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October 28, 2021


Beware, Netrooters! Breitbart’s “Pimp Suit” is Heading Your Way!

Yes, Progressives, convicted felon and liar extraordinaire James O’Keefe is en route to Minneapolis thanks to a benevolence of a federal judge. Per The Smoking Gun:

Since O’Keefe needs judicial approval to travel outside New Jersey (due to his federal conviction for last year’s harebrained scheme targeting Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu), yesterday he filed a U.S. District Court motion seeking permission to spend this weekend in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

O’Keefe claims in his motion that he planned to attend the conservative gathering June 17-19 RightOnline Conference, with Republican presidential hopefuls like Tim Pawlenty, Michelle Bachmann, and Herman Cain. Of course, his partner in crime, Andrew Breitbart, will also be there along with Michelle Malkin, and Erick Erickson.

“While in Minneapolis,” O’Keefe’s motion noted, he “plans to attend the Netroots Nation Annual Convention.”

Well, Mr. O’Keefe may “plan” to attend, but it seems Breitbart’s plans ran afoul of Nolan Treadway, the Political and Logistical Director of Netroots Nation 2011. He blocked Andrew’s access to the Progressive Conference today so Breitbart slithered away. This was after Breitbart refused to answer direct questions from any of the media present. (I guess he’s only comfortable with subterfuge.)

BTW — a little bonus surprise for Alaska — if you look closely at the video there is a quick, passing shot of Shannyn Moore producer Dave Turnbull!

I’m finally heading out for the weekend. I look forward to reading about Shannyn’s and Jeanne’s experiences! Until then, Mel Green is doing a fine job posting her daily tweets from Netroots on her blog “Henkimaa.”



33 Responses to “Beware, Netrooters! Breitbart’s “Pimp Suit” is Heading Your Way!”
  1. Sisuanna says:

    It gives me joy to see Breitbart the Lier escorted from the hall. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. What I really want to know from Breitbart, the lier, is where the pictures of AW really came from. This is not to excuse AW’s obsessive behavior, but those pix just seemed to pop up too conveniently. Then there is the ancillary question: Who paid Breitbart the Lier for this bit of political theater. One thing is clear about this man is that he doesn’t work without pay.

    • leenie17 says:

      The pictures ‘just happened’ to appear right around the same time AW was getting some attention paid to Clarence Thomas’ ethical lapses and falsifying his financial disclosure forms.

      Co-inkee-dink??? I think not!

      Of course, this just makes me even more angry at Weiner for doing something so stupid and, even more infuriating, giving Breitbart ANY credibility whatsoever.

      Interesting post in DK today regarding this very thing. I suspect this story is far from over…and the coming revelations may not have anything to do with anything Weiner has done but, rather, what was done TO him. Boy howdee, would I LOVE to see Breitbart get hauled away in handcuffs by some folks with badges.

      • leenie17 says:

        Oops! That’s an old post on DK from June 2. Don’t know how much of it is obsolete now that Weiner has admitted to sending those pictures, but there’s still some interesting stuff on HOW it was made public.

  2. jojobo1 says:

    I know two wrongs do not make a right ,but why don’t the dems have someone like thatwho fabricates the truth or like faux noise who also puts up false videos.Maybe it is time to turn the tables.

    • mike from iowa says:

      Speaking personally,I have to believe Democrats are better human beings than that and wouldn’t stoop to those depths. As much as I would love to see some revenge against these Neanderthals I’ll have to hope they get their just desserts in their next life.

    • Cammie says:

      You know what’s sad? Rightwing cretins publicly and shamelessly say foul things every day that in the past would have ended their political careers. Now it apparently helps many of them win elections, or if they’re not politicians, get rich by selling books and giving speeches. If we were going to go the doctored video route, we’d have to fabricate them giving compassionate and caring quotes. That would probably end more than a few rightwing careers. Scary times isn’t it.

    • Wallflower says:

      The Dems don’t have to bother fabricating; they can just report.

  3. Bearhug says:

    My dream is that someone walks in on Mush Mouth Breitbart and O’Keefe at the Motel 6.

    These two are the best argument in favor of controlling school bullies I’ve ever seen. They both got their underwear pulled over their heads, and stuffed in a locker one too many times.

    A pair of very self-loathing warped individuals.

  4. mik says:

    Andrew wasn’t denied entry to Netroots Nation, he was denied *free* entry. Then he was denied a press pass because he lacked any sort of valid media credentials. THEN Nolan offered him the opportunity to purchase a regular attendee pass, and Andrew declined to pay.

    • merrycricket says:

      Awesome! Idiot thinks he can call himself a journalist and waltz in anywhere? Did he think if he got media credentials that that group would then go away and stop hounding him to answer their questions? Actually, that thought kinda makes me.giggle a bit.

  5. fishingmamma says:

    I missed something…Why are we worried about this scrawny young man? He looks like a mama’s boy. what has he done???

    Wait. Is he the guy that peed in the pool in Oregon?

    • mike from iowa says:

      Go check out James O’keefe on Wiki and take a barf bag with you if you care about Planned Parenthood,NPR,teacher’s unions and a whole host of other organizations this scuzzy bastard has videotaped and heavily edited for public release.He is a typical right wing provacateur who enjoys destroying people’s lives for the thrill of it all.

    • leenie17 says:

      He’s Brietbart’s little errand boy and a Breitbart-in-training. They’re both equally vile and willing to do anything, legal or not, to bring down anything progressive, liberal or even moderately human.

      As Mike noted, they’ve targeted Planned Parenthood, NPR and Senator Landrieu (and ACORN) and are skilled at creating situations that allow them to obtain videotape that can be carefully edited to prove the exact opposite of what the true story was. They are truly the scum of the earth.

      They make the National Enquirer look a Pulitzer Prize winner.

      • fishingmamma says:

        Thanks – I think. Yuk.

      • merrycricket says:

        Couple of knuckle dragging cavemen those two.

        • leenie17 says:

          Cavemen had the excuse of no education, complex language or modern civilization.

          What’s their excuse?

          (Methinks ya may have just insulted cavemen! 😉 )

          • merrycricket says:

            You may be right. I, merrycricket, do sincerely and publicly apologize to cavemen everywhere. Including, but not limited to all current, past and potential future cavemen. Please forgive me for insulting you by accusing you of being so severely bereft of common human decency, that you might be similar to A-hole Brietbart , et al. And sorry too also. 🙂

    • He broke into a senators’ office, messed with her phones, committed fraud….We would be in jail… He should have.

    • Wallflower says:

      He likes to dress up in costumes and pretend to be a 1980s vintage pimp.

  6. Ratfish says:

    Afetr his criminal behavior at Senator Landrieu’s office, why would a federal judge allow him to go to Minnesota to attend Netroots- without at least asking if he been given credentials, asking why he was going to a progressive conference if not to engage in more mischief, etc?

    I hope when the judge finds out he holds his lawyer in contempt for misleading the court, and puts an ankle bracelet around O’Keefe, and tells him he has to stay in town until the end of his probation.

  7. slipstream says:

    The last we see of Breitbart in that video, he is . . . ascending. Then he is gone.

    Was it the rapture?

  8. jimzmum says:

    This has nothing to do with anything much, but our luck ran flat out here. We lived through a freaking awful storm here. Our deck ( about 2500 square feet) did not, and the rear of our home is pretty much on life support. Good thoughts would be appreciated. as would any bad thoughts to the weather gods. Enough. Really, enough.

    All that can be replaced, but we are particularly worried about the doe and her two fawns who are living under the deck. We can’t get there. Our deck ranges from 8 feet to about infinity, as part of it is hanging over a gorge. We can’t hear them, and hope they left before the storm hit.

    We can’t get to the access under the deck, which we opened back in February when we found the foxes, and we are so worried.

    • WakeUpAmerica says:

      Prayers and good thoughts coming your way. Where do you live?

    • yukonbushgrma says:

      Jimzmum, they are so resilient. If it was water they had to deal with, they would swim. If it were wind, they would have known about it well before it hit, and they would have found shelter. You wouldn’t believe how they can climb!

      Our two silly little house-dog Border Collies are our barometers. One of them is a rescue from Hurricane Charlie in FL, flown up here to us in AK. Every time a storm is anywhere within 5 hours of approaching, he comes to us, wants hugs, and just won’t leave us. We know what he’s thinking — “I remember that awful weather, and I don’t want to go through that again.” The critters know, trust me.

      Speaking of that, I read that there are 900 cats and dogs in the animal shelters in Joplin. They are NOT going to euthanize any of them (bless them!), and they have assembled photo books of each one, so folks who have lost a pet can come there and search. They have a big weekend planned to adopt-out these little sweeties. GOOD STORY.

      **Hey, if anyone is looking for a pet, THIS would be the perfect time to find one!**

      We flew our 6-month Stryder from Hurricane Charlie (Florida) to Minneapolis, where hubby picked him up and flew him back here to Alaska. It cost us a few bucks (shots, neuter, exam, flight), but we never thought about the cost. We’re just so glad he’s here with us.

    • yukonbushgrma says:

      Please help!

      For more information on the JOPLIN weekend adopt-a-thon and adoption application form, please visit or

    • zyxomma says:

      Sending healing and loving thoughts your way.

  9. ibwilliamsi says:

    Heh, heh, heh… nice to see he gets what everyone else gets. Nothing this time. 🙂

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