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July 31, 2021


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Thursday, July 29, 2021

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Friday, July 16, 2021

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Friday, July 9, 2021

The Revenge of the Party Planner

11 days until the election, and the hilarious drama is flying.

The mayor’s (errr) “Party Planner” has been a busy bee this campaign season. She’s been seen at the event coordinating the merger of church and state that gloated about data mining Alaskans’ private information, she showed up clad in classy faux leopard with “too crazy even for the Republicans” Judy Eledge as her date for a candidate forum, staffed Cathy Giessel at the Running debate, and now this…

Petulantly clicking on her 7 inch heels, she stomped up to Senator Hollis French at a recent candidate forum, stuck out a folder, and declared “You’re served!”  Witnesses report that the Senator managed to keep a straight face.  The ridiculous 20-something narcissistic Republican gadfly had a TV program that was recently cancelled because of its embarrassing badness, and the fact that the political hostess basically knows nothing about politics and could not conceal that fact. Now, she’s apparently some kind of witless process-server for the Republican Party.

The folder that Senator French was “served” contained a copy of an APOC (Alaska Public Offices Commission) complaint stating that the French campaign, and the independent group Putting Alaskans First were “coordinating” their campaigns, which is illegal. So, what’s the proof?

Well, apparently they used the same company to shoot their TV commercials.

And they had the same bookkeeper – Chris Herberger.

Now mind you, I attended a campaign academy in Anchorage this year, sponsored by the group Democracy for America. There were local speakers on a variety of issues, one of which was how important it is to keep good records and not to run afoul of APOC regulations or the law when you run a campaign. Who was  the expert who gave that seminar?  Yes, one Ms. Chris Herberger. She also said she would be happy to talk to anyone needing help on a campaign. You get the idea. She does this for LOTS of people because it requires special knowledge of certain laws, which she has.

So, unless the cameraman who shot the commercial is a scheming secret campaign coordinating scofflaw, who sat in his darkened studio talking to both parties at the same time and telling them what to do, this whole thing is in fact just as ridiculous as it sounds.

Hollis French and Vince Beltrami, president of the Alaska AFL-CIO and chairman of Putting Alaskans First, said they didn’t coordinate their campaigns and that there was nothing wrong in using the same contractors, which they disclosed in their reports.

But be assured, we are told from the pouty Bernadette Wilson, she acted alone. This plan just occurred to her spontaneously, out of the blue, while she happened to be poring over the financial disclosures of Putting Alaska First and the Hollis French campaign. Her neuron just fired all by itself! It had nothing at all to do with the fact that French’s opponent Bob Bell has been imploding, having failed to disclose a $1million+ contract between his company and BP, failing to report a bribery attempt while he was an office holder, and displaying a supposed ignorance of the law that means either his pants are about to spontaneously combust, or he needs an immediate dementia screening. Oh, yes… and he was just fined on Wednesday by APOC for violating disclosure laws. (insert saggy accordion noise here)

Breathlessly, a news conference was called, and the Party Planner served up her faux righteous outrage before her beloved camera lens as she satirized herself before the masses.

“I have not only filed an expedited complaint with APOC, but made the request that because so many of these links seem to be related to media directly, that all ads that Hollis French has placed and all ads that the independent expenditure group in this particular race has placed, that all of them be pulled until we get a decision,” Wilson said.


No, siree, the Republican Party had nothing whatsoever to do with this little performance staged at Republican Party headquarters, amid tables laden with Republican Party swag, where the Party Planner stood flanked by outgoing Republican Party Chair Randy Ruedrich, and incoming Republican Party Chair Russ Millette, with the two GOP bookends helping her answer questions about her own complaint.

I wonder if they were secretly “coordinating?”  Surely not…





34 Responses to “The Revenge of the Party Planner”
  1. mike from iowa says:

    The former party planner is now in the “servoce” industry. Hmn……(scratching my head),why does this not surprise?

  2. g says:

    “You’ve been served!” Seriously, she said that? he should have laughed in her face.

  3. Ken says:

    The republicans really like that ‘slutty flight attendant” look don’t they. I wonder if she takes birth control–that’s a stupid question I know because republicans are against birth control-so I guess god doesn’t want her to get pregnant. Maybe her is a god?

  4. HoboJim says:

    Sounds like a S. Palin want-a-be.

  5. mike from iowa says:

    From the picture In Juneau posted,Ms Peters was seen flashing her boobs-Ruedrich and Millette and some tool gave her faux Mardi Gras beads for her effrontery. Rethugs sure got that smirky thingy down pat.

  6. TSM says:

    20 something?

    Ever since she hooked up with Sullivan, it looks like she’s aged 30 years.

  7. LA Brian says:

    I think she needs to keep her neuron focused more productive things than empty complaints and walking in 7-inch heels..

  8. Linda Kellen Biegel says:

    As someone who does do her own research and has filed a successful APOC complaint (do I sound cocky?), I can tell you that an “expedited complaint” is kind of the equivalent of acting as your own lawyer. It requires that the complainant does all of the research, interviews, etc…with no support from the APOC Staff. The entire complaint succeeds or fails based on you. I provided solid research on my complaint as well as a clear path to the research I was unable to access. However, had I been greedy for the limelight rather than the success of the complaint against Rep. Bill Thomas and gone the “expedited” route, APOC never would have discovered all of the issues with Bill Thomas and his campaign.

    The only reason this expedited complaint exists is because of the limelight. It’s a desperate attempt by an ethically-challenged campaign to have their pet monkey throw random poo at the wall and try to make it stick. For all the reasons detailed by Jeanne and more, this complaint will go down in flames, with Party monkey at the helm.

  9. flex gunship pailn says:

    she could not have filled the forms herself ….. there not in crayon .

  10. UgaVic says:

    From what I hear, first hand from observers, those 7″ heels are a fixture in her life, even on runs to the store in the AM 🙂

    I have to agree I hate to pick on women, especially good lookin’ ones, but the firing neuron is a stretch!!

    • COalmostNative says:

      Neuron? I doubt she has one, let alone it’s able to fire. Explode, maybe…

    • Linda Kellen Biegel says:

      Yes, I can testify…pastel cashmere sweater, pedal pushers and 7 inch red heels…walking into Sam’s Club right in front of my SUV. She hesitated as she saw who I was. I’m guessing she wondered, for just a second, if I would hit her.

      My daughter just kept saying “Oh My God” over and over again!

      • mike from iowa says:

        I wuz right there with you in spirit screaming “hit the gas”. Must not have heard me. Don’t mangle her seriously,just by way of letting her know she is appreciated as potential road scrubbish. Tell the authorities you were possessed by that devilish mike from iowa.

  11. john says:

    Both parties enjoy keeping useful idiots around for this. The trick is to be smart enough not to serve as a political pawn to be thrown under the bus when it is received poorly and they need a fall guy (or gal). Way to not see that one coming, Bernadette. I think we found our Eddie Burke in high heels.

  12. tallimat says:


    Poooor thing. Someone give her a pacifier.

  13. mike from iowa says:

    The deck is stacked and mike from iowa has weekend reinforcements-namely molly from iowa. molly is busy dunking pink oreos in a glass of milk,so I’ll decide Ms Prissy can flap her wings and lay an egg. Down San Antonio way,museum can’t exhibit 2000 year old statue because it is nude. Local officials are afraid some lusty rwnj pol will rape and knock up headless statue. Well she sure oughten to be dressed that way. B#@ch wuz begging for it and besides she never said no. Molly from iowa says hi to all ‘pups when she isn’t dunking.

  14. Rumplestiltskin says:

    She’s, um, skating on, um, thin ice.

  15. Simple Mind says:

    The sad thing about this is that up here it passes for some kind of political discourse. The idea that Wilson came up with this on her own is ludicrous. The idea that sharing an accountant constitutes collusion is ludicrous. The fact that the Anchorage Daily News even reported this is ludicrous. Its hard to tell who is more foolish – Ruedrich and Millette for thinking anyone would take this seriously or anyone who is out there who actually does.

  16. thatcrowwoman says:

    Well bless her heart.
    The Party Planner for the party that doesn’t have a plan
    nor a clue also, too.
    Anybody call the waaaaaaambulance?

    On a happier, hope-ier note,
    my father-in-law called from Arkansas yesterday to report he had voted early.

    Now mind you, he’s a life-long Republican and will tell you himself that he’s spent most of his life as an old-school racist. I suspect we may find KKKlan robes when he passes. Seriously. He didn’t vote for McCain in 2008 because “that $arah Palin is an IDIOT!” but he couldn’t bring himself to vote for “the n***er” either. Sigh. Littlebird and DH Happy have been working on him ever since, ably assisted by the sisters at the soul~food restaurant where he’s been taking most of his meals since he broke up with his girlfriend last year. He’s starting to see and get to know the person, the individual, as opposed to his old-school stereotypes. He’s come to appreciate Obamacare and progress for veterans among other efforts by our President’s administration.

    Long story short, he proudly reported he “voted a straight Democratic ticket, top to bottom. God bless Barack Obama and the United States of America.”

    Dayam, y’all!
    Talk about Hope and Change!!! (exclamation point abuse?! Finest kind, well deserved!!)

    That’s 80+ years of bigotry renounced and a giant leap towards atonement in my book. I take back most of the ugly things I’ve ever said or thought about him. I wrote him thank you letter this morning also, too, and really laid it on thick about what a good choice he’d made for his granddaughters and great-grands.

    Littlebird lives in Mississippi now; she and the young Democrats have gathered for all 4 debates and are working hard on behalf of Democratic candidates in their neck of the woods. They’re voting en masse on the 6th and gathering for a watch party waiting for the results. I’m so proud of our young people getting involved, realizing that politics is NOT a spectator sport.

    Early voting starts tomorrow in Florida, so Happy and I will be there bright and early.
    My eligible students are split between voting early or on Election Day. I’m encouraging them to vote early, so if anything hinky happens with their registration they’ll have time to take it to the board of elections.

    Sunday is Souls to the Polls, with buses shuttling to the polls after services at most of the churches with large minority populations. (Fun fact: as of the last census, minorities are in the majority in my county and Caucasians are the minority. I’m one of those folks who, when asked for Race, checks the box that says OTHER and writes in HUMAN, just sayin’)

    So take heart my sisters, my brothers,
    and have a wonderful weekend.

    L’Chaim! To Life!

    • AKblue says:

      God bless the father-in-law.

    • COalmostNative says:

      Congrats! The phrase time cures everything might be appropriate here… 😉

    • yukonbushgrma says:

      CAWWWWWWW!!!!! Yippee, dad-in-law!!! What a happy story.

      So glad to hear you and family are involved in the campaign. Wish I could be too — but I’ve been donating to everyone I can, and I’m sure some of those dollars are going to Mississippi and Florida to help with GOTV. I did also specifically send donations to Ohio and Wisconsin ….. just because the needs there are so critical.

      Bless everyone who’s out there knocking on doors or making phone calls!

  17. slipstream says:

    Always nice to see the Party Planner!

    I understand that Mayor Sullivan has her resume in his binder.

  18. hedgewytch says:

    Oh Karma is going to hurt Miss Bernadette badly one day. One day she and her boyfriend(s) names will be plastered all over the paper and the local blogs for everyone’s wives to see. One day she will be tottering around on her heels wondering where time and her looks went and why she can’t seem to find a job…..

  19. Beaglemom says:

    Of course the Republicans always blame the Democrats for what they are doing so we can assume that Alaskan Republicans are busy merging group activities with no one complaining at all.

    As a woman I probably should not stoop so low, but she really looks like a bimbette to me.

  20. David Otness says:

    ” Her neuron just fired all by itself!”–Glad that bit of trauma passed bloodlessly for it would apparently take divine intervention to manifest as an entity again.
    I’m just glad she’s OK and hopefully was prescribed good therapy for the long journey back.
    She is in my prayers.

  21. Alaska Pi says:

    Oh .
    I hate to say this about another human woman type, after all the hard work we ladies have done in the last decades to change stereotypes, but I don’t think that was a neuron firing, AKM.
    I think it was a pom-pom Ms Wilson tripped over and konked her noggin on.
    All that cheerleading does things to a person, ya know?
    Is not a healthy lifestyle over the long term.

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