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October 28, 2021


Open Thread – Wisconsin Heroes!

We couldn’t be prouder of Mudflats contributor and big scary Alaskan “union thug” Ryan Marquis of Kenai. Here he is with newly elected Senator Jennifer Schilling (D) in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Ryan was one of many Alaskans who have helped out on the ground in Wisconsin this year, proving that there’s nothing like boots on the ground to make a real difference.

Ryan spent his birthday, flying home from his second deployment to the Badger State. Welcome home, happy birthday, and congrats on the victory in District 32!”



49 Responses to “Open Thread – Wisconsin Heroes!”
  1. Lacy Lady says:

    Another stupid Ass is in So. Carolina and will be in Iowa Tomorrow. Rick Perry—-another Cowboy from Texas will throw his hat in the ring today. I Say—-Bring it on! Like all the rest of the idiots, they are blaming Our President for everything. Not a word about the Reps who dragged their feet in raising the debt ceiling that brought our ratings down. What a FAKE!!!!! as he mentioned the 30 men lost this week. —-What I say is climb back on your horse Perry and gallop back to Texas!

    • mike from iowa says:

      Guv Greaseball is in Iowa only because we have water and his state needs it badly. I hear Willard Romney got into a heated argument with an elderly person at the fair and lost his cool. Go figure. Maybe native Hawkeyes aren’t gonna let these Fauxknee Patriots get away with blowing hot air.

  2. leenie17 says:

    The Party of Family Values strikes again.

    “The Indianapolis Star reported that emails suggest Republican Rep. Phillip Hinkle arranged to pay Kameryn Gibson up to $140 for “for a really good time.” The paper published emails between Hinkle and Gibson detailing a plan for them to meet at a downtown Indianapolis hotel.”

    “Hinkle, who is 64 and was first elected in 2000, voted this spring for a constitutional gay marriage ban. Several years ago he also was the House sponsor of the measure that created Indiana’s “In God We Trust” license plates.”

    In case you couldn’t tell from the first name, which can go either way, Gibson is male. In his ad, he claimed to be 20 years old but is actually only 18. Hinkle allegedly exposed himself to the young man.

    Oh, sorry, I meant to say the ‘Party of Brazen Hypocrisy’ instead!

    • Incredible. It seems whenever a repub starts yelling about family values, we all should take a really close look at how they are living their private lives. And honestly, I hate that. Their private lives should be none of our business. But when they try to shove their “values” down everyone else’s throats, they give up their right to a private life, imo. That’s when what they do on their own time becomes relevant to the words they say in public or the laws they try to pass.

  3. mike from iowa says:

    I’m gonna apologize in advance for this. I’ve just come from Yahoo news article about a circuit court decision in Georgia that declared part of the Obamacare bill unconstitutional. There are three or four cretins using the N word and some nasty four letter words that aren’t printable and should never be allowed in polite society. They spew these words in every comment they post and we could be talking dozens and dozens. None have any point except to make sure the flames of racism are alive. Sounds almost like they want to cause riots. I have registered a complaint and nothing has happened so far. I knew some people were serious haters,but this goes beyond extreme.Unfortunately there is no link that I can find. I am gonna head back and see what transpires.

    • fishingmamma says:

      I checked out the comments. You are right. They are terrible. Most of them have misspelled words and grammar that makes no sense. I am convinced that the commentors have no idea what is actually in the health care bill, they are just jumping on the issue in order to spew out their racist hatred of our President. The part that frightens me is that some of these people will actually leave their dark basement computer rooms long enough to vote. It makes me sad to read them. I had to quit.

      • mike from iowa says:

        I just blasted Yahoo for allowing this obscene stuff to go on and on. There about five posters on there that are despicable. There isn’t a chance to air different opinions,its always something about the potus and Michelle or Africans or Mexicans and not being called polite names. I imagine the KKK has better manners.

        • mike from iowa says:

          I’m sorry to bring this up, but, I am glad that you saw this disgrace. I thought maybe I had the distinction of killing two threads with one subject.

          • Alaska Pi says:

            When we stop bringing it up , it will overtake us.

          • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

            No, you didn’t kill two threads – but I know the feeling! Sometimes that last comment just sits there, and sits there, and sits there…

            I had seen the original story but could not bear to click on any comments from any source. It sometimes behooves me to maintain my sense of community by not reminding myself how many assholes and idiots are sharing the planet with me.

  4. Lacy Lady says:

    The quitter just rolled into the Iowa State Fair today. Boy—she looks like she just crawled out of bed. The Iowa fair looks more like a political get-to-gether—–running around, taking the stage and giving their speeches. Wonder how the 4 -H kids feel when so much attention is going the wrong way.

    • LOL- they finished the news story on her this morning by saying that she sucked all the air out of the story in Iowa. Can someone in the reupublican party just tell her to go home? The question they had was what kind of campaign she would run if she decides to do it. I said, “disorganized”.

      And btw, did everyone else know that the repubs only get into that goofy straw poll because they pay $15,000? Seriously? I think that’s just silly and weird. Apparently Gingrich didn’t have the money to do it. Aw, too bad.

  5. carol says:

    This is an example of “all politics are local, but implications and effects are national and at times, global.”
    This am, on the morning news shows (don’t know which one it was, I was getting ready for work and hit a couple different channels), I think it was David Axelrod who said that in the 2 hour debate in Iowa last night, the 2 word phrase that was NOT mentioned was middle class. Didn’t watch the debate – such as it appears to have been, was enjoying myself at the Fair. Another comment made on the morning news was that when asked if ANY increased revenue from those who could best afford it be asked to offset the burden on those who could least afford it, all of the 10 said “no more taxes”. These are only my passing observations as I was multitasking. Anyone have more detailed information?
    All politcs are local, most implications, effects are national.

    • carol says:

      I went to the Today show site and there was the interviews with Axelrod. Correction on my part, guess were only 8 people on stage last night in Iowa. Perry is getting into the show ?today, who knows what the quitter will do, don’t think she knows until she does it, so that is maybe how I counted 10.

  6. Ryan Marquis says:

    Thanks for the kudos.

    It’s fair to ask why outside influence on one side of an issue is bad, while influence coming from the other side is okay. Hopefully I can explain, at least from my perspective.

    Deeply entrenched in my intellectual makeup is an un-ignorable drive to offer help when I’m moved by an event or a situation. What I saw happening in Wisconsin had national implications. A forest-fire begins at a single spot, but will spread great distances if left un-extinguished. I saw the House of Labor on fire in a state that has a long and rich history of Unionism and progress for workers’ rights. If labor can suffer casualties in Wisconsin, it can happen anywhere. (In fact, a bill was introduced in the Alaska legislature during the last session, admittedly modeled after the Wisconsin Union-busting bill.) I’m unable to be a bystander and I saw an opportunity to get involved. We all have certain things that trigger something unignorable in our hearts; for me, this is one of those.

    What began in Wisconsin a year ago is a national issue. It’s a middle-class issue. It affects all of us.

    There’s a concentrated war effort aimed at public workers in this country. While those waging the war pick the battleground, we will meet them — and defend our values, our way of life, and our rights.

    Solidarity Without Borders.


    • Beezer says:

      Amen- Ryan I admire your focus and your willingness to be envovled and appreciate all your efforts!

    • Kath the Scrappy says:

      Thank you for your efforts too Ryan! Well done & well stated!!

      I’ve donated $$ as well as pizzas from WA State and proudly intend to continue. ITA, this is a National issue and WI is merely point zero. Thank heavens for the brave WI-14 and all the other protesters that had the gumption to try to stop the bad guys!

      The Koch Brothers aren’t playing games, they are playing for high stakes! If we all sit back and say nothing, I truly believe our Nation will soon become the Corporate States of America.

    • formerwriter says:

      Ryan, thank you for all of your efforts! What you and many others did in Wisconsin is just amazing. The republicans will eventually see that the only way forward is through compromise and being moderate. You helped move America one step closer.

      BTW, I really enjoy your photography on your website. You and AKM showcase Alaska at its finest, both through your photography and through your political acumen. 🙂

      Sincerely, a teacher in California

    • Ryan, I may disagree in principle with getting involved in another state’s issues. But I admire and respect your integrity and your dedication to doing what you think is right. I’m sure that your involvement meant a lot to those in Wisconsin.

      We all need to follow our conscience and we also need to realize that even though our views and goals may be the same, we will not always agree on how to get there.

      So, no matter what else I’ve said on the subject, I am glad that you had the opportunity and the drive to stand up for your beliefs and lend your hand to those who needed it.

      • Ryan Marquis says:

        Thanks for your comments, Pat.

        The alternative was to sit on the sidelines while allowing those waging war on the middle class to have unanswered influence. It’s not as if those that will fight in the name of protecting workers stayed home, the opposition would as well.

  7. PaPa23 says:

    One thing that I think made the Wisconsin situation different is that it became, and rather quickly, a symbol of a national movement rather than just a Wisconsin issue. As other Republican governors followed Walker’s tactics the people of Wisconsin showed remarkable resolve and so became the symbol of a “workers uprising”. That quickly morphed into a national workers rights movement and a take back America from the radical right and corporations movement. Thus the significance of the Wisconsin movement was greatly magnified.
    Particularly with the demonization of teachers and public sector workers and unions others nationwide saw the significance of what was happening in Wisconsin and felt the need to join the “battle”. Keep in mind that the opposition turned to hiring an out of state corporation to mount their effort to recall Democratic senators and brought in Palin and Breitbart to try and energize their supporters. They also flew in and bussed in people from out of state for their two Tea Party rallys.

  8. scout says:

    Thank you for your activism, Ryan!
    Congratulations Senator Jennifer Schilling (D).
    coming soon: Walker recall
    On Wisconsin!!!

  9. Dagian says:

    At least two of them went away…

    I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens, later.

  10. fishingmamma says:

    What would we have all said if we were to find out that during the election, Lisa Murkowski’s campaign had people from ‘outside’ going door-to-door getting out the republican vote?

    Do we support having people from down south coming here to get people to support Pebble?

    If these were republicans, ‘deployed’ to our state, would we be happy about it?

    Why is it a good thing to send Alaskans to work on Wisconsin grassroots movements?

    Have to ask the question….

    • fishingmamma says:

      Don’t get me wrong — I wanted all of the repubs to go down in flames in the recalls. But this is not my state, and I do not vote there. I do not feel right politicking there.

      I can support the party by giving money. I cannot in good conscience do more than that. And I would not want anyone from down south to do any more than that here, in my home state.

      Sorry, I cannot support this.

      • Yeah, I’m with you on this one. I was pleased as punch that two of the Democrats won and sorry that the others didn’t. I have followed all that was going on in Wisconsin, but when it comes to donating money or making phone calls when I live more than half way across the country, it just felt wrong. We often criticize the republicans for taking outside money or bringing people in from outside, so how is this any different? To me, it’s not, especially since these were state elections. I am more than happy to post information on facebook or sign petitions in support of fellow Democrats in other states. In those cases, it’s clear that I am from another state but still support their cause.

      • Alaska Pi says:
        I can support open, up front participation here and elsewhere, regardless of the party involved .
        I have more of a problem supporting with money , especially PAC and 501(c) (4) type money (a la Citizen’s United .”social welfare leagues” )
        Open, up front support , whether I agree or disagree with the supporter, is also open to questions and scrutiny by voters to make up their own minds as opposed to PR campaigns by facelss, nameless organizations.
        Thank you Ryan. WI touches us all. I stood in solidarity twice in freezing nasty weather here with our public and private union folks . Clapping my now warm hands for WI !

      • beth says:

        I’m with this 100%, too. IMHO,it’s one thing to lend your expertise and/or strategies to a cause, it’s another, entirely, to physically go to another state and carry those strategies out.

        And I know I’m in the way small minority, here, but I cannot abide by the donation of *any* out-of-state money for candidates and causes at/to the state/local level, either! Dontate all you want to candidate(s) running for POTUS [national office], fine: to candidates running for *any* position in a state other than the one you live in?, not fine — donate that money, instead, to the national committee for disbursal at the [other] state level.

        As for initiatives on the *state* ballot, I have no heartburn with funding –in any state– those that will impact the nation as a whole, i.e. repeal or continuance of DOMA and/or recall or not of Clarence Thomas. I do have heartburn with *outside* folks funding state/local issues, i.e. instituting or rejecting California’s Prop 8. Great heartburn.

        The way I see it, citizens of a state –and those citizens only!– should determine who represents them … and how. If a candidate/initiative has the support of the citizens of a state, that support will be reflected in donations/warchests, and they’ll carry the day; if they don’t have the state citizen’s support, they won’t. It jerks my chain no end that *out of state* monies shore up the coffers of candidates/initiatives the citizens aren’t all that keen on — but, money, let’s face it, talks.

        I’m thoroughly convinced that, had it not been for out-of-state money, the current crop of goober Bagger and Republican freshmen we have bolluxing around in our halls of government, would have fallen by the wayside ages ago and would by now be back at home working at their day job. /rant. beth.

        • Beezer says:

          *The way I see it, citizens of a state –and those citizens only!– should determine who represents them … and how. If a candidate/initiative has the support of the citizens of a state, that support will be reflected in donations/warchests, and they’ll carry the day; if they don’t have the state citizen’s support, they won’t. It jerks my chain no end that *out of state* monies shore up the coffers of candidates/initiatives the citizens aren’t all that keen on — but, money, let’s face it, talks*

          Yes, I can understand this point. But, sometimes I think that if “you can’t beat them, join them” or “try to beat them at their own game” may be the solution…some of the times. Especially when it seemed to me that what was/is going on in WI feels like what is a fight that many in our country are expierencing.

        • Alaska Pi says:

          beth- you are making a distinction about outside monies here with which I largely agree. We had the Tea Party Express here in our faces with their wallets open in the last Senate race and always have the oil companies sticking their wallets into state leg races.

          We everyday people will never be able to counteract the dollars spent by such entities without assistance . Real live helping hands with brains and feet attached to them is our “coin”. They are also answerable in ways dollars are not.

      • Beezer says:

        I beg to differ. I would hope that I would welcome any support, in any form, on any issue that I felt strongly about. As for Pebble, it is much more than just local, after all many people around the world buy & enjoy fresh, wild seafood from Alaska (assuming that most here at the flats are opposed to the Pebble). Also, too I feel that there is more power in a larger community of like minded people for any issue anywhere. Maybe if more like minded people woud have been able to band together in WI the outcome could have been more than just two seats for the Dems.

        • Zyxomma says:

          I must agree, Beezer. Pebble’s would-be operators think that because the disaster-in-waiting that would be Pebble, an open-pit mine in a seismically active zone, with only earthen dams to hold in all the toxic mining waste (that somehow, magically, will not contaminate the salmon streams because they say so!), will be ignored by the rest of us because it’s so far away from where most of us live (Outside). SO not true. I sign a petition or write an email at least weekly to stop this travesty from occurring.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      It’s a good question on a variety of fronts, one I have thought a lot about in the last year or so, especially after our last senate race.
      Open and up front , I have no problems regardless of the issue and the party. The behind the scenes stuff and just out of sight behind dollars, I have increasing problems with it, regardless of the issue and party.
      re Murkowski: If and when I get over Alaskans Standing Together’ assault on my phone and mailbox I might get to thinking about her own “oily” campaign chest from Outside interests.
      I am a registered Democrat. I NEVER get campaign calls and mail from ANYone even though I am a super voter ( have missed 1 election , local, in almost 40 years of voting ). Presumably the Ds think I’m “in the bag” and the Rs think I’m a lost cause or i’m just not as fun to woo as all the Ns and Us.
      My mailbox post is still leaning after the weight of all the campaign crap AST filled it with last fall. I saw , doing my small part for Mr McAdams’ campaign, an abrupt shift in voter attitude right after AST started it’s onslaught.
      I was spending all my spare time entering contact data in votebuilder , data from door to door contacts local McAdams campaign volunteers gathered. Where people had been seriously considering voting for Mr McAdams the proverbial door was suddenly slammed in the contact volunteers’ faces.
      One night while I was entering data I got a call from an LM supporter who started with “LM is in the fight for her political life against Joe whatizname…” stuff, NO mention of Mr McAdams, none at all. I just had to ask her if she was working with the same lists we at the McAdams campaign were and whether it was SOP to call someone with the registered D by their name and pretend there was no D in the race. She didn’t answer that question. nor did she answer whether she was calling for the LM campaign directly or AST.

      I would love to had someone at my front door, whoever they were and wherever they came from , to ask my questions of, where I could see their face and watch their eyes.

    • APEA/AFT says:

      Your analogy breaks down because this is not just a “Wisconsin grassroots movement,” but a coordinated, nationwide attack on public employees & the middle class in New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan and elsewhere. Wisconsin just happens to be ground zero in this fight. A group called ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) churns out model legislation against workers which is adopted by compliant governors & legislatures across the country. The Koch Bros. have poured a mountain of money into WI, and not having billion$ to spend in response, all we have is the power of putting people on the ground. Did you also have a problem with people from other parts of the nation descending on Mississippi during the Civil Rights movement?

      • beth says:

        Different situation, I think, APEA/AFT. In Mississippi –and other parts of the south– the folks who descended into the area did so to ensure [newly] enacted Federal Legislation was upheld/adhered to. IMHO, apples and oranges. beth.

        • Beezer says:

          Not totally different, in my opinion, when someone else is trying to deny others thier rights. ei. Civil Rights vs. Workers Rights.

      • I was wondering when that comparison was going to come up. I think that beth explains the difference very well. One was a federal law while the other is a state law. That doesn’t mean that we all shouldn’t be watching what the other states are doing and lending our vocal and written support. By doing so, and making it clear that we are from other states, we can send the message to our own state legislators that we do not condone what is being done to strip away the rights of unions and other workers.

        However, I think that we walk a fine line of criticizing the likes of Koch minions (whom I detest, btw) and doing the same sort of thing. Our views might be for all the right reasons, but it just doesn’t work for me to try to justify one without allowing the other.

        The blame still lies at the feet of the Supreme Court with that horrible Citizens United ruling. But just because one side plays dirty and is now being legally allowed to, doesn’t mean we should do the same.

  11. LoveMyDogs says:

    Hi all mudpups! I’ve been missing in action due to illness (who gets Strep in the middle of summer????) and the death of a very dear friend (along with my M-I-L at the end of May and several parents of good friends of mine). I peek in on the conversation every now and then but the book that I am writing is taking a lot of my time on top of my 2 jobs.

    I noticed a comment from Krozumbo Nanyoke (hope I got the spelling right) re: our President and what he has been going through in the last Open Thread. I wanted to say that I echo KN’s thoughts. I am sickened and disgusted by the crap that this man has to put up with. My mother said “It’s because he’s a democrat”, to which I replied, “It’s because he’s a black democrat” and I stand by that statement. The horrible things that I have heard thrown his way since he took office make me want to move to a desert island, away from all of it. I do not defend all of his policies but I do remember the night that he was elected when he said “You won’t like everything that I do” and he was right. However, I am equally sickened by the people on the left who cannot seem to get that “you can’t always get what you want”. He is looking out for the people who are depending on unemployment checks to put food in their childrens’ mouths and for the elderly who depend on SS and Medicare every time he “compromises”.

    I give the man the benefit of the doubt because we are only privy to what they want us to know. How many of us truely understand global economics? I certainly don’t.

    I do love the blowback that Mitt got yesterday, sweet music to the ears that was.

    I also fear for the country as a whole because we are SO divided at this point. All I know is that I do NOT want to be ruled by the Xtian dominionists.

    Anyway, cheers everybody. Keep up the good fight.

    • beaglemom says:

      I feel very deeply for President Obama. One of his finest talents is an ability to get along with different groups of people; he’s had to hone it finely all his life. The Republicans in Congress took that gift and abused it by being in a perpetual tantrum since he finished taking his oath of office. Remember Mitch McConnell and his bragging that he would do anything to keep President Obama from a second term. As dastardly and unpatriotic as it sounds, he meant it. As far as I’m concerned, every Republican in office, at any level, has become a traitor to this country and its people. Not one of them is worthy of my vote.

    • scout says:

      “to which I replied, “It’s because he’s a black democrat” and I stand by that statement.”
      I agree, Love MD. I recently saw the movie “Men of Honor” (Cuba Gooding Jr. & Robert DeNiro) it’s the story of the first African-American Master (s.c.u.b.a.) Diver in the United States Navy, Master Chief Petty Officer Carl Brashear. The bullying of our President is eerily similar to the movie’s portrayal of the treatment MCPO Brashear endured. It is up to each one of us to speak up to the bullies. Silence is not an option.

      good health to you, Love MD, ♥

    • bubbles says:

      i absolutely agree LoveMD. and thank you for saying what so desperately needs to be shouted out loud and with one voice by every single American
      you are a treasure and i am sorry you have been ill and grieving. hugs and love. take care♥
      now i got to go find the post by Krobo. like you i have been low key for awhile.

    • Irishgirl says:

      I agree with you as well. However, I do feel that his press office or whoever is in charge of that side of things could do a better job with the media. There needs to be an unrelenting message from them describing what he has achieved and how he is being prevented from achieving more. The GOP are successfully portraying him as weak. I honestly wouldn’t blame the man if he decided not to run for president again. Who needs that sh*t.

      America is in a whole world of trouble. It needs to heal but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. I am continually amazed at the vitriol and hatred I see on blogs. I place the blame on the GOP. All the hatred is coming from their side. They hate immigrants, gays and women. They want a white world full of men and guns and no taxes. Send these feckers into outer space and let them play bang bang all they want. The whole world is aghast at the thought that these lunatics may get into power again.

      Ireland may be broke, but we have compassion for each other. We have different political parties, but we all agree on most things. We have gone through a civil war too.

      • leenie17 says:

        I’m hoping that the right wing has gone so far overboard that there is a backlash next November. They’re fanatically wedded to an agenda that is so radical that even the majority of Republican voters don’t agree with them. Fear of the Tea Party crazies has pushed them so far to the right that there seem to be no reasonable, intelligent Republicans left in the party any more, and their unwillingness to even discuss concessions of any kind is preventing Congress from getting anything done.

        By removing many of them from office, even those who are not up for re-election next year may get the message that the people of the United States want compromise, tax reform and JOBS! Enough of this heartless social agenda and behavior that is more like two-year-olds holding their breath when they don’t get their way than members of Congress.

        We have a lot of problems in this country and they’re not going to get solved unless everyone starts working together to come up with solutions. There will always be a small minority of people who hate the President so much that they will do anything to destroy him, regardless of the consequences. But there are a lot more people who just want the government to get its act together and fix what’s wrong with the country!

  12. LoveMyDogs says:

    Good on you Wisconsin! Winning 2 seats for Dems (although not the hoped for 3) is a real accomplishment when the people in those districts voted Rep before. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you can hold the 2 that come up next week and then full bore ahead to recall that darn Gov!

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