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If You Pay Her, She Will Run – The Latest on Palin 2012 from SarahPAC

Do you think she’ll run? Will she or won’t she? Well… she might, but then again she might not. She’ll decide soon. But it’s too soon now. She could wait… or she could decide now, if she wanted to. But she doesn’t want to right now. She’s not ready. She’s thinking. She’s scoping out the other candidates. She’s assessing. Maybe she’s being foolish to wait so long. Maybe she’s waiting so long because she’s crazy like a fox.  Maybe everyone else is playing tiddly-winks and she’s playing pick-up-sticks. Will she run as a Republican, or a third party candidate? Would she take a VP slot again? Who would take her?

You’ve heard them all, and so have I. There is a certain time factor to “the tease,” and frankly, after months and months of this, many have gotten to the point of just not caring. Sarah Palin has been mulling this decision since the day after the 2008 election. But now, there are bigger fish to fry, and more important political matters on the horizon. We’ve got Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney, and Sarah 2.0 – Michele Bachmann – so Republicans are focused elsewhere politically, and sllooowlly slippping innnto a Palin coma….. ZZZZZZZ.



The little eyes of the Palinbots fly open and they sit bolt upright. The mail is here, and within it… a letter. Not just any letter, mind you – this is a letter with a very important announcement. They rip open the envelope from SarahPAC. It’s signed by Tim Crawford who is running the show over there. They frantically skim, and see these words:

“…Gov. Palin is on the verge of making her decision of whether or not she will run for office.”

“OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s on the VERGE!” squeal her supporters, in red.  The agonizing days of the ‘tease gone dull’ are almost at  an end! Hallelujah!

“Someone must save our nation from this road to European Socialism!

Do you think it should be Gov. Palin?”

Yes! Yes, Tim Crawford! We do!  But what can we do? How can we tell her that if she doesn’t save us from universal health care, long summer vacations, and decent cheese, nobody can?

Well, it just so happens that Mr. Crawford has something in mind that you can do to encourage her to maybe think about getting into the race. She’s having trouble taking that last step…  She IS on the verge, but there is something that just might be able to sway her, and convince her to get in the ring. Can you guess what that is Palinbots?

What? What is it, Tim Crawford? Tell us!

“If so, can you send your best one-time gift to SarahPAC today to help her elect more

common-sense conservatives – and show her that we support her if she decides to run? 

With time running out, thank you for your swift response!”

That’s the ticket! If her supporters really want her in the race, they’ll empty their piggy banks, and sock drawers, and bank accounts to show her that if she decides to run, she’ll have their support. And remember, time is of the essence! The VERGE is NOW!  Of course, there’s no guarantee she’ll run. She might and she might not. Granny’s $50 “gift” might buy a few yard signs, or it might go to pay for de-icing the wings of Sarah’s private jet. Don’t laugh, that private jet wing de-icing ain’t cheap. Last year it ran SarahPAC more than $14,000!

But for Palin, it all works out in the end. It’s a win-win. Money is money, whether she chooses to remain in the political discussion, or blissfully fade into obscurity on the lecture circuit.

But has it worked? Is anyone still excited about Sarah Palin, or have they all gone off to redder pastures? Let’s tiptoe quietly over to Conservatives4Palin, the last bastion of the die-hards to see what they’re saying… Shhhh.

(We quietly kneel down and peek through the keyhole to check out a representative sample of comments)


“I’ll speculate she will make her decision official just after the fox debate on the 22:nd , she will probably be on fox commenting on it so then she gets maximum attention.”

“I got some fireworks ready (literally) to shoot out. Neighbors gonna think it’s 4th of July in the Fall!”

The Thrilla from Wasilla is about to kick this show into gear…!

Sarah Palin is an honest person who can’t STAND users.  Consequently, she would NEVER praise 04P and C4P (as she did in Iowa) or allow such work to continue, if she had not ALREADY made her decision to run, ages ago, imho:  she wouldn’t USE us to sell her books, keep her media presence alive, etc.  Nope!  Sarah is merely deciding WHEN is best to announce a decision to run that she made LONG ago.

Thank GOD she is running!  We call down all heaven’s help as we on earth join to fight WITH her against the evil Marxism that is choking our nation’s economy and trying to destroy our US Constitution.  May God richly bless her and her family, and help her WIN!!!!!!

How anyone could believe she isn’t running is beyond me.


she is in , she has been for a long time , you just want her to do what the Establishment tells her to do and that isn’t going to happen , unconventional campaign already

I *JUST* got this letter in the mail a half hour ago. Checked off the box that I wanted her to RUN. I also hand wrote next to that “RUN SARAH RUN!!!”. Made another donation to Sarah PAC, and it is in the mail already on it’s way back to them! 🙂

I can’t take it…I am soooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I suspect in a few years there will be quite a large number of Democrats and “Independendents” that will now be referred to as Sarah Palin Democrats. And suspect many will permanently leave the dark side

I’m on the verge of falling off my chair with excitement and anticipation! I gotta get a hold of something if it don’t happen soooooooooooooooooon!

I think that’s enough. I’ll save you the other six pages of comments and let you go lie down and put some cucumber slices on your eyes.



114 Responses to “If You Pay Her, She Will Run – The Latest on Palin 2012 from SarahPAC”
  1. lemonfair says:

    Sure hope that isn’t a check from a real checking account. Looks like there’s enough of a number there for a hacker to mess around with options and hack into the account.

  2. rm says:

    Bristol Palin Heckler Lets Loose In TMZ Interview, Calls Her ‘Homophobic’, ‘Trash’

  3. Harry Callahan says:

    Sarah who?

  4. vyccan says:

    My experience here has shown Jeanne as a woman of integrity. It has also revealed a woman with a healthy, creative, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sense of humour, so when I got to the ‘SP is an honest person who can’t STAND….. believe isn’t running is beyond me’ comment, I was thinking this was creative license at work. This particular comment seemed to be subtly making fun of the whole SP scenario. Consequently I read down the thread before commenting because I thought for sure Jeanne would eventually say ‘April fool’ [Yeah, I know it’s September 😉 ] or ‘Gotcha’. It boggles my little mind to realize that these letter writers were apparently ‘serious’! God help America.

    I’m sorry vyccan… Would that your first assessment were true! AKM

  5. prisonernumbersix says:

    “Sarah Palin, The Origin of the Feces” – I have my book title and massive amounts of material for a three volume set of trivia. Just let it all end so I have an ending1

  6. Judi says:

    I saw a clip of her talking on fox news….she scared me when asked if she would run or not…and of course she flirted with the answer, saying she must by law decide by Nov in order to get on the ballot…but then she turned and with a look that creeped me out… any event this election would be like NO other election ever before…

    dont trust her at all

    maybe I am a bit paranoid after hearing Andrew Briethart call for civil war and violence against…Liberals..

    • johnny says:

      Oh I think she’s just trying to scare the republicans by threatening a 3rd party run. But I do think it’s funny that Erickson on RedState and then Ann Colter and Laura Ingraham all referred to the rabid fans of Palin and said basically that they used to be for Palin because of the people who were against her, and now they are not for Palin because of the people that are FOR her.

    • Cammie says:

      I think we all need to realize that there is a large faction of the rightwing that would like to bring civil war to this country. However, I think it would be difficult for them to pull off. We are not divided neatly by states or races. Many families have both conservatives and liberals and moderates in them, same with many neighborhoods, towns, counties, states, etc. I don’t see how a civil war is started where family members will have to choose sides.

      Still, their attempts will be ugly. Our best bet is, to paraphrase Ghandi, not attempt to bring them to their knees, but to bring them to their senses.

    • CG says:

      What is the deal with the November deadline? Does anyone know?

  7. johnny says:

    So funny. Yesterday CNN had those headlines over on the left side of the page, and there were 2 juxtapositioned 1) SAT scores at 40 year low and 2) Palin only 5 points below Obama

    “Dithering” Isn’t that what Palin said about Obama when he was reluctant to unilaterally carpet bomb Libya? Dithering, teasing, pleading for money to allow her to dither and tease some more….

  8. barbara says:

    one born every minute. suckers love palin. wow. it’s not that much of a joke, the pain in my eyes. i am assuming that these are pasted actual quotes. i don’t go to that website. but they do seem beyond the pale. i think these people literally see her as the second coming. sigh.

  9. OMG says:

    I watched Elizabeth Warren ( discuss the economy recently…after all the hoopla about the know nothings Palin and Bachmann, Warren’s discussion was refreshing. Compared to a truly qualified person such as Warren, how can anyone think that Sarah Palin is even remotely qualified for the WH?

  10. ks sunflower says:

    AKM, nice to see you in fine form. Nothing like a fundraising letter from you-know-who to get the creative juices running, eh? Thanks for a fun post. Comments on this are very cathartic. Ah, autumn is in the air – fresh energy and high spirits. Love it!

  11. My comment is awaiting moderation and I’m really curious what could possibly be objectionable. I’m getting a little annoyed with moderation after finding my comments on Pottermore ending up in moderation. Good grief.

  12. Ugh, I would find all those poor pathetic souls at C4P funny if I didn’t know they are so serious. And I found myself wondering how many of those ecstatic posts were written by Palin posing as loyal followers.

  13. Palin: yawn, pffffft. How’s that for fireworks?

  14. Moose Pucky says:

    Love that snoozin’ elephant.

  15. merrycricket says:

    The Palinbots over at SarahPac are running around in circles trying to figure out how to scrub AKM out of their mail list.

  16. Bebban says:

    The song “The Guitar Man” keeps running thru my head. Like the aging musician, SP will do anything at stay on-stage.

  17. g says:

    Jeez, seriously, that’s what their correspondence looks like? Courier font?

  18. LibertyLover says:

    Sarah must have learned her grifting from those TV evangelical preachers. They’re always taking advantage of the faithful.

  19. m106 says:

    I’m scared.

  20. LibertyLover says:

    There’s dome dialog from an old Alfred Hitchcock movie: North by Northwest that reminds me of Palin:

    Thornhill: Yes, tell me. How does a girl like you get to be a girl like you?
    Eve: Lucky, I guess.
    Thornhill: No, not lucky. Naughty, wicked, up to no good. Ever kill anyone? Because I bet you could tease a man to death without half trying.

    • SouthPaw says:

      The big boys on the right don’t want her to run…said it would be political suicide for her if she decided to run. Maybe they were trying to send her a hint. Hey Sarah remember what happened to Marilyn Monroe when she didn’t play by the rules.

  21. Nan (aka roswellborn) says:

    Haven’t yet read the comments… but need to ask if anyone knows where I can get a bulk discount on “Brain Bleach” by the barrel…

    oh my.

  22. slipstream says:

    When Palin ran for VP, she sent me (and everybody else in Alaska, even two-year-olds) a check for $1200. Over and above the PFD. Pure socialism. “Here’s some government money for you!”

    So if she runs for PRES, I expect a check for at least $2400.

  23. leenie17 says:

    Don’t they usually put con artists in jail?

  24. LibertyLover says:

    Ahhhh… the ultimate pay to play.

  25. Simple Mind says:

    I don’t know. I guess I feel bad that these folks are getting bilked but nobody is forcing them to type in their credit card numbers. I kind of hope she does run. Now that Bachmann is spiraling in, the wackos will have a chance to unite under Perry’s banner. (“Execute ’em all and let God sort them out.”) If Palin jumped in, they’d spend all day arguing about how many more people they would each execute and really scare the h*ll out of the independents. My guess is that Obama’s campaign people are all sending in their contributions right now.

  26. M Baker says:

    If you read the comments on C4P, you’ll see that the Palinbots are really a sad group of naive far right evangicals who will be absolutely destroyed when they learn Palin is not running. I imagine they will eventually also realize they were used by Palin and will never again trust another politician. If it’s true Todd is fed up with the situation, fed up with Sarah, or both, and decides to get a divorce from Sarah, he should get half of what she has earned in the past 3 years. I’m sure it would be very tempting for him if he is living in a miserable marriage. I imagine knowing now about Rice and Sarah hooking up just before she got pregnant doesn’t sit well with Todd. How reliable it is I don’t know, but Levi is also saying in his new book he and Sarah were hooking up for about 2 months. If Todd was suspicious before of the possibility of Sarah and Levi hooking up, that too would just add to his disatisfaction with Sarah.

  27. Winski says:

    Well Mud, I can honestly say I threw-up a little in my mouth as I read this.. It is truly inconceivable to me that anyone is actually excited about this… I guess I’ve just been living under that rock called reality too long… I think the comment that talked briefly talked about ‘Palin Democrats’ finally push me off the side… I’ve been banned over at the sea-o-pee to leave any comment but I don’t miss that at all since if you do leave a comment that says ‘Boo’, you immediately go on their list… Oh well, another hardship I must bare….

    But I did hear someone today give a really good description about sis’s first moments everyday when she gets out of bed.. ‘ she immediately goes to her private Facebook account and checks to see if her press exposure is above all the “real” candidates… If it is, she goes back and sleeps another hour… If not, then she puts out the global message to her flying monkeys that they must go forth and generate more press coverage to get her numbers up’……. Pretty ugly…

  28. Take Notice says:

    She’s actually beating Obama in the latest McClatchy poll when you consider only independents.

    Trust me, Palin knows exactly what she’s doing.

  29. BeeJay says:

    Is there a hallucinogen in Diet Dr. Pepper? Or is it in Crunch Wrap Supremes? Those have to be some of the most mislead people on earth making those comments.

    Okay, so they are THE most mislead people on earth! I’ll just wait here for the mothership to come and take them away along with Alien Overlord #1 when “she” (“it,” really) finally announces her departure for the home world.

    Please, take them, the Tea Party, and the Republicans! Lots of fat to go around there… {think Twilight Zone’s “To Serve Man” and “Soylent Green.”}

    Obviously I haven’t swallowed the Kool Aid, yet. 🙂

  30. margaret says:

    She didn’t blink when asked to join McCain’s campaign as the VP candidate. I find her rather ridiculous, that she keeps stringing everyone along after the whole VP “didn’t blink” thing. She’s so useless.

  31. PollyinAK says:

    Seems like Tim Crawford is trying to get some funds to pay some salaries. We don’t know what kind of bills are piling up …

    Low information, discontented people are easy to fleece.

  32. benlomond2 says:

    If she would just run away to a different country, I’d send a check…..

    • UgaVic says:

      Me too BUT she we have to have some assurance she will stay away!! It might take me awhile to think of a country I dislike enough to send her too…Iran maybe?

      • clif says:

        Actually I will pay her entire way if she moves to the Maldives and stays on the island for 10 years. The Maldives consists of 1,192 islands, of which two hundred are inhabited.

        She could set up on an empty small Island with her grifter clan, and pretend they are the only people on the planet. Win-win for all of us. Oh yea all the palin-bots can move there with her, but they pay their own way to be with their div-e-ssiah .

        • jaybee48 says:

          That would be poetic justice indeed. The Maldives are beginning to disappear because of global warming. As the waters rise, we’ll be able to listen to her denying that it’s happening or blaming it on the Rapture whilst appealing to the bots for money for a lifeboat.

  33. barney1 says:

    Hoping those low flying black helicopters will take her away, far far away to a distant land.

  34. Cammie says:

    It’s the second such letter from her in just a few weeks. Like I pointed out on some other blog, this is Con Artistry 101. Strike when the mark is at the height of desperation, and you’ll make your biggest haul yet.

  35. She's Gaming Ya says:

    To the Palinistas at C4P:

    IF she gets more money, she MIGHT run?? Ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha !

    Yeah, sure. Send Sarah more money. SUCKAS!!!!!

  36. Tyroanee says:

    I’ve sent over all my unused Barnes and Noble gift cards… I heard she’ a heavy reader, not to mention a top notch ghost writer seeker extraordinaire!
    Oh who the hell am I kidding, she could crayola her way out of a paper bag without some help from her little pick me ups.

  37. laingirl says:

    Reading the comments of the bots caused a very unsettling feeling in my stomach. Maybe it’s a fire in the belly, caused by disbelief that people in the US can be so stupid. Is there a “Grifter of the Year” Award? I have the perfect nominee.

  38. OzMud says:

    That’s a lot of one-time gift letters from SarahPAC now. How many “One-Time” gifts can you give, anyway? Is this like Bristol being a virgin again?

    @John – What does PFD mean? I’ve seen it before but haven’t a clue.

    @Wakeup – rofl

  39. Wallflower says:

    My best one-time gift was a picnic basket for some newlyweds. Do you think she’d like that?

    • thatcrowwoman says:

      only if you deliver it full of diet dr pepper, red bull, crunch wrap supremes…
      a few gossip rags
      and some canned goods for the ole pitching arm,
      also, too.
      *wink* you betcha!

  40. aussiegal77 says:

    “Sarah Palin Democrats”??? As in “Eisenhower Republicans”??? Oh wow. Yeah, the delusions are strong at C4P.

    I’m on the verge of caring if she runs or not. But alas, I can not muster it.

  41. Blooper says:

    These are probably the same people who donated to Jim & Tammy Faye Baker.

  42. tallimat says:

    But will it work on Alaskans?
    Considering past Alaskan donations to the fraud, well not so much. Wait.
    I had a thought…
    Good grief, she is just gross.

  43. Irishgirl says:

    Loved the commentary. 🙂

    Those poor foolish bots.

  44. Cassie Jeep says:

    There should be a special place in Hell for people who prey on the uninformed and severely vulnerable.

    This solicitation letter is shameful.

  45. WakeUpAmerica says:

    I think a Xanax pill came with each letter. Just a guess.

    • leenie17 says:

      I think a straightjacket and one way ticket to the nearest mental health facility would be more appropriate.

      • slipstream says:

        Oops — Reagan closed all the mental health facilities. That’s why those Teabaggers are on the loose.

        • ks sunflower says:

          I wonder how many people remember or even know about Reagan doing that in CA? The state has truly never recovered from that. So many homeless, lost souls in need of help for so many years.

  46. diz says:

    As a candidate $P appeals only to a low information, dominionist supporting crowd. Most people with critical thinking skills, even on the right, have learned that she needs more than her ‘vision’ of being President to succeed. Her supporters seem to fall for the idea that contributions to her $arahPAC will fund her ‘run’. It doesn’t and it can’t. These donations support only one thing, $P’s grand lifestyle. If she milks them dry before she makes her big ‘decision’, they’ll have to take out second mortgages on their ivory towers to support a political run for her. Oh well, she’s convinced them that we’re in the end times so who will need money after the Rapture??? All I can say to Palin is ‘we’ve seen your Rev Wright and raise you a Rev Muthee”.

  47. John says:

    It’s PFD time. Anyone know if she was in state enough days (185) during 2010 to qualify?

    • Wurzelhexli says:

      Bri$tol for sure wasn’t! (But who are WE to check on that…:( )

      • slipstream says:

        Bristol Palin, although she bought a house in Arizona and moved to Arizona at the end of 2010, filed an application for a Permanent Fund Dividend, stating that the applicant resides in Alaska and intends to reside in Alaska indefinitely. She had already moved out of Alaska.

        She also filed for Trigg.

        Fraudulent PFD applications are a violation of Alaska state law.

        • LibertyLover says:

          Well right now, she’s living in California for her reality TV show. She’s not in AZ.

        • Valley_Independent says:

          Good observation, Slipstream. I knew I liked you for a reason. Now the question is: Who has enough political moxie to deny the applications?

          • CG says:

            It’ll never happen. Ever. It would take an Act of Congress.

            I wonder how they feel when Alaska’s handful of elite-level athletes who travel continuously during competition season and train at facilities out of state that we don’t have, don’t get one and have to file appeals.

  48. DonnaInMichigan says:

    I may RUN..send me $$
    I may not RUN send me $$

    OMG, I am creaming my pants, SHE IS GOING TO RUN… I am sending her $$
    I can’t stand it…….I just sent my last few dollars, who cares if my child goes to college..SARAH is going to RUN!
    I decided I don’t really need that high blood pressure medication, I am sending Sarah my prescription money!

    Meanwhile back at the Palin Compound, she’s sitting there ripping open all the envelopes stuffed with cash, and creaming her pants, laughing at these idiots who keeps sending her money, while she is paying for Tracks college, and buying her little DS baby his medication, and going out shopping buying her some couture clothing, that she’ll wear on her next FOX interview. She is contemplating just how long she can stall this gravy train………

  49. Blooper says:

    “…imho: she wouldn’t USE us to sell her books, keep her media presence alive, etc. Nope…!”

    Exactly, brilliant C4Per, what a clever observation! Why or how on earth could she ever use you guys when she has all of those Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans beating down her door to make donations?

    “May God richly bless her and her family, and help her WIN!!!!!!”

    Well, you got the richly part right…

  50. buckydoc says:

    C4P is a fascinating read, sort of a puriant pleasure.

    What makes it interesting is that it isn’t about political ideology. If Palin came out for nationalization of the salmon industry, they would be 100% behind it.

    There’s never been a cult of personality like this in American politics, aside from maybe Lyndon LaRouche.

    • CG says:

      Arnold Schwarzenegger was similar. People voted for him because he was a film actor and celebrity – it had nothing to do with sound philosophy or leadership.

  51. lazrgrl says:

    This is such a sad commentary on the state of U.S. education.

    • Dee says:

      As a retired teacher,I must say that none of this has anything to do with US education. we do not offer courses in grifting.

      • ks sunflower says:

        Dee, you are so right. This does not reflect upon our educational system, it reflects upon our culture, upon the parents who do not give a darn about their kids and allow them to slide through life, and upon our celebrity-oriented news media where news “hosts” entertain us with chatter inside of objective reporting. Well, I could go on, but there is no way teachers can teach kids who are predisposed not to learn and do not have parents who are more concerned about extracurricular activities (their own and those of the kids) than they are about the kids actually paying attention or being accountable. Oops – on a rant. Sorry. Just wanted to say you were right.

    • Deni says:

      No, it’s a sad commentary on the state of journalism in the US.

  52. Leota2 says:

    I can’t believe that the people at C4P are for real. They have to be paid to say what they do. I’m so embarrassed for them I don’t know where to put myself. No adult without a guardian can be as clueless as these poor souls are.

  53. Lynn in Va says:

    Remind me again, how long after quitting the job half way through does she get to keep using the title of Governor?

    • Molly says:

      Yeah, I wondered about that too….

      • I See Villages From My House says:

        Well, nothing is more dignified and stately than abbreviating her down to the Gov. It’s about as long as she served her first ever at-large elected position anyway. Gov. sounds right.

    • daisydem says:

      I’ve been asking that since the day after that infamous day.

    • Bebban says:

      Forever, unfortunately.

    • Gramiam says:

      That question resembles the one about where does an 800 lb. gorilla sleep. The answer….”as long as she wants to use the title”. After all, isn’t “governating” just like holding a Beauty pageant title? One holds the title in perpetuity? Yes?

      • Bebban says:

        Lol. Yes. It’s a lot like “Colonel” in Kentucky. ….
        I just had an awful thought! What if she names her next child “Governor”?

      • CG says:

        No. To either. it works pretty much the same for both. The “one-at-a-time” rule, according to Washington D.C. protocol experts and etiquette professionals. Also military Protocol Officers, in formal guidance.

        Beauty queens aren’t called the title after their reign. It’s “former” or dated by year – 1976 Miss America. Sarah is 1983 Miss Wasilla.
        If she wants to be called “Governor” for the rest of her life, fine. It should be “2006 governor Sarah Palin” or even better: “Governor 2006”. Sean Parnell can be “Governor 2010”. I like it. It sounds like we’re talking about Western Conference MVP or something. Kind of sporty…

    • CG says:

      The very moment there was a governor of Alaska succeeding her. The ‘one-at-a-time’ rule. See below.

  54. Xenon says:

    I was just looking up “zombies” in the dictionary…

  55. Nebraska Native says:

    I am at a loss for words.

  56. jimzmum says:

    Must go to grocery for cucumber. Just ate the last one.

    So, keeping this short: ick on a stick.

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