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October 25, 2021


RIP, RNC. AK at DNC in NC!

Well, it was quite a week. Hurricane Isaac was the featured guest of the non-first night of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Then we were treated to days of hearing the sad tales of long-suffering Republicans who had to sell some stock to get by in their early years, and stories of struggle and fear that if they couldn’t make it, they’d be forced to rely on their wealthy and supportive families to come to the rescue.

And worst of all, they had to eat… TUNAfish, and PASTA. Ohhh, the humanity.

Ann Romney never quite said, “I feel your pain,” but almost. How she was able to keep a stiff upper list and soldier on through eating like common people, I will never know.

And then we got to see what they drummed up for a VP nominee this time. A hottie harpy from the wilds of Alasssska didn’t work out too well. So this time they came up with the draconian, pants-on-fire, Congressman from the wilds of … Wisconsin. The most miraculous thing about his speech was that his nose did not grow into a bird perch, his trousers did not spontaneously combust, and a lightning bolt did NOT come out of the sky and strike him where he stood. Zeus was clearly not within reach of the remote. Or he dozed off.

And then… Clint Eastwood talking down to an invisible foul-mouthed, f-bombing fantasy president sitting in a chair. Nothing like inviting a guy in his mid-80s to get on stage and ad-lib about stuff right before the candidate takes the stage. Even former RNC chairman Michael Steele was speechless. I wonder if any of those responsible are slated for cabinet positions? They should just make Eastwood the Ambassador to China and get it over with.

And finally there was the candidate himself, whose goal was simply trying to not be an android, not to be insensitive, not to appear out of touch with the voting population, and to sound warm and caring. He did these things somewhat successfully, while also managing not to mention the troops. Our troops. Not once.

That’s right. The Republican Party put up a war hero last time, with a sidekick whose son registered for the military on 9/11. Last cycle’s cloying homage to the troops didn’t work. So this time, try something else. Screw those guys.

This year, it’s women they’re worried about. But Ann Romney had that one covered. “I love women!” she assured us. Phew. I was worried for a minute.

A member of Alaska’s delegation to the RNC, Judy Eledge (who recently attempted unsuccessfully to take over the Chairmanship of the Republican Party in Alaska) mugged for the camera holding an Obama countdown clock, featuring the President in Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt that says “Hoax.”

Awesome. Way to keep it classy and make your state proud.

Alaska delegate Judy Eledge holds up Obama countdown clock during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., on Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2012. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

But now, all that’s over. Hurricanes Issac and Clint, and Paul, and Ann, and Mitt have blown on.

And the gaze of the nation will turn to Charlotte, NC. Hopefully there will be no weird Romney figurines, or on-stage impromptu musings from octogenarians.

The Democratic delegates from the 49th state will be wearing this vest, with the image of the state shown superimposed on the Lower 48. Including the Aleutian Chain (which isn’t quite visible in the photo), Alaska almost reaches coast to coast. It is patterned in color and style after traditional Alaska Native garb which features a white abalone button pattern as a decorative element.

ABC is planning more than 30 hours of live-streaming coverage for ABC News digital and Yahoo! GMA and ABC World News, and Nightline will originate from Charlotte. Live-streaming coverage will run from 7:00 PM-11:30 PM ET, and will be anchored by ABC News political chief Amy Walter and Yahoo!’s DC bureau chief David Chalian, joined by ABC News anchors and correspondents.

The Mudflats will also be posting some coverage from the event.



13 Responses to “RIP, RNC. AK at DNC in NC!”
  1. Winski says:


    I still LOVE your stuff… Great piece…

    Now, after seeing, listening and wondering out in the woods by myself, I’m convinced these republicans don’t even know what species they are? They seem so far removed from the facts of reality that it’s just stunning sometimes.. The stark, 180 degree contrast between last week and this, leave very little room to draw any other conclusions!!

    Hope you and your family are good. Keep on rumbling…

  2. That is a great vest. I love it that they are all going to be wearing it. It reminds me of the vests that kids in Camp Fire design for themselves. They create a symbolgram to show who they are or what they believe or dream about. This one is great – heritage, the state is part of the United States (which I think some in the lower 48 sometimes forget), size and patriotism all rolled into one image.

  3. zyggy says:

    Who from the Mudflats is going to the convention and will be reporting?

  4. AKblue says:

    Here is a link to the best summary of GOP lies, distortions, and reasons no one should vote for them:

    Eichenwald has done some excellent writing.

  5. AKMagpie says:

    Think we should send Ryan and Romney vests with “RNC – So Fauxy” on them? Fauxy = Folksy, of course because they made themselves seem so much like real, so down to earth people, doncha know. Costco shirts and all. Made in China, natcherly. You betcha!

  6. WISkyBlue says:

    `…….any word on the forum???

    …U cant hide them ryan lies …

    • Jeanne Devon says:

      Yes, our once and former server guru is on the case. It’s been difficult importing an existing forum on to the new server with all the stuff already in it. It’s requiring a lot of manual changing, and code things. But we are getting closer, believe it or not!

  7. Moose Pucky says:

    Alaska has the coolest delegation to the DNC!!!

  8. Moose Pucky says:

    Alaska has the coolest delegatation to the DNC!!!

  9. slipstream says:

    Anybody looking to Mitt Romney for leadership? Good luck. Here is his “position” on Afghanistan:

    Mitt’s Plan — Mitt Romney will never make national-security decisions based upon electoral politics. Upon taking office, he will review our transition to the Afghan military by holding discussions with our commanders in the field. He will order a full interagency assessment of our military and assistance presence in Afghanistan to determine the level required to secure our gains and to train Afghan forces to the point where they can protect the sovereignty of Afghanistan from the tyranny of the Taliban. Withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan under a Romney administration will be based on conditions on the ground as assessed by our military commanders.

    Allow slipstream to paraphrase: “I don’t have the foggiest. We may be there forever.”

    No wonder he never mentioned the troops.

    • AKMagpie says:

      You are right on point, slipstream. I also haven’t seen much written about the fact that he, at least once when I heard him, said that he would “..listen to the generals…” when it came to military matters. I wonder if he as a grip on the concept of civilian control of the military yet. He surely has a bellicose bevy of foreign and security advisors around him.

      • COalmostNative says:

        Romney won’t listen to the generals; look at his, Ryan’s and Cantor’s reactions to the Chiefs of Staffs agreement with the first DOD budget reduction: they went ahead and increased the budget anyway.

        I know who Romney will listen to: a majority of his foreign advisors are Bush alumni… saber-rattling, anyone?

        BTW: love the AK vest, also. Too.

  10. Zyxomma says:

    I love the vest! It reminds me of the one with a killer whale motif worn by former Senate candidate Scott McAdams. Are they available to purchase anywhere? (Nor that I often wear vests. I have three, all worn infrequently.)

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