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July 28, 2021


Alaska GOP Goes Full Cannibal -

Friday, July 16, 2021

Shenanigans & a Secret Stalker! -

Friday, July 9, 2021

He’s Baaa-aaack! -

Friday, July 2, 2021

So, if Gays are Lima Beans, What are Socialists?

OK, we’ve heard the “gays are lima beans” analogy from Attorney General nominee Wayne Anthony Ross.

Now, here’s another odd food analogy from Congressman Don Young at the “Tea Party” in Wasilla yesterday.  Apparently socialists are consomme.

And what the heck is “interpaneurspiship”?

Don Young says socialism has never worked, because he was raised that way.  I guess he’s never used the library, or the roads, or the fire department, or the police, or went to public school.



417 Responses to “So, if Gays are Lima Beans, What are Socialists?”
  1. polarbear says:

    So Don, if socialism never worked, then of course you are against the Permanent Fund Dividend. Go ahead, Don. I dare you to publicly bash the Permanent Fund Dividend program. Also, you must be against the Indian Health Service and opposed to the Alaska Native Medical Center. Go ahead, Don. I dare you cut that socialist program – you know, the one that Lou’s relatives in Ft Yukon use. And my goodness, Social Security, how could you let Social Security survive? Come out for cutting Social Security, big Don. Don’t be shy. You owe yourself a little pleasure. Cut those evil socialist programs.

  2. Alaskan Sisu says:

    I’d also like to see HUGE SIGNS go up that say “WHERE IS THE FBI” – IMPEACH PALIN!

  3. PepperzMom (GA) says:

    Gotta wonder about 2 things:

    1) What is Doogan thinking about the power of the blogger?
    2) are the IMPEACH PALIN signs still up????

  4. Ms C says:

    I think he meant entre-manure-ship

  5. el from Saskatchewan says:

    There is something very different about this win!! And a win it definitely is. The election was monumental but I think this even tops that feeling. I believe it is because republicans didn’t rubber stamp this one just to side with a republican governor. They voted for the people of Alaska. It is a win for everyone who cares about democracy. If the lesgislature in Alaska can do it – we can too! It gives everyone new hope.

  6. Alaskan Sisu says:

    Truely, I’m so relieved over this, I’m from Juneau and I am not as concerned about the Senate seat as I was with this. I think a lot of people here feel the same way. This was clearly another looney tune move by the Governor. Ross has opened Pandora Palin’s bag of tricks and shown more Alaskans what’s inside her heart. Yep, Sarah has the ability to stir up with the wingnuts and have them attack the freedom of speech of her Alaskan constituency on the internet. She’s so predictable, this happened during the rural crisis, also. She had them up their divisiveness on the ADN blogs during the rural crisis and that’s when they started their abuse pattern. Her possee also sends clarification teams into the blogs which she does everytime she puts her foot in her ethically arrogant mouth.

  7. LiladyNY says:

    Power to the Pajama Clad Bloggers! and honest caring Legislators and ALL the progressive AK BLOGS!!!

    And now a round of thanks to all legislators who took the time to read the emails and letters and calls from the people they represent. This is a wonderful validation of the concerns of the Alaska Natives and the lives they wish to lead. It would be a great tragedy for that to be lost just as it is a tragedy every time a wolf is killed and a whale is killed and a little tiny seabird is not considered important enough to be protected. Keep it up all you good people!!!

  8. InJuneau says:

    Thanks to a commentor on PA, here is a link with the vote count:

  9. LiladyNY says:

    Oh Jeez. I go to eat dinner and look what happens. You guys did some great work there also. All the emails and letters and determined driving home how totally unqualified WAR is. Pats on the back all around. There. Also. Too. Thank you for the live blogging. This was more exciting than the World Series!

  10. Edie says:

    Canadian Neighbour Says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 1:27 PM
    To bad there is not a live feed of her speech tonight as Pallin too will be pissed!!
    I saw in comments on c4p someone alluding to a feed of her tonight….I had to see what they were saying after the WAR rejection. They are not happy campers

  11. Village Reader says:

    Congratulations Everyone!! I am very proud and extremely happy!!

  12. BPOINT says:

    BPOINT Says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 1:24 PM
    But is he still acting AG until someone else is confirmed?

  13. lyn says:

    35-23 A huge thank you from Kansas!

  14. califpat says:

    Wow! Just Wow! I was sitting here afraid to hear the results but unable to stop looking. Yes, We Did!! I am so proud to be a Mudpup and think all you guys are great! I heart all of you. You are incredible! Congratulations Alaska.

  15. MissSunshine says:

    Congratulations bloggers!! I am so proud of us!! BRAVO!

  16. Nebraska Native says:

    OMG… the server went down at work.. no transmission from the tubes was possible… thank you Prof and Irish and all those who kept up with this! GO ALASKA! So relieved, so glad! WHOOHOO!!!!

  17. CRFlats says:

    MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! (couldn’t help myself, sorry)

  18. CRFlats says:

    AKM, If you get a list of the R’s who voted against, please post. Would love to give thanks. I already e-mailed my R Rep and got a reply of “your [sic] welcome.”

  19. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    wow…..can you imagine how all the Natives feel? betchya there will be some “happy givin thanks” dancin and rejoicing. I bet they also feel hope and support.

  20. bubbles says:

    oh boy. so glad and happy alaskans. what a day.

  21. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    Can I breathe now? Is it OK to breathe, really breathe? Wow, that felt so great!! I agree with the poster who thanked our AK blue bloggers – they ALL did an outstanding job of digging, posting, investigating, and involving everyone else. I heart you all and truly feel that our state would be lost w/o you. That is an understatement by the way!

    I’m off to thank my legislators – need the list – can’t believe we really did this. I’m still in shock. We did something RIGHT?

    Think Palin, then think Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory’s wannabe princess spoiled brat, Veruca Salt (it’s a MATCH!):

    I want the world
    I want the whole world
    I want to lock it all up in my pocket
    It’s my bar of chocolate
    Give it to me

    I want today
    I want tomorrow
    I want to wear ’em like braids in my hair
    And I don’t want to share ’em

  22. BPOINT says:

    Sarah Palin Lost the W.A.R.

  23. Closet Mudpup says:


    The peeps4p are all asputter. Seems the AK Repubs don’t have anything in their … uh … teabags.

  24. BPOINT says:

    Juneau Senate seat update: Nelson withdraws

  25. Basheert from Arizona says:

    Congratulations ALL of you Alaskans. You DID IT – you made your legislature represent YOUR views.

    Now what will the wicked witch of the north country do to top this??

    Hold onto your hats..

    Great job guys! We in the Lower 48 Salute all of YOU!

  26. ct says:

    Amazing. I was on the edge of my seat all through it. Thank you, bloggers, and thank you Alaska legislators, all the way from New Mexico. It’s a great day.

  27. honestyinGov says:

    ADN sent out a Breaking News story with the vote count at 2:36.

    Legislature rejects Ross as AG
    CORRECTED — The Alaska Legislature today rejected Wayne Anthony Ross as attorney general. Meeting in joint session, lawmakers voted 35-23 against confirming the Anchorage attorney.

  28. zyggy says:

    I am so relieved for all of you Alaskans. I was in a meeting for an hour and away from my computer and was dreading to read the results, but you all came through for me.

    I’m so happy and excited for all of you, that I know the rest of my work day is screwed, I’m so not concentrating on my job today.

    Happy happy happy happy.

  29. el from Saskatchewan says:

    This may also be very interesting in the media coverage for Sarah. It has to steal the thunder from the Right to Life message. Kind of like a lose lose situation for Sarah!

  30. Mae says:

    I don’t know who all you people are.

    I once suspected AKM, as not a resident of Alaska, “cause them thar yellow boots, on the front of this site, ain’t muddy”.

    I am just thankful. My gosh am I thankful.

    I feel it is forums, blogs and comments that packed a big punch in the WAR of Alaska’s WAR and simply put, let me have hope for my kids.

    Quyaana, much Quyaana

  31. CRFlats says:

    austintx Says:
    “Uncle Ted got his law license back and ain’t no criminal no more…………….”

    I love your twisted take. You should move north, my friend.

  32. asiangrrlMN says:

    Thank you so very much, Alaska! Thank you, Alaskan legislature. Thank you, AKM, for you wonderful blog. Thank you, Professor Geezer and all the other live bloggers for keeping us updated.

    Dang. I am teary-eyed right now. Way to go!

  33. KaJo says:

    I’d like to see how C4P turns this resounding NO into some sort of affirmation of that 60% in popularity for GINO (which is actually 59.8%, but who’s counting? :D)

  34. leenie17 says:

    BIG sigh of relief and a “Woo-Hoo!” from this lower-48er!!!!! Congrats to all you Alaskans who kept up the pressure, and to the legislators who had the integrity to do the RIGHT thing instead of the politically safe thing. I feel like a pretzel…can I finally uncross my fingers, arms, legs, toes, eyes…?????

    Thanks (also, too) to the live bloggers who kept us posted on every excruciating development.

    Hey, one word of advice for anyone travelling with GINO right about now…DUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Sir_WilliamII says:

    So glad for the people of Alaska! W.A.R. is really of no use to anyone
    and should go bury his head in a snowbank somewhere. Good job!

    Bob from Maine.

  36. va_soccer_mom says:

    In my post above, everything in the quotes came from the T.S. website…my formatting didn’t post.

  37. pdx mb says:

    New threads…

  38. Tealwomin says:

    rebekkah, I KNOW WHAT YA MEAN! my hands were sweating from being held in the praying position…

  39. va_soccer_mom says:

    RE: Palin’s speech tonight…I had to venture into the scary TS website for this info (will NOT be doing that again for a while!), but if anyone thinks they can stomach watching it, here’s the info:

    “They are supposed to “live stream” her speech at Vanderburgh County
    Right to Life Banquet . This will take you to google, click on the top link.

    Once your [sic] on their page,scroll down a bit and on the left side you
    will see “Watch it on-line for free”

    The evening will begin at 7 pm.(cdt) Programming for the evening will
    include keynote speaker, Michael Steele and musical guest, Matthew
    West. Evansville, IN. is on the Central Time zone, Thats 8 p.m. for you
    Liberals on the east coast. ”

  40. honestyinGov says:

    Somebody has to get a picture of WAR’s face as the count was announced.
    It’s still “It’s a Wonderful Life”…. and grumpy old Mr. Potter has to leave the room.

    I am sure it will be on the blogs soon.
    I’ll bet flyinureye has got something going as we speak.

  41. austintx says:

    358 AKRaven Says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 1:32 PM
    Please don’t let this dampen the mood but… who will she nominate now? There must be someone out there who is just as bad and we will all go through this again.
    Uncle Ted got his law license back and ain’t no criminal no more…………….

  42. rebekkah says:

    Great! And, it’s a great way to lose 10 pounds of excess water, this last hour was like a sweat lodge!

  43. Professor Geezer says:

    @mmboucher, Stevens was a NO

  44. NMJ says:

    Since emails, phone calls, etc., were critical in this vote, please send kudos to those legislators who voted “NO”. They more than earned our thanks! Let them know how much we respect and appreciate their vote for the State of Alaska and its people…and not for personal or political reasons.

  45. libby says:

    AKM, thanks for giving us a place to hunker down through the rough part…and celebrate the outcome!!!

    I’m thinking a lot of lima beans should be sent to her office. I know they should at least grace a sign or two in Indiana and possibly at the airport in AK for her return trip.

  46. Tealwomin says:

    Palin will resign…stomppin’ feet mad that your ‘lawmakers’ aren’t ‘good lawmakers’ & as a show of support for rawWAR…

    ..but he has been put in the spotlight, so look for more crazy’ness from him, cause this rejection thing don’t mean NOTHING to him

  47. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    Rob in Ca Says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 1:31 PM

    Maybe we should all send Sarah a lima bean


    great idea!

  48. AKaurora says:

    Considering the Legislature is composed of 33 Rs and only 27 Ds, this vote (2 missing) of 35 against Ross and only 23 supporting him is a powerful message.

  49. yukonbushgrma says:

    @ sandra in oregon Says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 1:24 PM
    Hoooraaaay! Wonder how SP will respond. Probably the fault of the media.
    Naw, it’ll be those d@mn bloggers.

    @ va_soccer_mom Says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 1:27 PM
    YES!!! Anyone see a ballot initiative for an elected A.G. in Alaska’s future?
    I think that’s debatable. I’ve read some pretty good stuff from progressive types who question it — there are good arguments on each side. But personally I’d be for it.

    Right now I’m going to POMS all of the legislators and thank them (yes even the yes votes) for representing us today. THEN I’m going to ask them to take a long, hard look at our state laws for making appointments and confirmations. The circus we’ve been ‘enjoying’ for a month now has been a total waste of time for the legislature, and no one knows that better than they. While it’s fresh in their minds, it would be a good time to suggest procedural improvements in the process.

  50. mmboucher Florida says:

    Does anyone know how Pres. Stevens of the senate voted?

  51. AKRaven says:

    Please don’t let this dampen the mood but… who will she nominate now? There must be someone out there who is just as bad and we will all go through this again. Or, maybe she will re-nominate WAR like she did with the Dems appointment??? Of course, WAR can say that is legal. What a hoot!

  52. LadyInCali says:

    Woo Hoo!!! Thanks to all those who were live blogging! Congrats Alaska!!! A real victory for all of you!

  53. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    Power to the Pajama Clad Bloggers! and honest caring Legislators and ALL the progressive AK BLOGS!!!

  54. CorningNY says:

    OK, catch your breath mudflatters…this is only Round One in the Mad Sarah vs. the Legislature fight. As we have seen, Sarah keep popping back up like one of those Bop Bags.

    We all have to get ready for Round 2–who knows what that may bring!!

    Good Job Alaskans!

  55. Rob in Ca says:

    Maybe we should all send Sarah a lima bean?

  56. kljcager-ohio says:

    As the comments will continue to roll here…a special shout out for “Doogie” who helped maximize the “techno flats” of Mudflats!

  57. Canadian Neighbour says:

    I can almost hear the cheering through the computer!!

    AKM will have a hard time writting this next one as she will be too busy dancing and unable to sit to prepare it!!

    Great news for everyone up there!!! Congrats AK!!!!

    Thanks to all the live feeders to the lower 48 and places throughout the world!! Great job done by all. 🙂

  58. Can’t wait to see the look on her face when she leaves the office tonight (if she even went in to work)

  59. Donna says:

    I desperately want news of how he looks/anything he says.

  60. C. Rock says:

    Congrats Alaska YIPPY Hurray

  61. Tealwomin says:

    Congrats Alaska!

    N E X T

  62. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    do I feel a shift happening?

  63. AKRaven says:

    Great! Thank you legislature for doing the right thing. WOW independent minds!! Thanks again!!

  64. Nan says:

    UK Lady – LOVE it! Thanks for passing that on.

    Ohhh… what a relief.

  65. DonnaInMichigan says:

    God only knows what kind of world salad, that Palin has prepared for her 5-minute speech..she is to give….

  66. LurkerInWI says:

    I’ve been refreshing like mad. Congratulations, Alaskans. WAR is bad news.

  67. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    OMGoddess! Thank you! Alaskans dodged a bullet there!
    Did anyone get to see that SOB face when they took him down?
    I bet the queen is raging!
    Her blackberry probably off the hook 😀

  68. ds55 says:

    Yup, GINO’s stock just fell several points. If GINO’s buddies can’t count on her to get them a job, who can they trust?

  69. UK Lady says:

    Direct post from seefourpee

    “OH CRAP!!”


  70. Star says:

    wooo Hoooo WTG AK…. Sooooo happy for you…Good things come to those that wait!!!!! Made me a happy girl…Take that tothe bank GINO…LMAO

  71. drew from little ol texas says:

    Congratulations AK!!

    WAR is History!!

    Gino is next!!!

  72. Grandma Nancy says:

    Thank you all so much for your comments — think there were a lot of us sitting on the edge of our chairs and frantically reading until we knew for sure that WAR was voted down! Lots of sighs of relief…..

  73. va_soccer_mom says:

    YES!!! Anyone see a ballot initiative for an elected A.G. in Alaska’s future?

  74. Irishgirl says:

    Well they all mentioned how many emails they had received…….WAY TO GO ALASKANS!!!! 🙂

  75. yukonbushgrma says:

    OK guys –

    **NOW** it’s time to send this to Rachel Maddow.

    She would absolutely totally unequivocally LOVE this one!

    It might also make Keith’s “Worst Person in the World.”

    Wonder what Palin’s reaction is going to be ……. can’t you just see her stomping her feet and pounding her fists as her face turns beet red?

  76. NgrandmaY says:

    🙂 Congratulations Alaska 🙂

  77. Canadian Neighbour says:

    To bad there is not a live feed of her speech tonight as Pallin too will be pissed!!

  78. kljcager-ohio says:

    Yeah…what a afternoon! I celebrate AK’s confirmation process!

  79. Thank god! I was preparing to be the lone (loan) gunman for the Alaska Liberal-progressive movement. Now I can take a deep breath. and GOOD JOB to those that kept up the live blogging!

  80. DivaBabe says:

    Gays are lima beans, and WAR is TOAST!!!!

  81. penny says:

    Well done Alaskans! The world is watching! Going to take a celebratory swim in the ocean for you all! Floating all your worries away! Congratulations!

    penny in CR

  82. antiAnti says:

    happy dance – thanks for the live feed

  83. JBDC says:

    wow. GINO had another nomination rejected again also. you betcha. i am so happy for the citizens of Alaska!

  84. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Don’t anyone step on the road up there in the way of his Hummer — He’ll be pissed!!!

  85. Freakout in Kansas says:

    Yeeeeehaaaaawwwww! Thanks to the prof and other livebloggers!

  86. BPOINT says:

    The red hummer is now a grumbler.

  87. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    OMGoddess! Thank you! 😀 My computer crashed twice and the buffering was driving me crazy. The queen will be bitching tonight at her Right to life dinner, lol!

  88. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    THANK YOU to all those brave NO votes, we heart you!

  89. Mae says:

    Thank you all mighty aurora…
    thank you… I have less fear and a hell of a lot more hope for my children and thier children…

  90. yukonbushgrma says:


    BLOGGERS did this.

    Just think — almost every point brought up in this session today was covered in great detail by all the pajama-clad folks in Alaska.

    And WE CITIZENS did this too — because we cared, and we wrote our messages.


  91. Professor Geezer says:

    “The house is now in recess until 2:30 Alaskan time”

  92. pdx mb says:

    Yes, Irishgirl, it looks like it. Yippeee!

  93. EyeOnYou says:

    🙂 🙂

  94. Donna says:

    OMG!!! I am in tears over this. Thank you for posting–I have been a complete wreck.

    This is such a wonderful thing. If, as I have heard, they would have pulled Ross if they didn’t believe they’d have the votes, this has to be a huge blow to your dreadful governor. WOO HOO!!!

  95. 101528 says:

    Oh, I am happy for you Alaskans.

  96. AKaurora says:

    We need to congratulate all those Republican legislators who had the balls to do the right thing. OMG, I’m exhausted! What a relief!

  97. Professor Geezer says:


  98. Edie says:


  99. sandra in oregon says:

    Hoooraaaay! Wonder how SP will respond. Probably the fault of the media.

  100. NMJ says:

    Happy dance! Happy dance! (bouncing off wall, getting up, dancing, scaring cat)

  101. Physicsmom says:

    Yea! Clear victory for the anti-WAR groups.
    Thanks Alaska lege, Alaska bloggers and mudpuppies who made their wishes known. Great job AKM!

  102. DonnaInMichigan says:

    I just let out a HUGE wooo hoo…my cat Oreo went running under the table!

  103. CorningNY says:

    THWACK! That was the sound of the Legislature slapping Sarah in the face, saying THAT’S what we think of your choice for AG!


  104. BPOINT says:

    But is he still acting AG until someone else is confirmed?

  105. JBDC says:

    thanks for the blow-by-blow Prof Geezer and others–it was helpful for the moments when the buffering shut me out!

  106. Irishgirl says:

    God I lost it when Les was on….is that it for WAR then?

  107. austintx says:

    Guess I’ll have to cancel my congratulations gift………

  108. el from Saskatchewan says:

    Great for you Alaska.

  109. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:


  110. ds55 says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. There is a God.

  111. Forty Watt says:

    Great day, Alaska! We love you!

  112. Alaskan Sisu says:


  113. Rob in Ca says:


    The power of information and communication – congrats to all you active Alaskans!!!

  114. libby says:

    Now, I can breathe and my heart can stop racing.

    How will GINO give her 5-10 minute speech now? She is going to blow her top like that AK volcano!

  115. mainiac says:

    They voted him DOWN!!!!!

  116. JBDC says:

    so now does GINO send up another nomination, or a LIST with WAR at the top + 2 more suggestions, “in order”???

  117. UK Lady says:

    WOooooooo Fluffin’ HHhooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  118. pdx mb says:

    Congratulations Alaska! Job well done!!!! Does a happy dance ; )

  119. NMJ says:

    23 yeas, 35 nays! Hooray for Alaska!!!

  120. txindygirl says:

    23 yes
    35 no

    Nice going!

  121. Dragon Lady says:


  122. Rob in Ca says:


  123. Suchanut says:


  124. Professor Geezer says:


  125. JBDC says:

    7 yay-12nay in senate!!
    23 yea 35 nay!!!!! total

    WAY TO GO ALASKA!!!!!!

  126. txindygirl says:


  127. libby says:

    7 yea/12 no 23/35 final!! No confirmation!

  128. AKaurora says:

    23 yeas and 35 nays! YEA!!!!!!!!

  129. pdx mb says:

    Is he toast, then?

  130. Professor Geezer says:

    12 NAYS, 7 YEAS!!!

  131. CRFlats says:

    WAR LOST!!!

  132. txindygirl says:

    love those LOUD NOs!

    and the timid yeses.

  133. CRFlats says:

    Senate voted No

  134. Professor Geezer says:

    Now the real-time polling….

  135. yukonbushgrma says:

    Geezer, no!!!

    Keep it up! I’ve lost my audio!

  136. sandra in oregon says:

    Professor keep going! It is wonderful to have the variety of interpretations. Such fun!

  137. Professor Geezer says:

    23 NAYS!!! 16 YEAS???

  138. pdx mb says:

    Prof: you are doing great! thanks to all of you who are live-blogging, as it truly is an art!

  139. Professor Geezer says:

    I guess the vote is happening now?

  140. Mae says:

    hey munger this is your annonomouse…. lol

  141. JBDC says:

    Ack–the poll!

  142. libby says:

    Here is the vote…..

  143. Donna says:

    Geezer–you are not doing a horrible job! You are doing great!

  144. txindygirl says:

    don’t stop prof geezer. we need all hands on deck!

  145. CRFlats says:

    House voted NO

  146. Forty Watt says:

    Professor Geezer, you’re great!

  147. Rob in Ca says:

    voting now!

  148. wes_ben says:

    what’s the current count? and there are 59 to vote…correct?

  149. txindygirl says:

    i wish wielechowski and gara had followed french. they are so good, a few minds may have been changed …

  150. Professor Geezer says:

    Please, someone else take over! I feel like I’m doing a horrible job! 🙂

  151. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    Diva says Bill’s W. testimony is devastating!!!!

  152. JBDC says:

    Les says previous AGs were able to check their politics at the door. Using not using “scorched earth” policy in settling with Exxon over Valdez as evidence of previous AG judgement. Implication is WAR has no judgement.

  153. Mae says:

    May I take a moment in these times of Palin created turmol, to cast a hormone heat wave over the Wielechowski speech…. thank you the aurora, there is a great bunch of points for me to breath upon…..

    ya all need to relisten to Wielechowski …

    and now another moment of wonderful words… GARA is on and always HOT.

    (sorry i get a little charged over great words…)

  154. Professor Geezer says:

    Gara is explaining his bi-partisan approach to previous AG votes.

  155. yukonbushgrma says:


    Gara talking about judgment

  156. NgrandmaY says:

    Thanks so much for all the live blogging! Keeping my fingers crossed for Alaska.

  157. Somebody above listed Gatto as a “yes.” He didn’t say that, and may give us a plus one…

  158. Professor Geezer says:

    Oh! Thanks!!!!! Is it Gara! Fab! We know what he feels! NO!!

  159. LiladyNY says:

    OMG! I am on the edge of my seat! I know that you are in the fight for your very lives in the outcome of this vote! I have fingers crossed that right and decency will prevail.

  160. Professor Geezer says:

    Wilokowski was a strong NO. This new guy talking seems to think that WAR can’t check his politics at the door.

  161. Irishgirl says:

    Les Gara is on!!!!

  162. JBDC says:

    LES IS UP!

  163. Professor Geezer says:

    LOL, Irishgirl…

  164. Professor Geezer says:

    I don’t know who is talking now. He is also sounding like a No, already…

  165. Irishgirl says:

    Prof….I’m like your echo!!!

  166. libby says:

    The people who “know him the best” have given him unacceptable ratings.

    I’m thinking Wilokowski (sp?) is a definite no. Nice to see some spine!

  167. yukonbushgrma says:

    I’d be live-blogging too, if my dial-up wouldn’t keep cutting out and buffering all the time …..

    thanks to all of you for keep it up!!!!

  168. Professor Geezer says:

    W.A.R. gave an opinion about the three person appt. debacle…The Senate’s legal counsel said Ross was WRONG on his opinion/legal call.

  169. CRFlats says:

    oh yeah, WAR is in the gallery, and his color is bright red, unless that is just my set, though the others have normal color. Les Gara up now….

  170. Irishgirl says:

    His ratings are below par

  171. Professor Geezer says:

    Bringing up WAR’s rating as less than acceptable in terms of legal/judiciary…

  172. Mae says:

    Wielechowski (sp) brings up the PFD argument WAR will have to question!… oh my gosh, the dude (Wielechowski) gives me some Alaskan pride!

  173. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    penny, yes he’s there, someone said he looked steamed, lol

  174. Professor Geezer says:

    Now PFD checks are being discussed by Wilowkowsky–now talking about WAR’s qualifications…

  175. ColoradoGal says:

    Does anyone know aprroximately how many still have not voted?

  176. Irishgirl says:

    Talking about rape and domestic violence…buffering is killing me

  177. Canadian Neighbour says:

    CNN just reported that Steele is the keynote speaker and Palin is a guest. They are supposedly only giving her 5 to 10 minutes to speak — As Candy on CNN — a long way to come to speak for 5 or 10 mins.

  178. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    It’s a good thing these guys are going on the record!

  179. asiangrrlMN says:

    Thank you everyone for the dedicated live-blogging. I really appreciate it.

  180. Professor Geezer says:

    Wilokowski CLEARLY is against….he is still talking, now about rape victims.

  181. penny says:

    Is anyone watching the video? Is WAR there? I’d love to see his face, if he is.

  182. Irishgirl says:

    Weiochoswli (sp) sounding like a no

  183. Professor Geezer says:

    Wilokowski brings up degenerates phrase….has a binder full of statements..brings up Ross’ dissing of native sovereignty

  184. Mae says:

    Hoffman also stated that WAR has had plenty of opportunties to dispell his racist, trashy views of rural people.

  185. JBDC says:

    Wielechowski (sp) –looks like a NO

  186. Professor Geezer says:

    Wilokowski (sp.): we have a duty to confirm…the awesome power whether to give this seat…not just a rubber stamp…we have an obligation….inherent rights section of the constitution..all persons are equal…
    He must be a NO.

  187. penny says:

    Lost audio! Keep the updates coming pups!

    thanks, penny

  188. phoebe says:

    Oh God. He is such a simplistic moran. All these old timers seem to be lost in the 50’s when this sort of gee whiz politics was poplular.

  189. Mae says:

    Rep. Wagner (sp?) from Kenai area has seen WAR’s dirty deeds up close… DO NOT TRUST WAR !

  190. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    lol……from the diva…..

    Rep. Mike Hawker–R–Anchorage–personal friend of Ross–voting YES
    “Ross might be so far ahead that he belongs on a spaceship into the 23rd century”??????

    (diva)Try so far behind that he belongs in a cave with a club in his hand.

  191. Professor Geezer says:

    Hoffman: Over the years, confidence in Mr. Ross has not increased…Native organizations are consistently opposed

  192. Professor Geezer says:

    Hoffman – no.

  193. Mae says:

    my buddy Salmon will vote NO !!!!

  194. Memphis, NY says:

    I almost wish they would all shut up sit down and vote the suspense is making me crazy

  195. Professor Geezer says:

    Salmon doesn’t think WAR will rep all of the state–the poor and the rural areas.

  196. txindygirl says:

    I have:

    against: french, cissna, joule, gruenberg, kookesh, wagner, kertulla, hains, herron, salmon

    for: menard, newman, gatto, kelly, keller, dyson, huggins, hawker

    who abstained?

  197. Irishgirl says:

    Sounds like the next one might be a no

  198. Professor Geezer says:

    Rep. Salmon (sp.?) NO.

  199. txindygirl says:

    oh great. “zeal” trumps WAR’s own (nasty) words. thanks rep hawker.

  200. Irishgirl says:

    yes from hawker

  201. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    some on diva’s blog has a count of 7 for 7 against, 2 abstaining

  202. Professor Geezer says:

    Hawker is praising Ross’ “zeal”

  203. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Knowing how many of us are on the blog waiting for these super updates — Let me give another word of thanks to AKM & Mudflats Admin helpers for upgrading the server!!!

  204. txindygirl says:

    oh great, huggins thinks the fact that ross doesn’t act like a lawyer is good… kinda goes with palin who doesn’t act like a governor.

  205. Professor Geezer says:

    Rep. Hawker – Ross is his neighbor. I suppose he will be a yes.

  206. Canadian Neighbour says:

    The pea brains of those voting yes — using excuse that he loves his wife. WTF has loving his wife got to do with representing the citizens of the state.

  207. Specterchaos says:

    If he is approved is anyone going to file a lawsuit to block his swearing in?

  208. Professor Geezer says:

    I am so sorry–I am not keeping up with the names of whose speaking…Wish I had a list. Still the same guy speaking–a yes.

  209. Dragon Lady says:

    Lost it. Anyone counting? How many do they need to confirm?

  210. Specterchaos says:

    Damn, WAR should have been a tough guy in the 1800’s Alaska!

    Does that qualify him for AG in 2009?

  211. txindygirl says:

    oops! reverse

  212. Professor Geezer says:

    Now talking about Ross’ hummer….and the license tag of “W.A.R.”

  213. txindygirl says:

    With Huggins as a Yes, is it now

    9 for
    7 against


  214. el from Saskatchewan says:

    I am listening to it. Went to the audio stream instead of the video. It’s coming in well. THe yes’s all just talk about his family and how good they are.

  215. Professor Geezer says:

    Now talking about Barbara Ross at at gun show.

  216. asiangrrlMN says:

    I think every Mudflatter who lives in a ‘socialist’ country should e-mail Dan Young. What an idiot.

    As for Ross, I am bracing myself.

  217. Professor Geezer says:

    “Ross is a plain tough guy.”

  218. Professor Geezer says:

    Another new yes vote–says Ross is too candid for his own good. Brings up Elmer Keith.

  219. CRFlats says:

    WAR’s color is up. He looks like he could have steam coming out of his ears.

  220. Professor Geezer says:

    (I’m sorry–I think he was talking about someone with AIDS)

  221. Donna says:

    Celtic Diva says Heron is a no.

  222. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    Canadian Neighbor, I know! I need to mow before the rain comes but I can’t, lol.

    This is like Election night!

  223. Professor Geezer says:

    Dyson defends Ross’ defense of someone with AIDS.

  224. Professor Geezer says:

    Dyson is still talking. He is a yes.

  225. Irishgirl says:

    I’ve lost it again…keep on with the updates!!

  226. ColoradoGal says:

    Is there a total of the number of yes and no votes so far?

  227. bubbles says:

    thanks professor geezer. you’re doing good.

  228. CRFlats says:

    Dyson loves WAR big surprise.

  229. Professor Geezer says:

    Sen. Dicesom (sp.?) appreciates the frankness of the conversation . A yes vote for Ross. Loves his wife.

  230. Professor Geezer says:

    Rep. Keller? (sp?) Yes.

  231. Professor Geezer says:

    Herron (sp.?) keeps trying to placate Ross’ personality. But I guess it is a no? He doesn’t say.

  232. EyeOnYou says:

    Celtic Diva reports:
    Rep. Carl Gatto–R–Palmer (Mat-Su-Valley Palinbot) — sigh…FOR

  233. Professor Geezer says:

    Herron (sp?) does not like Ross’ answers to his question.

  234. rebekkah says:

    Gosh, this is like watching a slow train wreck – hang in there!

  235. Jlynn says:

    Canadian Neighbour – I know what you mean – I got off from work about 20 minutes ago but I don’t want to leave my computer until I know that WAR is rejected (HOPEFULLY)!

  236. txindygirl says:

    Gatto doesn’t sound good….he does not say how he will vote?

    But he did make one point – Will WAR defend the Gov? He thinks so…. bad omen for the rest of us if that is a concern of Gatto’s.

  237. Professor Geezer says:

    Herron is next up.

  238. AKaurora says:

    Gotto (R-Palmer) and Kelly (R-Fbks) agree with Ross.

  239. Professor Geezer says:

    Now, the next guy, defending tea-bagging…(sorry, didn’t get his name) Obviously will be a yes.

  240. Canadian Neighbour says:

    I’m laughing as I have to go grocery shopping — But can’t!! I can’t pull myself away from the computer of these great updates!!!

  241. Professor Geezer says:

    “Can and will this candidate defend the rights the state expects him to defend?” I don’t konw the answer, as he says his vote will reflected “on the board.”

  242. EyeOnYou says:

    crystalwolf aka caligrl Says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 12:46 PM
    Its completely stopped! Is Diva watching on TV or something???


  243. Professor Geezer says:

    Now another guy–don’t know his name–sorry–this guy says Ross changed over time. He is CONCERNED. But…he seems to be backpedaling…

  244. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    yes, I think she’s watching on cable tv

  245. Irishgirl says:

    Thomas votes no

  246. EyeOnYou says:

    Suchanut Says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 12:44 PM
    Say NO
    Where are you finding Diva’s comments?

  247. Professor Geezer says:

    Rep. Thomas is another NO vote.

  248. NMJ says:

    Several of the legislators have mentioned how many emails, letters, and calls they’ve gotten protesting the AG nomination!

  249. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    Hollis French call Ross a hypocrite

  250. Donna says:

    Geezer–don’t you DARE stop.

  251. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Its completely stopped! Is Diva watching on TV or something???

  252. EyeOnYou says:

    There are more Republicans than Democrats in the Legislature, though. Republican Senate President Gary Stevens said he thinks the Republicans will stick with Ross. McGuire said she still believes it is a governor’s prerogative to select an attorney general.

  253. DonnaInMichigan says:

    So the “NO Votes” are winning??/

  254. michelle says:

    Prof. G – NO! You are doing great!!

  255. Irishgirl says:

    Kerrtula says no too!!

  256. Professor Geezer says:

    Kertula had overwhelming response from her district! AGAINST ROSS.

  257. sandra in oregon says:

    Professor, you’re doing great.

  258. honestyinGov says:

    (about my #110 post)
    I just re-read the the Bristol story on HuffPo. She said…

    “Palin family spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton responded in an e-mail to the AP by saying, “Bristol is focused on college, advocating abstinence and raising Tripp.”
    Meg should read her press releases before she makes them. ” Focused on “COLLEGE” !! Maybe she NEEDS a …..HS Diploma FIRST! That statement is just DUMB. And is she going to the same 5 colleges her Mom went to..?

  259. txindygirl says:

    Wow, Wagoner doesn’t believe in drawing it out. “No” was practically his first word!

    “I respect most of the people that have talked.” ouch!

  260. Professor Geezer says:

    Well, we know where Kertula will stand!!!

  261. Suchanut says:

    Say NO
    Where are you finding Diva’s comments?

  262. Professor Geezer says:

    Should I stop? I’m not too good at live-blogging!

  263. sandra in oregon says:

    This feels like the old time radio where one person had earphones and was giving the play by play to the others. Thank you wonderful reporters.

  264. AKaurora says:

    Oh, Tom Wagoner (R, Kenai) is coming out against Ross! Keeping fingers crossed.

  265. Professor Geezer says:

    And yet ANOTHER no vote after him….

  266. Irishgirl says:

    A no vote

  267. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Say NO to Palin in Politics Says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 12:41 PM

    oh my, lol….more from Celtic diva…….

    “Yes…but you should be more concerned about Schmidt
    He got his job because he used to “do” the Governor…they went to Wasilla High together and he bragged about it to a friend of mine.”
    GINO’s abstinence in action lol!

  268. Professor Geezer says:

    Next person: “The native communities oppose this nomination…because of the past histories in dealing with this person…”

  269. penny says:

    I couldn’t get the video, but am getting the audio very well.

  270. Professor Geezer says:

    Oooh, this will hurt Ross, for sure…This guy is taking Ross down on his attitude towards the AG job itself…

  271. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    oh my, lol….more from Celtic diva…….

    “Yes…but you should be more concerned about Schmidt
    He got his job because he used to “do” the Governor…they went to Wasilla High together and he bragged about it to a friend of mine.”

  272. Professor Geezer says:

    Oooh, someone who worked with him and has known him for years…”difficult decision” for him (didn’t get his name-sorry)….made an inquiry to other AGs…has one point…a candidate’s personal views for AG, and how it affects their performance…I think this guy must be against Ross.

  273. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Nan Says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 12:36 PM

    it locked up on me… argggghhhh!!!

    I completely missed the woman’s speaking. She sounded like a decent human tho…

    Oh geez… you don’t want an AG that “has a reverence for women, puts on pedestal” if that’s all they got goin’ for ‘em. You want someone that can do the job! And do it appropriately! (Yeh… and she looked darn good, too – pedestal, my a$$)

    I don’t know how you all are handling this. The worse my “buffering” gets, the antsy-er I get.
    Its driving me off the effing wall here!!!!!!!

  274. Irishgirl says:

    I’ve got it…someone just supported him!!!

  275. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    NMJ Says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 12:33 PM

    @!%$!@@&&@!%&### buffering!
    Yes! Now some asshat talking about gun rights….

  276. Professor Geezer says:

    Ooooh, Rep. Newman is pro-Ross and pro-NRA, and trying to defend Ross’ subsistence views…agh.

  277. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    from Celtic diva blog…..

    For those who don’t know…

    Linda Menard is an old friend of Chuck Heath, Palin’s dad. She was a Democrat who converted to a Republican to run against Senator Lyda Green in the Valley. She did so at Palin’s behest.

  278. Professor Geezer says:

    Now it’s Rep. Newman.

  279. Nan says:

    it locked up on me… argggghhhh!!!

    I completely missed the woman’s speaking. She sounded like a decent human tho…

    Oh geez… you don’t want an AG that “has a reverence for women, puts on pedestal” if that’s all they got goin’ for ’em. You want someone that can do the job! And do it appropriately! (Yeh… and she looked darn good, too – pedestal, my a$$)

    I don’t know how you all are handling this. The worse my “buffering” gets, the antsy-er I get.

  280. Professor Geezer says:

    And now someone new is talking about his rural substenance and tribal sovereignty issues…

  281. Mae says:

    way to go Reggie Joule! he is up now and opposes

    do us rural folk proud and tell WAR to ____ off! But he probably will be a gentleman on the legislative floor… sigh

  282. Specterchaos says:

    Don Young is the biggewst Socialist in America, receiving Socialist Pork Packages through back-door politics!

  283. Professor Geezer says:

    What’s happening right now is some male jerk is defending Ross–his attitudes towards women and his standing in the legal community.

  284. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    from Sean @ Shannyn blog


    Her yes vote ought to be disqualified…

    W.A.R. is her daughter’s GODFATHER!

  285. Tealwomin says:

    So, if Gays are Lima Beans, What are Socialists?”
    Hows about….Corn
    Lima Beans & Corn succotash…uuummmm, an all American kinda good!

  286. NMJ says:

    @!%$!@@&&@!%&### buffering!

  287. txindygirl says:

    Damn the infernal buffering!

  288. EyeOnYou says:

    Celtic Diva stated on her blog that “SO MANY PEOPLE from outside Alaska are trying to listen to this, it’s completely clogged!!!”, which is why people are having trouble.

    Keep the updates coming please and thank you. 🙂

  289. txindygirl says:

    Irish Girl/Freakout

    Keep trying. I had to reopen IE and go back to the website several times before it connected.

  290. mainiac says:

    What’s happening!!!????

  291. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    talking about the legal or illegal statement…

  292. yukonbushgrma says:


    Hearing testimony on Ross now

    Menard: sugar-sweet
    “god-fearing” “fire in his belly”

    French: “rise in opposition”
    love my country
    not the question before us today
    constitutional duty today
    today – dealing with executive power
    duty of the legislature – key legislative check on exec branch
    how do we set the bar?
    should gov get a pass on their appointees? founding fathers never said that
    this of all appointees draws scrutiny – will administer laws for our state – if ever place to raise the bar, it’s here
    is it unreasonable to ask that he be one of the leading lawyers in this state?
    twice he applied to be a judge – twice, overall score unacceptable
    past judges – had respect for lawyers they did business with
    19th century view of gay community (quoted Bar Assn letter)
    dislike of lima beans – refused to say he changed his mind
    Native Community
    woman problems – Leah Burton
    found her notes and email to all leg’s
    antiquated & patronizing, sexist view of women
    after gov sent 3 names at once (Senate), pointed out illegal –
    “legal or illegal, but to appoint someone to represent Juneau”
    have to reload now – but this will give you an idea what they’re saying

  293. txindygirl says:

    Didn’t the NRA also tell Ross “thanks, but no thanks” on having him in higher office? That’s telling.

  294. Freakout in Kansas says:

    Keep the updates coming…can’t seem to get the audio/video to work here in Kansas either…I haven’t been this interested in anything since last November 4th!

  295. Irishgirl says:

    Oh, I wish I could get the links to work!!

  296. bubbles says:

    laurie i know what you mean. a good,effective union makes a is a wonderful thing. a bad union can be worst than no union at all.good luck to the good folk in your town…b

  297. Dragon Lady says:

    got it! but the buffering goes in and out on winamp.

  298. Professor Geezer says:

    Go Hollis French!!!

  299. txindygirl says:

    @ 103 Dragon Lady

    At the home page, go to top and click on “Watch”

  300. honestyinGov says:

    O T

    There is a new HuffPo story on Bristol.

    Right now there are 2 comments posted…. AND 68 waiting for moderation.
    There must be some really ‘ nice ‘ comments in there I guess..?

  301. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    talking about how he was turned down as a judge…not viewed well by his fellow judges, anti-gay, he would not repudiate it, universal opposition in Native community, leah burtons letter…

  302. the problem child IS MY NAME says:

    (Sorry, back to my indoor voice).

  303. libby says:

    Hollis said “Lima Beans”… ; )

  304. the problem child IS MY NAME says:

    @ libby & Hollis : NO IT IS NOT UNREASONABLE!

  305. JBDC says:

    is don young for real?? what IS the average IQ of citizens of alaska!!?

    god bless this mudflats community of brilliant, progressive, smart, savvy Alaskans and their international band of brothers and sisters!

  306. Mae says:

    I can’t wait to tell Menard that it isn’t about being a great friend to the family…

    IT IS about representing Alaskans….
    (I live in North Mat Su borough)

  307. Dragon Lady says:

    where are you clicking on the gavel to gavel? I just get linked to media pages. Does it just play automatically. I even updated Windows Player to 11 and tried Win Amp. I just get the page with the Live Audio but nothing happens in Firefox or Explorer.

    Having a fit here.

  308. libby says:

    “Is it unreasonable to ask that the AG be one of the leading lawyers in the state?” – Hollis French

  309. the problem child IS MY NAME says:

    Hey, good for you cleaning house, Laurie!

  310. bubbles says:

    oh gawd! i can’t bear the suspense.

  311. txindygirl says:

    thanks to rep menard for sharing your sincere thoughts (snark)

  312. txindygirl says:

    “Wayne became aware of many students who could not afford college…”

    oh yeah, i wonder how many of these students were non-white, non-christian, non-male, non-heterosexual?

  313. Mae says:

    WAR is in the audience-gross …. Hollis is stating his opposition- hoorah!

  314. Laurie says:

    lol…@problem child….this canuck loves her some alaskans….oh, and Canadian mudpups too.

    I must tell you. The local union where I live (Northern Manitoba) has been stale with the same executive for years. These guys were a bunch of idiots who have done nothing except spend our money. They like to act like big shots and thought they had it made.

    Now…along comes this magnificant American election season . Want to know how far the “yes we can” mentality spread? We just voted in an entire new union executive. The outgoing folks cannot believe it…did not for a second think it would happen. Hubby and I and our friends are convinced that the change that took place in the states….and all the attention that was paid to it….was felt here…in my little neck of the woods in the wild north country.

    The number of people who showed up to vote…was 4X as many as in previous elections.


  315. CRFlats says:

    OMG Rep. Menard (R) Wasilla rose to speak in favor of WAR–the GODFATHER to her children and gave her children their first guns!!!

  316. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    I think they are on WAR, how he gave guns to kids…

  317. libby says:

    WAR is Godparent to one of the Senator’s children? Now she gets to vote on him? Really?

  318. Mae says:

    it is happening right now about WAR… Menard is speaking about his gracious efforts towards thier family… ug…

  319. libby says:

    Here we go…voting on WAR…

  320. yukonbushgrma says:

    Yes, this link IS WORKING for me – wahoo! Listening now.

    (and I have DIAL-UP!)

  321. HappyGirl says:

    Schmidt? Wasn’t he another of Gino’s buddies?

  322. the problem child IS MY NAME says:

    Hey, on the bright side, if they confirm WARthog, he will no longer be in the line of succession.

  323. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Oh they just confirmed schmit, the prison guy for lt. gov sucessor… 🙁

  324. yukonbushgrma says:

    Sorry – the earlier link for Gavel-to-Gavel didn’t work for me. But got this one from KUAC, and it looks like it’s loading. This is direct link to the Joint Session:

  325. Say NO to Palin in Politics says:

    Erin……I like Brussel sprouts so I guess I’m a socialist, lol

  326. libby says:

    Thanks, problem child! That makes sense.

    NMJ, you are only a little late to the party. His name was brought up in round one…he did not receive a unanimous appointment so now they are going to vote.

    The voting is taking a while because between votes, some Legislator’s take an opportunity to say why they approve/disapprove the person seeking office. So far, everyone with objections has passed in the individual vote…but maybe not the current guy? They are voting now.

  327. Tealwomin says:

    on another site, it was mentioned that he would be the new AG, a done deal…hoping this man remains out of office…

  328. Evelyn says:

    Laurie – @ comment 32
    A beautiful post. thanks

  329. HappyGirl says:

    Devil’s advocate-ish re Don Young, maybe meant Socialism doesn’t work because that’s what he was raised to believe? Maybe? He’s still an eejit though!

  330. EyeOnYou says:

    Wayne Anthony Ross denies making statement:
    “I have been advised that there is now a rumor circulating that I have advocated or implied that the law should be ignored when the Senate takes up the issue of approving the governor’s appointment to fill the vacant Senate seat for Juneau. …That rumor is totally false.”

    Funny thing is he DID make that statement. ADN has a recording of him saying it. They also have a pdf file of his letter to the legislature calling it a rumor and an “a slanderous attempt to block his confirmation.”

  331. Village Reader says:

    Concerning Don Young’s views concerning socialism…

    He says that ‘socialism has never worked, because he was raised that way.’

    That doesn’t stop him from using the ‘free’ health care provided him as congressman or the ‘free’ postal service when he mails his friends multiple packages from his D.C. office which arrives WITH NO STAMP.

  332. the problem child IS MY NAME says:

    I think the get the vote count from the electronic voter board — the score board thingy.

  333. UK Lady says:

    Libby – no, no knitting here, you are blogging with a non-domestic goddess here.

  334. NMJ says:

    OT – Right now I’m watching the videostream of the joint session of the AK legislature. They are going through all the gov’s appointees and voting. I don’t think they’ve gotten to Ross yet, although I may have tuned in late:

  335. Tealwomin says:

    …I can’t listen at work…so hard to keep it together..pls keep posting…I’ll try to stay positive…THANKS!

  336. Mae says:

    good grief !


    Can’t you put a blue dot infront of his face?

    Just a thought, i’ve got teenagers who run from him!

  337. SMR says:

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a rally on the part of AK Natives against WAR yesterday in Juneau? Any news? I did not see anything at the Juneau Empire’s site.

  338. libby says:

    A long time…they call out each Senator’s name for a vote then ask the House for their vote (which seems to be have taken before this proceeding because they don’t call out all of their names, only the vote count)…

    Do you knit? It will save your nails!! ; )

  339. Dragon Lady says:

    Libby THANKS. Yes ma’am it helps.
    Do people talk fast in Alaska? I hope so.

  340. CRFlats says:

    WAR is in the audience. Third from the right on the right hand side of screen in the gallery.

  341. yukonbushgrma says:

    Here’s the link for Gavel-to-Gavel for those who can hear it:

  342. the problem child IS MY NAME says:

    Yes, I think Laurie described things here pretty well. It doesn’t always work perfectly, but it works most of the time.

  343. UK Lady says:

    Libby – yes it does, thankyou. Any idea how long this will take, shredded nails here.

  344. AKaurora says:

    Those with an objection lodged have not gotten an unanimous confirmation, and therefore go through a roll call vote. This could take a while.

  345. libby says:

    Dragon Lady…we are listening in on the Legislators…they are voting on any appointments that received “objections” on the first round. They are on page 4 of 11 and will present each person who received an “objection” for a vote.

    Does that help?

  346. libby says:

    Thanks, CRFlats…that information helps.

    The AG confirmation is on page 11 for those who are not listening. I think that was the last page?

  347. Dragon Lady says:

    Translation with this page 4, page 9, objections stuff. We don’t know what it means.

    I am having a nervous breakdown.

  348. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    objection WAR…Dental board now…I’m going crazy this thing keeps buffering

  349. Nan says:

    dang. All the objections will be dealt with in order – now on p 4 – again (dental examiners again)

  350. CRFlats says:

    Fish issues are always controversial in Alaska. Board of Fish appointees require a great deal of “back room” negotiations and bartering. It is rarely a “transparent” process. It is all about allocating resources, and who gets what chance, and when to access our common property resource. Long history and very complicated.

  351. libby says:

    Woo Hoo…WAR got an “objection”…that is a start.

  352. CRFlats says:

    “Joe Nelson has WITHDRAWN his name for Senate seat”. Hat Tip to Mr. Nelson. He removed himself from bad company, and I applaud him. From all I’ve heard of this man, he is an exceptional person, good values, and quite capable and his actions prove it.

  353. Dragon Lady says:

    confirmed page 9 hunh?

  354. libby says:

    Carl Johnstone and Brent Johnson have received “objections”…anyone know these guys?

  355. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Board of fisheries, objected, now another at ease! sheesh!

  356. Donna says:

    what do you mean “confirmed page 9?”

  357. Regi says:

    If gays are socialists and lima beans are consomme, whose brain is a turnip?

  358. SMR says:

    I just received a robo-call from a veteran’s group. They were asking that constituents phone Don Young to ask him to support veterans! Apparently, Mr. Young voted AGAINST benefits for veterans, but found it in his heart to vote for big fat paychecks for AIG execs (guess he recalled where the majority of his donations come from).

    Hey, veterans, call him yourself!!!!!!! I wrote him to express my position on the bail-out, like he cared! Ha! I have explained to my neighbors (a veteran and one who is almost retired from the service) that they can no longer rely on support from their REPUBLICAN representatives, to no avail!

    I wonder how many of those veterans who he refused to financially support were at the teaparty yesterday, clapping their hands & shouting for him and against Obama!

    I love veterans, but hey, I’m tired of standing up for them when they spit in the faces of “liberals” (never mind that my husband and I were — well, my husband still is — registered republicans) and evil people like us that voted for Obama. We are from military families, both of our fathers were in the military!

    The bitter bitter irony! Alaska in a nutshell.

  359. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    confirmed page 9

  360. penny says:

    Got the audio…bored of regents now…

  361. Canadian Neighbour says:

    the problem child IS MY NAME.

    Present and accounted for!!

    I just heard a statement from a member of the Log Cabin GOP wherein he stated that the Dems could never organize an event like yesterday’s Tea Parties.

    Tells you how stunned they are, as I, a Canadian, know via the technology and efforts of the Dems — what do you call Obama’s campaign — A technological success!!! Or the mass emails sent via the organization to hold meetings to discuss the stimulus to help push it — Another technological success!!

    Man they are totally stunned to not recognize organization!!

  362. Tealwomin says:


    He stole that phrase from Parliament-Funkadelic, (George Clinton aka Dr. Funkenstein).

  363. Geneva FreeSpeech says:

    Let me just offer a quick translation, complete with double-standard nuance:

    It’s socialism when it benefits anyone other than Me and People Like Me.
    When it benefits Us, it’s Our Fair Share.

  364. InJuneau says:

    Laurie–please see my comment on the Les gara thread about contacting us here in AK if you come for a visit.

  365. CRFlats says:

    Gee, this is like a trip in the “Way back machine” when we only had Don to laugh and shake our heads at. 🙂

  366. el from Saskatchewan says:

    Well said Laurie (comment 32). You have voiced my thoughts about our country very eloquently. For all the complaints we often hear, we have to admit, life here is good. I pray that we never stop caring for those less fortunate than ourselves and those more fortunate as well.

  367. UK Lady says:

    Big Pete @ 30

    I had forgotten that, priceless, is that fool Kevin James still working?

    As for Yon Dung, what a tool!

  368. Nan says:

    Now at the Bored of Dental Examiners… (yes, I know it’s “Board” but… I wanna hear the other ones!)

  369. Donna says:

    Crystalwolf–same here: counting on you for report.

  370. Canadian Neighbour says:

    …..”The Highway of Heroes” near Trenton ontario, carried the body of the most recent fallen soldier….a young woman…from Afghanistan. And Fox news doesnt even know we have our folks there.

    A military aircraft carrying the remains of 21-year-old Trooper Karine Blais landed at CFB Trenton in eastern Ontario this afternoon. She will be travelling The Highway of Heroes presently and will pass through my town shortly to a vast number of people on the bridges saluting and waving flags in respect of her service and her family.

  371. penny says:

    Thanks for the updates Crystalwolf, i can’t get it to play…argh!


  372. the problem child IS MY NAME says:

    Hey, Laurie, Canadian Neighbour, el Saskatchewan, rebekkah! The Canadian contingent is out in force here today!

  373. Melissa says:

    Other “Youngisms” I witnessed at a Rotary Function in Juneau:

    – Used the word bitch.
    – Made up word “fruitation”
    – Cocaine metaphor

    Sadly none of this is on video, but it was pretty amazing.

  374. Nan says:

    That is one of my all-time, favorite examples of talking through one’s hat. The first time I ever saw that, I could not believe what I was hearing. And one of them mentioned that it was like talking about the Cuban Missile Crisis but not knowing what it was. Love that clip. Love it, love it. (even though it does make me crazy – 😀 )


  375. Dragon Lady says:

    I have Vista and Gavel to Gavel doesn’t work.

    Counting on Mudflatters to report the news here as it happens.

    Put me out my misery.

  376. InJuneau says:

    Oh, the “At Ease” crud is par for the course and will continue for a while. Sorry we have to deal with that…

  377. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Calling out names of appointee…..Schmit lt. gov successor….now they stopped again…WTF?? can’t they just get on with biz???? GINO’s not there it should be easy!
    Damn and I don’t know how to stop this buffering it comes at critical times! 🙁

  378. Lori in Los Angeles says:

    FYI, Nelson has WITHDRAWN his name for Senate seat. Now what?

  379. Laurie says:

    As a Canadian, I have never considered myself a socialist. Life has always been the same for as long as I can remember here. We pay our taxes…yes…the more I earn the higher my taxes, but believe me, I go without nothing.

    On top of that, I know that my neighbours who dont have as good a job as I do, will get the exact same medical care that I do.

    My kids are both university educated. I was a single mom at the time, and they had what they earned on summer jobs…plus what I could contribute…some grants for good marks, and student loans. Both have their loans paid off now.

    I know that seniors who have no retirement benefits are taken well care of, via our Canada Pension plan and supplements. If they have to be in a nursing home, the home cannot take all of what they get….they must leave a percentage for them to have personal use money.

    Hubby is currently experiencing some heart difficulties. He is in the process of having all kinds of tests…..he is on medications….and travel for him and I to the nearest centre is paid for. The day he was rushed to hospital I did not have to spend one single second worrying about how was I going to pay for this.

    If I am hit with a horrible illness….I will not have to go bankrupt in order to stay alive. I can keep my home and live just the same.

    For the folks who forever call us communists or socialist….Canada is clearly a democratic country. We have all of the same rights and priveledges afforded americans….and even a few more. My country is pro-choice, gay marriage is legal and we for the most part… the fact that we take care of one another.

    We have our problems….please dont get me wrong. This is no utopia I live in. We have bad politicians and good ones.

    We have laws against hate speech. We dont believe it should be legal to incite people against another group of people using words. I believe in free speech….but not the kind that permits the harrassment of minorities of any type.

    America is a wonderful country, and she has wonderful people. We have much in Common. You have Alaska…we have British Columbia….you have Mass. we have Nova Scotia. I believe Americans are people who DO love their neighbours. I just dont get the fringe aspect, and it seems I hear about them more and more everyday.

    One more thing…..”The Highway of Heroes” near Trenton ontario, carried the body of the most recent fallen soldier….a young woman…from Afghanistan. And Fox news doesnt even know we have our folks there.

    lol….thanks for listening….just a rant I needed I guess.

  380. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    coming to order now! Gary Stevens, consider the govs appointments…
    roll call…

  381. BigPete says:

    mlaiuppa @24
    “These right wing extremists don’t know what a socialist, a fascist or a communist is”.

    Let’s not forget the neo-cons pet term, “appeasement”.

  382. harry from homer says:

    Doesn’t believe in Socialism? All Alaskans, including Don Young, get yearly checks from oil revenues. Ultimately it’s the American taxpayer that provides these funds through huge tax breaks to the oil giants operating (in) Alaska. Don Young benefits daily from the redistribution of wealth of American taxpayers living outside the state of Alaska, as do we all. What more is Socialism, anyway? What kind of a trackless, backward wilderness would we still be without it?

    Dig on the Coconut earmark video too – it’s like he’s channeling Amos & Andy…

  383. gnomestrath says:

    Socialism when the societal/governmental form is defined properly has never worked but unfortunatley what these people understand to be socialism i.e Europe does actually work. True socialism is what did not work in Eastern Europe. They cannot tell the difference between the European form of capitalism and Socialism. Blogging as a European Liberal I find the Alaskan political developments fascinating.

  384. pvazwindy says:

    Young is just another stuffed head. He’d fit right in with his office wall display.

  385. Lee says:

    I always think of think of this quote.

    When Fascissism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and will be carring a cross.

  386. Canadian Neighbour says:

    For all the references I read that I live in a socialist country because of the government health program, then I must have been at the airport when my train came in. Must have missed the memo they were handing out at the train station stating that socialists don’t work, don’t have the abilities to own and run their own companies for profit. I’ve proved them wrong on all fronts!!

    Constantly blows me away of the stupidity of what is supposed to be educated professionals. No wonder I don’t do stupidity — have no patience for them, no tolerance for them.

  387. nebraska mudflatter says:

    and clearly he has never seen the socio-economic indicators of the Scandinavian countries that make the U.S. look like a 3rd world country in terms of infant and maternal mortality, access to healthcare, overall education . . . oh yeah, that last one explains a lot.

  388. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    Didnt he have to borrow a gun to look cool recently?

  389. mlaiuppa says:

    These right wing extremists don’t know what a socialist, a fascist or a communist is. They just know these are hot button blame words, sure to get the reaction they want, painting whatever they’re labeling as negative. It’s part of their name-calling strategy. You know, when you can’t defend your position in a rational manner or counter the facts being used against you….just name-call. Call them Fascists; Franco was one. Call them Communists; Stalin was one. Call them Socialists; Hitler was one. (Well, he labeled himself a Socialist)

    Works every time.

  390. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Their taking a recess now? (my stupid player keeps buffering so I missed exactly why)
    You can watch @

  391. SmallSteps says:

    Martha Unalaska Yard Sign – can I just say “ditto”? I will give you some Hope. My spouse was a died in the wool republican – treasurer of the Young Repubs at his college. He thought the world revolved around Reagan. That Pres could do no wrong. I, of course, was a feminist (he called it other things)d but he fell in love any way 🙂 We broke up, went our separate ways, and eventually found each other years later. We married, both a little more centrist than before, but he was still a Repub through and through. I was still a Democrat through and through. After over a decade of marriage and a couple of children – one with special needs, and After this crazy election, he completely changed. He is now a Democrat (slightly conservative), and we are raising our children to be free thinkers not chained by any one’s ideology.

    It takes patience and love, and practicing what you preach. If my husband can see the light and change there is tons of Hope.

  392. rebekkah says:

    Is it 11:00 am yet? Alaskans must be antsy right now waiting for the voting results of the GA. Good luck.

  393. Erin says:

    So, if Gays are Lima Beans, What are Socialists?

    Brussel sprouts.

  394. petepeta says:

    Socialism, isn’t that like the owner state and permanent fund dividend? I thought that was Wally Hickel. Now who was it Wally endorsed in the last governor’s election? Oh yeah, the mayor from Wasilla.

  395. Team Alaska says:

    What a Dic* head!

    “interpaneurspiship”? Thats what goes on behind closed doors with corrupt bustards like Dic* Head DY.

    “interpaneurspiship”? Is when you invade a nation and steel and destroy there culture and natural resources.

    “interpaneurspiship”? IS when you can deregulate Wall Street and make billions.

    “interpaneurspiship”? Is when you get lobbyist padding your pockets, building you houses, free ownership of corporations, perks like fancy cars, vacations, free hookers, and best of all shoot people and get away with it.

  396. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    We are seeing fools like never before…it’s so sad…what happened to manners? What happened to vocabulary? And most of all, what happened to civics and world history classes? I think these folks (Young & Palin especially!) need to take the citizenship test just to “reconfirm”. Most never be able to pass no matter how many times they tried. Hey, I would flunk ONCE, but only once, because I would study. These kind of people don’t study anything – and they are ripe w/ their ignorance and paranoia to be completely manipulated through faux logic and fear. OR they are the manipulators and see nothing wrong with it!

    They just make stuff up as they go, and chant their fear of change (and no one changes their mind or arguments more than Rs so I don’t know why they are so freaked out) in everything they say. This is going to take time, patience, education and god knows what else. Most are hopelessly lost, never to return to sanity and reason, but there is always hope that we can push back the fear and encourage learning and travel in our youth to develop perspective and compassion. For me, there is resignation that the older ones can’t and won’t change, so they are “write offs”. But YES WE CAN make a better community / country / world if we keep at it in every way that we can, every day that we can.

  397. Hobos are Us says:

    Gosh, when 90% of state revenues come from one industry, petro… just exactly what do you call that? Certainly, not independence, freedom, or “interpaneurspiship”.

  398. Amereurocan says:

    Maybe it’s a good idea for Young, Palin and others of their club to stay away from microphones and enroll in an English class.

  399. BigPete says:

    Socialism seems to work just fine when Don Young travels to Washington D.C., to get his sticky fingers on the “outside’s” tax revenues. If Alaska’s earmarks have had the effect of dulling the locals’ appetite for self-advancement, maybe we should put a stop to it.

  400. Paula says:


    He believes in it & supports it, but cannot pronounce it, nor likely define it. Oh year, he did, stuffless soup.

    The brainpowerlessness (while we’re inventing words) in Alaska is boggling.

  401. Jlynn says:

    Okay here is another one to send to the new COUNTRY of Texas.
    Sorry to all you level headed Texans but if the Gov. of Texas wants to take his toys and start a new play group then you can have all the other nut jobs that don’t want to help solve the problems and only want to complain.
    But don’t worry – once we send all them down to Texas I’m sure there will be plenty of room in the US for anyone who isn’t an outdated hypocritical geezer.

    (My only concern would be sending all the war mongers to one place without an opposition to stifle their ability to start WWIII.)

  402. InJuneau says:

    Don Young says socialism has never worked, because he was raised that way. I guess he’s never used the library, or the roads, or the fire department, or the police, or went to public school.

    Well, I think that’s pretty obvious!! 😉

  403. el from Saskatchewan says:

    Long time … no post. BUT this is so funny. I watched the vid of Young talking about his soup and then decided what the heck “click on another one of those u tube things lined up” This is what I clicked on. So get ready to laugh

  404. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    AKRaven Says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 10:38 AM

    Oh, but he has used the expensive health coverage that all senators enjoy. They get all their health cares covered- at no premium to them! Hey, if that isn’t socialism- what is??? This is sick. The senators are hypocrites. What’s good for them isn’t good for the rest of us. **** them.
    Yeah and these governors who want to secede…they get free healthcare, are they gonna give that up????

  405. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    House is coming on gavel to gavel, they just did a prayer before the pledge of allegiance????
    At ease until confirmations @11am AKT

  406. Lee says:

    Interpaneurspiship is an old business management term used to describe a person who builds his own neich in business, and helps the organization he works for at the same time, by encourageing outstanding achievement. It was used as a leadership model.

    The vote is still out on whether it actually worked or not. Hard to measure.

  407. AKRaven says:

    Oh, but he has used the expensive health coverage that all senators enjoy. They get all their health cares covered- at no premium to them! Hey, if that isn’t socialism- what is??? This is sick. The senators are hypocrites. What’s good for them isn’t good for the rest of us. **** them.

  408. DrChill says:

    The claim of – “its socialist!” is a newly re-cycled criticism; and re-worked definition of the word. Its being applied to any social programs or taxes that people don’t like.

    I say- Try to pin them down on social security; For or against. Watch them squirm, or say some pretty funny things.

    The removal of the profit motive is sometimes valid and important, but lets not assume the profit motive is always benign and desirable.
    Do we really want the profit motive in schools police fire and justice systems? What is the role of the profit motive in health care?
    Is unlimited profit in banking and financial institutions a good thing?

    We really need politicians that know the first thing about things like – words.

  409. austintx says:

    Dang Dude !!

  410. Lainey says:

    All these people, the Right, the Fundies, the Conservatives, the Repubs…whatever you want to call them and to whatever degree they ‘believe’ in their cause…I’ve come to the conclusion that they just pick a target and attack, attack, attack! no discussion, no open minds, no nothing!!

  411. the problem child IS MY NAME says:

    “interpaneurspiship”? Isn’t that the thingy that you press on your spaceship that takes you to warp speed?

  412. Greytdog Δ says:

    I rather like consomme – but still trying to “figger” out that interpaneuship thing. Wonder if that has anything to do with cows? Cows mingling and sharing their secrets of manureship? Sort of like those teabagging parties (snicker) held across this sad landscape. . .

  413. the problem child IS MY NAME says:


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