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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

The Hinky Dans are at it again…

Let’s take a little test from the verbal section of the Anchorage SATs.

Smoke is to fire, as skullduggery is to:

A) Sleeping kittens

B) Mayor Dan Sullivan

C) Ex-Assemblyman and current Henchman Dan Coffey

D) Both B and C.

(I push my spectacles down to the end of my nose, examining your answer.)

Well done! D is the correct answer. A gold star for you. I’m glad you weren’t thrown off by the image of the sleeping kitten. I wasn’t trying to trick you. Actually I just did it because I like you and I wanted to spare you from the Dans.

Now, let’s follow the smell of the skullduggery and see where it leads.

As Anchorage residents are aware, Mayor Dan Sullivan and his hired minion, former Assembly member Dan Coffey, are in the middle of a piece of complicated surgery. Coffey has been hired to slice and dice Anchorage’s Title 21, which is a collection of land and development codes that says, in a nutshell, that Anchorage is tired of being an ugly poorly-planned city and would like to become one of those cities that everyone wants to live in. So, if it’s inconvenient to developers, or costs money, it may find itself on the cutting room floor of the Dans, which will leave Anchorage right where it is – somewhere in the ugly heart of the mid 20th Century.

And keep in mind, too, the Assembly’s Title 21 Committee met nearly every other week for about two years. And who do you think was ON that committee, and voted for the new Title 21 chapters as they came before the Assembly? And who do you think did this month after month?

A) Sleeping kittens

B) Mayor Dan Sullivan

C) Ex-Assemblyman and current Henchman Dan Coffey.

D) Both A and B.

Right again.

Dan Coffey.  Yup, he had no problems then.

But now, a nice contract from the city as soon as he left the Assembly, and at the behest of the other and equally dubious Dan who is sitting in the Mayor’s chair has remotivated him to give us the cheapest, quickest Anchorage possible. That’s what we all look for when we buy a house, right? It’s a time tested adage. If you want to live somewhere you’re proud of, just follow these two rules: cheap and convenient. What could go wrong?

The maddening part, of course, is that the public thinks that over the last six years it has actually had input. Silly public. Actually, you just held all your cute little meetings and got to play the “Looks like the Democratic process” game. Now it’s your bedtime, and the grownups are going to spend the rest of the night while you’re snoozing dismantling everything you just did, behind a closed door. Dan and Dan know best, you see. Dan Sullivan’s sock puppet’s individual recommendations hold way more sway than the public.



18 Responses to “The Hinky Dans are at it again…”
  1. fishingmamma says:

    The election cannot get here soon enough.

    • marlys says:

      Yes, but we must get more sensible busy, distracted people concerned enough to show up to vote before the sheeple of mega church corps take it away.
      I am becoming a thorn in the side of my yound adult child and her associations to help them find time to vote and I wish apon many stars *~~~

  2. the problem child says:

    AKM, are you sure sleeping kittens are implicated in your second answer? I’d be really sad if that is the case.

  3. CO almost native says:

    Love the kitty, but where is the cartoon of the Snidley Whiplash? Or Boris and Natasha? (I assume ex-Dan is Natasha…)

  4. AK Raven says:

    Silly questions all. We already participated in the only democratic process that matters: we voted him into office. tut tut

  5. slipstream says:

    NEVER trust a sleeping kitten. It’s plotting something.

  6. zyggy says:

    OMG that kitty is just to cute to even be in the same sentence as those Dans. Stupid is as stupid does, but those stupid boys will be making tons of money of speculators and the likes, and any loss incurred will to the peeps of Anchorage’s responsibility.

    How in the hell are they getting away with all this?

    • Pinwheel says:

      The voting public, (churches, big oil, derivitives of big oil, sways each vote in Alaska. You know this and I know this.

      ZTGGY: they all get away with it in all elections, cities and rural communities, last Senate campaign in Alaska. And it will continue until we get fed up or just plain mad enough or energized enough to change all of the status quo.

  7. John says:

    The assembly has to let the public speak on issues that come before it. The assembly is not required to listen. But if enough people show up and complain, they usually do listen.

    • Pinwheel says:

      At least as important is contacting my representatives. I have written to each of them, received responses. The representative system works as long as it is worked.

      Register to vote, learn the options, VOTE on election day. !!!

    • c.j. says:

      John………..Sometimes” they” schedule another very controversial topic first and run out the clock and thus those that were ready to speak out have to sit forever and then go home w/o speaking up AND how can you speak up on specifics and not just the unfair process when you aren’t even allowed to see the changes.? Doggone it, SOME people are just not playing fair. And certainly there simply must be someone out there who has a respect for the quality of life,health & safety of our city and is not an entitled little shit (merde! can we say that?) and wishes to run for mayor….Does anyone know a disgruntled Fireman or policeman to give Sullivan “the boot’?

      AND…wouldn’t it be cool if we had our own Speaker’s Corner here in Anchorage like in Hyde Park London? Sort of an anti-sidewalk Law…

  8. Millie says:

    My question leans toward the changes Dan Coffey is making to Title 21 – all on his own. How is this possible after years of a specific group working together toward the final product for which the Assembly approved (and Coffey sat)? Can anyone explain? I understand that Coffey’s ‘revised’ Title 21 will come back before the Assembly for final approval at some future date, but how come – after all the hours and work done by a variety of residents of Anchorage, can all this be changed legally? I just don’t understand!

    • CO almost native says:

      A committee of one?! Technically, that is a committee- but do the fine denizens of Anchorage know it’s been a one-horse Dan?

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