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November 30, 2021


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Friday, November 5, 2021

Palin Pulls a Palin… again.

~Palin in the headlights at the MSNBC after party

So, who is the most influential journalist in America today?  Not an easy question, perhaps. It’s one that requires some knowledge of who the journalists today are. And if you’re on camera, and a politico or media type, it might also require a little diplomatic forethought.  And if you decided that you didn’t want to answer the question for fear of alienating all the journalists you don’t mention, it might require some fast-on-your-feet poise as you gracefully deflect the question with a bit of humor subtly indicating that you don’t want to give an answer you’d later regret.

So, let’s recap.  You’d need some combination of 1) knowledge 2) diplomacy 3) quick thinking  4) poise and 5) humor – which is precisely why Sarah Palin botched it. Big time.

When asked at the MSNBC after party by NBC’s blog NBCU Direct who she thought the most influential journalist today was, she came up with this gem.

Palin:  (throws head back, applies plastic smile, increases voice pitch to nails-on-a-chalkboard level) Ohhhh! That’s a great question!

Ah. The “that’s a great question” strategy. She has now had the emergency three or four seconds to frantically think of an answer, while still preserving the illusion that she didn’t have to think about it. So, what does she come up with?

Palin: Ummm… (looks to her left at the ex-half-Shadow-governor Todd) Todd, who’s the most influential journalist right now?

She punts to Todd. We wonder if Todd had been present during the Couric interview when she asked Sarah Palin what she read every day, if there would have been such a deflection. And would the answer have been SnowMobilers Monthly?  But, let’s see… does Todd have some sort of “opinion” about who the most influential journalist is today?

Todd Palin: …… (smiles and shifts his stance)…..  oh, man……

Clearly he does not.  Back to you, Sarah. Now you’ve had an additional 5 or 6 seconds to come up with a name. Any name. SOMEone.

Sarah Palin: (increasing the pitch yet again, getting into the lower ranges of “only dogs can hear it”) Gosh! That’s a great question! I’ll have to think about it, OK? Cause there are many…. many.

Once again we flash back to Katie Couric when she asked then VP nominee Sarah Palin for an example of John McCain pushing for more Wall Street regulation. “I’ll try to find some and I’ll bring ’em to ya,” said the candidate.

Back at the after party, the deer makes a mad dash away from the headlights and almost crashes in to… (a godsend!) Greta Van Susteren! Why… she’s a journalist, right?

Sarah Palin: (a large incandescent light bulb ignites atop her head) Greta!! Greta Van Susteren is the most influential journalist in the world!

So the answer to the question should have been: All of ’em… anything they put in front of me.



94 Responses to “Palin Pulls a Palin… again.”
  1. meena says:

    Bill Maher nailed it too
    Sarah Palin Brain farting…”

  2. meena says:

    George Lopez offers advice to Sarah Palin over the dead bin Laden photo.


  3. jojobo1 says:

    I look at the immoralminority blog and when I saw Todd’s picture I still can’t see how palin could say “have you seen Todd” even Charlie Sheen as carzy as he seems beats him all to heck.

  4. Magginkat says:

    I never thought I would live to see the day that someone would come along who would make
    George Bush look intelligent! To say that Palin is dumber than a rock would be an insult to rocks everywhere.

  5. Jen in SF says:

    So my first thought was, “Wha’…?” but the explanation at Immoral Minority clarified things completely.

    Why Sarah Palin has a bra named after her:

  6. LibertyLover says:

    This was an after party after the White House Correspondents Dinner… a venue chalk FULL of Journalists. You would have thought that she could have come up with at least one that she had just been sitting with — while she sat with the Fox News group?

  7. Wallflower says:

    What is Sarah Palin doing at an MSNBC party?

  8. jwa says:

    Think about the photo that has been released of the national security team in the situation room during the bin Laden operation…..

    Now, visualize Sarah Palin in that room, charged with making decisions under the kind of pressure that truly has lives and national security at stake.

    Sorry for the early morning nightmare, but tell me you aren’t sick to your stomach at the thought. She can’t even name a frickin’ journalist.

  9. Dagian says:

    Did someone already post this? If yes–sorry for the replication!

    Posted at 04:16 PM ET, 05/03/2011
    Sarah Palin changes advisers, and her worldview.
    By Jennifer Rubin

    Whatever else you think of Sarah Palin, she has, since the 2008 presidential campaign, been a clear voice in favor of a robust American presence in the world, a defender of the Afghanistan war, a friend of Israel and a counterweight to neo-isolationist elements on the right.

    But careful observers of Palin noticed that recently she was sounding more like Obama’s liberal critics than the VP candidate who echoed Sen. John McCain’s forward-leaning foreign policy. She put out a statement on Facebook last week on Libya that can only be described as incoherent. It was hard to tell if she wanted more or less American firepower in Libya. (“At this point, to avoid further mission creep and involvement in a third war — one we certainly can’t afford — you need to step up and justify our Libyan involvement, or Americans are going to demand you pull out. Simply put, what are we doing there?”) Was she for or against a war to remove the Libyan dictator?

    Then she gave a speech on Monday that sounded like she swallowed the Ron Paul briefing book. Politico reported:

    First, Palin said, “we should only commit our forces when clear and vital American interests are at stake. Period.” That point led to her second, dismissing nation-building as a “nice idea in theory,” but not the “main purpose” guiding American foreign policy.

    Palin continued down that track by insisting that a president must be able to articulate “clearly defined objectives” before engaging in foreign interventions — a standard she has recently said Obama failed to live up to in Libya. As her fourth point, Palin declared that “American soldiers must never be put under foreign command. . . . We can’t fight every war, we can’t undo every justice in the world.” Sunday’s attack on bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan was “an effective use of force,” Palin said, unlike the “ill-defined” mission in Libya.

    Ben Smith reported what many suspected, namely that Palin and her experienced neo-conservative foreign policy advisers Randy Scheunemann and Michael Goldfarb had a parting of the ways. Frankly, since her ill-chosen reference to a “blood libel” in the aftermath of the Arizona shooting incident, it was fairly evident she wasn’t taking counsel from those with a sophisticated foreign policy bent and sharp political radar.

    Her about-face in foreign policy tells us a couple of things. First, her views then and perhaps now don’t spring from a well-grounded understanding of foreign policy but from briefing cards. Change the cards, and presto, a new foreign policy! To the dismay of many who saw great potential in her, she chose not to immerse herself in issues and put meat on the bones of her intuitive policy positions. Second, as Bill Kristol ruefully remarked (in response to the suggestion his diminished enthusiasm was responsible for her about face): “The surge in Iraq works. The surge in Afghanistan works. There’s an Arab Spring. The world obviously needs American strength and leadership more than ever. And now everyone (even Palin, to some degree) decides, hey, time to back off? It’s foolish substantively and politically. Do Republicans really want to run as Obama-lite in foreign policy?”

    Well, it is far from clear that Palin is running for president. But if she keeps up the neo-isolationist drumbeat she’ll soon find herself as isolated in the Republican Party on foreign policy as Ron and Rand Paul.

    Here are several comments that I particularly enjoyed reading:

    People, do some research: this is Palin’s M.O. She has a track record of “burning bridges” and leaving people behind as she moves on to yet another attempt to recreate herself. This is merely the latest chapter. She has no coherent worldview of her own – she simply “borrows” one to suit her for a time, then casts it aside.

    To borrow a cliche: “There is no there there.” The woman is a human Potemkin Village.”

    Does she change her “world view” as often as she changes her underwear? You betcha, if she gets paid enough!
    Today 5/4/2011 1:34:44 AM EDT

    Does this mean that Palin’s assertive foreign policy only applies to Israel, or is she about to replace her Israeli flag lapel pin with a Swiss flag lapel pin, instead?

  10. marcuswelbymd says:

    Sarah Palin is no different from Rush Limbaugh who try to insult President Obama directly or indirectly almost every time they open their mouths. Total ignorance and stupidity on their part. No surprise there.

  11. Denton H says:

    Poor Sarah = too stupid to realize that conservatives don’t take too kindly to people who shift their WORLDVIEWS with such frequency. This woman is such a blatant political shape-shifter that it should give whiplash to even the staunchest members of her fan base.

    My parents are conservative Republicans and evangelical Christians. They liked $arah Palin for about a month: September 2008. They returned from vacation in China, saw the disastrous Palin interview via their DVR, and abstained from voting in the November election. My mom (she’s 69) still laughs about the newspaper question (“that woman is a fraud and an imbecile!” she says). And my mom doesn’t even like Katie Couric all that much, either.

  12. Xenon says:

    MSNBC? The same MSNBC that forms the nexus of the “lamestream media?” Then again, it’s not like the “Quitty Young Thing” to pass up on freebies, even those provided by her sworn enemies.


  13. AKPetMom says:

    At this point, lambasting Palin is like shooting fish in a barrel. I said this back in Spring of 2009 when engaging my Father in the finer points of Wonkette making fun of Palin and her minions. I guess I never realized that there were so many fish in that barrel and so much ammo to go around. Wow, just wow, this woman never took any advice to heart; never decided to upgrade her “worldview”; never decided that intelligence was what it might take to be a contender. She is the gift that keeps on giving, and we should keep responding, I guess, until 2012 is a certainty for Obama. But, jeez, now I almost feel as guilty as making fun of the special needs kids in elementary school.

  14. OzMud says:

    @1:32-35 on the tape I’m not 100% certain but it sure sounds like someone near Sarah said ‘Greta – Greta’ just before Palin says it herself…

  15. Baker's Dozen says:

    Right now, I think I’ll go with Husna Haq–boots on the ground in Pakistan.
    OK. Maybe not the most influential, but, perhaps, right now, one of the more important.

  16. Baker's Dozen says:

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¿TODD SPEAKS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. mea says:

    i hate to say it, but i’ve been thinking on it for a while now, and i have to admit, i could not come up with a most influencial journalist today, because any name i come up with isn’t really that, so i’m not in any way lessening rah-rah’s dumbness. but i’m a believer that the media sells their product, not the truth, so…..who is a truly influencial journalist? any opinions?

  18. beth says:

    (NPR turned 40-years old on the 3rd. Happy Birthday, NPR! You are a national treasure!)

    On the 1st, NPR ran a story in their “All Things Considered” series: “Years Ago, Sarah Palin Was Recruited As A Moderate.” You can read it at the link, below, or you can listen to it through the same link — run time is 4 min 22 sec.

    The whole thing is excellent, but I’m particularly struck by the part:
    Fifteen years later, Stein still seems shell-shocked by the intensity of the ensuing mayoral campaign. In Alaska, city races are officially nonpartisan, but Palin came after him on big ideological issues like abortion and gun rights.

    “And there was such enthusiasm from the — I’m laughing now, [but] I’m crying on the inside — there was such enthusiasm in the community for this, you know — ‘Yes, we’re talking philosophy here now.’ And here I am, down there, going, ‘But I can fill potholes,’ and, ‘I understand how sewage treatment plants work.’ But that really wasn’t the point, anymore,” Stein says.
    Give it a listen, I think you’ll be glad you did. beth.

    • tigerwine says:

      Thanks for the link,Beth! Cryson was right: “Don’t piss the lady off”!

      Can you imagine how Stein must have felt, after recruiting her in the first place, to have her turn on him so?She really played dirty. From what I’ve heard, Stein was a decent man and a good mayor. I believe I remember her even accusing him of not being a Christian (God forbid anyone but a Christian should run for office!) I can just imagine how the poor guy felt as she rose to governor, the VP nomination and now on national TV as a “commentator”. Maybe now he will get some satisfaction as her star fades, and she is more a laughingstock than a serious presidential contender.

      She’s burned her bridges in AK, and I believe she won’t run, but won’t decide (make that won’t come clean to the public until the very last minute), teasing the public for the $$$ she can make while she is still a possible candidate. Then she runs for Kyle’s Senate seat in AZ.

  19. Purple socks! says:

    She should be paying attention to the people she doesn’t like– is this how she would handle defense issues? By sticking her hair extentioned head in the sand?

    • tigerwine says:

      Socks – My thoughts exactly! She’s been spewing for years about the “lamestream media” – why can’t she name at least one?

  20. overthemoon says:

    As for the photo…damn, those deer horns really don’t work, do they?

  21. overthemoon says:

    And Sean Hannity has a a startling revelation. She doesn’t even remember his name. He’ll be selling cars down on the buick lot with the month.

  22. lilli says:

    Why didn’t she say her sister Molly, in all the photos of Molly and Bristol they had her down as a journalist.

  23. meena says:

    She keeps on giving

    Palin Was For Killing Terrorists In Pakistan Before She Was Against It

  24. Breitbart is going to be so mad at her. Aren’t they best buds these days? Sheesh! How about that idiot Lila Rose she’s so fond of? Doesn’t she claim to be a “journalist?” Wasn’t Palin just lavishing praise on that nit wit at some speech before the party?

    But I guess you can’t expect much from an Alaskan governor who couldn’t even come up with Exxon Valdez as a court decision she thought was wrong. You really have to wonder what’s going on with the synapses in that one. That brain must look like a flourescent tube in its last days … flicker …… flicker, flicker …… flicker …… buzzzzzz, flicker, hummmmm, buzzzz, flicker.

  25. John says:

    I saw the title of the post and I immediately thought: Wait a minute, she doesn’t have a job, how can she quit again?

  26. Dagian says:

    “Growing older is inevitable, growing up is optional”.

    When most people say that phrase, they mean that someone has maintained a certain lightness of spirit, a sense of fun and whimsy.

    When applied to $arah Palin however, it means that her inner child was such a horrible little beast that it should have been tied up, gagged, smacked on the head with a rock, stuffed into a gunny sack, weighted down and dropped into the middle of Lake Superior.

    She’s never matured. She’s simply an older, meaner and dumber variant of herself as a high school bully.

    Sarah–you’re no ingenue. Give it a rest–we can’t catch our breaths for laughing AT you, hon!

  27. I’m surprised she didn’t say “Why me, of course!”

    • michigander says:

      She thought it was a “This is Your Life” moment, expected a sash, flowers and praise from all around her. Poor baby )o:

      I’m waiting to see her old sportscaster video clips on her Facebook with proper awards and kudos from her subjects (o:

  28. Laurie says:

    I’m so glad that lots of people are getting to see this story. “Palin flummoxed by reporters question” is on the AOL main page under Daily Buzz.

  29. GoI3ig says:

    Swing and a miss. Again.

    • Scorpie says:

      Yep Yep and Yep again. And, if she keeps swingin’ and missin’ she gonna screw herself into the ground.

  30. Maria says:

    Gee, I could have said ‘Cronkite’ in a flash or thrown back the question: Current or past? And then said Olbermann or Maddow or on and on. I’m the same age as that cluck and as flustered as I can get in situations sometimes, even I can come up with a rational answer in three seconds. sheesh!

  31. Skagway Kid says:

    It’s obvious Palin suffers from stenosis of brain recall. Her neurons are programmed to hate the president, nothing else matters. Greta is part of the cabal of history rewrite. Palin and the fox clowns are never going to understand that the world has moved on. Obama has demonstrated that standing armies are thing of the past. I propose we select a few honor guards and let Palin pretend to be leader of the parade. I’ll supply the beer.

  32. The pattern (paraphrasing somewhat):

    Couric: What are your favorite news papers or magazines?
    P: Oh, what ever is in front of me – all of them.

    Beck: Who is your favorite founding father?
    P: Oh, all of them.

    NBCU: Who is the most influential journalist?
    P: Oh, there are so many.


  33. I See Villages from my House says:

    It remains apparent that the pitbull with lipstick can only think on her feet when it comes to graceless, crass, insensitive and insulting opportunities. She’s got a quick, sharp and ascerbic tongue for any and all of them haters or issues she doesn’t understand put before her all these years, but she is grasping and pathetic when a sincere moment presents itself.

    Out if your depth and still treading water Sarah, aren’t you exhausted, embarassed and humiliated enough yet? Oh that’s right, it’s your former constituents I’m talking about. Especially the ones who knew enough not to vote for you as Lt. Governor, Governor or on a Presidential ticket.

    • Irishgirl says:

      I have met I See Villages,

      Palin has none of her attributes. I see villages exudes wisdom and real beauty within her soul.

  34. Sharon says:

    Her screeching voice is a dead give away when she doesn’t know something. Twit. “Oh, that’s a great question”…..stfu you moron. You wouldn’t know a great question if it bit you in the ass. By the way, how’s that shrinking audience feeling to ya these days? You’ll be back on top soon enough..
    when those books hit the newstands and your emails are finally released from the state of alaska, my gosh! Jerry Springer……The Apprentice…..Rehab?? heh-heh…you freaking hillybilly wannabe.

    • Bigtoe says:

      It’s no wonder she screeches all the time then. She should stay in twitlandistan where becky can answer for her whenever those “gotcha” questions arise on the twitter machine, therefore,also, too.

      OMG what a dumbass.

      Famous quote–“Life is tough; life is tougher when you’re stupid”

  35. Sharon says:

    Ok,I want someone to ask her “so, Governor Palin (snicker)…which one of your kids are you most proud of”? Answer …”gosh, that’s a great question…..Todd! Which one of our kids are we most proud of?” Todd…”uhhhhmmmmm”……..back to palin….”oh any of em. Any of em you put in front of me all these years”.

  36. JUST A THOUGHT says:

    I can’t believe the political “WHORE” and her husband were invited.


    (Were the Hillbilly Palins invited for entertainment??)

    • Millie says:

      I think she and Todd were the guests of Greta and her husband at the MSNBC function.

      • fishingmamma says:

        Wasn’t the daughter also there? Were they not seen together? Or did Sarah just show up in the daughter’s shoes?

        I want answers. Let’s call the Donald.

  37. Desa Jacobsson says:

    If QuittyPants were exiled to her own country near Pakistan, what would that country be named? Please vote for one.

    a. IzDumstan

    b. IzDummerstan

    c. IzDummestan

    d. Quittestan

    e. Twitestan

    Therefore too also again
    f. Oozedbeckistan

  38. A Fan From Chicago says:

    I think when you spend the better part of three years deriding “the lame stream media,” accusing them of invading your privacy, twisting your words, asking gotcha questions, makin’ things up, ridiculing your special needs child and generally making your life a living hell it would be hard to pull a name out of your bumpit and call them the most influential journalist in America. Besides, in Palin World the reason why we have a standing army is to protect the first amendment. Journalists don’t mean squat. That being said, she couldn’t come up with anybody. ANYBODY?

    Please God, send the iceberg soon.

    • g says:

      Frankly, I would think when you spend the better part of three years deriding the “lame stream media” etc., etc., then you would choose not to attend a party thrown by a “lame stream media” network, especially one you identify as being most opposed to your politics.

      It’s puzzling, too, why she didn’t attend the dinner, but just went to the after party. What’s up with that?

      • benlomond2 says:

        She got PAID to be somewhere else !!!, but just couldn’t pass up on the free food and drink, and whatever swag she could get at the functions….. probably has a bag full of Racheal Maddow T-shirts….

  39. aussiegal77 says:

    That’s twice. Three times and hopefully 99% of Americans will finally admit that this woman is absolutely unfit for the Presidency.

    Breathtaking ignorance.

  40. g says:

    What an idiot! Are you telling me she didn’t do any prep work for this party?

    Who did she think would be attending? What did she think the subject of the evening was, anyway?

    She couldn’t even name a real journalist from her own network, or make a nod to her host MSNBC by naming someone she agrees with like Pat Buchanan?

    I am trying to imagine this idiot standing at a cocktail table with Christiane Amanpour and blathering about Piper.

    • Dagian says:

      “What an idiot! Are you telling me she didn’t do any prep work for this party”

      Well, as she did NO prep work for the office of governor, nor as a candidate for the vice-presidency, why would she start now?

      She has gotten paid a LOT of money for her staggering ignorance.

  41. g says:

    What a dumbshit. She’s attending a party where everyone has been at the the WHCD, fer crissakes – it’s all about journalism. Her host is a news network.

    Wouldn’t you think she’d have done some basic homework even just so she could make small-talk with the journalism-interested guests?

    Wouldn’t you think she’d at least begin to pull the name of a FOX journalist (note: Greta is not a journalist) out of her empty head? Or name some elder statesman? Or name some MSNBC journalist she agrees with, like Pat Buchanan?

    I go to parties to accompany my spouse, and they are work-related for him. It takes me maybe 15 minutes to quickly google enough about the party’s host or the purpose of the party or the history of an honored guest so I can at LEAST make small talk.

    And aren’t journalists her supposed bete noire? Wouldn’t you, if descending into the lair of your nemesis, at least be prepared with a little bit of info?

    Did she think it was just a big ole party?

    What a ffreaking idiot.

  42. Blue Gal says:

    What’s clear to me is that Greta has been assigned to Palin by Roger Ailes. Palin rarely appears with anyone else anymore. And Greta loves her so…

  43. Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

    You sillies! There is no one with the “influence” of the journalism major, half-term quittypants, also-ran ex-gov of Alaska. (thank gawd) So that’s rilly a non-question, rilly. Doncha think?

    (… wait for it…)

    You betcha!

    (with deepest apologies. sorry guys)

  44. Palinz R Dumm says:

    Excellent – now we know exactly how Palin would handle that 3 am phone call: she’d punt to the big oaf beside her in bed. Just know that it’s never the question that really “stumps” her – it’s the fact that she wants to be sure to give the “right” answer. You know, the answer that most pleases her fan base.

    Because she is nothing if not a puppet.

  45. Desa Jacobsson says:

    Dahlings,….(pause)….I hate to sound so mudpuppyish, BUT….if stupidity were an alley QuittyPants would be a boulevard. She is the only republican who has to study to be an idiot.

    Obviously, she doesn’t “read” anything beyond those who twit or tweet compliments only to her. Todd is coming in a fast second only to his empty headed wife.

    Let’s look on the bright side though. At least Charlie Sheen has a ready made running mate. Donald McBirther too.

  46. Cassie Jeep says:

    In my opinion, SOMETHING stopped her from saying “Why, me, of course!”

    Even she couldn’t bring herself to say that. But she could never acknowledge anyone else, since ( in the vast emptiness of her own mind) she she is the only example of “rill” of journalism, don’t cha know?

  47. LIZ says:

    oh so typical… were any of us really surprised by that? only in that we’d expect she’d have LEARNED something since the Couric interview, but then we are speaking about SP… who is “unteachable” and “incurious”…

    yawn… same old stupid sara…

    that gun she likes so much is blowing her foot to bits… ROFL

  48. Millie says:

    We’ve been discussing this on IM’s blog for awhile this afternoon.

    You would have thought that prep work would have been done by Palin prior to attending the function hosted by MSNBC. She only knows the people at FOX. Wouldn’t you think she’d have put names and faces together so that as people greeted her, she could acknowledge them by name?
    Not our Sarah – that is too ‘hard’!!

    Naming Greta was a goof too. The woman is an attorney with a TV show – not a journalist. Greta’s ratings have dropped at FOX as have Palins.

    • aussiegal77 says:

      And an obvious frantic grasp at a name, ANY name! If Maddow had been the one she ran into, Palin would have screeched “Rachel Maddow! Rachel is the most influential journalist!”

      Hahaha, how funny would it have been if say……Matt Damon had been the one she bumped into! “Matt Damon! Matt is the most influential journalist!!”

      You get my drift.

      • nswfm says:

        Katie Couric is the correct answer because she exposed this lying grifting fraud for the empty suit that she is.

        • slipstream says:

          Oh, the perky one with the gotcha questions!

          You’re right, nswfm. Katie Couric stopped the Palin campaign dead in its tracks.

    • jojobo1 says:

      I was going to say the same thing Greta is a commentator not a journalist,but then maybe palin thinks she her self is because she appears on fox occasionally.She must not know the difference between a journalist and an opinion show.I was surprised she was even there but maybe the donald asked her to be there.

  49. nswfm says:

    The “youngest family member” has DS, but $P is ret@rded. HT to Wonkette.

  50. Laurie says:

    Once again Sarah fails to show she is capable of thinking on her feet.

  51. CorningNY says:

    Pathetic…but then again, everything about $arah is pathetic. Not that I feel sorry for her…I don’t have any sympathy for sociopaths, especially intellectually lazy ones.

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