capitol as they can, interviewing when they can and trying for clarification as they can. Like Patrick, they are courageous.

  46. Judi says:

    Thank You for the excellent reporting….

    I am trying to make my way to Wisconsin for Sat rally…..not sure I will make it in the flesh…but will stand there in spirit for sure….

    If you have not seen Michael Moore on Rachel last night…please do is a must see video…the sleeping giant has awoken

    this is our democracy that is on the line here….which side are you on….a government for and by the people..or one of the few billionaires…choice is now ours to make

    downeastern…I just read a truly great testimony by a librarian in your state on the budget cuts to maine…she had won the librarian of the year award I think….said something like greed is not in any religion…how can you take from the poor and give to the rich….

    Patrick….standing in solidarity with WI….as I do with MI, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Idaho, too many….

  47. Irishgirl says:

    “One refrain in labor leaders’ reactions on Wednesday was that Walker has been lying to the public. For weeks, the governor and Republicans have been insisting that removing collective bargaining rights is all about fiscal issues — a necessary step to fix the state’s economic condition. But by passing it without Democrats, unions are saying this shows that Walker has been disingenuous all along.

    “Tonight, Scott Walker made it crystal clear to the people of Wisconsin — and the entire nation — the extent he will go to in order to pay back billionaires such as the Koch Brothers and bad actor corporations that want to destroy the middle class,” said SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry. “This legislative gimmick proves Walker’s attack on the middle class was never about balancing the budget; it was always about stripping workers of a voice and rewarding the cronies who helped finance his campaign.” ”

    • biglake says:

      It really was all about a power grab.

      And you can bet that the bill still contains the bit about the governor being able to privatize or offer a no-bid sale any number of plants supplying heating, cooling, and electricity to state-run facilities. That could be an excellent return for the Kochs’ investment.

      • A Fan in CA says:

        Why aren’t we hearing more about how this is not just about collective bargaining?

        The privatization of almost all public services is a huge story. Along with the “why” tax revenues are so down for the past few years. That being caused by the Great Recession caused by Wall Street malfeasance.

    • Jim K says:

      I am just curious why a person from Ireland is so interested in US politics? Just curious.

  48. Polarbear says:

    The Wisconsin legislation passed yesterday was unconstitutional by both the state and federal constitution and passed in violation of the state’s public meeting law.

    The Michigan legislation about to be passed is even worse, granting a corporation the right to decertify and nullify publically elected municipal governments and school boards.

    These far-right extremist Republicans who wear Christianity on their loupel and allude to our state and federal constitutions with every breath are, as we predicted, liars and frauds, seeking illegal power and personal financial gain at the expense of all our families. I am not advocating violence, but if the extremist Republican Party keeps pushing in the midwest, there is going to be violence. Today, our country is sitting on a powderkeg. Dangerous times.

    • overthemoon says:

      Agree. Mark the date. Its going to go down in history, I think.

    • Laurie says:

      Seems that the Wisconsin Governor intentionally mislead the people by with the supposed “leak” of emails about a compromise between himself and the out of state democratic leaders. The bill they passed last night might not even be legal and the republicans probably already know it. I believe that the governors back was against the wall. He already said that he would start lay offs of public employees unless he got the bill passed. Public opinion was against him and he knew he would lose even more if he started laying people off. I think they passed this possibly illegal bill just to get the democrats back so they could go ahead with their original plan to get a quorum and pass the bill.

    • A Fan in CA says:

      Agree the MI bill to give the Governor sole power to dis-incorporate cities and towns and school districts is truly scary. It’s the end of democracy as we know it.

      It’s no longer about small government but getting rid of government all together! They have drowned it in the bathtub. What they wanted all along.

      When necessary services are privatized and run by for profit corporations why does anyone think it will be cheaper? or better?

      Example look at these for profit colleges. Very expensive and most students end up dropping out owing huge loans with us taxpayers on the hook for defaults. And the Cons defend this in the name of free markets and private enterprise. Bull, its a scam.

      • Why should people be surprised with what rethugs are doing? When dubya and friends stole the 2000 election for Potus,dubya came right out and said he would govern from the middle. He claimed to be a centrist. He is not even in the center of the extreme right wingnuts. When a rethug makes a promise,figure they are dyslexic and will do the opposite of what they say. And please,I meant no disrespect to anyone who is dyslexic or knows someone who has it.

      • Linda says:

        Fascism – a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

      • leenie17 says:

        Privatization worked SO well in Iraq. Just ask the soldiers taking showers in the buildings that were wired for electricity by KBR (formerly Halliburton). Actually, several of them would not be able to answer your question because they were electrocuted by the faulty wiring.

        More expensive, more corrupt, shoddy work and dead soldiers. Oh, I almost forgot the bribery and gang r@pes. Yeah, privatization worked really well in Iraq.

    • jojobo1 says:

      I agree and was thinking how those of us that live in the middle of the red areas could be excluded from any violence if it ever were to happen. Like put a donkey on your door or something . I don’t think this is the end of what Walker will try to do I think it is just the start.The one thing people also don’t talk about is insurance and how Wisconsin could have opted out before Walkers cuts and his wasting millions of taxpayer money to fight the new health care bill.

  49. Dagian says:

    Well, if THIS doesn’t light a propane torch under the citizenry’s collective posteriors, nothing will. I don’t think that the right-wing Republicans could have made their intentions more clear than they have in Wisconsin. They will try to do more of this. I can only hope that it will cost them dearly at the polling booth.

    In addition, we may want to keep an eye on this trend too (because the IRS has to enforce the laws that Congress passess–but meanwhile, Congress wants to freeze/cut back the IRS budget).

    Lax Internal Revenue Service rules help groups shield campaign donor identities

    By T.W. Farnam and Dan Eggen
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Wednesday, March 9, 2011; 7:09 PM

    American Crossroads GPS, an advocacy group that reported spending about $17 million on advertising before the midterm elections, generated controversy by using its nonprofit status to shield donors’ identities.

    As it turns out, the Internal Revenue Service hasn’t even approved the group’s nonprofit status. Crossroads filed an application in September but the agency has not acted on it.

    That’s not a problem as far as the law is concerned – the tax code allows an organization to operate as a nonprofit before it receives such status. Many groups do not file the paperwork until it is time to send in their first tax return.

    The issue is more than a matter of paperwork, however. Watchdog groups say that Crossroads and other groups active in campaigns are taking advantage of lax IRS enforcement to offer political donors anonymity.

    Crossroads GPS was founded with backing from Karl Rove, a political adviser to President George W. Bush, and concentrated its spending to produce attacks on vulnerable Democrats last year. But the group was formed as a “social welfare” organization under the tax code, allowing it to avoid revealing donor names.

    The watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) discovered that Crossroads’s application had not been approved.

    Crossroads spokesman Jonathan Collegio said that any new nonprofit would face the same IRS backlog and that “reading anything into it beyond a typical procedural issue is irresponsible.”

    Collegio added: “CREW focuses its complaints overwhelmingly against conservative groups – ignoring that Crossroads GPS complies fully with the same laws that govern 137,000 nonprofits, all of which can legally engage in advocacy.”

    Under the tax code, interest groups active in campaigns are allowed to form as nonprofits and keep donor rolls private as long as politics is not their “primary purpose,” which typically means that no more than half of their budget is spent on election activity.

    The Supreme Court ruled last year that corporations, nonprofits and unions can spend directly from their treasuries on hard-hitting campaign ads as long as candidates do not control the spending.

    The role of interest groups grew in last year’s campaign. Crossroads, the National Rifle Association, the Service Employees International Union and similar organizations spent about $270 million on elections in 2010, up from $54 million in the 2006 midterms.

    This week, CREW filed a complaint with the IRS concerning another nonprofit group, the American Action Network. The organization shares an office with Crossroads and spent millions on advertising in states with competitive House and Senate races. The watchdog asked for an investigation of whether this violated the group’s tax status.

    “It’s sort of the Wild West of tax law,” said Melanie Sloan, CREW’s executive director. “Nobody seems to feel any compunction about following tax codes.”

    American Action Network officials did not respond to requests for comment.

    An IRS spokesman declined to comment.

    Crossroads has spent money this year on television ads focused on issues, helping to satisfy the requirement that its “primary purpose” is not elections.

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      “These far-right extremist Republicans who wear Christianity on their loupel and allude to our state and federal constitutions with every breath . . .” Ok, on my first read, I saw, “These far-right extremist Republicans who wear Christianity on their TOUPE”l and allude to our state and federal constitutions with every breath 🙂

      On a more serious note–we thought the middle classes had been awakened by the Bush-Cheney years. Obama energized them, but they weren’t as a group awakened to what the Republicans were doing. Now they’re seeing that this really isn’t about protecting the unborn or marriage rights, but about grabbing power. It’s always about money/power. FTM, people. FTM.

      • Baker's Dozen says:

        Well, this is in the wrong place!

      • Millie says:

        Someone tells me they are ‘christian’ today – I go on immediate alert. Sarah Palin is a horrible example of a ‘christian’ – never attend Church in Alaska – never donates to the church to which she says she is a member – lies – cheats – bullies – unethical – you name it. There is a place waiting for her in hell I suspect!

    • A Fan in CA says:

      To follow up on non-profits one of the most under the radar is ALEC.

      Have you been wondering how all these hijacked states are coming up with such similar legislation to destroy the Middle Class.

      From their ad kit: With nearly 2,000 members, ALEC is the nation’s largest
      nonpartisan, individual membership association of state legislators. One-third of all state legislators belong to ALEC. In addition, with more than 250 corporate and private foundation members, ALEC is one of America’s most dynamic public-private partnerships. ALEC provides its public and private sector members with a unique opportunity to work together to develop policies and programs that effectively promote the organization’s mission.

      ALEC writes “model legislation” which is then given to members. They are also heavily funded by the Kochs and others in the Regressive Movement.

      More info:

    • I don’t think it is OK to post whole articles in comments – just sayin’

      • sali says:

        If the whole content of an article doesn’t overload the Mudflats, please let them continue. Not all of us can visit this site daily, and frequently the links referred to are no longer available.

    • I found it absolutely amazing that the Chamber of Horr,,,,,oops, Commerce was taking donations from oversea and putting these in with their general fund,to pay for political ads,which I thought were supposed to be illegal. Then they work hand in glove with Rethugs and two rwnj Supreme Court Jokers and the Chinese to learn how to outsource American jobs more efficiently. Corp have no desire to stay in America and should be treated as hostile to American interests.If they get big tax breaks there has to be reciprocation in job creation to stabilize America’s working men and women.

      • jojobo1 says:

        If the democrats stood behind their leaders like he republicans do Obama may have accomplished more than he has. But the Dems do not strong arm the way he GOP does.A president no matter which party can only do what congress will let them get away with doing.Does anyone really think the president can force companies to bring the work back to the US.That would make him a dictator sort of like Walkers seems to want to be.

      • Dagian says:

        You mean Chamber of Whores, don’t you Mike?

  50. Seagull Junker Palin says:

    Thanks for the boots on the ground.

  51. OtterQueen says:

    Wow. Way to represent your constituents.

    • Elsie says:

      The GOP’s constituents is whoever spends the most to buy their access.

      It’s the Democrats who represent the people.

  52. tewise says:

    Thank you Mr. DePula, please do be safe, no telling what is going to crop up.

  53. bob benner says:

    This is what happens when one political party caters to Unions in exchange for political favors and the other political party can’t get their piece of the goodies. Why am I not shocked?

    • Irishgirl says:

      Maybe I am being obtuse, but it appears to me (from a distance), that it is the GOP getting their goodies from cooperations and the other political party is trying to help the citizenry.

      • jimzmum says:

        Thanks, IrishGirl.

      • Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

        Spot on.

      • Tallahassee Lassie says:

        Thank you!! I wish more people would understand that. Maybe if we got Charlie Sheen to say it?

        • boodog says:

          I wish that wasn’t true, Lassie. But you’re probably right. It’s also sad that Irishgirl, (from a distance), ‘gets it’ better than some who should know better.

      • bob benner says:

        Hi Irishgirl… I hope I can visit Ireland someday… Regarding your post, just the fact that you can determine which political party is which, based on the information given, shows this is all about politics… I would also add that the mob helps their own family members too…

        • Baker's Dozen says:

          Mobs vote republican. One of the leaders of the West Coast Mafia lived in my town and I went to school with his kids. The family was very nice, ran a very clean business in town, and the kids were ultra well behaved. Those that didn’t know just exactly what business he was really in greatly admired him. He was a likable guy.They were republicans all the way and still are. Don’t actually know if the boys went into the family business, but I would rather suspect so.
          Another family member owned a very very good restaurant in a part of town that was beginning to see some gang warfare. Oddly enough, after a couple of instances, the restaurant didn’t have any trouble with graffiti on their building or block, or with kids trying to shake them down.
          As far as good neighbors go, I wouldn’t mind having them next door. As far as ethics and morals, well, let’s just say I have some reservations.
          Bad guys who are truly good at their jobs always appear squeaky clean.

          • Bob.Benner says:

            Mobsters may very well vote Republican. It wouldn’t surprise me. But the point I was trying to make was that just because the mob bosses let some of the money they’ve collected trickle down to “help” the citizenry, it doesn’t mean that money was obtained through strictly ethical means..

      • thatcrowwoman says:


    • Baker's Dozen says:

      Oh, Bob. You’re so silly. We all know you’re a Koch Brother in Mudflats clothing! While sometimes irritating, it’s mostly amusing. But isn’t it time to take off the yellow wells and take your virtual prank phone call elsewhere? We’re not biting.

      FTM, Bob. FTM.

      • A Fan in CA says:

        Bobby Boy is getting his 25 cents a message so he doesn’t care. He’ll just spout off every now and then can give us all a good laugh at his totally twisted musings.

        He’s such a silly boy.

      • bob benner says:

        I apologize in advance but I have no clue as to what FTM means. Is it anything close to LOL?? I’m glad you find my silly observations amusing. Regarding the we’re not biting comment, I’m not fishing, so please don’t feel obligated to respond to my posts.. I won’t be offended… Regards.

        • jojobo1 says:

          Follow the money as in where it comes from(Koch Brothers)And since they have something to do with oil in Alaska they better be watched as they scammed the government and the native Americans by saying they took less oil than they did therefore making millions in hidden profits.The third Koch brother sue them over this and won.

          • Bob.Benner says:

            Thanks for the info on what FTM stands for. Now I have one more acronym in my acronym library…

            I don’t pay much attention to the Koch Brothers so I did a quick search and found the following:


            I found them at number 83… But then I found a lot of Unions in the 1-82 numbers…

            I am not making any argument pro or con, Republican or Democrat, Union or non-Union, etc. except letting you know about the link I found regarding the FTM advice for the Koch Brothers…

    • Very funny.
      I don’t know – why are you not shocked?

      • bob benner says:

        What’s there to be shocked about???

        • Lee323 says:

          Keep peddling your crap, Bob, but the majority of the country isn’t buying it…..and that’s what really pisses you and your ilk off, eh?

          The Tea Bagger’s petulant corporate-backed cries of “taking their country back” will pale absurdly in comparison to the truly righetous anger of the middle and lower classes. Think Egypt.

          The GOP’s persistent movement towards a two-tier society — the elites and the serfs — is an old song and dance in history. It generally didn’t turn out well for the elites in the end. July 14th, 1789 comes to mind.

          So, peddle away, Bob. Few are listening to GOP propaganda anymore because the motives behind the propaganda are now clear…..thanks to Gov. Walker and the other newly elected GOP wolves in sheep’s clothing. Take that firefighter in Ohio who voted for Gov. Kacich….. and who now tells the AP reporter that it brings tears to his eyes that he voted for him……and multiply that firefighter by millions upon millions. Yep. Mass epiphany on the extent of the betrayal. You get the idea, pal.

          • thatcrowwoman says:

            *appreciating your badger cred*

          • bob benner says:

            I’m not a Republican or a Democrat, a “Tea Bagger” (your words, not mine) or any other label you can think of to dismiss my opinions… If you read my original post, I don’t think I spared either party in my critique… But there are plenty of folks out there with the old, “If ya ain’t wit us, ya must be agin us” mentality… I suppose that type of thinking simplifies life for some…

  54. overthemoon says:

    I realized that a large part of the anti-union argument is…drumroll…the cost of health care benefits. And last year the republicans did everything they could to hamstring the control of the spiraling cost of health care for all Americans, making the bill far less effective in addressing one of the largest expenses to middle class Americans. And states, counties and cities complain that Medicare and employee health care are driving their deficits. And the Michigan legislature votes to be able to take over those same cities and counties, privatizing services at will.

    What am I seeing here that adds up to something very ugly?

    Maybe I need another cup of coffee.

    • Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

      It’ll take more than just one more cup… This is gonna be a long haul.

    • I read today that a drug made to help prevent premature births was given exclusively to one company. Many doctors applauded the move and said it would make sure the drugs were more consistent in quality. Problem is the cost went from $10 to $20 an injection to $1500 an injection. Surprised some of the doctors since the company that has exclusive rights did non of the research and development. I can’i wait for rethugs to privatize all government functions. We’ll be paying for it.

      • Dagian says:

        So true. As it stands now, any research done or published by an NIH researcher (or with NIH grant money) is in the public domain.

      • jimzmum says:

        Mike, scroll up to 12.2. that is what my post is about.

        • Sorry jimzmum,I completely missed it earlier. Makes me wonder what all the fuss was about when dubya and rethugs stopped people from buying drugs made overseas and shipped to the states. They claimed you couldn’t be sure of their quality. We want to force you to pay higher prices for American drugs that we have somehow or another managed not to inspect for quality. PS State of Ohio euthanized a Black inmate using a barbituate vets use to put pets and other animals to sleep. Rethugs always assume a convicted person is guilty regardless. Guv Kasich is about the last rethug guv you could expect clemency from. If this has been posted before,my apologies.

    • dowl says:

      The something very ugly includes re-segregation of cities based on private ownership. I really did look for a TED TV discussion about a neighborhood in Atlanta, GA that privatized all municipal jobs/services (by vote) and then annexed itself from the city (county?) while still relying on public resources, e.g. municipal water sources, federal funds for schools, etc. The video is at least a year or two old (or older). My search skills seem lacking–but I had to comment now.

      These new communities can only exist when money is removed from agencies that assist the poor and aged. It happens when earned money and union won benefits are wrested from the middle class.

      Grifting for gold in the name of God suits the descendants of Jim Crow quite well–meet James Crow Sr., Esq. and his offspring, Jimmy Crow, Jr., Esq., and Dr. Jill Crow.

  55. calaz says:

    This is just the beginning of many bad things that all started many years ago with “the Regan”

    Makes me sick. I support unions and the people’s rights. This isn’t going to just go away.


  56. thatcrowwoman says:

    Here you go. This is one of the first songs I learned when I was but a littlebird.

    On, Wisconsin!

    We’re all badgers, now.
    The WGE and republican legislators are WEASELS!


    • thatcrowwoman- Quitty might take you to task for saying “We’re all badgers now”, That was almost a staple of her speeches. She claimed to be a whatever state she was in,except denial. Hope you had a blast at the liberry.

      • thatcrowwoman says:

        I have a blast at the liberry everyday! After 20+ years teaching mostly 6th grade science and history, my high school library is a dream job. I get to work with ALL the students and ALL the staff, but I don’t have to give grades and if anybody gets on my nerves…I can send them back to class!

        Here’s something I learned at my library today:
        Badgers, weasels, skunks, minks, otters, martens, and wolverines are all mustelid mammals.

        Weasels are carnivores that eat a third to a half of their body weight in food each day. They are ferocious and “go for the throat.” In native lore they are known for sly and secret circumvention. Hmmmm.

        Badgers never surrender. In native lore they are the keepers of stories and are known for their bold self-expression and self-reliance.

        Quitty’s no badger. She’s another feckin’ weasel! And if she wants to take me to task, well “bring it on!” I’m pretty sure I can take her, ’cause she’s obviously the Queen of Denial, eh? 🙂

        “All around the mulberry bush…
        …POP goes the weasel!”

        • I’ve been under the weather for a couple days and needed a good laugh. Thank you for providing the humor. Since mustelids are stinky creatures that might account for that foul odor when I see a certain political party’s candidates.

        • gens says:

          “After 20+ years teaching”

          And this applies to all teachers here or elsewhere…..

          Thank you…very…very….very….very….much….for providing such a great and often under appreciated service……the end


    • Progressive in VA says:

      YAY! Just last week the term “Marrow Sucking Weasels” came to mind as I was pondering the Republican party. I found the moniker so apt that I did a bit of research to see if my inspired insight had any basis in reality.

      I found that “weasels are small, active predators.” Ok, that seems to fit. It is believed that the name “weasel” comes from the Anglo-Saxon root “weatsop” meaning “a vicious bloodthirsty animal”. Check. In English-language popular culture, the term “weasel” commonly is associated with devious or treacherous characters … in reference to the weasel’s reputation for skullduggery, the phrase “weasel words” means insincere or devious speech.” Well, that quality is generally true of politicians of all stripes, so, check. I also learned that weasels suck marrow. “The wolverine (a type of weasel) can crush bones as thick as the femur of a moose (sorry Brian) to get at the marrow” and is associated in some cultures with gluttony. Check.

      So it seems that “Marrow Sucking Weasel” is an apt totem for those among us who support policies that are primarily detrimental to the least among us.

      Just one note though, badgers are a type of weasel. Don’t know if they suck marrow.

      • Potus 41-George Hitler Weasel Bush. Rethuglicans can weasel their way out of any mess they make. Weasels are small and can squeeze through mouse holes. Wolverines can’t squeeze through mouse holes, they just rip them apart with their powerful claws.

      • bubbles says:

        Marrow Sucking Weasels! that just about says it all! thanks for the belly laugh.

      • Badgers are also known for fiercely defending their young. I like that characteristic. (Learned that from my early days of being a Hufflepuff, whose mascot is a badger.

      • Gramiam says:

        Well, if badgers are a type of weasel, it seems sensible to send them in to fight the “bad” weasels. After all, they have all the tools.

  57. I’ve said this on numerous occasions Rethugs do not respect the rule of law or our Constitution. They will do whatever they want because Dems are spineless and won’t stand up to them. Dems cave in to Rethuglican demands time and time again. Walker will probably declare Dems to be anti-American and lawless thugs that need to be arrested and thrown in jail. If the peoples of Wisconsin and other states can’t stop this from going on,don’t count on your elected Dems to do it.

  58. pacos_gal says:


  59. jimzmum says:

    Patrick, please be careful.

    • LoveMyDogs says:

      I agree, Patrick, be safe. Don’t back down but I fear the tear gas and nightsticks and rubber bullets are not far away. I hope the firefighter EMTs are there with all of you with packs in hand. Something in me just says that this could get ugly. Walker doesn’t seem to have any ethics about anything else so why wouldn’t he stoop to violence? To hold the high ground, your protests, no matter how angry, must continue to be non-violent.

      My thoughts are with all of you!

  60. London Bridges says:

    Koch Brothers and Walker coming. We’re finally on our own.

    This was all enabled by the Obama administration failing to prosecute Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld for crimes against humanity and getting around the law. The rule of law and moral law are now meaningless. Had these three been convicted, others would not been so bold.

    • Sarafina says:

      As much as I would like to see GWBush and his cronies in jail for 80 years, I disagree. Sometimes we have to fight against oppression, and I think the Republican governors are a separate issue from the Bush disasters.

      • A Fan in CA says:

        I agree that the war crimes are a different important topic.

        However, I think if more of the Wall Street Fraudsters were investigated, prosecuted and fined and jailed were would be further along in the restoration of trust and justice. As it stands now we got a very watered down financial reform package that failed to address the real problems. 30 years of deregulation has destroyed the American economy that supported a vital Middle Class. Now we are left with Trickle Down Reaganomics that has redistributed the assets of the former Middle Class up to the top tier of the uber wealthy.

        What we are left with is “he who has the gold writes the rules” society.

    • I agree with London Bridges. Dubya and his whole administration demonstrated a complete desire to ignore our Constitution and the rule of law. They should most definitely have been prosecuted and Dubya should have been impeached. His crimes surely were more impeachable than Clinton’s lying about adultery.

      • I’d like to ask if you think war crimes is an important topic but seperate from Wisconsin’s trouble.I wonder when would be a good time to prosecute the killers? They should have been impeached immediately and thrown out of office. They weren’t then and Obie declared he wasn’t interested in prosecuting the past. He has shown a weak spine and rethugs are making him pay for it.

    • Jim K says:

      You’re the antithesis conservative; however you message is grounded in unreal assumptions just as theirs are.

    • barbara says:

      i agree. no consequences and greed. terrible combination. it seems that greed is the gawd of the right.

  61. Downeaster says:

    Our new Republican governor, Paul LePage, is trying to pull the same stunt here in Maine. I fear that peaceful protests are going to be a thing of the past. Someone is going to have to nip this agenda in the bud before it’s too late.

    • denim says:

      Peaceful protesting begins and ends with you. Remember Gandhi shot at no one, but the English do not possess India anymore due to Gandhi’s non-violent passive resistance.

    • Sarafina says:


      I’m sure you know unions were not started peacefully. Unions were a reaction to greedy employers jeopardizing worker safety and compensation whether in coal mines or the DMV office. Just as they did now, it appears employers (aka Scott Walker, et al) are trying to push people to the wall again.

      After all, it is not the peaceful protesters talking about mobilizing the National Guard. I will be very disappointed if the NG participates, when there is the example of Libyan military being killed for refusing to shoot the Libyan protesters.

      Are the people of Maine as willing to demonstrate as the Wisconsinites were starting 3 weeks ago? How do you envision this ‘nipping’ happening?

      • Downeaster says:

        The “nipping” I’m referring to is stopping the way the Republican state governors are writing their own rules and trying to supposedly balance their budgets by cutting benefits or increasing payroll deductions of state employees. I don’t know how this agenda will be stopped, just thought maybe someone in Washington, DC, might have something to say about what’s happening. My wife has been a teacher here for 16 years and is also being asked to contribute more to her state retirement fund and healthcare premiums. Teachers in Maine aren’t allowed to collect Social Security since they contribute to the Maine State Retirement System (MSRS) The increase of the payroll deduction for the MSRS isn’t actually going into the MSRS, it will be going into the state’s general fund. The money that is supposed to be in the MSRS has already been raided in the past so there’s not enough to cover the costs in the future. Retired teachers are having their benefits frozen and/or reduced. There was a rally last week at the state house, the first of many I’m sure.

        • A Fan in CA says:

          The diversion of pension money needs more exposure. You are not alone in Maine with having pension funds mishandled. R’s like to divert and/or borrow from the funds. This whole thing is a scam of giant proportions. And this on top of the Wall Street created 2008 Crisis that devastated all the pension trust funds.

          The Banksters have spent the last 30 years deregulating our financial markets and this is the result. Fraud is not prosecuted anymore by either State or Federal AG’s.

          Here in CA CalPers our largest fund is doing a civil action. =””

          Perhaps other funds would like to join in to go after those who committed fraud.

  62. Nan (aka roswellborn) says:


    And heaven help the idiots who railroaded that mess through – and beyond that, I’m just speechless.

  63. tigerwine says:

    I put this up on the last post, but want everyone to know about the huge # of comments on this story on Huff Post. Climbing up fast, probably already at about 31,500! Wonder if this will set a record?

    • HappyPlace says:

      Perhaps you can use EVERY Mudflats post to alert people to what’s going on at HuffPo.

      • Snoskred says:


        Hey, just so you know, this is the mudflats. Civility is how we roll here.

        Please read the commenting guidelines before commenting further, thanks.

        • HappyPlace says:

          I wasn’t uncivil, and “this is the mudflats” was my point exactly. It’s doubtful Arianna needs ongoing promotional assists for that other site. 🙂 Thanks

      • bubbles says:

        i intend to use every Mudflats post to alert the Mudflats readers that you are a thief whenever you comment here. you are a nasty piece of work and perhaps you need to take your “happy’ someplace else.just as Snoskred said we try to be civil even to folks like yourself. so for now we will simply ignore you. you will get tired talking to a dial tone. you been disconnected.

        • Dagian says:

          ? Back story, if you please.

        • HappyPlace says:

          I’ve not called anyone a name, so forgive me for being amused by the lectures on civility by those throwing around “thief” and “meow” type stuff. 🙂

          • Irishgirl says:

            You did download Bailey’s and AKM’s manuscript and donated $9.99 to AKM, by your own admission. I would class that as theft.

            You haven’t been uncivil. But, for some odd reason, I’m not warming to you.

            Enuff of the smileys….we aren’t amused.

          • bubbles says:

            thanks Irishgirl. i had to delete my response because ‘happy’ would have gotten off on it. i wouldn’t want ‘happy’ to fap itself to death. now would i? that would be uncivil.

          • scout says:

            Irish, you are superlative and I love you, but in my not-one-iota-humble opinion;
            theft is uncivil
            taunting your robbery victim with in-your-face boasting of your criminal behavior is uncivil

            .. corner bound… with a quick hug for you and Bubs…

          • Irishgirl says:

            Yes indeed. I was trying to be civil. I overlooked that aspect.


    • Irishgirl says:

      Thanks Tigerwine. Wow, I just turned on the computer and was horrified to hear what had happened in Wisconsin.

  64. SameOld says:


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