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September 17, 2021

Gov. Sean Parnell – Spinning the Numbers and Sticking it to Alaska’s Kids

By Rep. Les Gara

While I look for common ground with our Governor – like our efforts to keep pushing to find ways to build a natural gas pipeline (we agree a large diameter line that exports gas, produces low-cost gas, and brings in revenue is smarter than a small in-state line that brings us very high cost natural gas and no revenue) – I do disagree with him on educational policy.

Yesterday we had a hearing on the University of Alaska. Alaska ranks last in the nation in college attendance and graduation. So what’s the Governor’s plan? Well, he has declined the Board of Regents’ request for funds to provide courses in high demand job areas for which, because we don’t train enough Alaskans, employers have to bring in workers from out of state. That’s bad for the economy, and bad for Alaskans who want to remain in this state. The high demand areas are engineering, rural teaching, nursing, physical therapy and a few others. We should train Alaskans when there are jobs waiting for them in this state. I hope to work to reverse both this cut to the Board of Regents’ proposal, and his cut to an effort to raise University academic achievement with needed student advisors – a proposal that will work, and help get us out of one of those last in the nation rankings.

Likewise, I am frustrated with the Governor’s proposal to effectively cut education funding, by leaving it at the same level it was two years ago. He’s recognized every one of his agencies need funds to cover the cost of inflation. Except education. While every state agency has been given an inflation cost increase by the Governor in his proposed budget, he’s refused to allow for an inflation cost increase for school funding. Instead he’s funding our per student formula at the same level as two years ago. That will lead to increased failure and less success for the next generation. The following is a press release Rep. Pete Petersen and I sent out today on this subject.


Rep. Gara: Parnell Pumps Money Into All Agencies – Except Education

Proposed budget flat funds education, covers inflation increases for all other agencies

This year Governor Sean Parnell proposes to fund K-12 students at the same level as they were funded two years ago, yet his budget includes increases for every other state agency other than education.

“Freezing school funding to 2010 levels, without recognizing costs have gone up with inflation, translates into a major education cut. The proof’s in the pudding. It is causing schools across the state to plan for layoffs and the end of courses and summer school. The bottom line is that the Governor has granted state employees and bureaucrats inflation increases – just not kids,” said Rep. Les Gara.

Under the governor’s budget every state agency has been granted funds to recognize the reality of inflation. The governor’s salary and benefit increases for those agencies total roughly $45 million.

“School cuts don’t increase opportunity. Letting funding lag behind inflation – and letting it lag to 2010 levels, will only undercut our children’s opportunities to succeed in school and prepare for the workforce,” said Rep. Pete Petersen (D-Anchorage) who has taken the lead on legislation to make sure inflation does not eat away at school resources so schools can avoid cuts to teachers, staff and courses.

Alaska funds its schools by granting a certain amount of dollars per student under what’s called the base student allocation. Two years ago that amount was $5,680 per student. It remains the same under Governor Parnell’s budget this year. Combined inflation of roughly 5% in the years since the last funding adjustment has led to significant cut to school budgets. s when every other agency receives a funding increase to offset cost of living increases.

The governor has tried to shift the focus to other funds the Legislature put into schools starting around 2008, most of which the Legislature appropriated to make up for past inequities in rural and special needs education funding. While those funds helped rural schools and special education students, they too are being eaten away by inflation under the governor’s recent budgets and current proposal. Even with the money the governor is referencing from the Legislature’s 2008 plan, non-special education students in urban districts will receive no more funding under the governor’s proposal than they did two years ago.

Likewise, the Legislature wisely took a good step starting in fiscal year 2008, and offered help to local school districts to help pay for the multi-billion school district retirement system debt. That funding formula also has not changed since 2008.

So, while the governor has been taking credit for decisions the legislature made years ago, the fact is that he is proposing a per student funding level for next year that ignores the rising costs of providing education and is frozen at the same level it was two years ago. Even one time “fuel cost” funding added by the Legislature last year to help schools has been left out of the governor’s budget this year. As a result, Fairbanks, Juneau, and Anchorage school districts have announced major staffing cuts under the based on the governor’s proposed budget, and in Anchorage, officials are faced with the prospect of closing summer school for students who need the extra help to succeed.

Representatives Tuck, Gara, Kawasaki, Kerttula, and Gardner are co-sponsors of Rep. Petersen’s HB 143 to hold schools harmless from inflation.



10 Responses to “Gov. Sean Parnell – Spinning the Numbers and Sticking it to Alaska’s Kids”
  1. psminidivapa says:

    I keep saying, this is happening in EVERY STATE with a Republican Governor. My PA public school teacher colleagues and I have been working tirelessly (and, unfortunately, mostly in vain) to educate our citizenry about the benefit of public education and how decimating the educational spending in our state is not in anyone’s best interest. Unfortunately, our Governor, Tom Corbett – who’s campaign was financed by for-profit cyberschool and charter school companies’ CEOs and Dioceses leaders of Philly, P-burgh and Erie – has some favors to return! (BTW, Corbett also was PA’s AG who halfheartedly investigated the Penn State Sandusky scandal – because Sandusky’s charity Second Mile’s board members also were big campaign contributors – the half-hearted investigation allowed several other youngsters to be molested while he moved up, politically. Fortunately, his successor stepped it up after he stepped down!)

    See what’s going on in your state with education funding and MAKE SOME NOISE

  2. UgaVic says:

    Was glad to see this in the morning ‘paper’…

    Looks like some pressure is going to have to come from others besides parents. I believe if people would stop, think (I know hard for some) and dream about the future just a tad they would realize our young people are what will keep this country strong and without a top notched education all of the past is at risk!

  3. mike from iowa says:

    Rwnj guv of South Dakota is doing the same with education budget. Teachers etc. want an idea of future funding and guv wants a yearly budget. Must be Alec at work again.

  4. zyggy says:

    “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future” adding now, unless you are from Alaska, at least that is how I perceive Parnell’s vision.

  5. AKjah says:

    This couldn’t have anything to do with pushing a voucher system over public education could it?

  6. John says:

    The current year’s education funding includes a big chunk of money added at the last minute that is not part of the funding formula and is not slated to be provided this year. The Gov did not propose flat funding education, he has proposed a cut to education.

  7. Mo says:

    Another legacy of the pipeline? Keeping ’em as dumb and ignorant as they are in Oklahoma works just great for Republicans up here, too? Also?

  8. Alaska Pi says:

    I’ve been watching this with some confusion about what the Gov thinks he’s doing.

    “I really am not interested in changing formula programs of whatever kind, BSA increases or other kinds, because I think in these difficult economic times and very uncertain economic times the state needs to remain as liquid as we can,” Parnell said at a press conference Thursday.
    And then he asserts (as do his spokes-types) that he’s not interested in continuing things which he thinks haven’t yielded results statewide, If these things have increased graduation rates in Fairbanks this much, isn’t the question what and how to translate this success to other districts?–Parnell-proposes-education-budget?instance=home_news_window_left_top_1
    Sorry, gov.
    Hoping we can run right over the top of you and your dumb idea via our Legs.

  9. Andrea says:

    The allocation for students in Alaska is less than in Florida? That is unbelievable. I can’t imagine that expenses are less there in comparison, like heating.

    • John says:

      The 5680 is adjusted through the formula. But then the formula amount to be paid by the state is reduced by local contributions. It is complicated.

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