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October 26, 2021


Sarah Palin and the Long, Shiny Road to Irrelevance

Sarah Palin is not running for the presidency. I’d been waiting to hear that since the day after the 2008 presidential election, which is ostensibly when she began running for the presidency. From the moment she “went rogue” on the campaign trail, calling out then-candidate Obama for “pallin’ around with terrorists,” and contemplating an unauthorized trip back to Michigan to try to win a state that the McCain campaign had given up on, she had ideas and plans of her own. She lamented in her book Going Rogue that the campaign had shackled her. Why couldn’t they just “let Sarah be Sarah?”

After the ignominious defeat in 2008, she paid no heed to the advice of longtime friends and political allies in Alaska who suggested that to win the White House she should form a PAC, keep her head down, study up on global affairs, and work diligently to be re-elected for a second term as governor. Instead the siren song of a book deal, a reality TV show, six-figure speaking engagements, Fox News talking headery, and a life of international celebrity hypnotized and guided her political ship in a strong and steady course right for the rocks.

She did form a PAC, and said she might be interested in the presidency. She painted a bus to look like the Constitution and drove across the land upstaging other candidates, and visiting historical landmarks for her family vacation. She bought a house in the Lower 48, an easier “home base” than Wasilla from which to launch a candidacy. She criticized her “competitors” from both sides of the aisle, and told us how she would handle things, if she were in charge. She could beat Obama, she told us.  Her unofficial campaign film The Undefeated (albeit a huge flop) showed in theaters, and just recently made its debut on the shelves of Wal-Mart. Not one, but two books written in her name have been published, and a nationwide book tour gave her ample opportunity to shake even more hands. Even the day before she quit the candidacy she never really had, her lawyer made calls to key states to find out about filing deadlines.

So, why would anyone do this if they weren’t going to run? Palin was either praying (literally) for a last-minute mandate from the people, so she could rise as the reluctant leader (ala her favorite founding father George Washington), or she’s a delusional self-promoting narcissist who has made a lucrative career as a Shiny Object off the backs of the gullible. Or both.

And let’s not discount the assessment of former senior political advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign. In an interview about her new novel Wallace said, ” The idea of a mentally ill vice president who suffers in complete isolation was obviously sparked by the behaviors I witnessed by Sarah Palin.


But don’t worry about the Palins. A few extra weeks of donations to SarahPAC came in after a letter was sent to the faithful from Treasurer Tim Crawford who said that she was “on the verge” of making a decision. And the thing that would help her make that decision was your one-time most generous contribution. Sarah needs to know she’ll have your support. It ended up being less like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and more like the snake oil salesman on that episode of Little House on the Prairie who brings his covered wagon to Walnut Grove, and swindles the kindly trusting townsfolk out of next year’s seed money.

The confused muddle of loyalists at the blog Conservatives4Palin didn’t know what to do when they heard the news. With no “official” statement from the blog for hours after the announcement, they were left to gather tentatively in the comment section of the last post, where they wandered like dazed refugees, not knowing what to do or where to go. Anger, sadness, denial, embarrassment, sheepishness, despair…


Adam Brickley, the former college student who started the Draft Sarah Palin for VP blog (the actual ‘blogger in the basement’) has tried desperately to rally the confuzzled, with a flowery, fiery statement on behalf of the candidacy that might have been.

But at the end of the day, it was not to be — at least not this year. And in a weird way, that might be a good thing emotionally for people like me (and there are a lot of us) who have been so ill-treated by many in the GOP that we wanted raw catharsis as much as we wanted victory. However, anyone who thinks Gov. Palin or any of us “cultists” are going to go away has another thing coming — in fact, a reinvigorated Palin movement is already coalescing. The people who would have been the core supporters of a Palin campaign are now the biggest and most powerful bloc of free agents in the 2012 primary, and I’m practically salivating at the idea of watching the establishment candidates trek up to Wasilla to genuflect and beg for an endorsement. Every last one of them. [snip] If you thought we were going to make your life hell as a campaign, wait until you see what we can do as a pressure group.

They’re just licking their wounds, hugging their Teddy bears, and having some good old fashioned emotional catharsis before they make everyone’s lives a living hell. The shackles are off now, baby!  They’re just reloading!

Well, you know they had to come up with something. And that was it.

Meanwhile, back at the hive, another dyed-in-the-wool Palinbot (albeit one whose faith had recently started to crumble) wasn’t feeling quite so charitable. The Palin bathwater, it seems, is no longer his beverage of choice. The filmmaker of the puffumentary “Media Malpractice, How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted,” John Ziegler, posted an open letter to Palin on his website. It begins:

Dear Governor Palin:
Wow. So, is this really how your political saga is going end? By letting down your remaining supporters and telling them, with a straight face, that you can do more to impact change as a Fox News Contributor than you can as President of the United States?  [snip]

Now that you aren’t running you have made yourself almost totally irrelevant. Unlike with Chris Christie (did you notice how much more passionately the media pined for him than you?), no one with an actual chance will want your endorsement. Once the nominee and the new VP candidate are chosen you will be very old news, and with no elected office (or, thanks to you’re your incredible lack of popularlity in Alaska, even the theoretical chance of one), you will have no opportunity to alter your narrative or make any news.
My guess is that you won’t even end up speaking at the convention because you are too big for a minor slot and too dangerous for a prime one.

The whole thing is pretty much a metaphorical kneecap to the forehead. It was interesting that Ziegler noted Palin’s “incredible lack of popularity in Alaska.” It’s true. The former golden girl of Alaska politics, whose favorability rating as governor hovered at one time near 90% is now no more than a source of eye rolling, and face palming here in the Great Land. She isn’t even a punch line because nobody wants to hear the jokes, and nobody wants to bother to tell them. She has crossed over. She has become irrelevant.

Moments after the Anchorage Daily News posted that Palin had decided not to run for the presidency, the first six comments told the story:

We’re perfectly happy to foist her, and the former First Dude off on Arizona where they recently bought a house.  If, some day she decides to run for a senate seat in Arizona, the excommunication will be happily complete. Until then, Sarah, don’t let the panhandle hit you on the way out.



88 Responses to “Sarah Palin and the Long, Shiny Road to Irrelevance”
  1. SK says:

    I would not be surprised if Palin now came out and endorsed Rick Perry. Especially in light of what Perry’s wife did this week: played the persecution card:

  2. mea says:

    i can’t help but think that rah-rah is going to be around for a long time. she will be something of a Pat Robertson; a motivational speaker and rabble-rouser, who embarrasses, but still remains visible so that the Party has a loser to blame for whatever happens.
    if you listen to Catholic Radio, rah-rah sounds just like those ladies, which is why she appeals to them and why she seems like “family”. she is a preacher, not a politician.
    for that reason, i think she’ll be around for a long time, with her own 700 club type venue, and a lost sheep following sending her money for the rest of her life.
    hahahahahaha poor rev sarah.
    oh, and the name “mooselini’ is so perfect! thanks for that.

  3. SteveinFla says:

    Any thought that she might be trying to establish residency for future office. Since she’s burned most of her bridges in AK, maybe she’s going to build some in AZ.

    • AKLAWDOG says:

      Yeah just don’t tell anyone she was behind the murders and plots that shot Gifford…darn and her hubby retired…he could have loaded Palin and AZ governor and sent them to the space station…

  4. Anne says:

    It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. For 3 years, we’ve been forced to read or listen to the hateful, ignorant drivel that issues from SP’s mouth every time she speaks publicly. For some unfathomable reason, the media bolstered the massive ego of this lunatic who was suffering from a bad case of diahrrea of the mouth and constipation of the brain. Some of the faithful Palinbots were insisting that the “libs” did her in, totally disregarding the fact that an equal number of conservatives got turned off by her.

  5. Really? says:

    I can’t help but wonder about Trig. Hopefully there’s some responsible care-giver who is giving him responsible care. There’s plenty of money to pay “people” to help do the care-giving. We’ll see.

    • mike from iowa says:

      I suspect Trig has been put away with the rest of the Palin”Props” until its time for another fund drive to keep the crazies in dough.

    • AKLAWDOG says:

      They probably deemed him mentally ill and placed him in Charter North or API…common tactic…
      Their best friends did that to a kid they adopted so they could get a ” legal excuse ” to access the HUGE Trust account Levi spoke of…at the age of 11 it was done and what was witnessed was reported to Governor Frank Murkowski who reversed the Statutes of Limitations in 2003…
      NOW, a rumor is floating around that groups are gathering to hire an attorney from the lower 48 who cannot be bought or sold and that they are filing a Class Action Lawsuit against Sarah Palin and the State of Alaska and Sean Parnell… better shift that money to an off-shore account fast…lol..

  6. Rick Perry is just a male Texan version of $arah. He’ll clean out his followers’ wallets, while shooting himself in the foot with stupid remarks.

    • SK says:

      Unlike Palin, Perry has completed more than half a term, and is actually undefeated. He has never lost an election that he contested for any office.

      And his remarks are not stupid when compared to Palin’s. Confuse them to be the similar at your peril.

  7. Take Notice says:

    I notice the comments on your blog seem to be plentiful when “Sarah Palin” is in the title.

    For your sake, you might want her to stick around. Wear a bad color one day, jay-walk, anything.

    You are absolutely right about the number of comments. However, given the choice of many comments and Sarah Palin present and relevant in the discussion vs. fewer comments and Sarah Palin a distant memory – I’ll go with the latter in a heartbeat. AKM

    • yukonbushgrma says:

      Well guys, I just think she isn’t *quite* gone away yet — and if there’s any chance that could be true, we certainly ought to keep an eye on her. Doncha think?

      • AKLAWDOG says:

        STEP UP Sarah Palin…here kitty kitty kitty…I will eat her for breakfast and she FEARS me…
        Why? Oh well that is easy…Money money money…not hers either…I will sink her in court with fines and fees and pain and suffering and lost monies…does she have 4.9 billion to compensate??? Oil stocks in BP hows that working out for ya??? Embezzlements…just to start with folks…

  8. cg says:

    64 comments here. 8 on the Occupy Wall Street Alaska event, 12 on the Pebble Mine thread; both of which are critical public issues on deadline.

    Nope, still relevant. Still popular. Still newsworthy.

    • Lee323 says:

      Interestingly enough, your calculations of Mrs. Palin’s popularity and relevance are identical to her own calculations of her popularity and relevance (and we all know how well those calculations worked out for Mrs. Palin, eh? She was forced to concede defeat in her long-held, smug assertion that she could beat Obama in 2012, since she could raise neither big money nor national interest in her campaign bid).

      Here are my calculations: One of the most-viewed You Tube clips in history is the one where a herd of water buffalo beat the sh*t out of a lion trying to grab a piece of their juicy haunches. Yeah. Not to put too fine a point on it, but water buffalo everywhere really enjoy beating the crap out of Mrs. Palin….that’s entertainment value. It doesn’t even come close to realistic evidence of the personal “popularity and relevance” which you imply in your comment. Making jokes at her expense is popular. Making jokes about her irrelevance is even more popular…….but Mrs. Palin, herself? Not popular or relevant.

    • mike from iowa says:

      Think of this as the sentencing phase of a trial and the ghastly perpetrator of heinous crimes against humanity,who has been found guilty beyond any doubt whatsoever,must sit by and hear statements from all relevant victims as to what her ultimate sentence shall be. In this case,the crimes are so heinous and the list so long,that it may take forever for the victims to rid themselves of rancor and venom. This is not for Snooki’s benefit,believe me. This is catharsis for the multitude. It is what it is. Enjoy the ride or not,but please,don’t spoil the soul-cleansing therapy for so many.

  9. Just Me says:

    Thanks, AKM. You have always done such a great job in showing us all what a real phony she is. Bye Scarah. I don’t think you will be able to scare anyone again. Many of my Alaska friends initially thought she was wonderful and I could never figure out why. Now they are all gone. Lonely will be her middle name henceforth.

    • Simple Mind says:

      I wouldn’t say good-bye just yet. Mrs. Palin has shown that her prime motivators are adoration and money. Neither comes from sitting quietly on Wasilla Lake, getting her kids off to school. On the other hand, I do not think she will run for anything. That means actual hard work, going up one-on-one with someone who probably reasons and speaks better than she does and the real possibility she’d lose. If a Republican won the Presidency, I could see her angling for some kind of glory appointment – maybe the head of some commission so that she could have a title and get credit for the staff’s work. Still, I doubt even Perry is dumb enough to have Palin inside the tent. More likely, Palin will become an Ann Coulter-Pat Buchanan-type talking head, trotted out whenever the TV producer wants some outrageous statement to get the juices running.

  10. Thanks, AKM, for once again putting things in proper perspective. I think the name tag says it all. Can someone please make sure that she starts wearing it everywhere? We wouldn’t want people to be confused about who she is. And maybe it will help her figure it out – I don’t think she has yet.

    Sounds like some of the faithful are starting to see a little light and it sounds like John Z definitely has. What will she do when she no longer has all those people telling the rest of us how wonderful she is. Will she really fade away? I certainly hope so. We’ve been waiting for that to happen since September 2008 – which means she has overstayed her welcome three years too long.

  11. Lacy Lady says:

    Just wondering if Fox News will keep her on the payroll? Think that is why Huckabee is still there—fiuilling his pockets.

  12. OMG says:

    Great column in the LA Times today: Palin pulls a Palin

    “Palin lamented recently to her Fox TV pal Greta Van Susteren that the contest for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination had become just another of Burnett’s reality television shows. She was right about that. All that happened Wednesday was that Sarah Palin voted herself off the island.”,0,5458013.story

  13. OMG says:

    It’s been pointed out by so many that Palin basically swindled her followers…how long will it take the faithful to realize this?

  14. mike from iowa says:

    We cain’t hardly miss you.if you won’t go away. The chain has been broken,there is a landslide coming. Go away. Get thee behind me. Removest thou prescence from mine. Hit the road. Take a hike. I think I hear your Mother calling. Putin’s on the line. Go fish. Go play in the traffic. Stick a fork in yourself,you are so over. Turn out the lights.Absence makes the heart go flounder. Act like a tree and leave. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Last one out,turn out the lights. The party is over.Your family needs a Mother. You’re sposed to dance with the one’s that brung you. Ta ta.Buh-bye.Shoo. Beat it. Scat. Mush. Heave ho. Move on. You’re toast. Peace,love,dope. Now get the hell outa here. Merry Christmas. Trick or treat. Boo! They don’t wantcha here. Exit stage left. Vamoose. Ciao.Give my regards to Wasilla Way. Come back when you grow up. See ya. …….

  15. SK says:

    Countdown to the Palin divorce of 2013 starts….NOW

    One way or the other, she’ll be history. Either Obama will be re-elected in 2012, or we’ll have Rick Perry in the White House. Neither helps her notoriety much.

    March is the month to watch for.

  16. EatWildFish says:

    Reports show a nearly empty arena at the St. Louis gig and $arah is lookin’ puffy and tired.

    There are pix of her suckin’ down vodka cocktails on the plane starting to show up also too. ….

    AKM, thanks for another brilliantly written article.

  17. leenie17 says:

    I think Palin was waiting for the crush of followers she thinks she still has, along with the leaders of the GOP, to beg and plead for her to run, and it must have infuriated her to see that they went chasing after Christie instead.

    The media will quickly begin to ignore her as someone who really has no political power now that she’s taken herself out of the running and no longer provides the ratings bounce they want.

    Many of her Sea of Pee-ers are turning on her, feeling betrayed and used. Her family has been bailing on her for months, putting as much physical and emotional distance as they can between themselves and her. Roger Ailes is insulting her and her colleagues at Faux are mocking her. Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt are telling the world what a dangerous lunatic she is and she’s being abandoned by everyone she counted on to lick her boots (or at least pretend to), even John Ziegler.

    She’s like a longtime drug addict heading for a major case of withdrawal as the spotlight gets turned off and the drooling sycophants disappear. If I were her family (what’s still left in Wasilla), I’d be keeping the name and number of a good local mental health professional handy because she’s heading for a major implosion and it will NOT be pretty.

  18. Lynn in VA says:

    Sadly, there still seem to be loads of delusional bots down here in SW Virginia… Mooselini is speaking at the Extraordinary Women conference at Liberty University tonight, and the Kool-Aid is flowing freely according to the local news media… {sigh}

  19. karen marie says:

    According to Bristol on June 28th, Palin had already made up her mind. All the begging for contributions was done under false pretenses.

    Stupid never learns.

  20. Kay Sarah Sarah says:

    There’s only one final headline I’d like to see before Palin disappears forever:

    “Ex-Palin Supporters Win Class Action Suit For Campaign Donation Fraud –
    Judge Awards Maximum, Palin Accounts Frozen, ‘Bankruptcy Disallowed’ Says Turncoat Todd'”

  21. $arah…. Donkey smell….!

  22. Kristi B says:

    As an observer in NM, all I can say is, thank god, and for your sake, I sure hope the whole dang clan moves on elsewhere. Thank you for such great first-line reporting. I love your blog!

  23. tallimat says:

    I often wonder about high Alaskan approval ratings.
    First, were then at all manipulated by The Quitters henchmen?
    Second, did the high approval ratings get a “up ticks” because of the mantra flowin back then, i.e. It is Alaska’s oil.

    In any case, The Quitter is rotten toast in Alaska.

    • Sally says:

      The ratings came about because she pushed through huge oil taxes, and then nearly doubled the yearly (socialist) checks every Alaskan receives. Of course her ratings were high.

  24. DonnaInMichigan says:

    IF a Republican wins the Presidency ( I know I am trying to bite my tongue on that one), then Sarah will become irrelevant. The only schtick she has is bashing Obama. If he doesn’t win re-election, who will she attack? Certainly not a member of her own party.

    She won’t financially support another candidate, and any candidate running for office, will NOT want her going up on stage and using the same type of language she did in the 2008 election………she is now political poison.

    • Sally says:

      I disagree. She has already attacked every GOP candidate…she would not stop if one of them fixed the election ad won. In fact, she’d be out there promoting herself for a Cabinet post no doubt. And still whining about the media, government, blah blah blah. Tonight at the Christian Women’s event, she talked about how very important family is. Would that she ever showed an ounce of maternal instinct. Ever. She is such a fraud, and now the CofPee-ers know it too.

  25. WakeUpAmerica says:

    Hahahahaha! Funny post, AKM! I love it!

  26. BeeJay says:

    She won’t get elected down here in AZ. Too many locals will not let her run. Ever. Redistricting for Congress is going on, and she would not be welcomed with open arms by the Repug establishment, especially those having to run in what are likely to be ‘new’ districts with different dynamics. We won’t suddenly turn Blue (damn!), but it will be a switch for a lot of people.

    Senate? Even less likely than the House. Governor? HAH! With her baggage? We’ve already got a bats**t crazy Repub gov, one’s enough, thanks!

    No, better she just stays out by the pool and turns into a dried-out prune. It’ll only take a couple of weeks, and she’ll never get ‘it’ back… 😉

  27. laingirl says:

    AKM, this is a very good post. Thank you! It will be interesting to find out how much money her PAC receive in the 4th quarter of the year.

  28. Lynne says:

    No problem. I’m sure she’ll have all that SarahPAC money spent before she can do any election damage with it.

  29. muldoon says:

    I am no Palin hater. My disgust is reserved for the MSM and a political process that thrusts the prettiest mentally ill resident in the equivalent of the lowest rent trailer park into national prominence, and tries to pass her off as presidential material.

    To me, this is unforgivable.

  30. mike from iowa says:

    To my favorite ex,half-guv of America’s largest incorporated land mass,there are a few of life’s little inconsistencies you need to ponder and master. You don’t like labels and yet you collect new ones every time you utter -utter non-sense,which coincides with you stating your opinions. You apparently don’t value friendly advice because you consistently burn bridges while you are still standing on them.Every person that has ever worked their hearts out for you have been tossed under your bus when they are of no future use. Your whole existence has been a political cartoon. You are the quintessential Wile E. Coyote to everyone’s Roadrunner. No matter how many times Obama’s birth certificate has been shown you chase it off the cliff and soon you have no where to go but buh-bye. Of course I’d never assume to think it was your fault.How could it be,the whole world is out to get the rogue mama grizzly. Fortunately,Winter is close by. Go find a nice snug cave in a far away place(like Russia) and sleep and dream of the better person you should be,if you wake up in six months. Be sure to eat plenty of fresh uncontaminated salmon to put on those necessary pounds before beddy-by. Don’t forget to floss after gorging. Why you don’t even have to share a cave with any family members this year,you managed to ostracize the whole damn bunch. Blame Mansour when you awaken next Spring. Night-night and I hope the bed bugs bite hard. Don’t forget to say a prayer for your last BFF Greta,you’ll need her.

  31. I See Villages From My House says:

    Uh, AKM, you spelled Irrelevant correctly. . .and on a sticker instead of an illegible scribble on her palm. . .somehow asking for money.

  32. ..and on to other things… and healthier topics.

  33. Evie says:

    All I can say is WOW!!!! Ziegler is letting her have it!

    Editorial by John Ziegler

  34. Moles says:

    I doubt whether becoming irrelevant has even crossed her mind. I think her mind set is so out of whack that she believes people will still hang on her every word and continue to press her for interviews to get her opinions. When no cameras follow her and nobody shoves a microphone in her face, what’s her reaction going to be? I think it will be total disbelief and will very likely unhinge her.

  35. Dia says:

    Ding Dong.

    It’s not like she’ll go away, though; she’ll just ramp it up like she did crashing other people’s parties on the bus tour, etc., ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

  36. far from fenway fan says:

    Sarah Palin: End of a Error

  37. Zyxomma says:

    Now, let’s see how much of that 1.4 million she has on hand goes to elect RWNJs in ’12, and how many endorsements are sought from the figurehead of the Tealiban.

    • benlomond2 says:

      …It will be the bare min in order to qualify as a PAC, won’t be sent out until just before the deadline, and will be to congressmen who are of no consquence on the national stage….. just like her previous donations… and MAYBE a token donation for a Down’s Syndrone charity…. which will be MUCH less than she spends on any other service listed on the tally sheet..

  38. A Fan From Chicago says:

    AKM – This is so to the point, and well illustrated and mostly understated because that is what a breath takingly ill-equipped, self-awareness challenged, mentally compromised person deserves. I think we all needed a day or two to get our heads around it.

    Let none of us believe for a minute that she has left the stage. She herself told us about the concept of not retreating, but reloading . And equally famously not retreating but advancing in a different direction.

    (Are laws of physics being violated by that kind of thinking?)

    What other sites have shown us about her message, and most importantly appearance, at the forum in St.Louis with Glenn Beck last night, she is the undead. Just keeps coming back, though I think fewer people/groups will care about it.

    Lou, how can we miss you if you won’t go away.

    • laurie says:

      Yup. Just keeps coming back like those flat roaches that are so hard to kill.

    • yukonbushgrma says:

      And, scarier yet, I still don’t think she’s gone away for 2012. Even more now, it wouldn’t surprise me if she showed up as 3rd Party. She doesn’t have to enter right away — in fact, delaying could help her avoid those terrible debates! How late can she enter as 3rd Party? Bet it could be quite some time from now …….

      Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I won’t believe she’s gone away until I complete my ballot next November. (2016, too.)

  39. m says:

    Her endorsement is THE kiss of death.
    She swindled $ from her crazy fans.

    She is greedy. And she is no grizzly bear but a hyena.

    These 2 videos pretty much sums it up:—take-the-money-and-don-t-run

    • Those were great. I loved it that both cited that goofy letter that went out to her supporters just a few weeks ago. And do most of those supporters really believe that no one else knows what they are doing? There was the one comment where one of them asked how the media got hold of that letter because it hadn’t been released. Well, gee, do they really think that someone wouldn’t sign up just to get all that information first hand? I love the connection that JS makes to Bristol knowing what her mom was going to do way back in June. I hope they can use that to make her pay back some of that money.

    • Diane says:

      Her fans never accepted that we didn’t hate palin.
      We saw through her and called her on her hypocrisy, lies and laziness. Many of them still don’t get it and will follow her to the bitter end. (A multi million dollar house in Arizona).

      That poor boy, the republicans are so mean to him. And he thinks palin is nice and cuddly? He must have a high pain tolerance and low BS threshold.

  40. Ratfish says:

    Out of sight.

    Out of mind is next (hopefully).

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