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September 22, 2021

From the Cutting Room Floor of Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin – Obsessive Perfection and Anger Mismanagement

By Ken Morris and Jeanne Devon

This is the first article we will be posting on material that was ultimately cut from Frank Bailey’s memoir – Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin. That book was Frank’s story, but we felt it was important to share what we learned that was outside the scope of Bailey’s direct experience. For a full explanation and introduction to this post, read HERE.

Note: All of the sources who came to the authors after McGinniss’s leak of the Blind Allegiance manuscript in February (and there were several) did so voluntarily. Their longstanding relationships with the Palins were verified and their comments were willingly taped or supplied in written form. While individuals remain fearful of the well-documented Palin retribution (therefore requiring anonymity), they are in unanimous agreement that Sarah Palin is ill-suited to have a position of power or influence. We have every reason to believe the comments are credible and accurate and in no cases did these stories conflict with our findings in researching Blind Allegiance for two years. In addition, when stories overlapped, the details corroborated one with the other. Finally, except where noted and referenced in Blind Allegiance, Frank Bailey had no part in conducting or writing these pieces.


Obsessive Perfection and Anger Mismanagement


Frank Bailey was one of the earliest volunteers on the Sarah Palin for Governor campaign and rose from toilet-scrubbing gofer to holding the powerful position of Director of Boards and Commissions in the Palin administration. His journey from naïve idealistic devotee to disillusioned outsider is the subject of his memoir, Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin (with Ken Morris and Jeanne Devon).

From the earliest months of his association with Sarah Palin, Frank Bailey had witnessed and been on the receiving end of her unpredictable temper. As a glass half  full guy and loyal foot soldier, he told himself that passion—even if unjustly directed at underlings—was simply a normal response to the abnormal and highly stressful pressures of a hotly contested gubernatorial campaign. He also believed Sarah when she insisted that she was under constant assaults from “evil forces” and “evil-doers.” How, under these circumstances, could someone not buckle under from time to time?  He even convinced himself that temper could sometimes be an asset in a political race.

To help staff manage these tantrums, husband Todd Palin often made morning calls to Frank, giving him a heads-up on Sarah’s mood so that staff would be prepared for which Sarah to expect that day. Todd, more than anyone else, was in a position to gauge her shifting moods, himself frequently the target of Sarah’s powder keg temper.

But Todd, as well as long-time personal friends, understood all too well that Sarah’s temperamental outbursts had more sinister roots. When Sarah said to her staff, “I hate being wrong,” others speculated she feared being perceived as anything less than physically, or intellectually perfect.

Sarah, as Frank noted in his book, seemed to live off coffee in the form of a drink called a Skinny White Chocolate Mocha. Around the time Frank first noticed Sarah’s dramatic weight drop, the candidate was staying with friends while Todd was away. These individuals said they grew concerned about Sarah; one going so far as to offer, “I don’t think she ate once. All she drinks is coffee.” When pressed further, the individual went on, “It’s terrible. She is in a hole. She’s completely blank.”

A long-time acquaintance who visited the Palin home gave additional insight into the problem with her fixation on weight: “I’ve seen boxes of diet pills on her bathroom counter, in the bedroom.” For many of these pills, the common listed side effects are irritability, mania, depression, and insomnia. While writing Blind Allegiance, the only one of these behaviors we did not document thoroughly was insomnia.

Todd, alarmed and frustrated, confirmed that his wife was taking these diet aids when heard to say, “She’s taking all those damn diet pills, keeping her wired out. Makes her a monster, she’s a bitch.”

That savage temper Todd referred to, whether or not a result of the pills, often went uncontrolled, even in the presence of their own children, and guests. One visitor sadly said, “We saw Sarah throw cans across the kitchen at Todd, denting the refrigerator. One time we saw her slap Todd hard across the face after he’d been drinking too much, saying ‘Do you know how bad that would be for me if anyone saw you like that?’ She was mayor at the time.”

Their household was reportedly a cauldron of verbal abuse and warfare. Beyond what was revealed directly to us, independent accounts confirmed this bitter family dynamic—including those made public by ex-almost-son-in-law and father of Bristol Palin’s son Levi Johnston. Bristol later called Johnston a “gnat” and indirectly suggested in her recently published book, that he was guilty of statutory rape. The following comments from Vanity Fair (Michael Joseph Gross, October, 2010) were confirmed and repeated to us first-hand with additional detail:

One friend of the Palins’ remembers an argument between Sarah and Todd: “They took all the canned goods out of the pantry, then proceeded to throw them at each other. By the time they got done, the stainless-steel fridge looked like it had got shot up with a shotgun. Todd said, ‘I don’t know why I even waste my time trying to get nice things for you if you’re just going to ruin them.’ ” This friend adds, “As soon as she enters her property and the door closes, even the insects in that house cringe. She has a horrible temper, but she has gotten away with it because she is a pretty woman.”

When the then-governor was considering the possibility of having a reality show filmed in the Palin home, Bristol Palin said directly to Frank Bailey in Sarah’s presence (reported in Blind Allegiance), “They’d see some shit, that’s for sure.” Sarah responded with a confirming giggle. While at the time Frank had no idea what Bristol might be referencing, those we interviewed knew exactly.  Anyone, at any time, might find themselves front and center of a battle royal.

Observers described fights that began most mornings. Sarah, who often went to bed as early as five o’clock in the afternoon, awoke early. Todd usually slept on the old, red-leather sofa in the living room because the younger girls habitually slept with Sarah in her bed, or Sarah went to bed furious with him. The running  joke with overnight guests was, “Hey, Todd! Got your bed ready on the couch, do you?”

As Sarah often shuffled from her bedroom pre-dawn, it was impossible for the couple to avoid each other, and it typically did not take long for their shouting matches to begin.

“The fights became so frequent that the kids seemed almost immune to them,” said a person who’d seen this scenario play out too many times. In describing how these outbursts degenerated, an observer noted, “Sarah and Todd said everything you can think of. There was cussing, swearing, and arguing in front of the kids all the time: ‘F*** you,’ ‘shit,’ ‘damn,’ ‘I hate you,’ ‘I’m leaving you,’ ‘no, I’m leaving you first.’” Todd admitted to at least one person that if Sarah had lost the governorship, he would have divorced her. Did he mean what he said?  The couple’s actions would seem to indicate yes. Relationships are by their nature complex, so who knows, but more on Sarah’s supposed affair with Todd’s ex-business partner in a later post.


The claim that Sarah was never actually pregnant with her special needs child Trig—a widely circulated rumor that became known as “Babygate”—was partially based on Sarah shocking the world by announcing her pregnancy at seven months. Prior to that, nobody had suspected a thing. The revelation was even a surprise to staff, Frank Bailey, and the media. Even State Senator (and, according to Sarah and staff an evil-doer) Lyda Greene incredulously said, “It’s wonderful. She’s very well disguised. When I was five months pregnant, there was absolutely no question that I was with child.”

How did Sarah manage to hide that pregnancy for so long?  That question seemed to defy explanation to all except a small number of personal insiders who expressed alarming speculation. During her pregnancy with Piper (and it was suggested later with Trig), Todd asked a friend whom he thought knew about such matters, “As unhealthy as her eating is, what can those diet pills do to the baby?”

The friend explained to him, “I’m not sure, but I’d be concerned about having a failure-to-thrive child.” (Failure to thrive is where there is a significant interruption in the expected growth rate during early childhood and can result from malnutrition). Was Sarah so vain as to try and hide her pregnancy and prolong her petite, almost perfect figure through drastic means?  It’s a proposition that shocked everyone, including, reportedly, her husband.

When the newly revealed pregnant governor went into labor, she was in Texas at an energy conference. It was more than a month before her due date with a high risk pregnancy. She chose to continue delivering a speech, and then flew from Texas to Washington to Alaska in a commercial aircraft after her water broke, bypassing several excellent hospitals in order to return home to Alaska to deliver the child. She described the final stages of labor, as she drove out of Anchorage, past two major hospitals and headed toward the Mat-Su Valley.

Landed in, uh, in Anchorage at about 10:30. Got out to the valley at 11:30 and [my doctor] met us at the hospital, checked me out and said, ‘Um, Yea you look, you may have it um tonight or in the morning.’ And it was smooth, it was relatively easy, in fact it was very easy, the easiest of all of them because he was so tiny.

The official story of Palin’s can only be described as a demonstration of what is universally regarded as poor judgment. Even if taken at face value, her story demonstrates a wanton disregard for her own health and safety, and that of her unborn baby. The story speaks to the truthfulness of what these concerned people are saying.

It was also suggested that this problems went beyond dieting. Todd spoke to a couple visiting their home concerning what he regarded as his wife’s increasingly dangerous behavior. Sarah, he once said, had not eaten in two days. Then, to break her fast, she’d “suddenly eat four packages of Oreos and a loaf of bread and butter,” only to follow up by buying and eating “those damn big honey buns.”

One of their guests reported, “I told Todd, ‘She’s binging and purging.’ It wasn’t something he didn’t know, but I wanted to make sure, so I watched, and then one day she did come into the house in the afternoon with honey buns and a couple of fast-food bags,  and disappeared into the bedroom.”

At times, Sarah reportedly would retire in the late afternoon and not come out of her bedroom until morning. After these gorging sessions, when she occasionally came downstairs for a drink, “she had a red, glassy-eyed stare and reddened knuckles, as if she’d rubbed them against her teeth.” When confronted by friends who told Sarah these were classic symptoms of bulimia and that she needed help, Sarah simply scowled and walked away. In a pattern she repeated on matters large and small, she did not want to hear the negatives. In this instance, assuming Todd had requested this confrontation she directed her considerable anger at him.

Partially as a result of her irregular presence, she was, to be generous, a lax housekeeper and sometimes disinterested parent; in many ways this mirrored her dealings with perceived political enemies, a fixation that often precluded her from attending to state business. In Frank’s mind, this is where Todd Palin did his best to compensate.

While Frank Bailey eventually came to know Todd Palin as someone whose demands would lead to personal anxiety and crisis (including his tragic involvement in Troopergate), he was not alone in seeing the man’s love for his children. In the words of someone who saw the Palin children grow up: “Todd was a good dad. He would sit and braid his daughters’ hair in the morning before breakfast. He would make his little girls pretty before they went to school. He’d put bows in their hair, and he did well with those girls.

“And Sarah might be awake when he did this, drinking coffee and staring at her BlackBerry. And his little girls would have their hair braided by their dad because she was too off on another planet to make sure it was done. Sarah was too busy for ‘Time to brush your teeth’ or ‘Get your homework done.’ Todd put in a very nice set of washer and dryer, the really big ones. And laundry wouldn’t be done. One time I went to do laundry for them because everything was stained, and socks were terrible and nothing matched. I remember trying to put bleach in the bleach hole. Obviously someone had put soap in it and just left it, because it was a big, caked, molded mess.”

When Todd was gone from home for work on the North Slope for British Petroleum, “Everything was just nasty: Wal-Mart bins of used cotton balls; forty-eight bottles of half-used shampoo thrown on shelves. There’s a half-bath right off the kitchen, and it was disgusting. Clothes were kept in piles on the floor. But it was so funny because Todd would run home from the slope . . . and within ten minutes of being home, was using a Swiffer Duster in the main foyer of the house. Seriously. Or he would be running the vacuum cleaner in the front entranceway before he’d done anything else.”

Frank directly observed in Blind Allegiance that when Todd was home from his shift on the North Slope, he seemed both mother and father. Further confirming this picture, an occasional guest said, “First thing Todd does when he gets home is stop at Costco and buy fruit cups, tuna cups, all the groceries, because there would be none or very little at the house.”



Sarah’s desperate need to manage her weight was only part of a greater desire to appear glamorous. When in the presence of people like arch conservative supporter Bill Kristol, she understood that her beauty was disarming, helping to deflect shortcomings. Rarely was a discussion of her not prefaced with the identifier “Former beauty queen.” Once a flattering image was then flashed on the television screen or on the cover of a magazine, it was hard not to think she was also a current beauty queen.

Rush Limbaugh, in an early 2008 radio broadcast, said of Sarah: “Governor Sarah Palin’s a babe. By the way, I’m not diminishing any of her accomplishments by pointing out that she’s a babe; the babe aspect is just icing on the cake.” Without any self-consciousness, the comment and the word babe were circulated as sources of pride to the entire campaign staff, including Todd Palin. On local conservative talk radio in Alaska, she was often referred to as the “babalicious” governor.

In a quest to maintain physical perfection, she became, in the words of someone who spent weeks at a time in close contact with her, “addicted to Botox.” Reportedly a family member, an aesthetician, was on call to perform the treatments as an easy and convenient confidante. Many women in the public eye seek to maintain their youth with treatment, even surgery, so Sarah wasn’t alone. But her seeming compulsion to maintain cover girl glamor above all else—including family duties and state obligations—disturbed many who regularly witnessed these behaviors. If there was an unflattering picture of her, such as the October 2008  Newsweek cover that showed unwanted facial hair, pores, and wrinkles, that became an unfair attack; people in her circle complained that printing an un-retouched photo was an example of biased journalism. When Michelle Obama was placed on Maxim magazine’s Hot Top 100 list in 2009, and Sarah was not, aide Ivy Frye, knowing this would upset the governor, said, “I wish there were some way we could point out the stupidity of this without having to say, ‘Sarah is waaaaaay hotter than Michelle Obama.’”

Her focus on looks and tin ear for appropriate decorum became, at times, puzzling if not bizarre. But guests to their Wasilla home saw even more startling evidence of a woman almost wholly self-absorbed with looks.

When, as an infant, Piper was photographed as the poster child for the Alaska Right to Life campaign, Sarah had the photographer take shots of her in what one visitor described as almost softly pornographic photos.

“You have to check this shit out,” Todd said, leading one guest to the bedroom where, for a time, the photos hung on a wall above the bed. In three similar photos, Sarah was seen in white women’s underwear and a thin white men’s cotton shirt that was unbuttoned and teasingly open enough to expose ample cleavage. Sarah was perched seductively on her knees, her shoulders twisted to one side in a classic come-hither pose.

In what qualified as a second shock, Sarah had her girls, Willow and Bristol, dressed similarly and posed at her side with infant Piper in the foreground also wearing white.

“It’s hard to imagine those hanging outside her office at the White House,” one person quipped. “It was really weird. A lot of us were not surprised she spent so much money on clothes during the campaign. Even when she and Todd were younger and on a budget, she’d loved shopping, and they’d get in huge fights about all the money she was spending.”

When McCain’s staff complained after the campaign that Sarah was a “diva,” she became agitated and swore she wasn’t. For those who knew her well, including Frank, saying so didn’t make it true.

In an incident from the original text of Blind Allegiance, she grew surly and nasty when a cold sore appeared on her lip ahead of a campaign event and lashed out at family and staff.

But her fragile image-making went beyond looks. Sarah felt the need to manage her intellectual persona as much as her physical one. To add intellectual heft to her resume, she had staff pen op-eds that she didn’t always read or understand. She also (now famously thanks to Blind Allegiance) penned her own letters to the editor praising herself and had others sign, insisting they lie when asked by editors if they wrote the pieces. The image-building was a permanent crusade, and all that mattered was what people saw on the surface.


While there is always room in this world for misinterpreting observations or motives (maybe especially someone as controversial as Sarah Palin), what we heard in these interviews—coupled with our own exhaustive two year journey in writing a book—leaves us with the conclusion that Sarah’s judgment in all these matters was, at best, poor. Is this, rhetorically, someone we want near the red button at 3:00 a.m.?

We will explore more evidence uncovered in these interviews later.




473 Responses to “From the Cutting Room Floor of Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin – Obsessive Perfection and Anger Mismanagement”
  1. Tony Chopkoski says:

    Now, Plain has never lost in court nor been criminally charged. Ted Stevens was…but got off so far on a technicality. But here is a question: Stevens had this rich friend who was charged and found guilty with using underage prostitutes…he would fly to places and use them. Ted Stevens would fly with this guy. Did Stevens partake? That is some investigative reporting that will be picked up by someone….

  2. Non Tard says:

    Lots of speculation and circumstantial evidence here. Nonetheless, people can indeed be convicted in court on circumstantial evidence, and a lot of what ‘s revealed here and elsewhere makes it seem plausible that Sarah The Impaler indeed has a body-image disorder (anorexia or bulimia) and probably did fake the Trig pregnancy.

    But my question is this: why would anyone name their child after a mathematical discipline? 🙂

  3. Lidia17 says:

    In reference to some earlier comments about the authors’ battle: let’s put some things in perspective. I am far less interested in the e-mails that went back and forth between AKM and JMcG than I am in the e-mails that went back and forth between Mrs. Palin and Mr. Bailey, e-mails which should be in the Public Domain, as they are the property of Alaska’s citizens who paid for them to be written on their behalf.

    If Bailey had any real pretensions to redemption, those mails should have been released, devil come what may (as they say). Anything less is self-serving and fraudulent, imo.

    • Didn’t I read in the book that it was a legal issue and that only the things that could be included legally were? I understand that those emails should be made public, but don’t blame Frank for a ruling by the lawyers.

  4. gaffer says:

    What I find ironic, is that it is 3 years to the day that babygate go started, right here on Mudflats (and then went into the closet). It now is again a topic of conversation.

    The post that that started it all “…In the Land of Palin….”

    Go back and read through the comments and experience real time the MySpace photos disappearing from the web……….

  5. Nancy says:

    I am not a fan of Sarah Palin’s but I do believe she gave birth to Trig. she looked pregnant – fuller face, etc. She did not announce sooner because it was a surprise pregnancy and she was age 43 and she got the diagnosis of Downs and she needed time to figure this all out. It would be shocking to anyone who was newly involved in a high powered career to suddenly find herself expecting a special needs child. And she prob. is obsessed with her looks and weight and she prob. did not gain enough weight and she took a big risk by flying home to AK to give birth. But Trig looks just like Piper and he looks like his parents – Sarah and Todd. Everyone close to them at the time has confirmed that she gave birth – Levi, Bailey author, her parents. People just like this story because it is an interesting story if it were true and a lot of people do not like the Palins. She is prob. not releasing the birth certificate simply because this is her private business and she feels attacked and does not feel like she owes this information to anyone.

    • carol says:

      I, also, am no fan of the Quitter. However, I see no reason for Trigg to be claimed when he is not their son. I know someone who assisted the Quitter in a bra fitting around the time the pregnancy was announced and says “yes, she was pregnant” Cannot hide in those circumstances.
      About a birth certificate? There are those who continue to deny the President’s birth certificate, so each must ask if release of a birth certificate would satisfy. Only DNA would be truly definitive, and I doubt it’s worth the effort to continue this line of questioning considering all the other evidence of her multiple deficiencies. For those who wish to continue this line of questioning as it is another piece of evidence against her, yes, it is just one more, but is it really worth the froth and fury?

    • gran567 says:

      If Trig’s birth certificate is private and her privilege to release it or not, why didn’t she give the same consideration to the President? She was one who demanded he turn over his “long form” birth certificate. The one he did produce didn’t satisfy her.

    • Amy1 says:

      If you believe Palin gave birth as stated, could you please, please tell me how you explain the Mar 14 photo — extremely flat profile just a few weeks before giving birth. Undoubtedly you have thought about this seeming impossibility, and I’m really eager to hear your thoughts, because no one has so far ever given a good explanation, except “not pregnant.”

  6. scout says:

    Heavens to honey buns and flying cans of spaghetti monsters.

    Diet pills explains a lot. Daughter of Chuck the science teacher displays no comprehension of proper nutrition and brain function. also too there then also

    Ken and Jeanne, you two keep this up and she won’t run as the “top of the ticket.” Please keep it up. Also, one item that I’ve not seen mentioned that I feel belongs in the quitty’s lack-of-judgment basket: She who apparently dismisses nutrition as socialist big nanny government intrusion in her realm of diminished brain capacity, exposed a (potentially medically fragile) 1-yr-old to tens of thousands of potential carriers on her book tour during the ~ 2009 H1N1 pandemic ~.

    joe’s a steaming bag of dog poo scoundrel, his actions are so far beneath contempt that he has to look up to see the bottom of Beelzebub’s [insert body part here] hooves.
    truth out, roger that, over

  7. Ken Morris says:

    Laura Novak has a piece with film that is startling and confirms the observations made in our post. In this case a picture (film) is worth more than our thousand+ words. All I can say is even I find this shocking and I’ve been in Palin’s head for almost three years now.

  8. Amy1 says:

    Lots of good info here!

    — McG’s emails reveal a mean and dishonest personality (mean = the “whoring” and “mother” statements; dishonest = that McG does not take money for book input is a lie [the Fatal Vision CONTRACT that gave McDonald 20%])
    — The Bailey book held back some relevant info. I understand how/why, but that does not change the fact that readers got less than the whole picture. Babygate HOAX is the worst omission I know of so far: AKM has ignored it until now; Dunn left it out; and so will McG’s, if I understand McG’s blog statements about it correctly.
    — Enough unethical behavior to go around: all three books (and AKM so far) not telling us all, incl the BabyHOAX; McG mails ms to media (multiple media — wow!); McG hopes to use Bailey’s info in his future interviews (so he said); and of course S Palin is leading the way, showing us all how.
    — Publishing is a cutthroat business.
    — The books, in the end, will stand on their own, more or less.
    — I’m especially amused by the uniform opinion that books cut into each other’s sales. My expectation was that each would boost sales of the others, as readers wanted to know the whole story. But with all this bad infighting, I think readers (new and old) will be turned off to the whole issue, and all will lose. Who wins? Palin.

  9. Laura Novak says:


    Someone just alerted me now that you were asking about my anorexia post? Or maybe not. At any rate, I found your comment just following mine and you have the link. Not sure if you were asking for it, but yes, you have my permission to post it for reference. I guess I was right to call it like I see it. And it’s what I see here! Cheers, Laura

  10. Katie Taylor says:

    Fawnskin, yes I read the post and yes I understand that some things were deleted in the editing process. The point is however that things were held back, regardless of whether Frank tried to include them in the book and they were cut or they were never included to begin with.

    • laingirl says:

      What things were held back or never included? Maybe Frank knew things he didn’t tell AKM or did not want to use, but that was his right. The editor did not want to include the additional things, such as covered in this post, because they wanted to just make it Frank’s story. Personally, I think the additional things confirm much of what Frank said. I understand that some (probably most) of the E-mails Frank had could not be included for legal reasons.

  11. Cassie Jeep says:

    In my experience, truly great talents ( singers, actors, writers, etc.) are MORE than graciously helpful to others who aspire to elevate their own talents.

    Truly talented people feel no threat to themselves in assisting others. They keep confidences and sometimes even exhibit protective traits.

    Sounds like our AKM to me.

    Not so sure about Joe the (plumber, bearded one, author, etc) , though (wink, wink!).

  12. fawnskin mudpuppy says:

    katie, did you not read this blog posting.
    the material was in the book…the editors cut it out.
    an attempt was made to tell the full story.

  13. Katie Taylor says:

    I don’t see the efforts as being PAC initiated or supported but rather AKM’s attempt to strike back at Joe. How else could Truthout gain possession of personal e-mails between Joe and AKM? While I don’t condone Joe’s actions I can’t ignore the stupidity involved that put the manuscript at risk of being leaked in the first place. The additional postings on material left out of Bailey’s book only confirm what many suspected; that much was held back and the book didn’t deserve wide acceptance or praise. Had the full story been told it is doubtful that it would have been so difficult to get it published.

  14. beth says:

    To Add: Contrary to Joe’s assertion, I don’t think there’s a damn thing AKM needs to ‘apologize’ to mudpeeps for! How the heck does he figure she does? That she didn’t disclose to us she was working on a book? That she didn’t disclose to us he ran a store selling scientificy stuff? That she didn’t disclose to us her spouse is not named “Spouse”? Good G-d, only Joe can ‘make money’ from book sales because he is a full-time ‘author’? — AKM should not make any money from any of her efforts in the literary world and should only stick to blogging? Gaaaaaak! beth.

  15. fawnskin mudpuppy says:

    smarmy to try to turn friend against friend.

  16. fawnskin mudpuppy says:

    you might think that teutonic, but i see an master manipulator at work and his name is joe.

  17. teutonic13 says:

    It seems like someone out there is trying to put a wrench in a lot of different pies to discredit all the negative books coming out on Palin. It’s like they are pitting author and readerships (blogs) against one another to draw us off the scent.

    Maybe transparency and a discussion of hidden agendas might reveal the origination of this effort- but the dollars probably come from a PAC of sorts.

    • FrostyAK says:

      Sounds the same to me. One wonders what big dollar backers are behind the discrediting of so many bloggers and authors who are out to tell truth about the WGE. The infighting HAS. TO. STOP.

      It also sounds like there was more than enough secretiveness and backstabbing by all parties to make ALL of the books less attractive to readers.

      I won’t be buying any of them, all of them.

  18. teutonic13 says:

    I saw this comment on Policalgates- what is this all about?

    From: lucy lake [mailto:lakelucy0] Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2010 8:57 PM To: musicman Subject: hope all’s well
    I’m back east now, but still connected to Alaska 24/7 through email and phone.
    I hope your enterprise is going well, but at the same time I must say that if you are at
    all realistic you will recognize that only my book about Palin will have national and
    international traction.
    If at any point down the road you’d like to discuss ways and means of my utilizing
    some of your insights and recollections, please get in touch.
    But let me be clear: this is not a suggestion that I might ever pay you for your information.
    Others may work that way; I do not.
    From: lucy lake [mailto:] Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2011 6:07 PM To: Kelly Walters
    Subject: Re: Jeanne & Frank Bailey
    I apologize to you for assuming you must have known. It never occurred to me that Shannyn would have known and not have told you. I’m sorry for jumping to that conclusion, but I thought it was like if Nancy knew something really important that impacted friends and work on many levels she would share it, and vice versa.
    I accept your word that you didn’t know. Shannyn has just emailed me that she did, but did not tell you.
    I don’t know when Jeanne started taking money to work on the Bailey project, but if she truly considered me a friend she would have told me. Then it would have been no big deal.
    She has a right to do whatever she thinks she needs to do, and if using her talent to whore for a schmuck like Frank Bailey is what she thinks she needs to do, she’s welcome to do it.
    But after all the supposed friendship of last summer, to not tell me, even as I continued to share
    with her things about my book and publication plans, etc.: that’s a flat-out betrayal.
    Not so incidentally, I think she’s created a big ethical problem for herself in regard to Mudflats.
    She continues to write about Sarah as if she’s merely a blogger casting a critical eye, when in
    fact she’s secretly taking money to work on an anti-Sarah project and hoping for more if the
    project sells, which she can help by trashing Sarah on Mudflats. Yuck.
    That smells.
    I understand you wondering why this is a big deal. It’s a big deal because she never told me,
    even while purporting to be my friend. I knew Jeff Dunn was writing a book about Sarah before
    I ever knew Jeff. We’ve always been totally upfront with each other.
    Jeanne was the opposite of upfront. She tells me she feels guilty about that now. Too late. Her
    proposal could–though it probably won’t, which I can say now that I’ve read the full manuscript
    attached to the proposal–lead to a book that would come out at the same time as mine and
    detract from the attention paid to mine by diluting it, thereby hurting my sales, thereby taking
    money out of my pocket in order that she might have more to put into hers.
    All’s fair, yes, but what’s not fair is pretending to be a friend while working secretly on
    something that could only hurt, not help the “friend.”
    The bigger question is about Mudflats. She has been deceiving her readers for months by not
    acknowledging that she was ghost-writing a book for Frank Bailey.
    She’s made some very bad decisions, Kelly, and Shannyn–as her best friend–became complicit
    in them by helping her to keep her secrets.
    You and I, my friend, we are–I hope-as we were, and I apologize again for assuming that
    Shannyn would have shared this with you. Nancy sends her best to you also.
    I have nothing to say about Shannyn’s role, although you’ll notice that the agent uses her name in
    the pitch letter.
    Jeanne has a lot to be ashamed of. She betrayed not only me but all Mudflats readers by not
    acknowledging her secret role as Bailey’s ghostwriter over all these many months.
    From: lucy lake
    Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 17:56:25 -0500
    To: AKMuckraker .
    Subject: Bailey & you
    Surprised to see you are working with Frank Bailey.
    More than disappointed you didn’t tell me.
    On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 6:17 PM, wrote:
    Joe, you were top on my list to tell. I’ve been sick having to internalize this. I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement at the very beginning that I would not tell anyone. My own mother died not even knowing I was working on this. I don’t know what to say other than I’m sorry, and that in any of our conversations regarding your project I have been absolutely respectful in keeping those things completely between us. Hope you can forgive me. 🙁 Love you.
    Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
    —– Forwarded Message —– From: lucy lake
    To: akmuckraker Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2011 2:50 PM Subject: Re: Bailey & you
    Please don’t cheapen the word “love.” Nor your mother.
    You’ve already cheapened yourself.

  19. beth says:

    I find it funny that as big a Palin critic as I am, to be defending her on this issue, and i haven’t really weighed in on it before because in the long run, what does it really matter except as another data point that demonstrates what a poor decision maker she is.

    There is enough evidence without the babygate issue for me to know that I do not want this woman anywhere near a position of power or influence. — snip from LibertyLover @

    I agree. Totally.

    When there are so many verifiable “pants on fire” instances, when there is so much vetted (albeit presented anonymously) first-hand accounting of her actions and reactions, why throw speculation into the mix *as if* that speculation were equally valid as a measure of her competence, mental and emotional stability, character, etc.?

    As shown in this thread, there’s all sorts of speculation about all sorts of issues surrounding her (babygate, Tawd’s ‘women’, drug pushing, etc.) but UNTIL there is solid Proof! that what has (thus far) been uncovered re: those issues, is absolutely 100% accurate and 100% unassailable, I say: Don’t parade it because it’ll come back to bite you on the arse.

    I’m put in mind of earnest folks who make what appears to be a most compelling argument against a policy or action of POTUS…and end their argument with: “And you know he’s a secret Muslim, don’t you?” Sorry, but I, personally, dismiss their entire ‘argument’ because they’ve shown to me their complete inability to separate *fact* from innuendo, rumor, speculation — I don’t have time to waste on their nonsense. Maybe that’s just me, though. beth.

  20. Ken Morris says:

    Jeanne will post the link later this morning, but for now please take a look at the Joe McGinniss piece that was just posted at

    As with those who blessed Sarah Palin with their Blind Allegiance, there are many (too many) trusting souls who will continue to be appologists for this man. Even after reading this piece, just watch how many people will attack the messenger, trivialize the harm, and rationalize away the motives. Sound familiar?

    Never a dull moment, eh?


    • Cronopio says:

      Ken, honey? Joe pwned you. Maybe he was unethical, but the fact is that you and J wrote a mediocre book, and for whatever reason, contractual or not, you left most of the good stuff behind on the cutting room floor, as this post attests.

      Hence, his book will do better. It’s time that you sucked it up and stopped whining about it.

      • Ken Morris says:

        Even after reading this piece, just watch how many people will attack the messenger, trivialize the harm, and rationalize away the motives

        • Cronopio says:

          None of which vitiates the fact that you wrote a mediocre book, and now you are sore about it. I understand, I’ve been there. But it’s easier if you just face up to it.

          • Cortez says:

            Ethical violations are OK, if your product isn’t as good as someone elses? This isn’t about who’s book is better. Both have something to offer. Frank’s insights are unique to him, and something that hasn’t been available from any other source. Who cares if Joe would have made a little more money on his, than “Blind Allegiance” would? I don’t think any of the three authors cared about which book would make more money.
            Sounds like you are trying to justify your bad attempt at something. That since you failed, everyone else must as well.

      • HappyPlace says:

        Cronopio, honey? The fact that you dismiss a complete lack of professional ethics, and a now well-documented history thereof, as a trivial matter says way more about you than about Ken, his coauthors, or which book outsells the other.

        • Lidia17 says:

          What’s so ethical in the first place about profiting from Mr.Bailey’s complete disregard for morals and ethics, and helping him to whitewash his own rôle in Sarah’s tawdry and illegal affairs? Seems like the pot calling the kettle black.

      • Cortez says:

        Apparantly, ethical violations and make money at any cost, is part of your core beliefs? Being a better book, or not, is irrelevant. And Ken’s book was about Frank’s personal experiences with Sarah, not second hand experiences. Thats what was left on the cutting room floor. They were loyal to their topic.

        • beth says:

          BINGO! The book is about *Frank’s* personal experiences with $arah.

          McGuiniss’ underhandedness in the whole affair, his deliberate and intentional passing on of a draft manuscript to “everone in yiur address book” is a totally separate issue — one for which he should be throughly reprimanded and shunned by *all* other authors, no matter their stature in the publishing world. He is *not* an ethical man; he is *not* to be trusted. beth.

      • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

        Cronopio, honey? Have an axe to grind, honey? Been out of high school long, honey? Like to be snotty much, honey?

    • Conscious at last! says:

      Hi KEN-

      May I suggest that you guys put the link to the Truth Out piece front and center on this post and elsewhere on this blog. Cheers!

    • JR says:

      I don’t think what McGinnis was ethical or cool – he’s actually kind of mean to his own blog readers & this behavior is not a surprise. OT, but not really because I did read your book partly due to the leaked manuscript. I have to say (not killing the messenger!) that I found the read slightly disappointing because it wasn’t an honest portrayal – I know a ton about Sarah just being a blog reader – wow! what a true insider should know! Unfortunately, it was glossed over, excused or excluded altogether. Why didn’t you & Jeanne INSIST that the real Sarah Palin be portrayed in Blind Allegiance? I’m glad at least some of it is being disclosed here, because I do fear what Sarah Palin could accomplish if she continues to plow forward.

    • Zyxomma says:

      Ken, that was a great post (I get TruthOut emails everyday, and respect their journalism, and that they’re a union shop).

      I was pleased to read that your income from the book is being donated to charity. I’m borrowing it from the library; not purchasing it. This is because I wanted to put not one cent into the bank account of a Fox-News-watching (and believing) former Palin operative. He might put some of the proceeds into the pockets of Pastor Prevo, or some such, and there are better uses for my hard-earned money.

      I did, however, make a donation to The Mudflats, since I wanted Jeanne to get something for her efforts. I love this blog, post to it almost daily (and participate in The Forum), and like and admire Jeanne, whom I was very pleased to meet in D.C. (I even gave her a useful gift).

      Good work, Jeanne and Ken. I’m glad you’ve chosen to disclose what wasn’t in the book, and gladder still that you’re doing so at The Mudflats.

    • Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

      I started to reply, got sidetracked on the emails, went and finished the article and come back to this “suck it up” nonsense.

      A few weeks back when McGinnis wrote there would be no advance copies due to the risks of things being “leaked,” all I wanted to say then was, “But who would ever do something like that!?” In full snark mode, of course.

      Now, after reading the emails, I figure we have a pretty good idea of just what kind of human Joe McGinnis is. His attorney stated to truthout: “If you do not publish the full emails, including the above apology from Jeanne Devon, you will be presenting Mr. McGinniss in a false light, which is one of the forms of defamation and invasion of privacy recognized in most of the 50 states,” etc etc.

      I think we can see him now in a very clear light.

      They do say that sunshine is the best disinfectant.

    • Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

      I started to reply, got sidetracked on the emails, went and finished the article and come back to this “suck it up” nonsense.

      A few weeks back when McGinnis wrote there would be no advance copies due to the risks of things being “leaked,” all I wanted to say then was, “But who would ever do something like that!?” In full snark mode, of course.

      Now, after reading the emails, I figure we have a pretty good idea of just what kind of human Joe McGinnis is. His attorney stated to truthout: “If you do not publish the full emails, including the above apology from Jeanne Devon, you will be presenting Mr. McGinniss in a false light, which is one of the forms of defamation and invasion of privacy recognized in most of the 50 states,” etc etc.

      I think we can see him now in a very clear light.

      They do say that sunshine is the best disinfectant.

    • Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

      Thank you, Ken for posting the link. Much appreciated.


  21. Anjaak says:

    Trying not to be petty, but I bet Sarah HATES that photo of her you used on the cover of your book. Was that before she had her jowls tightened up?

    I do not think that she was that thin before she hit the national spotlight. It seemed to me that she might have been bulimic, but not anorexic. If she was anorexic, she quit halfway, because she was never stick thin like most of the people who have it are. Today, on the other hand, she looks anorexic.

  22. Marnie says:

    I have to admit to a warm spot for Todd, that he takes care of the children, and cares about the house. It does not quite make up for him being a bully and shielding and facilitating Sarah in her hatefulness.

    This is probably an irrelevant point but it might just be that, assuming Sarah was pregnant in 2008, that she did not notice it for months.

    Estrogen is stored in the body fat. Women with very low body fat often do not have periods becasue they do not have enough estrogen to have a normal cycle. Distance runners, for example, often do not have periods.
    That does not necessarily mean that they do not ovulate or that they are precluded from becomming pregnant.


    Anorexic Sarah may have been pregnant and becasue she was not having periods anyway did not notice.
    It is also possible under that scenario that she spontaneously aborted or found at some point in time that the fetus was dead or malformed from lack of proper “building materials” being available from mom, or as a result of the chemical brew she was consuming.

    It has been pointed out the CBJ left her position as a certified Md in the Wasilla hospital. That might indicate some sort of falisfied paper work, use of unauthorized medical procedures, or miss use of property, somewhere in the year or two prior to her having to retire from or being forced out of her access to the hospital’s facilities.

  23. OMG says:

    And now this pathological fraud is going to S. Korea to tell the international community how the US can lead the world out of this economic crisis:

    If she slams the president and embarrasses the country like she’s done in the past I think that the State Department needs to revoke her passport.

  24. Judi says:

    Zyxomma “Remember when fame came with achievement? I do.”

    So do I. Disgusting how folks now can do nothing but be on a reality show to get stardom. Kinda like Bristol…all she has done is be the child of a “star” to get all the attention and MONEY. Would not have it been great if she had used her stardom to promote services for young mothers, like WIC, Head Start, etc rather than abstinence (as if that really works). Wonder why Levi has not sued her for the allegation she made in her book that it was “date rape”. What power does Palin have over people that they fear her so much?? To me this is the biggest question and maybe the most dangerous

    Lidia…forgot that part of the story!! “came to help to make sure you ok…oh…gotta go..” LOL

  25. physicsmom says:

    Well, I’ve got to quit reading comments since it’s so late, but I’ve enjoyed everyone’s reactions to these new revelations. Thanks to Jeanne and Ken for publishing them. I’m also pleased that the door to “babygate” has been opened a bit. It took me a long time to come around to the conclusion that Sarah did not give birth to Trig, but I’m there now. I understand why AKM did not want to discuss it and I’ve always honored her rules about that. It never bothered me that different bloggers explored different aspects of Palin’s psychopathology and behavior. However, the baby hoax seems to be gaining even more credibility of late, so it seems appropriate to allow people to discuss it, bat around the pros and cons, and allow those who haven’t really been exposed to the cumulative logic that leads to the hoax conclusion to take another look at it. The biggest problem with the babygate hoax is that there is no single piece of evidence which “proves” the lie, but it’s the additive quality (and quantity) of all the inconsistancies, photos, dissembling, etc. which leads to the answer. Looking forward to more of the clippings from the cutting room floor.

  26. seattlefan says:

    I’m curious to know how Frank feels about this and future posts about what was left out of his book. Thanks for posting this and future information. You must be walking a tight-wire right now. Stay with your instincts and with what is the right thing to do.

  27. seattlefan says:

    I’m curious to know how Frank feels about this and future posts about what was left out of his book. Thanks for posting this and future information. You must be walking a tight-wire right now. Stay with your instincts and what is right.

  28. Zyxomma says:

    Is there no escape from the celebutards? Yesterday afternoon, I had a lovely vegan Thai lunch on First Avenue with a friend. After lunch, he was headed west, so I went around the corner to pick up a few things at one of my local health food stores, while he continued on his errand.

    I noticed, but didn’t really think about, the TV cameras outside (I thought maybe they were filming a promo, or that a famous chef might be shopping there). I just went in to do my shopping. When I got to the counter to pay, I couldn’t, because Kim Kardashian and her sister had rung up a huge purchase, and hadn’t yet paid for it. I asked the cashier if I had to wait; Kim K apologized and handed her credit card to the cashier. I paid for my items, and put them into my carry bag.

    When I left the store, I was greeted by paparazzi flashbulbs. I kept my face hidden with my big hat, and pushed my way through the paps. A woman with a notebook ran after me, and asked me to sign a release. I said I didn’t want my image used, no thanks. She was crestfallen, and looked very worried. I realized then that my refusal might cost her the job, so I signed and went home.

    Remember when fame came with achievement? I do.

    • beaglemom says:

      So do I. And I put the Kardashian no-talent family in exactly the same category as Sarah Palin and her equally offensive daughter Bristol. No talent, no accomplishments, nothing.

      • Zyxomma says:

        Beaglemom, that is exactly why I posted this here (usually, I wouldn’t mention such an event, or if I did, it would be on the open thread).

        Being famous for being famous (in $P’s case, because McCain picked someone totally unqualified for any public office as his VP choice; in Kim K’s case, because her family is the subject of a so-called “reality” TV show, and she made a popular sex tape with a famous athlete) does not equate with being famous for having achieved greatness, whether in the arts (a very broad category encompassing a whole range of human activities), the sciences (ditto), or even sport (I once won Trivial Pursuit because my brother-in-law jumped on my statement that I knew nothing about athletes and kept trying to trip me up — luckily for me, the winning question was about Nadia Comaneci, and her perfect performance at the Olympics was something I DID know about).

        The Paylin family is just a RWNJ Alaskan version of the Kardashians, complete with ghostwritten books and “reality” TV. Kim K. was “health food shopping” while wearing a high-priced outfit including a (gorgeous) red dress, false eyelashes, and towering Christian Louboutin snakeskin platform stiletto heels; her sister was wearing the same ridiculous shoes (ridiculous for the streets of the East Village; they’d be fine for an In Style photo shoot) although she was otherwise casually dressed. The massive engagement ring (which looked fake; perhaps she was smart enough to have it copied and keeps the real one in a safe) was the most vulgar excess I’ve ever witnessed. She can barely raise her left hand, and her Blackberry never left her right (like someone else I’m glad I don’t know personally).

        There are women who are famous (and now wealthy) because Tiger Woods cheated on his wife; there are men who are famous for being serial killers. The American people should pay more attention to accomplishment, and less to fame whoredom, IMHO.

    • ZY-don’t feel so crestfallen. You kinda have conversed with me and although I don’t like to brag,that is quite an achievement. Live fame to the fullest as you may never have the chance again. Now, how about an endorsement?

  29. Trisha says:

    I’m not at all surprised at the description of the filthy house and piles of dirty clothes. Sarah often looks disguising to me…like she doesn’t shower. Her hair looks greasy and clothes are a mess. She looks like she smells bad from poor hygiene, and it would seem that impression is probably correct.

    She is one big stinking pile of doo-do. Probably abusing numerous substances and she has some serious mental health issues. But basically,She is just plain nuts.

    It’s amazing that Bristol would go on National TV and say that they are one big happy family. It must be the money talking. She is as messed up as her mother”

    • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

      Surely, when Todd is away from home, a fly on the wall would find Sarah in her jammies, mussed up hair in a messy house just like this!

    • True Blue Girl says:

      Oldest child syndrome – although technically not the oldest child, she was the oldest daughter and all the caretaking fell to her for her younger siblings. Track was probably out of there, self medicating and acting out. Bristol was a stand-in for her mother, and if these reports are true she probably was also responsible for “mothering” Sarah too, in terms of household duties and keeping things going: homework, food, laundry, errands, etc.

      The family was a patchwork of various dysfunctions, and Sarah’s role apparently was to be the needy star at the center, not a parent or adult in charge. Bristol is therefore protective (and not in a healthy way) of her family and Sarah, both because it comes with the role (having been conditioned to distort, deny and rationalize in order to get by; justifying all this by how special the family and especially one member is) and the nature of dysfunctional families in general (keeping secrets from outsiders who wouldn’t understand).

      • Irishgirl says:

        Levi said that Bristol did all the housework, helping the others with their homework and the cooking as well. Seems as if he was right on the money. I’m going to buy his book afterall.

  30. lacy lady says:

    Has anyone thought that the baby is not Sarahs, or Bristols, but the younger daughter? The way she held that baby doring the election, made me wonder.

  31. Trisha says:

    These revelations go along with what was reported during the campaign. Like Sarah answering the hotel door wrapped in a towel, her catatonic states, etc.

  32. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    I just love the “Anger Mismanagement” title.

  33. Marnie says:

    Way to go AKM and Alaskans.

    When God opens that door its truth that rushes out.

    Too bad the truth keeps stampeding over Sarah’s dream or Queendom.

  34. the problem child says:

    Thanks AKM and Ken. Just keep chipping away at that facade.

    • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

      My burning question, and no it’s not babygate yea or nay – I want to know how many refrigerators the Palins have purchased. They have to have some sort of record by now. I may have to form a PETR group, this is very upsetting.

  35. Bev says:

    I will tell you what is funny…I tried several times to post this link to this story at Huffpo and so far it is still pending as of 12 hours ago.
    I have the feeling I am being censored.

  36. Samantha says:

    “those damn big honey buns.”

    Made me think of an alcoholic I worked with who would come in with honey buns after a hangover. With the high sugar, fat and even protein content, it would be ideal. This would make sense for Sarah as well, since you mentioned she would come out of her room for a drink (meaning she drank!). Sarah’s facial expressions, slight slurring, glazed eyes, which we’ve all seen…cannot be explained by diet pills, red bull, or coffee. It’s caused by drugs that depress the system, like alcohol and valium.

    It’s odd that even insiders hold back. Even people close to her protect her at the same time they criticize her. It’s like they don’t want to cross some invisible line. But if all the stories were told, all of them, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I heard that Sarah’s history includes sexual abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, and criminal activity.

    • AKMuckraker says:

      The drink did not refer to an alcoholic beverage – just to be clear on that point.

      • Samantha says:

        Thanks for clarifying that. But I believe I’ve read mentions of her drinking, elsewhere. She would have needed the stimulants to counteract the downers.

        • ProChoiceGrandma says:

          Sarah was observed on a morning flight from AK to CA having TWO Baileys (Irish whiskey) with her coffee BEFORE 9:00 AM. Piper and Trig were with her. Now THAT could explain some (or all?) of her disjointed word salad speeches! Diet pills and whiskey, that’s a hell of a combination.

          “Our reader was on a flight with Alaska Airlines on September 26, 2010, which left from Portland, Oregon at 6:45 am for Los Angeles, arrival 9.10 am. Sarah Palin sat just across him, she was flying together with Piper and Trig.”

          “Our reader read the newspaper, and Sarah and the kids were asleep, but about 20 minutes before landing Sarah woke up and ordered a coffee and a bottle of Bailey’s. After 5-10 minutes, she ordered another Bailey’s. Our reader was touched to see that she is “human”, but he now also knows through personal experience, after having seen the clip with the speech in Montgomery, that she is a “big liar” (his own words).”

  37. OzMud says:

    This probably won’t make a bit of difference but… would it not be difficult – truly difficult – for a highly nervous woman, chronically undernourished and taking unprescribed diet pills – at age 45 – to even conceive?

    Think of all the advice fertility clinics give out when a woman is trying to conceive. Avoid stress and eat right are always at the top of the list. Would love to hear from a professional on this…

  38. Jim K says:

    I find this baby gate as ridiculous as wanting Obama’s birth certificate
    The more damaging thing, that has not been talked about, is the possibility
    that Palin caused Trigs disability through here irresponsible behavior.
    Faking pregnancy to protect her daughter shows character that she probably
    does not have; however, causing a disability to her child through negligence
    seems more her style.

    • Alaska Pi says:


    • OzMud says:

      One does not ’cause’ Down Syndrome. Babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome are the direct responsibility of the mother’s alcohol consumption while pregnant – but Down syndroms, Cerebral Palsy, etc. are not ’caused’ by the mother’s behaviour.

      And be careful my friend because charging mother’s with things like neglect while pregnant is a pretty slippery slope that can lead to putting women in jail just because yOu don’t agree with how she’s coping with HER pregnancy.

      Oh wait… we’re already doing that aren’t we…

      • Jim K says:

        “The fetal brain develops all through the pregnancy. Mental retardation and developmental disabilities such as Down Syndrome are linked to the fetus’ exposure to alcohol. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is clinically associated with craniofacial and cardiovascular deformities. The fetus is exposed to prenatal onset growth deficiency that not only takes a toll on childbirth, but also delays development of the embryo’s limbs and reactions to stimulants, post-natal.”
        Even though most experts claim down syndrome is
        not caused by environmental factors. This particular article
        claims it is. Also, there are many conditions that mimic
        Downs Syndrome; and I don’t believe we know for sure
        it is Downs. Also, Downs Syndrome mainly comes when
        the mother is above 40, as Palin was. It is less likely that
        Bristol would have a Downs baby. I don’t keep up with time
        lines but I know Bristol had a baby, and I believe it was
        to soon after Trigs birth for her to have both. Not sure of
        this but wonders if anyone knows?

    • LibertyLover says:

      Bristol wrote in her book that she felt that Levi “stole her virginity” when she became pregnant with Tripp— now why would she say that or even write that, if she had already delivered a child?

      So. If Bristol is not the mother, then…

      That would leave Sarah having to “procure” a special needs baby from somewhere? If Palin is the perfectionist that she is painted here, then I can hardly see that Palin would want a Special Needs baby.

      • OzMud says:

        SUPPOSEDLY… a long time back in our search for the truth about Sarah Palin, there was reported a discussion either with or in front of Sarah with someone (Franklin Graham from Samaritan’s Purse comes to mind but it’s been too long and I can’t be sure) about a Down Syndrome child – the insinuation made that if Sarah were the mother to a child like this she would be a shoe-in to be picked by McCain.

        Perhaps another Mudflatter will have links or a better memory than I – at any rate, the presumption was that having a special needs child was the whole purpose of the faked pregnancy – from the start.

        That is, of course, if one subscribes to the notion that the Trig pregnancy was faked. (Oz puts her hand up.)

      • giddyup says:

        “stole her virginity” was a long time before she supposedly became pg w/Trigg.

      • Nomad says:

        “That would leave Sarah having to “procure” a special needs baby from somewhere?”

        Palin’s ob-gyn, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, founded The Children’s Place in Alaska for victims of sexual assault and molestation, and specializes in helping teenagers in trouble.

        As far as your last sentence, I can call attention to the fact that Palin announced that she would give a speech at a fundraiser for the “Exceptional Foundation.” a non-profit organization, dedicated to: “meeting the social and recreational needs of mentally and/or physically challenged individuals in two Alabama counties. Reportedly, the Exceptional Foundation agreed to pay her fee of $100,000.00. There is in the comment section a discussion of this one example at

        It is also important to note that Bristol Palin has done pretty much the same act using her baby for unwed mothers.

        • ks sunflower says:

          At first read, I thought you meant Bristol truly used “her baby for unwed mothers” in the sense that she was truly trying to prevent unwed pregnancy do you – or even that she was trying to get people to help unwed mothers but then I noted that you used the phrase “the same act” in your last sentence, so I feel as if you are in agreement that both Sarah and Bristol are sham spoke persons for causes.

          Thanks for the link. Bamseatboogs’s comment was worth reading. That is information that should have had a wider audience at the time. It is still powerful, even now.

          I am also firmly in the camp that both Sarah and Bristol used their children as fodder for their own ambition. Bristol has merely learned at the master’s knee how to exploit rather than protect the children entrusted to her care. I would feel sorry for Bristol, but she is old enough now to think for herself if she so chooses. However, introspection and analytical thought seems not to be a family strength, sad to say.

      • Dis Gusted says:

        that little blip was added to Bristol’s book about her mother because it makes her look better. Everything in Bristol’s book is about SP and how great SP is. It’s a work of fiction.

  39. Ripley in CT says:

    I still have no power at home, but a little bird told me that you posted this, so I grabbed my laptop and drove around till I found wi-Fi!!

    Now, off to read!!! I heard it’s a goodie…..

    • Ripley in CT says:

      Wow. Now THIS is scathing. Well done, AKM and Ken. Very well done, indeed. And I’ll take anything told to anyone and BACKED up with evidence or real investigative digging over an anonymous commenter any day of the week. I trust you implicitly, AKM, with any information you throw out. I know for certain that you would not risk your sterling reputation by publishing anything that wasn’t double and triple checked. Thank you for being that sort of reporter of facts.

      Also, too: Her knuckles were raw and her eyes bloodshot? OMG, can you imagine how far she had to shove her hand into her throat to make herself vomit every last crumb of junk food out? She’s a sick sick woman. Bulimia is a nasty disorder. I had two friends in high school with it. Their teeth turned spotty due to the acid coming up from their stomach. Again, I said “HIGH SCHOOL”. Palin is so stuck there it isn’t even funny anymore.

      Bring it on, AKM and Ken. Your timing could not be more perfect, in many many ways 😉

      • seattlefan says:

        Wow is right! I agree with Ripley, the timing is delicious in so many ways. September is going to be a very interesting month. Great post AKM and Ken.

  40. Fridgy Dare says:

    You deserve medals, all of you, for doing what the MSM is supposed to do … and doing it as well if not better than they would.

    Keep it coming. It’s working — she’s fading fast.

    But she’ll probably destroy an entire warehouse of kitchen appliances before she’s done.

  41. Judi says:

    Very interesting but not surprising at all. When I first read the account of troopergate (they had all the interviews, reports, etc in the Anchorage newspaper…just as she was selected to run for VP)…I was shocked and then realized this was a family, Sarah and Todd, with screws loose. I know of no other family who would go after their brother in law with such force and vindictiveness. (even my own never would have stalked by ex after my horrible divorce..and yes they love me ha ha) …They were crazy in my opinion. Sarah in particular was/is nuts. I read how she thought her sister might be abused after she talked with her on the phone. Now does she call the police? Does she call for any help? No …she grabs her oldest son and they go over there…no not to intervene..but to hide in the bushes and watch. After she is convinced (but not before she swears she hears the brother in law say he will kill her father) that her sister is safe does she leave.

    As for the baby Trig…I dont know. What I do know that she did not put this child first before her own needs and desires. If she had she would NEVER have gone to Texas in the first place…and once there when she realized there was a problem she would have gone to a hospital immediately. She knew at that time her baby would be born with Downs…which many if not most have heart problems. A well known fact that I am certain her doctor would have informed her of. I often wonder about that baby. How much hugging and cuddling and ‘motherly’ love he is getting. Children with special needs such as this need early intervention and stimulation.

    Thankfully I believe (HOPE) that her 15 min of fame is over.

    • beaglemom says:

      Frankly, if she really put Trig (whether her biological child or not) or her other children first, she would not have accepted the offer to be on the 2008 Republican ticket. I think a rational, caring parent who was also a governor would have said, “thanks for considering me but I have a state to govern and my family needs me too much right now.” With Sarah Palin it seems that it has always been Sarah first and Sarah only.

    • Lidia17 says:

      Judi, you’re right! But the best part of that story about spying on the Wootens is that she did NOT wait until her sister seemed OK before leaving… She left because she had some kind of committee meeting to go to!

  42. honestyingov says:!/HnstyNgov/status/109018959239577600

    Palin CONFIRMS everything Baily wrote n @BlindAllegiance:”Getting $arah to show up was like nailing jello to a tree”/@CBS @NBC @ABC @CNN @AP!/HnstyNgov/status/109010596560769024

    @RealClearScott @shushwalshe @PeterHambyCNN:Quote frm F.Bailys Bk~”Getting $arah to show up was like nailing jello to a tree”/ Confirmed now

  43. Irishgirl says:

    The depths of hell are too good for that woman.

  44. lilly lily says:

    All I want for Christmas is to never hear the name of Sarah Palin ever again in any context.

    It might happen.

    As far as her family. They like the perks. Money is rolling in.

    That should stop soon enough.

  45. AKLAWDOG says:

    Well folks the ABI is interested in Palin for the following reasons: a 20 yr old rape case was solved by a DNA sample given…the person who gave the DNA was busted for growing pot…Todd was a customer and was also involved in sex parties and coke parties and killing prostitutes…and throwing them in the ocean by Anchorage…there was a rape case of the brother of the DNA dude and in 2006 then Governor Frank Murkowski ordered a criminial investigation…Palin got to office and killed the case and it just sat dormant as kids think cops are stupid…now that DNA links the brother and a call was made and evidences brought forward…well…they are wondering why Palin and the local DA in Palmer didn’t prosecute the rapist…why? well folks when the mother of the children raped is worth a
    HUGE ( as Levi indicated in a GMA interview) amount of money and the money is gone its easier to ignore the obvious…and Monogan knew of it and fought with Palin about it and he got fired…Wooten had the rapist in his custody in 2003 and just released him…can anyone say Karen Loffeler???
    She is the federal attorney general for the state of alaska…and gave permission to sue the State…
    Just the tip of the iceburg folks…read ADN about it or CNN about Palin…someone is not happy…
    Can you blame them? What Palin will do for money – even when it was never hers to begin with…

    • giddyup says:

      ALAWADOG – do you know anything about the feet that keep floating up along the WA/BC coast?

      • AKLAWDOG says:

        haven’t heard about that but Todd Palin might…or one of the rapists who get to party with Todd!

        • giddyup says:

          Every time one washes ashore, it’s been all over the news (since Aug, 2007). So far, 8 in BC and 3 in WA. The most recent was in BC on Aug 30, 2011. All feet are in a tennis shoe and some have been identified. In looking at the map of locations, it appears the feet would have to travel a very long way to end up where they do, but who knows where currents may take things.

          • I know, that’s the creepiest story out there. They investigate it, it’s reported, and then they don’t talk about it anymore until the next foot comes ashore.

          • AKLAWDOG says:

            Well there is a reason the FBI Eric Gonzalaz said ” we are not investigating ” and I would to know who ” rigged ” the Commish of Revenue belt in the plane??? Todd…
            Todd has asked lots of folks to help him out…like a dead girl found in Houston???
            Todd…the snowmobile trip? Todd…what about Sarah’s sister’s gas station in Anchorage? Belongs to someone else…and the SCHEME involving a HUGE trust account has EVERYTHING to do with it…the Palins and others tried to take out the owner and conspiracy to commit murder, failure to report crimes against children, yeah Palin asked the Palmer DA to NOT prosecute a child rapist…Todd’s idea…
            and it was too close for comfort to expose the trail leading Todd to Brooks Jackson…
            so the list is long and it’s been going on since folks figured the ” owner ” of the HUGE trust could be bamboozled and take the money and run…I can hear Sarah whine about why this trust fund baby is BACK in Alaska…coming to settle scores BITCH!!
            And word is the attorney team is prepared to ask for foresics on some DNA…lol…
            But yeah the Palins are SO guilty of crucifying those they cannot forget…BIOLOGY?

  46. Nebraska Native says:

    Thank you AKM and Ken for this new series… Reminds me of the bad old days waaaaaaaaaay back in ’08 when it seemed like all I did was read, refresh, read, refresh on Mudflats!

  47. I personally do not feel anything for this cheap,fauxknee imitation of a human being. As I stated before,all she’ll ever be is mean. I feel like she has this need for everyone to dislike her so she can justify her own behavior towards others. Kinda reminds me of stories of great artists having to suffer unimaginable torments to be creative, The Tundra Tart agonizes because it feeds her ego. If she chose to jump off a cliff like a lemming,I’d ask her to wear a pair of bib overalls and make a fashion statement. That is all.

  48. Lidia17 says:

    Hey, just curious… how come you are allowing all this fake pregnancy chatter at this late date, whereas before it had been blocked/purged?

    That pregnancy hoax “cleansing” drove a lot of your commenters/audience away. What was the rationale of not being open to babygate? Do you feel it has been worth it to deny what is now obvious? I’m truly interested as to the dynamics here.

    • Dia says:

      Getting the word out there.

      HuffingtonPost wouldn’t let AKM publish articles on their site if she continued writing articles about Babygate.

  49. Winski says:

    Mud…THIS is amazing stuff. You and Ken have done an outstanding job, further pealing that onion that seems to tell a very dark tale of Palin, her family and the endurance others seemed to exhibit trying to hide the truth. After some pondering, I can only conclude that the people around her are either so afraid for their own well being, too blind to see the harm that is coming their way like a runaway freight train, or are so removed from the reality we humans have to live in everyday they just don’t register the madness surrounding them.

    When this delusion of adequacy comes crashing down in a throbbing heap some folks are going to get a bad ride… Scary stuff.

  50. tigerwine says:

    This whole thing is sad and troublesome. I’ve often heard it asked that if SP looked like Madeleine
    Albright, would we have even given her a second thought. (Don’t mean to cut MA, whom I admire.)

    Out of all this, I hope the American voters have learned a lesson. There is an old-fashioned term for all this: “pulling the wool over peoples eyes”. We were blinded by beauty and false ideals. Let’s not let that happen with Rick Perry. But, I’ve heard quite a few Texans already speaking out about him.

    Thanks AKM and Ken – I appreciate the time and decisions you had to make.

  51. LibertyLover says:

    Thanks for this post. I am certainly glad that additional information has come forth so that the public can make an informed decision about this woman. I think this woman would be dangerous in public office and I feel sorry for her as a person.

    I am not a fan of Sarah and I am so glad that she never made it to be a heartbeat from the Presidency. I hope that being a candidate in 2008 will be the closest she will ever come.
    I met her very briefly a few years back when she was on her book tour (for a boots on the ground report for this blog, if anyone remembers) I was unable to form an opinion of her based on our 10 second meeting. I did meet her parents and found them to be much like any other parents. They were very gracious, but how much can one really learn about someone in a very brief meeting?

    I personally believe that Trig is Sarah’s son. I believe that she is the type of person to keep it a secret from her coworkers and even her own family in hopes of either taking care of it on her own or hoping for a “spontaneous” abortion (perhaps on the wild ride from Texas?) I currently know someone who is 6 months pregnant and does not look pregnant at all. She is my fitness instructor. Her belly looks like she ate a couple of hamburgers too many. But if you didn’t know she was pregnant, you wouldn’t have guessed that she is.

    If Sarah was as obsessive about staying slim as is reported here, it is really possible to conceal a pregnancy for a pretty long time. I do believe however, that she took unnecessary risks on her trip back from Texas, and as much as I hate to accuse anyone of purposely wanting something bad to happen to that pregnancy, I think that it quite possible that that is exactly what Palin wanted to happen. Therefore, she would have plausible deniability.

    Just my opinion, and it certainly won’t change anyone’s opinion that she faked the pregnancy, but being a scientist, I believe in occam’s razor that the simplest explanation in probably the correct one. Faking a pregnancy has too many moving parts and like all conspiracy theories, leaves a lot of questions and people that would be able to be in a position to blackmail the Palin’s. I just don’t see Sarah Palin giving anyone that kind of power over her.

    Some people have tried to compare Trig’s pregnancy to Piper’s. It’s been my experience that each pregnancy is different and depends on where the fertilized egg attached to the uterine wall. I know that I carried each of my children differently and was also in different weights when the pregnancies began. So trying to compare how Palin looked when she was pregnant with Piper with how she looked with Trig seems to be comparing apples to oranges.

    At the very least, Palin showed extremely bad judgment flying back to Wasilla in order to give birth while in labor. Not exactly the kind of judgment that I would want in a President.

    Even more disturbing to me was her inability to conduct arguments with her spouse in a civil manner. As a parent, we should know that our children are always watching us and to be mindful of the type of behavior that we are modeling for them. It is clear to me that just on the evidence presented above by Ken and AKM, Sarah Palin does not have the temperament to hold public office much less President.
    And it makes me ever so grateful that we dodged a bullet in 2008. Let’s hope that we continue to do so as it relates to Sarah Palin.

    • ProChoiceGrandma says:

      Only 5 people were in the know when this teenager faked a pregnancy for 6 months:

      • LibertyLover says:

        And your point is? That pregnancies can be faked? I will grant you that. There have been women that have wanted babies that have worn the padding and then stolen babies from hospitals. It doesn’t prove that Palin did, only that it is possible to fake a pregnancy.


        Do you REALLY think that Palin is smart enough to pull something like that off? I don’t. It would take forethought on her part and an awful lot of logistical planning. Palin (based on Bailey’s book) seems to be reactionary in nature rather than forward thinking.

        Personally, I don’t believe in babygate, although the subject is kind of interesting and the passionate arguments that she did fake the pregnancy is compelling. But still unconvincing – at least to me. We will just have to agree to disagree.

        But I will give you this: If she did fake the pregnancy and it is proven that she did, then it can be said that there is seriously something very, very wrong with her to attempt this kind of deception.

        • JR says:

          I don’t think it was smart. I think you are correct – it was reactionary. If McCain clinched the nomination (he did) Sarah needed an explanation for a pregnancy (she announced the next day) that would be troublesome for her if she wanted to be the VP. The VP talk was out there in January and February of 2008 – so was the talk of Bristol. I don’t know all of the answers to this mess, but I do know a pregnant body can’t change the way the dated photographic evidence shows. She probably shouldn’t have released the “insurance shot” photo with the big belly in August of 2008 as proof – it doesn’t fit.

        • Zyxomma says:

          If you’re right, and SP is Trig’s biological mother, she could clear up all the controversy in a New York minute (as they say in Texas): Produce the birth certificate!

        • HudsonElizabeth says:

          If she was smart enough to pull it off then it wouldn’t be so obvious to so many that she did fake it,. That is, if she did it right all that photographic evidence would not be there, she would have “grown” slowly and consistently, she would have shown the post partum physical signs that she did not, she never would have told the wild ride story and if she still took it she would have “played” pregnant in labor while on it. And, if truly smart she would have somehow been able to produce a birth certificate or some other “acceptable”, even if false “proof”.

          Also, the absence of words and actions on her part give some credence to the theory that she did not give birth. She has not provided the birth certificate and she has never sued anyone who claims she faked it. Why not?

          • LibertyLover says:

            >She has not provided the birth certificate and she has never sued anyone who claims she faked it. Why not?<

            Who knows?

            Well, for one, she is a public figure and people can speculate almost anything about her because she is in the public eye and she couldn't sue them unless there was malice… and for another… what took Obama so long to decide to present his real birth certificate? Probably because he thought the whole subject was just plain silly and wasn't worth spending any time on trying to convince people that wouldn't be convinced anyway. Palin probably won't present the b/c because she's giving the big middle finger to the babygaters.

            But I do agree with you that Palin could settle the whole thing by presenting Trig's birth certificate. But she probably won't.

            I find it funny that as big a Palin critic as I am, to be defending her on this issue, and i haven't really weighed in on it before because in the long run, what does it really matter except as another data point that demonstrates what a poor decision maker she is.

            There is enough evidence without the babygate issue for me to know that I do not want this woman anywhere near a position of power or influence.

            Maybe I'm being naive that this woman would fake a pregnancy for political gain and you are correct that she did. I remain unconvinced. All I am saying is that if a woman was very fit (and Palin has showed an obsessiveness with weight and fitness), that she could hide a pregnancy for a long time. My fitness instructor is six months pregnant and she is barely showing. (I hate her for that BTW. 🙂 ) So it is possible.

  52. True Blue Girl says:

    AKM and Ken: I’m hoping you will deliver a steady stream of these posts, marching right up to late September and beyond. I would enjoy witnessing a bit of karma. You can still “own” this story.

    Separately, I’ve been unable to get comments through on other sites reminding that Sarah is being PAID to speak in Iowa; it’s not as if she’s some anointed candidate, but just a paid speaker.

  53. zyggy says:

    If this is the first installement of personal views, I can’t wait to see the next. She’s very unstable. Personally I think she was trying for a Fundie abortion.

  54. CG says:

    “Her focus on looks and tin ear for appropriate decorum became…” What’s “tin ear”?

    Who wrote this? A bit difficult to read. Isn’t this what’s in Blind Allegiance?

    Mudflats, this is all more than a little bit confusing. Your explanation doesn’t cover the question of what this stuff is and why you’re posting it.
    What’s going on and what is this new stuff?

    • LaniN says:

      It’s all explained above and in the prior post about this subject. Relax, sit back, and enjoy the essays. 🙂

      Oh, my bad. The ‘tin ear” question is not answered above. A dictionary can help you. It’s an old idiom that has evolved to mean an inability to understand subtlety or appropriateness.

      • CG says:

        Read the explanation; every single word. More than once. Doesn’t make any sense.
        Outside the scope of Bailey’s direct experience; Frank Bailey had no part in conducting or writing these pieces.
        I think I’ve got a handle on my confusion. It’s the reference to “cutting room floor”. This is not stuff cut from Frank Bailey’s book “Blind Allegiance”. It’s an entirely different new project, having not a thing to do with the book.

        Okay, thanks for the clarity on “tin ear”. I know what it is in music and speech. I get it. It seems it’s the same phrase, applied in a new way here. The sentence reads Sarah’s focus on “tin ear”.

        • CG, maybe you just aren’t old enough, but that tin ear reference is nothing new as it’s used here.

          And when Blind Allegiance came out, I think I read it here or somewhere that a lot of things weren’t included in the book because it wasn’t part of the story from Frank’s point of view, and it was his book. So it’s hardly a new project. It’s information they found when they were putting together the book.

          Maybe you read the post too fast and that’s why you had trouble understanding it. I didn’t think it was that difficult or complicated.

    • Lidia17 says:

      In fact, the bulk of it does not appear to be new. It’s unclear as to why the few new bits are surrounded with such a great quantity of old material.

      This seems to be written for an audience which is not that of this blog, as though it is addressed to some person who has been hiding under a rock and is starting from scratch.

  55. Skagway Kid says:

    SP’s behavior is a reflection of the entire Tee Party movement. Deceit and flash, mostly to hid a great ignorance of the nature of human evolution. As the human species reach for continuous understanding, instructions from flat landers like the Palin posse strive to mask natural and good instincts into hatred of anything that does not conform to their narrow world. Wrapping there crusade into slanted arguments sprouting freedom should alert everyday citizen that their purpose is to dumb down america to the point where only the plutocrats dictate to the working stiffs. Captain Zero’s promoting Pebble to the distruction of a continuous gift of Bristol Bay is an example of a Palin puppet.

  56. PollyinAK says:

    Thanks to AKM and Mr. Morris for the follow-up! It clarifies, adds, and confirms so much of what many of us know about SP, and certainly adds new dimensions for people who are researching her for the first time… knowledge and truth are worthy of repetition and passing on…

  57. lillibird says:

    You can bet right now Todd is trying to get her presentable for Sat. She’s probably locked in her room, in the corner, drugged up babbling to herself. We will see what kind of condition she is in when if she shows up, talking a mile a minute or the drugged up looks she sometimes has on FOX.

  58. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Shall we send her a case of Sarah Palin toilet paper to wipe away the tears and drools she’ll get from reading this post?

    It’s kind of rough, though – maybe on purpose! We have some from an “ member” and it hits the scene when we have guests. I have all sorts of dirty tp jokes w/ SP tp – but you’ll come up with your own once you get your own roll and start having fun with it!

    • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

      For those who know me…it’s flippin’ unbelievable that I posted a comment about tp and did not mention my favorite word.

      Sarah Palin should spend her community service time (which will be half her life once she gets busted for all of her crap) scooping poop. Everywhere, every day, every park, sidewalk and yard. As much as I’d love to see her face sticking out the neck of an orange jumpsuit, I think being a lifer scooper would even be better. There, got it in!


        if there was ever a clear case for using your favorite word, muys, it would be now.
        this is definitely a pooper scoop that akm has put before us.

        brave one you are, mz akm, to wonder into the poop world of swwnbn.

  59. Xenon says:

    The words “perfection” and “Palin” should never appear in the same sentence…unless, of course, one is speaking of idiocy.

  60. Star says:

    WOW~ So glad to see this..Thanks AKM and Ken…

  61. just-a-friend says:

    Sarah’s current diva behavior regarding showing up in Iowa, or not and refusing the share the stage with Christine O’Donnell validates the description of Sarah Palin in this post. She is too unstable to hold any public office.

    • Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

      That made me think of a new name for Sarah!

      “The Unstabled Rogue” or “The Rogue Unstabled”

    • slipstream says:

      Why doesn’t Palin want O’Donnell at the same event? Palin has magical protection against witches, so she should be perfectly safe.

  62. beth says:

    Until a week or so ago, I was throughly convinced Bristol was the mother of the two little boys…it is not unheard of that a second conception happens danged close to the birth of [a first pregnancy] child; nearly full-gestation births aren’t uncommon; it’s not unheard of that a ‘young’ person gives birth to a DS baby; yada, yada, yada.

    I was convinced Tawd and $arah decided to ‘birth’ the [first] baby for two reasons: 1) to protect the good name and reputation of their eldest daughter and 2) to not have any questions asked about their parenting skills/control over situations that would inevitably come up when it was uncovered their daughter had had a baby ‘out of wedlock’ — Tawd and $arah could Not have that, *because* the answers would reflect negatively on her leadership. [NOTE: those two aren’t necessarily in order of importance to Tawd and $arah ;-)]

    Oh, yeah — I was convinced that is exactly how it was ‘supposed’ to happen; no one would’ve been the wiser. $arah would ‘have’ a baby and things would be fine, all the way around. The timeline didn’t line up as exactly and as precisely as I wanted it to, but if I squished it here and pinched it there, it’d ‘fit.’

    But then I saw a photo of Tripp and his uncle over on IM…there is NO way those two children have the same set of parents. {Can’t find it on IM, now, but here it is on another site: } The Levi is surely strong in Tripp…not evident at all in Trig — even though Bristol was ‘tenting’ Levi at the time Trig would’ve been ‘started’.

    So, now, what do I think? Trig is $arah and Tawd’s baby; no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

    Why? By her own account, $arah found out she was pregnant when she was in the lower 48 – also by her own account, she seriously contemplated terminating it and, further by her own account, no one would ever have known. She didn’t though… and the above Ken and AKM post goes a long way towards explaining the reason: she could maintain her notion of youthfullness if she were pregnant. Only *young* women get pregnant…not women in their mid-late 40s! How delicious to be young! [btw – I do not for a minute believe she didn’t abort because of her ‘pro-life’ stance — she did it for vanity and the thrill of youth.]

    By the time reality set in, and she told Tawd about the pregnancy, it was too late to do anything about it with any ‘ease’. So she was stuck with it. And shortly thereafter is when reality *really* hit: she was going to have a DS child that was going to Require a Whole Lot of 24/7 attention. Being a notorious slacker and quitter, that was just a tad too much for her…as evidenced by: Everything she did up to the time of his birth! She did Everything she could to have a spontaneous termination. She did NOT want to have that baby — even after he was born, she didn’t want him [sack of potatoes prop, anyone?]

    I’m no psychiatrist, I don’t play one on TV, and I’ve not stayed in a Holiday Express for years and years, but what Ken and AKM picked up from the cutting room floor re: $arah’s body image and view of herself, is totally in sync with her pregnancy…a pregnancy, once reality set in, she did Not want to admit to -or have. And ditto for the child resulting from that pregnancy. One thing I’ll say about her — it’s $arah first; $arah always. That’s something we all can always count on. beth.

    • JR says:

      It seems plausible – until you look at the March photo. No matter how much Sarah starved herself she couldn’t stop a baby bump.
      Sarah didn’t want to (sometimes, sometimes not) wear her fake belly any longer than 2 months. That was the issue for her body image – it made her look fat.
      Thank you for some insight into Sarah’s craziness AKM – it only makes her faking a pregnancy more plausible. She is certifiable and must have been on some manic high when she decided to announce her fake pregnancy the day after McCain clinched. Delusional people make rash decisions.

    • ProChoiceGrandma says:

      Whatever makes you think that Levi is the only father? Bristol was sending ♥ to another boy, Johnny, on her MySpace in May 2007.

      The biggest smokescreen to the entire babygate drama is Trig’s fake “birth” date of 4-18-08. I always refer to it as Trig’s “staged presentation date”.

      Sarah used Bristol’s pregnancy with Tripp, purportedly born on 12-27-08, as “proof” that Bristol could not be Trig’s mother since Trig was “4 months old” at the same time that Bristol was “about 5 months pregnant” at the RNC.

      Sarah herself would have had “Irish twins”, i.e. two babies born within 12 months, if her story is true about “Tad” in Going Rogue, when she inexplicably describes about the Wite-Out used over “abortion”, with “miscarriage” written over it. The problem with her explanation is that she described the column said “procedure”. Abortion IS a procedure. Miscarriage is NOT a procedure. The other glaring error in her story is that NO medical records of any kind use Wite-Out, not even billing records.

      Page 55 of Going Rogue talking about Tad: “I loved the fact we had planned so well and that events were falling neatly into place in our well-ordered lives. Our babies would be a year apart, right on schedule.”

      • giddyup says:

        Exactly correct about white-outs, PCG. The only way a correction can be made is drawing a line through the error, leaving it still legible.

      • nswfm says:

        Whatever makes you think that Levi is the only father?


      • Dis Gusted says:

        a good mother does not inject lipo-dissolve into her pregnant abdomen. Nor does she take any drugs while pregnant. SP is an addict – that much is very clear. Pregnant…nope. – not for a long time.

        The baby would resemble Levi if Keith Johnston is the father. I truly believe he is and that is why he moved to AZ. It’s also why Levi is helping with the deceit.

    • Jack says:

      Bullcrap…..She was having Lipo-Dissolve injections at the time and admitted to “Being not pregnant”on the medical forms. Hubby slept on the couch and she was so obviously so whacked-out on speed and bulemic – the act required to get pregnant wasn’t happening. Todd was getting his gratification at the massage parlor. Get a grip… she created this to garner support from the right-wing. What else would you expect from a mentally ill person?

    • HudsonElizabeth says:

      I admit that your logic and story could make some sense — IF anyone who crossed paths with her in TX or any part of the long wild ride had noticed that she was pregnant, AND, in labor. But, all reports from flight staff and people who sat and talked with her in the airports or on the plane seem to be that they had no idea she was pregnant, let alone in labor. If she was trying to get rid of the baby through this behavior, wouldn’t her condition have shown to someone? And, wouldn’t they have reported that she seemed stressed out, instead of reporting how calm and pleasant she was?

      And, on other blogs — I believe Laura Novaks’s — a number of formerly pregnant women have commented on her “post “delivery” appearance. They have said that they see no sign of having been pregnant (no continuing big belly), that they see no sign of nursing or non-nursing engourged breasts in the photos that were taken after the “birth”, and that also said that she seemed able to move too freely for someone her age having just given birth, etc.

      So, the evidence of not having been pregnant seems to expand expotentially as people who have experienced pregnancy look at how she behaved and looked after the “birth” as well as the time leading up to it.

      • DebinOH says:

        Hudson Elizabeth, I have been saying that the postpartum pictures have always been what bothered me the most. I have not seen one woman who still didn’t look pregnant for at least two weeks after giving birth. Look at the Pink photo a couple weeks after birth. Look at Goldie Hawn’s daughter a couple weeks after birth. IF this woman did give birth there is no way just vomiting or not eating for two days could make you magically thin again. N O W A Y !

        I have always been on the fence about the entire pregancy issue for several reasons which I won’t rehash but I will say that if she did give birth ON THE DAY she said she gave birth & two to three days later looked like she never gave birth it is a miracle. We should bottle it because women everywhere would buy it.

        For those of you who haven’t read what I said before: I remember VIVIDLY going to take the hospital visit during birth classes and I just kept telling my husband that I couldn’t figure out why all these woman were in their rooms already since clearly they hadn’t given birth yet. I was mortified to find out that they had all given birth several days earlier. I don’t know why I thought your stomach just disappeared immediately after birth;)

    • lilly lily says:

      You think two such different children couldn’t have the same set of parents. Well you are wrong.

      My eldest brother looked like George Peppard, blue eyed blond, the brother next in line like Alec Baldwin, Blue eyed black hair, my sister is a blue eyed Doris Day clone, I looked like Simone Signoret, brown eyes From parents my father looked like another handsome movie personage and my mother a blue eyed English Royal of scottish parentage. Go figure. Kids don’t need to look like their parents.

      A friends father looked like Clark Gable and her mother like Ingrid Bergman, and she is an elegant six foot blonde who looks like herself.

      Who knows who is Trigs father and mother. We don’t.

      Tripp looks like Chuck Heath and no one else.

      • KarenJ says:

        Amen, lilly lily, my 3 siblings are like you and yours — 4 different eye colors, 4 different blood types, 2 different body types — the only thing we all share are our parents’ thick coarse hair, luxuriant even in our late 50s and 60s.

        After Gryphen’s “Tale of Two Babies” post so many months ago, I’ve paid special attention to the Palin family ears. Chuck Heath, Sarah Palin, and Bristol Palin all share that weird Dumbo sized ear shape that looks more primate than human, and of course the child most often presented as Trig shares some of those characteristics, too.

        Thus, my favorite theory is that Trig is related to the Heath/Palin/McCann/Bruce family at large — maybe one of the girl cousins, Molly, Diane Bristol herself is still a possibility, if the aforementioned Trig is the same one suggested to have been born in late January/early February 2008 (i.e., he’s not a rent-a-Trig)

      • AKLAWDOG says:

        Rumor is Chuck Heath fathered a child in 1965 and his best bud adopted the child…what I can’t figure out is where the HUGE trust account came from??? May be Chuck is related to the Heath candy bar empire and his ” rougue ” actions to not be a corporate and run to Alaska had something to do with the share being given to the ” love child ” …just a rumor…but actions would indicate the ” have to step on toes ” tactics of the family that adopted the child would tell me the reason for how ” poor ” the Heaths were…while the best friend got a lake front home…
        spend money like water eh??? he has to live with what he did…excerpts from kids…lol…

    • No, the two little boys don’t look alike. They don’t even look like cousins, actually. Which goes back to the possibility that Trig was someone else’s baby not related to any of the Palins.

      However, to the issue of them not looking alike – my two daughters don’t look that much alike (and yes, they do have the same two parents). But I have a photo of my two girls with their cousins two daughters (they are all close in age – my husband and his oldest sister are 17 years apart). Anyway, the two oldest cousins look like sisters and the two youngest cousins look like sisters.

      The other thing is that kids with DS don’t necessarily look like any of their siblings. So just the point that the two boys don’t look alike doesn’t mean they aren’t brothers instead of cousins. They don’t really look like cousins either, truth be told. So who knows. I’m just glad to see them hugging and smiling. I hope that at least some children from that clan will have some happiness in their lives.

  63. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    And Barbies too therefore and also secretly know what she’s been binging on. They see her behind the scenes a lot – in fact, every prop refrigerator has been so dented that they can’t be used for photo shoots.

    Humor is a good thing to inject into the act of speculation and fact finding – it helps keep the perspective. This is an awesome post, Ken & AKM – your act of working in concert on a book may not have had the immediate outcome you actually intended to begin with, but as your friend CD often says – ripples, ripples, ripples can be just as powerful as waves – oft times more so.

    • ks sunflower says:

      Whoever created that Sarah Palin Barbie did a wonderful job, even down to the glasses.

      I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I really enjoyed seeing the emails win. The posing of the doll really conveyed some of Sarah’s “looks” well (the head turn implied such wrath!). Thanks MUYS (fingers are cramping or I’d write out your name).

  64. Zyxomma says:

    Thanks, Ken and AKM. As promised, it’s food for thought. As to the revelations about diet pills (prescription? OTC? both?), I thought (and said) that she appeared to be tweaking (slang for on speed) during the quitter speech. The geese were making more sense than she, she was gasping, and her hands were shaking.

    Waiting for more, patiently and willingly.

    • MO Inkslinger says:

      Damn, the geese would have been a better governor, wife and mother than Sarah.

      • We had some geese here on the farm. If you could keep the coons and coyotes from driving the goose off the nest,she might hatch out a gosling every two or three years. Her problem was not that she wasn’t attentive. After the gosling was born,you couldn’t get within rifle range of her youngun. Her problem was the first time they ambled down to the crick for a swim,mom and dad forgot to bring junior back with them. After about a half hour,mom figured out something was wrong and went galloping back to the crick bellering her fool head off. Never did find the little guy. I searched for two days. I wouldn’t trust THAT goose as governor either.

  65. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Looks like it’s a hot button to say whether one is skeptical of babygate but not the Wild Ride, or visa versa, or any other versa!

    Since I do not have a crystal ball handy, and if I did I may not trust it anyway since Bishop Muthee disrupted all magic with his black magic curses – I guess I’ll just say that yes, pregnancy can be faked! I learned that from Barbies and bubble wrap.

  66. Me says:

    I hope that you are sending this to media outlets. Are you?

  67. WakeUpAmerica says:

    This is a portrait of a sick, sick woman.

  68. lilybart says:

    I feel so bad for her. Bulimia is a kind of slavery, horrible. She is not fit for any office, and she needs help.

  69. Irishgirl says:

    Go forth and send links to AKM’s blog! Spread the news.

  70. nm says:

    The saddest thing in these revelations is the lack of food in the house for the kids until Todd was able to replenish the pantry on his days off from the Slope (how many weeks in between these days off?). I wonder if their only meals for many days were the school lunches provided by the socialist government.

    No wonder she took only cookies to the starving kids in the Native Villages: she didn’t treat her own kids much better.

    And the suggestive photographs of the girls is sickening. Explains why she is always accusing others of exploiting her kids: that’s what she does.

  71. emrysa says:

    wow. thank you for this post. it confirms what so may have suspected. AND it shows that levi was also being truthful, which I am glad to see.

    I am really disturbed by the soft porn pics with her daughters. we all know that the quitter has a chronic habit of projecting, and now I am wondering if her accusations of others being perverts, peeping toms, etc aren’t more examples of her projection. the woman is seriously disturbed, no doubt.

    • lilybart says:

      The photos add to the evidence of sexual abuse. Classic behaviors. The bulimia too, and the perfectionism, and the projection.

  72. Laura Novak says:

    Excellent writing. Great reading. Thank you for posting this. And Ken, your personal comments were very touching. Thank you.

  73. Bravo, Bravo! I have the same feeling I normally get when I finish the latest installment in one of my favorite book series…I can’t wait for the next one! With popcorn at the ready…

  74. GameofLife says:

    Come on now. Saying that people gave her a pass because her *gag* beauty, is seriously ridiculous. We wouldn’t let Beyonce, Liz Tayor (in her hay days) or pam get away with such bullshit. That insufferable bitch with her man-jaw, wonky eye and anorexia body shouldn’t get away with it either. BULLSHIT NUMBER ONE.

    BULLSHIT NUMBER TWO. Why don’t you interview or at least put some time in about that wacky quacky doctor, cbj. She told palin to risk her pregnancy many, many times in a time frame of 24 hours. She also allowed a baby with known serious health problems to be born in a hospital unequipped for any type of delivery let alone a ds baby. That “doctor” should have her license pull along with her subtitle.

    • boodog says:

      What do you think of a country who clamors to watch, idolize, and has helped to make multimillionaires of, a family whose only talent is looking good for the cameras? Season after season? The Kardashians are given a pass on everything from foul language and dysfunctional family relationships to brain abuse. Ours.

    • Elizabeth says:

      In defense of the doctor. We don’t know what she actually said. We only know what Sarah said she said. That is a big difference.

    • 1smartcanerican™ says:

      How could Dr. CBJ tell Palin to risk her pregnancy when SHE WAS NOT PREGNANT? Without a pregnancy, the rest of your #2 has no basis.

      I do agree, however, that Dr. CBJ should be censured for her apparent willingness to go along with SP’s fraud, but she may be hindered by HIPAA rules to release any information, either positive or negative.

    • Dis Gusted says:

      IMO CBJ was not involved in this lie. SP is the only one to claim CBJ delivered this child. I doubt it….UNLESS…she delivered the child from a child that suffered sexual abuse. She would not be allowed to discuss the rape of a minor.

      IF one considers all the stories about Todd running a prostitution ring, and running drugs on his snow machine, then it’s possible he had connections with a ho that was about to deliver. He also ‘knows’ Tripp who has two DS children already.

  75. OtterQueen says:

    On a much more pleasant note, this lady punched a bear to saver her wiener dog!

    Go Brooke and Fudge!

  76. I See Villages From My House says:

    What a great addendum to your book AKM, this is going to be as highly anticipated as those serial stories once published in the newspapers – you know, before LSM?

  77. MO Inkslinger says:

    Thanks for the wonderful posting. While I feel sorry for Sarah, I am so sorry for the children being brought up in that household. Sarah, you reap what you sow. You are willing to spread hatred and anger toward anyone and everything. You will die one lonely bitch without friends or family.

  78. Cackling Rad says:

    Thank you for this.

    Hard to say what I find most disturbing. Sarah posing with her daughters in a soft-porn photo? Taking diet pills while pregnant with Piper? The parental fighting, while extreme, isn’t that unusual. Nor is the neglect of housekeeping, although Sarah’s paranoia obviously prevented them from hiring a housekeeper/cleaner when they could have afforded it. But what strikes me above all is how Levi, who KNOWS what life in that house is like, could have abandoned his children to the Palins. Why?

    I’d also like to know what Sarah has done to people in the past that makes everyone so afraid of retribution if they talk.

    • Leota2 says:

      “I’d also like to know what Sarah has done to people in the past that makes everyone so afraid of retribution if they talk.”

      I think we can all agree that Sarah is a bit of a narcissistic sociopath. As everything is about them—they tend not to care about you if you’ve disappointed or hurt them in some way. These people tend to be creative in their punishments. They find your weakness . . . . and SLAM!

      (I speak from a very painful experience dealing with a troubled relative.)

    • diz says:

      I’ve wondered what her ‘hold’ is too CacklingRad. I’ve come to believe that many of the early $arah moments taken individually didn’t amount to much but snowballed out of control overtime when it became obvious within the inner circle just how many people and moments were involved As the controversies grew and became even uglier, the witnesses and recipients likely preferred to remain silent to avoid any responsibility for abetting her scams. The actual participants — the family, the close aides, the political enablers are far too financially and legally entangled to fess up now. When the wall finally falls down there will be lots of casualties. I can’t wait.

      • North of the Range says:

        Diz, I think you’ve hit on an important part of the explanation. It’s not just fear of direct retribution, although in a small town/small state that’s always a consideration. But there are a lot of Frank Baileys out there, at all kinds of levels. All of them have something to lose. It’s good news that AKM and Ken M. have been hearing from some of these individuals.

        Also, there has been a lot of “getting away with it” so far, which makes people unwilling to talk and take their own personal risk.

        And, until recently, there was still the possibility of future presidential power being turned against those who were perceived as disloyal. And some folks were close enough to know that was not an irrelevant concern, because it had already been a temptation at the state level.

  79. ibwilliamsi says:

    Jeanne and Ken, et al – thank you so much for this! This is exactly the family I have imagined in my head for the past 3 years. I imagine that the ‘bots will be going crazy. The truth will win out, though. The one thing that can always be said for these articles/books about Sarah and families which she likes to call “lies”, she has yet to sue anyone. Because she can’t win. I LOVE it! Keep them coming!

  80. teutonic13 says:

    Tyhat was an excellent read AKM 🙂

  81. Its Simple says:

    Okay Palin followers here are you choices:
    1. Sarah intentionally tried to abort Trig on her “wild ride” from Texas
    2. Sarah was never pregnant with Trig

    It can only be one or the other and honestly choice 2 would be better.
    So which do you choose?

  82. ks sunflower says:

    Well, here’s another example of the topsy-turvey world of Sarah:

    She quite the Sept. 3 Tea Party event after COD was announced as a speaker. Then the TO disinvited COD. Now comes two updates: COD has been re-invited and will speak AND Sarah just has to “handle a couple of things” and will be speaking.

    Does that woman ever stick to a promise? Now she is quitting Guitting. Good grief!

  83. AC says:

    Well done, AKM and Ken. You are world class heros for getting this material out in the public arena.

  84. Chicago Mom says:

    Haven’t commented here in a long, long time, but wanted to say thank you for these additional tidbits, which confirm what so many of us have suspected about Sarah Palin. What a mess she is, and what a nightmare that she was ever considered qualified to be a national candidate for anything! It’s a disgrace that she even won a race for mayor of Wasilla.

    But I have to disagree with you on the pregnancy. I started out believing her own words about the wild ride, and saw her actions as evidence of extraordinary bad judgment, the kind of bad judgment that should never be anywhere near the White House. However, I’m now of the opinion that the whole pregnancy was faked, probably to cover up a Bristol pregnancy. WinBeach: I don’t think she initially knew that Bristol’s baby would be DS. They don’t typically perform those kinds of genetic tests on pregnant teenagers. And Palin didn’t immediately announce that she was carrying a DS baby when she announced her pregnancy.

    • Eykis says:


      I have not posted here in a while either. I do read Mudflats, but don’t post often. From the beginning, I went with the “older mother” theory of the DS baby story. That made some sense. But after reading about the wild ride and the photos, it became clear that Trig was not delivered by Snowbilly Grifter.

      Hopefully, the REAL mother will come forward and claim her child so that the child will loved by its own.

      This is finally the end of the Snowbilly Grifter. McLoser needs to apologize to America for foisting insanity upon us when we need strong leadership. The fact that she has been allowed to spew vileness, hate, racism and bigotry against our President for these three long years is enough to have McLoser removed from the Senate.

      It is disgusting.

      Buh-bye Snowbilly Grifter, take the Palinites with you and the FAKE Teabaggers funded by BIG CORPORATE interests, nothing grassroots, never has been and we all have suffered for your stupid ambition.

      • Angiemomma says:

        I doubt the birth mother knows what became of her child. I’m sure it was a closed adoption arranged by Sarah’s doctor (CBJ?), who had to be complicit in the hand-off at the hospital.

        • Chicago Mom says:

          Except that the anon who has been posting such bombshells at IM states that there was no formal adoption — Sarah is not even the legal adopted mother! She also states that Trig was born before Valentine’s Day, and that Bristol is the mother. She is furious with Bristol for turning Trig over to Sarah, especially since Sarah has been a neglectful mother. I know you can’t believe everything an anon commenter states, but you should check out this person’s comments. Sounds very, very believable to me. The comments can be found on the Nick Bloomfield documentary thread, and they’ve caused a lot of excitement.

    • Zyxomma says:

      Whoever Trig’s biological mother is, it isn’t $arah. She faked it, either (1) because her daughter was pregnant, (2) a mistress of Todd’s was pregnant, or (3) another family member was pregnant, and she saw a DS baby as a one-way ticket to Queen of Anti-Abortonia.

      I hope the truth comes out one day.

    • WinBeach says:

      When Trig was born Todd and Sarah said they knew ahead of time that the baby would be ‘special.’ It could not be Bristol’s because she was already pregnant with the baby she delivered later that year.

  85. aussiegal77 says:

    As many people have already posted above – I also agree with the numerous reasons why Sarah Palin was never pregnant with Trig. The only thing I want to add is that given her obsession with perfection – the Wild Ride story is obvious for what it is and that is a complete fabrication to boost her image as the perfect woman – competent & brilliant Governor by day, hot wife after hours to an eternally adoring husband plus amazing Mom to a well groomed, well behaved and utterly perfect children. And oh yes – devout Christian.

    It’s freaking Stepford Wives on steroids and acid.

  86. Conscious at last! says:

    If one were to still believe that SP birthed Trig, this posting pushes you between a rock and a hard place. With all the drug use and starvation, SP would have been abusing, indeed torturing, a fetus in-utero. So, SP would have created the conditions for a child with severe physical and intellectual problems, if it survived! She was choosing life… yeah- right!
    The coup de grace would be the wild ride – extremely irresponsible behavior for a pregnant woman.

    Which is it Sarah — faking a pregnancy or abusing a child before it was born?

  87. jadez says:

    palin is mentally ill and more bizarre then anyone can imagine and i have said that all along.

    well..if you understand all that then like me you pay attention because (rest assured EVERYONE from mccain to rove to the mail clerk of the republican party knows it too) of what the enablers like hate talk radio and fox news are trying to make ou believe.

    remember this..palin will Never be allowed anywhere near real power and any attempt to run as a third party candidate will see her destroyed overnight by the same peopel who still claim to support her.

    her 15 minutes are coming to a close.
    whether she has enough mental stability left to understand she has been thrown under the bus for perry and to a lesser extent bachmann is not known yet.

    but rest assured palin does not nor has she ever had any real power within the republican party and has never had any support from the insiders.

    she was allowed to keep the far right racist loons entertained for money but she is only in the way now.

    stay tuned to what this bizarro woman is telling us about our media and the republican party and the dangers they represent in the now loon of the month….perry of texas ..who is the Real image of what the corporate elites desire….Everything for themselves and nothing for the rest…

  88. daisydem says:

    On IM: update: She QUIT the Iowa speech! Way to go Mudflats …. think you had anything to do with that today?????? Yes, baby.

    • Irishgirl says:

      Finally…is the end in sight?

    • Cassie Jeep says:

      She quit again??????

      This is good news!

      • beaglemom says:

        She quit the speech but then implied that, maybe not. Sarah Palin is completely unglued, probably has been for many years. It must be difficult to crave publicity but, at the same time, be terrified of the truth behind the facade. If she were not responsible for so much of the vicious political rhetoric of the last few years, I might almost feel sorry for her. But she has done far too much damage to her family, her home state and to our country.

    • Omomma says:

      But Politico says she un-quit and she’ll be there. Who knows for sure.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I just double checked IM and didn’t see that she quit. She has told them she might not show up if they didn’t do certain things she want. Typical Sarah: I never promised.

  89. Melly says:

    Fascinating, all of it. Sarah has never looked anorexic to me. Maybe in the last year or so, but not before that. Look at her skin during the campaign–gorgeous. And doesn’t bulimia cause dental problems? I haven’t seen damage. She certainly didn’t look anorexic in Feb-Apr 2008. By her own admission she was ‘asking Piper to pass the ice cream’ or something like that. I believe she was trying to gain weight as part of the pregnancy hoax. Sometimes her cheeks were chunky in that period, sometimes they were completely normal looking–like in the Gusty photo, a mere days before Trig’s claimed birth. But they never looked sunken and she never looked skinny. On March 18, the day at the museum, she was the picture of health, a normal-wt woman with a trim torso. She was never pregnant, so she wasn’t harming a fetus or losing her own nutrients to it.

    • Deni says:

      Re: Bulimia and dental problems. It depends on the method of purging. If one vomits multiple times a day over a period of years, yes, dental problems will happen. That weird tongue flick she has might be some dental problem that isn’t obvious unless you get in there with a dental mirror and actually look. If one uses laxatives or excessive exercising for purging, obviously no dental problems.

    • emrysa says:

      “And doesn’t bulimia cause dental problems? I haven’t seen damage.”

      the quitter has veneers (or maybe even fake teeth). she got them sometime in the first half of 2009. note the campaign pics and older, her front top teeth were flat – when she first got the veneers they were very rounded which made it very noticeable that she had work done.

    • lilly lily says:

      Yes indeedy, she was anorexic or bulimic during the campaign.

      I don’t know about her faked pregancy, but no pregnant women on earth looks like she looked in the Museum shot in Late March. No one was resting or growing in that uterus.

      I saw pictures of her leaning against a car with Schmidt where she was a stick figure.

      He said she wouldn’t eat, but drank Red Bull, Diet Dr Pepper and coffee. He only mentions a few bites of steak. He wanted her to see a nutritianist but she refused.

    • ProChoiceGrandma says:

      Correction: The day at the museum was March 26, 2008, just 23 days before Trig’s presentation on 4-18-08, and a mere 18 days before the beluga whale Gusty pics on 4-13-08.

    • LaniN says:

      Her cheeks are junky and her jaw is wide and big. When she has the cameras right and wears stage makeup (applied by professionals), her face looks softer and her cheekbones more prominent. Here’s a not-staged photo:

  90. Angiemomma says:

    When I was pregnant with my twins, I experienced SEVERE morning sickness. For the first 4 months of my pregnancy I vomited an average of 4-8 times a day and was unable to keep most food down. I lost 10 pounds, but my OB assured me that, though my body was suffering, the babies were growing fine. Mother nature puts the fetus first. Though my body grew very thin, my belly ballooned, as the twins were getting all the nutrition they needed from what little I was able to keep down and from my own body’s fat stores. That’s why I’ll never buy the argument that she dieted her stomach down…impossible. Either the pregnancy progresses or the baby dies in utero.

  91. rebekkah says:

    If she really does have anorexia-bulimia after so many years, the toll of this disease would finally show on her. If untreated, it just slowly disables an individual until they become an obsessive, compulsive, neurotic individual. Their odd eating habits would be noticed immediately by staff. How she could continue to fool anyone on this matter is impossible.

    How long does it take for someone with malnutrition to continue on looking and acting like a healthy active, energetic candidate? At some point, she would collapse. This is really so sad. And the kids, even sadder.

    • pacos_gal says:

      If you remember correctly it came out some time later that Princess Diana also went through a period of bulimia. It doesn’t show on a person the way that Anorexia eventually does. It will eventually show up, but with good dental cosmetic surgery, you won’t see it on her teeth. With botox you probably won’t even notice any real change in facial features, well, botox and fillers, they go hand in hand.

  92. PeggnoinSoCal says:

    Thank you for researching and sharing all of this. I’m feeling more and more sorry for this poor sick woman. But I can never forgive John McCain, conservative “leaders”, and the media for allowing her to stir up so much hate and ugliness in our country. And I also agree with others here that Sarah Palin was never pregnant with Trigg.

    You said this material was part of an article. Where will it be published? Best of luck. I’ve always loved your writing, even when it’s not bombshells! (But especially when it is). 🙂

  93. Miss Mainwaring says:

    Thank you– and thank you for allowing the comments regarding the birth hoax.

  94. blue moose says:

    Honestly I don’t know how anyone could live with or through that? Allot of people in Alaska had a clue she is mentally unstable just not enough to keep her out of public office. If todd was on the couch I’m surprised there was a conception? I have a theory about that but it is not the same as others. Thats why todd went back to the slope when she would have found out she was expecting after he promised a year off the slope. hum! Oh well, I hope her days of media attention are finally done for everyones sake!

  95. Gimme-a-break, Sarah says:

    Thank you, AKM & Ken!

  96. Rationalist says:

    This is fascinating, Jeanne. Thank you for posting.

    About Trig: I understand your reticence to jump on the babygate bandwagon. It is more acceptable to believe she was just irresponsible. But the logic required to accept that this confirmed crazy woman actually gave birth to him is is tortured.

    Why would Bristol and Levi have married when she was 16 or 17 if she was not pregnant?
    What are the odds of a 44 year old woman on diet pills who’s not sleeping with her husband conceiving?
    How is it possible that Palin managed to hide her pregnancy from even her family for that long?
    What are the odds that a woman that vain would risk spreading her legs on an airplane and gushing out a baby?
    Why hasn’t she threatened to sue over babygate when she’s threatened shannyn and Gryphen on far less offensive topics (divorce, financial scandal).

    Look. When you really look at it, the crazy truth is far more logical than trying to imagine that – despite her lies about every little thing – she simply has got to be telling the truth on this one topic. This one topic, incidentally, is the one that gives her more political mileage than anything.

    It’s like Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill. Which is more likely, that an esteemed professor risked her livelihood and reputation to tell embarrassing lies to the world, or that a supreme court nominee lied to protect his nomination?

    How could this possibly be the ONE THING about which Palin is telling the truth? Especially since it would be so unbelievably easy to prove?

    • HudsonElizabeth says:

      Thanks for that very rational POV on the issue of Trig. Well put!

    • Rationalist says:

      In light of Ken Morris’ comment that “ex-son-in-law” was a typo – that may or may not be true. How many school age boys wear a wedding ring? Why did Sarah Palin tease him about losing his ring, in the Vanity Fair article on Todd?

      I think it’s very possible they were indeed secretly married.

    • 24owls says:

      AKM has always said that she was not on going to comment or write about any of the palin kids. She has left that to other bloggers. I respect her for that and she has taken a lot of heat on this site and others for not “jumping on the band wagon”. AKM concern for Alaska goes far beyond the palin circus and she shows that in her writings. She has kept her word on this one and deserves a lot of credit. Thank you AKM.

  97. ks sunflower says:

    Thanks for a great post, Jeanne and Ken.

    What disturbs me though is that I suspect we could find similar stories behind Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry if there were courageous and dedicated bloggers in Minnesota and Texas who would tell the tales of their rise to the state and national stages. All three, Sarah, Michelle and Perry, exhibit many of the same characteristics or flaws. The obsessive personality traits of each one hint of a tragic under layer of flawed and unstable personalities.

    Any one striving for national office has to have a fairly strong ego, but to cling to dogmatic, unwavering viewpoints and self-images goes beyond ego into some sort of neurosis. I fear that Sarah is not the only GOP candidate whose public image hides a nightmarish private life. None of them seem capable of compassion and tolerance. None of them seem able to separate themselves from fragile but finely-wrought public persona and all three become defensive if that image is threatened in even small ways.

    I think of how Michelle ran from the bathroom when confronted by what she perceived as two lesbians intent upon imprisoning her. I think of Rick Perry’s utter and complete refusal to rethink his decision against granting an innocent a reprieve from a death sentence. Sarah simply will not budge from any stance she strikes and she seems so fragile in her rigidity. All three of them are not only scary, but truly sad.

    I hope your profile of Sarah will encourage others to reconsider their support of any rigid, self-absorbed candidate. Our country just barely survived the Bush-Cheney years, the “surety” of a dry-drunk President whose own frailties almost took down the entire economy and caused the deaths of many people. However, when compared to any of these three (Sarah, Michelle or Rick), George W. Bush’s personal flaws seem almost insignificant.

    Thanks so much for making people think, for giving them insight into a potential Presidential candidate whose personality so closely mirrors that of two others. It may just be a crucial turning-point that saves the country from total madness.

    • boodog says:

      I agree, ks. And I worry, too.

    • Sher says:

      We can never let Perry rise to the Presidency. He’s a fraud and a liar. What he’s done to Texas is unconscionable. So many people in Texas are blind to what he’s done, though. It’s their extreme racial predjudice toward a black man holding the top job in the land. Believe me, the racial predjudice is there in spades. Anything to get the Black man out!

      Also, people don’t read and find things out about these people like we on these blogs do. They have no idea about the real Rick Perry or the real Sarah Palin. Good hair and good looks does it for them.

      Another reason people are for them is because they both claim to be such wonderful Christians. People hear the word Christian and think it has to be a good thing, even though they haven’t bothered to find out the type of “christianity” these people represent.

      Malia Litman is doing a good job trying to get the word out about Perry. Leah Burton is doing a good job on the religious right and dominionism. We all need to help any way we can. It’s going to be hard in Texas.

    • Helen says:

      “dry-drunk President”

      Brilliant! Best description I’ve ever heard of Bush.

    • 1smartcanerican™ says:

      Excellent post ks! I worry about out country where people like these three are idolized, religiously, and where there is the possibility that the elections could be rigged (again) and one could gain the presidency. There is nothing more dangerous than an ill-educated electorate and a charismatic but weak candidate.

    • nancydrew says:

      ks sunflower — here you go — from Minnesota, ” The Dump Bachmann Blog”, “blogging about Bachmann since 2004”.

      • nancydrewed says:

        Don’t know if live links come through here at Mudflats, but I’ll give Dump Bachmann a whirl.

      • nswfm says:

        OOPS–just saw this as I scrolled down.

        And prayer isn’t going to work–if it did, TX wouldn’t still be having that drought. It takes action. From all of us.

        • ks sunflower says:

          Well said. Prayer doesn’t hurt, but action from everyone who fears being taken over by regressive, fundamentalist and corporatist politicians and the judges they will appoint needs to galvanize into progressive and moderate get-out-the-vote movements across the nation. We cannot sit back and not vote nor can we waste our precious votes by casting them for symbolic protest candidates.

          I would also urge us all to make sure we have reliable, dependable volunteers at polling places and be ready to protest any shenanigans we see. I worked at one election where the machines spit out Republican ballots for Democrats. Some people didn’t even notice. The only remedy offered to them was to fill out paper ballots that would not be counted unless there was a close tally. We have to be diligent and persistent if we are to defend our right to vote. Look at all the voter suppression laws going into place.

      • grammy11 says:

        I think we should hold off on comments dumping any of theTP and R candidates. It would be so much better if we allow them to dump on each other and wait until next year. The more they dump on each other now will make it easier for Obama or a true Republican to be in the race.

  98. aussiegal77 says:

    Shivers. Terrifying.

    Sarah Palin needs help. She needs prayer and she needs to be freed from her obvious numerous addictions. It’s not that there is “evil forces” out to get her – it’s her own idolatry. She’s made being beautiful and popular her idols and it’s consumed her.

    As a Christian – it’s deeply sad for me to read this. I know so many people in the world suffer from the same issues that Palin does. And their family suffer too, greatly.

    I prayed for her this morning. And I think I will continue to do that. She’s mentally ill and emotionally a train wreck. She’s done enormous damage to her marriage and her children. Todd and the children are victims here – but they are also cashing in. Which makes it all the more sickening.

    So many people spoke to you and told the truth about the Palins – I hope that the same people will back up their words with actions to help this family. Maybe it might seem like it’s too late? I don’t know. But this can’t go on for much longer. It’s out of control.

    • Ken Morris says:

      After living for some three years with this project–inhabiting the mind and emotions of all these people–I share your sentiments.

      Speaking only for myself, I don’t hate Sarah Palin. I fear for our country and for what McCain was willing to do, placing her on a presidential ticket in order to win. I am additionally dismayed at her ongoing legitimacy in certain political camps; but personally, more than anything else, I feel sorry for her. The demons Sarah lives with torment her every waking minute; maybe worse, as our book and these articles show, her sad influence affects not only the quality of her own life, but that of her family and those who wander in and out of that Palin inner circle.

      In addition to praying for Sarah and family, let us also pray that she (or anyone remontely like her) never does gets near that 3:00 a.m red button.

      aussiegal, your comments were very, very well put.


      • Omomma says:

        Thank you for this, and for today’s Mudflats post altogether. So many of us have been following this sad, frightening story for so long, but I do think we’re ready for it to come to a natural end, the sooner the better.

      • jimzmum says:

        Thank you Mr. Morris, and thank you AKM.

      • Angiemomma says:

        When will SOMEONE in the MSM finally run with this story? If I were a journalist, I’d be chomping at the bit. There is SO much evidence regarding Babygate alone. WHY WON”T THEY TOUCH IT???

      • lilybart says:

        To be fair to McCain, no one could have known how messed up she was.

        • Angiemomma says:

          Speaks to the importance of thorough and complete vetting, doesn’t it?

        • 1smartcanerican™ says:

          But, lilybart, they did find out during the campaign and continued with her as a candidate. She should have been removed from the ticket, even at the last minute, due to health issues related to her newborn. The nation would have accepted that. Instead, they continued knowing of her issues but I’m guessing that they were aware that there was little chance that they would be successful, thus kept her in, spewing hate and sending out whistles to the racist among us.

          Thus, as far as I am concerned, McCain is guilty of putting our country on a dangerous path that continues even though they lost.

        • HudsonElizabeth says:

          Maybe not with the very shallow vetting they seemed to have done. But, from this post it seems clear that many knew about her problems and weaknesses in and around her home town. Had a proper vetting been done this would have come out and she would — hopefully — never have been chosen.

          On the other hand, the idea that they thought she would bring them the female vote also shows very poor thinking on their part. Even with what they did know about her they could not have been thinking at all clearly or with any intelligence and come to the conclusion that the Clinton fans would just love Sarah. Crazy! She repulsed most of them from the very beginning.

          McCain and company made a lot of really stupid mistakes. He so needs to own up and take responsibility for what he did.

      • aussiegal77 says:

        Thanks Ken, sorry for the late response. When we see the effects of sin in someone’s life – it’s terrifying. Prayer and more prayer is needed for Palin, for her family. I don’t hate her either but I really have despised what she’s done to this country. And it’s not even my home country! McCain should resign his senatorship in shame. What he foisted on the world….and what we almost came so close to….it’s harrowing.

        • Lidia17 says:

          It’s not “sin”… it’s a mental illness. Palin cannot help herself. Prayer is not going to cure her. Many people are just born with a mental illness, just as another might be born with a club foot. A club foot is hardly the result of “sin” and will not be cured by prayer, either.

      • I completely agree. My husband thinks I pay too much attention to Sarah. But I think it’s important to know who the candidates are. And if they have mental health issues of this sort, we need to be aware of it. Thank you for bringing out all this information.

        And like aussiegal, I will keep her in my prayers. I don’t wish her ill. I just want to be sure that she isn’t ever elected to anything again. She has done enough damage to our country.

    • laurie says:

      Thanks for reminding us that in this pitiful woman is a person who desperately needs help. I find it very hard to get to where you are even though I know as a Christian I should have love and compassion for her. It’s just that as a powerful person she has not shown an ounce of compassion for the powerless. People have been harmed because of her callous decisions. Many more people have been influenced and buoyed by her twisted version of Christianity. I hope that in the future, when I’m sure she can do no further harm, I will be able to pray for her.

      • Angiemomma says:

        If I were a Christian, which I’m not, I would see her as pure evil. Think of the damage she’s caused race-relations in our country. Think of her persistent dog-whistles that call for violence. Think of the suffering of her family and everyone in her personal and professional life. This is a creature who leaves human carnage in her wake, and always has. Pure evil.

      • aussiegal77 says:

        She is evil – I don’t acquit her of her actions, which have been terrible and unrelenting. And I know where you are at. It’s not easy, and hasn’t been for me, to get to a point of praying for her. My only anchor is that there but for the grace of God go I.

        How many of us, especially women, suffer from debilitating self image issues? How many of us suffer mental health issues…..afraid to speak out….fearing laughter and ridicule? And what about malice and anger etc etc…..all of us are capable of evil. So while I despise her actions and despise the person she has become…..I want to pray for her too cuz she’s a woman who is consumed by sin, by hate…..she’s so lost….it’s so very very very pitiful. May God show her the destruction she has caused – and may God convict her in this life to repentance and to spend the rest of her life helping the very people that she has victimised, trampled on, railed against. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

    • JaneE says:

      aussiegaql77 . . . My sentiments exactly. If this past behavior is continuing and ongoing, especially in regards to diet, it could all turn out to be a moot point. Somebody could die from this kind of behavior.

  99. Irishgirl says:

    The soft prn photos with the girls is beyond disturbing!

  100. Moxie says:

    Holy Moly! What a nasty person she is. I’ve long suspected that Sarah and Bristol both have an eating disorder. It does not surprise me in the least that people close to Sarah suspected she was binging and purging. She definitely had the symptoms, as does Bristol. My theory about Trig is actually a combination of the Sarah tried to starve herself while pregnant, and she is not Trig’s bio mom. Sarah may have possibly starved herself so much that she gave birth to a very premature and very malnourished infant who may or may not have had Down Syndrome. This child did not survive. Maybe she told no one, and had a premature birth (or miscarriage) under an assumed name while she was in NY with Bristol. When she finds out she may be tapped for VP, she stages a fake pregnancy to cover the fact that her very poor choices caused her premature infant to die. Can you imagine if it became known that Sarah starved herself and took diet pills that caused her infants death?? That would not play out well in a public forum. It would explain why she had to fake such a short pregnancy, and the wild ride. Someone helped her procure a DS baby. She was befriended by some very powerful people. It would have been an easy thing to do. A perfect cover up for a terrible act. Hell, she may have even coerced Bristol into getting pregnant to help cover her hoax. Whatever the reason, Bristol was rewarded with the Candy’s contract, DWS, a book, and now a reality show. Bristol has been paid off because she knew.

    • MO Inkslinger says:

      I have felt IF Sarah was pregnant with a special needs she would have done anything necessary to have another miscarriage. Her obession with perfection would have prevented a less than perfect baby to have been born.

    • 24owls says:

      That someone had to be Dr Cathy Baldwin. She knew what was going on and helped Sarah pull it off in many ways.

    • Ginger says:

      Here’s my theory, Moxie:

      Bristol got pregnant the end of July, 2007 while Sarah was in Kuwait. She carried Trig for nine months and gave birth on April 17/18, 2008. They all met at the hospital the evening of the 17th. I think Bristol gave birth while Sarah and Todd were in Texas. Remember the 4:00 AM phone call? That was from Dr. CBJ-not to-telling them Bristol was in labor. Bristol was not seen during the month of March and not until she walked out of Mat-Su with her family, Todd was holding the newborn Trig, on April 19, 2008.

      After reading Bailey’s book, we learned how Sarah started rumors and told lies. The reason we cannot solve this puzzle is because of the rumor Bristol had a preemie in Jan./Feb., 2008 and it was kept in an NICU and presented on April 18, 2008. There is no evidence of this. None, whatsoever! There is evidence of an e-mail from the SOA, Benefits Div., dated May 21, 2008 asking Sarah for her newborn’s birth certificate. I’d say 30 days had gone by they were giving her another 30 days to send it in. They needed it within 60 days of the baby’s birth, or they weren’t going to pay “ANYMORE” claims.

      Ask yourself this: Why would Sarah fake a pregnancy to protect Bristol and then march her around the campaign stage five-months pregnant? The only answer I could come up with was the RNC didn’t want to deal with her “real” b/c. They only had two months, there wasn’t time. So, if she wanted the VP slot, she had to agree to this. Hence, the preemie story to make way for Bristol to be pregnant “again” and to stop the fake p.g. rumors and solidify Sarah’s story she gave birth to Trig. McCain’s team was so desperate to win the election, they came up with this fiasco.

      Watch the Michael Carey video where he is talking to the BBC and read the e-mail. This story is so unbelievable, I’m afraid it will never be solved. The RNC banked on that!

  101. Leota2 says:

    Now much of what Palin does has context.
    The diet pills while pregnant is ABSOLUTELY insane and criminal.
    Snarking about Michelle Obama and the junk food issues makes complete sense. How
    dare anyone tell Sarah her how to be healthy!
    The photo of her and her girls completely freaks me out! Is this the woman always
    screeching that people are sexualizing her daughters? Yikes!

    Calling Doctors Freud, Jung, Elkind and Spock . . . . .

    • aussiegal77 says:

      I know. Palin has done more to sexualise herself AND her daughter than anyone else. It’s just sick that people like Rush Limbaugh (GAG) will happily display his misogyny whenever possible. Just perpetuates the sick belief that Palin has she can use her looks as capital to get ahead. She’s to be pitied. She’s ruined her life and countless others.

  102. dlbvet says:

    Holy cow.
    That’s about all I can come up with at the moment.
    Please, please, please keep writing. The rest of America needs to hear this!!!!!!
    Thank you!
    Are you guys about as sick as I am of Sarah Palin and her personal soap opera? I have wasted so much of my life on this woman and her antics. I’m sure you can relate.
    Hopefully the end is coming.

  103. dmoreno says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep it coming.

  104. Jude says:

    Alleging a willingness to give birth to a child with special needs would make Palin a heroine to the anti-choice right wing. Look at the timing of the sudden announcement of her invisible pregnancy at seven months.

    Then relate that announcement to the phone call she received from John McCain about her placement on his short list of VP candidates. McCain and his staff were already seeking to capitalize on Clinton’s popularity. So in Palin he found a VP pick who was not only female, but a poster child for the right to life.

    • paulabflat says:

      there are several agencies in this country that specialize in placing special needs children. i’ve always thought this is how she did it. somebody was giving birth to trig that night, or so, but it wasn’t sarah palin. all she had to do was arrive in time enough to APPEAR to have given birth. if no one should look very close. that is.

      her resignation speech out by the lake? that was all her. she wrote it. she planned it. produced it. she was never more transparent than that day. no. wait. turkey day. THAT was awesome!

      what more does anyone need? hmm? i’m willing to listen, but, i gotta tell ya, it’ll be an uphill row to hoe.

      • Angiemomma says:

        I’ve always thought that Trig came to be a Palin just as you described. I don’t think he’s Bristol’s, and to keep pursuing that argument makes Babygate less believable.

  105. Deni says:

    If $arah is bulimic that would explain the condition of her hair for one thing. Also her erratic moods. I should know…I was bulimic for 17 years (age 16-33) before I finally got treatment.

  106. Omomma says:

    Hmmm. Very interesting. Her obsession with appearance described here doesn’t match her actual public appearance on many occasions in dirty, ill-fitting clothing. And there’s at least one photo sequence of her in shoes that are either a few sizes too large or a few sizes too small. How can one not know their own shoe size? There is some deeply dissonant thing going on with Mrs. Palin. This was one scary read.

    • Angiemomma says:

      Just because she’s obsessed with physical appearance doesn’t mean she has the skills, taste, or ability to pull it off. Especially given her other mental illnesses and the toll they take.

      • Omomma says:

        Skills and taste have nothing to do with being able to appear in public in clean clothes that fit.

        • Leota2 says:

          The problem is, Palin has a skewed perception of herself and it seems no one who is close to her will even try to correct her anymore. Inappropriate clothing, soiled clothing, ill fitting clothing . . . . It is all the same to someone who won’t be told what to do and how to act.

          • lilybart says:

            I have said in the past that it seems no one loves her enough to help her. Everyone rides her success, but no one intervenes, that we know of.

          • Elizabeth says:

            Given her temper, it is perhaps unwise to suggest that her clothing has something wrong with it.

        • Angiemomma says:

          I attribute the dirty, ill-fitting clothes to the chaos in her mind that her mental illnesses cause. However, given the style of clothes she’s been photographed in since her days as mayor, and even the white, sterile, barren interior of her home, I feel she lacks the taste to pull off the look she’s obsessed with. I think we’re both on the money.

    • physicsmom says:

      It’s called decompensation and is another symptom of a mental disorder. At certain points in their manic/depressive cycles, the individual doesn’t bother with basic hygiene or appearance, and their “mirror” doesn’t reflect what’s really there, but the image in their mind. Further, the woman just has plain bad taste and no sense of decorum or appropriateness. Could be a fault of her upbringing (no one ever taught her) or another part of her psychology.

  107. just-a-friend says:

    Wow! All I can say is thanks for writing this post. In the past, people have commented about Sarah’s appearance, her wearing inappropriate clothing, wearing stained or torn clothing and having greasy uncombed hair. These comments were dismissed as sexist, one would never write the same things about a male politician or personality. The problem is that Sarah’s appearance matches the description of Sarah in this post. It also describes someone with severe problems, probably made worse by the use of diet aids, poor nutrition and excess caffeine.

    As much as Sarah (and people who write on her behalf) like to blame “the haters,” it’s Sarah who is her own worst enemy. The big question is why more people in Alaska, who knew these things about her, didn’t speak up. I hope that in a future post, AKM will address the kind of power and intimidation that Sarah and Todd have that makes people so afraid to speak up. If more people did speak up, the flood gates would open, and Sarah would lose her hold over frightened people.

  108. Cassie Jeep says:

    This goes a long way toward explaining her prolonged absences from the public arena and sudden cancellations of appearances, doesn’t it?

    Further, it clarifies the “unhinged” resignation speech.

    The tension described is almost palpable and makes me wonder how children survive such circumstances, if they actually do survive.

  109. Viola-Alex says:

    Thank you.

  110. Priscilla says:

    Found it interesting how all the food dysfuntion meshes with her revolting criticism of Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity and nutrition campaign, not to mention the deep-fried butter obsession at the Iowa State Fair. Very telling…..

    • paulabflat says:

      you wait all this time, watching people all your life. never, ever have i seen a case more deserving of the title “textbook.”

      “like a glove.” ace ventura

      • Do you suppose she would tear Mother Teresa a new one for helping poor folks and not getting paid? I like the odds on that,even though Mother Teresa has moved to a larger stage. Snooki probably doesn’t know it and I doubt it would stop her anyway. There are just some things you know you can count on. Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  111. lillibird says:

    “At least Todd does try to care for them.” No Todd was covering for Sarah being a bad mother, he was enabling her. Just like he was enabling her by being the “shadow Governor”. That is one sick, dysfunctional, fake family values family. I have a feeling Sarah is this way because of how her father (Chuck) treated her mother (Sally). Sally always seemed like an abused women who was not allowed to have any opinions, Chuck ruled the household. in my opinion. I really wonder what the relationship is like between Sarah and her mother.


    • MariaT says:

      And I wonder at the early relationship between Sarah and her father!

      • 1smartcanerican™ says:

        I suspect that Creepy Chuck is a child molester through incest and that SP was his target. It would explain a lot – but not excuse what the country has gone through because of her. Her racist rants during the campaign opened up a door on ugly hate that probably needs to be excised, but it seems to be hurting the country.

    • ProChoiceGrandma says:

      I have always noticed that too, lillibird. Sarah always heralds her father, but her mother seems non-existent in her life. It seems to me that Sally Heath is more intelligent than UpChuck – at least she knows to keep her mouth shut.

      I always want to take the opportunity to thank UpChuck for spilling the water, unbeknownst to Sarah, when she was caught by surprise by the reporter who told her that her father said her water broke in Texas. (sorry for the bad sentence structure) Sarah had already mentioned 4 a.m. in her pre-arranged story, and this threw her for a loop. Instead of saying that her father was mistaken, Sarah stupidly proceeded to talk about leaking amniotic fluid, with lots of ums and uhs. Her father single-handedly destroyed her hoax. Thanks Grandpa Heath!

    • paulabflat says:

      and bingo was his name-O!

    • lilybart says:

      Well, Sarah never mentions her, her influence, her lessons and does not even tweet Happy Mother’s Day except to Bristol.

  112. Conscious at last! says:

    Whoa– “Ex- son-in law, … Levi Johnston…!!?!?!? ” Nice how you dropped that little piece of information into your delicious expose. Thank you for this wonderful contribution to the cause.
    Your timing is, as you know, …. impeccable. ; )))

    • Irishgirl says:

      OMG…I missed that! 🙂

    • OMG says:

      I saw that too but thought it was a misstatement.

    • nswfm says:

      Saw that and forgot to comment above. Looking forward to reading more about the abstinence hypocrite.

    • just-a-friend says:

      I’ve wondered why Levi wasn’t more aggressive about standing up for his parental rights regarding Tripp. Bristol takes the boy out of state for prolonged periods of time, and there is no objection. Perhaps there was an agreement as part of a quiet divorce that keeps Levi quiet.

    • beth says:

      Their household was reportedly a cauldron of verbal abuse and warfare. Beyond what was revealed directly to us, independent accounts confirmed this bitter family dynamic—including those made public by ex-son-in-law and father of Bristol Palin’s son Levi Johnston.
      Absent court records to the contrary, I don’t think Levi and Bristol ever got married. Had they done, one or the other of them would’ve ‘used’ the information against the other in their individual books and/or it would’ve slipped out in one of the interviews conducted with each of them; neither are mature enough, imho, to be able to keep information of that magnitude quiet.

      ‘sides, National Inquirer and/or IM would’ve been all over it… not to mention People Magazine — they’d have had, I’m guessing, exclusive rights to cover the nuptuals. That they didn’t, kind of confirms to me that a marriage never took place *even though* McCain/Palin assured the nation the young and in love couple, were going to ‘make it legal.’

      I believe the term “ex-son-in-law” is a misstatement. Possibly for: “never-was-son-in-law” or “almost-son-in-law.” beth.

      • Ken Morris says:

        To set the record straight, that WAS a typo about Levi.

        It should have read, “almost-son-in-law”.

        No conspiracy theory hidden in this text; Jeanne and I just missed that error. It happens.

        Sorry for all the unintended intrigue (there’s plenty here and more to come).


      • factchecker49 says:

        It will be interesting to see if AKM corrects or clarifies this statement. Writers make mistakes.
        Then again, I had heard through the kid-vine that Bristol and Levi WERE married well before the SP VP candidacy.

        • nswfm says:

          My parents were “married” legally months before the priest came to town, but never considered themselves married until the priest came to their city to marry them. Their wedding anniversary is the date the priest married them, months after. Maybe they got “married” by some religious person and never did the legalities, the reverse of what my parents did? Just guessing.

  113. ProChoiceGrandma says:

    Thank you AKM and Ken for these additional highlights! There is no question that Sarah Palin is mentally unbalanced.

    However, I am 100% certain that she faked her pregnancy. Even if a woman is bulimic or anorexic, a fetus is a parasite that takes in nourishment from the blood stream first and foremost, and the woman’s body would still show a prominent pregnant belly AND very skinny arms, legs and face. Sarah’s face, arms and shapely legs did not show any signs of anorexia.

    Sarah has not had one person step forward to attest that she was pregnant, most curiously her own mother and two sisters. Sarah has not, and will not, produce the birth certificate or medical records. Sarah has told conflicting versions of the birth story, first that he was born at 35 weeks gestation, then at 7.5 months (32 weeks), and that he was born at Mat-Su and later twice she said Anchorage. She faked her pregnancy for the sole and selfish purpose of protecting her future political ambitions, not to protect a family member. She already knew in early 2007 that she was being considered as a VP candidate.

    • nswfm says:

      That Trig kid was never in her body. Anyone with a brain has known that since they heard about the Wild Ride.

      • That is the one thing that convinced me that she was faking it. I flew from Wichita to Denver (a short flight) when I was just over 6 months pregnant. It was my first baby and I did have good abs. But I was still obviously pregnant and the flight attendant asked me a lot of questions. As it turned out, our daughter was born at 34 weeks, 5 pounds 2 ounces. But I was still bigger than Sarah looked. And when I had my second baby 3 years later, my body was in good shape but I got bigger much faster. At 7 months I looked bigger than she did.

        And I just will never believe that a woman would go into labor, have her water break in Texas and travel that long to go to a small town hospital to have an at risk baby. Never.

        Why would she do it? I don’t go along with the political motivations as much. But I do think she is so self-absorbed that she would claim the baby as hers to keep people from knowing that her abstinence only preaching didn’t work with her own daughter. It’s entirely possible that Bristol had the baby prematurely and then got pregnant right away afterwards – some women don’t realize they can when/ if they are still nursing. And no one seems to have had any of those sort of talks with Bristol.

    • Amy1 says:

      AND — Even if all of PCG’s comments were not true (which they are), we have the Mar 14 photo that shows a flat profile, then the giant Gusty belly 4 weeks later:

      There are now many other photos of unquestionable provenance to show SP was not pregnant as stated. This is not about Trig, not about SP’s reproductive issues, not about her family members. It is about a hoax upon the American electorate, perpetrated to affect a presidential election, enabled by McCain and staff, supported by the Murdoch money that funded her (the $7M book advance is just one example), and ignored by the MSM. And by AKM.

      • Amy1 says:

        I want to apologize for my last sentence. You’re here now, AKM. That’s what counts.

      • ProChoiceGrandma says:

        Thanks Amy1, you state it so much better than I do! We don’t CARE where Trig came from, the whole point of “babygate” is that Sarah Palin did NOT give birth to that child, but used him as a goldmine prop for the “prolife” fundies. She plagiarized the script from the 2007 episodes of “Desperate Housewives” when Bree faked her pregnancy, but at least Bree wore maternity clothes and her fake pregnancy belly progressed as her “pregnancy” progressed. Sarah’s “maternity” wardrobe consisted of scarves, for Pete’s sake!

        I can understand why the MSM stayed silent at first because so much had been scrubbed, but as more evidence has emerged over the past 2 years especially, it is unconscionable that the MSM has not explored babygate at all.

        • Amy1 says:

          Hi PCG — Yes, it’s very easy to end up in the swampy weeds when we get into issues like Trig’s bioparentage, the roles of Palin’s family members, other sins of SP, specific scenarios that purport to explain all. We have learned this the hard way. Not that all those things aren’t part of it all. But first we have to lance the festering pustule of the HOAX to convince voters that all this is worth their attention.

          Let’s keep our eye on the ball — relating any and all new bombshells to the fact that SP perpetrated the hoax of the century aimed at affecting a presidential election, enabled by McCain and staff, supported by the money of Murdoch/Koch and their pals, with the likely participation of the Dominionists, ignored by the MSM. This goes way beyond SP, way beyond Alaska, and it affects our President’s climate for working in the best interests of most of us.

  114. Note to Rush Limppaw-“Babe” was a Pig in a movie. No doubt you would enjoy ‘Babe: as icing on your five course lunch. CC to god and the RNC. Lardy Lardy look at my wasteline.

  115. Irishgirl says:

    Well, well, well! This obsession with her looks doesn’t surprise me one little bit. Ozmud has a post up with pics of Palin at the Iowa State Fair and she looks emaciated. Way too many diet pills.

    However, she did look reasonably healthy at the time of her “pregnancy” with Trig!

    Seems like Levi told the truth the first time around. A lot of these statements are backing him up. His book should be interesting if he continues to tell the truth. I can’t imagine what sort of life the Palin children have had. At least it is good to know that Todd does try to care for them.

  116. Sally says:

    To think this narcissistic, spoiled, ignorant woman thinks she should be President is numbing. She was never pregnant with Trigg. Not for a second. When the Obama campaign designs their ads, they need to show the President with babies. He LOVES children, and calms them. That’s what I want in a President; someone who cares about others, not someone who whines, pouts, and gets angry over nothing.

    • WinBeach says:

      Those of us in Alaska know Sarah delivered Trigg–no question about it. Think about it–with her need for perfection why would she lie about that. She would not willingly decide to have an imperfect human being if she could avoid it. It is obvious poor Trigg is being ignored and being cared for by others while she goes on her merry way earning lots of bucks for saying the same nonsense around the globe.

      • lillibird says:

        IF Sarah was the birth mother of Trig she would have shown his BC and that would have been the end of it, instead she threw her daughter under the bus at the convention because of some kind of cover-up. Why would you put your daughter and young son through all of the rumors when you could stop it all with a BC?

      • Melly says:

        WinBeach, please elaborate. What makes you speak so confidently about Sarah delivering–I assume you mean giving birth to–Trig. I’m not an Alaskan, so I need to know what you know. Thanks.

      • ProChoiceGrandma says:

        If you are so close to Sarah as to have personal knowledge that she “delivered Trigg”, why is it you don’t even know how to spell his name? Trig.

        Trig’s “birth” on 4-18-08 was a staged presentation. For an infant supposedly born at 35 weeks gestation, he was a robust healthy 6lb 2oz, which defies any theory of failure-to-thrive. Trig’s supposed newborn photos show a very chubby cheeked baby.

        • Katie says:


          A girl I went to school with just gave birth to a 35-week, 6 lb 10 oz baby boy. Haven’t seen him yet, so I can’t comment on his cheeks, but the one BIG difference between her and Palin is that she definitely looked pregnant- all the way from about 4.5 months on!

        • OzMud says:

          One comment that stands out for me in Sarah’s own description of the Wild Ride, is that this was the easiest, smoothest delivery out of five children… because he was “SO TINY’

          How does ‘tiny’ describe a 6 and a half lb baby? were all Sarah’s other children big bruisers?

          My reaction is always that when she makes this comment she’s got the mental image of the actual bub born earlier, most likely under 5 lbs in her head and not thinking about properly matching this image to the bigger baby presented in the hospital corridor on 18 April.

          I’ve had a 4 lb bub, a 5 lb bub and my sister had two 6-7 lb bubs – believe me, neither one of us would have ever referred to either of her boys as ‘so tiny’.

      • Gimme-a-break, Sarah says:

        The only way to know for sure if Sarah delivered Trig is if you were in the delivery room watching.

        I’ve given birth several times. I’ve been around many, many pregnant women; one of my best friends is a midwife. Even more to the point, I am fairly well educated on pregnancy – stages of fetal development and how the mother’s body changes to accommodate the developing fetus — and the process and stages of childbirth.

        I’ve also been witness several times to what very petite women look like when pregnant: they usually carry it all out front.

        The pictures tell the tale — Sarah did not carry and deliver Trig.

      • akshutterbug says:

        Speak for yourself as “those of us in Alaska” because there’s a helluva lot of us up here that KNOW she didn’t give birth to Trig

        • K T Beck says:

          There ARE lots of Alaskans (of all ages) who believe Trig is Sarah’s. I’m not grouping you all, just stating fact.

      • COS says:

        I was in Alaska then. I didn’t believe it then, and I don’t believe it now.

        “Those of us in Alaska know…” Best to speak for yourself.

      • coomback says:

        I’ve lived in South Central Alaska for the last 30 years. And of that 30 years, when palin was relevant, I’ve never recognized her as being anything other than a TOTAL fraud, the supposed Trig pregnancy included.

      • Cassie Jeep says:

        Why have an imperfect child?

        Munchhausen’s by proxy.

        She craves the attention.

      • Omomma says:

        Those of us in the rest of the world are not so easily fooled.

      • PalinsHoax says:

        WinBeach, how is it possible that $arah could conceived again after her supposed tubal ligation after giving birth to Piper?

        Didn’t $arah complain about soreness from the “two bull”, in order to weasel her way out of some child transporation duties that she shared with other women?

      • Blooper says:

        WinBeach: Actually, I think Sarah’s ‘win at any cost’ (and potentially psychopathic) behavior portrayed in this piece shows someone who would be willing perpetuate such as hoax. You ask ‘why would she lie about that’? To that I would say she would lie about such a thing to shore up the conservative ‘fundie’ base that would be crucial to her getting selected by McCain. I’m still not 100% sure that the conspiracy is true, but every day I lean more and more towards that actually being a possibility due to the strength of the material being presented as evidence.

      • Dis Gusted says:

        do you mean Sarah deliveredf someone’s child? because there is no way in hell she was ever pregnant with anyone in the past 10 years.

        • WinBeach says:

          Can’t believe all the discussion and disbelief on whether Sarah was pregnant or not. Who really cares. Doesn’t anyone wonder why there is this conspiracy. Don’t we have enough other really pressing problems in the world to think about? We know she could not have had Bristol’s child because Bristol was already pregnant about the time Trig was born.

          The announcement was in the paper. Now someone thinks we are smart enough here in AK to manipulate the birth announcements in the papers? There were a lot of other news articles and photos at the time of the birth too.

          I know lots of women who don’t ‘show’ until almost the time they deliver. Sarah’s staff was surprised when she announced her pregnancy in the about the 7th month.

          What would a birth certificate prove and why would that be considered the final ‘proof?’ Lots of people believe the fake certificates that were created to discredit Obama. Guess it all depends on whether you are able to apply good research and critical thinking skills to situations.

          What is most concerning is that there are so many people who want to believe in a conspiracy –and to what end would such a fraud serve? It isn’t logical.

          • ks sunflower says:

            Logic? – logic connected to Sarah Palin? Please, give me a break.

            WinBeach, you may be a nice person, a pleasant and supportive neighbor, and a generally intelligent truth-seeker, but on this issue I feel as if you are consciously pulling the wool over your own eyes.

            There have been so many legitimate questions about this birth that it high time we all thought about it, questioned it and demanded answers.

            Why is this important? Goodness, don’t you want your elected officials to be over reproach, to be honest, to be trustworthy? Don’t you worry about candidates so eager,so ambitious to reach their goals they will do anything to get there?

            McCain’s counselors felt he needed a female running mate to try and snatch up disaffected Hillary voters, to capture excitement for his failing campaign. Sarah with her then youthful countenance, tight clothes, flirty eyes and demeanor fit the bill better than any of the admittedly more dowdy GOP females with more education, experience and common sense. Sarah had charisma. She understands performance having been a beauty pageant contestant. She had high ratings in her home state at the time. But, to put the cherry on top, she could bring evangelical fundamentalist pro-lifers to the table in spades.

            Whether she had whispers in her ear from strategists, thought of it herself, or was just covering for a daughter, a pregnancy cinched the deal in my opinion. That she was older was a plus (the quiverfull folks must have loved that) just added electrical risk to it. That she played up the Down’s Syndrome aspect made the whole package irresistible. A frontier woman taking risks, getting to the finish line in spite of all odds, sacrificing for the life of the unborn – geez, fiction writers would have stopped somewhere along the way and rethought the plot line as being over-the-top.

            Why is it so difficult for you to consider these variables? Sarah Palin is just a human being susceptible to all the flaws and foibles available to humanity. Given her history of lying, her ambitious duplicities, is it really such a stretch to think that she may have seen the gold ring within her reach and set up a scenario to ensure it came within her grasp?

            Goodness, I think it takes much more mental energy and intellectual stretching to accept Sarah’s version of the story than to consider and accept that the truth is not in Sarah’s favor. I would only repeat back to you your own wise words to consider: “Guess it all depends on whether you are able to apply good research and critical thinking skills to situations.”

            The good folks here have been patient. They have been researching, considering and biding their time until enough variables came together to present a reasonable and rational conclusion: Sarah lied.

            If she would lie about a pregnancy, what else would she lie about? That pregnancy clinched her nomination, bolstered her creds with pro-lifers, and allowed her to prosper. If it is proven to have been a lie, then her entire house of cards falls. That’s why it is important. Lying about something so basic, so precious is beyond contempt.

          • tweeter says:

            Winbeach: stop and think….now do you get it? That’s right, she faked it.

            Your welcome

          • Rued Gestures says:

            Hello, birth certificate? If it’s good enough for the POTUS, it is good enough for this poor, ignored little tri-g baby. All of the Palin offspring will lead difficult lives, steeped in ignorance, brewed with hate.

  117. grammy11 says:

    This story makes me wonder about her so called close family members. Did her parents or siblings see any of this behavior? If so, why didn’t they step forward to prevent the children from living this nightmare? Why didn’t Todd or any family member seek mental help? She is being described as mentally deranged and in serious need of help. I feel more pity for the Palin children than ever. It is no wonder they lie and are so mean because this is a learned behavior taught by parents, especially the mother since Todd was away so much on his job.

    • renee99503 says:

      It seems probably that the dysfunction goes deep within the family. Sally seems to be an enabler, Chuck makes my skin crawl, Todd is a bully riding on her coattails, the kids have their own sets of problems created by their parents, and the Heath brothers and sisters are anyones guess. All seem to be fearful of her rages and vindictiveness, but enjoying the limelight and money.

  118. Molly says:

    Holy Sweet Mother of Jesus.

    Worse than I even imagined.

    Still think the pregnancy was faked, though.

  119. Curious says:

    Why do you refer to Levi as ex-son-in-law? I thought that Levi and Bristol were engaged twice but never married. Can you confirm one way or the other?

    • Eykis says:


      This author, as well as many many other authors all over the interwebs often refer to Levi as Snowbily Grifter’s “Almost” ex-son-in-law.

      A better title has not been suggested. Personally, I am waiting for Levi and others to come out and actually tell what they really know about the Snowbilly Grifter. Those days are coming………she certainly deserves to be exposed for the FRAUD and HATE she has perpetuated on America for the past three years.

    • jimzmum says:

      The quote is “ex-almost-son-in-law and father of Bristol Palin’s son Levi Johnston”.

    • carol says:

      The reference is to ex-amost-son-in-law, almost being the key word.

      • Duct Idaho Palin says:

        The “almost” was added later; people are quoting the original post.

        • Curious says:

          Thank you Duct Idaho Palin! I’m a little annoyed that my comment was hung up in moderation for hours while the post was amended to include “almost” and THEN let through. Should have just been deleted by the blog mgr at that point.

    • Punkinbugg says:

      Because the phrase “Bristol’s Baby Daddy” isn’t normally used by journalists.

    • Dis Gusted says:

      rumor went around HS that Bristol was pulled out of school to get married because she was pregnant. She and Levi were 16 at the time. The only way this works is if there is a baby BEFORE Tripp UNLESS Tripp is a year older than stated.

  120. OMG says:

    Excellent! This goes beyond confirming what so many of us suspected. To say that Sarah Palin is a fraud tells only part of the story. She actually shows signs of psychopathy.

    • OMG says:

      Psychopathy (/saɪˈkɒpəθi/[1][2]) is a mental disorder characterized primarily by a lack of empathy and remorse, egocentricity, and deceptiveness. Psychopaths are highly prone to antisocial behavior and abusive treatment of others, but often manage to pass themselves off as normal people.

  121. Linda says:

    The public image she tried so hard to project, only helped to expose all her failings. What you have written has only verified what many have commented on.It also exposes a media that enabled this fraud,and exposed their failings. Thank God the majority did not buy into this and the bloggers who have worked tirelessly to expose the truth. John MacCain, you have a lot to atoll for. This fraud has divided this country and her hate and bile will be your legacy and hers.

    Keep writing Mudflats!

  122. KarenJ says:

    AKM and Ken, above you wrote,

    “Todd usually slept on the old, red-leather sofa in the living room because the younger girls habitually slept with Sarah in her bed, or Sarah went to bed furious with him.”

    then you segue almost immediately into,

    “(Failure to thrive is where there is a significant interruption in the expected growth rate during early childhood and can result from malnutrition). Was Sarah so vain as to try and hide her pregnancy and prolong her petite, almost perfect figure through drastic means?”


    Didn’t you ask yourself, “how did she get pregnant if she sleeps not with her husband but with her daughters? Or what could possibly motivate Todd to want intimacy with an unpredictable, volatile, self-obsessed woman?”

    THAT’S why the pictorial evidence of Palin between February 2008 and late March 2008 is not that of an anorexic woman carrying a starved fetus — not when only 2 weeks later she presents with a basketball-sized belly, and a week after that the infant is presented April 18, 2008 weighing 6 lb 2 oz!

    Surely you have not accepted anorexia as your answer to the pictorial evidence, not after seeing how bloated Palin’s face was at various (but not all) times in winter-spring 2008? Bingeing but NOT purging would seem to me to be a partial answer — and the other?

    Watch her thump the peculiar shape of her upper abdomen in the Elan Frank video 10 days before her “delivery”, and listen for the sound. And wonder why she’d thump a yet-unborn child so cruelly. Can you imagine how that would sound to an 8 month fetus? Like being inside a kettle drum, no doubt.

    Oh, and watch for the “tells” as she explains that she “had tight abs, and HID it!” If that’s not a woman lying through her teeth, I’m a leprechaun.

    • gigi says:

      Thanks, Karen. My thoughts exactly….

      • giddyup says:

        Yes, thank you Karen for stating the obvious. I don’t understand why anybody would try to pass this off as an explanation.

    • beaglemom says:

      Thanks so much, Karen J. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Those few photos tell the tale and the tummy-thumping in the video – just not how a pregnant mom touches her baby. Sarah Palin is “a piece of work” as some might say and her to-date-because-the-msm-will-not-approach-it hoax fits with her personality.

    • mimi says:

      She might have been inappropriately pawing her “abdomen” but unborn children are not so hypersensitive. If she WAS pregnant, her thumping wouldn’t be cruel to her unborn child.
      HOWEVER she doesn’t look PG to me there either.

    • ks sunflower says:

      Well said, KarenJ. I agree with your points.

    • Kate says:

      I’ve been hoping that someone who actually reads body language in a professional manner would comment on that portion of the video. If it appears so obvious to the rest of us that she is lying through her teeth, surely they could confirm her behavior as being indicative of deception. The only thing missing from that little episode with her swiveling back and forth in her chair, her voice rising and falling, is her batting her eyelashes at the photographer.

      Sarah’s description of delivering Trig is contrary to reality, especially as she talks about it being easy despite it allegedly being induced. Ask any woman who has had Pitocin given to her to induce contractions and I promise you that the last word they would use to describe labor and delivery is “easy”. Also, 6+ lbs. is not small enough to make things easy, especially not at the age of 43! Sarah was not seen as being “post-partum” in her pics that were taken 3 days after the alleged delivery of Trig. Her waist was back in place and her abdomen looked relatively flat in comparison with a picture of her taken after Piper’s birth, where at approximately one month after giving birth, Sarah looked as if she had given birth fairly recently and was still in maternity wear!! Our bodies do not magically fit into clothes that we wore when we weren’t pregnant 3 days after giving birth. Sarah was able to fool everyone but only tried to pull it off for 2 months because she knew it wouldn’t be easy to deceive her staff for several months. Where are the reports of her leaving for doctor’s appointments or staff saying that when she announced her pregnancy they weren’t surprised due to an “increased appetite” or “leaving early for appointments without explanation”? It’s not only her appearance but her behavior is not that of a pregnant woman. Sarah Palin is not the birth mother of Trig.

      • Molly says:

        Who is? Bristol? and where did Tripp come from? Are they twins or is Trig a prop?

        I’m not defending her; I’m just totally confused by Babygate. Why go to such WEIRD lengths to fake a pregnancy and why?

      • Lidia17 says:

        But she is “batting her eyelashes” in that clip, just not in the rapid cartoon way we think of it.

        She’d doing these long, languid porno blinksâ�¦ REALLY playing up to the cameraman.

        • Kate says:

          Thanks for the correction, Lidia. I’m actually glad I don’t remember seeing it and have no desire to review it again. What a piece of work that bitch is!

          There’s another clip that I forgot to mention that also shoots to hell the idea of her being pregnant. She had just finished signing a bill and turns her seat and hops up out of her seat despite being only two weeks away from her alleged early delivery of Trig. I’ve never seen any woman that was that far along be able to move so easily, No waddling noted, either, in her walking. Sarah, you forgot too much about being pregnant and never figured on an audience of millions looking at pics of her when she was supposed to be pregnant and analyzing them. Ain’t fame great, Sarah??

          • Lidia17 says:

            Oh yeah, she hopped right up out of a chair and bent over to do something with some papers in the Elan Frank video shot on April 9. You can see that there is no way she is pregnant. The belly-thumping and chair-popping clips are in my first video presentation, the one with two parts, if you ever feel like checking them out. Since I feel I am commenting here on borrowed time, I won’t post the link, but you can google “Perfidy” and “Sarah Palin”.

            In the “Hiking in Juneau” clip her belly does not protrude at all (her slightly bulky jacket is not a very good disguise) and there, too, she moves nothing like a pregnant woman, though she was supposed to be almost 7 months. That was before her announcement, though, so she may not have been fully committed to the hoax yet.

    • laurie says:

      One point that has always bothered me is that her thumping made a sound like you would expect from a thump on a pregnant abdomen. If it was not a real pregnancy and a pregnancy suit does not thump, what made the thump.

      • Angiemomma says:

        I agree. I think she did fake the pregnancy because the photographic evidence is overwhelming. However, when she slapped her stomach in the video (and I do mean “slapped”), it did sound like a hand hitting skin/flesh. Like a water or gel-type bra, are there fake pregnancy bellies that are made to have the feel of skin and flesh, as opposed to fabric and stuffing? This could explain it.

        • OzMud says:

          There are large cold/heat sports packs designed to wrap around a shoulder or fit across the lower back that would be cheap and fit into a belly band or top of a loose girdle. They make a thwapping sound as well and would probably be easier to obtain on the QT.

          AKM – Thanks for your diligence, patience and stick-to-it-iveness. Looking forward to the next chapter. When this is all said and done you might write a book about the journey of having co-written this one. I bet it would be a fascinating tale 🙂

  123. BeeJay says:

    Well done, AKM and Ken. This is a good snapshot of her fragile psyche. Last thing this nation needs is a president who has bulimia, anger management issues, and a complete lack of empathy for others.

    What a mess she is.

  124. A Fan From Chicago says:

    This information is just terrifying. How John McCain can sleep at night is a mystery to me. Nice legacy Senator.

    • nswfm says:

      My guess: drugs and alcohol.

      • barbara says:

        agreed. thought it for some time. particularly the drugs part.

      • NEO says:

        I always thought she was on diet pills, that would explain
        the ups and downs of her mood and going without food.

        • nswfm says:

          I should have been clearer: I meant McCain was able to sleep with the aid of alcohol and drugs.

          I know a Vietnam fighter pilot who drinks A LOT. And a couple of other Vets (including one helicopter pilot who evacuated the injured the first one probably bombed) who use coping methods like alcohol in what look like scary doses. One drank 600 ml of 15% alcohol and followed up with two after-dinner drinks in a 3.5 hr period. And same guy drank half a bottle of vodka in a 30 min period between when he called me to see if I wanted to have dinner with him and when I called to let him know I already had plans that night.

    • Shan says:

      McCain ruined his good reputation not just by choosing this woman as vp, but also pandering to the tea party crowd. He sold his soul to the devil and it didn’t even result in the presidency! What does it say about your character when you thought Sarah was a viable choice for such a high office? McCain you blew it!

    • Dagian says:

      On a big pile of money. Courtesy of his second wife.

      • Terry in Maryland says:

        McCain’s entire career has been courtesy of other people. He rode his grandfather and father’s names and reputation into the military, where despite having an alarming tendency to crash planes, he rose through the ranks. Helps to be stationed on a based named after Grandpa, I guess. His second wife’s money and organization power created his post military political career. He’s lucky to have had these people to take care of him.

        The one thing he did on his own was come through his POW time and continue to stand up against torture. He’s got a star in his crown in heaven for that. The rest of his career, not so much.

    • Rued Gestures says:

      I think they just unplug his battery.

  125. ManxMamma says:

    Thank you AKM and Ken. Having been exposed through her job at Fox, we’ve all seen the highs and lows of Sarah that you describe above. Her mood swings cannot be hidden. And it’s not a pretty sight.

  126. Alaska Pi says:

    the untameble shrew
    it’s a drag to know the petty vindictive behavior we saw that last year as gov was her good behavior

    • nswfm says:

      Even the wild shrews don’t want anything to do with this psycho, tame or not.
      “When Sarah said to her staff, “I hate being wrong,” others speculated she feared being perceived as anything less than physically, or intellectually perfect.”

      No way was she anywhere close to “intellectually perfect.”

      Thanks to all who are getting the word out on this whacko.

      • K T Beck says:

        I find it interesting that Levi once said “I still like the family very much…”

        Makes one wonder just what HE endured in HIS home life. But that’s if you believe EVERYTHING an anon source tells you. Plenty of people who know the Palins would speak the opposite.

        There’s really no way to measure truth here, like it or not.

        Even in her own emails, she bluntly stated that she hoped she’d get all the blame and not her staff.

        It’s like DC, if someone’s not in front of you or beside you, theyre stabbing you in the back.

    • Julie says:

      At what point in her life did Sarah go from being a super sweet, friend of everyone to what is described?

      Makes you wonder about a lot of things. Why powerful people are assholes, men and women alike. I mean, to get anywhere in your job, you’ve got to have backbone and not wuss around. But there’s a stark contrast between whom Sarah USED to be and whom she resembles now. While I don’t put much stock in anon sources (for the obvious reason AND because I’ve spoken to people who are friends with her and have always been), it makes you question everyone who has power and the people they use.

      The outing of Sarah Palin is not going to change things. She’s too inconsequential. It makes her “haters” feel good in a schadenfreude way, but isn’t that evil in itself? You’re putting her family through hell via lies and bringing up things that shouldn’t be brought up publicly. Why the personal destruction? Are you trying to become what YOU yourselves hate? Because you’re looking like hypocrites – and fools when you consider how happy the Palins are currently.
      The democrats are guilty. The republicans are guilty. How do we change?

      • Bob says:

        Is that you Sarah?

        I don’t know what friends that you’ve talked to that would dispute what others have said or written. I know people who grew up with her and she is the same today as she was then. Vain, vindictive, violent, and vicious are all words associated with her when people talk about her growing up. She puts a fair facade in public, but even that is exposed in impromptu moments.

        Exposing public figures for what they are isn’t “hate”. Particularly when that public figure is constantly talking about family values as if she is superior to others.

        Out of curiousity how do you know “how happy the Palins are currently”?

      • Was she ever described as being a super sweet friend? Honestly, I think the stories of her being a back-stabber go back to her high school days. I think what we are seeing is the way she has always been.

        • And I’ll add that people who are running for office of any kind, because they then have the power to make changes in all our lives, need to be able to stand public scrutiny. If a person can’t handle him or herself well and appropriately in private life, then that isn’t someone who should be given any kind of control or authority over the rest of us. If she has skeletons in her closet that should be left there, then she shouldn’t have run for public office and now that they are coming out to haunt her, she should stay home and find a new endeavor. If she went back to private life and quit preaching to the rest of us, we would be more than happy to leave her alone.

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