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Palin Returns to Anti-GOP Roots

As the immediate past Vice Presidential nominee, it’s hardly surprising that most people outside Alaska view Sarah Palin as a card-carrying member of the GOP establishment. Despite her husband Todd’s seven year dalliance with the secessionist Alaska Independence Party, and his quiet conversion to the GOP when his wife decided to run for office, Sarah has always been a party member—technically. Many are perplexed that Palin “suddenly” has turned against the very establishment that brought her national fame, and is now throwing her support (albeit not a formal endorsement) behind Newt Gingrich and against the party’s presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney.

What surprised onlookers don’t realize is that going from toeing the line as the party’s VP pick to her new role as bomb thrower is, to Palin, like slipping out of those shiny red high heels and into a nice comfy old pair of running shoes. She’s back in her element. The truth is that the only political tactic that ever won Sarah Palin an election—from Mayor of Wasilla to Governor of Alaska—was proclaiming herself the outsider, and railing against the powers-that-be. As the expression goes, she’s not the one inside the tent pissing out, she’s the one outside the tent pissing in. And she likes it that way.

In 2006, Palin was facing an incumbent Republican in the Alaska gubernatorial primary. Corruption was widespread in the Alaska legislature, and oil companies were purchasing their very own lawmakers, sometimes for as little as a few thousand dollars a pop. After an FBI raid, microphoned informants, hidden cameras in hotel rooms, and cash changing hands, 10 percent of the legislature (Republicans all) ended up indicted for bribery related offenses. The Governor at the time, Frank Murkowski, was trying to rush approval of a Petroleum Profits Tax—negotiated behind closed doors and highly favorable to oil companies who were eager to take as much as they could get at the expense of Alaska citizens.

It was easy to find fault with the Republican party in 2006, and Palin did just that. She rose up from near obscurity, red-suited, fresh-faced, like Joan of Arc ready to take on an army of evil-doers who were running the show. “The machine,” “the good ol’ boys’ network,” “the establishment,” “evil-doers”—these phrases flowed from her lips like a mantra. In fact, literal comparisons to Joan of Arc, King David, and the biblical Queen Esther peppered the emails of support she got from fans. Palin welcomed the allusions. She quite literally believed that God had called her to take on the fight. He had a plan for her. However, the political pragmatist in her knew not to wear her religious zealotry on her sleeve, and those who inhabited that world with her saw the wisdom in it. Mainstream they are not.

Palin’s is not a religion where a quick crossing of oneself in the end zone, a “God bless America,” or a sticky fish on the bumper of the SUV is sufficient. She lives in a world of divine interventions, laying on of hands, secret prayer teams, Providence, Destiny, casting out witches, prayer warriors, intercession, visions and dreams from seers sent through email, or on slips of paper passed at rallies… It is a Dungeons and Dragons world of magic, treachery, and Good with a capital G vs. Evil with a capital E. The world is pregnant with secret meaning. Signs are everywhere. One can imagine a long-ago Sarah as one of those children who plays dress-up, puts on the tiara and doesn’t just pretend she’s a princess—she becomes one.

This is why it is sometimes so difficult and frustrating for politicos to predict what Palin may do next. It all depends on what God wants, and how he delivers his message. The one constant is that if God opens a door, it’s not just an invitation to plow through—it’s a mandate. Palin has thereby become a living example of some sort of divine, political Peter Principle—she has risen to and exceeded her own level of incompetence.

She is not intellectually curious because she doesn’t need to be. She doesn’t know much because it’s not necessary that she does. And she really doesn’t have an overriding political philosophy, because she will be presented with people who will act as instruments of advancement and who’ll tell her what she needs to say. “God brought us together,” she told her inner circle as governor. Everything will work out as it was meant to be. She will arrive at whatever the destination is, whenever the time is right, with a small and tightly knit circle of confidants around her. She can only function through that inner circle.

As long as she is the devoted martyr, the populist Everyman, eyes gazing upward, standing strong against the forces of evil, suffering the injustices and untruths, little else matters.

And as much as Governor Palin hated the villains (the Alaska Republican Party), they hated her right back. She ousted Gov. Frank Murkowski with more than 50% of the vote in a three-way race for the Republican nomination. She clobbered popular former two-term Democratic governor Tony Knowles in the general election. And then once in office, she did the unforgivable. She worked with Democrats in the legislature to revamp Alaska’s oil tax policy, stuck a stake in the heart of Murkowski’s oil-friendly Petroleum Profits Tax, and replaced it with something called ACES (Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share). She wrote every Alaskan man, woman and child an energy rebate check for $1200 to help ease the cost of high energy bills. She went toe to toe with members of her own party in leadership positions, who’d built careers kowtowing to big oil. She praised Obama’s energy plan.

Of course, her administration wasn’t all smooth sailing. Despite the political talents she possessed, her own narcissism, obsessive tendencies, cronyism, middle school drama, truth twisting, and need to settle personal scores emphasized her incompetence as a leader. But using the GOP as target practice was a delicious indulgence for Palin—and its time has come again on the national scene.

Even during the 2008 race, it was almost unbearable for Palin to play ball and do as she was told. At that time, the opportunity ahead didn’t call for working with Dems and throwing darts at Republicans, nor did it call for compromise or praise where it was due. The door was open, and this time it called for brass knuckles. Nobody was going to tell her that Michigan was out of play. Nobody was going to tell her not to talk about Obama palling around with terrorists. Nobody was going to tell her to sit down and shut up on election night. Nobody puts Sarah in the corner.

Her latest quip for the 2012 election cycle  is that the Republican party is “Stalinesque.” Other than perhaps knowing that Stalin came from that country you can see from Alaska, it’s doubtful that analogy sprang forth from her own grey matter. But Palin has surrounded herself with a fresh new “inner circle” that knows of such things, and has been delivered to her. They are the Cyrano to her Christian de Neuvillette. They whisper “Stalinesque” and other smart things from the rose bushes, and she stands in the moonlight, speaking the mavericky words of insurgency to the camera, eyes shining, and beams of righteous light emanating from her like a halo.

In a 2009 email, after being uninvited to speak at a Republican event, Palin had quite a bit to say about Newt Gingrich, the man she now defends.

…Yes, (Newt/GOP) are egotistical, narrow minded machine goons... but all the more reason God protected me from getting up on stage in front of 5000 political and media “elites” to praise him, then it be shown across the nation. At some point Newt would have shown his true colors anyway and we would have been devastated having known we’d earlier prostituted ourselves up in front of the country introducing him and acting like that good ol’ rich white guy is the savior of the party.

Plus, I had nothing to wear, and God knew that too. Party machinery sucks. I can’t tell you how much I hate it – nothing ever changes – we went through it before and after the VP campaign… I’ve gone through it all my career. We just don’t fit into it, and maybe we should thank God for that. [From Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin – A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years]

The blatant hypocrisy of it will not occur to her. That was then and this is now. Then, he was the establishment, the machine, the good ol’ boy, the goon—everything she despised. But now, Mitt Romney is the golden boy of the party and Newt has become the outcast—the misunderstood, the Rogue. It’s a new day of dress-up. A new fairy tale. Regardless of her costume du jour—newscaster, sex symbol, fisherman, hunter, hockey mom—she’ll be playing the same role.  And there’s a new good guy and a new bad guy. All she knows is that’s the way it worked out, and if this is where she was meant to be, then so be it.

It’s also interesting to note, that back in 2006, Palin’s other Republican rival was Fairbanks businessman John Binkley. Palin referred to him as “the machine candidate”, “Rich Man Binkley” with his “cheesy smile,” and even hesitated about using a particular local pollster because he was Binkley’s “mormon bro'” and it might affect his loyalty to her. Fair warning to Mitt Romney—Palin is no stranger to snarking at rich, smiling machine Mormons.

~John Binkley

Whether Palin will attempt to jump in the race this time, make her move at convention time, wait until 2016, or take a different path entirely will depend on factors as of yet unknown. A door will open, a cast of characters will present itself, and Palin will do whatever needs to be done. Whatever it is, rest assured it will not be with the blessing of the “machine.”



82 Responses to “Palin Returns to Anti-GOP Roots”
  1. rharwell says:

    Just for your own interest, this site will not open on HufPost and is blocked for some reason. Excellent article. I had to access through Google.

  2. Rick says:

    I was with you until the last paragraph.

    Sarah Palin will never run for office again. That’s not what she’s about. She’s about making enough noise that people will give her money. PERIOD.

  3. Kalena says:

    AKM, This article is on Huffington’s political page but the link appears to be broken. Is there anything you can do or get them to do to fix it? This is such a good read!

  4. Irishgirl says:

    AKM, your post at HuffPo goes to a dead link.

  5. Judi says:

    Mo Di…..I do not know very much about the Mormon religion…except for my encounter years ago with two missionary boys who were about the same age as my husband and I at the time. We had them over for dinner several times as they were far from their home in Utah. We discussed and debated some of the issues (which I think the church since has changed their view on..such as women and dark skinned people not being advanced enough to be able to have leadership roles in the church..). They even gave me a Book of Mormon which I still have.

    My other encounters are in the ads I see on TV on family values, which to me are outstanding.

    Seems to me, like every other religion I have encountered, there is good and bad in it. I too do not like to see any religion bashed due to their views (well westboro church is clearly one exception)

    I do not like Mitt…not due to his religion…rather due to his cocky Mr 1% non understanding non caring about the rest of the 99% of us

    • MoDi says:

      I certainly agree about Westboro “church” being an exception.

      And I don’t like Mitt either – I would never in a million years vote for him. To me, he is a poor example of a Christian, Mormon, and human being.

  6. Itchybiscuit says:

    Sarah Palin: ‘Palling around with stupidity’. In fact, they’re BFF.

    Even all the way over here in Scotland, I continue to be appalled by her.

  7. mudkitten says:

    I can’t believe it. For the first time ever, there is actually something that I agree with Palin about. Binkley sure has a cheesy smile.

    Great post!

  8. Wonderfull article, Thanks much.
    HOWEVER, what’s all this God talk and Family Values biz. Ever notice what dancing daughter said about “giving the finger” to all those who don’t like her mom?
    And then the second kid who dissed the lady in Homer with the uglist saying there is in the English langage? These and other filthy popular slang utterances were never used in my Christian family when I was growing up.
    Explain again about this blind devotion to God.

  9. North of the Range says:

    Great post, thanks very much!

  10. The great, hairless Northern succubus rouses herself from her winters’ sleep: she needs to find more souls to devour….for her personal amusement.

  11. Alaska Pi says:

    Oh my.
    Why’d she pick Gingrich? Why not Paul?
    Why’d she back pedal on her own relatively astute take on Mr Ginrich from before? Did she, as usual, forget her words were written down and can be referred to?
    whatzername the outsider?
    Ms phoney baloney who took part in the RGA ad scam when Romney was RGA head?
    Yeah right, sure.
    Suck it right up don’t you, Sarah, when it advances you, don’t you?
    Outsider, my buns.
    Opportunist, yes.
    Outsider- not a chance but a fun game to play, I guess.

    • mudkitten says:

      Why not Paul? She likes war too much.

      • benlomond2 says:

        especially as SHE’ll never have to pick up a weapon and sight it on another human being ! Ever notice that most of those clamoring for war, never experienced themselves….???

      • Alaska Pi says:

        Is why I think she’s just playing at the outsider routine.
        As AKM points out, it has worked for whatzername in the past here at the local and state level but she really doesn’t work outside the framework of party politics- not really, not even with the tea party silliness since 2008/2009.
        Even the reaching-across-the-aisle routine to pass ACES was not outsidey-ness. The will was there , across the board, to change the oil tax mess Murkowski made .
        It’s all about shaking up the internal order of the Republicans by an insider and calling it outsidey-ness and her own personal advancement.
        She’s been a registered Republican since 1982 in this state where the bulk of voters do not register as affiliated with parties.
        Opportunist, yes.
        Outsider, no.

    • Rick says:

      It’s as simple as Newt promised her a job. But the reason she didn’t come out with a full fledged endorsement is that she has to keep her options open because if Newt loses, she has to find another sugar daddy. Her time is short with FOX, then she has nothing.

      It’s as simple as that. With Sarah Palin it’s always the most simple answer. Don’t try to make it complicated.

  12. EatWildFish says:

    A lot of the Quitter’s popularity stemmed from the fact that $he ‘was hot’ – in the words of Fox/Roger Ailes.

    $he is lookin’ mighty aged and tired now, and her many ill fitting wigs and ridiculous outfits are making her even more of a laughingstock, as is her ongoing word salad. As her looks continue to fade, hopefully, this delusional half time half wit will also,

  13. AKM, thanks for reminding us of all that Palin is. Some are convinced that since her 15 minutes ended along with the 2008 election, that would be the last we would see of her. How wrong they were (and thanks to you, we all knew it).

    But this is a good reminder of what can happen when people aren’t paying attention or their memories are two seconds long.

    Besides, there is enough history in this post so we can just send the link to all those who are bound to send us dumb emails when the election gets closer.

  14. jimzmum says:

    Thank you, AKM. Mrs. Palin’s nastiness continues to burble away. Her odd answers to scripted questions on FOX, coupled with her very strange facial tics, lead me to hope that someone cares about her enough to override her and get her some help. Why does FOX leave her on as a commentator, when she is so obviously no longer a boon to the GOP? Are they hoping that her eventual crash and burn will up their ratings?

    As for the chew toys? Stale. Very stale.

    • leenie17 says:

      I’ve been saying for a long time that she’s heading for a major implosion…and it will NOT be pretty.

      I just can’t decide if she’s going to end up running down the street in her red naughty monkey pumps and power jacket, fake booby bra wrapped on the outside, disjointed manifesto scrawled in Sharpie all over her body, tearing out what’s left of her hair and shrieking at imaginary enemies along the way OR if she’ll end up in a raggedy flannel bathrobe, curled in a fetal position under the dining room table, clutching a blackberry in one hand and a Crunchwrap in the other, alternately muttering incoherently and humming ‘Hail to the Chief’.

      Either way, anyone within a mile of her had better take cover. Sadly, I don’t anticipate anyone stepping in to help her before the complete meltdown occurs.

      • Dawn Runs Amok says:

        Thanks! I really needed a good laugh. I’m betting on the first outcome; although I foresee her meltdown being televised…hopefully on pay-per-view.

  15. ks sunflower says:

    Great post!

  16. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Sarah has single-handedly brought out the worst in the R party. It may slow down for awhile once they choose a chief mean boy & descend on the demoNcratic president, but it will continue to fester and tear them apart.

    Their party is completely stagnant. They can’t go forward, they don’t want change. They are mad at everybody. They merged with (sold out to) fanatics. What is fresh? What is global? What is about the future of society in our own or global communities? Nothing. They devolve.

    God did and does have a plan for Sarah. It’s called creating a virus! She has been introduced into that which ails and flails. She destroys from within and cannot escape her genetic coding. Eventually you will have a disaster of epic proportions to any structure subject to her viral influence. John McCain carried that virus right in the door as though he were a Trojan horse incarnate. Snark. Thanks McCain!

  17. David Otness says:

    In what I saw as a stunningly cynical and politically opportunistic move, JB joined the ABT before attempting his run for Gubernator…..
    Principles and all that.

  18. AKMuckraker says:

    I thought I’d let you guys have a couple chew toys today. 😉

    • fromthediagonal says:

      …and we will bounce the bones back at you, AKM, in hopes that there will be more scraps of wisdom thrown out way… 😉

    • UgaVic says:

      It stopped me from skimming remarks! Came up gagging and having to go back and read! After some chuckles I think I can just sit back again and leave the ‘chewing’ to those who seem to be getting some great bites in :-))
      Always a pleasure AKM, thanks!

    • LOL – those are the kind of chew toys that will make us foam at the mouth and gag as we spit them out. But thanks for the thought, AKM. We’re awake now.

    • formerwriter says:

      what an amazing write-up, akm! thank you for the excellent psycho-analysis of your ex-half gov. if people had only listened more to you and your fellow alaskan bloggers much earlier in the 2008 elections. i think they get it now, though. the ones who can read and think critically, anyway. thank you for the lovely post!

    • leenie17 says:

      The crazy is strong with these two.

  19. Irishgirl says:

    Palin is old news…I don’t think she can have a successful ressurection.

    Fingers crossed. 🙂

  20. KT says:

    Well, her whole family basically believes the same thing. They hate busybodies. They distrust overzealous and nosy government. Bare minimum. Look to Florida for advice on how to run a state.

    You have to give Sarah Palin one thing. She may be the biggest family person on the planet, with the strongest (fundamentally) family. They know what they believe and don’t let nosy aholes give them crap.

    That is commendable. I mean, cmon, how many people do you know who graduate high school early because they want to work?

    • Leota2 says:

      Oh my . . . . . .

    • Flying Pig Ranch says:

      Them’s the kinda family values that will really curl your hair…….slip your wig in disbelief.

    • jc in co says:

      huh? they either don’t graduate hs or mama buys them a diploma so they can get their mugshot on a gossip magazine cover and then drag their kids off to hollywood to star in a reality show. I don’t think anyone in the family is currently employed.

    • fromthediagonal says:

      KT… you obviously do not live in Florida, or you would know that Florida is not a state which one should look to for advice.

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      I live satire, and this is a great piece! Thanks!!!!!!!!

      But you are right about graduating high school early so they can work. I don’t know many people who have done that. I’ve known many who have dropped out, though. And in my family, several did graduate early to get a jump on college.

    • leenie17 says:

      “She may be the biggest hypocrite on the planet, with the most dysfunctional family. ”

      There…fixed it for ya!

    • Alaska Pi says:

      oh goody, AKM!
      We haven’t seen this kind of silliness since the VP run-flop days!
      Let us all clap for familes-who-all-believe-the-same-thing!
      It’s the single most important Alaskan value, nay, American value we could raise up for applause!
      Just what we need to meet our current and future challenges ! People who all believe the same thing!

      Strength lies in being surrounded by those who believe the same as you do?! Who would ever thunk it?! All ya gotta do is block out 5zillion other people and their stinky different POVs and you’re strong!?

      Jeez -this one reads like a joke or satire like Baker’s Dozen said…

    • Rick says:

      They distrust overzealous nosy government? Who are you kidding? You mean a government that would interfere with women’s reproductive rights? Or are you talking about a busybodies and a government who are overzealous about who can marry who and who you have sex with? Or are you really talking about people who call her on her BS?

      And yes, I have known many people in Alaska who have graduated early because they wanted to work. Sarah and her kids aren’t among that list tho.

  21. naughtymonkey says:

    Bravo, bravo!! AKM, one of the best, if not the best, of your posts ever!

  22. Judie says:

    I just wish the GOP would get back to its purest state. There are too many fringe elements infiltrating. The Republican platform is the best one for the nation. Democrats are needed because ideals are needed as a back burner things. But a country is not run on ideals. We aren’t not responsible for anyone but ourselves to be blunt. People are not charity cases by nature. Charity is good and people should WANT to help their neighbor, but it SHOULD NOT be mandated. We cannot punish those who are successful. There’s a reason people in places like Alaska are libertarian at heart. I am hearing a lot of support for Paul up there, though there’s a chance it COULD go Blue in Nov, which is sad. Alaskans should lead the way. Small government, hard work, no complaining about trivial bs. The government needs to stay out of housing/bank deals. They were the biggest reason the housing market collapsed. Banks didn’t just give bad loans to give bad loans. Those in DC who needed brownie points pressured them.

    I hate the government. No one is trustworthy. Just look at Obama’s biggest campaign lies and deceptions. I wish the media covered them. Maybe one day media will treat democrats as they treat republicans.

    • Flying Pig Ranch says:


    • Mo says:

      Hey moderators – Libtard gopher clean-up on Aisle 11.

    • beth. says:

      Umm…where to begin? beth.

    • The republican platform, whatever it has happened to be, has never been best for our nation, only for those who are already rich. Yes, we should want to help our neighbors, but the republicans idea of helping those who can’t do for themselves, is that they HAVE to rely on their neighbors or church or . . . What happens to them when the neighbor then falls on hard times or has a catastrophic illness in their own family? No more help for the neighbor and nowhere to turn, thanks to the republicans who could, frankly, care less about them. I think Romney’s latest stupid remark is more true than any republican who wants to stay in office would care to admit – he doesn’t care about the poor, and neither do they.

      I don’t hate the government. I do not like the obstruction that I have seen of late, and that is due mainly to the republicans who have lost their focus of what their job is when they are elected. They are not being sent to Washington to shut down the government or to keep anything from getting done so they can point fingers at President Obama and say that he hasn’t done anything.

      Anyone with half a brain can see through that smoke screen. The reason things haven’t been done is that republicans are better at sticking together to advance their agenda of keeping President Obama from being re-elected. But their biggest problem is going to be that even many republicans don’t like the candidates they are trying to foist on our country. And if they don’t like them, then why in the world do they think that independents or any Democrat would vote for them?

      I do agree with you that there are many fringe elements that have infiltrated the republican party. But you have only yourself to blame – you let them in the door and welcomed them with open arms. Now you have to cope with your deal made with the devil. The rest of us, thankfully, have someone else to vote for, someone we can respect and support.

    • fromthediagonal says:

      Judie… aren’t you quite the self righteous one?
      Forgive me if I do not exhibit much sympathy when the wheel turns upon your good fortune.

    • Chloe says:

      Are you nuts? You need to get back on your meds!

    • Baker's Dozen says:

      If Alaska is so libertarian, why do they take in more federal money than they give? The blue states are supporting Alaska.

      We don’t mind doing, it, really. Blue states are traditionally quite willing to help the needy. However, it gets old listening to those that benefit from our largesses moaning and groaning about big government. The ones that would benefit most from smaller government are the blue states.

      In other words, Alaska can afford to act all libertarian and secessionist because they are subsidized. And Alaska isn’t alone in that.

      • slipstream says:

        And let’s not forget that Alaska gives its residents a check every year. Free money from the government! What a great libertarian principle!

    • slipstream says:

      Just a question for Judie.

      The housing market collapsed when a guy named George W. Bush had been in the White House for almost eight years.

      How does that make the Republican platform the best one for the nation?

    • thomas says:

      I love you!

    • You are seeing the GOP in its’ pure state. The party of unbridled, unprincipled GREED.

    • benlomond2 says:

      We’re still puzzling out the lies and nefarious cover ups from 8 years of Republican misgoverment, and spending longer than she was in office , trying to get Scarah’s emails ! As for Republican platforms.. for the past year , they haven’t introduced ONE SINGLE BILL FOR CREATING JOBS- but have hundreds for giving tax breaks to corporations, or on “Family Values” – anti-abortion- , or religous tax breaks/social statements… Housing collasped because banks were successful in getting G-S gutted, allowing them to do loans in areas they shouldn’t be crossing over in.. far as Alaskan’s leading the way – There’s too many issues that are headed the wrong way for them to “Lead” the country with – “Pebble Mine, Oil industry stranglehold, Removing on infringing on First People’s constitutional rights, Religous intolerance of diverse life styles and diverse religous belief’s”.. and if the fringe elements have “infiltrated the Republican party, they have no one to blame but themselves – they’ve actually Welcomed back the Birch Society !! now THERE’S a party Platform to be proud of !

    • Alaska Pi says:

      Your comment has been chosen for an award!
      I count no fewer than 15 logical fallacies in your 2 paragraphs.
      Well done!!!!
      Your job now is to name them all!

      And hon- we do lead the way here!
      Our govt isn’t trustworthy!
      Not at all!
      Good on Alaska!
      Good on us!

      I’d kinda like it if our media treated we Dems like it treats our Repubs.
      That one I do agree with.
      It would mean we got a lot of coverage .
      But then anything is a lot compared to none.

    • mike fom iowa says:

      Sounds like someone just kicked a hog in the ass,HUH?

  23. BigPete says:

    Left Behind

    You can’t blame our Sarah for tiring of the unholy alliance between establishment bankers and preachers. There’s plenty of average heartland Republicans who are feeling duped.

    Santorum, the establishment evangelical choice, is receiving a fraction of the votes Huckabee received last primaries when the leading candidates were two establishment millionaires.

    It’s a good thing that many ‘real’ Americans don’t believe the Wall Street Mormon’s promise (he’s such a liar!) of knocking himself out on behalf of the middle class.

    • PollyinAK says:

      I researched/found a support group forum for ex-Mormons. When discussing Romney and his recent statement of how he didn’t care for poor people, a comment by one of the forum posters, reminded people of the Mormon stance that – the rich are righteous and the poor are either stupid or evil or both. You can read more about their beliefs at exmormon dot org.

      • MoDi says:

        “PollyinAk says: ……reminded people of the Mormon stance that – the rich are righteous and the poor are either stupid or evil or both. ”

        Oh, please! That is the most ridiculous bunch of hogwash I have ever heard of. I have been a Mormon for over 30 years, and if there is such a “Mormon stance” it’s the first I ever heard of it. Total B.S.!

        I have been reading this blog almost daily since a few days after SP’s nomination for VP in 2008. I seldom post, primarily because of the Mormon-bashing that goes on here by intelligent adults who should know better. I have not felt I would be welcome, or fit in.

        Every time I read here about how Mormons do/don’t believe/do this or that, it is almost always utterly ridiculous hearsay claptrap that has been passed on second-hand, third-hand, or even further on down the line. I have never seen one supposed Mormon “fact” presented by any commenter here, that is an actual fact. I see plenty of supposition, gossip, hearsay, misinformation, prejudice and outright lies put forth as “facts” about what Mormons believe/don’t believe; I see laughter about “magic underwear”. And none of you have the faintest idea what you are talking about.

        Usually, when I read all the ridiculous misinformation and Mormon-bashing, I just laugh it off and go on. But this post really takes the cake. Do you actually believe what you just wrote? If you do, then I feel sorry that you are so gullible.

        I have seen the site you mention, and I was appalled at the stuff written there, by so-called ex-Mormons. Did it ever occur to you that many or most of those people might be lying? That they may have some agenda, such as discrediting Mormons and their religion? That they will do or say anything to make us look bad? Such as lie? I can tell you that of the few minutes I spent on that site that the vast majority of it was out-and-out lies. I don’t think 99.999% of the people posting are ex-Mormons at all. They just want naive people to believe that, and they hope to influence those people not to investigate further. After all, if an “ex-Mormon” says it, it must be true, right?

        I will tell you a real fact: there are plenty of people of other religions, so-called Christians, that despise Mormons. They go out of their way to persecute us and our beliefs. They stand outside our churches and temples and harass us. They carry signs telling us we are not Christians, we are going to h.ell, that God hates us, and much worse. They hand out pamphlets to passersby reviling us.

        Where is freedom of religion? Many other so-called religions don’t believe in it, apparently. Not for anyone that is “different”, not for the “other”. Only for themselves.

        Okay, end of rant. I just hope that some of you will remember that there are probably some actual Mormons reading this blog, before you pass along some little bit of gossip or hearsay that you just happened to have “heard”.

  24. fromthediagonal says:

    I have missed you.
    We need your insights.
    Keep going!

  25. OMG says:

    Please send this to everyone you can think of. This is the picture of Sarah Palin that many know to be true but many still do not–mainly because they haven’t wanted to listen. But her fight for Gingrich has ruffled more than a few feathers. Send her quotes about Gingrich to someone at the National Review…send them to Ann Coulter, send them to Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post and find someone at Fox News that may actually challenge her on the subject–Judge Jeanine Ferris Pirro comes to mind (I know the mere mention of those people make us all gag but send them anyway). Palin will not hesitate to go after any conservative that crosses her and she’ll do it with her ‘fightin’ the machine’ banner flying.

    Palin is playing in the big leagues now and the big leagues can take her down. She keeps rising from the ashes and it’s time to sweep the ashes away…for good.

  26. Ben in SF says:

    If you match the “a” vowel, Stalinesque nearly rhymes with Palinesque.

  27. Mo says:

    Wow! This is a masterpiece.

    Is it going on HuffPo? It deserves more than that, of course, but the more eyes that read this, the better.

    Calling Bob Cesca…

  28. tallimat says:

    okay, auntie has spoke again…
    “Alaska’s Worst Governor Ever drinks from the troth of dirty and nasty… claiming her butt is always the victim… she believes knowledge and power comes from creating battles… her solution to a simple traffic safety concern, is to set up a lemonade stand for her kid to operate, at the heart of the unsafe traffic area… that troth of dirty and nasty doesn’t come with too many solutions… shes a mess…”

  29. Leota2 says:

    Yep, she is a bit of a roach . . . . I mean rogue. Naaahhh, I meant roach.

  30. Skagway Kid says:

    Give her all the rope she needs to destroy the republican party. I see a land slide for the President.

  31. Gimme-a-break, Sarah says:

    Thank you! You captured that mentality perfectly! And it sure explains a lot…..

  32. jadez says:

    palin is a destroyer .she is not a builder nor someone who has any interest in making things better.
    her satisfaction comes from trying to destroy everything she touches.
    thats why she refers to men as “impotent”, or having “no cojones”
    she always makes herself the victim because it gives her the excuse of never have to answer her critics or having to answer for her bizarre, actually insane behavior.
    it works with her small amount of like minded loons who see any criticism of palin as an attack on a woman who is just trying to make everything around her better.
    and thats the insanity of palin and her supporters.
    the reality of palin is actually the opposite of what she portrays herself to be.
    get it?

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