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June 13, 2021


Oyster Roundup! Bastards Flee, Palin Flops, and Traffickers Wed

~Thick and fast they came at last and more, and more, and more…

Corrupt Bastards Seek to Flee the Scene of the Crime

Former Alaska Speaker of the House Pete Kott (R), and former Alaska House Rep. Vic Kohring (R) have asked for a new venue for their impending retrial. Both were successful in having their guilty conviction overturned, and getting new trials. They successfully argued that the prosecution had withheld evidence about their main witness that might have been helpful to the defense. You see, surprisingly, the oil companies had a nefarious bad guy bribing legislators. Nelson Mandela must have been busy.

But now the two say, they can’t possibly get a fair trial in Anchorage because there would be a “media frenzy” and  that the Judge should assume that a fair and impartial jury cannot be found. “Much media coverage was inflammatory, and it generated negative, Internet-wide public commentary,” Kott’s attorney said. Awwww, the chatter on the tubes was mean, and the guys would rather be tried out of state. Stay tuned…


SarahPAC Rakes it in

Remember when SarahPAC spent $14,000 deicing the wings of private jets to fly the frugal Palins around the nation? Well, now they’ve spend $13,000 on a “bus wrap” for their family motorhome One Nation Tour Bus.

Twenty four thousand people have donated to the PAC the first six months of this year, and the Palins are permitted to spend that money in any way they see fit. $1.7 million was raised in the first six months, $1.6 million was spent, and $1.4 million remains on hand.


The Unattended

“It’ll be bigger than Harry Potter!” a Palinbot gushed last week on Twitter.

But my question is this – If they premiered a fill-length political documentary about Sarah Palin and nobody came, would it still screech?  Ask Conor Friedersdorf from The Atlantic who attended the premiere of The Undefeated in an Orange County movie theater. It was one of the locations chosen to host a premiere after extensive research on where Palin still retained a pocket of popularity.

Apparently, if you want to flee the madding crowds and enjoy some solitude in this crowded world, the Undefeated would have been the place to be. The theater was completely empty except for a brief stay from 2 people who couldn’t get tickets to Harry Potter and thought they were attending an action flick. PETROLEUM PROFITS TAX >WHAM!< ALASKA’S CLEAR AND EQUITABLE SHARE >POW!< THE LAMESTREAM MEDIA IS MEAN AND SEXIST >BOF!<

The full review in itself is worth a bag of popcorn, so I won’t spoil it. But speaking of lack of interest…

Tea Party Jamboree Canceled Due to Lack of Interest

“There is some disarray in the movement right now as to its next move. The fact is, the spirit intrinsic in 2009 has diminished nationwide, and some lethargy and weariness persists.” Ah, yes. Weariness of the Tea Party. I know it well. But it seems to now be affecting members of the movement themselves. In Kansas City, the Tea Party Founding Fathers’ Freedom Jamboree has been canceled.

Our event committee was ultimately faced with either going forward now, and initiating substantial contracting fees with the inherent risk of accruing potential debt for our organizers, while inconveniencing those participating and attending; or instead, canceling and returning all donations and delegate registration fees- none of which have yet been obligated or spent. The later choice was the only fiscal position the committee could honorably take in light of the expected funding sources, which did not materialize as anticipated. And our committee would not allow itself to be guilty of the very thing we criticize of our federal and many state governments of practicing- deficit spending.

Yes, the Tea Party Jamboree was killed by the free market, and non-deficit spending. You may write your own poetic verse.

Arms for Hides

Only in Alaska. “Hey, Buddy! How many cartons of Pall Malls you want for that polar bear hide? I can throw in a machine gun if you want me to sweeten the pot. And speaking of pot…”

This just in from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Virtual News Room:

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Alaska Region announced today the arrest of three individuals as a result of nine-months of investigation into the illegal commercialization of walrus ivory, polar bear hides, and other wildlife.

In the course of the investigation, approximately 1000 pounds of walrus ivory, including more than 150 whole tusks, were purchased or seized; as were two polar bear hides, hundreds of other wildlife parts, and more than two dozen firearms (including a silencer and fully automatic weapons). Also seized were marijuana plants, coca plants, and several other items suspected to have been stolen including fine artwork.

Items of trade for the illegal animal parts included arms, ammunition, cigarettes, snowmachines, and drugs. In a romantic twist, two of the three accused, Jesse James Leboeuf and his longtime companion Loretta Sternbach have plans to finally wed after 24 years so they can continue to communicate while in prison. Leboeuf and his accomplice Richard Westhenfelder have both plead guilty, with Sternback expected to plead guilty on Tuesday.

Leboeuf spoke to the Judge who asked if he had understood the ramifications of his guilty plea, “”Sir, I just did what I did to get along in life.”




50 Responses to “Oyster Roundup! Bastards Flee, Palin Flops, and Traffickers Wed”
  1. mike from iowa says: Try this site. It clearly states that as long as Palin is an unannounced candidate,she can spend pac money for whatever she wants.

  2. carol says:

    I also question how money frm a PAC can be spent. I have gone to the website and have digging thru the table of contents, I cannot find what the money can be spent on. I haven’t dug thru the 134 pages of the site. AKM, where might I look to see that there are no restrictions on what the money from a PAC can be used on?

  3. Wallflower says:

    Since I have never fully understood the Alaska relationship with the oil companies, I do wonder if Kott and Kohring and hoping a jury in another state won’t understand the background either–and can be persuaded that taking money from an industry you are supposed to be regulating is just fine and dandy.

  4. Thomas says:

    Your SarahPAC math seems dubious: 1.7M raised minus 1.6M spent equals… 1.4M?

    • Buffalogal says:

      I think there was already money in the coffers before what was raised the past few months and that’s being counted along with what’s left over from the 1.7 mil.

  5. Baker's Dozen says:

    From the ever actually fair and balanced (OK, maybe sometimes not, but they really try) Christian Science Monitor. This little lighthearted piece says in its own way that Sarah really is yesterday’s news.

    OK. I’m going to personally gloat again, but only because none of you know who I really am. Last September or October, I said her ride was over. The rocket was out of fuel, and her continued ascent was inertia and she’d be coming down soon. If you look back, she’s been heading down hill ever since. Yeah, there’s been a few little blips–rising hot air from Sarah giving the rocket a temporary bump, but it’s heading for a splash down. If she’s lucky, she has an operable parachute. If we’re lucky, she doesn’t. It will be much more entertaining that way. 🙂

    • slipstream says:

      Who are you, really?

    • MissSunshine says:

      If only it was so, Baker’s Dozen! Alas, this contemptible woman has the persistence of a zombie. She will drag herself toward the spotlight no matter how tattered her reputation, or filthy her wig or clothes.

      I believe her to represent the infantile id of America; a willingness to tell a flattering lie about the “golden days” of a past that never was.

      She will be around for a while yet, but her own “noon” was the two seconds she spent walking on the RNC stage towards the microphone, as potential VP, before she started her sneering, belittling speech.

      • MinNJ says:

        Nicely said, MissSunshine! I’m gonna remember ‘persistance of a zombie’ and use it, if you don’t mind…

  6. LibertyLover says:

    How come SarahPAC can spend the money on “anything they please?” Do they not have to spend it in the political arena?

  7. FYI — compare that money to the 86 mil raised by the Obama folks — if that’s what she’s runnin’ on for President she better start hustlin’ that bony butt.

  8. AK Raven says:

    Article from the Southern Poverty Law Center on the threat from home-grown terrorists.

    I hope the link works- maybe you’ll have to paste it in your address space.

  9. mike from iowa says:

    If we onliest just followed the words of the great communicator that trees caused acid rain,we could eventually believe polar bears cause global warming.Then it would be necessary and right to eliminate the bears and some enterprising poachers could make a living dealing animal parts. Afterall,isn’t that the American entrepreneurial spirit? If I spelled the e word right I’ll kiss your — and bark like a fox.

  10. AKjah says:

    “Sir i just did what i did to get along in life” I believe we will see these statements more an more in the near future. Some people are lazy that is a constant. Some people are desperate, that is what worries me.

    • Juneaudream says:

      People..who do what they did..and those help them, poison humanity. It has always..been so. Luckily..the rest of us..who honor our cultural ..rightnesses..spend each hour, each day, month and up, and around..such weakminded folk. Ugly news..snaps the rest of us..Back towards center..and reminds us..of the longer, healthy goals in Living. A lil..slap in the head..and we..become, again..more vigilent..scanning..watchful. Listening..appreciating..the health and beauty around us..but..aware..yet again..of what must be protected..each hour, each day..each month……….

  11. LibertyLover says:

    I live in Phoenix. I also live only a short way away from the only theater that is playing The Undefeated in the Phoenix area. So I decided to do a little “boots on the ground” mini-investigation and report back… without having to actually pay for a ticket to actually SEE movie, The Undefeated.

    I decided to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Friday at the 11:50 am showing of the movie.

    The Undefeated was playing at the only movie theater for it’s debut in Phoenix at the movie theater that is within 5 miles of my home. I chose the 11:50 am time to see the Harry Potter movie because The Undefeated’s first showing was at 11:30 am and I could go to early and take a peak into the theater to see what kind of attendance Palin’s movie would garner. The Undefeated has only 5 listed showtimes: 11:30, 2:15, 5 pm, 7:45 and 10:30 pm. The Undefeated was playing in one of the smaller theaters in the complex. Harry Potter’s movie was slated for 4 of the largest theaters. There are 24 theaters in the complex of varying sizes.

    I arrived at the theater after the scheduled start time for The Undefeated, but I walked into the theater anyway to check out the crowd. Feeling somewhat like a movie jumper, and hoping that no one would question my presence standing alongside the exit ramp, I scanned the crowd as the previews were playing and people’s attention were on the screen.

    I was quite surprised by the number of people that I saw in the theater but I shouldn’t have been. I do live in a conservative area of the city. The makeup of the audience were mostly older, white men and women. Retirees, I guess, because it is Friday and many people do still work for a living. I estimate that the number of people in the theater was close to about 150 to 200 people, but the theater was far from full. The front 6 rows were quite empty and their were plenty of seats to be found.

    My movie was on the other side of the concession stand and after my little sneak peak, I headed in to see my movie. I had taken my camera, but there really wasn’t much to take a picture of at that point. After my Harry Potter movie was over I repeated the process of slipping into the 2:15 pm showing of The Undefeated. Again, the previews were already playing as I slipped up the ramp and stood just to the side of the seats. While still a lot of people in one place for an afternoon movie, it was about half of the number that I saw in the 11:30 am showing. Many, many more vacant seats.

    Although attendance in Phoenix seems to be more than in Orange County, I think that the $5 early bird price might have had something to do with the number of people that went to see Sister Sarah and the Technicolor Whitewash.

    At any rate, If movie attendance numbers mean anything, it doesn’t seem to bode well for Palin’s entrance into the upcoming Presidential race, although, one of the local TV news stations caught up with Palin at the airport (she tends to fly in late at night with no one around in the airport) and got her to admit that she HAS made up her mind about whether or not she will be entering the race, but that she will not be sharing this information until August or September.

    Hmmm. I wonder why the wait?

    My spouse and I will probably go back to the theater tonight so that spouse can see the movie. I’ll see if attendance is any better one day later and on a Saturday night. If anyone is interested, I’ll let you know what I find.

    • LibertyLover says:

      “There” were plenty of seats…..not “Their”

      Sheesh. I hope you for give typos….

    • tigerwine says:

      hHey, Lover!! Thanks for your “Boots on the Ground”!! It might be interesting just to wait outside the Palin movie to see how many leave in the first half hour!! (or earlier)

    • KarenJ says:

      “…got her to admit that she HAS made up her mind about whether or not she will be entering the race, but that she will not be sharing this information until August or September.”

      I’m betting it’ll be September 20th — she wants to see what’s in both Joe McGinniss’ book and Levi Johnston’s book. Then she’ll take off for a non-extradition country if it’s worse than she suspects, and whine about her family needs her//no-she’s-not-declaring-her-candidacy-sorry-all-rill-‘Murikans if it only reveals not-illegal scandals.

      LibertyLover, your “Technicolor Whitewash” describes this boondoggle perfectly.

    • MissSunshine says:

      I am following the same strategy in Grapevine, Texas LibertyLover! – at The AMC 30 – yes, they are a huge multi-plex theater with 30 screening rooms.

      I went to see the Harry Potter film (excellent!) in one of their nicest rooms (400+ seats) and peeked into “The Often Defeated” showing in a 92 seat room. First Saturday showing: 36 people, 1:50pm showing: 73. TeamSarah is making a frantic push to have all their members buy as many tickets as possible and give away the tickets to their friends and relatives. I expect Friday, Saturday and Sunday to be their biggest push.

      I went to the first showing on Friday (I don’t recommend it!) and 15 people of an audience of 32 left the theater after the show, milled around a bit, and went right back in for the next showing.

      I will look to “The Numbers” website to see what kind of money this film made for this weekend.

      I feel sad for America that this Soviet-style propaganda film was made, and even sadder for some of the audience members that were just eating this wretched film up, jumping up and down and applauding wildly afterward. There was absolutely no attempt to present a balanced narrative. From first to last SP is presented as a saint, and everyone else are “left-wing activists” that hate SP because she is such a good, christian woman. The barrage of sound and images just crushed me back in my seat.

      The only “upside” to this film is it is very obviously a “campaign” film. If SP does not declare, her Palinbots will just be slack-jawed with shock and despair.

      • LibertyLover says:

        I have a feeling that I am going to be spending some time watching some summer movies this week just to see the attendance numbers. I’ve got some time off this next week and haven’t seen some of the movies that are out now…. so….

    • slipstream says:

      Thanks for the report, LibertyLover, but let’s get to the important part:

      How was the Harry Potter movie?

      • benlomond2 says:

        it’s good, Slip… it’s good… Gonna try the D-box and 3D version nest time I go…

      • LibertyLover says:

        Excellent movie! Sad that the series is over though… it’s been such a big part of my kids’ lives.

      • I saw Harry Potter on Friday and I loved it. At 10:45 am, in a theater that seats 299 there were between 225 and 250 people there. All ages and no one walked out, like reports of some other movie we know about.

        Loved this last Harry Potter movie – it was great.

    • AKMuckraker says:

      Great sleuthing LL! Thanks so much for being “boots on the ground!” 🙂

  12. Ivan says:

    yesterday i vented my frustration with the President. Today i read an article in the HP by Deepak Chopra ( my new hero ). very articulate and gave me pause to think.

    • Yes, I agree with this article and thank you so much for posting it. I too believe that we need to hang tight for Obama. The fear mongers have been at it too long and we can’t afford to let it happen any more.

    • Thanks for the link. Deepak Chopra made some very good points. It’s true, we have to rally around to keep the country from completely being lost to the corporate ‘suits’. The way I see it, the obscenely rich “self-made men” have no morals nor ethics. They are completely under the spell of their own greed. Corporate people seldom look beyond this quarter’s bottom line. Corrupting the political process is just a cost of doing business to them. Compare and contrast Fox “News” with Roman ”bread and circuses.”

  13. tigerwine says:

    AKM – mucho thanks for bringing to our attention that the Tea Party Jamboree has been canceled.

    In reading the link you provided, I couldn’t help but feel sad. Although well meaning, I believe most Tea Partiers are not politically savvy, and have fallen prey to the likes of Dick Armey. As I read this, I was impressed by the honesty and realization the writer expressed. Unlike SP, they realized the situation was awful, came to grips with it, and, as embarrassing and humilitating as it was, decided to call the thing off, refund the money and go public. (Far ahead of the autumn event.) SP should have him working for her/Bristol re: Bristol’s book and SP’s movie. (She would never have refunded the $$$, and gone for the gold up until the last minute.)

    I should be jumping up and down, declaring victory over the Tea Party, but I’m not. But I still have hope that in the 2012 election, all those Congressmen they elected get the boot.

  14. Peter says:

    Netflix has delcined to stream the movie. Apparently it keeps quitting about halfway through.

  15. Buffalogal says:

    >>> Jesse James Leboeuf and his longtime companion Loretta Sternbach have plans to finally wed after 24 years so they can continue to communicate while in prison.<<<

    File that one under " Best line of the week " . ( Secondary file heading of " Really great convict names that should totally have been used in a movie " )

  16. Diane says:

    The tea party jamboree
    From it the people did flee
    They hollered and hollered
    But couldn’t find dollars,
    So the tea party
    No longer shall be.

  17. Sally says:

    24,000 donors? Why, according to her fan club they have at least 3 MILLION happy followers. Maybe the rest of them are tired of NOT donating to candidates who ‘share Sarah’s values’ and watching their money used only to promote the grifter and the little grifters. Is America finally sick and tired of her lies? That would mean hopey-changey is working out just fine!

  18. Lacy Lady says:

    In case you missed this yesterday—–as I posted late.

    As first lady of Iowa while husband was Gov—-she was loved by everyone.

  19. Shadow's Heart says:

    Who would have thought the US of A had 24 thousand blind and ignorant people willing to part with their hard earned money to give to a no nothing, do nothing grifter, I’ll be damned!!!

    • lftismygame says:

      Remember, after the mental institutions were closed, the inhabitants took to the streets. 😉

      • Shadow's Heart says:

        Took to the streets?? I thought they became our Congress and Senate critters!! We all know how off balance they are, not all of course but a big majority of them are, we do need a few sane ones to try and balance the crazies out after all.

    • Moose Pucky says:

      1.7 million divided by 24,000 is over $700 average donation each. These aren’t your average working folk reel Amerikans.

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