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Corrupt Bastards 2.0 Has Launch Date

Good news for Alaskans that have been jonesing for their Corrupt Bastard fix. It’s been a while. The trials of the self-named Corrupt Bastards Club were the best pieces of legislative and judicial theater around, and had Alaskans who normally didn’t pay attention to politics riveted, and infuriated. They may not have been keeping up with the ins and outs of Alaska oil and gas taxation and policy, but at the very least they expected their legislators not to blatantly sell their votes right to the oil companies. Silly Alaskans. Not only did we discover that our legislators sold out, but also that their votes went for cheap.  We the People felt like an avocado-colored appliance at a yard sale.

The corruption trials that had the state transfixed starting back in 2006, continue to roll on.  Former Senate President Pete Kott (R), and former State House Representative Vic Kohring (R) were convicted and sentenced on bribery related charges three and a half years ago. Both managed to have their cases thrown out because of evidence not introduced at trial that they say could have impugned the character of their accuser Bill Allen. Allen was the former oil services company VECO’s CEO and the “liaison” between the oil companies and elected officials. Allen had agreed to testify against the lawmakers in exchange for leniency from the court, and a promise that his family members would not be charged.

So, what could impugn the character of this fine, upstanding influence peddler whose passion was arranging cash for votes, and encouraging elected leaders to violate the public trust? Seems he also had a passion for another kind of exchange – drugs for sex – with children, namely one Bambi Tyree who was at the time fifteen years old.

Tyree, a convicted felon who in 2003 was wrapped up in a sex and drug ring in Anchorage, came up at the start of Kott’s 2007 trial. The prosecutors and defense team met in [Judge] Sedwick’s chambers. They asked the judge that Tyree’s relationship with Allen be kept out of the trial.

Prosecutor Jim Goeke said a reference to Tyree might have shown up in some “recordings” that were provided to Kott’s lawyer as part of the discovery of evidence. Specifically, he said, there might “be a line of inquiry concerning Allen’s relationship with Tyree, and the government would posit that it has no relevance to this case whatsoever.”

The last judge said he didn’t see how it was relevant if Allen was “a philanderer.”  The defendants claimed it was very relevant. The cases were tossed with the possibility of new trials, and now here they come. Corrupt Bastards 2.0.

The trial dates are set. Kohring’s trial will begin on October 31, and Kott’s on December 5th. Each, according to the new judge, Ralph Beistline, should last about two weeks.

As for Bill Allen, he admits to bribing lawmakers, but denies the drugs for sex part. Enter the FBI the with “recordings” that mention Tyree, and a whole new trial. There is also much local speculation about who else’s name might pop up in this particular phase of the investigation. Mark your calendars now.




5 Responses to “Corrupt Bastards 2.0 Has Launch Date”
  1. Man_from_Unk says:

    I’ll be keeping an eye on this alright. Oil, gas, and now fish – key ingredient for bribery. Yeah, fish is a biggie because of the billion dollar pollock fishery off the coast of Alaska. Lots of money flying around there.

  2. mike from iowa says:

    I’m curious about something. It seems when a prosecutor makes a mistake and the defendant is a Rethuglican,the courts go out of their way to extend every courtesy to the defendant and to excoriate the prosecution team. When the defendant is a poor person of color like you find in almost every state’s prison,and the prosecutors misbehave,the defendant may not even get a new trial or even be considered for release. The wheels of justice don’t seem to turn at all for certain classes of people in America.

  3. Zyxomma says:

    Alaska politics may seem strange to those of us Outside, but rarely boring. I’ll get the organic air-popped popcorn ready.

  4. GoI3ig says:

    All I needed to see was the video from the the Juneau hotel suite. It clearly showed Pete and Vic taking money for votes. The rest is diversion and fluff. I wonder if Vic will have to take leave of absence from his fireworks stand job to attend the trial in a borrowed truck? He is a sideshow all by himself.

  5. DuckDriver says:

    The entertainment never stops with these guys.

    I’d better run to Cosco and get the extra large bag of popcorn!


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