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June 13, 2021


Drummond. There Can Be Only One.

Well, this is a fine fix you’ve gotten us into, Harriet Drummond!

One of our favorite Assembly members had the temerity to win the State House seat for her district. She also had the horrible lack of foresight to not stretch side to side until she divided like an amoeba in a spectacular display of binary fission, creating two Harriet Drumonds so both positions could be filled. More’s the pity.

Now we have an issue – an empty Anchorage Assembly seat.

By January 15, the first regular Assembly meeting of the new year, and until the next Municipal election (what could go wrong), the Assembly will appoint someone to settle their keester on the hallowed chair.

The process starts December 5, when the official notice will be issued, along with a map of the new reapportioned district. The old districts went out the window and lines were drawn behind closed doors with no public input by three old white, right-leaning men. Progressive Downtown once again is under-represented with only one Assembly member. As of yet the new district map remains unchallenged, mostly because incumbents feel secure.

But, I digress.

Next, the applicants (who must live in the district, and be a qualified voter) will submit their declaration of candidacy forms in person to the Clerk between December 10, and December 31.

Here’s the fun part.

“Applicants will be evaluated by the Assembly on the basis of the written applications, without public hearing, or interviews with the Assembly. The Assembly will appoint a qualified applicant to fill the vacancy by casting successive ballots until one applicant receives a majority of six votes.”

Balloting will happen at the January 15 meeting, and the new interim Assembly member is expected to be chosen at that time.

That’s the official story from Assembly Chair Ernie Hall who issued a press release Wednesday afternoon.

No explanation about in what order the applicants will be considered. But whichever one gets six votes first, wins, I guess. Of course, anyone following the Assembly will know that Ms. Drummond, who just won her House seat as a Democrat, is one of the more left-leaning members of the “non-partisan” body. Will she get a vote? Will the temporary appointee be permitted to run for the seat in the April election, and use their appointed incumbency to advantage?

Interestingly, less than an hour after the press release was issued, another announcement came through the series of tubes. Behold.


Well, look at that. It’s none other than Andy Clary, son of Glen Clary of the Anchorage Baptist Temple ——-> (take a look).

Clary the Younger got that little assignment as the Chair of the Municipal Budget Advisory Commission from none other than his buddy Dan Sullivan, and after being beaten last time, has been hovering around the Assembly chambers waiting for his turn.

And look again! His fundraising kickoff is being co-hosted by not only Mayor Dan Sullivan himself, but Assembly members Adam Trombley, Bill Starr, and Chris Birch, along with a host of other anti-union, oily usual suspects. Is anyone surprised?




15 Responses to “Drummond. There Can Be Only One.”
  1. Anch2020 Keep Anchorage Fireworks Free says:

    Do NOT support this moron. He was canvassed on the issue of fireworks.. he is completely w/out merit
    or consideration.

    Look at it this way….Traini defeated him…. need I say more??

    Anch2020 Keep Anchorage Fireworks Free …. visit our Facebook page to see this year’s follies…..

  2. laurainnocal says:

    My gosh, thankfully AKM is there to record the unending shenanigans this state persists in. Every state needs such a watchdog.

  3. John says:

    .Municipal code 2.70.020. They are not required to hold public hearings, but that doesn’t mean citizens are prohibited from writing, calling, e-mailing assembly members.

    b. Applications for appointment shall contain a declaration of candidacy as required for election to the assembly and such other information relevant to the applicant’s qualifications to serve as the applicant may desire. The municipal clerk shall process all applications in accordance with the provisions of sections 28.30.030.E. and 28.30.040. An applicant may withdraw his or her application at any time prior to appointment. All applicants meeting the qualifications of the vacant office prescribed by law shall be considered nominees for appointment to the office.

    c.The assembly may hold public hearings to interview all applicants qualified for appointment.

    d.Except as otherwise provided in this section, voting by the assembly shall comply with all voting rules of the assembly and the assembly shall appoint a qualified applicant to fill the vacancy by a majority vote at any regular or special meeting within 30 days after the vacancy occurs. Successive votes of the assembly shall be taken until a qualified applicant is chosen to fill the vacancy. Votes of the assembly shall commence immediately upon passage of a motion for the previous question in accordance with its rules of procedure. Thereafter only privileged and incidental motions, motions for the previous question and motions to reject all applications shall be in order or permitted and the assembly shall conduct no other business at any meeting until an applicant is appointed or, upon passage of a motion duly made and seconded, all applicants are rejected by the assembly. After each vote is taken and its results announced, additional discussion and debate may resume until terminated by passage of a motion for the previous question in accordance with the assembly’s rules of procedure.

    e.Each vote on an appointment subject to this section shall be by separate, individual ballot for each assembly member present. Each individual ballot shall be voted for only one applicant at a time by inserting the applicant’s name on the ballot. Each ballot shall be numbered in the order voted and shall be signed by the assembly member voting the ballot. The municipal clerk shall retain all ballots as public records.

  4. flex gunship pailn says:

    the fix is in

  5. Zyxomma says:

    I know Alaskans do things a little … differently. But WTF?!

  6. COalmostNative says:

    Wha?! *smacked the side of my head a few times to make sure brain is working*

    Is this a new, improved form of representative democracy?

    So… Any interested party fills out a form, then the other Assembly members meet behind closed doors, and somehow they vote, er pick, the “best” person for the vacated seat… and four of them already support First-out-of-the-Gate Andy.

    Hmmm… Yup, democracy at its finest. Sheesh.

  7. Ice Gal says:

    Just another sexist, racist, homophobic, backward regressive ass. Will he be endorsed by don smith father of the tax cap?

  8. tallimat says:

    I’m so sorry Anchorage.

    Is he a bartender as well?

  9. NickDanger says:

    Maybe I’ll apply. What’s the pay? And how much would I be paid per vote? What are the perks? Hell, I’ll represent the sheeple, um, constituents. When it isn’t too inconvenient.

  10. juneaudream says:

    Will they sharing a..Party Planner?

  11. mudlock says:


    Okay, with that out of the way:

    How the hell is it legal for the “rotating” single-member district to not-rotate AGAIN. Doesn’t that make thirty YEARS of systemic under-representation? I’d say “There ought to be a law,” but I’m pretty sure there IS. The law ought to be enforced!

    And who came up with this idiotic rotating monstrosity anyway? If it’s ever-so-important to have an odd number of voting members, why don’t we do something sane? Like:

    – Have an odd number of districts (like 11. or 9. or 5.) and have just ONE representative from each one.
    – Have two representatives from EVERY district and let the mayor have the tie-breaking vote.

    The (non-)rotating district is a stupid process. Ditch it.

  12. Tektonak says:

    Andy is a good guy. He’s quite reasonable. Anyone voting based on a person and not their party should consider Andy.

    • NickDanger says:

      He labels himself a conservative and in this town that’s one step above Neanderthal (apologies to Neanderthals). And associated with that, ugh, church? Maybe he pretends to be reasonable, but look at his sponsors! Another Sullivan lackey we don’t need.

    • John says:

      I don’t know. I didn’t get a good impression of him watching him in action on the budget committee. But he could improve if he keeps an open mind and listens.

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