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Palin Emails: Todd is a “private citizen”…except when he’s not…

I have a little bit of personal experience with this Palin email thing. However, mine were so redacted, they were no fun at all. So, like many others, I’ve enjoyed making up my own searches of the awesome 2011 Palin Email Database, courtesy of MSNBC and Crivella West.

The REAL fun happens when I’m searching on one topic and stumble upon another quite accidentally.

For example, I was doing a search on a lobbyist name or two and found this email from Palin’s assistant/residence manager:

From : Erika Fagerstrom [erika_fagerstrom@gov.state.]
Sent: Friday, April 20, 2007 1:43 PM
To: Governor Sarah Palin;
Cc: Tibbles; Michael A (GOV); Spencer; Kari L (GOV)
Subject : GUEST LIST QUESTION- Friends of the Governor’s Mansion Foundation Fundraiser, May 9th, 2007 at
the Residence

Hello Governor and Mr. Palin,

The list of lobbyists for the Friends of the Governor’s Mansion Foundation Fundraiser are listed below for your review/approval. I’ve also attached the 2007 Lobbyist Directory in case you wanted the client/employer information. Please let me know if you’d like to make any changes or have any additional guests that you’d like to include.

Nice! A party held at the Governor’s Mansion, owned by the citizens of Alaska, specifically for the lobbyists.

As interesting as that was, the part that caught my attention was this paragraph:

F.Y.I. – The Foundation pays for the food, beverage, and staff over time expenses, so that it’s not an expense that the House incurs. I have a copy of a memorandum from the Department of Law from March
14, 2005 where the question was asked if there would be any Executive Ethics Act (AS 39.52) or other legal concerns presented if the foundation held a fundraiser at the Governor’s Mansion and the conclusion (was that the First Lady (Gentleman in this case) is not a ” public official ” under the Ethics Act, the strictures of the Act do not apply to her /him. The Governor may also host fundraising activities at the residence , and he may freely invite guests and host functions as he/she deems proper. Of course, there is much more information, and this is paraphrased, but I wanted you to be aware of some of the issues that have been addressed. I could fax a copy to you if you’d like.

I’ll repeat that — a 2005 Department of Law decision stated that the Governor’s spouse is NOT a “public official” so the Executive Branch Ethics Act does not apply.

The Petumenos Report agrees. Remember, that’s the response to the ethics complaint (the most expensive ethics complaint for the State of Alaska) that Sarah Palin filed with the Personnel Board against herself to circumvent the “Troopergate” investigation undertaken by the Alaska Legislature? His finding was that Todd Palin could not have broken any ethics laws because he was not a State employee:

Todd Palin is a private citizen and not covered by the Executive Ethics Act.

“At the end of the day, you have to point me to a statute that says a public official is responsible for a private citizen,” Petumenos said. “There isn’t one.”

First spouses are free to contact public officials just as any private citizen can, he said. Of course, it’s unlikely that many commissioners and top officials would take an ordinary citizen’s phone call or show up for time-consuming meetings to discuss a grievance, but that they did so for Todd Palin is completely legal, he said.

Yet, a decision from Judge Patrick “2nd DUI” McKay seems to disagree. His decision from a year ago denied Andree McLeod’s appeal of the lower court decision — that the State of Alaska could redact emails for “deliberative process” even though First Dude (and alleged private citizen) was a recipient. His logic was partially drawn from a court case against Hillary Clinton claiming that she was not an federal government employee when she was First Lady.

First, the Court found that “Congress itself has recognized that the President’s spouse acts as the functional equivalent of an assistant to the President,” since Congress appropriates funds to the First Lady’s office to aid in the discharge of the President’s duties and responsibilities.

The Court also found that even without Congressional approval, the President has “implicit authority to enlist his spouse in the aid of the discharge of his federal duties.” This reflects a “longstanding tradition of public service by First Ladies dating back to at least Sarah Polk.” The Court concluded that it is reasonable to “treat the presidential spouse as a de facto officer or employee…”

There is no lack of evidence, even though both email releases were heavily redacted, that Todd Palin had quite a few moments of being large-and-in-charge in his wife’s Administration.

All of this leads to McKay’s conclusion:

“Absent any Alaska Law to the contrary, common sense and federal law require finding that Todd Palin could properly have acted as an advisor to the Governor, thereby rendering the six emails at question in this appeal subject to the deliberative process privilege.”

So, Petumenos cites a lack of an Alaska Statute as proof that Palin is a private citizen, while McKay says that a lack of an Alaska Statute proves that Todd Palin acts as a public employee…an advisor to the Governor.

Golly, I can’t figure out why the rest of the country thinks we’re idiots.

The tantalizing contradiction has not slipped the notice of legal minds both in and out of Alaska. It also hasn’t slipped the notice of the current Administration either. According to my understanding of statute, there is a two-year limitation on filing ethics complaints against public officers after leaving office…which would be in about five weeks. So, the fact that there was no redaction in the email containing Erika Fagerstrom’s question while the response has been redacted to oblivion is extremely interesting.

Contrary to the media’s claim (simply repeated from the Palin camp) that there is “nothing to find” in the Palin emails, there are many interesting pieces of information to be discovered…if you know where to look.



98 Responses to “Palin Emails: Todd is a “private citizen”…except when he’s not…”
  1. bUGS says:

    Tennessee here,home of two very rich republicans senators who only work for big oil and large corps. and my congresswomen owns a blood testing corps and her worth is about $400 million and your wasting 44 cents to write any of the three to express your views about nuclear power or garbage because that is is the back pocket of all three.
    Palin is really a joke in her red coat,wonder if she stole it from the RNC?

    Bugs from Tennessee

  2. We have a governor here in Texas that would be the worst export to the country I can think of. We want him to move on but not move up. We had a 27 billion budget shortfall but also an Economic Stabilization Fund that could have saved thousands of public education jobs and essential programs but Republicans refused to use it even though it was created for just the situation we are in right now. The Texas budget is not balanced. Payments are pushed to the next biennium. (Our legislature meets every two years). Perry has tried to push toll roads, cut essential programs, and is actually a much worse governor than George W. Bush was.

  3. Bearhug says:

    “WHY is she wearing 2 different shoes?”

    Menopause does strange things…

    Actually I think they are matching, but probably on the wrong feet.

  4. Memphis,NY says:

    I haven’t read all the comments so not sure if this is a repeat
    WHY is she wearing 2 different shoes?

  5. Millie says:

    You know – it might be a good idea to have Parnell investigated. So much stuff that has come out as to State operations w/Palin and him that it appears to be very hinky. He assuredly appears to be hiding things for her….and, it does appear that Palin (or someone else) deleted many emails….concerning personal and state business. Thirty days of emails missing that we know of and other people in Alaska have said their emails have not shown up as to correspondence they had w/her.


  6. Ratfish says:

    “Private citizen” Todd Palin gets special treatment by ….Linda Perez.

    PERS and SBS investment funds
    2:35 PM 06 Oct 2008 [ View original ]
    from: Linda Perez

    Hello Mr. Palin,

    The following is the information I was given by the Division of Retirement and Benefits relating to the
    investments of the PERS and SBS employee funds. The Governor’s PERS account is one account for all PERS services (both state and Wasilla), and as you know there are two SBS accounts, one for Wasilla service and one for state service.

    Info from Retirement & Benefits:

    “The Alaska Retirement Management Board (ARMB) is the fiduciary for the retirement systems
    of the State of Alaska. The ARMS directs the investment of the defined benefit systems of the
    State of Alaska, including the Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS). The ARMB also
    selects the investment options available to the participants of the various participant-directed
    plans of the State of Alaska, including the Supplemental Annuity Plan (SBS). The ARMB is
    composed of nine trustees and utilizes independent consultants and other resources in making
    investment decisions.

    PERS is one of the defined benefit systems of the State of Alaska. The ARMB directs the
    investment of the assets of the system with the goal of meeting the benefit obligations to the
    participants. Participants do not direct the investment of the assets and they do not have direct
    access to the assets. The system is invested in a diversified fashion across several asset classes.

    The Supplemental Annuity Plan is a participant-directed supplemental retirement savings
    program for the State of Alaska. SBS participants have a range of investment options available
    to them across several asset classes. The ARMB selects the line-up of investment options and
    the default investment option. The current default investment option is the Alaska Long-Term
    Balanced Trust which was put in place in 2001. The prior default investment option was the
    Alaska Balanced Trust which started in 1996. Both of these balanced trusts are target-risk stock
    and bond balanced funds independently managed for the State of Alaska by T. Rowe Price.
    These trusts are low-cost, well-diversified, enhanced-index investment options which provide
    risk, return, and underlying investments that are similar to the segments of the market that they
    invest in. Participants in the SB S funds are informed of the top 10 holdings 15 days after the end
    of each quarter.”

    Please let me know if you need any further information.


  7. renee99503 says:

    I am personally interested in the whole Wayne Anthony Ross selection for AG, as I became personally involved in bringing to light sexist and misogynistic statements he made about women and domestic violence victims particularly. I just went to the searchable Crivella West database and find NOTHING about the appointment, or the drama that followed it. Was all that redacted or withheld???

    • Millie says:

      Probably redacted as that was a horrid decision she made as to WAR and then she didn’t back him up or PR for his appointment with the Legislature. I also was one that fought for his not being appointed.

    • slipstream says:

      Frank Bailey’s book “Blind Allegiance” has a good description of the WAR episode.

    • leenie17 says:

      Thanks to both of you for fighting against him.

      From everything I read and saw at the time, he was a horrible choice for any position short of cesspool pumper. And with his history, I suspect he might have felt right at home in that job!

    • Alaska Pi says:

      It happened AFTER the cutoff date of those emails. WAR nomination was next year-2009, emails end in fall of 2008.
      We can be ticked at whatzername and the email thingy but we need to be alert to time frame .

    • The date range of this email batch only goes to September/October 2008. WAR happened in 2009. That will be redacted in the next batch 😐

  8. John says:

    An elected official’s spouse will or should always be a trusted adviser. But that doesn’t mean he/she is actively involved in the decisionmaking process like Todd was. The advise should be in private between the two spouses. It is also proper to appoint the governor’s spouse (or president’s) to chair a campaign or committee. When that happens, they are officially appointed to a position, just like any other private volunteer appointed to work on something.

    Todd’s role was so much more. He was essentially a shadow chief of staff.

    • beth says:

      Well put, John!

      I always figure that with a married/partnered elected or appointed official, I get a two-fer…and I’d better best know the politics and views of the ‘other half’, too, because the influence is certainly there. And sure as you’re born, that influence can be for tremendous good to our nation (think FLOTUSs anti-obesity campaign, “Let’s Move!”) or for flat-out evil to our nation (think Ginny Thomas’ heavy involvement with the Tea Bagger’s policies and ‘plan’ implementations.) I *need* to know not only the official, but their unavoidable of-the-heart and at-the-hip influence, too. beth.

      –quick question: For how much of the time when Todd was co-governot, did he have his job with/in the oil fields/industry (and/or other employment)? b.

  9. Amilea says:

    I still want to know who donated all the supplies to build that house they live in on Lake Lucille and who Todd’s BUDDIES were that helped them build it.

  10. You have provided an excellent example of the manipulation of laws in Alaska to allow certain people to do whatever they want. The Judicial System and the Department of Law assist those with money and power and the rest have the book thrown at them. In fact they manipulate laws to harm many on purpose.

  11. Marnie says:

    Strikes me that the spouse is not only an adviser to a public official but is also a “dependent” on the state/private citizen tax payers receiving very valuable benefits as spouse, ie, free room and board, utilities, transportation, paid vacations, free travel, expensive entertainment, and out of house meals, health care, body guards, office staff and other perks equal to far more than the mean and even the average American’s annual income. They are also a part of the “face” or (and I hate this term) “optics” of the office of the executive, and are frequent very public and vocal supporters of the executive’s aggendae.

    So there is a de facto remunerated, in kind and in benefits, employee-like status to the First Pardner. And the courts and probably the laws need to reflect that.

    Certainly the Dud’s misuse of his “position” should show the need to legally define where the line is drawn between domestic partner and private citizen and that of domestic partner as political partner, where partner becomes functioning public servant who is using the unique position as first partner, denied to private citizens, to exert the power of the executive or to push the executive’s agendae, and doing so at tax payer expense.

  12. mike from iowa says:

    Just out of curiousity,can anyone remember anyone in the Clinton Administration,besides Webster Hubbell, who was indicted and/or convicted of a Federal crime? Rethugs claimed the Clinton Admin. was the most corrupt Admin. ever. Dubya and the Texas Troglodytes put Clinton’s gang in the Boy Scout Hall of Good Behavior.

  13. mike from iowa says:

    Speakeasy of the House Boner is warning the Potus he is gonna run afoul of the War Powers Act in four or five days if he doesn’t seek congressional approval to keep invading Libya or whatever he is doing. This from a Congress full of Rethuglicans who couldn’t get out of Bush and Cheney’s way fast enough to get us mired in two unwinnable wars without consent of the governed. Back under Raygun,Rethuglicans accused Dems of micro-managing foreign policy and tieing Rayguns hands to conduct foreign affairs. Then the clowns went ballistic on Clinton for conducting affairs in the White House. Can’t seem to please these morans no matter what a Dem does.

  14. Dave Owens says:

    She totally looks like “Alien” in that picture.

  15. Buffalogal says:

    A piece about Bachmann’s very extreme views :

    Had a thought yesterday that the GOP is encouraging the more extreme , religious candidates to get in the race so that there is a flurry of 24/7 news clips covering their distorted talking points of Pres. Obama’s time in office. The extremists truly believe that Obama is out to destroy America and there are a few who fully believe he is part of the end days prophecies. Their energy to bring down Obama is endless because it’s fueled in the belief that they are doing God’s work and they will help restore America , readying it for the return of Jesus. Ya can’t get more motivation than believing you’re fulfilling God’s prophecy and are riding in to battle with the Messiah.

    Palin is one of the more rabid attack warriors and they know she is quite useful in getting the ” Obama Hates America ” sound nuggets out there because the media is deliriously happy to cover every sneeze she makes. I think we could discover an email that talks about Todd running a puppy mill on the state’s dime and it won’t come to much until whoever is running what’s left of the Republican party is finished Palin.

    I’m very cranky about this crap today. Grrr.

  16. Bearhug says:

    Yeah, while Ol’ Ron was dribbling pablum. Nancy had her hand up his butt moving his mouth. At least when she wasn’t playing hide the Bratwurst with Sinatra.

    Now that Palin has been upstaged by the U.S. History Laureate Bachmann, she will be studying her McGuffy’s Reader trying to get the cameras back on her. I truly hope this will turn into a “Dumb and Dumber” hair, teeth and eyeballs cat fight.

    • Bearhug says:

      BTW, Where and when did Ol’ Quitty Pants delelope the Hooties? Did she get a little enhancement work done?

      • Bev says:

        Push up bra to impress????
        Guess Victoria is no longer a secret LOLLLLL

        Notice her hands, they tell her real age now.

        • ks sunflower says:

          I noticed the aging on her hands – and her neck. The tendons are beginning to show – which is usually regarded as sign of decline or abnormal stress. I don’t wish her bad health, but I wonder if all these years of Red Bull and tacos are beginning to take their toll. Even though she is pushing 50, her hands do look older than that in many photos I’ve seen.

          BTW – I was at the grocery store earlier and was stunned to see a taco meal package (you know the dry shells, a can of refried beans and such). This one will make Sarah very happy – it was for those concoctions she liked with the flour tortilla on the outside of the taco shell. Can’t you just see her whipping that up in her fancy new AZ kitchen?

          • ks sunflower says:

            er – I have always seen the taco meal packages – didn’t mean I was stunned to see those – just the crunch wrap variety.

          • beth says:

            Just take a gander at her legs in the above photo — not the most lovely of gams; they’ve not withstood the passage of time very well, I’d venture.

            Is it just me or does the flawlessly powdered and painted face –jawline to hairline– combined with the perfectly coiffed hair (whether that coiff be impeccably ‘formal’ or studiously tousled), make the contrast between them and the rest of the anatomy that much more glaringly obvious? beth.

          • yukonbushgrma says:

            Just got my copy of “Blind Allegiance” today. Read the last few chapters first. (Yeah, backwards.)

            Frank mentioned that when he came back from Eagle and saw her, she had changed, and not in a good way. Can’t remember exactly, but I think his impression was that she just looked stressed out, physically. And he noticed it right away.

            BTW, those last few chapters were captivating, especially for me …

          • MonaLisa (inCT) says:

            I’ve always been struck by her lousy posture. She keeps hunching the way she does, she’ll be shaped like a question mark by the time she’s 60.

        • leenie17 says:

          No matter how much work is done on the outside, the ugly on the inside always leaks out.

      • Dis Gusted says:

        Palin’s breasts fluctuate daily from flat as a pancake (her true self) to perky and well rounded (with her water wonder bra).

        Her chest changes as much as her pregnant stomach went up and down depending on the time of day.

  17. Bearhug says:

    Yeah, while Ol’ Ron was dribbling pablum. Nancy hand her hand up his butt moving his mouth. At least when she wasn’t playing hide the Bratwurst with Sinatra.

    Now that Palin has been upstaged by the U.S. History Laureate Bachmann, she will be studying her McGuffy’s Reader trying to get the cameras back on her. I truly hope this will turn into a “Dumb and Dumber” hair, teeth and eyeballs cat fight.

  18. Dagian says:

    You know, I remember when Republicans were howling about Hilary’s influence on her husband (then POTUS), etc. Why are they so reluctant to either pull back on first spouses, or hold Todd and $arah to the same standards they applied to the Clinton’s?

    • Kat says:

      Because they ARE Republicans. They are allowed to break any law, have endless sex scandals including gay sexcapades with underage pages, lie, cheat, steal, and remain blameless. They are the “CHOSEN,” the “Family Values Party,” the “Uterus Police,” and many other can-not-be named virtues.
      They can do no wrong.

      • Diane says:

        I’m thinking fox news has a lot to do with it.
        R have a 24/7 venue for spreading the manure, lies and the in between stuff.

    • Bev says:

      Why would they say anything…if they did then they would have to bring up the influence that Nancy had over Ronald Reagan…but since he his their GOD…there will be no mention at all.

    • Or maybe they didn’t go after Todd in his unofficial/official role because they realized that Sarah was even more dangerous and incompetent without him.

      • ks sunflower says:

        That is a possibility, I guess. Sort of like it was common knowledge George W. had to be with Laura. Remember, he rarely spent time away from her and his aides always tried to make sure he got back home each night. He had to have a rigid routine – exercise at the same time, bed at the same time, et cetera. Laura may be the only reason George stopped being an active alcoholic and didn’t come completely unglued as a dry drunk.

    • leenie17 says:

      Mostly because the rules don’t apply to Republicans.

      But maybe also because they saw how vindictive the Quitty Queen was and didn’t think it was worth it to get her panties in a twist over what Tahd was doing in the Governor’s mansion.

  19. ja.thought says:

    “there is a two-year limitation on filing ethics complaints against public officers after leaving office” – I knew they delayed releasing the email as long as they could. This makes it a bit more specific. They would have delayed past this limitation if allowed.

    “I have a little bit of personal experience with this Palin email thing. However, mine were so redacted, they were no fun at all.” Gee. It would be interesting to see a few example of your emails and see what they chose to redact. Perhaps since you sent them, you could show them to us. Please redact any information that you would want to redact.

    Gathering the emails from the private citizens whose emails were redacted would be a project and yet there can be some benefit to seeing what they chose to redact beyond what should have been redacted. As long as there’s no profit, would there be any legal reason why this could not be done. The Palin-Parnell redacting team made a point of leaving names, etc. of citizens sending email.

  20. bubbles says:

    The tantalizing contradiction has not slipped the notice of legal minds both in and out of Alaska. It also hasn’t slipped the notice of the current Administration either. According to my understanding of statute, there is a two-year limitation on filing ethics complaints against public officers after leaving office…which would be in about five weeks.
    do we know absolutely that the current administration, specifically Justice is even aware of this issue?
    Holder doesn’t seem to be aware of much. i wonder if somebody slogging away in the basement at Justice will be able to wake the old fellow up long enough to file anything on anybody anywhere.
    i am thinking Obama won’t want to tangle with Palin at this point. it will just inflame the base.
    Palin will wait it out and when there has been no action against her by the White House and no complaints have been filed then she will make a pretend run and fire up the KK…er the Koch brothers Klueless Klan members for a run for the history books.

    • ja.thought says:

      Is “current Administration” Obama or Parnell?

      Personally, I have not thought that Sarah would officially run in the Republican primary. However, it makes senses that she has been saying its too early for her to decide. She would wait for the five weeks to run out and see what arises. It’s one thing to have books and movies critical of you and another to have legal actions pending.

    • ks sunflower says:

      I have been very disappointed in Atty. Gen. Holder. The DOJ has been more active against political and corporate corruption in the past. I realize they’ve done some positive things, but it seems as if they are dragging their collective feet when so much needs to be done. I wish, oh boy I wish, they’d gone after Cheney and Bush or some of their minions (it seems to be my word of the day, sorry).

      • Clemtown says:

        You an me both. I wish he would go after the banksters that crashed the economy and managed to enrich themselves.
        They were hauled up to the congressional committee headed by Levin and lied their heads off and then went pbbbt, what are you going to do?
        I guess some NY Attorney General is filing charges against BOA, so I guess it’s a start.
        I hope he doesn’t stop with them.

      • Kath the Scrappy says:

        Ditto that emotion. Deeply disappointed!

      • beth says:

        I have to wonder if he –Holder– isn’t more like POTUS than we give him credit for…slow, deliberate, patient, and then, when all the pieces are in place: WHAMO, take that! {Remember the repeal of DADT impatience? IMHO, had he played his hand any sooner…}

        Don’t think he’ll ever go after The W or Cheney (or Rummy or any of the others, either) — at least not for any of the reasons/crimes we all see as so darned evident; too many built-in layers of ‘privilege’ and whatnot that truly are necessary to run a country, for that to happen. I do think, though, he (or someone) will ‘go after’ some –or all– of the players if it can be shown, beyond a doubt, they were complicit in some of the nasty chit that went down. [Think: the construction of the barracks in Iraq where showering service members were electrocuted because of criminally shoddy work, etc.] I truly think he’s just getting all the facts in and getting all the legal ducks in a row. beth.

        • ks sunflower says:

          Beth, I hope you are right. That would be an impressive blessing if those injustices were addressed.

        • bubbles says:

          good thought Beth. hmmm. you’re right we might have the last laugh yet.

        • bubbles says:

          also. i did forget that the Feds are looking at the police departments in Wasilla and Anchorage but i don’t know why. i do know that sometimes agents will go looking for one thing and a dozen other things that were hidden will pop up.

      • jojobo1 says:

        You have to remember that a lot of the prosecutors are Bush people that were hired because they had a republican viewpoint.They will not go after their buddies,Remember how many were fired because they had different views.

  21. mike from iowa says:

    Wisconsin Supreme Court rules anti-union bill legal on a 4-3 vote and you’ll never guess which Prosser was the fourth vote.

    • mike from iowa says:

      Sorry for off topic post.

      • ks sunflower says:

        No apologies needed. It was important information. After all, Wisconsin has a special place on this blog, thank goodness. I still hold hope that the rest of America will wake up and follow the courageous citizens standing up against the Walker administration and his GOP minions.

        • ks sunflower says:

          er – what I meant was that the rest of America will stand up against the GOP in their own states and at the federal level based upon the courage of the citizens of Wisconsin.

  22. Ratfish says:

    What do you expect from the Palin/Parnell/Perez/Leighow gang? A true commitment to honesty and ethics? And to public disclosure, even if inconveniently embarrassing?

    And you are right sbout “the REAL fun happens when I’m searching on one topic and stumble upon another quite accidentally.”

    As part of her grifting, Palin had the state pay for personal travel, including for family members who were not invited. A great example is when Palin was invited for a 1/2 days Newsweek sponsored conference in New York City, she took Bristol along and stayed in a $700/night Waldorf suite- for FOUR nights- so they could shop at state expense.

    Well, Palin didn’t limit her grifting to the public monies. She also sponged off the private sector as well.
    From: Kari Spencer
    Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2007 2:00 PM
    To: Sarah Palin
    RE: Arizona


    Original Message
    From: Sarah Palin []
    Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2007 1:58 PM
    Subject: Arizona

    Will the hunt institute pay 2 hotel days extra?

    Sarah Palin

  23. WakeUpAmerica says:

    Honestly, Linda, we don’t think all of you are idiots. And to be factually correct (oxymoron?), it is your elected officials who are uber idiots.

    • leenie17 says:

      Hey Linda, if it makes you feel better, I live in NY, otherwise known as the Shirtless Congressional Representative Capital of the country!

      Trust me…we have enough to be embarrassed about here so I am NOT throwing stones your way!

      • Sofyadeb says:

        Wisconsin here, boy is my face red!

      • jimzmum says:

        Illinois here. Home of corn, cows, and corruption.

      • bubbles says:

        i am here hanging my head down and mumbling bad words to myself.
        i was feeling a little bit of hurt because of a nasty Arthro/Fibro flare-up and now after a series of injections i am not in good enough shape to go give Weiner a piece of my mind (not that i have much mind left to give a piece away anyhow).
        i must say that the exercises in the book LoveMD suggested has helped my hips and knees so not much pain there.
        i wish with all my heart that America will bring forth politicians and activists of worth and integrity. we have a President and a country who deserve better. we have children and the sick and disabled who depend on us making the right decisions and who need men and women who are prepared to move this country forward in DC.
        one more thing before i sign off for today. small businesses and large are slowly beginning to hire again in New York. the problem is that they can and are hiring only the best and the brightest. Wisconsin has taken to the street and the rest of America had better follow them because it is our Governors and our Senators who are sending middle class jobs out of the country and it is our failing schools who are graduating seniors who go on to college not knowing how to write a decent paragraph never mind a paper.
        believe me when i say these schools are not only in my neighborhood in the Lower East Side they are in those nice secluded suburban areas with the pretty houses and gorgeous lawns.
        there are jobs going wanting the problem is many Americans can’t fill them and that’s a shame.
        so until we meet again…love you

        • jojobo1 says:

          You are so right bubbles I looked up some state jobs in Wisconsin because so many claim they would and could easily take those jobs if the public employees did not like what was going on. 3/4 of those people complaining could not pass the exams to even be able to apply for most state jobs.People seem to think all you need is a HS education when in fact you need much more for most state jobs,at least the good paying ones.

      • thatcrowwoman says:

        Two words: Rick Scott

        Two more: Oy vey!

        I’ll see your red and your and raise you a heaping helping of Flor-idiots.

      • jlarue says:

        Hey Linda, I am in Lousiana with blue dog Landrieu and diaper wearing Vitter! No stones from me.

    • Mag the Mick says:

      At this point, I feel I can honestly up the ante simply by saying “Howdy, I live in Arizona!”

  24. ManxMamma says:

    Dear God, that list of lobbyists is never ending. How many legislators are there?

  25. Diane says:

    palin always gets it both ways, it’s time to stop it!

  26. Sally says:

    I agree, her trashing of Stein because she said he was a Jew is a big issue. Palin panders when it suits her. Regina has a great post at Palingates today showing that there is nothing in the Constitution regarding a President’s religion. Nothing. He could be Jewish, atheist, Buddhist…there is nothing but the fear-mongering of the fundies that would keep anyone out of the White House due to their religious beliefs, because that is separate from governing. Or it used to be.

    • mike from iowa says:

      I saw a bumper sticker that says-It is irrelevant whether Obama is a Christian or a Muslim,as long as he governs like he is neither.That is something Fundies forget as they try to foist their religious extremes on everyone.

      • Oh, I’m sure they are well aware of it, but it’s not what they want. So they are working overtime to make those who don’t know or won’t bother to check it for themselves believe that it does matter – because after all, ya know, all those Founding Fathers were good Christians. More re-writing of history.

  27. mike from iowa says:

    Can just anyone throw a fundraiser at the Guv’s mansion? I wonder what brought up the subject of the first dude being a non-public official? Good to know that the paid guv employee can also host fundraisers at the mansion. Maybe Mudflats can host a throw the bums out fundraiser at the mansion and let the powers that be know the natives are restless.

    • CO almost native says:

      In Colorado, any nonprofit group can apply to hold a fundraiser at the Governors Mansion; if the date is available, the event clearly supports a nonprofit and it’s somehow related to the Mansion itself- then it might be approved. Notice the repeated emphasis on the word “nonprofit”.

      An event to raise money for restoration of the gardens, yes– an event to raise funds for a candidate, definitely no.

      I’m assuming the Palins have not registered themselves as a 501(c)3…

      • silverball says:

        ….”I’m assuming the Palins have not registered themselves as a 501(c)3…”…if they can make $$$ at it (or provide airfare, expense, large buses with her name on it to be used for family “vacations, etc, etc….) then i’m sure they already are…lotta sheeple out there to fleece….so little time (as her time is running out)….

    • Juneaudream says:

      Hmmm..if I had had an ..inkling of all this unfolding situation..when I was visiting the cousins in Juneau, age many years ago..I could have taken the I ran through the main hallway n back out the front door (it scribe a lil comment to..herselfishness! 😉 Durn!!

  28. Jan says:

    I’m changing the subject, but someone must bring this up. Palin loves to wear her ginormous Star of David, and flaunt her flag love, but when she was running for Mayor against John Stein, she implied that he was Jewish and so that was bad, cause she was Christian, which was good. Someone please make this a big issue, cause it is.

    • Dagian says:

      Didn’t she also state (or at least not shut down her flunkies from positing) that Stein and his wife weren’t really married because she didn’t change her surname?

      He actually produced a copy of their marriage license.

      It is a big deal. She and her minions are *just* this far short of David Duke. Maybe. I wonder if they have special white sheets…

    • Raven Woman says:

      Excellent insight and memory. I have been an avid PaliNot addict for several years now. She has dished out so much bad energy, and evil vindictiveness, it is difficult to recall all the details. Does anyone have any links to articles , documenting her Jewish bias against John Stein. It needs to be posted with a contrast photo of her pic w/Star of David Cross. Good work Jan!

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