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Blind Allegiance Revisited – New Sarah Palin Bombshells from the Cutting Room Floor

In February of this year, there was a deliberate and unauthorized leak of the draft manuscript of the book Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin (Frank Bailey with coauthors Ken Morris and Jeanne Devon). Rival Palin author Joe McGinniss obtained through his publisher a copy of the copyrighted manuscript and emailed it in its entirety to a host of media outlets inviting them to read and comment on the contents. The book, in first draft, was seeking a publisher at the time. Within days, the revelations shocked and amazed the media and public, making their way around the internet universe while being quoted extensively on Hardball, Last Word, Entertainment Tonight, Reuters News and Associated Press (among dozens of others), as well as substantial pieces being printed in the Anchorage Daily News, The Daily Beast, The New York Times, The London Times, and blogs around the world. We estimated that tens of thousands of copies were illegally downloaded via file-shares. Ken Morris spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees in Ceases and Desist orders in an attempt to limit the damage. In fact, he spent more than he ever made on the eventual publication of the book,
despite devoting two years of his life to its production.

As a direct result, potential publishers dropped out, citing the leak. Later, when released by Howard Books, publicity opportunities dried up because, as news outlets told us, “The information is already out there.” In damaging our efforts to write an important book, we have a trail of disparaging and aggressive emails from Joe McGinniss. Despite Jeanne signing a legally binding Non-Disclosure Agreement, he believed she should have told him about our book. In other words, she should have broken the law as a favor to him.  He claimed that Blind Allegiance and its authors were “taking money out of my pocket.” Interestingly, both McGinniss and his attorney admitted he was the source of the leaked manuscript. Sounds a bit Palin-esque, doesn’t it?

Even less funny is the fact that this was not the first time Joe McGinniss found himself at the center of an ethical firestorm. In 1990, Janet Malcolm wrote a book based on a series of articles appearing in the New Yorker Magazine entitled The Journalist and the Murderer, an expose about the egregious behaviors of a rogue journalist named Joe McGinniss (who, along with his publisher, eventually settled a lawsuit with a convicted murderer by agreeing to pay him a multi-hundred thousand dollar settlement). While we could write about these breaches ad nauseum, there is scheduled to be a major expose on Mr. McGinniss appearing on in early September that will, we understand, deal with these behaviors in depth. We haven’t seen the story, but the word “bombshell” has been mentioned. Stay tuned.

Despite the pain and expense, some good came of this disaster. Because of the glut of leaked information and accounts of Sarah and Todd Palin’s behavior during the years Frank Bailey worked with them, we began to receive information and first-hand accounts from those in the know who had read the manuscript and wanted to speak of their own painful experiences with the Palins.

In all instances, we verified the relationship with our sources and the Palins and insisted on taped interviews or email transcripts. Many of these eye-witnesses had known the Palin family for dozens of years, going back to their early school years.

Some of these revelation appeared in Blind Allegiance (the eye-witness account of Palin violating campaign finance law), but most were cut by our publisher (Howard Books) at the last minute. After all, this book was Frank Bailey’s story and these bombshells were not part of his first-hand experience. It was a difficult call and one we debated long and hard, as the stories are as shocking as the other revelations in our book.

Over the next few days/weeks, The Mudflats will be reporting some of these stories, as told to the authors, directly from these confidential taped interviews and email communications. These accounts are too important to remain untold, especially in light of the fact that the former governor is still weighing her options regarding entering the presidential race in the coming weeks (not to mention the continuation of ridiculously fabricated stories that ignore reality-not just in Sarah Palin’s own books but now Bristol Palin’s whitewashed biography as well).

Our object in writing Blind Allegiance was always to disseminate information, reveal the truth, and ultimately let an informed public decide if this potential candidate is capable or worthy of holding the media spotlight, a place in the conservative movement, or the highest office in the land. It is in that spirit that we chose to share what we have learned.

Ken Morris and Jeanne Devon



186 Responses to “Blind Allegiance Revisited – New Sarah Palin Bombshells from the Cutting Room Floor”
  1. Katie Taylor says:

    “Over the next few days/weeks, The Mudflats will be reporting some of these stories, as told to the authors.”

    When should readers expect to see the first of the stories that was not included in the book? My definition of “few days” is apparently a lot less than the authors’. I’m sure all your readers are as eager as I am to read your stories.

    • Amy1 says:

      Yes, I am eager to hear more. Plus:

      –I wonder why the manuscript was sent to McG’s publisher (who sent it to McG, if I understand it correctly).
      –I wonder how McG can possibly defend his action of sending the ms to MULTIPLE media outlets. Even to one media outlet would require an explanation. The “do not print without consulting the writers” warning seems entirely without power and thus no excuse at all.
      –I don’t understand how McG could have not known that this book was in progress and its approximate contents, because if I remember correctly, all of us Palin bloggers knew this for quite some time. It’s one thing for someone uninterested in the Palin story to be unaware like this, but quite another for McG to have failed to keep up with the basic lines of force in the blogs. This of course tells me he is also unaware of all that the various blogs — together and separately — have pulled together in the way of actual valid info, including facts.
      –I wonder why your book did not reveal the BabyHoax? Or, if you don’t believe there is a hoax, I wish you would explain how the March 14 flat-profile photo of Palin can exist?

      I check every day to see if you are ready to tell any of the stories.

  2. Blooper says:

    It seems to me that there are two major ways of looking at what I shall call the ‘McGuiness Incident’:
    (And appear to be playing out here amongst the comments):

    1. The notion that, despite what has happened between the various critics of SP, all must eventually put aside their differences, forgive each other and stick to together in a front of solidarity to fight the SP menace.


    2. Character does matter in the end, and no matter how anti-Palin someone is it should not give them carte blanche to betray those who (one wou8ld think) are on the same team and as such they should be called out on their behavior (even if it does end up hurting the anti-SP effort).

    As for myself I am definitely in the number 2 camp. I think JD and the other authors of Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin have every right to still be peeved about what he did and (in my opinion) do not weaken the overall effort against SP when they call out someone for behaving like a Palin (even if that person is every bit as dedicated to calling out SP).

    Either way, I think we can all be thankful that this forum allows for so many differing points of view even on this subject. Could you imagine this interplay of conflicting opinions playing out at the Sea of Pea or on SP’s Facebook page? I can’t.

  3. Cammie says:

    “While we could write about these breaches ad nauseum, there is scheduled to be a major expose on Mr. McGinniss appearing on in early September that will, we understand, deal with these behaviors in depth. We haven’t seen the story, but the word “bombshell” has been mentioned. Stay tuned.”

    Great. Just in time to discredit him when his book discrediting Sarah Palin comes out. What the hell is the left thinking????

  4. Cammie says:

    There are some gaps in this whole debacle that need to be filled in. I still don’t know what McGinnis’s actual motivation for leaking the book were, for instance. It couldn’t just be to thwart a competing book, because he was fine with Geoffrey Dunne writing one, wasn’t he?

  5. Chenagrrl says:

    Joe M’s main skill is having flattering meals with local reporters, and now bloggers, and draining their notebooks.

    “Selling of a President” was his apex.

    The Alaska book was schizoid.

  6. Irishgirl says:

    And another thing….it won’t be Joe McGinniss that takes Palin down. Palin will be taken down by the GOP, and that message will be passed along to the MSM that it is ok to go after her. I don’t think they are ready yet as Fox news cut Rove off last night just as he was getting into his stride. So there is absolutely no point commenters getting their knickers in a twist over this and arguing with each other.


    • Moles says:

      I could be wrong on this but I think they may have cut him off to cover Job’s resignation from Apple; I think you’re absolutely right about the GOP being the one(s) that will bring her down.

      • Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

        they *did* cut away and covered Job’s resignation, but when they posted the video of Rove’s interview, they somehow “cut” about two and a half minutes of Rove’s remarks – the worst of ’em about Palin – something about being so thin skinned and needing the limelight, and if she’s not getting it, she’ll do *something* to get it anyway (the only thing I’m ever, EVER likely to agree with him about).

        Interesting, what they chose to omit, ya think?

      • Serendipitous timing….don’t you think?

  7. MelvisB says:

    Patiently waiting for the bombshells to drop. Where are they? thank you.

  8. Ladybirddeb says:

    Frank Bailey, Jeanne Devon and Ken Morris spent an enormous amount of time, care and effort to create a well written and exhaustively researched book, “Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin.” I applaud them for creating a quality product on an important subject. When a published author breaches intellectual property laws, industry rules and all sorts of moral and ethical boundaries to publically disseminate the work of others — to which he KNOWS he has absolutely no rights — it should be a public matter, and an important one at that!

    Granted, I am a professional writer, so I understand the gravity of the breach. To those of you don’t, let me tell you that it is virtually unheard of for this to happen in the publishing industry. It poses a potential threat to every writer out there who is seeking a publishing deal.

    Not only will I NOT be purchasing or reading McGinniss’ soon-to-be-released book, I will also never be reading anything by him again. The type of writing he does demands the trust of the reader, and, in my opinion, he has proven himself to be completely unworthy of that trust.

    Thank you to The Mudflats for keeping us up to date on this very important issue. I know how damaging McGinniss’ actions have been. I am beyond mortified that it was a writer who committed this maliciously act to sabotage other writers.

    Frank, Jeanne and Ken: It is clear to me that you are not seeking spite, but justice, and I applaud your efforts!

    • Irishgirl says:

      I agree with you. There is no way McGinniss’ actions can be justified. I can’t even begin to understand the horror of seeing a manuscript that one has worked on for two years being leaked and downloaded on the internet by another writer. McGinniss was quite upfront on his blog about the fact that he writes to make a living, and yet he denied that to these three authors. I can’t get beyond that.

      Another author has left a comment on a different blog echoing your sentiments. She said that McGinniss’ name is mud within the publishing industry. And so it should be.

    • Moles says:

      McGuiness, as he never stops telling us, is a professional. As such he should be aware of the rules and ethics involving published, or about to be published material. I can see absolutely no valid excuse for his actions.

      • Cammie says:

        Me neither, but I have also not seen a clear statement from AKM or Ken Morris on why they think McGinniss did what he did.

        • Cammie says:

          Well, in re-reading the post, they do say that McGinniss thought they should have told him they were writing a book. But why did he think that? This whole situation has been really weird.

          • Ladybirddeb says:

            Sorry, Cammie. I don’t know why he thought they should have told him they were writing a book. Ego? Huge sense of entitlement? Perhaps he didn’t get huffy about Dunn’s book and publicly praised it only because he was unable to get his hands on the manuscript prior to Dunn being signed to a publisher OR perhaps they share the same publisher or have related publishers. If JM found out about Dunn’s book only after Dunn had a publishing deal and then leaked it in a way that could be easily traced backed to him, the potential liability would likely be much greater. Also, I think he grossly underestimated the intelligence, the resolve and the resources of the people he allegedly screwed. Can’t wait to read the TruthOutarticle!

        • Ladybirddeb says:

          Read the post more carefully, Cammie. They don’t merely think he did it, they KNOW it.

          • Cammie says:

            Re-read *my* post. 🙂 I know he did it. What I’m asking is why did McGinniss think they should have told him they were writing a book? That is odd to me. He knew Dunn was writing a book and didn’t get all huffy about it. He praised Dunn’s book, in fact.

  9. beaglemom says:

    The goal of all of this is to keep Sarah Palin “out of office.” If the Dunn, Bailey and McGinniss books contribute to this effort, so much the better. It is important not to lose sight of the main objective. Once Sarah Palin is seen nationally as unelectable, Fox will let her go. She’ll no longer be a draw for viewers and the screechy voice will fade away in the twilight – to Arizona or Alaska; who knows, who will care by then.

    I read lots of blogs related to the Sarah Palin phenomenon: from ImmoralMinority to Palingates, Politicalgates, Laura Novack, and especially Mudflats (which was my introduction to Alaskan politics back in 2008). Each is different and each is important in showing Sarah Palin for what she is. May they all keep up the good work and help all of us reach our goal: no more elective office for Sarah Palin. In the meantime, I really look forward to the tidbits from the “cutting room floor.”

  10. Irishgirl says:

    I’m impatiently waiting for a bombshell! 🙂

  11. Moles says:

    God I so totally agree with you. I’m beyond sick of her, to the point of visiting several nasty plagues upon her house.

  12. Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

    This is an interesting study. It is not unfamiliar. A lot of those who read here and comment here, are relatively new to the strange character of Internet interactions. I’d like to suggest an ad hoc poll, how many of you know what USENET is? Those of you who do, have you ever participated in it? If so when did you start? I’m just curious.

    For those curious as to why I might pose such a set of questions I will be frank, there are various tactics that have evolved over more than twenty years that create a kind of unexpected effect in terms of conversations that take place on line. Usenet was much more freewheeling than any blog, It still is in many respects but has also lost a great deal of its currency because blogs have a more sophisticated approach that does not rely so much on mutual respect. In any event, what I observe here is that the objective of this thread has been derailed to a fairly high degree by secondary issues, such as trashing McGinniss. I don’t think that was the purpose of the original posting. So the objective that AKM had of announcing that there was other information that was actually the result of the leak of the original manuscript that would be published here has been lost in the conversation. Think about it for a minute. Just exactly who’s interest does that diversion serve?

    In my view the last five paragraphs of the OP are the operant thing here and it has mostly become lost in the shuffle. It is a pity because the majority of people who comment here generally have critical thinking skills and pay sufficient attention to carry on a productive disucussion even of issues that are hard to understand and incompletely known.

    None of this would matter in the least except for one thing. The phenomenon of Palin. Palin herself matters not at all. Her ego may have convinced her that she is some Joan of Arc sent to save Amerika from the other, but she is a shadow puppet devoid of substance. What is important is who has orchestrated her having the influence she does?

    My bet is that it is all part and parcel of the numerous deceptive identities of the Dominionists. Is Murdoch one of them? Maybe, who can tell, it is certainly possible that he is just a cynical rich guy who will do anything for a buck. But the Dominionists are different because they are utterly without compunction.

    One thing at least is clear, behind all of this hysteria and posturing is an agenda. If you include Palin, four of the republican primary candidates for president are dominionists. Is that a coincidence?

    So I remain interested in seeing what revelations will be forthcoming here. AKM is a consistently reliable source of information that though not without an opinion or point of view is accurate to a higher degree than most main stream news. To my mind it would have been preferable not to be coy about what it to be forthcoming, but knowing nothing about it, that is somewhat of an unfair criticism at this point.

    One last thing I want to add to this comment which is kind of way out in left field but still I think has a bearing on what we can see here if we take a moment and examine the whole thread. It is one thing to be anonymous, it is another to have been “outed” and therefore subject to the vagaries of the wild world. Recently, a blogger who offended some rich guy by posting valid scientific opinions under his own name was silenced when the rich guy made threats of legal actions against the blogger’s employers. The employers, in what can only be called cowardice, folded and told the blogger to shut up or say good bye to his job. There is a double standard here. Palin can say anything she wants. Supposedly she can even defy Roger Ailes and broadcast that exicrable bit of obscenity that was her blood libel whine. If Ailes did not want her to do it, why did he broadcast it?

    Beware of trolls. Their taxonomy is incompletely known.

    • dmoreno says:

      Thank you for your perspective. You have convinced me that we need to keep our eye on the ball and stay tuned to the bigger picture. I agree that SP is just the puppet, WHO is the man behind the curtain is the much more important question.

    • Alaska Pi says:

      I agree and disagree here, KN.
      I think there are multiple contexts in which this post can be viewed, one of which is your proposed larger view: “…who has orchestrated her having the influence she does? “.
      Another being the idea that there is some kind of silver-lining thingy to the sharp practices ( at the very least )
      employed by Mr McGinniss as regards his sharing round of someone else’s manuscript in that folks felt comfortable in approaching AKM with hitherto unshared stories about whatzername. ( I’m chuckling at some level that these folks did not go to Mr McGinniss as he hoped they might )
      Yet another is embodied in the totality of comments here : whether it is inappropriately personal for AKM to (and Mr Morris) to include the context of how she/they came to be in possession of these stories.
      Some of the commenters feel strongly that it is, some of us feel it is very important to the overall picture.
      The former tend toward a view that total solidarity, laying aside any personal issues with others perceived to be on the side of the “greater good” , is the order of the day.
      Some of us feel strongly that what makes up the pursuit of the “greater good” must be inspected for holey underpants and sagging elastic regularly and thoroughly to ensure whatever good comes is relatively untainted by what we abhor in whatzername and the lock-step mentality of those we oppose politically.
      I am looking forward to AKM’s treatment of the multiple contexts in which all this lives in our hearts and lives.

  13. Lee323 says:

    From Joe McGinniss on May 22, 2011:

    “Roger Ailes has been a friend of mine for 44 years…….And thinking back to the lunch Roger and I had in a private dining room at Fox headquarters in July, 2009, just after Sarah had quit as governor of Alaska, I have no doubt that the above quote (“Roger thinks Palin is an idiot. He thinks she’s stupid.”) is accurate.
    Of course, Roger hired her anyway. He hasn’t built Fox News into a nearly $1-billion per year company by letting his personal opinions interfere with his programming instincts.”

    Ah, yes. The unchallenged primacy of business “instincts” and its money-making potential. How telling. (After a full summer of news reports on News Corp’s unethical and illegal dirty dealings in the UK, Mr. McGinniss may come to regret his post detailing his penchant for name-dropping and “private dining” at Fox headquarters.)

    Some McGinniss apologists have unilaterally decided that “bringing down” Mrs. Palin is a superior moral imperative which should excuse any and all bad behavior displayed by anyone but her. Hogwash. Situational ethics is a notoriously slippery slope. (Besides, Mrs. Palin is doing a stellar job in bringing herself down. Her ditzy Paul Revere video clip alone reached more people in this country than McGinniss’s book ever will.)

    Joe, Roger and Rupert…..Nope, I won’t put an extra penny in any of these boys’ pockets if I can help it. Until the American people repudiate the “programming instincts” of the likes of FOX News, News Corp and their associates, the public square will continue its descent into the muck. The UK has gotten the ball rolling….

  14. Setasideegothistime says:

    This one is very simple, isn’t it? The authors got taken by an individual who felt that money and ego were more important than fair play. Fine. Hopefully they have learned from the experience and won’t make the same mistake next time. Yes, there may not be a next time but, nonetheless, they have a crucial decision to make. Said authors now have to decide whether or not it’s worth getting even while potentially marginalizing the effects of a book that could drive the final stake in her Dominionist shell.

    Set aside your egos this time folks. i would be pissed too, but keeping Palin away from any office east of the Mississippi is the most important thing Americans can do right now.

    • LaniN says:

      “Set aside your egos this time folks. i would be pissed too, but keeping Palin away from any office east of the Mississippi is the most important thing Americans can do right now.”

      Really? If your paychecks for 2 years were stolen by an anti-Palin person, would you say “oh well, it’s for the best”? AKM believes, based on the information that she has – which is much more than you have – that her book was stolen and posted on the internet where people could download it for free. McG even admits that he gave it to people in AK to get them to open up to him. Whether or not his book is a “final stake”, the value of her hard work and her property was decimated by his actions. Why anyone thinks she should shut up about what happened is beyond me.

      Too many people here have followed this blog for too long to think that someone with a new posting name has much that is authentic to offer here.

  15. Beezer says:

    AKM, no matter what anyone says, I for one, well probably always return to your ‘flats. As I have enjoyed this post and many past ones. I think you are a great writer and look foward to anything that you write about. I don’t always post my opinion but almost always enjoy all of yours and others that come to play in the mud.
    Keep on Keepin’ on!

  16. alice says:

    i actually found blind allegiance to be pretty lame tho it did help me figure out some other things…the refusal by frank bailey to address the fake pregnancy story pretty much tells me he’s not really ready to tell the truth no matter what he claims — no one gives a rat’s ass about sarah’s other issues, especially now that she’s not governor anymore — you think if you can’t get the world to notice someone faking a pregnancy for whatever reason, that you are going to get them to care about todd’s shadow governoring or sarah’s bitchin’ fits about her political rivals – ain’t gonna happen…excuse me while i yawn.

  17. laingirl says:

    AKM, I purchased, read and enjoyed “Blind Allegiance.” It sounds as if Joe used his anger at you as his “excuse” to trash you and BA and to make sure you had a difficult time publishing and selling the book. This, to me, indicates he is a disgusting man who acted much like $arah has against her imagined enemies and is not to be trusted by anyone. “If you slight me, I’ll kill your career, etc.”

    I also believe your publisher was quite wrong in not publishing the extra information that was undercovered as it could have easily been included at the end to confirm Bailey’s account of the ways the Palins operated, maybe as a chapter written by you.

    You’re a great writer and I look forward to your future posts.

  18. beth says:

    I’d bet it’s interesting for AKM to take a gander at the Admin Logs after posting an article such as this. Even though the Mudflats are generously wide open to anyone wishing to make a comment, I’m pretty sure, for some commenters, a distinct pattern would emerge — when they first started visiting the ‘flats, when they made their first comment, how frequently they comment, what topic(s) they comment on… Just sayin’. 😉 beth.

    • Beezer says:

      Yes – I agree with you beth – we humans really are amazing in both a good and evil way. I believe we all suffer from some sort of insanity to different levels and degrees at different times in our lives. But none the less it would be interesting. Some handles sure make the rounds.

      • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

        Many do, and that’s just fine. Some do, with different names, which is fine, too. It’s the attitude that makes poster interesting, not the mantra. Some stick to their mantra, and they fade into the crowd much to their own despair.

        We should welcome all who mean well. Doesn’t mean everyone has to agree, but we can be courteous and open minded. The ones who have the mantra, and nothing else, soon disappear for lack of sustenance.

  19. BlueinCH says:

    I was and am still appalled by McG’s behavior towards you three, but had really not followed his “career” generally before now, so was not aware of other instances of similar behavior. I’ll look forward to the Truthout expose.
    Given that the publisher edited out these extra stories from “Blind Allegiance” because they were not Frank Bailey’s personal experiences, have you thought about publishing a follow-up book and including them there instead of or in addition to publishing them here, especially in the context of SP’s ongoing behavior in thrusting herself onto the political scene?
    My take on SP is that she wants to be “drafted” rather than to do any of the actual work involved in campaigning. Any one of the other Republican candidates – repulsive as they are individually and severally – could mop the floor with her. She will never expose herself to that directly. So she hovers above the fray, consistently showing up where they do, in order to take the wind out of their sails and to keep everyone’s focus on her.
    She is as persistent and toxic as poison ivy. Thank you so much for all you are doing to get – and keep – the truth about her out there!

  20. mary j beaulieu says:

    I’m sure you already know this, but as soon as Joe’s book had been wrapped up and ready for release, he started to attack the people who were his loyal followers.
    He is such a dog, he was putting them all down for using the SAME EXACT words and spelling that he used himself!
    I was warned about Joe from some one who knows him, back when you’re manuscript was released, that this is always the way Joe operates. He is a first class opportunist.
    He really ticked me off when he tried to play stupid about releasing your manuscript. A man who has been writing and getting his books published for all these years certainly knew what the hell he was doing. Now, his knew thing is that there will be no pre-releases, snippets, what-not from his new Palin book, supposedly because the material is so sensitive.
    I’ll decide that on the books merits. The only thing he has done was to make me want to read his book that I would have anyway. But in the meantime, he has lost ALL my respect. If he should write another book, it will NOT be on my reading list.
    A lot of his commenters want their money back from pre-ordering their book from him. He had nothing kind or even understanding to say to these people who have supported him and his blog to say.
    He is the dirty rascal I was warned of. The person who warned me said that his true colors always come out in the end.

  21. Ripley in CT says:

    *clapping wildly* Bring it on!! Woot!

  22. Molly says:

    I look forward to upcoming revelations, and I am glad you consider it your civic duty to publish this additional information. I tend to think that was what motivated you originally with this blog; to let the rest of the country know what a total nutcase/idiot your Governor was, and why it was such a dangerous thing that she might have been our VP. I came here first to learn who that nasty woman who spoke at the RNC was. Thanks for providing this much needed info, and again, I look forward to new Dirt!!

  23. AKPetMom says:

    Here’s a link for those that would like a firsthand account of Joe McGinniss’s monetary settlement with the murderer Dr. MacDonald. Before anyone judges him you should read his account of what transpired:

    • MN says:

      thanks for posting that.
      macdonald was a real con man.

    • KatieAnnieOakley says:

      Thanks, AKPetMom.

      It’s nice to have ALL the facts before we judge…

    • Amy1 says:

      Hi AKPetMom — I too thank you for posting this. I resisted reading it until now, but I have to say McG presents his points well, and his point fit well with other stuff I’ve fleetingly read about this case. I’m still puzzled by why McG would pass on versions of Bailey’s book to media (in the plural)? That is a very discordant note to me.

        • Amy1 says:

          Thank you GbTX — I knew that McG response was somewhere but I could not find it. It raises more questions about McG’s behavior:.

          –Why would McG feel that he had a right to do anything beyond read the Bailey ms he rec’d? I.e., why would McG feel he could use someone else’s work without permission to enhance his own interviews, as he states in the link you gave?

          –I still don’t see how anyone could think releasing someone else’s work to the media (plural!) could be ethical.

          –No matter how badly the person who sent the Bailey ms to McG’s editor/publisher might have bungled by doing so (by sending it to multiple other recipients, sending the whole thing vs a small part, not specifically stating the confidential nature of the ms [although some say this goes without saying in the pub industry], etc.), it doesn’t excuse McG for acting as if he owned the Bailey ms (i.e., using it in any way without permission).

          A commenter above is right: “McG has some ‘splainin to do.” Esp now that he put himself out there on his blog, made the connection with potential readers, and got us interested in the logistics of getting his book out. So now, being interested, I’d love to know why he felt premature leakage was okay for the work of Bailey et al. but not okay for his own book, about which McG made a big deal about explaining and enforcing the “embargo before the pub date.”

    • Komal says:

      The website copied below has information that counters Joe MG’s version of events…

  24. Tanaga12 says:

    Yeah…Joe’s blog is starting to feel a little “used car salesman”-ish. While I still support anyone who takes a critical look at the Palins (and I loved the moving in next door stunt), I have to say, my initial reluctance to believe he is capable of the things listed here is fading. It’s too bad. But mostly I appreciate your efforts AKM and all you mudpups, and for the humor and kindness that is continually woven through these posts and comments. It’s always a joy to visit here.

  25. Bob Benner says:

    Well if its any consolation, I didn’t read or have access to any of the leaked copies of the book, nor did I order or read a copy after it was realeased for sale… I think I heard everything I needed to hear from the reviews that were released on the book after it was released for sale… Reasonable people already knew enough about Palin to know she is not fit for ANY public office, let alone President of the US… I don’t think the book added much to the knowledge database… Now unless Joe M’s book starts disclosing information such as wife swapping or sex party’s, I doubt at this point, it will add much to the debate either (assuming anyone out there is still actually debating the issue of Sarah Palin being a qualified candidate).. I hope this puts your mind at ease that at least as far as I’m concerned. In my case no sale was lost on the leak…

  26. Amy1 says:

    I just can’t imagine what you could tell us that would be a “bombshell,” but I’ll certainly check back to read.

    I do wish you would address the pregnancy hoax, or (if not) at least explain why not. Exposing this hoax to the independent segment of the electorate would make a big difference, I think.

    So many other valid issues that we bloggers are familiar with will never develop legs. For example, the violation of election rules re the Palin movie that Bailey participated in, realizing on the fly that it was illegal. Seems like an open and shut violation of the law. But no one seems to be prosecuting or otherwise addressing that illegal behavior. Ditto the prostitution issues of Todd. Or the odd press release of the AK police about it. I hope your “bombshells” are not of this type, which have not generated enough outrage (or whatever it takes) for legal follow-up. Let’s do the major surgery that we need and forget about the thousand tiny cuts.

  27. Sally says:

    I’m watching the self-destruction of Rick Perry with interest. In a week, he has basically ruined his campaign by saying a few idiotic things. People have also been looking at his real record in Texas, and that hasn’t helped him.
    Now compare that to Palin and Bachmann, both of whom are obviously ignorant of American history, economics, the Constitution, and who have said really nasty things about the President. They also like to play with guns, as does Perry. But where is the criticism? Where are the investigations? They complain about ‘conservative women’ being treated differently by the media as if it’s been bad. I say they are darn lucky to be conservative women, because Hillary was raked over the coals by the press and her fellow candidates in 2008. These two are given pass after pass, which makes them stronger.

  28. Millie says:

    I’ve purchased and read your book, AKM and that of Dunn which I enjoyed. I’ve preordered Joe’s and Levi’s. Sorry you guys are having this public discord….tough situation, no doubt. Joe has noted on his blog that he will be back to it after he has completed his national tour promoting “The Rogue”. He is a well-known, outstanding author. I know that for a fact because I’ve read many of his past books. Truly think this new one will be a best seller.

    McGinniss has more name recognition than you guys on a national and worldwide level. Have no clue why he would have done what he did, but would love to hear his side of it.

    Bottom line – I just want to know everything about Palin that can be determined and truthfully presented (proof sources are even better). She has cast such a cloud on Alaska and the nation. It sure does seem that eveything involving Sarah Palin turns into a fiasco and sadly, it appears we have another such situation with all of you.

    • “McGinniss has more name recognition than you guys on a national and worldwide level. Have no clue why he would have done what he did, but would love to hear his side of it.”

      @Millie: For me that is the point. Why would anyone who has an upstanding character act in such a way that shows a clear lack of professional ethics. What would he do if someone did the same to him? I doubt that he’d be OK with it.

      • Millie says:

        I agree with you, Pat. Really don’t understand why he did what he did. Doesn’t seem to me to have been necessary as well known as he is. Perhaps he’ll tell us where he was coming from at some future date?

        • GhostbusterTX says:

          He already has. I posted links yesterday on this comment thread. The 1989 afterword to his book Fatal Vision (posted on his website) is really long but worth reading to the end. It certainly provides context to the current flap, which he addressed in reply to a direct question posed to him in the comments to an unrelated post on his blog when the accusations were first made.

          So make of those explanations what you will, but he has already told us where he was coming from.

          By the way I don’t understand why all the vitriol is directed at McGinniss, and none toward Baily’s agent (who appears to have really f**d up in circulatling the unsold manuscript to numerous parties without taking any precautions to maintain confidentiality) or to, say, the folks at Alaska Dispatch who actually posted the content on the web, in spite of McGinniss asking them to first (as they themselves disclosed) clear the publishing of any excerpts with the authors. Tony Hopfinger went so far as to express with great indignation: “… I question the ethics in, at the very least, taking part in circulating Bailey’s unpublished manuscript to news outlets.” But apparently he does not “question the ethics” of his own news outlet going ahead and publishing the content – without attempting to clear permission first.

          So, OK, whatever. All this hate being thrown around, I just don’t get it.

  29. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Like LMD, I just remain a bit sad, AKM and Ken. I admire you both & trust that you know what you are doing. I trust AKM, I don’t know, I won’t guess – so I’ll just wish for you the best outcome possible.

    As far as Joe McGinniss’ attitude in his blog or to the posters – it is an entirely different topic than the one of breached trust or ethics. His blog, his rules – blogging is personal, period. I don’t think the whole thing needs to be repeated here all over again – the nanner nanners just don’t have a place here.

    • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

      …because they take attention away from this post.

    • justafarmer says:

      The problem with Joe’s “blog rules” is that he has none. He makes them up as he goes along and as people commenting don’t agree 100% with his views. And then he ridicules anyone who dares bring up an opposing view. It’s become extremely distasteful over there with people being labeled trolls because they dare bring up a view that is lockstep with his.
      Quite childish behavior for a so-called professional, IMHO. And I say that as someone who has been a journalist for more than 3 decades (and also retired as a university professor of journalism).

      • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

        There is a lot of childish behaviour going on all over the place, I agree!

        But still, a blogger sets his / her rules whether that means none. People need to be a little thicker skinned, and move on for a change of pace. When I got so upset with politics awhile ago that I couldn’t think straight, I found a soothing and fun blog to visit. That one led to others and I found some chuckles and some peace in reading those blogs with all the critters and farms and dogs and flowers.

        • justafarmer says:

          the thing is, Martha, Joe has gotten so thin-skinned in recent days/weeks, he turned off almost all of his regular followers.

        • justafarmer says:

          adding a further thought, Joe has attacked anyone who dares to question him. And almost all who questioned or offered a debate, he ridiculed.
          THAT is thin-skinned and childish, IMHO.

          • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

            A blogger can be who they want to be – we don’t have to go to the blog. The commenting / sharing / collaboration can be done in other places where it’s more comfortable, or less comfortable – depending on what we want.

            AKM’s post is the focus, not Joe snipping or snapping on his own blog.

      • MN says:

        joe will shut his blog down when his book goes on sale.
        he would have no reason for it then.

        • ToesInTheSand says:

          He is NOT shutting the blog down when the book goes on sale. (and, news Flash: he set the blog up to promote the book, as he should, not as another free Palin-Bashing site for your entertainment) He is disabling the comments section as he will not be able to read and moderate them. I don’t know how much more clear he could have been about that. I have been reading his blog since he started it and have read the comments. It was obvious, to me anyway, that many of the contributors to the comment section were going completely OT and just using his blog as another “Palin Bashing” site. There are quite a few other blogs where we can fun with that, and Joe made it clear in the very beginning that his blog was not the place.
          The tone of the comment section went into the toilet.
          It became difficult to actually find comments related to the article people were supposed to be commenting on…it turned into the Sarah-Snark Show, and I know that was not his intention at all. I enjoy his blog for that simple fact. It’s refreshing to go to a blog and not see that, read mature and on-topic comments. I LOVE and follow so many other blogs where we can laugh at the comments about Sarah, at her ridiculousness, but his blog was never intended to be that type. He is promoting his book via the blog (again, as he SHOULD), he is a successful author who is promoting, what I believe to me, a book that WILL be successful and wanted to keep it professional. What the hell is wrong with THAT? I watched and read as people got the smart-ass tone and I quit reading the comments for a bit. I do not blame him one bit for saying something about it. JMHO. Personally, if it was MY blog, I would NOT have been as diplomatic as Joe was trying to explain that. Lots of comments from thin-skinned people overwhelmed the site and that tired phrase “I am cancelling my order for your book!” (nanner nanner!) became frequent. How pathetic.
          When I want snark, “entertainment” via Palin, funny crazy Sarah…..I go to other blogs. It’s pretty simple folks. A lot of people were getting their panties in a twist over there and frankly, that WAS silly. Don’t buy the book, plain and simple. Go play in another sandbox if that one was not to your liking. It’s his blog and he can moderate it as he wishes. Many of us read AND comment on several anti-Palin blogs, myself included, and it was obvious from the beginning that his blog was not to be a Palin-Bashing site for our own entertainment.

          • ToesInTheSand says:

            …and just for the record, I am a huge supporter of The Mudflats and Jeanne. I don’t know what many of us would have done w/o her taking one for the team when Palin’s book(s) were published and of course for EVERYTHING else, esp. such wonderful writings of Alaska. I am just upset about the “in-fighting”. Brings me back to a time and place at Palingates when things got a little “shook up”. So now we have Politicalgates. I personally prefer to read Palingates more often, but does that make me a traitor in Regina’s eyes that I read Politicalgates? Didn’t think so. Another member of THIS forum just sent me an email slamming me for not “supporting Jeanne”. Geesh. Get a grip. I just glanced over at my miniature Mudflats “Brian the Moose” that sits on my table and he is shaking his head as well.

          • KatieAnnieOakley says:

            Most of the people visiting his blog are those that have followed Palin and the various blogs covering her for the past few years; they number, at most, in the hundreds.

            Once the mainstream media blitz begins, he will have THOUSANDS of hits on his website every hour. It would be impossible to keep up any sort of moderation with that amount of web traffic.

            Please recall that Mudflats’ server also was over-whelmed when Blind Allegiance came out; many people were rerouted to Mudflats old WordPress server / website. McGinniss is simply preparing for the same onslaught of visitors to his website.

      • Moles says:

        Quite agree. I’ve said this in another post: If you create a blog with a subject as divisive, unpleasant and totally unconcerned as to how her appalling behaviour affects others as Palin, you can’t be surprised when the discussion becomes a little heated. I can only repeat, it’s very unfair (and quite unrealistic) to let the dog off the leash then shoot it for chasing the rabbit.

    • KatieAnnieOakley says:

      “I admire you both and trust that you know what you are doing. I trust AKM, I don’t know, I won’t guess – so I’ll just wish for you the best outcome possible.”

      “Unquestioned solidarity can turn into a posse pretty quickly – not interested.”

      Where have I heard that before? Oh yea…

      • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

        I don’t know, where have you heard it before?

      • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

        This puzzled me, but now I think I get it. Are you comparing my “unquestioned solidarity” statement to the fact that I said I trusted AKM, but didn’t know all the details to the story?

        If so, that makes no sense because you made an incorrect assumption. I do have the pleasure of knowing AKM, and I do trust her to make the decisions for herself that she sees fit because I know her. Apples and oranges – not sure what you are trying to say except to be a little snide – maybe because I didn’t agree with you? Fact – we don’t always agree around here, or anywhere else I spend my time. Is there a problem with that?

        • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

          Also, too – I question my solidarity all the time! That’s meant to be funny, but it’s oh so true. Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing me, knows that!

          • FAWNSKIN MUDPUPPY says:

            you are connecting the dots…
            there are commenters here who have always taken joe’s side against jeanne.
            they, too, were the first to read the hijacked manuscript.

            can’t argue with that sort of thinking.

          • Darn, can’t comment on Fawnskin Mudpuppy’s post, but that’s where this belongs. I have always found it interesting that those who are so willing to defend good ole Joe don’t seem to care that he’s proven himself to be an unethical git, more than once. That, in itself, was enough for me to decide I wasn’t going to buy his book. In my case there is no pre-order to cancel – I didn’t plan on buying his book once I found out what kind of person he is. He, or any other author, who is so lacking in ethics won’t get my money, and doesn’t deserve respect from anyone else.

    • bubbles says:

      absolutely Martha. well said. you are right they have no place here and they know it.

  30. physicsmom says:

    I’m glad you decided to publish the information which was inappropriate for “Blind Allegiance.” That story still needs to be told, so I’m grateful you’ve decided to tell it. I’m staying out of all that other fuss.

  31. Katie Taylor says:

    One final question regarding the leak of the manuscript. Is it true that Bailey’s agent sent the manuscript as an attachment to the letters he sent out seeking a publisher? Is that process typical in the publishing industry or were you dealing with a rookie agent? I see where Mcginniss admitted forwarded the manuscript to a group of folks but isn’t it possible that some of the copies sent by the agent also found their way into the public domain. At any rate, i am looking forward to your bomshells and the Truthout expose.

  32. TNbluedot says:

    I’m for sure looking forward to more details in the $arah saga!

    While the leak of BA was underhanded, it seems there was some incompetence on the part of the agent or whomever put it out that Joe M was able to obtain that copy. That in no way justifies what he did, however.

    As has been mentioned, I sure hope truthout’s bombshell doesn’t aid scarah in continuing to get away with it. Sounds a little sour grapes to me.

    We need ALL the info to get out and hit the mainstream. Seems to me if Joe’s book helps get that done it should be supported, not denigrated.

  33. Katie Taylor says:

    I was not aware of all the details around the leak of Bailey’s book. Manuscripts are not leaked as a rule so how is it that the publisher could release this manuscript to a another author without facing liability for its actions? Was the Bailey manuscript handled or presented to publishers differently. Given his close proximity to Palin and insider’s view I would think that it would not have been hard to find a publisher.

  34. bghta says:

    cool beans more good reading..i sit here every morning drinking coffee,reading up on the dimwit..can’t wait

  35. MO Inkslinger says:

    Looking forward to your upcoming bombs. I can’t wait to see this woman fall.

  36. Run Granny Run! says:

    Great news for Sarah – she just loves having someone else do her ugly dirty work. Plus she’s already got the palinbots calling McGinnis a pedophile so you’ve got a great start at getting even with Joe, right?

    I’ve just started reading Blind Allegiance and I’ll keep reading any of ’em, all of ’em ….Joe’s, Levi’s, other’s books including whatever CONSTRUCTIVE comes out of this blog to take Sarah down for good. I’ll leave the personal in-house warring and spitefulness to others. Still it’s kinda sad though and if it gets too ugly I won’t be back. Watch out for the karma…

    • beth says:

      [Your post made me chuckle, Run Granny Run! The deft combination of backhanded compliments and outright sniping makes it quite something else — the second to last sentence is just icing on the cake. beth.]

  37. lilybart says:

    Thank you for doing what you can to get the truth out. She is dangerous as all crazy people are.

  38. Zyxomma says:

    I borrowed Dunn’s book from the library, and intend to do the same with Blind Allegiance. I just cannot bring myself to spend money that will end up in the hands of a far-right conservative who watches Fox News for news, not entertainment or infiltration.

    However, I believe in supporting Jeanne, and to that end, made a contribution to The Mudflats in lieu of buying the book (sorry, Ken, you got left out).

    As for McGinniss’s book, I may or may not read it at some future date. I’ll wait for reviews by people I know and trust, then decide whether or not to use my library card again.

  39. empish says:

    I canceled my Amazon order for Joe’s book. It’s going to be published and available at the library. He will not profit from this Mudpuppy!

  40. nancydrew says:

    I could certainly be wrong, but I think the McGinniss book is going to have a surprisingly broader arc and topic than accounts published so far including yours. The Bailey and Dunn books rely (as I understand it) on careful research, and yes, exposé of the lies and character of one Sarah Palin. I’m guessing that the media as a whole and the state of journalism today are more of interest to Joe. Different slant and emphasis. He has obviously been “in” there for many years — if I had his resume, I’d want to spend many page turns reading the riot act to the modern-day fourth estate. It, alone, overlooked her incomprehensible demerits and enabled her continued presence on the national stage. I’m betting he will link the two together and make for lots of professional discomfort.

    I think that’s why he drove commenters nuts with his “Trignostic” signals. That’s not his bailiwick. If he points a finger at the lassitude and herd mentality of what remains of the mainstream media, I’ll be pleased. Just think, there will be an entire section in the bookstore and libraries with the flight of the McCain/Seward’s Folly saga. I think book sales for all of your efforts will rise. And I mean no disrespect when I say that you shouldn’t be looking forward to another round of “trash McGinniss” a la Malcolm and Manchester. The histories of those “scandals” are oddly “establishment” (Malcolm and Manchester) v. not, the Holy Cross kid, McGinniss. Disclaimer — non-troll –seems to be all the rage these days 🙂 . imho as usual.

    Going back to writing what one knows about, please Jeanne, consider writing the book that needs to be written about the whole blogger role and its intrigues as to the Palin revelations. That journalistic history is non-fiction gold.

    • nancydrew says:

      Forgot to say — Jeanne, you are a wonderful writer with a “voice” we all admire. The lower 48 (that’s me), I’m sure, found so much about your Alaska perspective to put us in our own “provincial” place. Thanks for that, and we deserved it, and learned much. We are one country united — urban, suburban, outlier and all.

      All best.

  41. Attagirl says:

    Have read both the Dunn book and Blind Allegiance….due to the unethical behavior of Joe McGinnis I won’t be reading his. Anxiously awaiting more from Ken and Jeanne !

  42. Lynn says:

    I am beginning to see just how Sarah was able to leave her sweetness and gentileness behind and turn into the shark she is today. If more Alaskans are vindictive like you Jeanne, that isn’t good for its image. Why must everyone there feel the need to seek attention via character defilement? (I have no clue if that made sense. Long day)

    • Blooper says:

      To answer your question, no, it didn’t really make sense.. sorry. I’m an Alaskan as well and I don’t know where you got the idea that “everyone there feel[s] the need to seek attention via character defilement”. In case you hadn’t noticed, Alaska doesn’t have a monopoly on people of questionable character. I think every state (and probably every location in the world where there are people) has crude individuals, some probably more than others. But no, Alaska does not have some sort of lock on classless individuals.

      Anyways, I think most long time readers of this blog can vouch for AKM’s upstanding and truthful character. SP does not in any ways represent Alaskan people’s character (not then and certainly not now).

  43. ToesInTheSand says:

    Well, I have to admit I am sad.
    I admire and respect Joe as an author, and yes, I already had heard the story before about the leak.
    From this blog. Which I also enjoy. (I bought your book) I also have Joe’s book on pre-order which I intend NOT to cancel as some have stated they will do after reading this post. I happen to enjoy his writing and have copies of all of his books. The Rogue, I believe, will be an important and well-written addition to the many other books recently released about Palin.
    It IS unfortunate what you have gone through, but what was your purpose of re-visiting this once again? Especially when the book will be released in 4 weeks?
    I do not like the timing. I suddenly feel, as just a casual reader of your blog, which I do enjoy, that now we must witness and be part of this ugliness. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT taking sides. And by the tone of some of the responses to this post I think I will get slammed for stating I will still buy Joe’s book.
    Aren’t we all after the same thing? Bringing to light Palin’s failure as a political player AND a human being.
    Good luck to you in exposing more of Palin’s lies in your upcoming posts.
    But I hate to see anyone try to bury Joe’s book, which I feel is very important and a must-read. Do what you have to do of course, your blog, your lawsuit, I understand the hate you must feel. I just do not want to be a part of it, even as casual reader. Love the “positive” aspects of the Mudflats otherwise, just don’t feel very positive about it right now.
    Caught in the middle of ugliness, I don’t like it. It makes me sad.

    • KatieAnnieOakley says:

      When anti-Palin bloggers (and authors!) infight, Palin wins.

      • ToesInTheSand says:


        • dmoreno says:

          I agree with both of you about the infighting hurting the cause, but I must admit I am very sad to learn this about Mr. McG and watch his recent behavior. Sure, these new postings might steal some thunder from Joe’s book, but he should have thought about that when he decided to leak Frank’s book. I am so sad about this, because it is really going to hurt the cause overall. A truly legit author taking on Palinland and he goes and blows it with greed and double standards. Kinda hard to take his criticisms of her when he behaves the same way. I am truly baffled. I am sooooo looking forward to the cutting room floor tidbits; however, and will stay tuned…………

      • chespen says:

        Right on!!!!

      • lillibird says:

        She’s probably laughing and planing her next move as we speak..everyone wants to be the top dog, including Sarah.

    • LoveMyDogs says:

      It makes me sad too. Two wrongs never make a right. I have never commented on this quarrel before because I think that it is personal business and I choose not to get involved in that kind of thing because it really is none of my business.

    • GhostbusterTX says:

      ToesInTheSand, you summed up my own feelings beautifully.

      Been reading this blog since summer or 2008 (before the VP pick! – TPMuckraker had been covering Alaska political scandals of which there were many a-brewing at that time). My parents had Joe’s NIxon/Ailes book on the shelf when I was a kid so I almost feel like he’s an old friend of the family.

      “Caught in the middle of ugliness.”

      I don’t like it either.

  44. just-a-friend says:

    I admire your writing and research, but I think that you should understand that the normal procedure in securing a book deal is to submit an outline and a sample chapter to prospective publishers, usually through an agent. Yes, Harry Potter was marketed after it was written, and it was turned down 25 times before someone took a chance on it. Julia Child and her co-authors spent 10 years writing a cook book, and then tried to market it. Those are the good luck stories. They are also the exceptions.

    However, I am taking the time to explain the normal channels in book publishing because it is not standard practice to send a complete manuscript to pursuit of a publisher. Yes, it was inappropriate of Joe to leak parts of the book. However, the book should never have been circulated in its entirety, especially considering how easy it is to get publicity, given the subject of the book.

    • notafaux says:

      “…it is not standard practice to send a complete manuscript to pursuit of a publisher. Yes, it was inappropriate of Joe to leak parts of the book. However, the book should never have been circulated in its entirety,…” Exactly.

      I worked for 18 years as a freelance editor/project manager for a publisher, so I know first-hand that publishing is an extremely competitive industry. Shopping around a completed manuscript is absolutely verboten; submitting a prospectus along with a sample chapter or two is standard practice. A non-disclosure agreement is one of the first steps in the contractual process. That’s the reason writers–especially those who’ve never published before–are advised to find a competent, professional agent with a proven record in the business. It’s regrettable that the Blind Allegiance manuscript was leaked and went viral, but the blame for this debacle cannot be laid at the feet of Joe McGinniss. The real culprit is the agent, who failed to protect the interests of her clients. If I were AKM et al, I would have sued her long ago.

  45. 10catsinMD says:

    Interesting that McGinnis will be turning off his comments soon. I believe he probably knows about the upcoming expose and is setting the stage to blame others for writing “nasties” about him. He was discussing the comments at him on his criticism of Shawn Christy and his father. Interestingly, he was the first blogger to write about and heavily criticize Christy. I wonder where he gets his inside information? He seemed to have access to the phone call and email content before anyone else.

    I have both Blind Allegiance and Dunn’s book and I am really wondering what else McGinnis might have to offer unless he will be writing some brilliance about psychopathology/sociopathology. I would offer “Mask of Sanity” as a better read. It was written by an authority on the subject and updated by others very knowledgeable about the topic.

    I happened to find a copy of “Mask of Sanity” by Hervey Cleckley, MD on the internet. It was first written in 1941 and is still in print with revisions and updates. On page 25 he uses the term “word salad” to describe an individual’s writing as “indicative of profound and specific disorder…” Thought I would share this with you all. Jeanne may not be the first to use the term, but Cleckley intends it an accurately descriptive of the author’s mental state. Write on Jeanne!

    In the next sentence Cleckley compares the word salad to the behavior of a psychopath as a “positive knack for producing situations which can be accounted for only in terms of a psychiatric condition…” i.e. Palins word salad is intended to create outrageous situations (mentally unsound) that Palin wants us to accept as normal, but which are, in reality ,abnormal and unique to her unsound mental condition. Just guessing and pondering and writing it out.

    Cleckley describes individual cases in which psychopaths are so charming and sincere that they can wheedle the last bit of change out of someone’s hand so that they can then use the change for ill. In comparison, Palin will keep enticing and teasing her followers in the same manner to get their last nickels and dimes. Keep watching folks. Next episode coming up soon.

  46. Kath the Scrappy says:

    I have no intention of buying or even reading Joe McG’s book. He has such a dry & boring writing style, I don’t figure I’m missing anything.

    On the OTHER hand, I will be chomping at the bit looking forward every snippet that Ken and Jeanne have to share with us. Really enjoyed Blind Allegiance. Can’t wait! Bring them snippets on!!!

  47. Cassie Jeep says:

    Thanks AKM and Ken.

    I even made potato salad for this little picnic we’ll be attending together!

  48. Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

    Well I am pleased to see this news. Like Cackling Rad above I would also like to see a rull release of the emails in Bailey’s possession. I understand that they are his property and that he may wish to withhold much of what they contain, but there is another side to all that, there may be many “connections” in those emails that he and even other insiders can’t make because they are uninformed about the bigger picture. I also realize that this has nothing to do with this post in the sense that it seems pretty clear that AKM and Mr. Morris are striking off on their own here and Mr. Bailey is not really involved in these coming publications. I am glad of that. I don’t feel entirely comfortable with Mr. Bailey if for no other reason that he seems to have a blind spot WRT Faux news for example that is highly inconsistent.

    All that having been said, there isn’t much that is “fascinating” about caribou barbie, other than that she appears to be one of the most spectacularly dishonest people ever to float to the surface of the cesspool of politics and celebrity. What is more of a concern and a subject of deep interest is how do revelations about her activities, dealings, and connections reveal other features of the landscape that may be difficult to discern? I think this is important as well in the context that many of her official emails have yet to be released that cover the end of her tenure as gov. and therefore some of the most interesting times.

    As just one example, bearing in mind that some people have a healthy skepticism of coincidence.
    Shortly after resigning her office she was given a contract as a Faux News “analyst” at the comfortable pay scale of an odd $2 million per year. In addition a book contract followed said to be to the tune of a $7 million advance. Both of those bits of largess were sourced with none other than News Corp. Further to that she was booked with a speakers service that could secure for her $100,000 per speech or more and she has given many. Following all that another New Corp property paid her another $2 million (subsidized by AK taxpayers through a law she signed), for a “reality show”. All this from essentially once source, one man. What is the agenda? Such political contributions I thing would be utterly illegal. So she cannot be a politician. She may not even be able to morph back into a politician at this late stage because despite her PAC, she hasn’t the wherewithall to mount a serious national campaign even if she spent her fortune on it. What purpose has her elevation served then? Quite plainly it has been to provide an endless stream of politically motivated invective against the legally established and elected government for the Faux News echo chamber to cycle and recycle and exaggerate and distort. She is a propaganda puppet.

    Across the pond, meanwhile, we are seeing, those of us who cast our eyes slightly further afield than the latest box scores or the evenings offerings of inane junk posing as entertainment, the unfolding of a the true scope of the power and influence of News Corp and some of its nefarious purposes. Among the allegations to which much evidence points are bribery, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, extortion, influence peddling, and on and on. This all at the highest levels of a soverign government. Most likely more than one soverign government, News Corp’s influence reaches deeply into both the US and Australia. Does anyone here believe that the illegal activities of one or two newspapers in the UK that happened to be owned and run by this same enitity were some kind of abberation?

    By connections that may not be easily seen I will point out just one thing, there are others. What possible agenda could a news corporation have respecting the science of global warming? Seems slim. But in fact various Australian newspapers have a consistent record of publishing and then squelching rebuttals to, manifestly false claims about the subject. The same pattern holds true in the US in the form of the WSJ and Faux News. The same may be true in the UK, I haven’t looked but it would unsurprising. So the implication is that this propaganda campaign is in aid of interests that stand to suffer mildly if responsible policies towards carbon emmissions are implemented. Would Koch Industries be on that list? Exxon-Mobile? BP?

    I’ll stop now, but I had to express some of these thoughts in a place where I trust that they will get at least a fair hearing. To emphasize the fact that hidden information is a bad thing for the purposes of representative democratic government.

    • LoveMyDogs says:

      Amen KN. I have always wondered what the bright, shiny ring (now becoming lackluster) that was Sarah was hiding in its glare. She seemed to be the danger for awhile but now I truely wonder just what we have been missing in the shadows. She is not only a propaganda puppet (soon, it hope, to be thrown out with the rest of the trash that has served its purpose) but also the GOP attack dog. She bears no responsibility (at least no mainstream media seem to call her on it) for what spews forth from her mouth so she can say all of the things that no serious contender dares say (although the latest pack of RWNJs are coming close).

      The radical bent of the present contenders is geared toward their “base”. I still cannot figure out that “base” because the republicans who I know, for the most part, are scratcing their heads over their present choices. I still fear that all out there right now are straw men and something like Jeb Bush will crawl out of the muck and seem sane to them. For the most part, the people who seem to still cater to this crap are the same people who enjoy such trash as NJ housewives or whatever (I don’t have cable and am not subjected to that or Fox News). There are a lot of people who just enjoy a good fight and the mudslinging is their favorite course on the menu because they are incapable, or not interested, in reading any further. They know that they are frustrated and angry and they don’t go much past throwing blame at anyone and anything else that doesn’t think, move or look like they do.

      I am finding so much of this so despicable and low on both sides of the fence that I have pulled back from politics for awhile and devoted myself to things that can make my planet a better place (psychologically, physically and spiritually) to live.

      I can no longer take the mud that is flying at President Obama from both sides. It just makes me nearly physically ill. Someone else, somewhere else described the racism in this country as a lanced boil that is presently oozing pus. That boil (if not cut out and exposed for what it is, will kill the organism that harbors it one day. It makes me so sad that I have to limit my exposure (which is something that people without white skin can rarely do). I am sorry to all of my brothers and sisters of other skin/eye/hair colors that people who have skin the same color as mine as so afraid of losing their sense of superiority (and that doesn’t even touch the living he** that these people make life for those of a different sexual orientation). I turn to the youth of this country to help us grow forward instead of backward in the quest for a healthy, righteous and equal society and doubt that I will live to see it.

      Newscorp, I am sure, is tightly wound up with other plutocrats and they have an agenda which includes keeping us dependent on and addicted to such things as hydrocarbons, nuclear and other such dangerous things. The more unstable things are politically, the easier it is for them to take what they want and the rest of us be dam*ed. They are the very people who are so thankful that they can control the message of the likes of Palin and use the beliefs of the dominionists to bend reality in their favor.

      And the rest of us just keep trying to pay the bills, take care of our elderly parents and kids (if you have them) and try to enjoy a beautiful day when you get one. I, for one, would appreciate a day without rain…

      • Krubozumo Nyankoye says:

        Love my dogs – I am glad that my tirade managed to elicit your reaction. Two people of the same mind constitute a certain kind of solidarity. So thank you for both reinforcing my ideas and more importantly expressing your own so concisely.

        We have differed in the past over symantics, I am doubly pleased that we now can converge to a certain extent in that same context and agree that

        I would caution you on one issue. The false equvalency that both sides are doing the same thing. it is a falsehood. The democrats who side with extreme right wing ideas are not quite so corrupt as the republicans who promote those ideas and swear by them, but they should be chastised and if possible replaced with people who have a broader view of “public service”.

        Right wing repuglicans should be utterly rejected as nut jobs.

      • Melly says:

        Don’t fear for Barack Obama and the mud. He can take it. He amazes me how much he can take…he rises above it and keeps on keeping on.

      • Senikau says:

        LoveMyDogs – I enjoyed your post. Thank you for that. I too have to remember to pull back sometimes from the ugliness of today’s world and to focus on the positive and beautiful.

      • Thank you….I can sense your anguish…. I see the awful racism directed toward our president by lesser individuals….and I feel shame for us all. We do have an opportunity to rise above it…and see the good that we are capable of….like the most magnificent acts of kindness…we do that, every day to help our fellow humans….and that never gets noticed….I care about all our citizens….and wish only that they be able to look after their loved ones and families…..regardless of gender …sexual preference….

    • dowl says:

      Isn’t Rupert Murdoch heavily involved in China’s media and in Saudi Arabia?

      • Zyxomma says:

        Yes, on both counts. Star TV is one of China’s biggest media outlets (if not the biggest) and it’s Murdoch-owned. The second-largest shareholder is a Saudi.

      • A Fan in CA says:

        Yes, the biggest holder of News Corp stock is the Saudi Royal Family and Murdoch’s current and 3rd wife Wendy is from a Chinese family of 5. Her father was a big shot with Mao and was allowed to have 5 kids!

    • Amy1 says:

      What a good summary. I have come to the same conclusions. Thank you for stating it so well.

    • thatcrowwoman says:

      Hear! Hear!!!

    • Lidia17 says:

      Mmm… and Joe is “close friends” with Roger Ailes, who is a ruthless paranoid psycho in is own right. How can anyone interested in the truth and good journalism remain friends with such an individual? Joe was very defensive over this, which I find extremely odd: I mean, the imposition of Fox News on the country is a huge moral issue.

      I’m getting the feeling that Ailes/Murdoch have tried to pretty much rig things so that they win coming and going.

      Joe talking about Sarah being motivated by her religion, as he has done repeatedly, sounds so “off” to me that I just think he can’t be talking about the same person we all “know”. Which makes me wonder whether (as someone else described it) this will be the “official” opposition to Sarah for public consumption.

    • jimzmum says:

      Thank you. Well done.

  49. cameron says:

    HI all,
    Why are people afraid of Palin? She can’t kill anyone as the world will be watching her now and probably forever.

    Let all the stories come out, all of them.

    Her house in Arizona is waiting for her that could be why she bought it. She knew all hell just might break loose..

  50. lisa says:

    I haven’t seen Blind Allegiance at the local Walmart either. It is the most absurd book offering — Bible thumping and bosom busters. Walmart only repurchases what sells. Take a look at your local Walmart. You are looking at your community.

  51. Gasman says:

    Go Ken and Jeanne! It’s a damn shame that McGinniss chose to do what he did. His sniping at fellow Palin foes only helps to deflect attention from the Tundra Twit and gives ammunition to her flying monkeys who will scream that Palin detractors aren’t to be taken seriously.

    Nevertheless, it looks like you intend to soldier on and continue to fight to good fight. You have many followers and admirers who are willing to support you in any way we can.

  52. beaglemom says:

    I’m looking forward to the “bombshells from the cutting room floor” also, too. The whole McGinniss business is unfortunate. I think he probably has lots of good information to share but his attitude seems to be very petty (from his treatment of “Blind Allegiance” to his recent spate of vitriol against commenters whose presence he has courted). Maybe a case of pre-publication jitters. Who Knows? In the end, the more factual information about the real Sarah Palin that gets into the public forum, the better for all of us.

  53. carol says:

    I still haven’t seen Blind Allegiance for sale in the local FredMeyers, the Quitter’s book is there, but not Frank Bailey’s. I’m likeing Fred Meyer’s less and less lately.

  54. KatieAnnieOakley says:


    “… there is scheduled to be a major expose on Mr. McGinniss appearing on in early September that will, we understand, deal with these behaviors in depth. We haven’t seen the story, but the word “bombshell” has been mentioned. Stay tuned…”


    …and Palin is laughing right along with you – and at you. A textbook example of the pleasure of fiends.

  55. KarenJ says:

    I bought both Blind Allegiance and The Lies of Sarah Palin, and finally finished both about 2 weeks ago. I realized then that I didn’t need to buy the McGinniss book, and due to the earlier leak brouhaha that was just a little distasteful, I had no regrets in cancelling my Amazon order for his book.

    I’m traveling about the time Levi’s book is out (riding the coattails of McGinniss’ book, according to him), so I might keep an eye out for that one on bookshelves out-of-town.

    I’ll be back here to read the “bombshells from the cutting room floor” — you got me hooked, AKM.

  56. Enjay in E MT says:

    I read Dunn’s book, and Blind Allegiance and do still plan to read Joe’s book (despite the leak)
    All three books approach the subject ($arah Palin) differently and to get a more complete picture of “what is it about her” ?

    How she can be so mesmerizing to an entire group of the population and despised by another group? It’s almost visceral. How did this woman destroy all the opportunities handed to her because of bitterness? She could have done so much good if she lead by example – charity spokesperson, a ‘commonsense’ political voice, awareness of special needs children, even her family seems to have had enough. Was/Is it psychological? An obsession? Or just too much pressure? A flame out because of her quick rising star-power?

    There will be countless books written about $arah in the coming years and each one may uncover a bit more about her. Praising or condeming her – she is an enigma.

  57. 1smartcanerican™ says:

    Thanks, AKM and Mr. Morris. I look forward to the new “bombshells” about to explode around Ms. Palin and family.

    I had pre-ordered McGinness’s book, but have since cancelled my order because I find his attitude very off-putting and very “I am the best and no one dare question my stories”. Thus, I will get the info online and/or from the library, but I’m putting no dollars into his pocket. He appears to share some of the same unethical attitudes with the Palin clan.

    PeggnoinSoCal (first responder above), I think you have a legitimate concern about Palin winning the war while we win the battle. She is a slippery one and I sure hope that this does not happen.

    • Senikau says:

      I agree with you 1smartcanerican. While I was initially excited about Joe’s book, I found his tone in these recent weeks with his audience off-putting. I can’t quite describe it but I don’t like how he answered others criticism – maybe I am wrong but I felt that the words and the way he used them to respond made me feel like he was looking down on those that didn’t agree with him. It left me feeling…..unsettled. I didn’t like it – I’m not really interested that much in his book anymore. I’ll wait till the library gets it.

  58. Lynn says:

    I’d just like to say one thing, as someone who lived and worked in DC for 9 years.

    If everyone who has been thrown under the political bus were speak up about it, we’d have no politicians. Look at who’s in office. Look at how his treatment of Hillary early on and now. The dems used and abused her to maintain their network of men and elect the first (otherwise unelectable) black President. That’s just one example. DC is filled to the brim with backstabbers, con artists and power hungry fools who scratch and claw their ways to the top. We all know Sarah will not win the Presidency. It’s silly to concentrate on just her when there are far more dangerous people who have actual power – even in Alaska’s own government.

    But in today’s ever crashing economy, I don’t blame losers for making money off other people. It’s not commendable, but it’s not a new lifestyle by any means.

    • Senikau says:

      What in the world are you talking about Lynn? How did our current president treat Hilary that has you in a huff? He treated her badly and then he offered her the position of Secretary of State? I don’t understand the point you are trying to make by making accusations of no merit.
      I don’t agree with your point that it’s silly to concentrate on her. I don’t think it’s silly at all to concentrate on media figures who by their words and actions represent a dangerous way of thinking. Those who influence many others should always be in the spotlight if their words and actions deserve scrutiny.

  59. Mrs Gunka says:

    Thanks AKM, looking forward to the additional information. It’s been a wild ride! Hope it’s over soon for our countries sake and all our sanity.

  60. ibwilliamsi says:

    I am looking forward to this!

  61. Deni says:

    I bought Blind Allegiance and I’ll be buying The Rogue as well. Joe may be a asshat, but I’ve read all of his books and they are well done. Anything that helps $arah hurts America, so I hope whatever bombshell Truthout has doesn’t hurt book sales. All that does is let $arah dance away from the flame…again.

    I’ll be looking forward to your upcoming posts from people brave enough to ‘put their name’ on their story. Bravo to some truly brave Americans.

    • cameron says:

      Why should anyone be afraid of Palin?
      She’s the guilty one and now she can’t lie about any of this.
      The whole world will know the truth. Palin will be confronted with her lies and run out of town maybe that’s why she bought the house in Arizona.
      Why are people afraid of her? She can’t kill anyone..the world is watching her..just waiting for any sign of a thread in any way

  62. A Fan in CA says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if the book by Roger Ailes friend will have any bombshells in it? Maybe he is really part of Team Grifter and just working undercover. He’s been trying to position himself as the “expert” on Snowball Snooki from the get go, but he has never let out any little tidbit as a tease that I know of. It will be interesting to see the “point of view” he finally takes after all the “research”.

    Can’t wait for AKM to start to roll out more of the truth of the real Palin that has been uncovered. No one understand AK politics like our favorite blogger.

    • lilybart says:

      Andrew Sullivan said he had an advance copy, and he indicated it was as good as we hoped. (Except for the Trig hoax.)

    • seattle gal says:

      I too have had suspicions about Joe being friends with Roger Ailes. I have always felt that something is up with this connection. Why did Joe blog about this friendship with Ailes? When Ailes figured out he couldn’t control Sarah, did he ring up his old friend Joe for help? Did Ailes set him up to do this book to get rid of Palin? Did Joe get inside info from Ailes for his book? Did they hack into Palin’s phone? Have “creepy” Joe take the fall so Fox doesn’t lose any of their deluded followers? Coincidence, I don’t know, but very strange. Why would Joe be friends with a guy that is such a destructive force in this country? My hinky meter went off the charts when I heard of this alliance! Birds of feather and all of that. Hmmm.

    • AK_South says:

      “Snowball Snookie!”
      Hadn’t heard that one….I’m LOVIN” it!!!

  63. Irishgirl says:

    Where is the former governor’s much vaunted three year old?

  64. Marnie says:

    Good for you AKM keep up the good fight.

    Texas progressive bloggers now have a large burden on their shoulders to stand against the TeePeer’s stormings and get the truth out about Perry, but Palin will still throw her bad ideas around and incite her bots if she is allowed to. Also too, as long as she has any credibility, any money and any clout, she will use it to hurt other people, and that needs to end. Sarah is long over due for her real come to Jesus moment.

    A good fire man doesn’t leave the doused site till he knows the last embers are out and reignition is not longer a possibility.

    Small comfort but I bought and read Frank et al,’s book, am reading Dunn’s, will not buy McGinnis’ book expect second hand.

    Professionals who stab newbees in the back do not deserve support. And The Flats and friends certainly suffered enough slings and arrows to be shown one hell of a lot of respect.

  65. AKPetMom says:

    In all honesty I haven’t purchased any of the books by Dunn, Bailey, Palin herself, or any of the other slew of writers that have given her a platform. I won’t purchase Joe’s book either. To those of us that have lived up here and lived through the Palin Mayorship , Governorship, and VP candidacy, there is really nothing earth-shattering to be disclosed; nothing that we haven’t already learned just by being here and living it.

    • Cammie says:

      I tend to agree AKPetMom. I will, however, buy any book that provides compelling evidence that she built that house with political bribes, and that she fraudulently uses her PAC funds. I already know what a phony she is; I want to see the book that packs her off to jail.

  66. Cackling Rad says:

    Mr. McGinniss has again shown his true colors on his blog the last few days, viciously lashing out against some of his most faithful readers and admirers. The guy is a real piece of work.

    What he did to y’all was more than unprofessional; it was just plain nasty. He should have been blackballed by the publishing industry; instead, he was just given an award. Sigh. I think he wants his book to be seen as THE definitive expose of Palin so that he can sell the film rights to Hollywood. Not so easy when there are two other books out there ahead of him, one co-authored by an insider.

    I’m glad to hear that you will be releasing more information. Might I suggest eventually gathering it all together and putting it up for sale as an ebook on Amazon? Not hard to do.

    Also, any chance that some of the thousands of emails that never made it into the book might see the light of day?

    • formerwriter says:

      I would definitely buy an ebook of the new information you are releasing, Jeanne and Ken! Loved the first book, and would buy anything else you folks author. I love your thorough research, which documents the saddest candidate for public office I’ve seen in my young life. Keep on keeping on!

    • lilybart says:

      It is curious. If his publisher made him do a blog, why not end it as if that was the intended run of the blog, why trash people? He must drink, that is the only explanation.

      Or did Joe just find out about the story coming out on him and he lashed at anyone and everyone?

  67. tallimat says:

    I really enjoyed Blind Alligance.
    It certinally is a story to be told.
    Mr. Bailey did good. And you two authors as well.

    From reading Blind Alligance, I felt there was sooooo much more to tell. But do agree with your publisher that it is Mr. Baileys story. Not a bad thing, in my opinion.

    In anycase, it is time to pick up those pieces from the floor! It is perfect timing.
    I look forward to the read. Quyaana.

  68. PollyinAK says:

    I bought two copies of Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin, one for the library and loaned one to a friend. I definitely look forward to reading the snippets/bombshells from the cutting room floor. I appreciate Mr. Morris and AKM’s decision to share them with us. – This time in 2008, the Mudflats started buzzing when SP was tapped for McCain’s VP. Here we go again… can’t believe it’s been three years already!

  69. MimiC says:

    But who sent the book to McGinness and/or his publisher?

  70. thatcrowwoman says:


    Thank you for the update, AKM, and the hints of things to come.
    {{{{{Our Muckraker}}}}}

    I pity Mrs. Todd Palin’s refrigerator when Mrs. Todd Palin (the feckin’ fraud!) gets wind of this, also, too, you betcha. The canned goods will be flying there on near-dead Lake Lucille.

    September is shaping up to be Very Interesting. (Laugh In, anyone?)

    Yikes! Thunderstorms!
    Gotta unplug.

  71. Minnie1 says:

    You go, Mudflats!!!

  72. Irishgirl says:

    Can’t wait! And thank you.

  73. jimzmum says:

    Thank you, Mr. Morris and AKM. I am looking forward to reading.

  74. barney1 says:

    More power to you guys, let the truth shine and may you never be silenced.

  75. A Fan From Chicago says:

    Can’t wait for more. I enjoyed your book very much. Well, I didn’t really enjoy hearing all that about Mrs. Todd Palin but you know what I mean. Maybe the upcoming Truthout “bombshell” is the reason for his obvious ill-temper recently over at his blog. The fun never stops in Palin Land.

  76. I look forward to reading it. And thanks for making it clear about the leak. I think we all kind of got the point anyway, but it has made it clear to me that McGinnis’s book is not on my must-read list.

  77. PeggnoinSoCal says:

    Sounds like Joe McG is a piece of work. But if he is trashed in the media just before his book about SP comes out, isn’t it just one more way of helping her fight back against negative (and probably true) negative information? Question his credibility and nothing in his book need be taken seriously. And she gets away with it again.

    • KatieAnnieOakley says:

      When anti-Palin bloggers fight, $arah Palin wins. Its. That. Simple…

      • scarlet/oregon says:

        I totally agree!

      • Alaska Pi says:

        Not really.
        whatzername is a political figure, though thank heavens, more and more was-a-political-figure.
        The idea that people with different stakes in the whole picture must hang together to bring -SP -down never has made any sense, not even during the VP run.
        People have different takes on why she’s a crummy choice for a leader , their reasons matter.
        United fronts have their uses but are generally unsustainable over time as differences appear and of necessity change the conversation.
        Normally unallied groups of people came together the last year of her aborted governership in increasing solidarity against her here in Alaska. At no time did they agree on much else. The bizarro reality of agreeing with Dan Fagan about ANYthing
        was not washed clean by him going back to his usual gobbeldegook that I never agree with and still leaves me unsettled.

        As regards Mr McGinniss, he is welcome to his take on whatzername but expecting AKM to turn a blind eye to his behavior towards her and her co-authors to “take down” a 2 bit failed , digging-her-own-holes-faster-than-anyone-else-can washed up politico is a bit much. Given that so many of the SP issues which torch peoples’ shorts have to do with her personal and political chuck-em-under-the-bus-for gain, why in the world should anyone expect AKM to keep quiet about someone who chucks her under the bus in his own down-a rabbithole- chuck em all to chuck SP thingy?
        There’s been enough chucking!
        Thank you AKM- I will read the further posts.
        ( I’m so sick of whatzername I can barely stand it. )

        • KatieAnnieOakley says:

          NO ONE is saying these particular bloggers / authors need to “hang together” while singing Kumbaya; it is perfectly fine for different people with the same mission to approach a task in different ways. In the end the focus, the drive, the purpose and the passion of all of these people is to GET PALIN OFF THE NATIONAL STAGE – for the good of the country!

          Everything out there these past few years is NOT just the bloggers or the authors doing; thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of man (and woman!) hours have been done by those leaving comments as well, doing research, follow-up, follow-through, verification of information and the like. They go from blog, to blog to blog. No one set of eyes has the entire narrative, though many would like to think so. It’s all of these people, working TOGETHER that has accomplished so much – and so little. SHE’S STILL OUT THERE!

          So when I see bloggers and authors fighting over who said what to whom, or who shat in who’s corner, or who took what photo, or who did this or that to whom it makes MY BLOOD BOIL!

          The task is GETTING PALIN OFF THE NATIONAL STAGE.! While revenge is usually a dish that initially tastes sweet, once it begins to age, it will start to mold… and eventually all that’s left is rot. Do we really want to become what $arah Palin already IS?

          The only person that benefits when anti-Palin bloggers, authors & their followers fight is PALIN.

          • Alaska Pi says:

            You are welcome to your opinion. I disagree.
            There is no agreed upon task amongst all anti-Palin bloggers though there are some who do agree amongst themselves.
            I see no benefit to whatzername here. Please do not *shout* at me

          • KatieAnnieOakley says:

            To: Alaska Pi

            Particular words in caps are for *emphasis*, not shouting. Sorry you feel that way about them. If it was truly SHOUTING, it would be in all caps.

          • Ted Powell says:

            Don’t italics work here?

          • Ted Powell says:

            I see that italics do work here. So probably <em> tags (you know, for emphasis do too.

          • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

            That is your take on it – but certainly not mine nor that of many others. Unquestioned solidarity can turn into a posse pretty quickly – not interested.

            There is much that you don’t know, which I do. There is much I don’t know, which others do. And so on. Arming yourself with a litany of offenses to spill when prompted in any way is not going to be a vehicle to change minds, nor make any of them stronger or brighter. Creativity, humor, sharp wit, impeccable research, passion and inspiration are all much better choices.

      • lilybart says:

        I don’t know what story is coming on Joe, but he is already booked on national TV for The Rogue, so even if the stories released here will pre-empt Joe’s scoops the media rarely pays attention to blogs, and Andrew Sullivan is on vacation, damn!

        It’s not right, but Joe will get the national attention, so the ugly stories WILL go mainstream and only some insiders know about any infighting.

        • AFM says:

          Lilybart, I agree with you. I want to know because she could be elected to the highest office. We have a right to know. It is imperative we all know. It doesn’t matter about Joe as long as his information is true. You can like or not like him. I read Mr Bailey’s book and found it alittle off. I mean he seemed to leave a lot of things out. I have already pre ordered The Rogue and I will read it along with Levi’s book.

    • lAURIE says:

      Good going. Lets trash Joe and lend some credibility to SP. The whole deal with Franks book was nearly forgotten, but sour grapes gets in the way I suppose. Frank and his helpers would have been better served to make Frank himself sound far less self serving. I must say, I am now sorry for having purchased it..

      • Alaska Pi says:

        Why in the world does a disagreement between authors over a business ethics matter lend credibility to whatzername?
        It may reduce their own credibilty, one or all, but it doesn’t do doodly squat to raise or add to whatzername’s…

        • lilybart says:

          Right. No one knows or cares about any of this but the people who post on some blogs.

          Joe, douche that he is, will get national media attention so, she is not helped by this.

          • PeggnoinSoCal says:

            What Joe McG did to AKM was despicable. I have no problem with her airing her anger and the truth about him. And I look forward eagerly to reading her upcoming information. I’m just concerned that widespread “bombshells” attacking him on truthout will benefit Sarah Palin more than hurt him.

      • leenie17 says:

        While I certainly don’t want to ever provide any ammunition for Palin to defend herself, McGinnis has clearly flung himself over an ethical line that many other authors have also called him on. What he did is an affront to any author who spends his or her time researching, writing and publicizing a book. It takes a tremendous amount of time, blood, sweat and tears to write a book, particularly of that genre, and he deliberately performed an unethical (and possibly illegal?) act in a selfish effort to undercut the competition.

        It was a very, very low and slimy thing to do and he needs to be called out on it. I’m sorry if that will bring any credibility to Palin, but he’s been a published author for decades and certainly knew that what he was doing was a betrayal of fellow writers. And he didn’t care.

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