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November 28, 2021


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Palin Explains Ross’ Defeat – It’s the Bloggers, Stupid.

We all know that Governor Palin was quite taken with the idea of having Wayne Anthony Ross as her new Attorney General.  He apparently had all the things Alaskans look for in a candidate for the head of the Department of Law.

“I believed I knew what Alaskans wanted when I selected an individual who is a strong backer of 2nd Amendment rights, a staunch supporter of the state Constitution and a defender of life,” Governor Palin said. “Wayne Anthony Ross supports responsible, ethical development of Alaska’s rich resources.

And we all know that for the first time ever, a governor’s attorney general appointment got voted down in the legislature.  And it got voted WAY down 35-23.  I picture some kind of large fuel-laden aircraft doing a perfect nose dive right into the ground.  Guess the governor was wrong about what Alaskans want.

So what was the reason for this?

His own mediocre performance?

The fact that his anti-subsistence, anti sovereignty statements had every major Native group in the state denouncing him?

The fact that he called gays “degenerates” and “immoral,” refused to take it back, instead creating  a delightfully lame analogy comparing the gay community to lima beans (which he “hates”)  to make us all feel better?

The fact that multiple members of the community stood up with stories and quotes from Ross’ past that were not only sexist, but misogynistic to the highest degree?

The fact that he told the legislature not to worry their pretty little heads about whether a new senate appointment from the governor was legal or illegal?

The fact that he wrote a letter denying that he’d ever said that, right before the audio of him saying exactly that was released?

The fact that the selection of this utterly controversial, divisive and inappropriate candidate happened in the first place?

No no no.  According to Palin, it was the bloggers.

Gov. Sarah Palin is blaming bloggers and lies for the defeat of her attorney general nominee, who the Alaska Legislature refused to confirm last week.

“A great problem was public lies were told about Mr. Ross,” she said.

Palin declined to say whose lies undermined Ross, citing the blogosphere and e-mails from members of the public.

Wow.  So, it’s our fault.  Because, you see, if the bloggers and the rest of the media weren’t so damned nosy, and interested in what was going on in our government, and weren’t sitting behind our keyboards running our mouths all the time, then people wouldn’t have gotten so upset about it.

It’s kind of like when Wayne Anthony Ross pointed out that there wouldn’t be such a problem with domestic violence, if women would just keep their mouths shut. I guess it kind of works the same way.   There wouldn’t be such a problem with her appointments if the bloggers and constituents would just keep their mouths shut.  Now, I see.

Perhaps the strangest part of Palin’s statement was this:

The one example she cited was “he being engaged in a machine gun shoot on somebody’s property down in Seward, and there were witnesses to such a thing, and he’d never been there,” she said. “That’s just one example.”

Sen. Hollis French, D-Anchorage, is a former assistant attorney general who led the fight against Ross on the floor of the Legislature. He questioned whether anyone had heard the Seward machine gun allegation at the time.

“I don’t believe I knew anything about that, and it certainly never came up in floor debate,” French said.

Right after this story came out in the Juneau Empire, there was a sudden flutter of emails between a bunch of progressive bloggers in Alaska.  They all basically said, “Machine guns?  HUH?”  There was plenty of dirt on Wayne Anthony Ross, but this was a new one to us.  That’s not to say that an Alaskan politician at a machine gun shoot is an outrageous claim.  Heck, just last summer the Congressman for All Alaska, Don Young, was the guest of honor a little machine gun fundraiser for his campaign in Seward.  Those gun totin’ Republicans shook windows and rattled doors all over the sleepy little hamlet causing multiple panicked calls to local police.

“I had no clue about what was happening,” neighbor Mary Fackler said about the first shoot. “It just started as machine gun chatter like small bombs.”

Her granddaughter, who was sitting at the table doing her homework, turned to her and said, “Gramma, are we in a war?”

According to the organizer:

“It was nice.”… “People ate turkey and potato salad, and there was a fire pit with marshmallows and smores and homemade lemonade.”

“This was a fun thing to do on a Thursday afternoon,” Lorenz said.

The entire article is worth a read. Terrifying explosions?  Potato salad and lemonade?  It’s all who you ask.  The event, whether Ross was there or not, was perfectly legal, and certainly wouldn’t have caused Alaska’s 2nd Amendment Republicans to jump ship and vote against him.  But, I digress.

In reality, there were many components to the rejection of Wayne Anthony Ross, the most obvious being Palin’s poor judgement, Ross’ poor judgement, and Ross’ behavior.  And bloggers could have been posting 24/7, but without mainstream media coverage, courageous public testimony, a citizenry who was paying attention and who made their voices heard, or a legislature that was paying attention and acted in the best interest of its constituents, he’d be using State of Alaska letterhead right now.

So, even though we bloggers were only a piece in the puzzle, it’s still awful nice of the governor to give us all the credit, and it’s rude not to acknowledge a compliment.  So, if I may be so bold as to speak for Alaska bloggers, we’ll just look down and scratch our toe in the dirt, blush a little  and say, “Aw, shucks.”

UPDATE:  Hat tip to Mudflatters “problem child” and “curioser” who found a reference to the original machine gun shoot held at the Lorenz property in 2006.  It featured…. Wayne Anthony Ross.  Here’s the link. Way to master the Google!



231 Responses to “Palin Explains Ross’ Defeat – It’s the Bloggers, Stupid.”
  1. Lainey says:

    @Amanda in Virginia
    I just cannot believe this woman. She’s upset that BLOGGERS, who are RESIDENTS of Alaska, used their voice to say what they felt about an Alaska State official. ——- I know…the nerve of those Alaskans caring about their state!!! …it’s unheard of!
    She’s batsh*t crazy that one.——– for real…couldn’t have said it better! 🙂

  2. the problem child IS MY NAME says:

    Aw, thanks, AKM! Google is easy…

    Whenever a reporter makes a claim like “A Google search of news and blogs turned up no relevant mentions of Wayne Anthony Ross, Seward and machine guns prior to the vote,” I figure I should check.

    Go figure, their Google must be broken or maybe they thought those news sources were “irrelevant”.

    (Truthfully, I was wondering what might have come up AFTER he was rejected. It seemed that they were careful to qualify it as “prior to”.)

  3. I just cannot believe this woman. She’s upset that BLOGGERS, who are RESIDENTS of Alaska, used their voice to say what they felt about an Alaska State official. She’s batshit crazy that one.

  4. Dear friends – even my obscure little random blog got a link from a Huffpo article on that KKK article he’d writen. I was trying to get to the bottom of it and so was Phillip at Progressive Alaska, which has the major scoop.

    Page views went through the roof lol.

    AKM and Phillip, you are inspirations for us ignorants who know NOTHING of AK politics, but are always learning. Thanks!

  5. Lainey says:

    I hope all this ‘pressure’ we’re putting on the poor thing (oh the pain of living life in a bubble), will either fuel her handlers to get her the mental help she needs OR she crashes and burns…either way, I’m good.
    Step off, palin!!! You are NOT qualified! Don’t you get it???!!!???

  6. honestyinGov says:

    If nobody has seen those Videos of GINO on Celtic Diva the first clip is a doozy as well.
    I know for a Fact she has NEVER read Dale Carnegies book ” How to win Friends and Influence People” Right out of the block she blames the Legislature TWO times at the beginning…. I think it was about the way they accepted the Stimulus Money (reminding people…. SHE was all against it- wagging that finger of hers) Without a pause she immediately pats herself on the back in her next statement because….?……she was able to work with the Legislature to get things done…?
    What %$#@&$@#… !!!…?? My head hurts now.
    Which one is it GINO…? Are they those ‘bad ‘ Legs. you spoke of in those first two sentences or those so ‘ competent’ ones YOU were able to work with you spoke of. Maybe you can have Meg put out a statement to explain it better for us.

  7. Lisabeth says:

    Isyfleur, tha is crazy. He is trying to control the whole thing too much. Also I think most anti Palin posts are gone now NOT just the generic ones. This is censorship and I am shocked an editor of a nrewspaper is doing that! It is wrong

  8. woodstove says:

    He lies, she lies. Liar liar pants on fire. It seems the whole history of America is lies. The whole present is lies. Palin and her ilk spew their lies and many people buy into them out of their own ignorance or self interest. “Those that defend what they cannot see with a killer’s pride, security.” Bob Dylan. It seems in some ways the Internet is a way to fulfill the Big Brother prophesy. Do you think they can turn on your web-cam without you knowing it? On the other hand, the freedom the Internet affords the everyday people like you and me to push back and express a voice against those that have had a free pass at creating a reality that they think they can hide behind a facade of lies is the essence of power to the people right now. How great is it that the truth is out there and it is at your finger tips?

  9. IsyFleur says:

    Talking of bloggers, I know quite a few of us had been wondering what was up with ADN blocking posters left and right (but mostly left, it seems…)

    Well, here is an email I just got from

    “You actually have been blocked since April 7. Given what you said in your note, you may have gotten blocked for fairly generic criticisms of Sarah Palin. I have no problem with thoughtful, substantive criticism of Palin or any politician. But it has to be more than: “Sarah is stupid. Sarah is unethical. Thank god she lost the election. etc.”

    I think this is where the non-Alaskan commenters (on both sides) sometimes struggle: they don’t have a lot of background on Alaska public life and history, so it can be hard to say much that isn’t relatively superficial and a repeat of comments that have been made many times already. I am determined that the comments will offer something more than an endless (even if polite) duel between “Sarah is terrible” and “Sarah is wonderful.” ”

    So ADN admits I “may have gotten blocked for fairly generic criticisms of Sarah Palin.” And of course, because I am an outsider. And boring at that! So sad…

  10. karen marie says:

    thank you to whoever put up the youtube link to palin’s 4/19/09 end-of-session presser. i watched parts 6, 7, 8 and 30 seconds of the first one.

    the middle to end of 6 through the first couple minutes of 7 are the ones to watch.

    it’s astonishing to watch and listen to her as she stands there and says (about the rejection of WAR) “it was all lies,” “they’re liars,” never saying precisely who or what except for the silliness about the gun shoot. i had never heard of that till it came out of her mouth, and i was following the WAR thing pretty closely, i thought.

    it would be funnier if it weren’t so tragic for alaska.

  11. Palimonium says:

    I was looking for any new polls on Ms.Wasilla, but came across this cheery blurb:–_for_democrats.html

  12. DrChill says:

    WAR was involved in the planning of a Machine gun shoot.
    A brief mention in 2005 here:

  13. honestyinGov says:

    Celtic Diva has posted all of GiNo’s Press conference. I only viewed the last one so far. It looks like she doesn’t want to speak herself because she might have to explain herself… and be on the record. With all those therefore and alsos. Hard to believe GINO does NOT want to stand in front of the spotlight any more…. or is it just the ‘ heat ‘ from the spotlight is a little too warm now.

  14. shilo442 says:

    I think the real word for GINO is a control freak. What caused her to lose that CONTROL was when she accepted VP. Alaskans would have never seen the smothering acts of Gino if she wasn’t introduced to All of the United States.

  15. Professor Geezer says:

    Over on seafourpee, they are deleting comments like crazy, and the regulars are getting very upset. They are censoring their own because they won’t stay on topic.

  16. curiouser says:

    AKM…aw, bowing to the hat tip…credit to Google.

    @38 UK
    I definitely appreciated your caution reminder. I surprised myself by using as strong a word as ‘definitely’. I tend to use lots of modifiers and almost always shy away from absolute certainties. SP’s certainty (coupled with her weaknesses) is probably why I react to negatively to her.

    Now, if I can stay awake, off to try to read 4 pages of comments since i was here this morning.

  17. bubbles says:

    team alaska: amen. and martha ,my friend, you said it perfectly. i have one these people in my family. so i know of what i speak. it is awful, the hurt this stupid woman has caused my beautiful child. so now i am her nemesis. i had to teach ‘miss thing’ a thing or two about crazy. so now she walks VERY softly and carefully around me and mine…b

  18. Lainey says:

    whether it’s menopause, mad moose disease, lyme disease, or just plain crazy dumbness and spoiled-rotten-ness…she shouldn’t be in CHARGE!!!!!!!!!

  19. pvazwindy says:

    try again—

  20. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Considering GINO ran or runs around with 2 blackberries and probably a laptop computer, together with her staff & Meg, et al — it boggles the mind to think she is so disconnected with the info available.

  21. Team Alaska says:

    Gino is very aggressive by nature. She wants to attack, beat back, slam down, and kick in the head her rivals. She wants to scare and intimidate bloggers. Only her plan is not working. We are collectively getting wiser as a global society. There is hope that we can overcome mans misdeeds of the past. That we will rebuild, renew, and recover from our greed and stupit ways. Yes we can!

    We are a mighty few, we are a wise and the bright light of progressive consciousness coming out of the basement in are PJ’s….. We need not a church for service, we need not a priest to guide us, we need not a trail to the 7 mountains of spiritual awakening. We need not the likes of politicians like GINO, with her aspirations of total control and dysfunctional self-serving actions.

    The truth will prevail. Go Levi !!

  22. pvazwindy says:

    Another first for Alaska–

  23. Quetzalcoatl says:

    Sorry about all the bold, missed a letter.

    Snoskred! Can we have a preview pony please???

  24. Quetzalcoatl says:

    WoooHooo Bloggers! Hi Stupids! WooHoo!! 🙂
    The ones who quoted the idiocy of Ross verbatim, straight out of the horses ass. The things that adn wouldn’t print, basically. lol.

    To Ross & Palin, in the infamous words of The Trailer Park Boys…
    “Knock, knock…”
    “Who’s there?”
    “F^ck Off!”

    Years ago, there was a book about victimization and recognizing it. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s ‘Pulling Your Own Strings’, zeroes in on those people and institutions that manipulate you – and tells you how to get them off your back, forever.

    So, Palin, instead of addressing the real issues people had with Ross, well itemized AND linked by AKM, victimizers deflect focus to something totally unrelated — ie: ‘the gun shooting incident’. Turn them back on track to the Issues that mattered most, they have no where to turn and continue to blame. That’s their modus operandi — blame. Catch them if ya can. Watch for more.

    RIIIING! indeed!

    34 @Old Dyke aka Wa. Lima Bean

    Though your list of WAR offenses is stunningly accurate, take the credit and run! Now, if we could just get a “AKM/Mudflat” style blogging crew up and running in every state to stop the stupidity…

    Absolutley, I’d like one in Ontario…

    92 @Martha Unalaska Yard Sign

    Lucky for us, we have a consensus of most “weighers in” of the last seven months on this blog and elsewhere, and label it NPD (narcissistic personality disorder). They don’t get better, they don’t recover.

    My guess is BPD [Borderline Personality Disorder]. Stems from years of abuse where the victim trusts no one and actually makes up scenarios, not based on fact and take them for a fact. Uncanny and sad to witness, really.

    ‘2012 Daft Sarah, Committee’. barriers et al
    Amirite! LOL.

  25. silverfox67 says:

    Good Nite all, Jon Stewart is on with the REAL NEWS.
    HA HA HA

  26. bubbles says:

    it is clear that the honorable governor of Alaska has some form of a personality disorder. only a psychiatrist is able to diagnose the exact problem. however, anyone who has ever come up against one these monstrous persons and survived the experience will understand that sarah palin is a textbook case of personality disorder. there is no cure. there are no meds short of chemical lobotomy that alleviate their impact on others. they don’t change unless change will get them what they desire at that moment. the only way to deal with these folks is too mirror their behavior and to make them fear you. they are bullies and bullies are cowards. when you throw down on them you better mean it. and keep them unbalanced always. never tell them that you love or like them.ever…love b

  27. marjtoo says:

    Thanks for that article’s link. “…GOP is out to destroy Sarah Palin.”

    Yeah, maybe they’re afraid the non-thinking P followers might manage to somehow help her win the primary campaign and then they’d lose another election?

    Or hey! They might be scared to death that she could and her radical supporters might be able to win the presidency? God help us all, in a case like that.

  28. marjtoo says:

    Good Lord, is NOTHING this woman does her own fault?

    She was just born at the wrong time: 50 years too soon … before the internet. How she must hate that people are now so much more knowledgable, and are able to discuss things all across the country, sharing information and opinions.

    Thank goodness for the internet!

  29. marcus2 says:

    That Ross would even consider accepting an appointment as Attorney General is as wacky as being appointed by Sarah Palin. Oh…….I forgot……it’s the bloggers that kept Mr. WAR from being appointed. Way beyond sad.

  30. Star says:

    Am just loving this AKM…Had a really bummed day…Glad i checked in…Haven’t stopped laughing..Scary Sarah is so stuck on stupid…The gift that keeps on giving!!!

  31. Geneva FreeSpeech says:

    Translating Palinspeak:
    LIE (noun or verb) any statement Herself doesn’t like, whether or not it is true.

  32. Canadian Neighbour says:

    I too come here to find out almost daily what ditzy thing she’s up to.

    As Empish mentioned, she’s exhibited strange behaviours for some time. Even watching vids prior to Trigs birth, IMO you can see her ‘oddities’ and it has escalated since VP campaign. GINO never met a camera she doesn’t like!!

    I know I’m staying clear of Moose Noses!! Brian window imprints is the only acceptable Moose Nose for me!!

  33. empish says:

    hmm, Sarah has a gun and may be out of estrogen!

  34. Jim says:

    Silverfox67: I completely understand qhy you’d have to ride alone–menopause and guns sounds scary as all heck! 😮

  35. SystemBucker says:

    HA! Men think a hot flash means good sexy time…that’s funny!

    OT: AOL has an article up. Check this out.

    “Reports of Sarah Palin Career Death Greatly Exaggerated” by Tommy Christopher

    I don’t think Tommy did his Alaska Current Events homework.

  36. silverfox67 says:

    I must say I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!

  37. silverfox67 says:

    I don’t know if Todd recognizes what is happening with Sarah…she may have been this crazy all along.

    Most of the men I know think that a HOT FLASH means there will be good S3X. If they only knew!!!

  38. empish says:

    Can’t be menopause, she’s always exhibited the same behaviors. I truly believe she suffers from some form of mental illness. The more attention she gets, the more empowered she feels. feeding her inner monster.

  39. SystemBucker says:

    silverfox67, I think the Crazy Lady could be going through the change and that could explain some of her behavior but I also think she has a worse problem on top of that.

    Hormones + Mental Illness = CRRRRAAAAZY

    Don’t you think at some point Todd would demand she seek help? I hope so. I don’t care for the lady but I never wish my worst enemies to be ill.

  40. Lee323 says:

    196 the problem child IS MY NAME! Says:
    April 21st, 2009 at 6:40 PM

    Thanks. Hehe.

  41. silverfox67 says:

    Not trying to give her an “out”…personally I come here to keep up with her should she try running in 2012.

    It’s just something that went thru my mind as I watched her at that RTL in Indiana…she does look very very tired.

  42. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Levi on Larry King is Wednesday night unless some big news story breaks.

  43. silverfox67 says:


    Of course menopause is different for every woman….My experience was (is) bad…I could not take that premarin and yams and Black (whatever) did not help… but I know women who were completely wacko and did not recognize it.

  44. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Sorry silverfox67, to say that is reason why doesn’t work in my book. Too easy of an excuse. I’m 53. Been down that road for years (42) never to suffer anything. No meds, no flashes, nothing. So I’m sorry, but in my opinion that giving her an easy out.

    Sorry for the TMI post everyone.

  45. Tealwomin says:

    NO AMOUNT of rest will do The neeuQ any good
    Stupid awake, stupid while sleeping-dreaming of more stupid things to do/say once she wakes up…

  46. DonnaInMichigan says:

    Did anyone catch the Larry King show tonight, with Levi and his family on it??


  47. Lee323 says:

    GINO’s unprecedented ridiculousness has forced consideration of a new amendment to the constitution:

    -Only citizens bearing brains shall have the right to political office.

    -Corollary to above: The right to bear arms shall be granted only to those bearing brains.

    -Sub-corollary: Bearing children does not supersede the requirement of bearing brains in order to bear arms or Blackberries.

    -Uber sub-corollary: The citizens shall not be forced to bear standard “barriers” who bear children without bearing brains whilst screeching about the right to bear arms for a state AG who bears arms to raise money but bears ill will towards citizens bearing the unbearable situation of rights abridged by the aforementioned standard barriers to these rights.

  48. silverfox67 says:

    Ladies…Ladies…Sarah Palin is in the ‘throws of menopause’…the first onset when you feel like someone lit a fire under you and it would all go away if you could just “open up the top of your head and let the heat out.”

    I remember those days well…I thought I was going crazy. It took me a while to realize that I was ‘sleep deprived’….THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN SLEEP THRU A HOT FLASH. Once I researched what was happening to me I was able to make adjustments.

    I was on the Police Department and fortunately I drove a ‘one PERSON car’, cause no one could have worked with me in a freezing car in the dead of winter.

    Unfortunately, Sarah Palin has not made any adjustments and does not recognize the BIZZARE BEHAVIOR which appears to be ORGANIC BRAIN DISEASE.

    By not recognizing where she is in life and making the proper adjustments….she is making it very bad for other women who might want to go to the fore front, and making it look like we all go ‘crazy’ and lose it during this time.

    From a very personal point…….those first years were horrible for me and my male friend. I now realize that I was waking up every 20 minutes all night. I was exhausted and I am sure Sarah is too

    I started at the age of 46, but my niece started menopause at 40.

    I would suggest to SP…..take some time to regroup….you’ve got to….this thing goes on for a very long time…..I am 67 and it is still going…hot flashes are nowhere as frequent as they were at 46….but still happening none the less.

    Sarah get some rest so you aren’t quite so CRAZY.

  49. SystemBucker says:

    I just watched the youtube press conference clip…OMG! She did NOT look good…at ALL! Pretty obvious she didn’t know much about the stimulus package details. For a gal who rose such a fuss over it, you would think she would know about the details! She had to pass off every question about the stim. pack. to Karen Rehfeld! I found it interesting that at one point, during the stim. pack. questioning, Palin stepped way out of the cameras view. She just plain looked pissed.

    And then came the Ross questions! This was the only time the Carzy Lady seemed somewhat engaged…just another interesting thing. The only time she seemed like she was actually there, like her mind was there during the press conference, was when she began to lie. I’m tell’n ya, this lady has a disorder and needs to seek a doctor!

    What the heck, while I’m here I just have to share another observation.

    On the home page of your State’s website, there are banners in the middle that link you to different pages of interest. I find it interesting that the first banner is “Invite Governor to your Event/Meeting” …the first one above other banners/links, and the last banner is a link to the Economic Stimulus Information page. Call me crazy for asking but isn’t the Stimulus information pretty important stuff? Why isn’t that banner listed first.

    Okay, another observation…or maybe just a petty thing I find odd. There are two other banners/links. The link for the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act says, “Governor Palin’s AGIA” …is it really her Act? Her’s and nobody elses? Why does the banner have to include “Sarah Palin’s”. This just seems really odd. The other banner starts with “Sarah Palin’s” also. That one is for her newsletter. Under her newsletter link comes the least ‘important’ link. That darn stimulus package link.

    So there you have it. Opinions and observations from a gal in Ohio who’s obssessed with Alaskan politics and the Crazy Lady from the north!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  50. Clem Kadiddlehopper says:

    Why cain’t a man jus’ relax with his gun?

  51. EyeOnYou says:

    sjk from the belly of the plane & sandra:

    You might want to remind the C4Pers of this post

    VidOmnia Says:
    April 18th, 2009 at 12:42 PM

    Our only rule is that we don’t allow personal attacks, slander or defamation about other posters, Governor Palin or her family, or anyone else. Those comments get deleted

    it was on the :Should Anonymous Free Speech Apply to….THEM??” topic.

  52. Shaddomagg says:

    Would someone please, if you haven’t already, point out to Cariboo Barbie and her PAC group, and WAR…that it wasn’t the Bloggers and media who cooked this dumb-ass’ goose. It was WAR, the dumbass, and his stupid, neandrathal mindset that cooked his goose!!! And feel free to use my words (dumbass, in particular) when pointing it out!!! Jeeze, Louise!!!

  53. lexky says:

    you all did a great job. things like this are why we should all be proud to be americans. score one for the little guy.

  54. Dennis from TX says:

    Atta girl, Sarah! Keep talking, Governor. Lots of Republicans left to remove from public office. Please keep reminding us voters why people from your political party are not remotely fit to be leaders.

  55. PepperzMom (GA) says:

    Wonder if SP will remember to report her “gift” from TX. Can’t have another “-gate” now can we??? 🙂
    **mutters under breath – “oh yes, we can, oh yes we can, oh yes we can….it’s SP after all!”**

  56. lisabeth says:

    austintx …… Lyme Disease also causes a form of organic brain disease and George Bush had it more than one time. If you do a search on it on google “Bush Lyme Disease” you will see quite a lot. With all the hunting in Alaska and deer…who knows? Even if the state says it isn’t there, that doesn’t mean anything as it is becoming a national and a big Canadian problem as well…..

  57. BooBooBear says:

    What I find so hypocritical about our Queen is that she shouted to he rooftops that Levi was making money doing interviews…..but then Chuckie Heath complains that Levi is a deadbeat dad who cannot buy diapers!
    They can’t have it both ways. Let the kid go out and make some money to be able to buy those diapers Grandpa Chuck. Levi will live this the rest of his life…he can go nowhere in the world without being recognized. And who will hire him with this baggage? Palin exploited and used him…why shouldn’t he be able to go out and tell his side of the story? And frankly, knowING what vindication lies out there, I am happy he has hired security until this mess dies down.

  58. lisabeth says:

    That Texas 4 Palin site is REALLY WACKO!

    What do you all think of Palin’s “accomplishements”

    PS I really want to understand how people in this century can be so dumb!

  59. austintx says:

    176 lisabeth Says:
    April 21st, 2009 at 5:40 PM
    rocket Says:
    April 21st, 2009 at 2:09 PM

    It certainly appears that Palin has an organic brain disease. What else could explain her bizarre behavior?

    Maybe she has “Mad Moose Disease?”……………:)

    ..too much moose stew, too many mooseburgers
    Funny you bring that up……..way back in the beginning…..we talked at length about mad cow disease. A couple of knowledgeable people weighed in with some interesting stuff. I do not believe it was a thread per se , but there was a lot of discussion.

  60. Canadian Neighbour says:

    UK Lady,
    I agree. Remember seeing the pics in the house. I’d have nightmares in that house!!

    The vid link posted of the press conference — nice to see her actually say it was the bloggers instead of just via the press release. Let that come back and bite her as she tries to deny it.

  61. phoebe says:


    Probably too many moose noses….now that we know people eat them.

  62. lisabeth says:

    I can’t believe the c4peee people actually think Obama is behind anything having to do with Levi Johnston. That is hysterical!! I don’t want to talk badly about them since they stuck up for staying anonymous, BUT………I am sorry, this is frightening that anyone thinks Obama cares or has the time for this. I doubt he ever even gives Sarah Palin a thought…….. It just shows how obsessed they are with her.

  63. lisabeth says:

    rocket Says:
    April 21st, 2009 at 2:09 PM

    It certainly appears that Palin has an organic brain disease. What else could explain her bizarre behavior?

    Maybe she has “Mad Moose Disease?”……………:)

    ..too much moose stew, too many mooseburgers

  64. phoebe says:


    Yes, the press conference was weird. She appeared physically & mentally exhausted. I’m not sure she meant to discuss the Seward Shootout. She was on pilot & it just came out. I think Levi & the pj bloggers are wearing her down.

  65. Karin in CT says:

    I hear you austintx re: Gino’s personalized assault rifle. It boggles the mind.

  66. WTG! The pajama-wearers ROCK!

    Reading that hilarious comedy blog, seefourpee, and can’t stop laughing!

  67. Jim says:

    Thanks, Karin in CT. You have nothing to fear from me. I’m definitely not a gun “nut”, nor do I even consider myself a gun “enthusiast”, and am actually in favor of controlling access to some guns. The original intent of the 2nd Amendment is entirely outdated now anyway–back then, anyone could buy or make any firearm equal to anything available to the military. Now, maybe not so much… 😉

  68. Women Who Run With The Wolves says:

    You know what…I am kinda looking forward to the time where she blames the Bloggers for her inability to get re elected as Gino, to the State of Alaska!

    Yep, that will be us. you betcha!

  69. Lee323 says:

    AKM….”The event (machine gun shoot), whether Ross was there or not, was perfectly legal, and certainly wouldn’t have caused Alaska’s 2nd Amendment Republicans to jump ship and vote against him.”

    Excellent point. Why GINO used the machine gun “blogger’s lie” as the only example can be interpreted in a few ways:

    1) GINO just doesn’t have the analytical ability to think her arguments through to a rational conclusion as evidenced by AKM’s point above.

    2) GINO just wanted to work “guns” into her statement. Why? Well, she listed second amendment rights as the first reason why “I believed I knew what Alaskans wanted” (in an AG), so obviously she’d like all those gun owners out there to share her vendetta against bloggers. It’s those nasty rabble-rousing, anti-gun bloggers! Don’t listen to anything they say because they want to take your guns away.

    3) GINO just blurts out whatever first comes to mind…..usually a lie….a poorly researched lie.

    4) All of the above.

  70. Karin in CT says:

    Jim, you sound like a good egg. But to be honest, guns scare me.

  71. UK Lady says:

    Canadian Neighbour

    Chuckie is a strange old dude ain’t he? All those poor dead animals all over his house and garden. No doubt he got paid for the first interview, but the retraction/lie was probably for free, given under orders.

    2.15am here now, night all.

  72. sauerkraut says:

    I love yer governator, AKM. If she weren’t doing what she be doing, or not doing, I’d have to pay attention to my own governor!! Keep up the good work.

  73. the norwegian blue says:

    @ tamara #139
    thanks for posting the link — as eloquent as AKM is in getting in detailing the quotes re WAR, and pointing out the vast distance between SP and reality, you really have to watch GINO in action to get that unique spice of pissiness and high-handed huffiness as she feels herself losing the room

  74. Canadian Neighbour says:

    UK Lady,

    I don’t know what Radar has got or does but it seems to be the buzz attractor site for interviews/videos from strange people. Octoplet mom and now GINO’s father.

    Wonder if they paid Heath??? LOL!!!

  75. Shelley Dee says:

    He was intended to be GINO’s yard dog and (free) personal legal eagle. Her own “Hammer,” if you will.

    The Legislature certainly dodged a bullet on this one!

  76. katiebegood says:

    tamara Says:
    April 21st, 2009 at 4:20 PM

    I don’t know if this has allready been posted, but here is the video of SP’s press conf. regarding WAR.

    Wow, I found that press conference really interesting. SP looks like she has aged 10 years in the last month and she looks and talks like she’s really depressed. I also found it interesting that the women to her left was better able to answer questions than SP was.

    She also kept talking about all the “lies” that were told about WAR. Someone needed to ask her “can you give us specific lies that were said that were later proven to be not true”. I’m betting she couldn’t come up with one.

  77. sauerkraut says:

    I still don’t get what an AG has to do with developing a state’s resources. Is that a new provision in the job description for a state’s AG?

  78. Dragon Lady says:

    Tamara – thanks for the link, worth it! The Queen is Not Amused.
    Is that C&W lookin’ guy behind her Joe Schmidt? Can he sing Redneck Woman?

    Wish one reporter had transcribed the Wart quote verbatim and asked if any AG should disregard the law. No one Ever follows up with her.

    Laurie -Your point is what my point has been all along: if the process of selection was illegal for Ross then it was illegal for Kohring and I assume a special election would be called. I think Someone (not Ross) convinced Sarah of the only logical outcome. Who does she know who is smart?

    And congrats to us all. Yes, we bloggers are entirely responsible Sarah. That is why the Oval Office will never have a bear skin or moose rack therein. Also. Too.

  79. UK Lady says:


    Yeah, I already said he probably was, but not a certainty. ‘Featured’ could mean the fundraiser was in his honour, with pics, quotes etc.

    I just didn’t want it to become a theme to gotcha Gino on, she may have bought it up to try and gotcha us with as I hadn’t seen it before. Maybe not though, she isn’t that bright.

  80. Lainey says:

    oops…savvy……..must be part Swedish

  81. Lainey says:

    It’s always those pesky bloggers…the average citizen…the voter…that happens to be computer saavy…the voice of the people…tweeting and emailing and instant messaging…those awful, left-wing, liberal, bloggers. (like the Right doesn’t have their own blogging capabilities)

    “Damn”, she must say, “I can’t get away with anything…those bloggers and elite media types watching my every move”…”I can’t sneak around and do unethical things and make shady deals like I used to, without being found out”…”Damn…maybe if I badmouth those pajama-clad bloggers, sitting in the dark, in their parent’s basements”…”yeah, that’ll show ’em”.

  82. katiebegood says:

    UK Lady Says:
    April 21st, 2009 at 12:55 PM
    Just a word of caution on the WAR machine gun fundraiser. Although the paper linked above says that the first one was FOR WAR, it doesn’t say he was actually present. I know common sense says he probably was, but it isn’t a certainty.

    Actually the article said that it “featured” WAR. I don’t know how you can feature someone who wasn’t there. So, I suspect he was there.

  83. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    sandra, let’s smother them with facts as long as they will tolerate us!

  84. UK Lady says:

    Canadian Neighbour

    Wouldn’t it be fun if the reporter on the original Chuck Heath interview had a tape a la the WAR one.

  85. Wolfe Tone says:

    The rejection of W.A.R. was a joint effort of which I am proud to have been a part!

  86. katiebegood says:

    It’s the same thing the conservatives are doing to explain why President Obama seems to be more supportive of prosecuting those who wrote the torture memos. They are saying it’s all because of the “liberal bloggers”. I think it’s more because of the horror any American who still has any measure of humanity feels about those torture memos. I believe that most conservatives gave up their humanity at the time they became Republicans and sold their souls to the corporations.

  87. UK Lady says:


    That there gun sounds mighty expensive! and the custom made knife that was presented at the Irondog. Hope Palin is accounting for the gifts in her income.

  88. Leota2 says:

    I live in Ohio and I swear I could only tell you that we are as broke as most of the industrial rust belt states and that we have a sane Governor. I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I know more about Alaskan politics than I do about Ohio politics.

    Of course I blame you AKM. You have made your state’s politics scintillating, funny and wondrous. And by the way–I think Sarah Palin is make-believe. She cannot possibly be real because she is too incredibly

  89. austintx says:

    I mean , an assault rifle with a MOOSE etched on it …….what could be more perfectly , karmacally ironical ?? Seriously.

  90. lunaluz says:

    The heart of conservatism

    “When the history of modern conservatism is written, William F. Buckley could well be defined as its brain, Rush Limbaugh its [voice] and Ronald Reagan its muscle. Sarah Palin is surely its heart.” – Dave Bozeman

    I got the dry heaves when I read that quote on Texas for Sarah.
    I wouldn’t even admit I thought that, let alone publish it for the all the world to read.

  91. Laurie says:

    OT…at c4p are they not very bright? They are discussing the legal opinion Palin had put out regarding the senate appt.

    I am not sure, but did not the rebubs appoint who they wanted for the seat made empty by Vic Kohring…’behind closed doors”? So..that is ok for SP when it is in reference to a Rep seat…but not a democratic seat?

    I want to mention it to them, but I will not open a google acct just for them, and there is no way I would give them access to my blog. Those of you who do are very brave.

  92. Moose Pucky says:

    Flex. Flex. Nice blogger muscle!

  93. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Here’s a link to interview by Chuck Heath, GINO’s Dad, about Levi.

    If someone posted it earlier, I apologize as I missed your post.

  94. augiegram says:

    Oh good grief, why did I do that? I went to that website texas4palin and now I feel contaminated.

  95. Jim says:

    I just got my May copy of American Rifleman and there it was, on page 61–Sarah’s own AR-15! It’ll work out real well shooting wolves from helicopters, no doubt. Only 2 will be produced, and my guess is neither of them will ever be fired. Just getting a fingerprint on it would detract from it’s perceived collector value.

    Thanks, but no thanks. And don’t be hatin’ on me for being a member of the NRA, please! I’m just another red-meat-eatin’, gun-totin’ leftie, I swear… 😉

  96. nswfm CA says:

    I didn’t read the comments (busy working today!), but I really think this had something to do with the fact that the warthog and Caribou Barbie went down like the GOP in the fall (like a cheap hooker!):

    “The fact that he told the legislature not to worry their pretty little heads about whether a new senate appointment from the governor was legal or illegal?

    The fact that he wrote a letter denying that he’d ever said that, right before the audio of him saying exactly that was released?”

    Also too about that turkey shoot for Yon Dung:
    With all those NRA people there, they missed the turkeys.

    AK, your governor needs a good impeachin’ as she has completely lost her mind as evidenced by all this craziness.

  97. phoebe says:

    Trig Truther Sites…..Good Lord…do they have their own language.

  98. Tewise says:

    @ austintx …….I didn’t here nothing, nothing (in my sgt. shultz voice)

  99. tamara says:

    I don’t know if this has allready been posted, but here is the video of SP’s press conf. regarding WAR. She has a sour face, body language indicates resentment of having to answer to any question, even on other topics. Where have all the winks gone. And as usual word soup and hiding behind one assistant or the other.
    War part is around 3.50 min.

    As always AKM, great job.

  100. InJuneau says:

    Oooo, austintx, did you just let your “inside” (as in inside your head) voice come “outside”? For shame… 😉 I have that problem sometimes too, esp. when dealing with “her”…

  101. austintx says:

    130 Karin in CT Says:
    April 21st, 2009 at 4:06 PM
    @ pvazwindy–I copied and pasted the first link and it worked! Thank you!
    Can’t wait to hear what austintx has to say about this:
    The Greg guy , second of the whole whopping 2 , is in lu-u-vv.
    I hope they forget to factory test fire the gun and it blows up i n her face. OH !!…I did not just say that , did I ??

  102. Closet Mudpup says:


    Ms Prejeans statement was about people choosing either same-sex marriage or opposite sex marriage, but she was so nervous it came out “same-sex marriage or opposite marriage.”

  103. Tealwomin@120- opposite sex marriage vs same sex marriage.

    She may have try to be trendy on her description but she may be going in the right direction, for instance, someone would say” I’m in an opposite sex marriage”; someone else would say” I’m a same sex marriage”…..

    Hey, as long as everybody can get married the wording could be arrange, IMHO.

    My question is in what country does she live?

  104. UK Lady says:

    austintx – You are cruel and heartless! The only thing I enjoyed about that singer was the knowledge that SP and the Dud were suffering him live. 😆

    sjk from the belly of the plane – Am watching the whole thing – lurking – you have a stronger stomach than me.

    Wake Up America – Just like when she was found guilty of abusing her position and blatantly said I was found innnocent, nobody really got in her face about it, I find it stunning.

  105. palinoscopy says:

    Levi, you’d better relocate, son. What was going to be a shotgun wedding just got a worse.

  106. Karin in CT says:

    @ pvazwindy–I copied and pasted the first link and it worked! Thank you!

    Can’t wait to hear what austintx has to say about this:

    Be sure to read BOTH comments. Teehee.

  107. palinoscopy says:

    The great thing about all this accursed technology is that the Wasilla Wingnut can never hope to slink back to Alaska and wait for the Katie Couric interview to be forgotten. Thanks to Youtube it’s around to stay. I think Youtube reallly hurt McCain/Palin. The mainstream media would never have shown the Palin rallies and what went on outside of them. You know, Sarah whipping up crowds of wacktards until they were frothing at the mouth, and such. Bloggers did that. Otherwise she could have played her “real America” crap in one location, then gone on to kiss ass in the not “real America” without it coming back to slap her in the face. Yay for bloggers, youtubers, etc.

  108. winkwinkWA says:

    I think she got her machine gun story mixed up (in her head) with the Ross machine gun story?????? Some one mentioned machine gun and she made up a story, what the he// , she thinks we’re all so stupid we’d believe any thing she says, someone needs to tell her we’re all not C4P’ers.

  109. WakeUpAmerica says:

    “…Palin said she wouldn’t discuss the incident. She said the real problem was the public’s lies about Ross…” That’s how she controls. She throws an outrageous comment out, says she won’t discuss it, then makes more outrageous statements. No one gets to question her. So the one example she gave about Ross not being in Seward was in itself one of her lies. But don’t question her lies. It’s not allowed.

  110. InJuneau says:

    @sjk from the belly of the plane
    NOT REFERENCE ANY TRIG TRUTHER SITES (Whatever that means) or I’ll be banned.

    Oh you know, the ones that are trying to reveal the truth about parentage and such… 😉

  111. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    UK Lady, it is like bizarro world over there. But I think they are still letting me post. For now. The “moderator” gave me (and others) a warning to stay on topic and NOT REFERENCE ANY TRIG TRUTHER SITES (Whatever that means) or I’ll be banned.

    The facts that ya’ll make so easy to access will finally drive them to ban me.

  112. Karin in CT says:

    I also found some adorable photos of the type of gun she will receive. This kind of stuff scares the living h*ll out of me.

  113. austintx says:

    UK Lady – The cd from that lovely singer that you kept raving about. Mr. West.

  114. sandra in oregon says:

    sjk: I was watching that. I think I’m posted under “sandra” over there. They got me for trolling also.

  115. Tealwomin says:

    Sorry, but I don’t get the opposite marriage thing….whats opposite about it?

  116. pvazwindy says:

    Karen in Ct.–#113—

  117. ericmiami says:

    Thanks, AKM. Willful ignorance and dangerous stupidity need to be ground into the mud. Or mudflats.

  118. Tealwomin says:

    [singing] Sarah is mad, Sarah is mad…she hired all those PR people and couldn’t out-do the power of [free] bloggers…

  119. ds55 says:

    GINO failed to get her friend a job as AG. She has lost a great deal of value by this failure. If she can’t bestow political favors, she is not worth the risk involved in supporting her. Her supporters will begin to step away from her to avoid going down in her wake.

  120. Tealwomin says:

    guess thats how opposite smart ppl think

    opposite marriage..WTHeck?

  121. winkwinkWA says:

    Maybe Miss Palin has Mad Cow, from all that moose chili? ( SJK) I was just there, They deleted my comment about Levi ( nothing bad) , even though everyone of them were commenting on Levi. They seem to be scared sh%tless he’s going to say something they don’t want to hear!!!

  122. Diane says:

    Sp has moved into my stupid folder.

    Stupid, because she does the same thing over and over and over and over again, lying.

    Does this mean that bloggers are smarter then SP? That we can thwart the Gov when we want to?
    Or is she saying her legislators and voters are STUPID because they fall for the bloggers point of view? HMMMM……

    Did WAR get paid as AG when his name was listed on the official state website as AG, not as an interim?

  123. Karin in CT says:

    26 pvazwindy Says:
    April 21st, 2009 at 12:39 PM
    Speaking of machine guns, how does this deadly piece of metal hit you. It’s a modified AR-15 (civilian version of the milspec M16 rifle), specially customized in honor of Gov. Sarah Palin. Chambered for .50 Beowulf instead of the standard 5.56mm cartridge, this special AR features several custom engravings. The Big Dipper is on the magazine well, an outline of the state of Alaska is on the stock, and on the upper receiver are a moose, the NRA logo and an inscription, “In Honor of Governor Sarah Palin.” Talk about deadly. Wonder if Palin will list this as a gift. I can see her now strapped safely to a plane, raking the ground at a pack of wolves. To be presented May 14 at the NRA banquet. They can call it what they want, but it doesn’t look any different than an AK47 assault rifle.


    Do you have a link to share with us for GINO’s snazzy assault weapon?

    Does this mean she’ll be attending the May 14 NRA banquet for the presentation?

    Keep on pandering to your ‘base’ Sarah. Gosh, you are so politically savvy!

  124. Tealwomin says:

    Karin in CT…I’ll miss her to, but thanks to Utube, she L I V E S forever…

    when ever we’re PalinSick [homesick for GiNO incidents], we can punch in her name and have our pick of million & millions videos…and she has some classics moments, that ppl will be watching forever!

    I bet they even make a BEST OF DVD and sell for 9.99 on TV

  125. JakeW says:

    The Miss USA pageant 2010 final Three:

    MC: Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can’t locate Vermont, the 4th state to legalize same-sex marriage, or, if they had the choice, even the USA, on a map, even when Vermont is written in big green letters and there are pictures of George Washington. the American flag, and the McDonald’s symbol written over the U.S. Why do you think this is so, and what does this have to do with the state of the economy?

    Caitlin Upton: (Miss Teen USA South Carolina) I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some, people out there in our nation don’t have maps, and, uh, I believe that our, uh, education like such as, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should, our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S., uh, or, uh, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future, for our children.

    Carrie Prejean (Miss USA California): I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one or the other. We live in a land that you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage and… you know what, in my country and my family I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anyone out there but that’s how I was raised and that’s how I think it should be, between a man and a woman.

    Sarah Palin (Miss Runner-up Alaska): Ultimately, what the bailout does is help those that are concerned about the health care reform that is needed to help shore up our economy to help… umm… it’s gotta be all about job creation, too. Also, to … shoring up our economy and putting Fannie and Freddie back on the right track, and so… health care reform and reducing taxes and reigning in spending because Barack Obama, you know… you know, we’ve got to accompany tax reduction and tax relief for Americans, also, having a dollar value meal at restaurants, that’s gonna help…

    So, who do you think WON?

    Why the HOT one, of course!!! Sorry, Sarah…


    An anonymous blogger

  126. Karin in CT says:

    Little Miss Standard Barrier should keep on opening her mouth and digging her political grave.

    As much as I can’t stand her, I’m going to miss her when she finally crashes and burns. I know, it’s easy for me to say since I live in CT, but she really is a constant source of amusement.

  127. Tealwomin says:

    Bloggers & GiNO, BFF!

    Add another person to her PAY BACK List [Larry King]

    Over on her own BLOG, the GiNO the Press Release ‘Governor Highlights Accomplishments of Legislative Session’ says in part:

    “I will work diligently with the legislature to fund these vital projects in the next legislative session.”

  128. eastcoast says:

    (or anyone who watches these blogs and she’ll listen to)
    Settle down.
    Spend your time taking care of your kids.
    Find someone who can write your “auto” Biography.
    get it written.
    Do a few silly speeches in the lower 48 to keep your Palinites giddy.
    Don’t do ANY LIVE interviews!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t do ANY LIVE interviews!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t do ANY LIVE interviews!!!!!!!!!!!

    Publish your book.
    have it made into a TV movie.

    Spend time taking care of your kids.

    Don’t do ANY LIVE interviews!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t do ANY LIVE interviews!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t do ANY LIVE interviews!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t run for re-election
    Don’t run for re-election
    Don’t run for re-election
    Don’t run for re-election

    Blame the progressive bloggers.

    Take care of your kids.

    Chill out in Wasilla.

    Don’t do ANY LIVE interviews!!!!!

    Not a bad gig Sarah.

    Ask Todd if that’s what he’d like.

    You don’t need us harping at you.
    You’re in over your head.
    You know it.
    We know it.
    Take the money and run.

    (That’s the best advice you’re going to get this week)
    take it and run with it.

    we understand.

  129. AKMFan says:

    Maybe Her Royal Heinous would know what was said (or not said) about WAR if she had, oh I don’t know, actually BEEN at his confirmation (as opposed to conformation like a show dog) hearing, instead of pandering to her base, also…too.

  130. You can send your questions for Levy on Larry.


  131. UK Lady says:

    skj from the belly of the plane – Have been watching you and laughing my head off. They don’t like a cold dose of reality over there do they?

    austintx – Re: Wonkette and the Mark Penn article, this comment after Penn had to eat his words just floored me with laughter –

    So ends Mark Penn’s “micro”trend of pulling numbers out of his macro sized ass.

    Oh! I love American politics.

  132. Bystander says:

    Unfortunately, Larry KIng will only toss softballs, like the previous interviews.
    If someone would ask Levi tough and precise questions, we could learn a lot!

  133. ben in sf says:

    Great photo in the Juneau Empire article – not the usual “good ol’ Uncle Wayne.” He looks a lot friendlier, happier with an arm full of dead ducks.

  134. Chaim says:

    Great sarcasm, AKM, but you’ve got to admit she gives it to you pre-mixed and oven-ready.

    So its all the fault of the bloggers and their lies. Asked to name one of their lies, Palin comes up with something that (a) bloggers didn’t discuss, and (b) is true.

    It doesn’t cross her mind that even a staunch conservative might balk at putting an exhibitionistic blowhard who enjoys offending people in the AG’s office.


    Better watch out, or the wicked Boogy-Bloggers will getcha!

  135. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    sandra in oregon, the seefourpee’ers are about to ban me . its great over there!

  136. UK Lady says:

    austintx – We get the LK repeat in the am, will vid it. Do you mean the link you left for Irish and me the other day?. I did watch it first thing with my cup of tea and thanked you in the thread. It was great to get up to, like a little pressie.

    ps. Love the urban dictionary definition of Palin.

  137. ocliberal says:

    Shannye Moore has a terrific blog post up right now.

    To quote from it:

    Troopergate was her brother-in-law’s fault. Walt Monegan was a rogue commissioner. Her pro-Pebble Mine stance during a contentious election was the fault of a “Governor’s hat” wardrobe malfunction. Her criticisms when her witch hunting, governor-anointing pastor, Pastor Muthee, was exposed, were the fault of people who hate Jesus. Her failed interviews were Katie Couric’s and Charlie Gibson’s fault. Her exorbitant wardrobe was the RNC’s fault. Her charging the state per diem to sleep in her own bed and flying her family around the country at state expense weren’t her fault. Her daughter’s problems are Levi’s fault. Her VP political loss was John McCain’s fault. Her image problems are Tina Fey’s fault. Turkeygate was the cameraman’s fault. Her policy on aerial wolf hunting was Ashley Judd and Outsiders’ fault. The empty Juneau Senate seat wasn’t on her, it was the Senate Democrats’ fault.

    Whose fault was it that W.A.R. failed?
    Whose fault was it that your bills failed in Juneau?
    Whose fault was it that you didn’t sign SB89 supporting WWII troops?
    Whose fault was it rural Alaska was damn near starving this winter?

    The Alaska bloggers?

    No, Governor Palin, your losses are your fault.

    Sorry Palin. The bloggers are doing all this, they are just observing, recording and commenting.

  138. austintx says:

    Mark Penn , remember him , the guy Hillary still owes 4 mil.
    He says bloggers are a “microtrend”. HUH ??

  139. aussiegal77 says:

    @tigerwine – interesting scenario! I think we ALL know what she would do – take the money, buy some new shoes, then release a press release saying Levi is a total deadbeat and never contributese to Tripp’s upbringing!! =)

  140. Alaskan Sisu says:

    I’m waiting for Senator Egan to interview Levi on his Problem Corner program one of these days. Wouldn’t that just be a hoot? He’d find a lot of friends on the air-waves in Juneau.

    Air waves for Levi!! Too bad he can’t form a LeviPAC!

  141. aussiegal77 says:

    Cheers to all the People Who Blog in Their PJs in Their Parent’s Basements!!! Yay!!!

    Remember – if Sarah Palin is hopping mad at you and blames you for all the stuff going wrong in her life – it means you have really done something RIGHT!


  142. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    ooops… “…CAN wipe out these traits”.

  143. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    @ rocket

    “It certainly appears that Palin has an organic brain disease. What else could explain her bizarre behavior?”

    Lucky for us, we have a consensus of most “weighers in” of the last seven months on this blog and elsewhere, and label it NPD (narcissistic personality disorder). They don’t get better, they don’t recover. Therapy can help – but most NPDers won’t go after it (there’s nothing wrong, they say!). They usually get worse, and life around them gets worse as they do more and more damage to their environment.

    Too bad for the Palin bots – she’ll self destruct or take others down in plain sight before she ever has a chance to be anything national other than a dim witted right wing talk show hostess. She also needs to go to “Vendetta Addictions Anoymoose” meetings. She has a very real retaliation problem. The great part? NO amount of political or personal coaching, no matter how sophisticated, can’t wipe out these traits. HA!

  144. austintx says:

    Hey sarah –

    google + youtube = Palin

  145. debinOH says:

    Okay, so she admitted that she reads whatever they put in front of her. I think they need to sit her down & explain how the internet works & that there is a lovely little search engine called google. Before she even opens her mouth she ought to google it to make sure there are none of those pesky details out there that are provable. Again maybe she does know this and that is why she didn’t use WAR’s other “crimes”. She could have missed it.

    You would think by now that her handlers would gag her. Like WAR she has no one else to blame when the house of cards come falling down.

    Good work all you pajama wearing people living in your parents basement. I salute you:)

  146. BJA says:

    She doesn’t seem to have a problem with the bloggers over at Freeperville who worship her. Apparently it’s just some bloggers who are a problem. Without that blogger in Colorado who started that whole “Draft Palin” campaign two years ago, she’d still be Alaska’s governor named Sarah Who?

  147. austintx says:

    76 UK Lady Says:
    April 21st, 2009 at 2:24 PM
    austintx – It’s a date! If I can stay awake, this time difference is killing me.
    Do you get LK over there ?? If not , and you poop out , you can grab it off the CNN archives or I can leave the link in the am for you. Why do you keep ignoring the cd that I ran to the lobby to get you ??

  148. InJuneau says:


  149. BHT says:

    The issue isn’t whether or not there was a machine gun shoot or whether Ross was there. It sounds like there was one, and he was there, and who cares?

    Sarah Palin used that an an example of a “lie” spread by bloggers to discredit Ross. Not only was it not a lie, it wasn’t even DISCUSSED by bloggers (as far as I know). It certainly wasn’t one of the issues that led to large numbers of people contacting their legislators. The machine gun shoot issue had NOTHING to do with why Ross wasn’t approved, and the fact that she mentioned it either shows how clueless she is, or how little she cares about appearing truthful.

  150. Team Alaska says:

    Gino needs to continue her war on the media/bloggers. Its never her! What ya thinking?

    Twist the truth this way, twist the truth that way, twist it up , and twist it down. Pretty soon most minds are twisted all around. What a mindpuck dance just trying to keep up with her twists and turns…

    Gino’s style of politics is just as twisted as her daily lies. Tune into a bunch of new twists after LK gets done with LJ and family.

    The logical minded bloggers help me work through the twisted path of GINO politics. AKM, and the growing family of progressive bloggers helping to untwist the mess of Alaskan Politics, I thank you…… Happy dance…. happy dance…..

  151. BigPete says:

    Bloggers (and liars) are all-powerful!

    That’s not much of a morale booster for Palin’s good buddies at the beleaguered ADN.

  152. phoebe says:

    @I can see a cornfield from my house

    Interesting point. You just can’t get away with as much as you used to be able to. MSM did it’s darndest to make the election appear to be much closer than it really was & two make McCain & Palin look viable, which they weren’t. It was blogs that revealed the reality of the situation. I think all of this stealing from the poor & giving to the rich has finally been revealed for what it is. I’m just suprised some of these Repugs can say the things they say with a straight face. They really underestimate the American people.

  153. UK Lady says:

    austintx – It’s a date! If I can stay awake, this time difference is killing me 😯

  154. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign says:

    @ problem child is my name

    Hate to admit it, but yes you can get between Seward and Anchorage in two hours or less. Can’t be in the summer, with the silly land whales stoppin’ right and left – but oh yeah, you can do it. And that was back when the “curves” were still there = the road has been much improved since 1992 when I lived there last.

    Speaking of the stupid red Hummer – he was just dyin’ to drive that all over the road system in Juneau. You know – all 50 miles from Thane to Echo Cove.

  155. InJuneau says:

    bite, bite bite, chew, chew, chew!

  156. austintx says:

    71 UK Lady Says:
    April 21st, 2009 at 2:14 PM
    Apparently the CNN teaser is saying Levi is dishing dirt on the Palins.
    Do we have a date like in Evansville ?? We’ll post the live feed and have a running commentary !! Still have that cd that I grabbed for you.

  157. austintx says:

    Pesky little “ankle biters”………

  158. UK Lady says:

    Apparently the CNN teaser is saying Levi is dishing dirt on the Palins.

  159. phoebe says:

    I do believe she’s coming undone. Those Levi tv interviews are the kick in the pants that will put her over the edge. Has there even been a governor who family live has been made into such a circus act. Cussed bloggers.

  160. rocket says:

    It certainly appears that Palin has an organic brain disease. What else could explain her bizarre behavior?

  161. Janet in Texas says:

    irina Says:
    April 21st, 2009 at 1:21 PM

    Janet in Texas — have you seen any photos of McCain lately ? He looks rough!
    Miss Sarah could BE president by now . . .

    Irina: Yes, I have seen him. It is very, very frightening that we could have ended up with that nightmare scenario. However, I also love the fact that most Americans saw her for what she is and even the most die-hard Repukes just could not pull that lever for the Bimbo. My daughter for one was a huge McCain fan but told me on the night of November 4th that she just could not vote for McCain with Palin being that close to the Presidency. So she voted for Obama — yea !!!!!!!!

    Thank you to all Alaskans for showing the world the truth.

  162. sandra in oregon says:

    The folks over at the seafurpea place are very concerned about Levi goin on LK. I’ve asked what they are concerned about. They also don’t believe that LJ needs any protection. Of course Obama is behind all of this. Can you imagine the President being concerned about LJ?

  163. I can see a cornfield from my house says:

    I have a theory about this. For years the Republicans were able to deny the truth, even when there was video or audio. When all the tricks were played when Nixon ran for office they found out that enough people didn’t really know or care about the truth and they found out they were able to be elected. They really ran with it for quite a while with a high point in George W. Bush’s administration.

    There has been a growing number of people who are technologically savvy for quite some time and with Obama, we have learned the power our voice can have. It was so obviously powerful when there were votes to count. Now there isn’t that single point to focus on, but I feel sure he and his team working on the grassroots effort will get it worked out.

    Bloggers like you, AKM, have been important before Obama, but now are part of this overall powerful voice we have found. It’s not just going one way anymore — from the government to the people. Now we know we can be heard!

    It’s not new — the Founding Fathers discovered that and others in history, but it’s really exciting to be part of this new technological revolution now.

    Ok, that was a lot of my theory, but my point is that GINO just doesn’t get it. She doesn’t understand at all what has happened. And the Republican right that is appearing so looney right now is in the same boat. It’s been working so what’s wrong now?!! They’re trying to point fingers at someone else instead of realizing that lying and tricks won’t work anymore.

    They’re not in the dark — the light at the end of the tunnel is the train of truth heading in!! (sorry couldn’t resist the rhetoric).

    In the heart of the heartland

  164. palinoscopy says:

    It seems to me that until the bloggers piled on Palin she was getting away with a good deal more shenanigans than she is now. It may seem that way to her, too. She’s been a leading corruptionist for years and not until very recently has anyone paid attention. I remember her comment when she arrived back in AK after the election that went something like this: “Okay, you all can stop paying attention to me now. We have a new President and he should get all the attention.” Too bad nobody told her before she didn’t blink that once a bell is rung you can’t unring it.

  165. Closet Mudpup says:


    lol That’s about perfect isn’t it.

  166. Bystander says:

    Reference to post #25 above: Run Levi, run for your life!

  167. InJuneau says:

    @Canadian Neighbour–you’d think, but then again this is the state in which a US Senator ran for state Gov. and won… (for all the darn good it did any of us… 🙁 )

  168. BigPete says:

    The Great Seward Machine gun shoot?

    Why, WAR- the great white hunter-wouldn’t dream of missing it! Turkey and potato salad, and a fire pit with marshmallows and smores and homemade lemonade? But of course. Certainly. You betcha!

  169. Closet Mudpup says:

    I found two additional articles relating to the property where the machine gun shootout was held. While it does appear that all was above board with the machine gun play, it does not appear that all is above board with the landowner, former Seward City Council member Dorene Lorenz. Lorenz is believed to have obtained used sandblasting sand from the Seward shipyard as fill material on her property which is adjacent to wetlands – sand contaminated with tributyltin (TBT – see 2nd link), and now will not allow access to her property, so it’s presence remains unconfirmed. (An article I found earlier also linked the owner of the shipyard to the Y-Dung fundraiser.) TBT is a biocide specifically designed to kill aquatic and marine life.

    While being connected to machine gun fanatics may not be a problem for Alaskan polits, being connected to enemies of the Alaskan environment certainly should be. The shipyard owner has been cited several times for non-compliance with environmental regs, and is not apparently the cooperative sort.

    Don Young fund raiser rattles Seward

    Unregulated Pollution Threatening Resurrection Bay

  170. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Talis Colberg, running for Mayor of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough in June

    Isn’t that going backwards???

  171. ocliberal says:

    I don’t know what is more disturbing – the fact that machine gun parties are considered a ‘fun’ way to spend Sunday afternoon (no doubt right after church) or the fact that out of all the damning things that came out about WAR, the only one that Palin thought was worth rebuking was the fact that he attended a machine gun party.

    And sorry, but based on what I’ve heard about the jerk if there is one thing I can believe about him without knowing the facts it is that he most likely attended many machine gun parties. Heck they were probably his idea.

  172. Lisabeth says:

    Trisha you are so right! It is NOT normal!! I live in a red state and I know nothing of the gov family. Palin is nuts!! The first time I heard her speak at the RNC I knew it. I do hope she will sick around though until 2012 to help Obama. I just dream of seeing her in a real debate:)

  173. SMR says:

    I want a mudflats shirt that says “I heart bloggers!” with a little at the bottom.

    Bloggers rule, Alaska governor drools.

  174. Whisky Otter says:

    Another masterful, wunderbar post!! You’re my favorite blogger.

  175. InJuneau says:

    @tigerwine–I’m pretty sure someone posted that Larry King doesn’t pay guests and seem to recall that the other ones he’s been on so far say they didn’t either, so she really ought to get her facts straight about where all this supposed “money” is coming from. Oh wait, I forgot–facts, we don’t need no stinkin’ facts.

  176. ds55 says:

    @ tigerwine #53: If Levi ever gives money to the Bristol for his son’s support, it had better be a check so that he has some form of receipt. GINO will deny, deny, deny anything good that Levi does.

  177. tigerwine says:

    OK EVERYONE – got a “what if” question for you! Someone earlier posted that Levi was going to be on Larry King tomorrow. Since Sarah is saying how much $$ he is making on the talk show rounds, – just suppose – he did make some and gave it to the Palins for his son. Wonder what she’d say? Would they accept it, even when she belittled him (wrongly) for taking money before? If it was refused, she couldn’t say he wasn’t trying to contribute. How do you think this would play out?

    See what that woman is doing to me – I’m starting to think like her!!!

  178. Nickie B says:

    I can’t believe she doesn’t have advisors at the ready with some duct-tape when they know she’s about to belch out some goofy ass thing. There must be some warning signs like a crazy glossed over look in her eyes, flared nostrils etc. before she starts her braying.

    Speaking of donkeys that reminds me of one of my all time favorite Palin photos.

    I love how creative fellow liberals are and I got a good laugh out of the Vote Democrat motif on the scarf. Oy vey, what a jackass.

  179. MinNJ says:

    Hear, hear, Physicsmom!

  180. UK Lady says:


    The bloggers at seefourpee are outraged, OUTRAGED I say!,

    Because Meghan McC said she likes the Eminem Vid
    Because the National Review Online didn’t mention their goddess
    Because Newt didn’t list her as a leader
    Because McC Senior didn’t list her as a leader
    Because Levi is going on Larry
    Because Chuck Heath has been misquoted and he should sue their a**es
    Because the goddes has a bunch of ******* for legis’
    and most of all, because the Prez (not what they called him) may go after the Bushites for war crimes. They say it will never happen because the whole country will rise up to stop him.

    Can we call the men in white coats yet?

  181. irina says:

    Janet in Texas — have you seen any photos of McCain lately ? He looks rough!
    Miss Sarah could BE president by now . . .

  182. Physicsmom says:

    AKM – congratulations on your success in defeating GINO’s AG candidate. Never thought she’d give you props for it though. As to the lies, she’s got them confused with all the fibs, evasions and bloopers she and Staplemouth tell constantly. Long live bloggers and committed citizens!

  183. MinNJ says:

    Hahahahahahaha *wiping eyes* It’s getting so hard to keep up, but I keep trying. And Europe and the Queen (of England)? Hahahahahahahaha *wiping eyes* Yes, QEII just takes all comers!

    AKM, you seem so strong and unintimidated, and I am so grateful. I’ve learned so much by reading here and am so appreciative of the education that I’ve received. Thank you all.

  184. UK Lady says:

    the problem child IS MY NAME

    You are probably right, I am just being over cautious.

  185. trisha says:

    mouth. Sorry.

  186. UK Lady says:


    Actually, they are outraged, OUTRAGED! I say because

    Meghan McC says she likes the Eminem vid.

    Because Levi is going on Larry

    Because National Review Online didn’t mention their goddess in an article

    Because Newt didn’t list her as a leader

    Because McC didn’t list her as a leader

    Because Chuck Heath has been misquoted about Levi and should sue

    And seriously outraged because the Bushites may face prosecution for war crimes. Apparently the whole country will rise up in the Bushies defence.

    Can we call the men in white coats yet?

  187. trisha says:

    People of Alaska…..this is NOT….I repeat NOT normal behavior for a Governor.

    I have lived in many states and have never seen or heard anything like the crazy behavior that comes from Palin. I live in a Red state now and, I promise, my Governor does not have a stack of ethics complaints. He hasn’t asked the public for money to defend him against these complaints. He doesn’t travel all over the country and charge the state for his children. He doesn’t fly all over to do speaking engagements. His family is not all over the news for their trashy behavior, etc. He is not blaming someone every time he opens his mout. Really…’s NOT normal.

  188. antiAnti says:

    “featured” at a machine gun party could mean WAR was one of the targets. (in my dreams)

  189. scout says:

    humming a Lennon tune…

    Power to the PJs…

    Right On!

  190. Ethan says:

    Bah, that dumb GINO will always blame the “liberal” media and blogs because they are convenient scapegoats for her whenever she stumbles or is revealed as incompetent. It’s just water off a duck’s back for you Mudflatters here. Besides, her whining about the media and the bloggers only makes her look LESS professional. Here’s to hoping your next gubernatorial election elects anyone better than Palin who is Republican, Democrat, or otherwise. And props to your wise legislature for bucking WAR.

  191. Janet in Texas says:

    Thanks and God Bless all of you Alaskan bloggers. You are keeping the Bimbo’s antics on the front burner for the lower 48 to read. Without all of you, the Bimbo could be one, 73-yr. old heartbeat away from the Presidency. I can only shudder !

  192. trisha says:

    Sarah on bloggers: Evil, Evil bloggers…all lies….can’t trust any of them…..out to destroy her.

    Hmmm. What about those evil TeamSarah bloggers. Shouldn’t they be offended at Palin’s attacks on “bloggers”. Guess all those TeamSarah bloggers are sitting in their parents basements.

  193. AlaskaDisasta says:

    @anadventurer Says:
    . I see her like Peter Sellers in “being there”,

    Lol – that’s a good comparison. BUT even Seller’s “Chance the Gardener ‘s” answers seemed to match the questions asked of him. The Wasilla Witch of Word Wars couldn’t string a simple meaningful sentence together if her life depended on it.

  194. ayerishgrl says:

    Aw Shucks,,,, i love it AKM! You are great, and this is just another to add to your ever growing list of fabulous posts. As always, thanks!

  195. UK Lady says:

    Just a word of caution on the WAR machine gun fundraiser. Although the paper linked above says that the first one was FOR WAR, it doesn’t say he was actually present. I know common sense says he probably was, but it isn’t a certainty.

  196. AlaskaDisasta says:

    “Actually, there was a machine gun shoot “fundraiser” in Seward in 2006”

    Lol – only in America.

  197. AlaskaDisasta says:

    Poor Sarah – she’s such a troll.

  198. Old Dyke aka Wa. Lima Bean says:

    Though your list of WAR offenses is stunningly accurate, take the credit and run! Now, if we could just get a “AKM/Mudflat” style blogging crew up and running in every state to stop the stupidity… ah, what a pleasant dream.

  199. Ripley in CT says:

    Hey GINO, your paranoia is frightening the little children.

    Sarahnoia, big destroyerrrrrrr!!!!

  200. It is amazing, I mean SP and her antics are well documented in some places and glossed over in other media outlets. But there is no-way, no-way NPD SP will ever be considered for POTUS. I see her like Peter Sellers in “being there”, but this is the really real world and Newt want’s it job bad. “They” will not let her get the GOP nomination. If only we could get ride of her here at home.

  201. SystemBucker says:

    Fish Hawk Road Jody Says:
    Won’t you all be thrilled when she’s no longer your Gov.? I don’t worry about here in the lower 48 because there’s no way she’ll ever be in the White House as P or VP. All I ask is that Alaska never vote her in as a Senator or Congresswomman. Please, pretty please. }:>

    ……………I’m there with ya!

    I truly beleive she has a mental illness and it’s going to destroy her. There won’t be any chance for her to even run for any kind of office. For the sake of her family, I do wish she could get some professional help.

  202. JRC says:

    Oh for heavens sake. Is that really what she said?

  203. Fish Hawk Road Jody says:

    I have come to the conclusion that if Sarah Palin, much like Dick Cheney, is breathing, then she’s lying. I suspect that she’ll somehow even be lying after dying. She never takes responsibility for anything unless she thinks it will benefit her politically. I feel for all Alaskans having to deal with her. She’s not exactly an example of a stellar person I would want my children to see. Truly sad she’s now blaming bloggers. God forbid the people of Alaska have truthful information. Pffft.

    Won’t you all be thrilled when she’s no longer your Gov.? I don’t worry about here in the lower 48 because there’s no way she’ll ever be in the White House as P or VP. All I ask is that Alaska never vote her in as a Senator or Congresswomman. Please, pretty please. }:>

  204. lynnrockets says:

    (sung to the Santana song “Black Magic Woman”)

    She’s a black magic woman
    She’s a black magic woman
    Todd’s got a backassward woman
    Got us so blind we can’t see
    Sarah’s a black magic woman
    And she scares the bejesus out of me

    Don’t turn your back on this lady
    Don’t turn your back on this lady
    Yes, she looks like Rosemary’s Baby
    Wants Alaska to secede
    Don’t turn your back on this lady
    Unless you are with the A.I.G.

    A witch mass going Palin
    A witch mass going Palin
    Yes, she’s a b**chy Sarah Palin
    Repeating, “Drill Baby Drill”
    She likes sacrificial nailin’
    But no birth control pill

  205. pvazwindy says:

    Speaking of machine guns, how does this deadly piece of metal hit you. It’s a modified AR-15 (civilian version of the milspec M16 rifle), specially customized in honor of Gov. Sarah Palin. Chambered for .50 Beowulf instead of the standard 5.56mm cartridge, this special AR features several custom engravings. The Big Dipper is on the magazine well, an outline of the state of Alaska is on the stock, and on the upper receiver are a moose, the NRA logo and an inscription, “In Honor of Governor Sarah Palin.” Talk about deadly. Wonder if Palin will list this as a gift. I can see her now strapped safely to a plane, raking the ground at a pack of wolves. To be presented May 14 at the NRA banquet. They can call it what they want, but it doesn’t look any different than an AK47 assault rifle.

  206. hedgewytch says:

    Malaprop Sarah. She opens her mouth and just makes the situation worse.

  207. Nice post, AKM.

    As AKM relates, some of us tossed this machine gun bit back and forth this morning between 0600 and 0900, and realized that Palin – once again – can be pretty zany.

    Also, just after Alaskans won the WAR battle, I started a still confidential email string among the progressive bloggers involved in the battle, asking “What did we learn from this?” We’re not done discussing the specifics yet, but we had arrived at the point of realizing that the progressive bloggers were just a small but important part of the overall citizens’ struggle against this unwise nomination. We helped energize people to write or call their legislators. We defended the Burtons, and added resonance to the overall objections, as listed by AKM above.

    And now, Palin has promoted us back up to the role of major players. I guess we still have some analyzing to do, huh?

    Maybe she’ll present us with a certificate or plaque…

    Ooooo! A plaque! Nice.

    I was wondering how your follow up post might change a bit after this shout out from the gov! 😉 AKM

  208. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    WAR, “I didnt say that”…Blogger, “here is the recording of you saying that”….WAR, “Lets go ‘fishing'”….

  209. delnorteco says:

    i love you guys & girls.

  210. SystemBucker says:

    So the Crazy Lady said this….

    “he being engaged in a machine gun shoot on somebody’s property down in Seward, and there were witnesses to such a thing, and he’d never been there”

    Then there’s this….

    Excerpt from the Seward News:
    “This is Lorenz’s second Turkey Shoot, though first in the name of Young.

    The first, at the same Nash Road property in 2006, featured Wayne Anthony Ross, former gubernatorial candidate and board member of the National Rifle Association.”

    So does Ross not remember the ’06 Nash Rd. Turkey Shoot he was featured at or is it Palin being totally disconnected with reality? If Ross doesn’t remember being there, then this is just another reason he shouldn’t be in public office. I don’t think forgetfulness is a good trait to have for an AG!

    I suspect Ross might actually be reading Palin’s statement thinking WTF!?

    …or maybe not.

  211. MI Troublemaker says:

    This is just part of the Palin mantra-when in doubt, blame someone else!

  212. hwmnbn says:

    This may sound sacreligious, but I’m sorry Sarah is crashing and burning so quickly. I’d prefer she stay in the public eye throughout the 2010 campaign. Having her lunacy as a political focal point would not only be entertaining, but might cripple the already damaged wingnut faction… also… too..

    and plus.. we have to think of Tina Fey’s career!!

  213. Lilybart says:

    The Internet is the best too Democracy ever got.

    Now we ALL know what the pols are up to and they don’t like it!

  214. Lilybart says:

    I have read ALL of the W.A,R. stuff and have been following Alaska politics since after the election and I never heard of any machine-gun party.

    THAT is nothing compared to the real crap he is on record saying.

  215. UK Lady says:


    Palin’s best chance is an intervention.

  216. Lilybart says:

    It is possible that Newt has Presidential ambitions and Palin might be a threat to him.

    The other reason is that the GOP only uses women and minorities when it is to their advantage, but old white guys still run things.

    Palin’s best chance is a third party.

  217. Leota2 says:

    “Liars and Bloggers and Bears, oh my”

  218. Susie Snowflake says:

    Sarah Palin’s response to her AG’s nomination not being confirmed speaks VOLUMES about her. She can’t see the facts in front of her; instead she lashes out at bloggers with unsubstantiated tidbits that only she seems to have ever heard of. She seems to have no ability to take personal responsibility for her actions, choosing again and as usual to blame everyone who doesn’t agree with her. I just don’t see that ever changing, as she has been doing that at least since she was the mayor of Wasilla and fired people on a whim if they didn’t agree with her.

  219. Irishgirl says:

    “So, even though we bloggers were only a piece in the puzzle, it’s still awful nice of the governor to give us all the credit, and it’s rude not to acknowledge a compliment. So, if I may be so bold as to speak for Alaska bloggers, we’ll just look down and scratch our toe in the dirt, blush a little and say, “Aw, shucks.””

    Not just Alaska AKM!!! 🙂 I don’t know the word for Alaska blog followers…ABF!!!

  220. curiouser says:

    There she goes again….simply mind boggling!

    Great post, AKM and congratulations for spreading the truth!

    WAR definitely attended a machine gun party, though not the one referenced in your post.

    Excerpt from the Seward News:
    “This is Lorenz’s second Turkey Shoot, though first in the name of Young.

    The first, at the same Nash Road property in 2006, featured Wayne Anthony Ross, former gubernatorial candidate and board member of the National Rifle Association.”

    Nice! Thanks for the link. I hat-tipped you in the update! 🙂 AKM

  221. zyggy says:

    forgot to add, Liars and Bloggers and Bears, oh my. Liars and Bloggers and Bears, oh my. Liars and Bloggers and Bears, oh my.

    Palin needs a wizard right now, those ruby monkey shoes aren’t working for her.

  222. lisabeth says:

    How stupid can she be!! She berates and criticizes Alaskas citizens constantly. How bright of her! This woman is SO DUMB politically. I don’t believe people who think she is shrewd. She is also always blaming everyone else–again symptoms of NPD – inability to self-analyze and rage at others when questioned!

    Tomorrow night-Levi Johnston and family – on Larry King! Go Team Levi! You have lots of supporters. Time to speak the real truth now…Your kid/s depends on it…!

  223. zyggy says:

    woo-hoo, power to the bloggers. I really don’t know how anyone can trust her anymore. She’s beyond wacko, she needs to be committed right now.

  224. marzapan says:

    AKM, when you posted the story about Gingrich snubbing Palin, my gut reaction was that he and others were distancing themselves from her because they had some inside scoop on one of her many “gates”. But now I see that the real reason is because they too realize that she is pathologically, certifiably incapable of taking responsibility for anything.

    Can’t wait for LJ ON LK tomorrow night!

  225. Ennealogic says:

    LoL… such sweet spot-on sarcasm! Loved it.

  226. Rob in Ca says:

    Sarah Palin is certainly being rather insulting to the legislators, to suggest that they ignored the public testimony (which so far, has not been refuted by the Governor to my knowledge) and instead listened to bloggers.

    Of course, she may be giving the legislators the benefit of the doubt, by assuming that they listened to their constituents?

    Of course, if that is the case then Sarah is suggesting that the constituents listened to the bloggers’ lies. Shame on you, constituents, for letting yourselves be fooled by those darn bloggers!

    Or should I say congratulations, constituents, for evaluating the statements of the bloggers, the people testifying, various news sources, and your neighbors, and making a wise and considered decision which you then communicated to your elected representatives – and which they then acted upon, on your behalf, just like you hired them to do!

    It sounds pretty good when you think it all through, I think!!

  227. You are BRILLIANT!! Don´t blush.

  228. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    crazy lady strikes again!

  229. sjk from the belly of the plane says:

    your “Governor” is effin’ crazy. She makes sh*t up, and the c4p’ers and ts’ers wet thhemselves. thank goodness I live in a state where only the house speaker and my county supervisor of elections are under indictment and FBI investigation!

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