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September 19, 2021

Let the Gnashing of Teeth and the Rending of Garments Begin!

Conservatives are all….”a-Twitter” (as you’ll see below) about the fact that, as we all knew, the President of the United States will actually be appointing a justice to the Supreme Court. David Souter today announced that he will be stepping down in June. Here’s what President Obama had to say today when he interrupted a press briefing to address the issue:

Now, the process of selecting someone to replace Justice Souter is among my most serious responsibilities as president, so I will seek somebody with a sharp and independent mind and a record of excellence and integrity. I will seek someone who understands that justice isn’t about some abstract legal theory or footnote in a casebook; it is also about how our laws affect the daily realities of people’s lives, whether they can make a living and care for their families, whether they feel safe in their homes and welcome in their own nation. I view that quality of empathy, of understanding and identifying with people’s hopes and struggles, as an essential ingredient for arriving at just decisions and outcomes. I will seek somebody who is dedicated to the rule of law, who honors our constitutional traditions, who respects the integrity of the judicial process and the appropriate limits of the judicial role. I will seek somebody who shares my respect for constitutional values on which this nation was founded and who brings a thoughtful understanding of how to apply them in our time.

There has already been much speculation about who he’ll pick. Sam Stein on The Huffington Post has a list of likely suspects, most of whom are women. Some are even women AND minorities all in the same person.

Steve Doocy on Fox News is bloviateing that it would take “an outright SOCIALIST” to be any more left than Souter. They even cite handy examples so you can see what a crazed left-wing extremist he is.

[from video]  Let’s tell you about some of the cases that Souter has been critical…and number one of course, is Planned Parenthood vs. Casey, and he found for Planned Parenthood which says that Roe vs. Wade should NOT be overturned.  So again, he disappointed conservatives as you can imagine, aligning himself with the liberal bloc of the Supreme Court.  Also, Bush vs. Gore.  where he found for Gore, and said the recount should continue.  That did not go that way, which we all know.

In other words:

“unless you oppose reproductive freedom and support stealing elections, you’re an extremist.”

*WARNING*  If you have underage children in the room, you’ll want to send them far far away at this point. 

Crooks and Liars is calling for a “30 day observation period” and a straightjacket for popular conservative blog Red State’s Eric Ericson who actually sent out the following from his Twitter account. 


Republicans on Twitter.  Sit back and enjoy the train wreck.  Yes, he sent it out not once, but twice.  The second message is on top with LMRM meaning “let me repeat myself.”  You know….just so we understand he really meant it.  Yes, I think it’s time for a party-wide intervention.  If there are any moderates left in the Republican Party, get out while you can!  Just follow the light.  It will all be OK, I promise,  just GET. OUT.



91 Responses to “Let the Gnashing of Teeth and the Rending of Garments Begin!”
  1. 24owls says:

    25 years ago I lived in NH and it was well known that David Souter was on the track to becoming a federal judge appointment somewhere. He was thoughtful, intelligent, was forever studying past court rulings and gave court decisions that were sometimes considered conservative and sometimes considered liberal. He was low key, kept out of politics, kept to himself, and he was very well respected. Back then NH was lead by conservatives like Papa Sununu, a much younger Jud Gregg, and other republicans that like to push their weight around and basically felt that any republican presidential candidate that even wanted a chance to get to the White House had to win the NH primary and thus the candidate had to go with the NH republican rules. Papa Bush gets into the White House and where does he look for a Supreme Court nod but back to NH. Souter was a surprising but excellant pick but when Bush started touting him as a conservative to “sell” him to the Senate for confirmation that wasn’t the title that Souter was at all to those of us that had known him through the years. He was equally fair, leaned neither left or right – it certainly was a strange to watch the conservatives parade him the way they were. Sununu of course was huge in getting him appointed to the court and thus there was the feather to the republican cap of having a NH native on the supreme court. As you recall Sununu was also Bush’s Chief of Staff until he had to resign because of – oh no, just another conflict of interest … misuse of funds … unaccounted for gifts and services … hard to imagine, I know. Over the next 19 years it has been interesting to watch Souter on the court, listen to his questions and read his decisions whether they be in the majority or not. He is still is much the same guy as before, forever studying court opinions, always learning, always thoughtful and again it doesn’t surprise me that he is retiring. He is not a guy that seeks material things or power and glory or limelight. He loves the quiet life in the country, read more books, take more hikes, take in the fresh air. This need has never been a secret with him.
    So with all the talking heads dissing Souter for one reason or another is not surprising, it is however unfortunately our political system at work. Tear down a good man. In the case of Souter, Papa Bush made a political decision as a favor to NH republicans and it worked in favor for the better good of the whole country. You don’t have to look much further and see that the appointment of C Thomas was a total waste of a seat on the high court. He can’t retire so enough.
    The free speech of Eric is protected by judges like Souter. It is so unbelievable that he gets away with that kind of crap. I guess any society has the best there is to offer and then scum like Eric.

  2. Demetria Nelson-McNaulty says:

    This guy has got to go, I would be a one woman picket outside of city hall just to get that ball rolling.

  3. John(Canadian MudPuppie) says:

    18 Sue Says:
    May 2nd, 2009 at 1:25 PM
    I do not understand what is wrong with being a socialist or a socialist country. Aren’t Sweden, Norway, and Denmark socialist countries? They all have plenty of food, health care for all, lower crime rates than the USA, less unemploymnet, and (for those who oppose abortion) fewer abortions than the USA. It doesn’t sound bad to me at all. I always thought socialists were people who cared about others and not just about themselves. Am I missing something?
    Like “”the problem child IS MY NAME!””says,our “socialist representative democratic” paradise. If things ever go as bad as you have had it the passt 8 long years, we would surely be happy to have you here in Canada. But, Shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone that living in a socialist country is pretty great since we don’t have to worry about rightwing nuts like Eric Ericson. We do not tolerate idiots like that in this country. He would be riden out of the country on a rail. And probably with a little Tar and feathers to boot.

  4. Cynamen Winter says:

    @ Lisabeth~
    “I know the far right conservatives are LOUD and obnoxious but I am beginning to think we give them too much time on line, in print and in thought. What would they do and what would happen if we all just ignored them. Our own movement.”
    I agree that whatever we “feed” will inevitably grow…and the narcissistic side of GINO probably relishes the negative press as well. Even if we were to simply ignore them, it would be prudent to keep a careful watch on their “movements.”

    Btw, are the two new & convenient Democrats (what’s their names?), selected by GINO to replace Sen. Elton, still calling themselves Dems?

    Keep an eye on ’em!

  5. Cynamen Winter says:

    Paula Says:
    May 2nd, 2009 at 1:15 PM

    I just revisted the last post and thought, how sad, we went from talking about the rebirth of spring and homegrown goodness to right wing nutcases talking about goat f&^%$#g. Is it just me, or do Republicans get more repulsive by the day? They have lost their collective minds. Mad cow?
    Mad Pachyderm Disease! They will collectively never recover from Nov. 4, 2008.

  6. Terpsichore says:

    pardon the e e cummings style, i’m eating buttered popcorn w/one hand and typing w/the other …

    orrin hatch was on george stephanlpolous this morn and i too wanted to reach into the tv and at least give him a giant wedgie

    did you know that obama’s words like ’empathy’ are apparently code for ‘activist’

    who knew

    good thing old orrin’s around to straighten us out, otherwise think that obama wants to appoint a judge to the supreme court who demonstrate s/he has empathy. wow how bad would that be

    it will be interesting to see what norm coleman does now

  7. austintx says:

    Now here is a total peckerhead…………………

  8. Mary in Tennessee says:

    Hey, y’all, all these vicious and hate filled psychos just waste my time; don’t listen, don’t read ’em and do not ever want to meet one.

    And of course the radical right wing of the GOP has totally forgotten (sort of like the memory lapse of Dan S….) that when ole Papa Bush picked Souter, he thought Souter was a right-wing Conservative! Such real irony! These fools are just clueless phonies who do not even look stuff UP!

  9. marcus2 says:

    and were do people like Sister Sarah fit in? She’s the smiling face of right wing extremism. Eric Erickson is the knuckle-dragging thug and Sarah is Little Miss Sunshine – that is, when she’s not acting like Elsa the She-Wolf of the SS (my apologies to wolves, who are wonderful animals).

  10. marcus2 says:

    The hard-right Republican Party of W and the Neo-Cons had been in power for the last 8 years and toxic right wing radio and Fox “news” had lulled them into thinking their rein of power would never end. Well……………………they screwed up so badly they are out on their ass and they are frothing at the mouth. Luckily, there are more down to earth, rational folks in the US than right wing extremists.

    In addition, Barack Obama is very bright, articulate, and has the interests of the vast majority in mind. Turning it around what the neo-cons created will take decades, but we’re headed in the right direction.

  11. TBNTJudy says:

    austintx says: “I wanted to reach in the tv and pimp slap his ass.”


  12. Lee323 says:


    I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Mr. Red State fancies himself of Viking constitution, if not actual bloodlines……. but I was admittedly satirizing him in my previous post.

    Not to worry, though…….my conclusions about Mr. Red State place him and his cave-dwelling kin tens of thousands of years earlier than the Norsemen…..possibly co-mingling with Neanderthal and early Cro-Magnon. There I go again……can’t help myself with this guy. LOL.

  13. tigerwine says:

    Hey, yukonbushgrma – you still up? Days are longer up there now than down here! Time to get out the aluminum foil for the bedroom windows! Wish you could see the humongous purple iris that are blooming along my driveway!

  14. michigander says:

    Here is the rest of it and sorry for the panic. There is a bunch of horrifying comments for Palin on that redstate site. This is from an Alaskan. If you guys already saw it I apologize, I meant to go to bed and will now after looking at AKM’s Blue Sky again:

    Administration. I didn’t like her when she trashed first Randy Ruedrich and then Greg Renkes and then Frank Murkowski, and in fact she has trashed everybody who has ever done ANYTHING for her. And, I DON’T LIKE HER NOW, but it doesn’t have anything to do with lefties or her National ambitions. Hell, a bad Republican is better than a good Democrat, so I’d vote for the nominee.

  15. michigander says:

    Crap! I tried to copy this from the redstate site but the crucial part is missing. It ends with he/she saying a bad repub is better than a democrat. will go back and try to get it.

    No, little pan, I was critical of Sarah Palin long before
    Achance Sunday, May 3rd at 12:08AM EDT (link)
    the National Lefties ever discovered her or even developed their meme. You can go back into the archives of RedState and find me dishing her when she was a candidate for governor in ‘06. I didn’t like her when she was the Mayor of Wasilla. I didn’t like her when we worked together in the Murkowski Administration. I didn’t like her when she trashed first Randy Ruedrich and then Greg Renkes and then Frank Murkowski

  16. mwThatOne.. says:

    Lisabeth: re: I am beginning to think we give them too much time on line, in print and in thought. What would they do and what would happen if we all just ignored them.
    Snoskred: I agree with both you and Lisabeth. Thanks for your informative comment.

  17. RouletteRog says:

    Good god these people make me embarrassed to have ever called myself a Republican. (/facepalm)

    Now I’m a reasonably intelligent fellow who enjoys astrophysics and spends much of his time helping teach math and astronomy students at a small college, but for the life of me this guy on Fox “News” has confounded me. Can someone please explain to me what abortion has to do with socialism? I must have been absent that day of my economic theory classes.

  18. yukonbushgrma says:

    @ Tigerwine:
    Whoa, you found another mudpuppy with a more-than-coincidental connection to you!!! You two will have to get together.

  19. yukonbushgrma says:

    I’m 100% of Nordic descent, and it offends me royally that this idiot is likening himself to Eric The Red!!!!

    Yeah, the Vikings were tough guys, and they weren’t always the best examples of etiquette — but they were the forerunners of a strong, smart and independent people! This guy cannot make that claim.

    I hope Souter sues him big-time.

  20. michigander says:

    Physicsmom – I thought so too. I hope akconstant doesn’t get discouraged from commenting because someone misunderstood them.

  21. Claude says:

    I’m a WASP .Am I allowed to apply?
    We’re getting down there % wise
    The proper thing to do is.CALL IT DO IT.

  22. sauerkraut says:

    I wondered about that, physicsmom… but it’s written so poorly that I had to ask. But I was already thinking the other parts. All of us – including conservatives and the fans of sarah – need to start holding ourselves to higher standards. The kind of garbage put out by the likes of eric ericson is so beneath us. Or should be. Maybe he’s got some pathological problem going on, I dunno. But it. needs. to. stop.

  23. Physicsmom says:

    @sauerkraut, I think akconstant meant that he/she wished Alito/Roberts/Scalia were retiring instead of Souter. Nothing more sinister than that.

    @{{{{{maji}}}}} I sympathize.

  24. AlaskaDisasta says:

    Best just to avoid their bigoted, hate-filled sites. They have sunk to the basest level of humankind and down into the stench of subhumans. As the old adage so aptly says, “If you lie down with dogs, you get fleas”. These ‘things’ are not worth any decent person’s time. They seem to wallow in being the scum of the earth.

  25. Snoskred says:

    Lisabeth wrote –
    I know the far right conservatives are LOUD and obnoxious but I am beginning to think we give them too much time on line, in print and in thought. What would they do and what would happen if we all just ignored them.

    If we all ignored them, they would keep saying whatever, but they would have a bit less traffic to their websites. 😉 And I think that is a good thing because every time you visit a website you disagree with you essentially add to their stats and make it easier for them to sell ads on their site.

    This is the thing about freedom of speech – they can say whatever they want, but we do not have to listen. 😉

    Many of the ads on sites go by impressions which means every single visit puts money in the pocket of the site concerned. I strongly recommend keeping away from sites you don’t support.

    If you must visit them, do it via the google cache links – that does not give any money to the sites involved, and does not register a hit on their website as it shows you a “snapshot” of the page.

    You can get google cache links by doing a search for a website – at the bottom of each result you will see “cached” and if you click on that you will see the copy of the website which the google created when it visited the website.

  26. sauerkraut says:

    #2 akConstant Says: May 2nd, 2009 at 12:44 PM

    I just wish it were Roberts, Alito, Thomas, or Scalia.

    you wish what were Roberts, Alito, Thomas or Scalia? the goat whatever child molester or the target of idiot ranters named eric ericson? either way, there’s a certain lack of appropriateness or decorum. those of us who are thinking human beings need to rise above this type of road apples. and we should never wish it upon any others, regardless of their political leanings.

  27. sauerkraut says:

    pardon my french, but eric ericson is a real jackass. he’s got about as much value as a human being as those idiots in Souter’s hometown who tried to take over his home a few years ago. the people – if some of them can be called people – have lost their perspective. they are turds who, even if polished, would still be turds.

  28. lilybart says:

    Sue, regarding why Socialism is BAD to the conservatives: they might have to SHARE with someone else, someone who might not be deserving of any share.

    They are the antithesis of Christ’s message.

  29. Lee323 says:

    @ maji

    Ericson and his ilk are ignorant bullies. Extinction is calling their names. The extinction may not be soon but it will come.

    Never forget that you are the true warrior in the best sense of the word….not them.

    Meanwhile, stay strong and safe.

  30. Star says:

    WTF…This guy is an absolute moron!! Somone needs to take him behind the barn…For a little attitude adj….

  31. AlaskaDisasta says:

    What a piece of filth that infantile erickson must be – and this typifies today’s republicans? Good luck on ever being a party to ever be taken seriously again. How profoundly disgusting.

  32. bubbles says:

    maji. you have my sympathy also. i know the feeling.

  33. Nan says:

    maji – you have my deepest sympathy!

  34. maji says:

    Erick Erickson is a first class nut case. He lives in my city and is on the city council. He’s also a regular contributor to the opinion section of our local newspaper. He is anti everything especially if it would help mainstreeters. He is one of the worst racists around here, but he has loads of company. It’s ALL- bash-Obama, ALL of the time. They can never bring themselves to admit it when he does something right. Since I live in a very red southern state and I am black, it is downright stifling being a lib living among all these rightwing extremists. Every reaction to every crime article brings out the racism and the promoting of guns to solve any problem. I’m always on guard for nuts like EE. The state reeks with the stench of him and his supporters.

  35. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Auntie Ruth,
    Marjorie Rendell probably has age going against her as she is 62 now

  36. Lee323 says:

    Red State’s Eric Ericson is an usurper.

    This pretender’s muse is “Eric the Red” (Leif Ericsson’s father) of Viking fame….Ahoy! Man the longboats! Set sail for pillage and plunder, me boys!” Ah, yes….The Bold, the Profane, the utterly Selfish exploitations of other lands….etc. etc. and so forth.

    The real Eric the Red would have split this pretender’s chest open with a battle-axe and laid the “Eagle” out for display…..two lungs for wings and the heart in the middle.

    Curious how some of the weakest people try to buttress their spine (self-esteem) by fantasizing that they have characteristics in common with the great warriors of the past….tsk, tsk, Mr. Red State.

    Naw….At least the Vikings were unabashed explorers. Mr. Red State is unable to explore anything outside of his own cave……he’s a troglodyte, for sure.

  37. tigerwine says:

    KJ in NC Hey, neighbor – I’m in Clayton, where are you? I’ve already met one Mudpuppy whose husband works with my son in AK on this site, and now someone who probably live within 10 miles of me! Mudpuppies rule!

    Sort of hate to admit that I’m in GA after all this smut! I’m with the poster who said the FCC should be made aware of this sort of thing. I know there’s a lot of “stuff” on the internet, but this seems a lot more accessible to folks who don’t want that sort of thing.

  38. Paula says:

    Allan: “bunk, lies and propaganda.” And a pretty nasty case of potty mouth.

  39. Paula says:

    Auntie Ruth, I thought the same thing. Being from PA, I recall, even as Rendell was running for the first tiem, how his wife could not be involved in politics, pictures, campaigns (she, unlike Palin, understands ethics…). Years ago I read “and she is a frontrunner for the Supreme Court.” Cross fingers!

  40. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Wonder if Sullivan shows up for the KTUU Channel 2 Debate at 6 p.m. Alaskan time?? Or will he be a no show??

    Checked to see if there was a livestream but could see nothing.

    Let us know Mudpups!!

  41. austintx says:

    Saw Orin Hatch on MSNBC on Thursday mid-day with Nora and he was blathering about “litmus test” , “better be qualified” , “letter of the law” , “going to face harsh questioning” etc. , blah – blah -blah…….I wanted to reach in the tv and pimp slap his ass.

  42. Allan Taghon says:

    The reichwingers make me think of a Three Stooges short.Full of bunk, lies and propaganda.

  43. Martha says:

    That’s all these buffoons know how to do is fight. Republicans are pathetic.

    They do not know Obamas choice yet, but they are gearing up for a fight regardless. The Party of NO, no matter what.

    Good, in fact great! This just turns the voting public off more and more. Watch them go to a 10% approval rating in the polls after they’re done.

    They have slipped again since their vote on the budget, bankruptcy laws for home owners, of course they will vote no on the credit card laws too and their blocking Sebelius confirmation in the middle of a health crisis.

    They have just proved to the public once again that ;

    a: They refuse to cooperate with the Democratic party on any level.

    b: The banks own the republican party

    c: They put obstructionism before the health and welfare of the American people.

    They are all about, to hell with the consequences, who cares WHAT the American people think, we will keep saying no and obstruct any and EVERY appointment Obama makes and we will call it……… ……..”adhering to our principles”

    Of course they have no principles, they more than proved that over 8 years.

  44. nswfm CA says:

    Wow, that guy needs to stop taking drugs if he’s on them, start if he isn’t and put that twitter thing away! Was he drunk when he typed that in? I’d agree that Souter should go after him to make a point.

    There is a sign in a greasy spoon near me that says some thing like “Caffiene:
    Doing stupid stuff faster,” and I think the same could be applied to technology.

    My parents were registered as Rs but haven’t voted that way recently, but because they are older, aren’t looking at blogs. When I see them for brunch tomorrow, if I were to bring this up, they wouldn’t believe it until I showed them because it is so outlandish. Coulter, Hannity, O”Reilly, all those—after awhile it isn’t entertainment, it’s libel and until someone fights back like the fleeting words and the FCC, it won’t stop.

    Specter should feel completely vindicated right about now.

  45. AuntieRuth says:

    I am from PA. I predict that the nomination will be the Honorable Marjorie Rendell.

    I am not posting this anywhere else – it is a mudflats exclusive.

    See, Ed Rendell can’t leave PA for a plum position, even though Obama owes him. His Lt. Gov. died inconveniently, so he has to serve out his term.

    His wife, however, is a judge in the 3rd Cir. Ct. of Appeals, and is pretty well liked. Smart cookie. Got there on her own resume and has done a fine job.

    Midge Rendell for SCOTUS!!!

    You heard it here first!

  46. Lisabeth says:

    Canadian neighbor, the Arizona papers say McCain will be doing some of them. Frankly I can’t stand Cantor or Romney either!!

  47. Ripley says:

    Oh the class within the bowels of the Rethuglican’t party is simply astounding.

    Oh, and I mean the BOWELS….

  48. grainnekathleen says:

    how absolutely foul. i will miss souter’s presence in the court. i love the fact that he has been pissing off right wing extremists since the early eighties.

  49. Lisabeth says:

    Sue you are not missing anything! I loved Norway and Denmark when I visited. The people seem healthy, happy and not lacking! The taxes are really high though if course and most Republicans don’t believe in that. They don’t believe in taking care of people in your community in the same way. They call this a nanny state. I believe in that kind of community and think we would have a healthier culture if we were socialist. I loved that there weren’t homeless or elderly people or the mentally ill sleeping everywhere. It was really nice! I would pay higher taxes for good health care and people getting help. Doesn’t that equate to less crime and a happier, healthier population? Everybody gets at least a month off too. We have a rat race, unhealthy and greedy culture IMHO. I don’t get it either.

  50. honestyinGov says:

    Speaking of that ‘other’ Bush who left town…and back to Texas. The Daily Beast has a story calling him a ‘Lone Star Pariah’.
    “But the 43rd president’s first 100 days back in Texas are proving that the onetime favorite son is about as popular as swine flu. The state’s Republican politicians and candidates, who just a few years ago eagerly latched onto his electoral coattails, are staying away in droves.”

  51. UK Lady says:

    Coz we all know how Romney loves eating in pizza houses. He must have felt really at home, or homes? I think he sold a couple recently (didn’t want to fall into the 13 home McCain trap in 2012). Beats the personal live in 5 star chef eh?!

  52. Canadian Neighbour says:

    It was Cantor, Romney & Jeb Bush. Not McCain.

  53. Lisabeth says:

    How classy! A town hall pizza meeting with Bush, McCain and who else?? If they want to really accomplish anything why on earth would you use Jeb Bush& McCain????? Blchhh. They have their positives but they are symbols of the past!!! I can’t believe how dense the GOP are!

  54. Lisabeth says:

    He is a disgusting pig who should be sued. But you know sometimes I think we (Democrats, liberals, independents, moderat Republicans or anyone but them) pay to much attention to this far right wing nut crowd. If they are such a small percent now I wonder what would happen if we truly treated them as irrelevent. This goes for the MSM too. Yesterday CNN had an article that Palin is on twitter. Why should she have an article? Almost all the governors, and many senators have twitter accounts but they didn’t have a CNN article!! I know the far right conservatives are LOUD and obnoxious but I am beginning to think we give them too much time on line, in print and in thought. What would they do and what would happen if we all just ignored them. Our own movement. I am so sick of their meaness & negativity. I don’t see them offering anything positive of value. Some of their comments are treasonous and unpatriotic so why give them a voice at all??

  55. mlaiuppa says:

    There’s a rumor it will be Sotomayor.

    It will be difficult for the Judiciary commitee to filibuster when so many of them spoke against it when the Dems were blocking Bush’s nominees.

    And Orrin Hatch voted FOR Sotomayor when she came before the senate for her current post. So it will be difficult for him how first he was for her and now he’s against her if he doesn’t vote to confirm.

  56. BigPete says:

    Who let the dogs out?

    When the right wing twits who are so enamored of the Scalia Gang are snarling and yapping like a pack of junkyard dogs, we know that everything is going to be allright. The crescendo of hysterical whining should be music to our ears.

    Since Specter’s absence of wingnuttery on judicial affairs is what grated
    the most with the Socialist Conservatives, Souter’s resignation could not have come at a better time.

    Right wingers, you lost the elections! Put a muzzle on it.

  57. Canadian Neighbour says:

    Enjay in E.MT,

    They made their first attempt. Cantor, Romney and JEB BUSH held their first town hall in a pizzeria in a strip mall in northern Virginia!!

    That same Jeb Bush that retired and wasn’t running. He probably would have but his name gets in his way!

  58. CrabbyPatty says:

    Ah, just basking in the warm glow of the GOP crashing and burning. Unfortunately, Ericson’s eloquence and charm must win him a lot of friends on the Right. Idiot …..

  59. KJ in NC says:

    Thank you for the Georgia link, I think. The picture of Horsely (sp?) on the follow-up link will ruin my appetite for a very long time. But I want to know because I live 0.4 miles from the Georgia stateline and one mile from where they filmed Deliverance in North Carolina. I think I’m doomed. 😉

  60. Enjay in E.MT says:

    The Repubs need to work on redefining their party –
    away from the Right Wing Conservatives
    and White Race Idiolatry

    If they have any hope of gaining seats
    in future elections – they must rid themselves
    of extremists and put begin putting AMERICA
    and its citizens first.

    For shame on them all !

    Perhaps they are re-living history by
    beginning to wander in exile for 40 years.
    Which means I’ll be long gone when they
    come back into power.

  61. honestyinGov says:

    I saw nothing about this story on the HuffPo yet. I emailed them a ‘story Tip’ and did a shout-out to AKM mentioning it was posted here already. Lets see how soon they post something.

    I guess they need to read Mudflats more closely… 😉

  62. Deep Blue says:

    I keep looking at the current (and horrifying) state of the Republican party and thinking perhaps we are on the verge of evolving into a true three-party system.

    I know a good many reasonable people who have always called themselves Republicans, and I honestly don’t see how they can continue to if antics like this are acceptable to the party. Maybe we’ll see a surge of Independent candidates in future elections. We have a couple Independent candidates here for our city council race coming up on Tuesday – for six seats we have six Dems, two Repubs and two Independents running.

  63. PepperzMom (GA) says:

    Hmmm, I wonder whether the FCC would be interested in the “cussing” shown. Telecom is part of their jurisdiction…and FCC just won a battle re: cursing on TV…

    Anyone here who received the Twerp’s Tweet, send it to the FCC please…

  64. honestyinGov says:

    Slightly O T… But
    Huffpo has posted the story about GINO Twittering.

    Some very funny comments. Palin… the comedy gift that keeps on giving.
    Here is just one of the posts…

    GrandGuignol See Profile
    How many ways can you lie in 140 characters?

  65. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Blue Idaho Says:
    May 2nd, 2009 at 1:27 PM

    Twitter will be the downfall of many. Just look what comes out of Gino in a press release. It is just a matter of time before she blabs out some random thought that will blow up in her face.
    Yes I agree, can’t wait! 😀

    I did not read the post above my last post until after I posted it!

  66. katiebegood says:

    If there are any moderates left in the Republican Party, get out while you can! Just follow the light. It will all be OK, I promise, just GET. OUT.

    They are getting out in droves. From the recent WP/ABC Poll:

    Do you approve or disapprove of the way (ITEM) are doing their job?

    Republicans in Congress:
    Approve/Disapprove/No Opinion
    4/24/09 30 64 6
    2/22/09 38 56 6

    How much confidence do you have in [ITEM] to make the right decisions for the country’s future – a great deal of confidence, a good amount, just some or none at all?

    Republicans in Congress
    Net/Great Deal/Good Amount/Just Some/None at all/No opinion
    4/24/09 21 4 16 78 50 28 2
    1/16/09 29 8 21 69 49 21 2

    Generally speaking, do you usually think of yourself as (a Democrat), (a Republican), an independent or what? IF NOT DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN: Do you lean more towards the (Democratic Party) or (Republican Party)?

    Democrat /Republican /Independent /Other /No op./Lean Dem./Lean Rep. /No Lean
    4/24/09 35 21 38 5 * 18 16 10
    3/29/09 36 25 33 5 1 15 16 8

    If I was a Republican I would be very worried at this point. They are losing in approval ratings for their members in Congress (8% in the last two months) and they are losing people who identify themselves as a Republican (4% in the last month alone).

  67. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    UK Lady Says:
    May 2nd, 2009 at 12:54 PM

    Damn!, I knew I bookmarked this article for a good reason. Those Redstate people don’t read enough 😆
    Ok along with the “twit” above…I am beyond speechless!!! 80
    ” I just gave her a cob of corn….” !!!!!!!!
    I have a friend in TX and she said the very worst place she had ever been to is Georgia, right out of the movie “Deliverance” ! Reading this… I’m agreeing, if that is what passes for “OK” there. No offense to any Georgian Mudpups, of course.

  68. Closet Mudpup says:

    Erikson is the same Redstater who clearly implied (using a reference to the movie Deliverance) that Mercede Johnston’s “Levi” tattoo – which he inaccurately described as being on her lower back – was a clear indication of incest within the Johnston family. The character of the Righties is coming more and more into the light as their desperation deepens.

  69. WakeUpAmerica says:

    I’m sorry. I really can’t paint all Republicans with that brush. What a low class, disgusting individual he is. I know many Repub.s, and none of them are like this spawn of Satan.

  70. Blue Idaho says:

    Twitter will be the downfall of many. Just look what comes out of Gino in a press release. It is just a matter of time before she blabs out some random thought that will blow up in her face.

  71. Sue says:

    I do not understand what is wrong with being a socialist or a socialist country. Aren’t Sweden, Norway, and Denmark socialist countries? They all have plenty of food, health care for all, lower crime rates than the USA, less unemploymnet, and (for those who oppose abortion) fewer abortions than the USA. It doesn’t sound bad to me at all. I always thought socialists were people who cared about others and not just about themselves. Am I missing something?

  72. Irishgirl says:

    I think it is sad too.

  73. Paula says:

    I just revisted the last post and thought, how sad, we went from talking about the rebirth of spring and homegrown goodness to right wing nutcases talking about goat f&^%$#g. Is it just me, or do Republicans get more repulsive by the day? They have lost their collective minds. Mad cow?

  74. John says:

    I think all this upset among conservatives is proof that they really do want activist judges. They just want to be sure those judges are creating laws that favor their extremist views about truth, justice, and liberty.

  75. Paula says:

    Damn!, I knew I bookmarked this article for a good reason. Those Redstate people don’t read enough

    Need I even click? The doesn’t think past sex will mule will hurt his chances for Gov was enough for me. I am, howver curious, did Palin endorse him?

  76. Paula says:

    Good thing he said it twice, the first time I thought calling him a goat f&^%$#g child molester was in a good way. Gulp!

  77. North_of_the_Range says:

    In general, I’ve been horrified the past few years observing the unfettered name-calling in the blogosphere… it’s like we’re all trapped in a bad dream in Archie Bunker’s living room with millions of voices arguing their ideological gripe du jour, screeching names far worse than Meathead, with no sense of decorum or respect. Both sides have been guilty of it, but what disturbs me most is the way the right uses this tactic to diminish not just the person they’re going after, but the authority of the position. Saying something like this about a sitting Supreme Court justice? Mr. Erickson, your mama didn’t teach you right.

  78. Irishgirl says:

    Red State’s Eric Ericson is a disgrace, judging by that twitter. How can people sink so low…….you just don’t talk like that.

    Just thought of another bad Irish name….Doogan. Apologies for all these Irish twats in Alaska.

  79. UK Lady says:

    Damn!, I knew I bookmarked this article for a good reason. Those Redstate people don’t read enough 😆

  80. Twitter is going to be the downfall of stupid people who just don’t get it. We don’t want to know what’s being served at a dinner they are attending or how bored they are.

    We want their opinion of what’s being presented in more than just a Tweet!


  81. UK Lady says:

    UGH!! Could that be any more disgusting?, Decent Republicans (Haloo!!Haloo!! anyone out there?), please, step away from this mess right now, and regroup properly when you have purged yourselves of these morons.

  82. sandra in oregon says:

    Isn’t that libel? Does he have any facts to back up his accusation? Is this what trwitter is for? Guess I’m a little old fashioned to expect more respect for a member of the Supreme Court.

  83. Irishgirl says:

    Holy Mother of God!!!!

  84. akConstant says:

    I just wish it were Roberts, Alito, Thomas, or Scalia.

  85. Greytdog Δ says:

    Wiouldn’t it be absolute justice if Souter sued that dimwit tweeter?

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