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September 22, 2021

Baldwin and Warren – Ready to Reframe What it Means to Be a Woman in Politics

I don’t think there’s a progressive woman out there who hasn’t at one time found it more than a little frustrating that the women in politics who seem to get all the press, and who seem to represent the gender in general are… how shall I put this kindly … nuts. Not to name names, but I’m sure if you rub your temples and empty your mind you’ll be able to summon up a couple images without too much trouble.

That’s it! Keep going.

Well done. I knew you could do it.

With those images assaulting us endlessly in the media, it’s been incredibly refreshing to see two amazing, strong, intelligent women who can also boast sanity credentials enter the field.

First, in Wisconsin, ground zero for labor activism taking a dramatic stand against Governor Scott Walker and his cronies, we have Representative Tammy Baldwin (D) who has entered the race for a Senate seat which will soon be vacated by retiring Democratic Senator Herb Kohl.

It won’t be an easy race. Baldwin is unabashedly liberal, openly gay, and an incumbent in a Congress which is viewed negatively by the public at large. She’ll have a tough fight, and though she’s been re-elected since 1998 in her district, this will be her first statewide race. Will she play in the red rural districts as well as she plays in her own? Time will tell, but if anyone can pull it off, this feisty kick-ass candidate who was both the first woman, and the first openly gay person to be elected to congress in Wisconsin can do it.

“… this campaign is not about me,” she said. “It’s about the middle class. People are asking, ‘Doesn’t anyone hear us?’ Well I do. That’s why I’m running.”

You can donate to Baldwin’s campaign HERE.

Next up, a woman who has created vast amounts of political buzz and national name recognition in recent months – Elizabeth Warren. Her list of credentials is beyond impressive:

Elizabeth Warren is an American attorney, law professor, and United States Senate candidate. She served as Assistant to the President and Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She is also the Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, where she has taught contract law, bankruptcy, and commercial law. In the wake of the 2008-2011 financial crisis, she became the chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel created to oversee the U.S. banking bailout (formally known as the Troubled Assets Relief Program). She long advocated for the creation of a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was established by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act signed into law by President Barack Obama on July 21, 2010. As the special advisor she worked on implementation of the CFPB.

She’ll be running as a Democrat for Ted Kennedy’s old seat that Senator Scott Brown is currently occupying. Karma and Elizabeth Warren are coming to take it back.

Referred to as one of the “New Sheriffs of Wall Street,” Warren’s national appeal on issues important to the middle class, and her financial bona fides will put her in the ranks of Senators like Bernie Sanders, and former Senator Russ Feingold.

You can donate to Warren’s campaign HERE.

Local races are always important, but these are two women who, if elected to the Senate, can influence the country as a whole in some very remarkable ways. (And they don’t screech!) They deserve our support and encouragement. These are a couple donations that will feel really good, especially if you have to hold your nose when you vote locally.

And onward we march toward 2012. At least we have two bright beacons on our journey.



14 Responses to “Baldwin and Warren – Ready to Reframe What it Means to Be a Woman in Politics”
  1. Baker's Dozen says:

    CA has two Real Women Senators, as well. They do a great job. That doesn’t mean I always agree with them; but they listen and I feel they truly want what’s best for their constituents and the country.

    Elizabeth Warren is such an intelligent person. If I lived in Mass, I’d sure be interested in their campaign. I’d much rather vote for an intelligent person who was looking out for my interests than some ding dong with a nudie spread. That’s not to say that he can’t do those things if he wants to, but that also isn’t who I want representing me.

    Did you notice how both these women are dressed appropriately–for work–instead for for some campaign stop where she expects to win over the men in some sort of shrink-wrap top and street walker make-up!

  2. G Katz says:

    I just saw Elizabeth Warren on the Morning Joe and wondered if she’d ever run for President.

  3. Pinwheel says:

    Before Wisconsin was a red state it was a very blue state. So many entities (small businesses) there have US Govt. subsidies. Subsidies go back at least as far as Nixon. I was in school (University of Wisconsin), 1966-70. We were very focused to end the war in VietNam. I hope Congresswoman Baldwin will incorporate an ‘end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan’ and defend union rights for all workers.

    Undoubtedly there are local issues Congresswoman Baldwin must address. More reason for progressives to be together to at least maintain the US Senate, and resume control of the US House of Representatives.

    There are no greater challenges ahead for us.

    I am the Firewall !!!

  4. I like both women and hope they win. They would both do an excellent job.

    I have to say, I’m lucky enough to live in Washington state, where our two senators are women, Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray – and they are intelligent, thoughtful, care about people and the environment (and are not screechy). So I’ve known for a long time that the current crop of nutty women republicans aren’t the only women out there.

    • AKMuckraker says:

      And be sure to thank your wonderful Senator Maria Cantwell for coming out and publicly opposing the Pebble Mine on behalf of her constituents who are fishermen in Bristol Bay, AK! That’s something that our own Senators have not done. Kudos to Ms. Cantwell!

    • Moose Pucky says:

      Maria and Patty, they represent Alaska too. We’ve adopted them.

  5. Zyxomma says:

    Massachusetts and Wisconsin have the opportunity to create two amazing Senators with this election. I hope they do. We can help with donations, but all of us have our local candidates to consider. We’re well aware that with Citizens United, ALEC, and all the front groups hiding the machinations of the likes of the Koch brothers and Massey Energy (to name just a few of the malefactors), it won’t be easy or inexpensive. Good luck to all of us.

  6. Moose Pucky says:

    Two antlers up for Warren. Baldwin also.

  7. Cammie says:

    I want to see more women politicians who have a genuine, maternal warmth to them. Which Elizabeth Warren seems to possess. I can’t forget who said it, but I’ll never forget this quote about why Hillary Clinton didn’t end up winning…the writer noted that she tried too hard to come across as a tough as nails man…and “After eight years of Bush, America didn’t want another authoritarian Dad. America wanted a Mom.” Or something like that, but you get the idea.

    • Valley_Independent says:

      Ah, but I don’t want a woman who thinks that birthing children is all the qualification she needs. I have seen too many women running on their biological ability to have children, who have failed to demonstrate the ability to be good parents or run a household efficiently, nor any of the skills related to doing the job for which they are running.

      • Cammie says:

        I think I know who you’re talking about! 😀 And yes, Sarah Palin is a big fake. No, when I say maternal, I mean a woman who cares about all children, and who cares about making the world a kinder place for them to live. Hillary Clinton touted her work with the Children’s Defense Fund…which was definitely a positive…but then she was hawkish as hell about Iraq, downing shots in front of a tv camera, really trying to come across as someone who wouldn’t hesitate to bomb the hell out of another country. I want a woman candidate who comes forward to speak the truth about what our most urgent domestic security policies should be focused on. Like rooting out child abuse and child hunger.

    • Cammie says:

      In addition to Elizabeth Warren possessing that authentic maternal, compassionate quality, I would also point out that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand does, as well. I’ve been really impressed with her work. She was also one of the few Senators that voted against defunding ACORN…when everyone else, including (sadly) Al Franken let themselves be taken in by those doctored videos.

  8. THANK YOU! Wonderful and well-qualified ladies, BOTH! I only regret that I cannot vote for both of them..!

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