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Mudflats Chats – Frank Bailey

~Sarah Palin and Frank Bailey

By Jeanne Devon

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with ex-Palin aide Frank Bailey about his memoir Blind Allegiance (co-authored by myself and Ken Morris).  Frank Bailey is one of those people I never imagined I’d ever meet, nevermind work with. I once called him “the second most notorious Frank in Alaska politics” with our former Governor Frank Murkowski holding that dubious number one spot.

After Bailey ended up in the center of the Troopergate scandal, I, like many Alaskans was pretty miffed. After our mutual co-author Ken Morris who was already working on the project convinced Frank to contact me to have coffee, the phone rang and the voice on the other end said, “Is this Jeanne? This is the second most infamous Frank in Alaska politics.” I knew right then we were off to a good start.  After Ken convinced Frank to have coffee with me, and me to have coffee with Frank, we changed each others’ minds and abandoned our preconceived notions about what a notorious right wing conservative and a notorious left wing progressive might be like. And thus began the wonderful three member team with divergent political views, but one common goal. I have developed a tremendous respect for my co-authors over the last (almost) two years, and consider both him and Ken Morris to be dear and wonderful friends.  I had interviewed Frank a lot for our book, but this interview was different.  I sat down and talked to Frank specifically in my capacity as a writer for The Mudflats so I could share our conversation.


Devon: There are a lot of people out there who will associate you with Troopergate and think to themselves, “Oh, that guy. Yeah, I remember that. He’s the guy that made that phone call.” But they don’t really know much beyond that in terms of who you are, what your position was, and how that position evolved over time. So, put yourself in this story. Who are you in terms of why we should read what you have to say about this administration, and these people, and know that you are a credible witness to all this?

Bailey: In state government after being the Legislative Liaison for the Department of Administration, and the Deputy Director of her transition team, I became her Director of Boards and Commissions which appoints hundreds of board positions around the state. In that spot, and because of my ties in the campaign, I was a willing soldier for her. We laughed about “duties as assigned” and there were all kinds of “duties as assigned” that had nothing to do with my position on Boards and Commissions.

Devon: So what you’re saying is that your role, and what you did in the position of Director of Boards and Commissions would not have been the same as your predecessor. Your role involved a much greater scope of function than what was technically in the job description.

Bailey: Right, right.

Devon: So would you say you were a confidant? How would you describe your relationship with Sarah Palin?

Bailey: I guess I would … I never thought of myself as a confidant at that time – a sounding board, maybe, whether by email or in person. We would talk for hours. I had knowledge of just about every single major decision that was ever made in state government from August of 2007 right up until her last day in July of 2009. We appointed judges also. I pretty much would prepare all of that – I would do all the interviews for that. Those are big decisions. Judges can sit on the bench for 20 or 30 years. Boards and Commissions can affect so many areas around the state that there has got to be an efficient running dialog with the Chief Executive – in this case to know her philosophy – what is it that she wants to do? Who does she like and who doesn’t she like?

Devon: And you had a good working knowledge about how to make some of those decisions, I would assume, because you had such a close working relationship, and you had been so heavily involved in the campaign.

Bailey: Correct. In the very beginning I had pretty much just emailed her out of the blue and said “I hope you’re going to run. How can I help?” I knew nothing about campaigns whatsoever, but quickly, through a process of elimination, found myself being the administrator of her entire primary campaign.

Devon: The last man standing?

Bailey: (laughs) Exactly. Kind of like the show Survivor. And I’m not one that likes to toot my own horn but I would be up late, I would be up early, I would be available absolutely whenever. I was that willing soldier that would do whatever it took to move that message, to motivate people, to organize volunteers, to create that grassroots movement statewide. So, I guess I knew her political friends and to be honest, at the time, I prided myself in keeping her list – her enemies list – and knowing who was on the enemies list. And I certainly had that list – not physically, but in my mind, going into the Boards and Commissions job. So if there were people who were currently serving on Boards that were on the list, they would be coming off.

Devon: During the gubernatorial campaign in 2006, questions were asked about whether there had been any coordination of effort between the Palin campaign and the Republican Governors Association, an outside group. Coordination between campaigns and 3rd party groups is illegal. Palin denied that any coordination had taken place. Are you prepared to talk about that?

Bailey: I remember one time I saw her doing an interview with Glenn Beck. He asked her, “How do you change things without losing your soul?” And I remember thinking, “I was there when she lost it.” She accepted something from the RGA (Republican Governors Association) that she knew wasn’t legal, and if that’s not losing your soul, then I don’t know what is.

I had known that stuff at the time. And she may not even have answered Beck’s question in that interview, I don’t even remember. But he was so enamored by her, and so in awe, and she was loving it and soaking it up to the hilt, and I just… (shakes head) She lost her soul when she knew what she did was flat out illegal, and then she didn’t own up to it. A few days, a quick media storm, and then we were off to the next crisis.

Devon: How did you process the incident with the RGA in your own mind, that she and you were complicit in something like that?

Bailey: Well, there’s the piece with me personally where if I had spoken up at that point, maybe none of this would have been an issue. I would have been sad on a personal level because Tony Knowles (the Democrat in the race) would have been our governor. I believe she would have imploded. I believe she would not have been governor – that this would all have gone down in September of 2006. That’s something that I’ve had to deal with personally… that’s not to say that I’m all-powerful by any means, but I had the chance, myself, to stand up and tell the truth, and say what happened. But I had too much vested at that point and I stayed quiet.

Devon: Is that part of the impetus for wanting to write the book?

Bailey: It is. Absolutely. Yeah.

I feel like there are very few people who can share that perspective. I can think of two others… maybe three, and they sure aren’t speaking up.

Devon: So, walk me down the trail of the mental steps it took you to get to this point – the point when you decided that writing a book was going to be the way to sort of set things right in the best way that you could.

Bailey: Well, things build up over time – decisions that I personally made where I was involved in things that I regret – whether it was character assassination of our “enemies”, trying to get radio hosts pulled off the air, rallying people to trash politicians on a personal level, going out and settling scores, and all of that culmination of choices that I made to follow along and play along. They start building up to the point where you start asking “What if I become… what if I turn into some ruthless political hack who works a gazillion hours a day, never sees his kids?” And the culmination of so many of those things, and whatever it was in those two and a half years, built up to the point in me where I couldn’t defend her. I couldn’t defend those kinds of actions any more.

Devon: What ultimately made you “see the light” I guess would be the term. How did you decide you needed to do this?

Bailey: I went on a relief mission to the village of Eagle that had been hit by a bad flood, and drove by myself in my truck for 500 miles each way, and had time to think and reflect on my life and who I was four years earlier, and what I had become, and what roller coaster I’d been on – some amazing moments and some horrible terrible times as well.

And I realized that Sarah is never going to tell the story here. She’s never going to come out and really tell how she got there, and what really took place – the reality of it. She’s going to paint this, and shade this, and spin this in the light that works best for her. And so I think that was the turning point for me on that trip up and back, hitting Eagle and getting up there.

Because, there I was coming out of an office where I felt like the guy in the office right next door was trying to knife me through the wall (figuratively of course), and you’re constantly feeling like you’ve got a bull’s eye on the back of your head everywhere you go – and then getting up there where people’s homes were literally swept away, where their wells were full of diesel and they’d never be able to live there again. And this small community was so thankful that we just went up there – three meals a day – anything that they could give us that they had to show their appreciation for us just showing up to do what we could do – build outhouses for them, fix things. It really put into perspective what I had thought was so bad. I mean these people had lost their homes. It just completely turned it around for me. So, on my drive back, it was then that I knew that I needed to get away from this, and I had to eventually start digging and researching and figuring out how to put this crazy story together in some semblance of order, to tell the truth and set the record straight.

Devon: So, what are you hoping that the book will achieve?

Bailey: I would hope that those people who are enamored by her, or who are actively searching to find out what kind of person this is, and asking, “Is this somebody that could lead our nation? Is this somebody that could lead the conservative movement?” I hope that those people would take a hard look at what I have to say, whether they are on the left or on the right – there are people that only hear one side of her.

Devon: What do you think about people who look to her as a leader of a party or a movement of some kind?

Bailey: I was in that inner circle for basically three or three and a half years, and I would hope that they would seriously stand up and take a listen and think “Is this the person that we want to lead our country?’ You know? On so many levels I do not believe that she should lead the movement that I believe in, personally, which is conservatism. I don’t believe that she should head our nation. I don’t want to see her win the primary, but it scares me – the momentum out there that I see from people on my side of the aisle who I don’t believe are asking the right questions or doing the right kind of research.

Devon: So, do you think it’s possible she’ll get the nomination?

Bailey: I do. I absolutely do. And not only do I believe it’s possible, I believe what she is doing right now is intentional to position herself to take that on. She’s extremely competitive and money isn’t as important to her as winning, and as power.

Devon: Oftentimes you hear people say, “Oh she’s not going to run. She’s got the spotlight, she’s writing books, she’s on Fox, and she’s making money…” But I think you hit on something really definitive, which is her competitive nature, because you can write a book but that’s not necessarily competitive.

Bailey: Right.

Devon: And you can get paid a lot from a speech, but that isn’t competitive either. But that competitive drive is definitely something that you often see in people who are seeking office, and particularly in her case.

Bailey: Absolutely.

Devon: Can you talk to me a little bit about your politics and your own political beliefs, because obviously most people who have been critical of her, at least on a national level, have different political viewpoints than yours. They are not conservatives.

Bailey: I believe in smaller, smarter government. I believe in government getting out of the way of small business. I don’t like to see government step in with heavy-handed regulations. On social issues I’m conservative. I’m strongly pro-life. All these things drove me to work so hard for her in the campaign. What I saw in her was the culmination of what I believed politically. I follow Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin to some degree – throw in a little Phil Hendry, he’s probably my favorite.

Devon: Is there anything that she is doing now, or is there any way that she has changed politically that you no longer align with her, or when you hear her talk politics, do you still feel that you and she are on the same page?

Bailey: I feel that we are still on the same page on some of the issues, but when I hear her talk, what I hear is populism. What I hear is well-crafted (and sometimes not so well-crafted) words to incite a base, and create a base and to pull people together to all get out marching and carrying signs and supporting her. That scares me, because it shouldn’t be populism. I watched her in office, after preaching something in her campaign about cutting the budget, and I watched the state budget grow every single year that she was in office. I did not see a will, a strong will to actually cut the budget and you know, in our state, Alaska, I’m concerned about that. Yes, we’ve got lots of natural resources, but are we really saving for the future? And so it’s hard for me to trust what she says out there when she talks about “smaller smarter government” when I didn’t see her live it in office.

Devon: When a book from an insider comes out that paints an unflattering picture of a political person or a celebrity, you often hear, “Oh, they’re a disgruntled, ex-whatever, and it’s sour grapes or they’re just trying to cash in on her fame.” What would you say to people who say things like that?

Bailey: I would say, take a look at the facts. Let’s argue facts of the actual meat of it. I feel like I’ve got a responsibility to speak up. I’ve got many friends that still support Palin and I could lose some friends in this. There’s a potential for big personal sacrifice for us as a family, but I believe I’ll regret it for the rest of my life if I don’t speak up. Am I bitter? No. Did I make tremendous mistakes along the way? Absolutely. There’s no question about it. Hopefully we all learn from the mistakes we make, and part of me making that right is telling the truth about what actually happened.

Devon: And with what appears to be her future plans, the public has a right to know. If she runs for President or continues to influence the political dialog of the day, and we are asked to make a decision about whether we as a nation feel comfortable with her leadership, we have a right to make that decision based on all the available information and the facts that we have.

Bailey: Absolutely, absolutely. And if people look at what I have to say, and they read what I wrote and they decide, “OK, knowing all that information, I’m still going to support her,” then by all means do it. That’s great. At least you’ve done your homework. But at least take a look at it. You know? Be willing to be challenged by the truth.

Devon: Thanks so much for sitting down with me and talking, Frank. It’s been a pleasure working with you on this project, and I’m proud to have been a member of our team.


Frank Bailey, Ken Morris and Jeanne Devon are co-authors of Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin – A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years, Simon & Schuster/Howard Books.




141 Responses to “Mudflats Chats – Frank Bailey”
  1. jojobo1 says:

    jimzmum I think I understand.Reading this I could feel his anguish about what he had done and I think he needed to let it out somehow and this was as good a way as any.

  2. PollyinAK says:

    I completed the book!! Very well written, and significant memoir. Thank you AKM, Mr. Morris, Mr. Bailey and all involved in bringing this to the public.

  3. jimzmum says:

    My book came today, and I honestly do not know what to say. I am probably just about half through it. I don’t think I like Mr. Bailey much. I don’t like the feeling I am getting that Mrs. Palin cast a spell or something on this man and made him go against his principles. Maybe the rest of the book will change my mind.

    What I would like very much to read is why you, AKM, became a part of this. I think that would help me understand more about this man. The radio interview this morning left me pretty cold. Is there a possibility that you might talk about this some?

  4. jimzmum says:

    I am listening to him on a local radio station right now.

  5. Diane says:

    I am about half way through the book and i find myself amazed and disgusted with palin and her administration.

  6. Beezer says:

    Happy B-Day AKM! and a big CHEERS to your interview and getting co-authorship published…virtual…toast…. (I picked up book at my local Target yesterday and I’m actually grateful that it rained here in Western WA today cause I’m about 2/3 through. My strawberry plants had to wait until tomorrow.)…. Thanks for all that you have done for me. Inspiring me to educate myself and helping me “open my eyes” in general, regarding politics, with all that you have written here at the Mudflats along with some really great comment writers! *Clink, Clink*

  7. Maria says:

    Just thought you’d like to know that they had a substantial supply waiting for customers at Costco in my part of MD today! I only wish they’d had Dunn’s book there too.

  8. seattlefan says:

    Wow….so many comments to read and so many books! Happy Birthday AKM! Hope you had a great day. I saw Mr. Bailey all over the tv today and he was very well presented. It seems he is walking a tight rope trying to portray who he is and how he could have been bamboozled by the quitter. I would never align myself with his politics but do respect him for coming out and admitting he was “taken” and that he is trying to get the truth out. I am about one third through the book and am loving it. Congratulations to you all and once again, Happy Birthday.

  9. physicsmom says:

    Happy birthday AKM and Irishgirl! What a momentous day for you, with multiple reasons for celebration. I hope you get more interviews, would love to see you on my teevee again.

  10. Irishgirl says:

    Finished the book. I am exhausted. She is one sick puppy. Will have to catch up on the interviews tomorrow.
    Goodnight all and again..thank you for the birthday greetings.

  11. DudleysPa says:

    “…things that I regret – whether it was character assassination of our “enemies”, trying to get radio hosts pulled off the air, rallying people to trash politicians on a personal level,…”

    “What I saw in her was the culmination of what I believed politically. I follow Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin to some degree – throw in a little Phil Hendry, he’s probably my favorite.”

    Those two excerpts have me a little confused. Mr Bailey, seems to be saying that a strong reason he came to write this book was a distaste for the same dirty tactics Limbaugh, Beck and Levin use every day.

    • DudleysPa says:

      …And yet he is saying that he still follows them?

      (hit submit too soon)

      • bubbles says:

        yes. i don’t understand but like others have said maybe he will come to better enlightenment as
        he begins to understand himself and his true imperatives. wisdom and the ability to discern good from evil does not come easy and the road to redemption is steep and narrow. we can but hope.

      • jojobo1 says:

        Maybe he has to take it a little at a time,maybe he cannot believe that all the people he had or has faith in are the same as sarah and todd.

  12. Baker's Dozen says:

    Haven’t gotten to the comments, but well done interview and congrats on the book.

    Also, happy birthday AKM and Irishgirl! May you have 5 fond and happy memories for every candle on your cake! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  13. Califpat says:

    Have a wonderful birthday AKM and Irishgirl!!! Great interview!!

  14. Justina says:

    Wow! You all make a great writing team. I never, ever, thought I’d be writing an Amazon review in support of Sarah Palin’s right-hand man, but……..

    “This review is from: Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years (Hardcover)
    I was shocked to read this book. Yes, I expected “Blind Allegiance” to document the lies and crass self-aggrandizement of Alaska’s Sarah Palin. I did not expect such a beautifully written, well-documented and ultimately spiritually inspiring saga of the disintegration of one man’s moral integrity as he works for Palin. This is a journey of a well-meaning soul’s travail through hell and his ultimate spiritual re-discovery…”

    And I specifically thank the writing/editing team of Ken Morris and Jeanne Devon for their superb work.

    I made the mistake of downloading the book to my Kindle this morning, and could not stop reading to anything I planned to do today. That translate into “This is a page-turner”.

    I’ve enjoyed Jeanne’s astute writing since discoverying Mudflats right after the Republican Convention that loosed Sarah on the world. How I regret that event, but I certainly don’t regret the fact that Jeanne started one of the best written blogs on the net. Great analysis, writing and an astute sense of humor.

    Aloha and thanks from Venezuela,


    • bubbles says:

      WOW! wonderful review Justina.
      i am still reading and giggling madly. i really can’t believe how much information i retained from three years of schooling at Mudlats University School of Political Science.

  15. ks sunflower says:

    Hope everyone is safe. For those mudpups east of Kansas with storms heading your way, please take them seriously. These are truly some highly unpredictably storms. They even shocked our local meteorologists. So please pay attention to your local weather forecasts and be ready to dash to safety. Hopefully, the huge but fragmented system will lose power as it moves eastward, but I wanted to recount what happened here just to alert you to the dangers.

    My neighbor and I spent most of midday down in my basement because there were five funnel touchdowns here in southern Overland Park that surprised even the meteorologists. There were more than did not touchdown. Thankfully, very minimal damage. F1 or F2 at most – but if it’s your damage then it’s significant. Most touched down and then popped back up. It was a shock to see the photos posted on local station weather blogs. Yikes – it was only supposed to rain today.

    We’d been under a tornado watch, but the funnels surprised everyone. The storms that spawned them did not look that dangerous at first. Schools, shops, businesses and neighborhoods were scurrying to cover. When they “discovered” the first one it was only 50 blocks away from us. My husband teaches in a local high school. They had to get the kids out of the cafeteria down into the basement quickly – funnels just blocks away at the time. Later, all that food had be thrown away. Sigh. Many of the kids tried to get out to their cars because they were more worried about their cars than their lives. So glad I am not that young any longer.

    Sedalia, Missouri was hit hard – not as hard as Joplin, but quite hard nonetheless as regards property damage. No major injuries or deaths though – so that’s what counts most.

    One man in a small Johnson County “bedroom” community was sitting in his truck when a tornado funnel lifted the truck up in the air and set it down into the hood of a car. Both drivers were okay, but quite stunned.

    Unstable weather moving east – so be careful if you are mudpup east of Kansas. These storms truly are shockingly unpredictable and they may arrive late at night. May all of you be safe.

    • bubbles says:

      you are scaring me Sunflower. i saw a tornado yesterday live on MSNBC. i just sat there frozen. i wanted to look away but i couldn’t. please Mudflatters be safe and report in.
      you may not feel us but we are here waiting to know if you are all right out there.

    • weaver57 says:

      These winds are very scary. Some years back we lost half our roof. Was covered in blue tarp for three weeks. The irony is that the weather alert sirens were then only working from 9 AM to 5Pm Monday through Friday. Our tornado came through at 5:45 AM on a Saturday morning! The weather alert systems are now working 24/7. There seems to be so much more violent weather and causing so much more damage world wide.

    • leenie17 says:

      My goodness…please be careful and stay safe, kss!

      I have a friend who used to live in Overland Park and now lives in AZ. There may be more crazies in AZ, but there are fewer tornadoes and, as someone who uses a wheelchair, it was a lot more difficult for her to escape to safety quickly.

      A safe evening to all the mudpups here and everyone facing dangerous weather this spring.

  16. aussiegal77 says:

    The Balloon Juice thread on alternative titles for Palin’s vanity film is killing me right now!

    • Laurie says:

      Some of these are laugh out loud funny. I certainly hope we can look forward to a response to her movie from SNL or any one of the comedians who gets used in her movie.

  17. JRC says:

    I’m about halfway through the book.

    I’m not sure how she can claim this is fiction. Her own words sink her pretty low.

    Frank, as someone who once worked for a narcissist, I really do understand what you went through. Peace.

  18. aussiegal77 says:

    Ok Lilybart’s “Raging Bulls**t” title for Palin’s vanity film has me in stitches!

  19. OMG says:

    I read the back and forth of the Hannity interview with Frank and wasn’t too surprised to read Hannity’s attack stance but Frank got the last word and it was great:

    BAILEY: Sean let me ask you a question. Why aren’t you and the folks on this network talking about her honesty.

    HANNITY: Because I don’t care about gossip. What she says publicly —

    BAILEY: Why aren’t you trying to vet these leaders? We have to have a strong leader on the right. You don’t want to vet them, Sean?

    Read more:

    • aussiegal77 says:

      So to smarmy Hannity asking about honesty = gossip! Ha. What a crock.

      For the record – what Palin says publicly is 90% lies. The other 10% is half truths. Which are also lies. The woman can’t even talk about the weather without lying.

      If the American Press doesn’t care – maybe the American public need to be vocal because WE DO CARE if our leaders are lying psychopaths who demand worship and no dissent.

  20. OMG says:

    Happy Birthday AKM and IrishGirl–I looked for the perfect gift for you (hope you haven’t already received this….) and think I have found it:

  21. psminidivapa says:

    Happy Birthday, AKM and IrishGirl. Waiting with bated breath for the UPS truck to deliver my copy of the book!

  22. PJ Nelson says:

    I just finished reading “Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin” by Frank Bailey, Ken Morris & Jeanne Devon. I am reminded of three other books I’ve read:

    “Blind Ambition” – John Dean White House Counsel (Nixon)
    “Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative” – David Brock (Bush)
    “The Politician” – Andrew Young (Edwards)

    The story in all four books seems to be the journey of a man who loved and/or “worshipped” his politician and/or cause and how each stepped into the abyss and then back out again on the other side.

    I must say I have a great deal of respect for each of these men for having been able to tell their stories, especially considering the amount of information contained in each book as to their own wrongdoing and repentance. I think if we truly try to put ourselves in their shoes, we might find that our own path in those circumstances may have been awfully similar to theirs. Not only does their object of worship crumble in front of them, they lose dear friends they thought they had protecting them. Most worked for a period of years doing what they thought was in defense of a just cause. Yes, they each lost their way. But much more importantly, each found his way back to the side of right and decided that they will take whatever heat comes (and each knows it will be a lot) for finally telling the truth. They are better men for it today.

    These are important books as they remind us all not to worship a person, untested, no matter how attractive or glittery. The cause must be just and the truth is what matters most. The truth matters.

    Kudos to Mr. Bailey for having the courage to tell his story, warts and all.

    PJ Nelson/Chicago

  23. aussiegal77 says:

    Happy birthday to AKM and to Irishgirl =D

  24. Pogo says:

    somewhat o/t, but over on Balloon Juice (sorry, I don’t know how to do links), there are over 300 hysterical titles suggested for her vanity film. Here are a few to whet your appetite:

    Citizen Vain
    Citizen Inane
    Lyin’ in Winter
    The Aleutianist

    • Lilybart says:

      Raging Bulls**t

      Born Identity

    • Mo says:

      Faves so far from Balloon Juice:

      Two Mewls for Sister Sarah

      The Scum Also Rises

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      How Green is My Money
      Seventh Hell
      In Palin’s Arizona (In Old Arizona was nominated for Best Pic in 1929)
      The Hate Parade
      Shanghai Express (a real movie)
      A Farewell to Charms
      State Unfair
      A Midsummer Night’s Mare
      Les Miserables Alaskenes
      A Tale of Two Quitties
      The Adventures of Robin Umerikuns
      The Wizard of Odd
      Withering Frights
      Titanic II
      Spamlet in Lipstick

  25. carol says:

    I read this part 1 of 2 interview with Walt Monegan. Especially telling is his last statement on why he was fired.

  26. PollyinAK says:

    I wish there was a “Like” button on this blog. I like everyone’s comments!

  27. alaskaliberal says:

    Happy birthday AKM…book sales brisk down here in Juneau 🙂

  28. rebekkah says:

    Yes, I used to be like Frank, conservative, but never never could I digest Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, etc. because of their sarcasm, ego, fake emotions, etc. I used to believe in all the right-wing family values propaganda. But when I saw the McCain-Palin machine in action, it took my breath away and made me take a serious look at the left. I saw more integrity and humanity on the left side than I did during the 2008 campaign coming from the “right”.

    When I choose a candidate, the first priority is character. Education and experience, though important, come second. Character (sincerety, humility, truth, compassion) and how they treat their family, how they treat others, what they say behind closed doors. The rest, their beliefs, agendas, policies, can change depending on their associations, but true “character” will never change, or it shouldn’t ever change. If it changes, it was never real in the first place.

    Personally for me, this whole revelation on Sarah Palin is about a woman who was supported by a christian fringe-right wing machine to win. And, she didn’t have a convicted christian bone in her body at some point. So it’s about the christian right placing a “saul” as king to satisfy their need to get one of their own in there. But, their Queen, Sarah, like Saul, had it out for the Davids and pursued the Davids who had to hide in caves, because Saul had a bitter bitter jealous heart.

  29. GreatGranny2C says:

    Many, many more HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to AKM and IRISHGIRL!

    Excellent interview Jeanne and I can hardly wait for the book to arrive.

    I’m in the middle of Dunn’s book and have also started on Floyd Orr’s tome, plus am re-reading
    Joe McGinniss “Going to Extremes”. Talk about Alaska saturation!

    More tornadoes heading this way and I will soon be hunkering down in my laundry room with the pups, pillows, flashlights, and books. I’m so thankful we have not had damage as so many areas have, but I’m getting awfully tired of sitting on the floor!

  30. Millie says:

    When viewing the photo of Palin w/Frank Bailey, it is amazing to see how much she has aged since then…the pressure of all this has assuredly gotten to her physcially over these few short years.

  31. Enjay in E MT says:

    Happy Birthday AKM !!

    I haven’t received my books yet – maybe by the weekend, but possibly Tuesday
    (So once again don’t tell me the ending !!!!)

    Perhaps you or Frank can elaborate on how the two of you discussed & came together on some of the differences you each addressed individually; you as the pj clad basement dwelling blogger and Frank as the “go-to” guy for the Palin Admin. Despite the Christian Conservative vs Liberal Left “tags”, how did you find common ground? Do either of you see a way to heal the rift in our heated political discourse? How can we reach out to each other to work TOGETHER rather than constantly fight?

    Many times we keep trying to redirect focus on the issues – yet when it comes to Palin, you can’t fight issues because she never clearly states her position. Her record is so convoluted and skewed – was for it before being against it, death panels for end of life wishes, commonsense conservative lobbying for DC dollars, etc. Smaller government, less regulation and stand between a woman’s choice.

    • A fan in CA says:

      I’ll second that. Your back story of coming together sounds like one that needs to be told. We could all learn from it.

  32. Moose Pucky says:

    Interesting interview. Politicians and budgets. Arghhh. I can verify that the pork tossed at our rural community in this year’s legislative budget has nothing whatsoever to do with the community priorities of the people who live here.

  33. fawnskin mudpuppy says:



  34. A fan in CA says:

    Happy Birthday to everyone!

  35. aussiegal77 says:

    Dear Frank,

    Thank you for being honest. I am a Christian and I align with you on certain things politically but not all. I believe in smaller, smarter government but being someone who supports Keynesian economic theories, I also believe that there are some services where the public sector will be more efficient to provide than the private sector. Being a Christian also drives my belief that government and the public sector should play a role in helping the poor, the needy, the widow and the orphan – which is why I support universal healthcare.

    On social issues – I’m a bit of a mixed bag. I’m pro-life but I also don’t believe that government can make moral decisions for people. So I am also pro-choice i.e. pro the right of the individual to make their own choices, for good or bad.

    Ultimately though – I don’t believe that politics is the way to God. I trust and affirm the Bible that Jesus is the glory of God and only thru Him can people be made whole and saved from sin. I care less about where a person stands politically than where they stand with God. Which is why I am very thankful and hopeful for you that you have come thru the woods and finally making amends for past mistakes. God bless your efforts and God fill you with abundant grace & humility!!

    When it comes to Sarah Palin – to me, she is without morals. She has no moral compass. You are kind in your assessment of her and I respect that. But I have to say unequivocally that she is a racist, hateful, bitter and poisonous person who lies at every opportunity. She may not have always been this deeply resentful and perhaps losing the 2008 election to Obama/Biden really flipped her lid but the woman I see today on the national stage is not even remotely close to glorifying God with her actions, words or life.

    My deep hope and fervent prayer is that fellow Christians who think Sarah Palin is a good role model will read your book. I really truly hope they do. Because she is the exact opposite of what a good follower of Christ should be.

    I’m sorry to use such strong words but I believe it is way past time the church realised that they can not just throw their support behind every candidate who brandishes a cross and spouts virtuous sounding words while living in utter hypocrisy. The church has the responsibility to the flock to be discerning in who they throw their support behind. I hope your book will highlight the massive hypocrisy of Sarah Palin to the evangelical base she so desperately hopes to manipulate come 2012.

    I wish you all the best and may God be your strength, your comfort and your refuge in the coming weeks and months because I think you know as well as anyone that backlash is definitely coming from the Palin camp. Stand firm in your faith, dear brother! Stand firm and know that God fights for you – tell the truth and let the light shine into the darkness. We who say we are of the Light cannot have Darkness within us. Thank you so much for writing this book and I pray you will continue your journey back to a deep and abiding relationship with God – who is the ONLY One that matters.

    In His Name,
    A Sister in Christ

    • ks sunflower says:

      That was a heartfelt and moving comment. This is why you are my favorite online evangelical. Your faith guides you but does not blind you. You truly seem to live your faith while not condemning others who may not share it. I am always happy to see your name pop up on this blog because I know you will almost always remind me that not all evangelicals are like Sarah, that there is hope for coexistence and moving forward together to build a better world. Thank you, aussiegal. May your words touch and support Frank Bailey. I am so grateful that you are part of the mudflats community. Your example humbles many of us.

    • physicsmom says:

      I am not a Christian, but I admire your sincerity and commitment to a God-like life. I wish that there were more Christians like you, rather than the hypocritical do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do kind we see on the political and evangelical stages. I’m sure your message will be meaningful to Frank. Thank you for sharing.

    • leenie17 says:

      As a long-ago-lapsed Catholic, I vaguely remember the lessons taught to me by the nuns (still encased in heavy fabric and giant rosary beads in those days and scaring the bejeebers out of us kids who thought they had no arms, legs or torsos!).

      I seem to recall something about doing penance for our sins and it seems to me that this book could very well serve as Mr. Bailey’s penance for his own sins. The recognition that he committed sins, the acknowledgement of the damage they caused, and the ensuing guilt (hey, I WAS Catholic and I AM half Irish!), is always the first and most important step.

      I may disagree with nearly all of his beliefs (and certainly question his taste in entertainment if he listens to those eeeedjits) but I will be forever grateful to him for any part he may play in ending the Quitter Queen’s political career once and for all.

      We all make mistakes. Some of us take longer to realize we are making them and to stop making them than others. I am glad to see that he is trying to make reparations for the hurt he may have caused by his actions. I hope he and his family find peace through the confession of his misdeeds.

  36. DonnaInMichigan says:

    I don’t see Sarah Palin running for President ….

    I see her getting her residency in place in Arizona, and running for either congress or senate seats..

    She knows in Alaska her political career is dead…

    She figures she has a better chance in Arizona…’s all about power, money and winning…

    Oh and she will win what ever seat she seeks. She has the BIG money makers behind her….

    • Dagian says:

      “Oh and she will win what ever seat she seeks. She has the BIG money makers behind her…”

      Wait, wait, let me guess…porn industry? 😉

    • Onionpeeler says:

      I just bought my first Kindle book, Frank’s. I’ve been dying to read it, but I’m sure, without the out loud shreaks of laughter that Game Change gave me. Can you imagine ANYONE not knowing why there are two Koreas?

      I hope a law suit against the leakers is in the offing and that I can contain myself enough to allow McGinness’ book to hit the library before I read it. One should never profit from such behavior.

      To DonnaInMichigan, given the democratic win yesterday in a traditionally Republican state, given the excellent job FEMA is being allowed to do in Missouri, given the wonderful compliment England gave our president and the equally wonderful speech he gave this morning. (Breathe) …given the Donalds and Newts and Ryans (and Palins) that dominate the GOP becoming so well known, I am regaining some hope for the ideals our country once stood for.

      God Bless Barack Hussein Obama.

    • OMG says:

      I believe she has her sites on the WH and she believes that it is her rightful place. Why else would she contact a film producer, why else would the film producer take on the project and why else would the film debut in Iowa then tour the other early primary states. The more I read “Blind….” the more I believe that she is working her demonic magic to promote herself using the same manipulation and deception that she has used before.

      I know her minions will support her no matter what (just ask Frank Bailey)–some will walk across broken glass for her–she is a deity to them and she likes it that way.

      • BigPete says:

        Demonic Magic

        What better time and place for the film’s producer to sell some tickets than in Iowa during the primaries? He’s got his own money invested in that turkey of a documentary!

        • BigPete says:

          It could be even worse….

          Maybe the producer undertook the film on the understanding, from the grifter herself, that she would be running. He probably thought he had a “Fahrenheit 911” blockbuster on his hands that was perfect for the presidential elections and an Oscar nomination.

          Now he’s in a total panic and he’s rush-releasing the film in time for the glamourous Iowa primaries!

          Bailey would understand if the producer were to feel ‘stood up’.

    • Millie says:

      I think she’ll run into big trouble in AZ should she try to run for a Senate seat. There are many folks there that will remember her crosshairs, the shootings and the work Gabby is having to do to recover. I’m one that does blame Palin for that fiasco and I fear she’ll start others.

  37. BigPete says:

    She’s extremely competitive and money isn’t as important to her as winning, and as power.

    She’s also extremely lazy!
    What happened to all the preparation and homework?

  38. John says:

    Bailey has admitted in this interview that he did some terrible things in the name of SP. Admitting one’s mistakes is the first step and I hope he truly understands that the means he used were wrong, and not just that he picked the wrong person to use them for.

  39. barbara says:

    happy birthday akm!

  40. Diane says:

    I wonder if palin’s bucket of water will be a bucket of milk from Dairy Gate?

    Here’s hoping!

  41. 24owls says:

    If Mr Bailey was interested in a smaller, smarter government then palin was neither of those so I guess it took him awhile to see the writing on the wall. Then again a smarter government is subjective, much like the term activist judges, if you agree with the smart government or the judge then they are fine, but if you don’t, well, then the government is over reaching and the judges should be impeached. Many years ago when I first started tuning in to AKM she had made the comment that if palin wasn’t pretty looking she would have never gotten as far as she did – sexy sells and palin and her clan are using that advantage to the max, certainly she can’t use the “smart” advantage or the “I got so much money that I can buy anybody, any time” advantage so what else does she have? Her “christian” values have also been time tested and found to be so false that it boggles the mind why anybody that leans on the bible for guidance would even consider her God’s servant in any way, shape, or form. In my view God has closed her door of opportunity many, many times already but she’s not even listening to him anymore.

    • PollyinAK says:

      Many of her “followers” are just going by Fox, and HER books. With that message only going into their heads, it would be easy for people to think she is “Christian”. Remember, during the campaign, many Christian women denounced her. However- Mr. Bailey is probably correct, that Sarah can win the primary. Doesn’t she pal around with Graham?

    • ks sunflower says:

      I was disheartened to hear Mr. Bailey say he is a Fox News conservative and to read that the follows Limbaugh and Beck amongst others.

      Perhaps, with time and reflection, he will come to the same conclusions about them as he has regarding Sarah. They are all self-absorbed hucksters who play the gullible with their twisting of facts and ability to manipulate emotions. At least there is hope for Frank if he gave up on Sarah. Now, if we hear that he has awakened from the hold of Fox News, then I will feel more hopeful for the country at large.

      At least ratings are dropping for Beck and Limbaugh. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of their madness.

  42. G Katz says:

    Has it been determined whether the Palin’s are the purchasers of the estate in Scottdale? Reading the book and noticing that the Palin’s own a cabin on “Safari” lake rang a bell since the name of the company that purchased the Scottsdale property was “Safari” something-er-other.

    • Laurie says:

      I saw some photos with the Mr and Mrs behind the wall of the compound. There is footage from a
      helicopter flyover showing Sarah in a familiar outfit with the baseball cap and those athletic shorts with the white trim around the bottom. They have installed playground equipment also, too.

      I wonder if they actually bought it or they are just leasing it to themselves to reap tax benefits or to have lease paid by supporters somehow.

  43. DF says:

    Those of us who do not want to see $P in politics, of any kind, appreciate the efforts that went into publishing this book. Having seen/read a few interviews, I believe it all — and, I will read the book very soon. I’m glad that the radar exposed by her public persona parallels what is being exposed in the book. Most of us get it — so, we can only hope that those who don’t will read at least a little bit of it.

    • PollyinAK says:

      There are a lot of people who love to read. But, may not personally go out to purchase this book, so we can pass ours on to our acquaintances.

      Thank you “team” for bringing this book to the world. Thank you Frank for your courage of conscience. You may lose some friends, but you have gained millions who respect you. And many blessings to you and your family.

    • Dagian says:

      I can imagine her in comics though. A villain, the kind who gets others to do the dirty work with hints of fantastic rewards and delights for a job well done. But never delivered!

  44. Alaska Pi says:

    Thank you AKM and Mr Bailey.
    Yes, I see populism at it’s worst too AND a cult of personality as is implicit in the Queen Esther hoo-hoo.

    The scenario which played out over and around the filling of my district’s Senate seat, which denied my district of representation in the State Senate for most of a session, still sticks in my gullet everytime whatzername flaps on about standing for everyday people.
    She played the populist elitist meme at every opportunity but had no trouble disenfranchising vast swaths of we everyday non-elites when it served her personal purposes to do so.

    • tallimat says:

      Lets just chaulk it up to ——-> Worst Govenor Ever

      3 simple words that are so useful in advancing our learning as Alaskans…

      • Alaska Pi says:

        good idea.
        these 3 simple words really do encompass the whole mess.

      • And Palin, acting like thuggish white trash confronting the lady who had the sign ‘worst governor ever’ —that was a moment when we got a glimpse of the inner $arah…caught forever –on YouTube…by her own doing! Priceless!

  45. Wallflower says:

    Happy birthday! And thanks for sharing this interview. Franks’ depiction of the drive to and from Eagle really resonates for me–sometimes, in a space created by silence and reflection, a person *does* hear the voice of this conscience. The e-mails will be fascinating, I’m sure, but Frank’s struggle with his values is what makes this a story.

  46. Irishgirl says:

    While checking the Amazon status of my copy I managed to download the kindle book this morning. I am nearly halfway through it and wow…. It is excellent. Congratulations to all three of you and Happy Birthday, AKM.

  47. TrueBlueGirl says:

    Sarah’s fired her secret weapon in response to this book; bet she was waiting to see if the response was low key like Dunn’s, and when she saw that it was getting real and sustained attention she moved up her press release for the vanity movie.

    Here’s my happy thought for the day to share: scorpions. I once moved to an area which had them, although I somehow missed this fact. I noticed that my mailbox was filled everyday with pest control contact offers, an odd mystery. Then it began. In the sink, crawling up the wall or the curtains, on the couch, in the shoes, under every rug, between the sheets in the middle of the night. Mothers with multiple babies carried on their backs. Some very aggressive, raising their claws and charging. Ugh. The stings were painful, but it was the psychological effect that nearly undid me. I battled them, beat them back, but never beyond 3-4 a week. And they were the worst when we returned after an absence of any length… terrorizing us by taking over more territory, implacable and relentless.

    So… Scottsdale. Scorpions. Smile.

  48. Dagian says:

    “Bailey: I would hope that those people who are enamored by her,”

    I would prefer that he used the word ‘mesmerized’, personally.

  49. Lilybart says:

    So we hear that Frank withheld the most damning emails.

    This is very disappointing.
    He claims to be telling the story, but he is still protecting her.
    Sorry I bought the book.

    • Snoskred says:

      You don’t believe everything you read in the media, do you? 🙂

      • Lilybart says:

        I do when one of the authors says it:

        “There were so many more shocking revelations that Frank wasn’t comfortable putting in, so we didn’t. He wanted to tell the story about what was wrong as opposed to things about affairs and legitimacies and diet pills. Yes, he wants people to know what kind of person Sarah Palin is like, because that is important,” Morris said.

        • A fan in CA says:

          Sensational revelations, while they may be true, are just distractions from the more substantial issues that we need to address in our public discourse.

          Look at Arnie. We knew he was a “horn dog” before he was elected. What he did do was fool enough voters into believing his policies would be good for the state. The same with Scarah. I think how she handled the budget is a more important issue in her record.

          • kiksadi50 says:

            i read the book.I would describe the revelations as less than sensational, and nothing I haven’t heard before.I also think Mr.bailey is low-balling the power & control of rove,cheney, & other bigwig GOP’s who clearly dislike Palin.She has a rabid following,no doubt.So does Michelle Bachmann.I think Palin was humiliated by her loss as VP and will not run again unless she is absolutely convinced that she can win.I don’t think it’s about competition, its about revenge.Most of her platforms, birtherism, deathpanels, getting Bin Laden & keeping the U.S. safe,have fallen apart.She’s part of the wealthy elite now so she can’t be a maverick or a hockey mom anymore.She’s a floating, talking head speaking from her basement in Wasilla continuing to demonstrate how ill-informed she is.She get elected as POTUS without the support of Independents,Conservative demo.’s,& mod.Repub.That will never happen.Many of that demographic has turned towards bachmann & others.The GOP is pretty splintered presently & palin isn’t exactly known for bringing people together.I think bailey under estimates palin’s new found passion for private jets, and $100,000 fees for 20 min. speeches.She also has an adolescent child that sounds like a loose canon to me.Even sara palin can’t control an out of control adolescent who has been raised by older siblings & has to resent her mother’s constant absences over the yrs.If sara thinks she was raked over the coals during her VP run,wait until she runs for POTUS.Those subjects bailey didn’t want to go into in his book will come out.If she doesn’t run now,she won’t run in 2016.Jeb Bush would kick her ass.

        • vyccan says:

          Actually, I can appreciate the fact that Mr. Bailey did not include ALL her dirty little secrets. If his real intent is to reveal her lack of know-how, character and integrity to lead the country, then that can be accomplished without sordid details about ‘affairs and legitimacies and diet pills’. After all, many people ALREADY came to that conclusion on the basis of the abysmal ignorance and (lack of) character she has shown since her debut on the international stage. Bailey’s revelations may just confirm this fact for some, while opening the eyes of some others. There is really no need for him to act like a reporter for a gossip rag, and had he done so, this would have detracted from his ‘moral’ argument, at least IMO. As the President has shown, you can stop someone in their tracks by responding with the truth without crushing their face in the dirt in the telling. The reception of that truth by the majority of the masses will, hopefully, do the ‘ face crushing’.

          • Millie says:

            Very well said!

          • Irishgirl says:

            I agree. I have nearly finished the book and I am overwhelmed by her petty vindictiveness and her inability to do the job of governing. In fact, I feel quite sickened by her behaviour so far.

            I’m sure she has other skeletons in her closet but I really think this book didn’t need to go there. There is enough here to discredit her. Others books will take another angle.

            I did get the sense from Bailey that he was trying to protect her children and that is admirable.

            Back to reading….

          • Alaska Pi says:

            Excellent !
            Had Mr Bailey gotten lost in ‘gossip rag’ chatter it would have destroyed his moral argument and in the end , him.

  50. tigerwine says:

    AKM – I’ll be this is one birthday you’ll never forget! I was gratified when, despite your differences, the three of you became friends and respect each others beliefs. Makes me feel good. (Although I doubt I could ever be real pals with someone who likes Rush and Glen!)

    And…it looks more like SP is running than not running. She’s made a 2 hour movie that will premier in Iowa next month. I’m still trying to figure out who has the stamina to sit that long with Sarah narrating.
    Next question: When will FOX realise she IS running and fire her?

  51. Forty Watt says:

    Happy Birthday AKM and Irishgirl. 😀

  52. OMG says:

    Since I do not (and will not) watch Fox News I don’t know how the Hannity interview went. Any info?

    • Millie says:

      I’m curious about that interview too as I never watch FOX either. Would think Hannity to have been tough and challenging with his questions.

      • zyggy says:

        i watched, they werent tough questions, more like condenscending questions. He peppered Frank with questions and then made his own personal attacks. He said Frank was brought up on chargesbut neglected to say who put him up to all that crap that he did.

  53. Foreign Fan says:

    Thank you for this candid, and in lightening interview. I think it will go a long way in giving encouraging people to give this book an objective reading. iFeliz cumpleanos!

  54. Ripley in CT says:

    Happy Birthday AKM! I cannot think of a better present than having a book that you co-authored get sold out somewhere! Let’s have it happen today! I plan to shop for mine and will let you know how it’s going up here!

    Enjoy your day!

    • ks sunflower says:

      Oh, my gosh, I didn’t realize it was her birthday. What with the books being released, the harsh weather around here, and the end of the school year ——- Happy Birthday, AKM!

      Thank you so much for making your life one that benefits us all. You voice is one that has made and is making a difference. Happy Birthday to you! Know that we are grateful you are amongst us.

    • giddyup says:

      Happy Birthday, AKM. Have a great one! 🙂

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks for remembering. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AKM!!!!! May your day be wonderful and the next year even better than the last.

  55. Lynn in Va says:

    Thought provoking interview… Can’t wait for my copy of the book to arrive! I can only pray that The rest of this country wakes up to the real danger that this woman represents (and believe me, I live in Palin country). Thank you all for what you have given us

  56. lemonfair says:

    Great interview. Have seen the Martin Bashir and Lawrence O’Donnell interviews, and a CNN interview. This is one book I’m not going to have to rely on you to read so I don’t have to!

    (One minor little point that is unfortunately a pet peeve of mine. You’re better than this: “and consider both he and Ken Morris to be dear and wonderful friends” As you know, it’s “consider both him and Ken Morris…”)

    • Thomas says:

      Since we’re being all petty, I’d point out your second sentence is missing its subject. Few things are more embarrassing to behold than someone deploying poor grammar while lecturing others about grammar. #FAIL

  57. thatcrowwoman says:

    I can see summer vacation just 2 weeks away, and grin in anticipation of reading Blind Allegiance.

    (I think I can…I think I can…)

    Wicked prom pic of granny feckin’ fraud, there, also, too…
    I know there’s a bucket of water around here somewhere…

    • ks sunflower says:

      thatcrowwoman, I apologize for starting your day with this article, but in case you haven’t read it, you need to because it is horrifying what librarians are going through to keep their jobs – being interrogated by attorneys, recorded by court reporters with guards standing by — all just to keep their jobs. It sounds unbelievable, I know, but if this can happen elsewhere, I worry that it could happen in FL with your despicable Governor Scott.

      Sorry, AKM, for getting OT so quickly. Your post is great. The book is great, but this article needs to get disseminated as widely as possible, in my opinion. I think when people read it, they will be stunned.,0,4556094.column?page=1

      May this be a warning to us all. I cannot believe this is happening in our country in the name of budget cuts.

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