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October 28, 2021


Palin Says “I Can Win.”

It appears as though Newsweek has yet another traumatic Sarah Palin cover ready to hit the stands. One, as you may recall had her in a calendar girl pose, in running shorts demonstrating her mastery of flag etiquette by leaning on the flag as it lay draped over a bar stool. Then there was the ultra unretouched closeup, showcasing pores and facial hair. Palin fans did not like that one at all.

And now here’s one with Wasilla gym clothes, and a ginormous watch that has seemingly replaced her wedding ring as the adornment du jour. But that’s not the traumatic part. The thing that gives you that involuntary feeling when your stomach contracts to the size of a walnut is the headline for the feature story – those three little words that strike terror in the heart – “I Can Win.” One can almost hear progressive piggy banks shattering on kitchen tables across the land as donations to whomever might run against her are calculated.

Can she actually win? With her fan base shrinking by the day, only the rabid remain. So the question is, how many are there and how rabid are they? And how will the Citizens United ruling affect the next election?

It’s pretty clear if you believe her campaign film “The Undefeated” that she’s no fan of the “GOP elites” as evidenced by images of Boehner and Mitch McConnell flashing on the screen while being described as such. The Koch brother funded Tea Party, the film effused, is “real grass roots.” So perhaps Palin will be looking at a Tea Party run. This is familiar ground for her. In Alaska, the Republicans had as much heartburn or more with the temporary governor as the Democrats. Plus it would have all kinds of advantages like not having to show up for debates, and having to answer questions and stuff.

Another little nugget from the story which is set to hit newsstands tomorrow – “I will be very very disappointed if Boehner & the GOP cave on any kind of debt deal in the next couple of months.โ€ That’s right John Boehner, not only will the ex-half governor who got a D in Economics be disappointed in you, but she will be very VERY disappointed. Take that.



109 Responses to “Palin Says “I Can Win.””
  1. puffin shrapnel palin says:

    What?? No flag pin on her hoodie? Clearly, she’s anti-American.

  2. Ken says:

    This is exactly why my wife & I no longer subscribe to Newsweek.

  3. dz says:

    Sure she can run but she’ll never be able to hide — the truth. We’ve got that now memoralized on every available media currently known to mankind. Also, who is the new FB author she hired? Does she really think the disparity between her speaking and ‘writing’ style isn’t a bit obvious to even the most casual reader?. It’s the first thing teachers and professors look for when they suspect a student has plagarized or farmed-out a writing assignment.

  4. Temporary governor – best description yet. After reading Blind Allegiance, I wonder how many days she actually did any work for Alaska. Probably not enough to even be called a half-term gov.

  5. mike from iowa says:

    I can absolutely win if enough people vote for me. If they don’t,its not my fault. I’m the victim of a vicious smear campaign from the LSM. What’s that you say? No vicious smear? Not yet,which proves I’m clairvoyant. Murdoch is probably busy selling Britons on the fact that he is a victim of the LS British press.a;though he owns large shares of it.

  6. beth says:

    Euccch! Talk about a whole story about nothing but rehash, right spooky delusions, and talking points from ‘her’ Fb pages…Oy!

    For those who can’t wait to get their very own copy of Newsweak, here’s the link to the full article: “Sarah Palin Plots Her Next Move” —

    The picture of her sitting on the dock… Oh, my! beth.

    • Bev says:

      If you place your mouse over the pic of her on the says “NewsWeek Tease”…oh so perfect LOL

      I know what she is running for now, America’s Next Top Model….

  7. CK says:

    She’s only doing this so she can sell another book called “I Coulda Won.”

    • Buffalogal says:

      Followed by the sequel, ” I Shoulda Won”

      Followed by, ” Now That I’ve Had Time to Twist it around in my Head, I Actually
      DID Win and am STILL Undefeated ( and You’re All a Bunch of Stupid Jerks !) ”

      I think that’ll be my favorite.

  8. Simple MInd says:

    I can hear the cries from the Democratic National Committee headquarters now. Please run. Oh, please, please, please run. Rip the Republican Party into shreds. Better yet, go independent and send all those wacko votes into LaLa land instead of having them default to the Republicans. Go at it with Bachmann over the Wingnut vote. Please, please, please run.

  9. Diane says:

    What happens to the 2012 POTUS election id the scandal that is rocking murdock’s empire in England ends up here in the US?

    The republicans will not have their very own tv station. They will have to compete on the lame stream media. Or, they will have to explain why they are going supporting such devious, unethical and possibly criminal empire like fox.
    Could palin survive that? And why is she still on fox?
    Why should the LSM be nice to palin? She has been so nasty to them.
    The republican candidates must be sweating these accusations in Britian.

  10. KMiller says:

    Sarah can have all the botox and boob enhancements her sheeple-grifted cash can buy, but her hands and neck announce loud and clear, “this broad is pushing 50!”

  11. karen marie says:

    I don’t know, Talibunny is looking pretty old and tired in that Newsweek cover.

    If she’s so confident she can win, why is she still a paid employee of Fox news?

    My money is on her deciding announcing “I want to spend more time with my family.”

    • Sally says:

      Gosh, if she spends any more time with her family that the 15 minutes a week they are allotted, I think even Trig will move out. She despises her kids…unless they can be used to promote HER. I wonder why this article didn’t include some precious photos of the props?

  12. Mag the Mick says:

    C-ck tease.

  13. seattlefan says:

    Oh yuck. I come in from a lovely day out and see this cover all over the blogs. She says she can win? Really? I think the only thing she is capable of winning is the booby prize so I guess that cover is appropriate, no?

    Seriously, with everything that is going on in this country and in the world right now, Newsweek puts her sorry @$$ on as their cover story?

  14. m says:

    Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson Youtube interviews, Quitting , Blood Libel, Paul Revere, Alaska Poll…… DUH in her dreams she will win, maybe!

  15. Baker's Dozen says:

    Is that the poster pic for her movie?

    [scary movie music] da DA da DA da DA da DA

    [voiceover] Just when you thought the water was safe . . . BRAS TWO!!!!!!!!!! More Water!!!!!!!!!! More Bras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More separation between the Two Towers, uh Powers!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And being released next month–BRAS THREE!!!!!!!!!!! More water!!!!!!!!!!!! Three Towers, uh Powers!!!!!!!!!

    Then, in September, see the next sequel to keep her in the lemon-light!!!!!!!!! Bras—— The Revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Bras must viciously attack the blue whales, octopi mom, and electric eels that have taken over their waters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A must see for all grass hoots fans!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • benlomond2 says:

      5 kids AND how old ??? Can you imagine the REAL condition of those things ??? Mein Gott !! Ever seen how Silly Putty would just naturally flatten itself out if you left it out on the table ??

  16. Zyxomma says:

    This looks like a cover from National Lampoon. Or am I thinking of MAD?

  17. Durham says:

    We need to encourage her inorder so she screws up the Republican party even more than it is already is, and hope she gets nominated. That would make for a sure win for Obama. Besides, I like her to show how dumb she is again during the Presidential debates. The moderater needs to make sure she answer the questions this time, which I’m sure she thinks she can do again and get away it.

    • Cammie says:

      Did you notice that Republicans swept the state elections in 2010…not just the national elections? That means there are Republicans overseeing state elections in 2012. Please do not encourage Palin to run. She could actually win, given the clear ability Republicans will have to tamper with voting results. They’ve done it before. They’ll do it again.

  18. Thomas says:

    Every time someone, from Reagan to GW Bush, has been met with derision, a smug sense of intellectual superiority, and “oh pleaseโ€”as if!” from our side, they’ve ended up handing us our behinds. #justsayin

  19. Sue Evans says:

    Newsweek — losing readers by the thousands, hauls out one more cover shot of the TundraTwatยฎ in a desperate attempt to sell its pitiful rag. Yawn. Next?

  20. Priscilla says:

    Hockey Mom???? Really??

  21. Lacy Lady says:

    If she does run—-it will be fun to watch the Cat fight—–her and MB.
    But she will milk Fox News for all she can get, before cutting off the cash flow.

  22. AKjah says:

    She does not pay attention. The repugs already have their choice candidate-Obama.

  23. Lee323 says:

    Sarah Palin: “I Can Win.”

    Hmmm. That headline ties in nicely with Palin’s new self-congratulatory flick coming out next week. You may have heard of it: “The Undefeated Hubris.”

    It’s true. Palin’s hubris always triumphs. Always.

  24. Alaska Pi says:

    โ€œI Can Win.โ€

    yeah, well- hate to break it to ya hon-
    anyone who fills out the boxtop, sends an SASE and $1.29 gets one of those magic decoder rings
    so, big woop.

  25. mike from iowa says:

    Ms Grifter told Newsweek that the Rethug field for Potus isn’t set and there is time for more candidates to jump in and debate the issues. I guess that means she is not gonna jump in and debate.

  26. Winski says:

    Mud…. I’m again astonished by the degree of self-righteous, ‘I can do no wrong’ pity-party words that keep coming out of this woman. Does she not understand, or has delusion clouded her perspective to the point of just not caring, that the general public in the U.S. does NOT want her around? The VOTING populace in this country WILL NOT TOLERATE someone that is so small and single-minded as Palin has demonstrated that she herself is, and will resoundingly REJECT her as a political influence?

    Most of her self-perceived impotance comes from a media that only reports sensationalist crap 98% of the time, and have reported NO facts about her lack of knowledge, skill, cability or uncommonly limited intelligence. Your EX-Guv is a LOSER and the sooner she realizes that the better off we’ll all be because she’ll be gone.

  27. leenie17 says:

    Wow, the girls sure are pumped up for that cover!

    The tight tops, short skirts and slutty, red naughty monkey pumps may have worked to get some political love from the rich, old, white men in the Republican party back when no one knew anything about her and had never heard of Wasilla, Alaska. However, we’ve all had 3 years of her nastiness, stupidity, incompetence and hate since then, and she’s going to need a lot more than a couple of flashes of thigh to get anywhere this time.

    She’s still good for getting the base all riled up (in more ways than one) and pulling in some cash, but the people in power know she’ll bring the whole party down and give Obama a landslide victory if she’s the R candidate. She might start a campaign as a third party candidate to up her celebrity value, especially now that her cozy job at Faux is looking a mite precarious, but she has no desire to actually do the work of a full-blown campaign, and she’ll find an excuse to quit halfway though like she does for everything.

    I still think her ego is inflated enough (and she’s delusional enough) that she’s fully expecting the Republican party to beg her to run and save the day by annihilating that secret-Muslim, Kenyan, Marxist, soshalist, commyoonist pretender who’s in the White House where SHE should be!

    Boy, Palin-world is a scary place!!!

  28. benlomond2 says:

    ….So when did Newsweek start posting Comedy Articles on their cover ??

  29. Marnie says:

    Always be aware that big money Republicans like the Koch Bros, and behind the scenes movers like Rove and Chaney types have cheated their choice into the WH twice and have cheated many others into offices around the country.

    Don’t take it for granted that there are not behind the scenes powers that want another mental tabula rasa talking points parrot in the WH.
    Bush did wonders for their pocket books and they want more.

    The only reason Sarah wouldn’t go for it if it was offered to her, would be the cut in income.

    • Sourdough Mullet says:

      Spot-on, Marnie! Scary, too. Also.

    • Sally says:

      I think she’d go for ti anyway…her ego is bigger than my house. She’d find a way to keep grifting, or she’d put her kids to work writing more books (wouldn’t it be nice, Sarah, if one of them graduated from high school first?) Fortunately, her three million fans can’t vote enough times to get her any kind of nomination. If she runs GOP, she will HAVE to debate and talk off the cuff to the press..I can hardly wait. And if she runs third party, she will just lose. Big time. Plus she has to give up her Fox gig, AND she can’t use SARAHPAC money for her little road trips or anything else once she declares, unless her lawyers decide to go rogue and let her try to get away with bending the laws like she did in Alaska.

  30. beaglemom says:

    “Newsweek” must not have any interesting news to report on if they’re giving Mrs. Palin a title story. In the photo she looks like a “pin-up” girl, not a serious political figure. I guess the Republicans and teabaggers like “pin-up” girls. Should be interesting . . . .

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      Remember the Muppet movie where they’re reporters and put pictures of themselves on the front page instead of a robbery? Newsweek thought that was a viable model. Sorry, Snoozeweak, but it only works with cute, furry puppets.

  31. PollyinAK says:

    She’s going to run as an Independent or other third party, so she won’t have to go through the Republican primaries or be knocked out by any of them (Bachmann, Romney). She doesn’t really want to win, she wants the thrill of the run. SarahPAC is still collecting donations. Everything is on track for the Sarah campaign. That’s what I’m seeing right now. – We KNOW, she isn’t interested in “family” like she says in the article. And running is the only way, she can keep her followers tagging along, adoring her, blah blah… She is sick.

  32. jc in co says:

    The article about her should be titled “I Can Whine”,,,She looks as feminine as Chaz Bono did the other night on Bill Maher except for the tissue stuffed bra.

    • Millie says:

      I agree – that is a horrid photo of her…she appears very masculine except for the water-filled boob bra. Look at the last photo of her that appeared on Newsweek’s cover…she has aged horribly and her boobs were much, much smaller back then. Does she think we are all idiots? Good God woman – get a grip and stay in Wasilla – no, better yet in AZ and let the heat fry you! I cannot believe many men would find her attractive…my male family members done. They think —– I can’t put in print here what they think!

  33. AKPetMom says:

    Newsweek is a gasping its’ last breath in the world of printed media. They are trying, but trying too hard or too little? Not certain, but last month they featured a photoshopped 50-year-old Princess Di with Kate Middleton, as a “what could have been if Diana hadn’t died” type article. They were sold to a new media company in an attempt to revive their status, but are failing epically. They are jumping on the Palin bandwagon as they breathe their last gasp of relevant breath. If a media giant is failing and flailing, well, we may as well try to “go with Palin”, it might help sell magazines. Instead, it will be their death knell.

    I guess the powers that be at “Newsweak” didn’t get the memo that Palin is done

    • Cassie Jeep says:

      I think you are spot on. Need to sell a few issues? Put Sarah (TM ) on the cover.

    • ValleyIndependent says:


      McCain picked her to bolster his numbers among conservatives, since he was always a moderate R, and considered by some to be a RINO. McCain’s strategy of picking someone who would improve his appeal in a group of voters too small to win with, while at the same time alienating centrist voters he needed to win was doomed and says a lot about his rashness and inability to do basic math.

      She has not improved her appeal among those moderates whose votes for Obama sunk her boat in 2008, and her ratings among her core support group of conservatives have declined. So, either she’s as lousy at basic math as McCain, or she’s lying again and counting on the blind devotion of her followers to keep her coffers full so she can continue to avoid getting a job and stay on her vacation at their expense. I’m betting on the latter.

  34. notnancy says:

    She’s past her sell-by date.

  35. I See Villages From My House says:

    I dare Sarah to do the math and consider she’s got enough mainstream appeal to take an a POTUS incumbency away.

    As casually as she breaths, she alienates subsets of the national make-up of the voting public from a cackle of rads (needs womens lib like a fish needs a bicycle) , to pacifists (deriding kumbaya at every turn,) to special needs and wedlock teen mother families, Jews, Christians, people with degree’s and people who work for a living.

    I agree with Craig Medred who boldly stated that Sarah’s simply dumb – it was WITH the help of the media ‘filter’ that made her seem coherent to the GOP, it wasn’t by her own words that anyone could discern leadership.

    Sarah belongs to a conservative rag as an advice columnist, with the same incredulous results Dr. Marcus Bachmann achieves with government subsidized ‘therapy’ to cure gay barbarians with Heterosexual Accountability Partners.

    See this battery on this country’s shoulder Sarah? We dare you to run, we dare you to knock that battery off our shoulder to a common sense path that only you can see in your bizarre, twisted and horrifying eyes.

  36. buckydoc says:

    Palin has never really been the target of negative campaigning. Obama let Tina Fey do the dirty work in 2008. If she is foolish enough to actually enter the fray, Mitt Romney will destroy her, even if he ruins his own political prospects in the process.

    • marlys says:

      yep yep! as AKM perfectly put it, “…only the rabid remain.”

    • sallyngarland,tx says:

      From what I am hearing in Tx,Rick Perry will more than likely run. ( I actually feel he is being put out there to knock Palin off. ) He has a much longer record (10 years as Gov) job creation credentials and he knows about energy and has been much friendlier to the oil companies than Palin . Perry has been traveling all over (under the radar). I don’t think he is doing it for anyone other than himself. He said the thing about secession but I think some will overlook that if the jobs record and just because they don’t like Obama and probably it won’t bother the fringe.

      I don’t like Perry (I supported Bill White) and feel like he is ruining Texas although I feel much of the damage will show up after 2012 which would make it easier for him. I think he has had his eyes on the WH for a long time. The only credit I will give the man is that I believe he has enough sense to not want Palin to be Pres. He used her to campaign for him but I believe he had his eye on the Presidential prize even then. Rick is slick.

      • sallyngarland,tx says:

        I meant to include that Perry won’t hesitate to undermine Palin, if not directly then with the help of others. he has never lost an election.

  37. Bea says:

    She can win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes too, but I’d say her odds of winning that or the presidency are about the same.

  38. MO Inkslinger says:

    Has anyone noticed everytime Palin’s approval rating decline, she opens another button on her shirt? Sarah, if you really want to impress the boys you might want to borrow sister Molly’s tatas.

  39. mike from iowa says:

    Well I just wasted twenty minutes reading the Palin love fest movie,undefeated,or whatever it is called. Eight pages of re-hashed gobbledegook. No mention of fake boobs or bras.

  40. OMG says:

    Like I said in my post above, there will be a lot more Palin stories coming fast and furious–here’s an op-ed by guess who:

    • luckycharms says:

      That sugar doesn’t look like sugar. Wonder what association she’s trying to make with the President. Just saying.

      • Baker's Dozen says:

        That isn’t her writing style. We’ve all seen her style before, and this looks like yet another, and different, ghost writer.

        She’s like a kid on the playground wanting attention: Look at me, mom! Lookit, lookit, LOOKIT!!!!!!! Im not doing anything!!!!! Watch me do nothing!!!!!!

    • AK Raven says:

      It amazes me that she keeps referring to “when she was governor”. You would think she would like people to forget that job and the fact that she quit half way through her first term. Oh- that is her only job experience. She has to keep bringing it up. Good, she is her own best enemy.

  41. Chenagrrl says:

    Significantly the banner head (over the logo) is Murdoch’s Watergate.

    Looks like she trotted out “The Girls,” to help the photo along.

    I think butter-doesn’t-melt-in-my-mouth Sarah is running for vice president. Same with too-happy Michelle. Both are lazy twits who have plumped their resumes. The vice presidency is what the individual in the job makes it. So there is the option to do what Sarah likes best — nothing!

  42. OMG says:

    With the movie and this cover story, Palin is trying to recapture the limelight in her quest for power. I am quite sure that there will be much more to come.

  43. daisydem says:

    Seriously, she has not even declared; she is flirting with her bots and with the media, her movie is getting scathingly bad reviews, Bristol’s book tour on behalf of her mother is failing: why is she on the cover of Newsweek (a magazine I used to respect). This makes me very, very sick.

    • Paddlefoot says:

      I agree daisy, sick indeed. It’s mind numbing, it’s as though a once respected news magazine is now ushering in the “dumbing down of America.”

    • ann roberts says:

      I stopped my subscription to this mag long ago when they put SP on the cover 3 x. Wrote them a letter, blah, blah and who cares. They must get a lot of mileage from doing this. Write them a letter as I did if you don’t like it, and although nothing will come of it, you will “fill” better. Maybe if they get lots of letters and cancellations they will get the point.

      • daisydem says:

        I did the same months ago, and discontinued the subscription; I also discontinued Time, but my husband started it back for our office waiting room.

        • Judy5cents says:

          I’ve had a subscription to Newsweek for more than 25 years (longer than any of Newt G’s marriages). I’ve been thinking about cancelling it for ages, this latest issue is definitely it. Not only do they let SP run on for three or four pages, they gave Nancy Grace a “My Favorite Mistake” column, on the last page which was once home to Meg Greenfield and Anna Qundlen.

          Trouble is, there’s nothing to read in the bathroom any more.

    • Gramiam says:

      Said magazine has just been renamed “Newsweak”!

  44. Sally says:

    Her ‘bots are taking this as her entrance into the POTUS sweepstakes. I bet the money will roll in. Let’s see, she said “we can win” in 2008. How’d that work out for the grifter? Of course, she may just mean that she can win the lottery, or win a seat on a school board, or win a footrace with the President…ya think?

  45. AK_South says:

    I just want to know which of the articles mentioned on that cover is the one about her? Is it “My Life as Voldemort?” Certainly can’t be “The Art of Victory.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. bass26 says:

    my question is, why is she blinking. rememebr when she spoke with charles gibson and said she didnt blink when ask to be vp candidate? well, why havent she stated shes running? well, i believe its because shes not. and just by chance she does, she will run as tea party candidate because she knows she will lose. Just to keep the gravy trin going. And immediately after she loses or drop out, she will have another book out in a month. Its all about the money. Period.

  47. Warren says:

    Sarah realized a while back that there’s a ton of money to be made by just saying you ‘might’ run for president and then keep people guessing. A lot of people do that every year. Pay close attention.

  48. ibwilliamsi says:

    She’ll win all the way to the bank.

  49. tom says:

    i wish all web sites wold stop refering to the ‘tea party’ as if they were actually a political party.

    they are NOT and seems to me anyone who takes the responsibilty for having a blog could at least post accurate information………………

  50. far from fenway fan says:

    Ya can’t win if you don’t declare. Just sayin’.

    • slipstream says:

      You can’t lose if you don’t declare. Too.

    • Dagian says:

      If you don’t decalre, then you don’t have to open up your finances to public view and QUESTIONING.

      I would be very interested to see how much money she and Todd DONATE to any charities and which ones.

      I wonder if she ever listed all the stuff that she has RECEIVED. I’m thinking of that special gift for Trig, in particular.

  51. Whoa. That’s one seriously Photoshopped photo.

    But come on, is there anyone who _doesn’t_ think she’s delusional?


    • boodog says:

      If that’s photoshopped, how bad must the original be?

      • nswfm says:

        The original was missing her “brain”. They photo shopped it in here.

        What drugs are in the water supply where this airhead is? Because I want to avoid them. And her and her useless family, also too.

    • Durham says:

      She seriousy really is delusional if she thinks she can win. According to polls that put all the Republican candidates and Palin in a run against Obama, Palin runs in last place and would be beaten in a land slide. She doesn’t stand a chance winning a Republican nomination and the Republicans would cring if she decited to run. The good news is she may actually know she couldn’t win except if she starts a new Tea Bagger third party. Wouldn’t that be wonderfull and fun!

      • Dagian says:

        She’s counting on winning just like Ross Perot did.

        Oh wait, that didn’t happen.


        (I don’t recall much about the Ross Perot run, maybe he had really good ideas & accumen. But I don’t want this village idiot to win.)

  52. jimzmum says:

    Gack! Snargle. Garumph.

    Sorry, just finished reading an article about Maurice Sendak and his new book, “Bumble-Ardy”. In the book is a raucous party, as one would expect when the attendees are all pigs. Sendak says, “This is obviusly the work of a man who has dementia, but I am very happy with it.”

    Add a “wo” in there, and I think that is a pretty good description of Mrs. Pallin. “Bumble-Ardy” isn’t scheduled for release until, I think, the first week of September. I do wish Mrs. Palin would unreleased until then as well.

    Oh, I know this makes no sense, but I am higher than a Georgia Pine on steroids this week. Fun, fun, fun!

    • jimzmum says:

      I forgot. She has on her “special” bra, again. Yuck.

      • chespen says:

        Yuck on the hair. Doesn’t she ever wash it?

        • Baker's Dozen says:

          Hey! Perseverating about her hair is MY shtick! Get your own!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

          I also too like the “cheerleader” pose. Look in high school yearbooks at the cheerleaders. They design the school colors on the uniforms to emphasize one’s, uh, femininity. Then, they pose them with hands on hips, shoulders back and elbows WAY back to further emphasize what one’s got.

          Let’s just say that, even with the pose, she ain’t got much game! ๐Ÿ™‚

          And what’s with the white knuckles? Looks like she’s grabbing ahold of them there hip bones in terror. If this was air brushed to make her look good, why the jowls? I look better than this when I get up in the morning. So does Ike from Miowa (picture link thereof in last thread)

          • CO almost native says:

            No, that is a pom pom girl pose. They are models and dancers- cheers are jocks. Palin is definitely not a cheer… she’s a pose-r ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • sunnyskies says:

      Sounds like you are “where the wild things are!” Love Sendaks books. Yeah, your post kind of doesn’t make sense, but in a way it does. I am having a good day too…..

  53. daisydem says:

    Please tell me this is not so … that it is just pure fantasy in that sick head of hers.

  54. Ripley in CT says:

    How’s she gonna win with that big “L” on her forehead?

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