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New Emails Reveal Palin Lied When She Denied Online Poll Fixing

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During Sarah Palin’s brief tenure as governor, staff spent a great deal of time repeatedly voting in online polls. They even used special software that would vote over and over in these non-scientific opinion polls from local TV stations like KTUU in Anchorage. For Palin, it was all about the image. If her policies looked popular, then in her world, they were. If she looked like a success, she was. Her all-consuming obsession with her own media presence was undeniable in the emails I read while researching the book Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin.

While the voting was open, ongoing reports were made back to Palin about how the poll was doing, and whether “we” were up or down, or able to catch up to the real voters who had different ideas.

Palin came out on Fox News Sunday saying that this was all a blatant lie – that Frank Bailey was not telling the truth. But check out this clip from Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. NBC’s Michael Isikoff has found references in today’s Palin email dump that show who is really lying.

*Hint – It’s not Frank.

The statement starts at 5:05

“One of her former top aides, Frank Bailey wrote that book in which he says one of the things that he used to do while working for Palin was manipulate online polls that were being done by state TV stations, and radio stations. When they were doing it, Palin would send out the word and the Palin staff would get people to vote on the polls to support Palin’s position on various issues. When Palin was asked about that on Fox News Sunday the other day she said “Bailey’s allegations are a complete lie.” Well, sure enough, we did find in the emails references to these polls which seem to show Palin trying to get out the word to her staff to vote on these polls to affect their outcome.”



75 Responses to “New Emails Reveal Palin Lied When She Denied Online Poll Fixing”
  1. kiksadi50 says:

    When joe miller was accused (and I believe confessed ) to having done a similar thing,it still didn’t keep him from running for office & forcing Lisa Murkowski to run as an Independent.Even with documentation, which Bailey says he possesses,(I’ve read his book) and his testimony (hopefully others will come forward) I wonder if anyone in the Parnell admin.will care.The Palin’s now have millions of dollars to fight this kind of accusation and access to top flight attorneys who will eviserate anyone who testifies against the palins.I know Alaska. You pay a heavy price when you call powerful people on their illegal behaviors.I’m in a suit vs an ex-boss right now and I don’t have millions but I have 2 lawyers.I wish Bailey luck.I salute his courage & ethics.But the Palin’s are vicious,without scruples.

  2. FauxPalin says:

    Sarah Palin was never properly vetted at the time the McCain camp chose her as his VP.
    The MSM had asked permission from the beginning to obtain info on MS. Palin, but “her camp” had refused. So., after all these years in the wating this info has come forth. Ultimately, one might say this is all Palin’s fault.
    There is no need to cry for Palin and all the MSM hype that is going on at present.
    Palin brought this all on herself. I do not feel sorry for her. If she had agreed from the onset perhaps she wouldn’t be in all this mess. Perhaps people would be a little more understanding of her.

  3. kiksadi50 says:

    usually when I post something on Mudflats that doesn’t go along with the majority, I end up being accused of being a mole or a troll or something.I don’t even know what a troll or a mole is.I just find it interesting that people who regularly blog on what is believed to be a liberal site react like that but I believe that freedom of expression comes with a cost and life is not a popularity contest.I’ve read Dunn’s book, and I’ve read Bailey’s.I preferred Dunn’s.I thought it was more interesting. Dunn provides some terrific insights into Alaskan politics,culture,the states history to suggest how it became possible for someone like sara palin to become,not only Gov. but a candidate for VP of the U.S. I guess Bailey’s book was just to subjective for me and (here’s the first name I anticipate being called) a tad boring & self indulgent.I respect Bailey’s religious & political beliefs (although his praise of people like Wayne Anthony Ross, and Eddie Burke made me ill) even though I don’t share them.However,I felt his repeated wish to do the lord’s will as a rational & an excuse that he brought up again and again in the book to explain why he did the things he did irritating.There is also an underlying thread of defending some of palin’s political acts because of their shared political & religious beliefs,that were just plain wrong.The battle to fill Kim Elton’s vacated senate seat is one instance.He seems like a very nice man.He is obviously sincere in his compassion for humanity,and the belief that we should extend a helping hand to people in need.But in the end I found his book to be more about explaining why he did what he did than how this part of out alaskan political history happened and what we can do to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

  4. rod gonzales says:

    we Alaskans can sue TODD PALIN..we need to start with him. To lie for ones self serving faith in there god!? as an official for our state (in SP’S case) violates the oath of honor it is not “honor to change point” or honor to the 7 mountains! yuck!..sarah broke her oath to us, todd should be charged with sabotage of alaska records, sanctity of public record. a secessionist idiot!

  5. MO Inkslinger says:

    Does anyone have any ideas about the email from Parnell to Palin about a call from Child Protective Services where he says so pray and thing about it?

  6. Jen in SF says:

    Sadly I agree with you, AKPetMom, one hundred percent.

  7. Ripley in CT says:

    The crucial factor is the time line of events.

    We know that Palin was “due” in mid-May. We also know from the e-mails that Todd was on the slope in August.

    Google “conception Calculator” and you’ll see why this is fishy, to say the least.

    • kiksadi50 says:

      I think fixating on palin’s last pregnancy discredits the substantiated information that we have gathered related to ethics and laws that were violated during her campaign & her term as half Gov.Whether or not she had her staff pad poles is a lot more important than whether or not Trig is hers.For the record,I think he is,knowing how hard it is to keep a secret in small town alaska.It feels sleazy speculating about it, by questioning it,lets palin look credible as a victim once again.Plus,lets give Trig a break.Doesn’t he have enough to contend with in life without salacious rumours circulating about his legitimacy?I really feel for this little guy, and think he deserves to be protected and left out of this thing.

      • fawnskin mudpuppy says:

        i personally believe that the trig hoax does relate to the palin legacy. he has been used to booster her credentials in the prolife crowd.
        if he is her child by birth, then prove it.

        (sorry akm)

        • Irishgirl says:

          It should be easy enough to do!

          • kiksadi50 says:

            going on about trig’s legitimacy & asking for proof of paternity is really no different than obsessing on Obamma’s birth certificate and citizenship.It’s true, Palin has used Trig’s special needs to foster her relationship with the ultra-conservative, pro-life folks. But she exploits all of her kids for press purposes. I don’t think palin could be a very good mother.She really hasn’t raised her youngest kids,she’s been too busy running for public office.Trig deserves to be protected. And if his parent’s won’t do it, we should. We’re suppose to be the good guys (gals).It’s bad enough that he was born with down syndrome (& we don’t know how severely)but on top of that to grow up doubting due to gossip & speculation who his parents are, seems like cruel & abusive behavior to me.

  8. benlomond2 says:

    She’s coming to the end of her run… 1) she won’t run for Pres.. 2) the veil has been torn for those willing to see; 2 1/2 years to release e-mails ? 3) word salad galore since she left office, and 4) NO solutions for anything she’s commented on- except for building a dike to contain an oil spill πŸ™‚ . Those vocal few who support her are of the same ilk who donate their few dollars to Evangelical Con-men who claim they have God’s Ear, while driving in expensive cars to their Million Dollar Estates . ….
    Hopefully Alsakans can pick up the pieces and patch the holes in their goverment process…

    • Lilybart says:

      When we step back it is clear to see that while we obsess over the media’s attention to this idiot, the American people have not been totally fooled by her, and really, no one wants her to run and that movie is a killer. If she had real advisors they would not release it.

      • FauxPalin says:

        Regards to her moive. When Palin viewed it in Phoenix, afterwards her comments were…”I was blown away.”
        Well, now, we know who she really loves.

    • yukonbushgrma says:

      Ben, Lily, Faux —

      I wish I could say she’s going away. I just won’t believe it until I see it.

      As Alaskans, we’ve seen for a few years now how she can change, depending upon what’s available to her.

      She’s bilking her donators for gazillions and taking “vacations” on their dime — all the while saying she’s “not running for president.” Good grief! What is THAT?

      She keeps taking in money — probably right now, from those who like her more than Bachmann — and I don’t think she will EVER quit.

      It’s all about the money.

  9. Lee323 says:

    No big surprise on the emails.

    Palin used multiple private accounts to hide her important or incendiary dealings from the public’s right to know…..and anything that slipped through on the official account, she and her cronies had two and a half years to redact or withhold those items.

    FOIA, my arse. The big story on these emails is how Palin has made the citizens of Alaska (and America) the foolish cuckolds in her torrid affair with obfuscation and lying! Troopergate redux.

    It’s time for Wikileaks or its equivalent!

    • beaglemom says:

      I agree. About three years to redact these emails. It’s a wonder any text is left at all! And, remember they invited Sarah’s attorneys to go through the material as well. The only thing that should be left out of FOIA-requested documents should have to relate to national security. Presumably there was not much discussion of national security in Sarah’s emails – of course, since you can see Russia from Alaska . . . .

      The end result will be the msm assuring the country that Sarah Palin was doing a great job as Alaska’s governor and that she was victimized all along by some pesky citizens. Poor Sarah! And then the New York Times and the Washington Post can go back to promoting her as a viable contender for the Republican nomination. So much for the press in this country!

      • Lee323 says:

        True. It’s been embarrassing to watch the media race after this latest iteration of Palin’s “bus tour.”. The “email dump” is absolutely no different than her self-serving, constitution-wrapped “One Nation” RV; Palin only shows people what she wants them to see….superficial image, nothing more.

        Anyhow, what did the media expect from these emails after nearly three years? That they would contain some juicy personal secret or solid evidence of nefarious dealings which they could trumpet around for a few news cycles? Did it never occur to them that an obsessive and paranoid megalomaniac such as Palin would have gone over these emails herself with a fine-tooth comb in the last three years, so that they reflect only the image she wants distributed?

        Palin’s Proffered Puffery…..and the media and her deluded fans eat it up. Poor slobs.

        • FauxPalin says:

          Requesting info re: Palin from the MSM is nothing new.
          Since Palin was not truly vetted (not enough time) from the time she was chosen to run with Senator McCain, the media had asked early on about more info from Palin, but their request was never granted until now..after all these years.
          I don’t have any hesitation with the Palin emails coming forth like a lot of people do.
          Palin put this all upon herself to begin with..

          • yukonbushgrma says:

            As Linda pointed out, Palin’s latest emails (after the FOIA request) have to come out in 5 weeks. That’s the deadline. After that, as far as I understand it, she’s off scott-free.

            Two-year period for examining records of an ex-governor after her resignation.

            If it ain’t done in 5 weeks, we’ll never know anything.

            (Linda can correct this if it’s wrong, but that’s how I took it.)

            There’s so much more to look at! I hope someone files a request within 5 weeks!

      • yukonbushgrma says:

        Yep!!! —— YUCHHHHHHHH !!!!!!

  10. Diane says:

    Was she truly as popular a Gov?
    Now that we know what she did, was she really rated so high as Gov? Were her policies really so popular?
    You have to figure if she “fixed’ the polls at the state level, did she have help at the national level?

    • Alaska Pi says:

      From a single Alaskan’s perspective :
      Yes, at first, she was popular as Gov. The context of that popularity is very important, not only to us here, but as a check and balance to what has followed since.
      Yes, some of her public policies really were popular.
      AKM has written over and over about what was happening here that set the scene for a “fresh face” to appear not only on the scene but to be as welcomed as SP’s was.

      “Whispers from Wasilla” were largely ignored during the Gov election and the first year of her tenure for sure.
      Those whispers pointed to the disconnects SP operates within and cautioned against falling for the charisma aspect she can muster. The bursting-on-the-national-scene as McCain’s attack dog may have unleashed her inner mean girl but she pretty much cloaked that part of herself here – to herself too πŸ™‚
      For folks scanning these emails for “smoking guns” I would urge a careful look at her ability to sweet-talk in them about open-and-transparent government in relation to the actual pulling of the curtain over ever more of the Executive branch activities – the disconnect is obvious. She believed her own gobbeldygook .
      Look carefully at this review of our law as regards Public Records:

      pretty low scores for open-and-transparent, eh?

      AKM is right to question all the items held back in relation to the deliberative process ( and her remarks about the lack of what-was-being-deliberated on most held back are to the point! ) .

      At this time we have no schedule for release of policy papers for gone-govs which is a major hole in the law. While the court’s opinion that shielding the deliberation process has value in that those involved may feel free to debate widely and openly to arrive at policy without fear of backlash of various sorts AT THE TIME, the acceptance or rather non-testing of this opinion after a gov is gone is problematic.

      As time wore on and the fresh face passed it’s sell-by date , especially after her totally non-professional behavior post VP run, folks got to looking at her from a different angle…

      Don’t worry too much about fixing-the-polls at the national level- McCain’s campaign paid dearly for every stoopid thing they stuck their foot in over whatzername and whether flooding non-scientific polls for whatzername was on the list or not they sunk their own boat.

  11. Bev says:

    I am sorry but I figured all along that whatever emails they released they would not be anything worth reading.
    All the mean spirited ones would be private and never released and being Sarah she knew how to hide those…she learned how to be corrupt.

    I still think she is running for President right now, just doing it in a different way, from her tour, the movie and the Arizona house….she is putting herself out there without spending a dime of her own, seeing how she is received and then I think she will announce when she feels she has the support.

    What is the purpose of that movie, can anyone explain that to me and it’s timing???????????

    • kiksadi50 says:

      I think bachmann is going to give palin a major run for her $ as the face of Conservatives & as a candidate if palin runs.Bachmann certainly has a lengthier resume in national politics,& I think the Tea Party trusts her more than Palin.One thing you’ve got to give bachmann,she’s a tireless work horse,& she doesn’t quit.I think palin has made too many enemies.A lot of people don’t trust her.She’s used and discarded too many people who could have been her allies,& her constant vying for the celebrity limelight,covergirl stuff is wearing thin.The bus stunt was lame, and her continued refusal to get up to speed on issues just looks juvenile.bachmann actually looked good during the debate next to everone but Romney.I wonder if she’ll run as a third party candidate.

  12. yukonbushgrma says:

    I’m just so PO’d about the coverage of $P’s emails.

    Just finished watching CNN, around midnight Fri./Sat. I think it was Spitzer.

    He had a guy on who wrote a book about Palin. The guy said that the emails would show she was a governor who was truly trying to progress new causes and work on a bi-partisan basis.


    Hey — does anyone know ….. has CNN recently been bought out by Murdoch?


  13. Sally says:

    I think they show what we already know: Palin is overly concerned with her image, and is not above cheating to burnish it. She has a history of lying when it suits her purposes, and she uses her family to maintain her ‘Christian family’ meme. Hopefully, this will finally convince people that this woman should be nowhere near DC or any state house ever again.

    • yukonbushgrma says:

      Sally, I hope you’re right. After what I heard on CNN tonight, I’m not so sure.

    • FauxPalin says:

      I also just love it (NOT) when Palin appears at an event, whichever she is covering or targeting that day, she will wear the Star of David Pin, or a huge cross around her neck. Whatever suits Missy Palin.

  14. Blooper says:


    I just read this well written article over at the Anchorage Daily News Website. I know it’s a bit lengthy, but I think it is important and I thought i would take the chance and post it here. Mods, feel free to delete this if you feel it is in any way in violation of the Mudflats posting standards. Thank you.

    Emails show increasing criticism wore on Palin

    Anchorage Daily News

    Published: June 10th, 2011 10:46 PM
    Last Modified: June 10th, 2011 10:47 PM

    A massive trove of emails released Friday from Sarah Palin’s time as governor show a chief executive who was engrossed with countering her critics and increasingly upset at news coverage as she vaulted into international celebrity.

    The state of Alaska released 24,199 printed pages of emails that Palin sent or received as governor. They show Palin coming into office preoccupied with making appointments and filling staff positions, like any governor, but also pledging to be open and transparent.

    “I’ve asked that you all share your opinions, speak freely to the press, public, one another, etc…I have great faith that we’re on the right path going a new direction here with freedom in information sharing,” Palin wrote in an email to commissioners and top staff members early in 2007, about a month after taking office.

    But as Palin took public relations hits, whether it be in news stories, talk radio, letters to the editor or just anonymous comments on blogs, she appeared to become increasingly focused on counterpunching. At one point in 2008, Palin ghost-wrote a letter to the editor, quoting herself, apparently feeling the need to counter an earlier letter to the editor that had criticized Palin for failing to show up at that year’s Miss Alaska pageant. Palin prepared the response and asked her aides to find someone to submit it to the Daily News under their own name.

    Palin was particularly sensitive to comments on the Daily News’ politics blog. At one point she asked that Alaska State Troopers check out one of the most critical commentators, Sherry Whitstine of Wasilla.

    “I think our security guys should check into her because the times she’s blogged about Todd’s schedule and what we drive have really infringed on our privacy rights and potential safety when psychos know when Todd’s out of town,” she wrote.

    In another email Palin speculated on the identity of “rfn,” another person who left comments on the Daily News blog. “He started off as a big supporter, now he’s a critic who picks and chooses what issues to support us on,” Palin wrote, and wondered if the commenter was a member of the media.

    She wrote in a different email to officials working on her natural gas pipeline project that she was fascinated by how another person who left anonymous comments on the Daily News blog had turned “from his support of the administration to his slamming of us the past few weeks.”

    Palin suggested that the commenter was lobbyist Paul Fuhs (“he told us his pen name months ago”), and attributed his turnaround to Palin’s dismissal of his friend John Bitney as her legislative liaison. She lamented that another commenter had inside information about her administration, calling it a sign of an internal problem.

    Palin’s team was also focused on countering criticism.

    One example, from April 24, 2008, is an email from Palin communications director Roseanne Hughes to the top members of the governor’s staff. “Now. About the blogs. As you know, our boss is getting pounded. Let’s take action. TODAY.”

    “Frank and Ivy, if you could get the word out to your contacts – grassroots supporters who love our boss – we need to get them out there FLOODING that Anchorage Daily News Alaska politics blog. I mean FLOODING,” Hughes wrote.

    She offered ideas of what people could say, including “quoting Newt Gingrich that Governor Palin is one of the most aggressive reformers in the country.”


    Emails from early in her term demonstrate Palin’s openness to answering questions from the press. She picked favorites among reporters and tried to spin stories to her advantage, like anyone in politics, but expressed a desire to engage.

    She became increasingly frustrated with the questions she was being asked, however.

    She expressed incredulity that a reporter was working on a story about the state paying for her daughter, Piper, to join her on a trip to Barrow. As Palin did repeatedly in the emails, she said people should take a look at what her predecessor as governor, Frank Murkowski, did in office.

    “Huh? Is he writing a story on the First Family’s invitation to attend a native celebration?..And we didnt even spend the night so no hotel! And my travel is 1/4 what Murk’s was, despite having a large family that’s always invited to all these Alaskan first family events,” Palin wrote her top staffers from her private email account.

    Just days before McCain picked her in 2008, she lamented questions about her family travel: “Amazing, the scrutiny we are under…”

    Another email string shows Palin chief of staff Mike Nizich giving Palin advice in how to handle a reporter asking about Palin accepting state per diem payments for nights she spent in her own Wasilla home. It includes talking points like “State of Alaska rented an apartment in Anchorage for Governor Murkowski” and “Governor Murkowski’s travel in 2006 totaled $525,392.”

    On the campaign trail she expressed astonishment that the governor’s office was being asked questions like whether she believed dinosaurs and humans had walked the Earth together. “Arghhhh!” she wrote. “I am so sorry that the office is swamped like this! Dinosaurs even?!”


    Palin didn’t seem to be expecting a vice-presidential run. In an Aug. 5, 2008, email, Palin asks staff to find a place in “already-booked-up” Minneapolis-St. Paul, site of the 2008 Republican convention, and where it eventually turned out that she’d make her debut as a national political figure.

    But her staff was speculating about her political future right before McCain chose her, with Palin spokesman Bill McAllister telling a staff member and the governor in an Aug. 22, 2008, email that conservative commentator Laura Ingraham was talking up Palin on Fox as a good vice presidential pick.

    Palin herself had been intent on meeting McCain at a National Governor’s Association conference that February. She asked if Nick Ayers, the executive director of the Republican Governor’s Association, could make it happen. “Can Ayers find us another way to get in touch with McCain? He obviously doesn’t need Alaska, but it’d still be good to talk to him before too long,” Palin emailed to Kris Perry, one of her top aides.

    Well-wishers and haters alike emailed the governors official account after McCain chose her. Some called for Palin to be shot from a plane like an Alaska wolf, others asked Palin to appear at charity runs or hold fundraisers in their home state.


    Friday’s release of Palin emails comes as she says she’s considering making her own run for president in 2012.

    The release, which came as a result of public records request first filed in 2008, caused a media sensation. The volume of the material released was huge, and Palin supporters complained it was over the top.

    Reporters descended on Juneau on Friday to collect their six boxes of emails, and media organizations went to extreme lengths to get the printed pages scanned and posted on their websites within hours.

    More than 20 reporters and photographers crammed into an office near the Capitol building to load the emails up on hand trucks and cart them away. set up shop at Juneau’s Centennial Hall and shared a set of records with volunteers from the League of Women Voters and the Retired Public Employees of Alaska, who the news website said would be “chewing through bagels and the stacks of documents.” A Pittsburgh-based document company called Crivella West was in the same room scanning another set of the documents to be posted online.

    The emails that were released on Friday show Palin involved in state issues, from bringing up the natural gas pipeline to appointments, to putting together speeches and attending public events.

    “The thousands upon thousands of emails released today show a very engaged Governor Sarah Palin being the CEO of her state. The emails detail a Governor hard at work. Everyone should read them,” said a statement from Tim Crawford, treasurer of Palin’s political action committee.

    The emails released cover from when Palin took office at the end of 2006 until the end of September 2008, in the heat of the vice presidential campaign. What they don’t cover are the tumultuous final months of Palin’s term, when she returned to Alaska after the McCain-Palin loss until her abrupt resignation in July 2009.

    Other records requests have been filed for those emails; the state isn’t saying when they’ll be released.

    The state is withholding more than 2,000 pages of Palin’s 2006-2008 emails, having deemed them exempt from Alaska’s public disclosure law. The state’s lawyers made recommendations for what to withhold and the final decision was made by the governor’s office, which includes holdovers from the Palin administration. A set of the emails to be released was also previously sent for review to Palin’s lawyer, John Tiemessen of Fairbanks. The state says that the Palin team made no requests to redact or withhold any of those records.

    The withheld emails include subjects like “communications w. Sen Stevens” (Palin had a sometimes rocky relationship with Ted Stevens) and strategies for responding to Palin critics like radio talk show host Dan Fagan and former legislator/blogger Andrew Halcro. Most of them were withheld for the reasoning of “Executive/Deliberative Process,” a broad exemption to the Alaska records law that covers internal discussions of policy before a decision is made.

    • nswfm says:

      Some engagement when you need your talking points to have your b@by’s birth date. Like you wouldn’t know. But you wanted a per diem because you worked that day. Odd. And not believable.

    • Lilybart says:

      In another email Palin speculated on the identity of β€œrfn,” another person who left comments on the Daily News blog. β€œHe started off as a big supporter, now he’s a critic who picks and chooses what issues to support us on,” Palin wrote, and wondered if the commenter was a member of the media.

      So, a person cannot have a different opinion than the Queen on anything, or you are not a “supporter??

  15. Jaybee48 says:

    If the results of any online poll
    Did not aliign with Piranha Sal’s goal
    She would sent out a note
    Asking minions to vote
    And bury truth in a very deep hole

  16. AKPetMom says:

    As far as I’m concerned Palin’s behavior fits 90% of the standard politician model. The system is broken and Palin is indicative of just how broken it is. I don’t know how to fix it but it has become nothing more than a cult of personality.

  17. GoI3ig says:

    I encourage everyone to to a “Palin” search on Alaska courtview. The entire family is a bunch of low lifes. They are no stranger to the judicial process. Even Willow has been busted speeding already. (Is she even old enough to drive?)

    I just hope they move their sorry butts to Arizona and stay there.

  18. kiksadi50 says:

    bailey might need a lawyer.

    • yukonbushgrma says:

      Somehow I think he already knows that ……….

    • M Baker says:

      Why would Bailey need a lawyer? Many of the e-mails demonstrate he told the truth. I would like to hear what he knows about the reacted e-mails. If he said it verbally on what he “thinks” the e-mails are about, would that be unlawfull?

      • yukonbushgrma says:

        Just guessing … he might need a lawyer to protect himself against $P’s vindictiveness. We all know about those big bus tires of hers.

      • kiksadi50 says:

        He admits in his book that he took part in fraudulent and unethical acts while working for palin.(padding polls for one.)He’s obviously contrite,but some of these behaviors he admits to,could land him in court.And if any of this stuff about todd & sara looks like it might stick she is going to scapegoat everyone who worked for her beginning with Bailey because of his ‘disloyalty’.Palin has had and continues to have lots of enablers and fall guys (gals) in order to get away with all her behaviors.Bailey was one of these people for awhile.Palin is going to hang people out to dry.For his own protection, if I were Bailey I’d get 2 lawyers.

        • yukonbushgrma says:

          YEP — ABSOLUTELY !!!

        • yukonbushgrma says:

          OTOH, Frank, if he did end up in court, would probably be exonerated. At least, that is my hope.

          He has so much to tell, and he is obviously the most honest & closest-to-Palin they can find.

          I don’t see Frank getting prosecuted. I surely hope he isn’t, because he doesn’t deserve it.

          Now, his boss ……..

  19. seattlefan says:

    Where’s your “pants on fire” graphic? I think this deserves it. πŸ™‚

    Mr. Bailey…please let all the rest of the information out. With all the redactions in this “dump” only you can shed the light of day on this stuff.

    • Sarafina says:

      What are the chances of any legal repercussions for any illegal activity that comes to light from these emails? Although I expect redacting to remove any evidence, maybe the redactors were overwhelmed and something slipped through.

  20. Take Notice says:


    “Lots of Palin, No Bombshells!”

  21. slipstream says:

    Sarah Palin lies? How about “we’re building that pipeline” ? How about “I just said no” (re the funding for the bridge to Gravina Island). The minute she walked out on that stage at the Republican National Convention, in front of the cameras, she was lying.

    Then there’s John McCain: “she sold the jet on E-Bay — for a profit!” Two lies in one.

    Who would expect anything different today?

  22. Sourdough Mullet says:

    After waiting so long for these emails, it was so disappointing to see that they are heavily redacted (again), some of them for no apparent reason. And seeing that Todd Palin, a private citizen with his own state-issued email account, was being cc’ed on sensitive issues via emails that the rest of the public cannot view was the frosting on the cake. It’s all so maddening. But I guess when the Palin/Parnell administration has had 2 1/2 years to scrub the evidence, it shouldn’t be surprising.

    But – Clearly the big story here is not what “incriminating evidence” will be found in the emails. It’s what is missing that is incriminating. And I dearly hope that the mainstream media will realize this and pursue the real “story behind the story”. This whole little exercise in deceiving the public and the media is the real problem. And the deliberate release of complete emails from constituents who were critical of Palin, WITHOUT personal info redacted, was really obnoxious and telling (and hopefully illegal).

    In the previous post, AKM asked “what could be ‘privileged information’ in an email about a pesticide permit on the Alaska Railroad?” Well, I’m pretty sure I know why that email was redacted, because I was privy second-hand to the decision-making in that case (hint: it was a purely political decision, and wouldn’t look good for Palin if the public knew the details). I’m sure that many of the redactions in the emails were of that sort, to keep the Palin administration’s dirty dealings from the public eye.

    I just hope that some news organization has the resources and the courage to take this story a step further, and find out what’s in those redactions, who withheld the information, and on what grounds. This is the REAL news story, in my opinion. Finally, there is a chance to catch the Palin administration, red-handed, in the corruption that defined it.

    • laurie says:

      I am praying that the malicious exposure of the personal information about constituents will help to pry open the lips of others that have so much more to tell.

    • yukonbushgrma says:

      Yes, exactly! Somehow we’ve got to get down and dirty!

    • Lilybart says:

      something like 300 emails withheld having to do with the dairy…….THAT should be investigated….

      • BooBooBear says:

        Sarah and gang totally rewrote history about the Mat Maid debacle. Palin had no appointment with the CEO on June 13, 2007. It was an ambush set up two days in advance. Palin invited every news channel in town. Palin had placed Meg Stapleton down at the Westmark Hotel to keep an eye on the scheduled Board Meeting. Meanwhile the Palin entourage of over 60 people arrived at Mat Maid at noon demanding a tour. Kris Perry stated she had been speaking to the CEO for over two hours and that he was to arrive at noon. Blatant lie. Palin had been on KTUU news the night before inviting the public to go to the open meeting at the Westmark the next day. This is where SHE should have been, not pulling her media event on the steps of Mat Maid. They needed an excuse to move money to her dairy farmer friends to they made up a story that management had been embezzling. It only took two months of her newly appointed board members and Kristan Cole to determine that was not true and that they decided they needed to close it as well. In the meantime, the money train continues to this day with the state preparing to give Sarah’s new fake dairy yet another $300,000 to keep them afloat for another couple months. There also is a plan to allow them to rent to old Mat Maid building in Palmer for $1 month for the next 5 years! WHY would the state allow a private business free rent, no taxes and continue to get state “loans.” How can we call them loans when they don’t make payments? They get extension after extension. Another dairy farmer has retired so they are down to three. Three that get treated very well. Franci Havemeister, Director of Ag makes sure her father in law dairy farmer is in the money. She has removed a senior loan officer and is solely in charge of any dairy affairs or loans. This is not legal and the State Assistant Attorney General is helpless to stop it. The boys at the top are allowing this to continue so the truth does not come out. Sean Parnell is completely complicit in all things to do with milk. Shame on you Sean!!!

        News reporters….follow the money. Wonder why SO much in regards to Mat Maid is totally redacted? Lots to hide….and the corruption continues to this day. Big time coverups and the staff is under several gag orders to not speak to any reporters or anyone from the Legislature.

        • Sourdough Mullet says:

          I noticed that some of those Mat Maid email chains start with emails sent from people who were NOT in the Governor’s office. But even the body of those emails were redacted. I wonder if those could be made public through a FOIA – those employees’ communications are surely not covered by “executive privilege”, are they? Hmmm…. it would be interesting to see what subject(s) prompted all the redactions.

  23. overthemoon says:

    unfortunately, all the really good stuff has been redacted or was sent through private email.

    • yukonbushgrma says:

      I read quite a few of $P’s emails today. Nothing there. They’ve been totally scrubbed. (As she said, no more rocks to turn over there!)

      After all, they’ve had, what, almost 3 years???


      Like AKM said, the most interesting thing is what they DID NOT release.

      Some of those, perhaps, should be challenged in court. No subject??? Gimmee a break. There was one.

      Oh yeah, and then we get some where almost the whole message was redacted.

      If any of us had 3 years to “fix” these, we probably would have been able to fix them too.

      What a joke. Totally sucks.

      And Palin and the State of Alaska just took the “lamestream media” big time. Sad.

  24. WakeUpAmerica says:

    She lied? Really? I’m shocked to the core! Shocked I tell ya!

  25. Dawn says:

    Ap is talking about the death threat email, how she juggles work and home life. Do they get anything right?

  26. Jonathan Hobbs says:

    I was just making my favorite salad tonight and it reminded me of Sarah Palin and the Truth… I just couldn’t get the vinegar and oil to mix…

  27. nswfm says:

    Also, too, why did she have to make a big deal of making sure the b@by’s birthday was correct in her talking points? Especially funny that it was the first email shown on the CBS News web page.

    • yukonbushgrma says:

      Yeah ……

      I did a search of the emails for anything relating to the pregnancy, and the only thing I found were all of the congratulatory messages after the birth.

      Of course, they weren’t done with posting all of them, but still, I’m sure they scrubbed anything they thought might have given any clues.

  28. nswfm says:

    I’ve known she was a liar since her introduction as McCain’s VP choice in OH.

  29. pvazwindy says:

    Bailey needs to contact Wikileaks. Palin will come out of this email dump unscathed.

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