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September 17, 2021

Oyster Roundup!


~Thick and fast they came at last, and more, and more and more!

Happy Saturday, you gorgeous Mudflatters. Here’s a slurpy, brunchy, half-dozen bites for your weekend palate.


Quote of the Week: On Mitt Romney’s plan to defund PBS, aka “Kill Big Bird.”

“I like Big Bird… You can kill things and still like them – maybe to eat them.” ~Rick Santorum


Naked Baker Charms Anchorage Press Pick Voters

So, every year, hundreds of hardy souls vote for dozens of their favorite bakeries, auto shops, pizza joints, and of course – politicians. This year’s picks were… interesting to say the least. The gold medal went to Les Gara, which is not unusual becase a) he is awesome, and b) he has awesomeness. Second place this year was sort of a “huh” moment. Mike Hawker, who is actually my own representative, got the honor. And while he’s certainly not my favorite legislator, he’s not the worst. We have a deep pool.

The bronze medal, however, leaves me a bit mystified.  One of the most ill-tempered, not liked by his colleagues, and corrupt (see Blind Allegiance over there in the sidebar——>) legislators out there – the man dubbed “The Naked Baker” because of his fondness for baking Christmas cookies for charity in the buff – took the honor.  Why?  Unless Bill Stoltze himeself sat in his basement in Eagle River clearing his computer cookies so he could vote multiple times, I haven’t a clue.


Mia Costello and Michelle Scannell – Fowl play

According to a recent ad from the campaign of Michelle Scannell, her opponent in the House Race she’s running refuses to debate her. As a result, we have the first amusing ad in a long while.  In a sea of lousy, cringe-inducing jingles, this one is actually a nice relief.


Sitting Hitting the Fan. Again. – 

In case you missed this one, there’s more news on Anchorage’s eternal battle over the use of sidewalks. Here are your lightning fast cliff notes: Mayor treats homeless badly; Homeless guy gets mad and sits outside City Hall; Mayor gets mad but no law says he can’t sit so he tries to make one; Assembly votes for law after Municipal Attorney lies and says ACLU signed off on it; Assembly members get mad they were duped and call it back.

Last month the Assembly voted again reversing their previous decision saying yes, you’re allowed to sit on the sidewalk. And then… the Mayor vetoed it.  His rationale, in part, was that that’s how they do it in San Francisco. Don’t even get me started.



This week’s Presidential debate, whether you’re happy with it or not, was the most tweeted about event in its brief but illustrious political history. The 90 minute event generated over 10.3 million debate-related tweets, including many who tweeted about Big Bird. I know. How fitting. New Twitter accounts were created for @FiredBigBird and a variety of other Sesame Street character. Next up – Biden/Ryan.


Dutch Customs Confiscates Hundreds of Tarantulas

There’s really no need to say any more. Details in the link.



19 Responses to “Oyster Roundup!”
  1. mike from iowa says: Big Bird plans to collect Mitt Romney’s hide in Iowa. Itza bird! Itza plane! Itza Mitt’s a woist nightmare. A seriously P-Oed big yellow bird.

  2. Lacy Lady says:

    Rommney is speaking now on CNN—–What a bunch of Bull S!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what planet this man is from. He has insulted on armed forces .

  3. mike from iowa says: this story will explain-kinda-why iowa farmland costs so much money. The land is so fertile,you could conceivably plant that chicken in the ad and it would grow a turkey-drawn and plucked,just like the ad shows.

  4. Zyxomma says:

    That’s a lot of arachnids.

  5. Ripley In CT says:

    I won’t be clicking the link to the spider story. I’d like to sleep tonight.

  6. fishingmamma says:

    The political ‘discussion’ in this country over the last four years has left me in mourning. Civility is dead.

  7. mike from iowa says:

    mikey’s beloved home state of iowa,the spit of land between two rivers in the middle of the country that neither coast wants to visit,has a similar guv problem as does Alaska. Terry Braindead,our esteemed dumbass demagogue in chief,doesn’t believe in science when it comes to game management. iowa is one of the best states to hunt if you like eating record book whitetail antlers-if you can get a license. We have too many potential four-legged auti-wreckers and crop eaters and the DNR wants to reduce the number of insurance liabilities to maintain herd health and keep the farmers off legislator’s cases. The biologists in charge worked out a plan to reduce the number of deer over the next several years and the guv refused to go along. His explanation was that he didn’t want to increase the number of deer.HUH??? rethuglican Braindead has many wealthy rwnj friends who hunt,hizzoner included. Guv initiated a dove season for iowans-who didn’t want one-and disregarded the DNR’s recommendation to use steel shot instead of lead because the guv’s buddies cried it cost too much. So much for paying biologists with degrees just so you can ignore them. Sound familiar? I propose that we exchange one brain-dead guv braindead for one salmon carcass in any condition ,of your choice, and no returns. At worst I could use the salmon as fertilizer and you would be stuck with toxic brain dead waste. Want to trade?

    • Lacy Lady says:

      And the DNR says we have NO Mountain Lions in Iowa.

      The DNR was lucky that this one didn’t have a “collar”. They would have had a lot of explaining to do.

    • mike from iowa says:

      I just found this out. In the spring of 2011,iowa’s esteemed,egotistical rwnj guv issued Executive Order 71 stating that the DNR must run all projects through the guv’s office before the public gets to comment on them. He added another layer of government interference in an era of smaller government. iowa has some of the most impaired inland waterways and the DNR-which is supposed to test the waters and clean them up,was put in charge of siting large animal confinements where the Farm Bureau figures they should be built. We used to have local control,but they kept too many livestock operators from building,so the lobbyists went to work and changed the laws.

  8. Ben in SF says:

    In San Francisco, the no-sit, no-lie laws have caused the homeless to migrate from the Haight Ashbury to Golden Gate Park, where it is legal to sit or lie down during daylight hours.

    Meanwhile, over in the Castro, there’s a kerfuffle over guys hanging out in the nude (our local bird cage liner found at least one average gay San Franciscan who says “this is not what we were fighting to make legal” and other wags say “these are the guys you don’t want to see naked”). Fun fact: parklets aren’t parks — they benches, planters, etc. that sit on the public street, so park rules against nudity don’t apply. (The weather is too nice in the Castro — were they to pass a rule allowing nudity only out here in the fog belt, our nudes might jog more and lounge less). Now, tell me again, Mr. Mayor, how does it work?

  9. Alaskan says:

    You would think during the debate they might talk about our young people being killed in foreign wars and how they are going to resolve those problems and the problem of caring for them when thy come home but no Romney carries on about a bird, then to make matters worse the press runs with it like we all think it would ever happen or its a really important issue. How about dealing with some important issues.

    • Beaglemom says:

      Remember that during his RNC acceptance speech, Romney did not mention the military. He said later that he had a whole “laundry list” and couldn’t include everything. So returning veterans and injured ones are just items of “laundry” that don’t need to be talked about. Well, that’s just another segment of the population dismissed by the GOP candidate. While Romney has been busy not thinking about 47% of us, his running mate has upped the percentage to 60%, whom he describes as “takers” and not “makers” and, therefore, not real Americans. What is wrong with these two men? And what has happened in this country that candidates for the highest offices in the land can daily insult whole segments of the population?

      • Lacy Lady says:

        And it is amazing that some of these people still support them–the Reps.
        Like I posted earlier—I don’t think some people understood just what Rommney was saying in his speech. However, if Rommney and team win this election—it will be then that they wake-up~!

  10. COalmostNative says:

    How many of our children- and now granchildren- learned numbers from the Count, kindness from Mr. Rodgers, the alphabet, songs… Romney was dumb, dumb, dumb to chose Big Bird to cut from the budget. Then Santorum piles on-

    This makes voters focus on what else they love Romney/Ryan plan on cutting…

    • Lacy Lady says:

      Our grandson–now 34 yrs old, learned to count in Spanish. Also love to listen to Opera.
      My husband and I love English comedy. So many good things on IPTV!.

    • mike from iowa says:

      the thing with PBS and Big Bird is they teach youngsters stuff they need to know to develop normally,which is just what rwnj want to prevent kids from doing. An educated population probably won’t vote for nutters,they probably would have the ability to reason that war and killing for any reason is bad and sacrifice should be shared. If you teach a child to count,they will be able to ascertain that one group reaps the spoils while the rest get the bills.

  11. Lacy Lady says:

    Funding for Public Broadcasting stations for 1 year ——equals Defense spending for 6 hours.
    I signed a petition today to save PBS.
    Funny that more people are talking about saving Big Bird than Rommney!

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